Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 14, 1971 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1971
Page 3
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Quotes from Quemado QUEMADO Miss Sandra Jean Shofner was honored with a miscellaneous gift shower April 6 at 7:30 o'clock in the evening in the Quemado United Methodist Church. Hostesses for the shower were Miss Linda McMillan and Mesdames Mark Ferryman, John Stockley Sr,, W.E. Cadenhead, Cleta Mae Partee, F.G. Lowe, Travis Kelly, Ray Fisher, Marvin Yount, H.T. McMillan and H.H. Gainings. Miss Shofner will be married • to Donald Smith Burns Jr. April 17 at 11 o'clock in the morning ' in the Quemado United Methodist Church. The reception hall was decorated with arrangements of spring flowers. The serving table was laid in ecru lace over white and centered with an arrangement of calendulas and baby^J breath in a green ceramic container flanked by green tapers in crystal holders. The gifts were displayed on • tables laid in white. Mrs. B. Earl Shofner, mother of the honoree, served the white cake, decorated with yellow roses and encircled with net. Mrs. Dorothy Shofner, aunt of the guest of honor, poured the punch. Miss Linda McMillan presided at the registry with approximately 35 attending. Terry Kelly spent last week in San Angelp, where he assisted in a revival meeting at the Landell Avenue Baptist Church as the song leader. Terry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Travis Kelly, is a member of the Quemado First Baptist Church and 1 is a student in Eagle Pass High School. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly joined their son in San Angelo for the weekend and visited with the Rev. and Mrs. B.L. Lucas and their family, formerly of Del Rio. The Girls in Action of the First Baptist Church Quemado were in Del Rio Saturday to attend an all day meeting. The group met in a Del Rio church for mission study and were the^taken for a tour of the San Felipe churches and enjoyed a nip to Amistad Dam. A noon picnic lunch was enjoyed. : The group from Quemado included Elizabeth Timmons, Mary Ann Martin, Ruth Timmons, Mary Ann Basham,. Mary. Timmons, Jeannie Basham, Sharon Timmons, Cathy Perry, Pam Williams, Connie Castro and Rosalinda Salinas. Adult sponsors were Mrs. B. Lewis and Mrs. Gary Perry. The Valley Garden Club met for a business session and April Fool party April 1. Members were instructed that the meeting was to beheld at the home of Mrs. Travis WIN AT BRIDGE Kelly. Upon their arrival there, members were given inflated balloons and told to go to the home of Mrs. Jesse Creamer. Mrs. Creamer met the arrivals with another inflated balloon and instructed to go to the Community House, the final destination. The business meeting was .conducted by th& president, Mrs. Byron Patterson, preceding the party. Games and contests provided entertainment. Mrs. Travis Kelly and Mrs. Jesse Creamer were hostesses for the party. Mrs. Gerald Franks was awarded the door prize. Attending the meeting were the following members: Mesdames Jack Minney, Gerald Franks, J.G. Hawkins, RH. Gathings, A.J. Smith, J.W. Shofner, Marvin McDavld, Cecil Stroope, Judy Shelton, James Ellis, David Leeth, N.L. Herman, P.P. Springfield, Mortie Peterman, Travis Kelly, Jesse Creamer and Miss Maude Mae Kirncher. College students home for the Easter vacation in the homes of their families included Darla McMillan of Southwest Texas State Junior College in Uvalde, Steven Shofner of Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Peggy Dickey and Roger Dickey of Hardin Simmons University, Reba - Shofner of Texas Woman's University at Deftton and Ronald Smith and Tommy Springfield of the University of Texas in Austin. Mrs. W.H. Kelly arrived home last week after a visit in California, Dallas and Brownfield. Mrs. James Brown and Mrs. Denver Kelly of Brownfield accompanied Mrs. Kelly home and remained for a tvto-d&y visit. ,?! National Judges For Show Nationally accredited judges will be in Del Rio for the Morning Glory Garden Club's annual flower show in the Del Rio Civic Center. They will be Mrs. R.B. Covihgtoh. Mrs. -LsR-'Crbckett, Mrs. Garland Basham, Mrs. W.T. Henderson and Mrs. O.Z. Williams of Odessa and Mrs. Wallace Adams, Mrs. L.C. Link, Mrs. David Schweitzer and Mrs. William Steele Jr. of Midland. The Gardenia Junior Garden Club will hold their annual show at the same time. The show will be open to the public Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m. SOCIAL CALENDAR THURSDAY The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 23 will meet at 4 p.m. in Fellowship Hall of the First Presbyterian Church. Hostesses for the afternoon will be Mrs. John Reppeto. Mrs. E.E. Barefield, Mrs. John W. Keller, Mrs. H.A. Robertson and Mrs. M.H. Wagner as hostesses. THURSDAY The North American Benefit Association will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the .ho me of Mrs. Charles Roe, 604 Avenue E. FRIDAY The Pan American Round Table will hold a cocktail supper at 7 p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club for members and their guests to mark Pan American Day. SATURDAY The Morning Glory Garden Club will present the annual flower show, "Your Future—Your Choice," in the Del Rio Civic Center from 3 to 6 p.m. SUNDAY "Your Future—Your Choice" is the theme for the annual flower show of the Morning Glory Garden Club in the Del Rio Civic Center from 2 to 6 p.m. CHURCH CALENDAR TUESDAY Court St. Joan of Arc, Catholic Daughters of America, will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall with Mrs. Ralph Tobin and Mrs. Stephen Baudo as hostesses. The speaker will be Police Chief J.R. Koog. Prayer Group Meets DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Wednesday, April 14.1971-3 DEAR ABBY ; No Way to Change $Guy's Winning Formula Borneo Plays His Role Well NORTH 15 *AK4 v V AK62 *8 4, A K 10 5 4 WEST EAST *108753 AQJ92 VQJ108 V 7 5 4 4AK93 *64 * Void * Q 8 7 2 SOUTH (D) V 9 3 4 Q J 10 7 5 2 *J963 Both vulnerable West North East South Pass Pass 1 * Pass 1 4 24 3 N.T. Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Open 1 ing lead—V Q By Oswald & James Jacoby Now that the honeymoon is over even the fair Juliet cannot restrain herself occasionally from a wifely comment. She took R o m e o's hand out of the board, looked it over carefully and murmured, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore has't thou not raised by suit, Romeo?" Romeo, who was looking at the next hand, did not answer. When the game was over he showed her that 4iis plus 130 for making four diamonds undoubted was an absolute top score. Club bidders had all reached six or failed to find the way to make five. Romeo on the other hand had really given diamonds a magnificent play and deserved his to West's ace and a second heart to dummy's king. Now Romeo ruffed a third heart to get to his hand and led a second one of his trump equals. West won and led a fourth heart which Romeo trumped. He led his high trump and didn't worry when East showed out. He would make the hand anyway. He led a club toward dummy.'West couldn't afford to trump and .now Romeo played ace of spades, ruffed a spade and led another club. It didn't matter if West trumped or discarded, Juliet's club and spade king .were sure to win tricks. Early spade leads would have defeated the contract, but once the defense got started on hearts, Romeo was home. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) The Prayer Group of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday morning at 9:30 o'clock in the church. Mrs. Sterling Riggs presented the lesson on Thanksgiving. However great the difficulties or deep the sorrows, she stated, there is room for thankfulness. "We should always give thanks to his name," Mrs. Riggs declared. The meeting opened with the hymn, "Let Others See Jesus in Me" before Miss Onis "Vineyard gave the Call to Prayer. Mrs. E.W. Billings Jr. spoke on "Our Stewardship." Sentence prayers by those attending closed the meeting. Attending were Mesdames Sterling Riggs, Wesley E. Stiles, Georgia Lovell, Van Adams, L.M. Wilson, I.F. Burditt, Noel Jennings, S.S. Lovell, C.R. Word, E.W. Billings Jr. and Miss Onis Vineyard. By Abigail Van Buren to mi fc» Cklctfl* TrlkvM-N. Y. N«w* int.. IK.) DEAR ABBY: I knew this guy in the, Army in Korea. A likable, handsome fellow. Good manners and smooth. He never had to buy his favors from the pitiful little native girls. So charming was he, they were pleased to accommodate him with no pay. Then he returned to the states and married my sister hi law. I thought he would settle down like the rest of us, but he is still a Don Juan with the ladies, and can make love to his best friend's wife, cool as a cucumber, 10 minutes before her husband is due home. This character has a small business, heavily mortgaged. Also a home, likewise encumbered. His wife has to hold an outside job to help meet the payments. She is an attractive, loving} wife and a good mother. She's left alone so often at night you'd think she'd catch on, but she believes his stories of "having to work late," or "meet an old friend." , I haven't even told my wife what I know. I have seen so many wives slaving outside the home while their husbands always seem to have enough money to entertain girl friends. Is this part of a woman's fate? What should I do? DISTURBED DEAR DISTURBED: You could try to get your brother in law to shape up, but from your description of him, he's not likely to change a winning formula. There is no such thing as "a woman's fate." There have always been good, trusting women whose charming husbands have managed to deceive them for years. It evens out the. Some good, trusting husbands slave away while their two-timing wives play the same game. DEAR ABBY: My husband has asked me not to run the dishwasher while he is in the shower because it makes the shower water cold. Every now and then I forget, so when I do, he pours a glass of cold water on my back when I'm In the tub. He says it's not in the spirit of revenge. It's just a "reminder." I'd like your opinion. CHILLED IN SUMTER, N. C. DEAR CHILLED: I'm sure it's a "reminder"— but no matter what he says, it's also revenge. DEAR ABBY: Our daughter ran away and married her first cousin, which has had us in an uproar ever since. We have heard it is against the law for first cousins to marry in Illinois because there is a> good chance that their kids will not be right in the head. We were against this marriage for other reasons which' I don't want to mention because this is a small town and the situation would be well-known here. Since our daughter and her cousin are both over 21, is there anything we can do about it? UPSET IN ILLINOIS DEAR UPSET: Marriage between first consuls is considered "incestuous" in Illinois. However a petition for annulment must be filed in the court to dissolve the marriage. Your daughter should see an attorney. DEAR ABBY: This is for TOO LATE, the weeping widow who now regrets having neglected her married sex life because she was always "too tired," and found out after her husband's death that her chronic lack of energy was due to anemia. I agree with her. Women should have routine medical checkups. But there are lots of us who are always tired, yet because we love our husbands we do not neglect them in this way. Besides, why worry about an exhausting mile and a half stretch when the old boy may be capable of only a short, snappy six furlongs? GRANDMA What's your problem? You'll feel better if you get it off your cheit. Write to ABBY, Box 69700, Los Angeles. Cal. M08». For a personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. MaryMartha Circle Holds Meet The Mary Martha Circle of the First United Methodist Church met in the home of Mrs. L.M. Lloyd, 403 W. 5th 1 St., Tuesday morning at 9:30 o'clock. After refreshments and a social period, Mrs. L.K. Paisley opened the meeting with a reading and a prayer. Mrs. Doyal Summitt presented the program in the lc*m of a playlet entitled "Where Does It Begin?" Members present were Mesdames John Platt, H.H. Wehner, Doyal Summitt, J.W. Crawford, A.N. Ogden, George Flynt, D.L. Monroe, L.K. Paisley, W.N. Reynolds, E.J. Petty, John Wood and L.M. Lloyd. Tips Men, for daytime weddings * w «* „ ^ this time around look for an instead of bidding four spades,, updated version of the clas- your partner has bid four hearts glC Prince Albert formal over your three spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hate to write letters? Send $1 to Abby, B«z M7M, LM Angeles, Cal. MM», for Abby't koeklet. "Hnr to Wrlto Letten for All Occuiou." The bidding has been: West North East Pass Pass South 1* 3* 2 * Pass „„ 4 * Pass You, South, hold: *AKQJ54 VKJ32 465 What do you do now? A—Pass. A further bid would almost surely get you too .high. TODAY'S QUESTION coat—the one you last saw in your family album. Color is medium gray. WE MOVED ..... first three tricks were a heart to thence, a trump THE MEXICAN KITCHEN 807 LOSOYA WELCOMES ALL WHO ENJOY DELICIOUS MEXICAN FOODS TO DEL RIO'S FINEST. Closed Monday* WIPFF'S FURNITURE ft APPLIANCES TO OUR NEW LOCATION 225 S. MAIN FORMERLY the HENSON HOTEL , Com* By * VWB Our Nnr Start "How do I know I'm getting my money's worth Tin a diamond?" Diamonds are like other valuable things. Like paintings, like land, like cars. There are alt kinds of sizes, colors, qualities—and prices. No two diamonds are exactly alike. Come in arid we'll explain to you the things which determine the money's worth of the diamonds we show you—their color, cut, clarity and their carat weight. When you understand why your diamond costs the price it does, then, you'll be happy, for you'll know all about it—you will know that it's a good diamond that you've bought from us. In short: we will see to it and you will see yourself-that you get your money's worth—from us. , No Interest .or Carrying Charges . with a full year to pay CERTIFIED DIAMOND APPRAISERS WOOD JEWELERS "Buv With Confidence-Own With Pride"' 775-2823 601 S. Main Fabulous Stripes For cycling in San Juan or in your own neighborhood, Bobbi Brooks creates fabulous striped tops with coordinated belts to be worn with khaki shirts both long and short. The secret is orange-, red- and yellow-striped cotton knit, alone or on a black background, by Alamac, subsidiary of Westpoint Pepperell. East Side PTA Hears Bilingual Program The importance of bilingual teaching was stressed by R.J. Waddell, director for the bilingual program for Del Rio Independent School District, at the meeting of the East Side Elementary S chool Parent-Teacher Association. A bilingual program was presented by first and second grade children directed by Mrs. Maribelle Betterton, Mrs. Maria Castro, Miss Estella Talamantez and Mrs. Lois Rice. Th.e Rev. Richard Mayberry of Baptist Temple Church offered the invocation. Wend all Acosta, Cub Scoutmaster of Pack 210 presented certificates of appreciation to W.L. Brown, school principal, and Clifton E- Stultz, president of the PTA, in recognition of support for the pack. Room count awards went to Mrs. Maria Castro's room, first; Mrs. Maribell Betterton's room, second and Miss Estella Talamantez' room, third place. Three hundred and fifty attended the meeting with refreshments served during the social hour. The next meeting will be held May 10 at 7:30 p.m. Presbyterian Circles j Meet Tuesday Circles One and Two of the 'First Presbyterian Church met Tuesday morning at 9:30 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Cliff Wilson, 805 W. 9th St. Mrs. Roland Mida was moderator for the program on Salvation from Romans 1:16-17. Attending the meeting were Mesdames Cliff Wilson, Jack Hill, Marvin Ratltff, W.E. VanLandingham, T.E. LaFrance, R.W. Hodge, L.B. Wardlaw, R.T. Hunnlcutt, AC. ' Zielkinski, D.A, Herrington Jr., Emett Sklles, Robert Zavala and Roland Mida. Circle Three met in the home of Mrs. W.H, Manning, Mimosa Apartments, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon with Mrs. R.M. Fraim presiding. The program was given on Salvation, from Romans. A social hour followed. Attending were Mesdames W.H. Manning, Guy Schrier, R.M. Fraim, John Reppeto, H.L. Molyneux, Douglas Burk, E.E. Barefield, Jack Pokes, Allan E. Smith, Bulah Daniel. St. James' Guild Hears Speaker The Guild of St. James' Episcopal Church met Tuesday in the home of Mrs. AC. Kyle on Park Avenue. Guest speaker for the evening was Mrs. John L. Dodson Jr. Her topic was "A Man Must Say "Jesus Christ Is Lord." Hostesses for the meeting were Mrs. Kyle and Mrs. O.D. Fineganj Attending were Mesdames H.G. Aldridge, Balfour Davies, R.J.—Sinclair, Grady Lowrey, Thomas H Graham Jr., Charles Howell, C.M. Dolan, Bob Gurley, C.G. Dinsmoor, O.D. Finegan, A.C. Kyle and S.B. Buchanan Jr. LIKE TO LEARN TO PLAY A GUITAR? We have some excellent guitars and small amps, that are avail ible at a very reasonable price: .Elmo Lopez Music Center 415S.AAMN 775-8015 2 WAY CHARGE TERRY FARRIS CHARGE CARD MASTER CHARGE CARD SUPER SPECIAL Radio Phonograph Combination $ 16 STOCK REDUCTION SALE! Thursday, Friday, Saturday LOW-LOW-PRICES SAVE •••••••••••••••••i While It Last Drapery Floral Designs Extra Wide * BATTERIES INCLUDED |« 7 TRANSISTOR RADIO OPERATES ON 4 BATTERIES OR AC HOUSE CURRENT SAVE TODAY • LOW PRICES IF PERFECT 79cYD. LIMIT QUANTITY HURRY FOR THIS ONE YDS. FOR $ 1 00 3 DAYS ONLY SOFT SIDE LUGGAGE) $COO Super Value LADIES NYLONS 4 SIZE TO CHOOSE FROM VALUES TO $8.00 5 FIRST QUALITY 100% NYLON SIZE 8J4 TO. 11 PAIR FOR 84 GROUP OF (Men's Casual Slacks! LADIES VALUES TO $12.00 BROKEN SIZES $ COO 5 HANDBAGS $100 REGULAR $3.99 - ASST. STYLES SUPER VALUE! Childrens— Womens DRESS SHOES All Sports CREW-TOP CUSHION FOOT SOCKS REGULAR $4.99 BROKEN SIZES SAVE-TODAY 2 PAIR REGULAR $1.07 PKG. OF 2 SIZE 10 TO 13 77 C PKG. OF 2 Jr., Petite and Misses Pant Suits SURER SPECIAL! SPRING FABRICS MANY TO CHOSE FROM YDS. FOR HURRY & SAVE VALUES TO $18.00 $ 10 REGULAR 58c YD. .1 TO 10 YD. \ LENGTHS WIDE ASSORTMENT 3 $100 NO EXTRA CHARGE LAY-AWAY PLAN! •HW EJV • IVf* ^rir+T*-***- •• m-TTi "—

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