The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 28, 1952 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
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Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 6
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Cancel . THE BAYTOWN SUN, TUESDAY, MAY, 27, 1952 Editorials / m bo th m B ( *V"% S*\ m 6 • * e • The Baytown area today finds itself between two bridges—both not built yet. Members of Commissioners Court are in Austin urging the state to do something in a hurry about building a bridge across the San Jacinto river on the Houston-Port Arthur highway No. 73. At the same time officials of the Texas Highway department will be in Port Arthur at a hearing called by the U.S. corps of army engineers pushing for a more lenient policy on a bridge that will some day be erected over the Trinity river on the same highway. " Baytown is in the middle, for this city and this area wants both bridges. Some people of Baytown want the San Jacinto bridge first. Others argue that it is most important that the Trinity bridge be built The Sun finds itself in the middle too, {Today's Bible Verse BUT PETER said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Acts 8:20. Lookinq At Life «#• , R , . "Y cnch brandeiS because we want both bridges built first! People in parts of East Harris county argue that the Market Street road is one of the busiest thoroughfares in South Texas and that the bridge over the San Jacinto, that long, dangerous and circuitous monstrosity, is a prize bottle neck. There is immediate need for an additional crossing. There are Highlands people who want the state to go slow about putting up a bridge across the San Jacinto that might some day be a great detriment to Highlands becoming a seaport. There are Baytown people who think this city has much to gain from a bridge over the Trinity that would bring that rich empire of East Chambers county into the very from door of the City of Baytown. It would only be a few miles to the principal communities of Chambers county if the Trinity were bridged at Cove, The way it is now Washington Merry-Go-Round: Puerto Rico Radicals Again Endanger Life Of President By DREW PEARSOX modest means and suddenly blos- WASHINGTON—The steel cables SO med out with two Cadillacs, was which once roped off the sidewalk rafcher in front of Bleur House are now * ^ removed; so also the little guard- Posing the Puerto Rican constitu- houses once occupied by the White tion. He didn't like the fact that House police. it prohibited child labor, though They were placed there im- the United States does, too: and Puerto Rican obj section 2Q Pennsylvania J blazing mow- which sets forth the Puerto Rican these communities are from 70 to 90 miles distance from Baytown by way of the Trinity bridge on highway 90 at Libert}'. So you have two 'schools of thought. You have the "Trinitys" and the "San Jacintos." It is worth repeating that The Sun wants both bridges put up at the earliest possible moment. It wants the state to hurry up and come to some understanding with army engineers about that pesky matter of vertical clearance and then push completion of the bridge post haste. At the same time The Sun wishes Godspeed to County Judge Bob Casey and his court in its efforts to expedite completion of another span over the San Jacinto. Lack of outlets has always handicapped the Baytown area. Until a couple of decades ago, it was almost impossible to get to Baytown unless you had a boat or a plane, or you didn't mind waiting for a fer- ry or driving around by way of Crosby. Then Market Street road was pushed through. Then the Morgans' Point ferry staited operation. Then the state built highway 146. Then the state saw a need of a tunnel crossing. Slowly but surely Baytown is losing its rather dubious distinction of being an isolated city. So give us more outlets, the more the better. We say again: The Sun wants both bridges, and so do most of the people of the Baytown area. British House of Commons listened to a discussion "on how to make the seats of schoolboys' pants wear longer. Junior has a quick solution for that—cut down on the number of spankings I Sun Slants REIDS ON EASTERN SWING MAYBE IT'S BEEN in the paper bef« has I missed it. Anyhow, Judge and V have been gone since the second v/eek^'' tour that has taken them through th A -' on up to Washington, D.C., and now t>L p about in New England. ejr saoi I'd been missing the judge's cheruKu , bad that cherubic), and I made for ac * about him yesterday, only to find thai ll k I'd been missing him is that he hasn't t- r THIS IS NOT at all the column I had intended to ___ ic _ write today. But I have just had such a startling avenU6j their surprise that I MUST tell you about it j n g ^ own ^wo guards in e.n insane, goal of a job for every man. As I walked into my study just now to do my abortive attempt ori ^ 15fe of the other Republicans, equally con- work, I found a little package on my desk. lied to p res ; dpn1 - ^ ' /? J »"--'- a little card. It read /'Happy Birthday. With ™ l «^ a _^ _ wallr ol _ ^ servative, disagreed with Halleck. Congressman Me." And two little red with crayon. wFrhnnt"<mfn«r nuVTn thp~«;i-rppfc To raska, a strong MacArthur booster I opened the package, -^-"^4 ™ * ^void the° b?rr?ers °B^ the root and a student'of the Puerto Rican birthday is not until tne very ^ena_ 01 ___ f ^ ^ ^ ^ _ ^ const i tut i O n t pointed out that it re _ would not have permitted seizure of the steel mills or taking over newspapers. "Do you object to the fact that prevent the government June" so there must have been some reason for this, reason for the ' -Presidents life BUT THEN I remembered. My wife bad been shop- moved. ping in New York City yesterday. And when my In fact> security measures to wife-or any wife, for that matter—goes shopping protect his life and ^^ of the in T^PW York. ANYTHING is liable to happen, and __..,.„,„,. ^ r -p,, Q ^f^ T?,V^ T.,,?« lt governor of Puerto Rico, Luis from the steel mil]s? » anything might serve as a reason to buy things. Munoz Marin, were tightened last "^"^£7,*"^ - Mnipr"""nn "Jo'ii I opened the package. After divcabiy its con- week because the new constitution ed Congressman .Miller... Do you j_ «^-~-— r *j •- n^vn. ocwdurtt: L. tents of several layers of tissue paper, I looked at Qf Puerto Rico the thing and wondered. , It was a gold-plated rooster holding m its beak something that looked like a cigar cutter. You have seen those contraptions that cut the tips off cigars, haven't you? up for Governor attacked in with the at- is now under object to this ban against wire- . . rHisf frHiend ; Crawfor d of another little of me what it was for. But I special guard in Washington and conser vative R e p u b 1 i c a n, also the name of the hotel where he is championed the constitution, but lOf; LUC *itC W-L AIL*; T^."^*-.*^"".**'* *•***•* . » well ask my wife. You don't ask stopping is kept a secret. the gentleman from Indiana eon- you presents how much they cost The attempts on the lives of the tinued to object, not only to the or what they are for. governor and the President were constitution, but even to permit- made -by Puerto Rican fanatics ting a vote on it. Halleck wanted MY., WIFE CAME into the room wearing an expec- W ho demanded that Puerto Rico to bottle the bill up in the rules tant smile. I, on the other hand, immediately as- ^ & completely independent of the committee, thus stifling free dis- su'med a pose of great surprise and joy. United • States. They bitterly op- cussion. Several Dixiecrats sup.''Thanks, dear" I said, "this is just what I have ,T>osed thft n«*w rnnstituHnn u-hirh «^^*«j i,:™ -posed the new constitution which ported him. always wanted." - sets up a model, middle-of-the- Thus, while the extreme radicals '•You big faker," she replied, you don t even know road partnership with the U.S.A., O f Puerto Rico are ready to assas- what to use it for." _ _ as merely continuing Yankee rule, sinate the President and Cover- Simultaneously, from another nor Munoz Marin if the constitu- -group. the new Puerto Rican con- tion is adopted, the extreme re- . ilCLL. i,"J UiJt. * V AWI. . >I admitted that, frankly, I didn't. And then she NEW YORK JUMPING BEANS explained. WHENEVER'l'EAT soft-boiled eggs, I eat them stUution has been under fire. This actionaries in - Congress are ready «»f «F «,» -«h^H in an old-fastiioned esrz cup The Sr° u P, not fanatical in the physi- to assassinate the constitution, "nd vher^ cai sense, but almost fanatical in What the latter cUm't under- and eat it right out of the shell. lts desire to P reserve th e status stand is that the entire Latin- But first vou have to- cut the top of the egg off ? uo ' is iri the House of Represen- American world is watching Con- with a knife", and usually the shell breaks all cock- Datives. - rtf\ gress to see whether we renege on eyed and the'yolk of the egg oozes all over the v After a bill, was passed by both °ur pledge to work out a corn- shell and sometimes over your fingers. houses of 'Congress permitting monwealth partnership with the This gadget, my wife explained, was an "egg-top Puerto Rico to adopt a new con- Puerto Rican people. D * " Q4- /-J« cutter," imported from-Europe, where all people stitution, and after the carefully Note—Later, several Republicans KeVieWing otand! - eat their soft-boiled eggs out of the shell. drafted constitution was over- persuaded Halleck at least to per- I stood aghast! Imagine an "egg-top cutter," and whelmingly adopted by a plebiscite mi t a vote on the constitution, and all for me! Thus my wife had presented me with of the Puerto Rican people, it was **e receded from his position. But what is probably the most useless gift in history. suddenly blocked in the House last one GOP colleague remarked: I tried hard to retain my expression of rapture week by GOP Congressman Char- "Herbert Hoover once proposed a until she left the room- But first I gave her a big, ley Halleck of Indiana. chicken in every pot and two cars resounding kiss ,and said "God bless you, dear." __„, _ _, in every garage. Today Halleck And don't you ever think that I didn't mean it. TWO-CADILLAC CHARLEY— has two Cadillacs in his garage, HaUeck, frequently called "Two- but Is opposed to letting Puerto to thinking about him while he and Mrs i out having fun, • i Incidentally, Judge Robert law firm said the last and only Judge Reid came from Washington"*!)0* office of Congressman Albert Thorns/ ? T^ had dictated the note to one of the e 0 g talented secretaries. gres CLAYTON DU BOSE SCORES TUESDAY THIS department joined .« Baytown Rotarians at the Highlands Ro'-S, eon. k tar y' When time came for Secretary B p u recognize the visitors, he suggested tha> iffi reading the names of the Baytown visitor?? 8 * a list of the Highlands members on hand" ! Baytown almost out-attended Highland meeting. Baytown Rotarians the Highlanders "hsri up with" included Alvin Miles, C. L Ted Lyman, Harry Bowen, Robert S rett Herring and Dr. Herbert Duke. The program was in the form of a Clayton E. Du Bose on the recent dL MJ ., convention he and some others attended'[n" n? ton. ^ Clayton was supposed to have been program man, and when he didn't know it, he didnV, program. So he just told his impressions of tv" big Rotary convention he ever attended In al? sincerity, Clayton, your talk was so and straight from the shoulder, it was on? best Rotary programs I ever heard at Hl»h] That should mean something beca'uselt pens that next to Thad Pelton, I have attend Highlands Rotary meetings than any other of the Baytown club, BALL DIAMOND READY FOR SEVERAL YEARS the Highlands v .. u been battling that Softball diamond back ac'd «4 And that's literally true. They once had it .Jj for Stratford park, and then moved it to the" campus on account of no electric power lim They kept plugging along on the thing, free and volunteer labor here ajid there a some material they had to buy. They kept plugging away, and Tuesday i_ lacked was, adjusting the lights and a home -1 and a pitcher's plate. * No\v that the field is finished it seems thai Softball players will be the ones to use 1; Highlands has a woman's team and so h_ town. They got started so late it is'bard for: to find playing time on the recreation depart softball diamonds on the school campus. So the Highlands Rotarians by unanl Invited the Baytown gals to use the'Highlands j mond whenever they cared to. ACTEs G TO AID CRIPPLES OTHER ACTION of the Highlands club hd the purchase of two pair of adjustable crutches to be used by children of that c when and if there is need. Here's hoping thgy a bad buy, and that the: crutches are never ze In The Lyons Den By Leonard rvcvitJVYmy oiaitu. Tips For Men On Getting Ready For A Date (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the second of two articles on Beauty Hints for the Male by Henry McLemore, No, 1 pin-up boy in United States post offices Success Secrets By Elmer Wheeler ^-, _ .__ — , ~ — -— — XT C ~ ——« •»-»_* -^- f*.***^ ***. 14 WA, UV *-/*l*Ldi KJ *-**!. \*9 ^f\J^3%f V*. !_*»- ---^ Cadillac Charley, because he Rico express its hope of a job for thorughout the country. It is came to Washington a man of every man." Grab Bag Of Easy Knowledge TO SOME success comes easily. Others must fight for it every inch of the way. William Foster, president of the Merit Clothing The Answer, Quick! Co., Mayfield, f Ky., is one "of those fellows who has 1. Where had to work, and work-hard, for everything. "Wil- ter of the ' , «*«..,. . lie," as he is known to many, is not one to let sue- 2. "Who is credited with creating s -. y . f* lchl ?a n - He produced his cess go to his head though. the two popular symbols of the At the helm, of his humming business which major political parties — the Re- -'V i s«": grosses S15 million yearly, Willie shares the "fruits publican elephant and the Demo- sl S n€d more than of his labors" with any and all who will have them, cratic donkey? He theorizes this^way, "I hope the Lord strikes me dead the first time I think I am any better than three "vertical bars, green-white the people who work here." A Central Press Feature School of Art and the Chicago Art sity first his contention that the beauty of the hand that rocks the cradle is no more important that the beauty of the hand that bought the cradle. It is his belief that for every man who admires s pretty girl there is a girl who admires a handsome man). By HENRY McLEMORE Continuing yesterday's column nel cloth, and, above all, make a (send ten cents and a self-address- ** nal check on your accessories to :ed ,nve,ope for the pa-nphlet on ^y^t^f ^^^Zl "S Beauty Hints for the Male to Anita accessories. Are your wrists the McLemore, Box 1113, Calcutta, In- same color as your hair? Do your dia), I would like to tell men how' e >'es match your socks? Does your , , ...,:• , ,. ,, . , .. watch, band, go with your under- to get ready for the sudden date. sh[rt? TK^ are ^ ]ittle ^.^ First, remove the look of the that set a man apart an bring everyday world from your face by appreciative glances across the diner booth. washing it with a mixture of half, Only one minute now in which POLITICS: Averell Harriman conferred wife Rose, of the Liberal Party, regarding his paigpn for the Democratic nomination. Ko« optimistic, then told him: "Usually, a man sfa out being politicinn and becomes a stab With you. it's tho opposite." MOVIES: Ben Hecht's new independent film. M and Sin," opens soon at the Park Avenue Toes^ New York. He ohce ventured into independe3t: ie production with George Jessel, They hs pointnient with a banker from whom they raise the financing. On his desk, when ti was. a newspaper open to the front-page ! Jessel's escapade in Palm Beach, where fired a gun at a love rival. Jessel outlined the! to the banker, whose eyes were colorless s^J said nothing—except finally to ask how would cost "You can see a finished pic 5250,000," said Jessel ... "I can see a finished j ture," the banker announced, "for 7Sc." FINANCE DEPARTMENT: When the ney-general, Jim McGranery, was a mi Congress he won a $5,000 election bet Hurja, who Ister said he r d left the S5 : 000 foj an envelope with the manager of the " hotel. The manager had died a few days Granery considered the matter closed, for it frcnf. imported caviar and half ground- to check up. Is your collar button -------- . . . ...,, h up Crackerjacks. Rub away from wcaire? Are your sleeve- holders ^/T?,^ ££S belonS-i A your chin toward your eyes. When jerfecUy In place? Is your high ^J SayflolerEmploye SScGranerv a^J you can't see, stop. Be sure that school graduation ring- on the - - . A . ia J r " ower employe » .._,__ ^J play, "Nju" given in Los 12,000,000 words have been - written Little theater. He has de- about what a girl should do when 200 theatrical she has very little tirae to get her- productions since, for both stage self ready for an unexpect Ixvould say that no fewer than , u be at ve freshest b right f\J\T\ JTrtA •nr+*.++f*f~ Vt'XWM. I-.AAV. •«* —« t*-A.M __ " J ^T_.. ° you are ready to go. liberally dousing yourself with . . vanilla extract and tabasco sauce. ,-, ,. • --*** ~ — ** , ej> Thi5 combination, as Tex found *™- cac * Po^e. As a final touch, l tC ^l 8 :. out > results in a dominating mas- ?^_?"° u ^ forearms with a touch of ed: "Did you ever pick up that agcr puc aside for you just before he envelope, on which the manager had ? r _^H C _ e _ a .,. bro * d - ha ?Py smile: Grane^sname'was"found in the vault and' was paid. 3. The flag of what country has «* ««^»^g|n« "^ Mra- Rub the face with ice cubes C uHne"7cVnt* redofe"^"^ Yosem^ ! m ^ orted ***&<*« sauce, "and" go LOST .4XD FOUND: Last week 3 iree vertical bars, ereen-white- Si s _ for Max Remhardt, j\atnan ("this brightens and freshens the v«« w a«n *,**-«i,-fc;i^.. - to meet the sirl with ™mniJL Foster's actions in behalf of his employes bear on white? red, with eagle and cactus emblem Hale," operag for New York and sk in"): Jump in a hot bath", then Before" «»!n^ n?A if»^ • assurance. rt ^ \ V Ktof Chicago companies includine "Sha- ,- ;„ „ L^ ^^ *t, M V^^ ;v .• Be . t . or ® goln ? out » P lace a S P"S A. ,«,. with complete out these words. For example, the Merit Clothing Co. has a private library for employes which contain over 5,000 volumes. For the convenience of •working mothers, there is a free day nursery to care for little tots. A fleet of 18 busses transports workers to and £com their homes. Foster's own spacious estate serves as picnic grounds and recreation center for employes who care to use it. S^'?SS!^.^^K= .^:^l£^^^rS of^A^rf^y^hltS ^^-™ d the dance 4. Where. i, the Grand. Coulee ^?'L fv ^ P ^^ 3* SS! off with a lukewarm'bath, all the ThifwtS" dam? The Rivals," "Lady .Be Good, import a subtle outdoor- „ n ° or ' 5" "Which of the states of the "Ziegfeld' Follies." "Strike Up the while «iointing oneself with pre- ishness, and if women don't like £ € °:. >y«icn.o:..tne_'states oc tne ^^ „ «r. w »;«.^ n «rr ,...," __^ parations from ten thousands bot- men who are outdoorish, then ad- remember you're just as and tidied up as she United States is known as the Band >" "Lysistra," "Hamlet, 1 "' and Equality State? many more. He is also contributor _ aes - " vertising companies have been on to an encyclopedia and""to"magr- * But what about the man she's the wrong track for fifty years. T mr AM^C^ A k/ zines, and has been most active ?°! n f !£ meet on the unexpected _ Just ^before you leave, take one I FV AtlQ JlOD l*\Q Jp%"4 -i"-._^ ^ C _«"V] Your Future . _._ Try to weed out the essential in world's fair architectural plans date? Has anyone told him wnat final glance at yourself in the .l/H \,CAth.<^L A.WA. C^AA^SAVS.7 t«3 »* i-*VT V,«A~» ^, ±** W«7^. -^» <* v-^vv»- «-« %- * «» £«*l A -AL b 1, J O *\ T" *'L - *V» 5 ^ Cf iT_ V Willie Foster exercises the same generous attitude from the non-essential at this time, and m commercial company de- to do r Alan is just as vain as wo- mirror, bee that the spot on your toward his company's personnel problems. Foster's Care ia your dealings during: your si^gns. ^Ie originated the technique men , &"t nobody helps him out in tie is covered up by your coat. Tell open office door, a flashing smile and understand- ••-'--••- •-- •<- ^ - - «. .ing eyes welcome all visitors. Employees' problems are discussed freely and openly. And still Willie Foster goes right on making new provisions for his "happy" family. Currently, he is tnis date. is quite a building a large club-house on Kentucky Lake to \x^tch Your Laneuasre she ^ currently accomodate each: of the 32 company clubs which TNrvrrcnRATF: _^ <:n-VTO-or~ sc cutive year on the air as a comedienne. She traces her career- back to radio's early days of 1930, By Bennett Ce4 7 I.CTT ^e,T have sprung up within his organization. We could all learn something fiom Wilile Foster! l Looking Backward ^» 'J^u^? i :'-vS " You're TeHin Mel veteran of the radio, as , shoes are shined, and that he has a ^ Jf in too much of a hurry. cminte d the house anTmurmured rently in her fourth con- few bucks in his pocket, J nhre bu ^ f o/sn't come by the to another honoraw paHbJSr —^j,—.,,^-, . „,_ .. -rrrr, -^^-^x..- .oar-Ail >Vio oil- -><r-, />^.™_ corner until S:OS: «<T* i.. =, «.»«*« ty^ panoearer, ate) — verb transitive; to give vigor, life or energy to; strength- d h h d - _ en: animate. Synonyms: enliven, f _ ro ,,,, Ju- e^V-e. tr\^ tf •gssasESwssr ^ T he s un ^ said ROOM AND BOARD Happy Birthday "The Dionne quintuplets probably is tops in the profession of landladies when it comes to FIVE YEARS AGO n M,.II. r*., "- ~.~...~. ^-...^,-^J should J-f 95 "^ * ^ ens ^, o£ J«™or. She is TODAY'S HEADLINES: 'Burij- By Wjliiam Rift be celebrating their 18th birthday «« landlady, Mrs. Davis, on Eve. i ars ' p^ d Vote Records . \vhite * — —- ~ » -r j; ArAon'tt n v n o-T-o »-n «r\n« TUTJ^^ T _ __ »kcv.uiMa. rvtuce House Pressure Blamed For Flagrant Pro-Russian Films- Miss Betty Williams who attends —By Gene Ahern today; Jim Thorpe, noted Indian 4 rde ,"\ Pl o sram r "Our Miss It's estimated that since Charley Lindbergh flew athlete and Bob Kuzava, New Brooks. What is her name? the Atlantic alone 25 years ago a million and a half York Yankee pitcher, are also on lt , .»_'•• c- M . persons have flowk across that same stretch of .wa- today's list. -*n».*>een..a«ia ter. Just a launch: of * copycats, aren't we? - Moscow radio admits some Russian school kids cheat at exams. In other words, they don't deserve their Marx. ' - - The Baytown Sun, Inc^ at Pearce and -. - Ashbel in Baytowa, Texas JFred Hartman.,. »...., ... .'... Editor and Publishei Syd S. Go«I6!. ,...........,,., Advertising Managei lieulah Mae Jackson.......*. ...... Office Manager Warren; Ectwafds. .... ..... ,...,.. ilar.aging Edzto*- Subscription Kates By Carrier— $1.00 MontJu $12 Tear , By SfeU— Motilh $1.00; 3 ^fonths $2^0; 6 Month* -r-$5.75? S"ear $li50; Anned Services 75c Month AH mail subscriptions are payable in advance, National Representatives Texas Daily Press League % J.,' ; Entered as second-class matter at the .. o "-• - Baytowa, Texas, Postoffice under the ;i • v Act-«f Congress of March 3; 1870. ' • Wisdom is the principal thing; Southern Methodist university ar- Proverbs. It Happened Today 1759—William Pitt (the Young- Miss Joyce Earls and Miss Wanda Stewart, Horace Mann junior high school graduates, were hon- V/tU_,T IS V/EALTHY AND CAN AFFORD <? TO BUY IE/A f— V -'-I'D FIGURE / APWROF \ CHINCHILLAS GO5T j ABOUT / ^15007 / er), English statesman, born. 1913 orees at a ^^ party, —In World War L American Rabbi Robert Kahn, new head : V ^ troops captured Cantigny, France. °5" ^"^eg^t 10 " Emanu El of * 1934 —Dionne Quintuplets born— Hou ston r was the main speaker at Emelie/Marie, Yvonne, Ceci!e-and a meeting of the Layman's League Annette. 1940—In World War H, at the First Christian Church. Folks of Fame — Guess the Xame 1 — He is well known - as a designer, author and theatrical pro-,- Washington 'stated r Wyoming, ' Belgium surrendered to Germans; cabinet disowned King- Leopold. How'd Yon Make Out? ' 1. In Smith county, Kansas. 2. Thomas Nast, a cartoonist. 3. Mexico. 4. On , the. Columbia, river, in dacer, and he has a daughter who Is a fine .actress. He was born in Adrian, Mich., April 27, 1S93. He was a. student of the Cleveland 1—Norman Bel Geddes. 2—Jane Jrfbrgan. * . 10 .YEARS AGO Jeanne. Ewing and Kenneth Wright won the Parent-Teacher association honor for being the most representative 'boy and girl in the La Porte high school graduating class. Mrs." O. C. Behymer and Mrs. Charlotte Hogan presented a moving picture on tuberculosis for a home nursing class at the VFW hall. - ••-NO,THEY'RE NOT HAMSTERS I KNOW WHAT t-!AMSTERS ARE — •-•-THE EARL CALLS CHINCHILLAS/—-H£ HAS A PAIR. OF'EM AND SAID THEY'RE FROM THE ANDES MOUNTAINS IM CHILE/—- —r.SAVW - -" LOOK SO/AETH1NG L1K£ A RABBIT/" THAT, JUDGE Herbert, the Army's most decorated hero fc«i rea, failed to appear at a press intern? Vanderbilt hotel. He finally was found, er. He was asked how many de< and Herbert said "27." He then was aj* ; there was any medal for which he had recommended. "Yes," he said. "One, conduct medal.** DRAMA DEPARTMENT: I knew John C-- 1 ] from the day he first reached 'explosive youngster, born to violence He >vas in the first show troupe to i _ troops abroad, even before America was a- think I'd like to go, too," I heard a. tell him. "What do I do first?'' the mirror, when you wake uj "You look at yourself closely and as* ^ doing? What am I doing here, ^J^] flames?' Then you say to yourself iw ^ matters. Contracts,' movies, stardozrj. •matter. I've got to go. I've just got ^ S that first, and then you go." CRIME DEPARTMENT: When Go* gjj ceived an award at the Wiiliamsbarg dinner he spoke of crime P^^ 11 "?^^ Hershfield told him of his own cnr- methods in the days when he firs* — fe i Tork. "I had a burean with three arawe.. j he said. "I kept my cheese i* the There were mice in the top draw ^^ you keep the mice from the cn ^f. se * *].. ey . . . Hershfield told him: "On, m w drawer I kept my cats.'' CENSORSHIP DEPARTMENT: Swope is placing before the Newspaper Editors two recent breakdown in our censorship. The ^ tion that our detonating mechaw»«« ^, wrong. The second is the publication « ^.j. tails about our new H-Bomb pi' lir.a. Swope, in his capacity as a ^"^^te cli of journalism and as a wartime « - s Patterson and B. M. Baruch—*h° fc ^es* j by this—will protest to the ASN& ™ ,^^ots revelations important to the enen«- •-•• he says "shouldn't mean complex no censorship shouldn't mean complete A 95-year-old midwesterner has — for the eighth time. What Gramps — Leap Year? In Canada orchardists shoot shells into fruit trees. Gunning it-were. ' .-.--- i

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