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rt-l-i 'fT -vWm 'i- WEATHER OR! BmmhI wr 1C3 jLa in BRISTOL AREA Monday' partly cloudy and moderately oold Tuesday fair and iiightly warmer VIRGINIA Occasion a I ram on th coast Monday morning followed by uen rally fair and somewhat colder TENNESSEE AND Mon day generally fair not much change temperature WEST Cloudy and slightly colder Monday is BRISTOL MONDAY MORNING JANUARY 6 1947 PRICE FIVE CENTS 78th NO 16710 ffYflMl rn Tmman Addresses Joint Session Of Congress Today General Assemblies Of Virginia And Tennessee To Convene Today Young Michigan Couple On Way To Miami Fla Richard A- Neff 29 Former Army Air Corps In structor And 19-Year-Old Wife On Pleasure Trip Perish As Their Small Craft Strikes Hillside Near Lee County Line Bodies Badly Mangled i Two Planes StandBy Three Ships On Way to Evacuate Residents If Necessary Othei Islands Lashed Tennetieani Will Conaiderj Sales Tax Increased Aid To Teachers And Schools (Jit Virginia Labor Will Fight Proposed Bills Representatives At All-Day Richmond Meeting Vote To Seek Political Destruction Of Legislators Backing Tuck Measures Teachers Pledged Full Support RICHMOND Va Jan 5 (A1) Forces pf organized labor in Virginia sounded an eleventh-hour battle cry here today at an all-day meeting that culminated in plans for an all-out fight to kill the two anti-labor bills set for the special session of the General Assembly opening tomorrow to politically destroy legislators giving their support to the proposals: and to render wholehearted backing to demands of Virginia teachers for higher wages An outline of steps to be taken by trade unions to defeat the bills precluding work stoppages in public utilities and prohibiting the closed shop was presented by rep- RICHMOND Va Jan 5 (Pj The Virginia General Assembly will convene in extraordinary session at noon Monday to consider legislation recommended by Governor Tuck on school pay and tWo labor matters Details of the Governor's program for teacher pay increases will be presented by Mr Tuck in person to a joint session of the Senate and House set for 1:45 Monday The governor is due to start speaking at and his speech is expected to last about 30 minutes Mr message also will state his case for the labor legislation which includes a bill to prevent any stoppages of public utility services arising from labor disputes and another measure to Tliiee snips also were steaming closed shop -V for Palmyra: a coas Monday message will be con- fined to the teacher and labor By DON WHITEHEAD HONOLULU Jan 5 () Slonnv seas swirled Clear across PalmyrS Atoll more than 1000 nnles south of Hawaii dawn today and army fliers returning to Honolulu a few hours said its Americar population waiting calmly in a downpour of rainfor another series of waves Two planes from Hawaii and Johnston Island were dispatched quickly to the island to stand by rescue operations Palmyra is garrisoned by a navy and coast force of 108 men plus five civilian scientists and their speed Message First Since Hoover Days From President Of One Party To Congress Dominated By Another WASHINGTON Jan 5 i -Democratic President Truman completed a crucial stale of the union message today for presentation tomorrow to a Republican Congress already galloping far ahead of him on taxes and labor The message to be deliv-eied in person at a joint session of the two houses at 1 (EST) will be the first since the days of Herbert Hoover from a president of one party to a Congress dominated by the other What Truman has to say mav go a long way to- Hllll DUVIUlMctll t-jw I I Kelly House chief clerk and as- ward fixing the relationship between White House mid the Capitol for the next two years Buck in legislative control for the first time since the the Republicans already expect to proceed promptly with plans for labor counsel While Mr Truman woiked today putting the last minute touch on his speech there were these developments on the Congressional fiont: 1 Senator Wiley R-Wis new chairman of the Senate judiciary committee declared he intends to try to "restore a balance" to the (See Page Two Column Four) NASHVILLE Tenn Jan 5 (P) The 75th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee will open at noon tomorrow following party caucuses scheduled to begin at 10 am Among major issues facing legislators as the session gets under way are the controversial sales tax plan advocated by Gov Jim McCord increased aid to teachers and schools and consideration of a plan to overhaul the state constitution Administration leaders have backed Sen George Oliver Benton of Jackson and Rep Buford Lewallen of Clinton for speakers of Senate and House Both men are veterans and both have pledged support to the governor's sales tax proposal Also named by administration leaders were John Cooke and Cecil Anderson for chief and assistant clerk of the Senate respectively and Buchanan Loser and Bob sistant clerk The administration is expected to make known tomorrow the floor leader in each house who will push its program in the legislature A two percent tax on retail sales was advocated laU week by Gov McCord The governor said he would present the plan to the legislature shortly after its opening He said the tax would bring the state approximately $20000000 a year most of which would be used to finance a $1600000 additional budget asked by Education Commissioner Burgin Dossett tax brought mixed Pugh regional director of the CTO for the State of Virginia as manager of a campaign against adoption of the proposed anti-labor bills by tjhe General Assembly 2 Calling of the state convention of the Virginia CIO fob the (See Page Two Column Seven) US PLANS 10 CLAIM BIG ANTARCTIC Strategy Will Be Considered Upon Return of Admiral Richard Byrd LIBOR TAXB1LLS Senator Later Will Go To New Orleans For Second Cancer Operation WASHINGTON Jan 5 -Senator Bilbo (B-Miss) icbuffod in the first round of his ef foils to sit in the Ropubliran-rnn-ttollcd 80th Congress left for home today to undeigo a new cancer opeiation He set out for JaclAon Miss bv automobile at 4 a accoin-nanied by his attorney Fonest Jackson and his private secretary Intei he will go to New Oilcans for treatment which mav 1P 'inal showdown on his Senate more "If I live I'll be back heie with mv fighting clothes on" Bilim piomised a' the two-dav tussle lie new Senate ended vrderdav in an agreement hv pending a hll hs pay Senidoi Hibo bid for two months or of he fight lo bar him The Senate War Investigating Com-millee on which Ferguson sit delivered a rcooi that Bilbo misused his offirr for peisonal am in dealing with war ron-liartors Senator Taft flt-Ohio) ihaii-inan of his party's committer told repoi ts no Blither action will be taken until such time as Bilbo can leturn and hriiung cun he held on whether the charges win rant pci nutrient (See Page Two Column Eight) Virginia Solons Will Hear Gov Tuck On Pay Labor Matters matters Governor Tuck has indicated Other than to indicate the general form of his plan for the that it calls for a substantial- increase among other things Mr Tuck Jias not disclosed its details The labor bills however were made public three weeks ago when the governor referred them to the Virginia Advisory Legislative Council for study and report in time for the special session Since that time both in and out of public hearings conducted by the VALC organized labor unions in the CIO and AFL have lined up against the bills while other spokesmen for industry farm groups and individuals have endorsed them The VALC will meet at 9 a Monday for a final session on the labor bills and indications are that it will recommend passage of both possibly with some revisions Of language A minority of the council is expected to dissent The extra session will open when both houses convene at noon Earlier however at 11:30 a a caucus of democratic members of the house of delegates will meet to nominate a new speaker to succeed Thomsa Stanley of Henry county who retired recently to become the Fifth District's representative in Congress Delegate Alvin Massenburg of Hampton is unopposed for election to the chair and Delegate Roy Davis of Halifax is in line to succeed Massenburg as chairman of the' privileges and elections committee and as majority floor leader One new member of the house will be sworn in Monday He is Broaddus Jr named in (See Page Two Column Three) Dr Benjamin Wallace Expires WASHINGTON Jan 5 (P) Dr Benjamin Bruce Wallace 65-year old tariff expert died in Georgetown hospital today from pneumonia He had served as an adviser to the Tariff Commission since 1938 on matters of international policy He participated in the London Economic confeience and helped in the investigation last year of the pre-war Japanese financial set-up Dr Wallace a native of Wooster Ohio was the son of the late Dr James Wallace president of Macalester College St Paul Minn He is survived by his widow Mrs Leta Wallace resentatives of various locals at a meeting called by the CIO and attended by approximately 150 persons A meeting of the Virginia CIO-PAC executive committee and the Virginia CIO Council executive board which followed produced the following developments: 1 Appointment of Ernest 5 De Gasperi to Seek American Loan Post-UNRRA Aid For1-His Country WASHINGTON Jan 5 Italian Premier Alcide de Gaspcri arrived today by plane to seek an American loan and post-UNRRA help for his riot-plagued country The 65-year-old Italian leader stepped off a four-motored American Army Air Transport after a rough trans-Atlantic trip and told reporters "this help can be During the flight from Rome de Gasperi told George Bna As-s i a Press correspondent aboard the plane of his aim of closing a deal for an American credit and of asking for additional food for his people De Gasperi and his party arrived in Washington after an eventful 41-hour trip during which his plane turned back once because of a 60-nule-an-hour headwind The C-54 was almost forced lo turn back a second time during the flight from Azores to Bermuda The lean hawkfaced premier was accompanied by his 23-year-old daughter Maria Romana who said she had many icquests from friends for "those famous fountain pens that write for two and nylon The Export Impoit Bank has been considering a $100000000 loan for Italy for the past year Despite State Department urging however the bank up until now has declined to approve it for fear it might prove a poor financial GATE CITY Va Jan 5 A pleasure flight from Mt Pleasant Mich to the Miami Fla air show ended tragically today for Richard A Neff 29 a former instructor in the Army Air Corps and his 19-year-old wife Elsie Jean of Rosebush Mich when their lives were snuffed out in the crash of their small Cub plane on a rain-swept hillside 25 miles west of here near the Lee County line The young couple leaving their only child a seven-months-old daughter in care of sister at MtvPleasant had left the Mt Tleasant airport Saturday morning in an air tour sponsored by the Gulf Oil Company Slate Trooper Fugate' who with Trooper Cunningham and Chief Deputy Qualls investigated the crash said that the plane struck and rolled a distance of 150 feet and that it was so crushed and battei cd that it required more than an hour for the officers and other helpers to remove the mangled bodies from the wreckage had to use pliers to cut the wire and Fugate said then had to pry our way into what was left of the plane The bodies were still strapped in and were badly He said the crash occurred about five miles west of Fairview Va at 1 1:30 a just above a pasture field and approximately two miles from the highway After the bodies were removed from the wreckage they were carried 300 feet to the foot of the hill and then taken by wagon to the highway where an ambulance from the McConnell Funeral Home of Gate City was waiting "It rained all the Fugate said Fugate said that the plane did not burn and that the tail or wing apparently first struck th ground A "There wasn't much gasoline he said "and we think probably the pilot must have been i tinning out of Fugate added that "a man and his son (lie get their names he said were coming down the hillside and the plane went right over their heads The man said that the pilot appeared to be his engine and it sounded like it was running out of The state trooper said that officers were advised of the crash by Claude Berry who called the office at Gate City from Chnchport Fugate said that papers in th plane gave Neff's name and aga und showed that Mrs Neff before her marriuge had been Elsie Jean Ilesley of Lansing Mich He staled that a certificate showed that the tour in which Neff and his wife were taking part was sponsored by the Gulf Oil Company from January 2 to January 27 The Michigan Bureau of the Associated Press reported that Neff's brother Earl 27 said in Rosebush that the couple had been imed a year and a half and that their seven-months-old daughter had been left in the care of sister Fail Neff said his brother had been an instructor in the Army Air Coips and that he had purchased his light plane about two months ago Another brother Harold Neff lives at 137 Briar Road in Oak Ridge Tenn Eai I und Harold Neff with their fattier Albert operate a farm syn- Two Column Six) Babe Ruth Is Seriously 111 NEW YOIIK Jan 5 i Babe Ruth baseball's famed sultan of swat was icpoited tons condition tonight at French Hospital and due to undeigo a tomoimw PR The pioposed comment from legislators and was opposed by some from towns bordering on other states Practically all legislators however appeared behind the $7000-000 higher teacher pay program advocated by the Tennessee Education Association and agreed the expansion of educational facilities in Tennessee and the adequate compensation of teachers were two of the most impoitant matters to be considered at this session of the General Assembly Also high in the list of matters to be considered by the Assembly is the report of a constitution revision commission to Gov Jim McCont recommending nine specific changes including removal of the poll tax requirement The commission which recommended a convention to make the changes advocated that municipalities be granted a measure of home rule by removing legislative power over them except in general laws asked important changes in provisions gov- erning taxation recommended ex-j tension of the governor's term from two to four years and suggested among other things that legislators' pay be increased from $4 a day to $10 The legislutoi will be sworn in two chambers at noon after their party meetings at whh nmbm will nominate speakers floor lead- Another Cm a te r' of rouLne 1 01 session 'th eel cetion f)unng a formal eeiemony in the the retary of state comptroller and treasurer and the election commission Three incumbents have announced for the three (Constitutional offices and so far liave no opposition They are Joe Carr of Nashville secretary of state Jared Maddux of Elizabethton (See Page Two Column Four) Milder Weather Forecast Today By Th Aisooiated Press Milder weather with a chant to dig out of last snowfall was piomised by the wcathei observers for today The cold wave that brought sub-zero temperatures to many Midwest states has moved eastward but the warming process will be slow The last of the snow flumes fell in northern Wisconsin and noi them Michigan Saturday night but snow up to two inches fell as far south as Laredo Texas wheie the tomperatuie dipped to 26 above zero Thawing weather is expected to develop over much of the snow area today The coldest section of the country Sunday was on a line between Chicago and -Tulsa Okla where the mercury dipped to Chicago registered one above zero Considerable wind is anticipated for the next two or thiee days the weather bureau said and this will prevent the temperatures from making rapid de-si ents during the night the Southeastern states pected to clear today little before later was for guai families full guard cutter an army freighter and a navy destroyer None was expected before Monday morning however Lt- Ernest Herod Palestine Tex pilot of a B25 bombing plane which made a routine overnight fueling stop at Palmyra brought word that the residents were "probably the calmest bunch Eve ever as they awaited fresh floods The first waves did no great damage he said Storm-piled waves earlier wrought vast property damage in the Hawaiian Islands and battered the Aleutions and Alaskan coast No additional damage was reported in Hawaii today however and the Seattle weather bureau said the Aleutions storm was decreasing in intensity late today after peak velocities of 55 miles an hour at Dutch Harbor While the two B-17s which reached Palmyra from Oahu and Johnston Island could not evacuate all personnel Vice Adm John Hall 14th Naval District commandant said there were numbers of small boats in which all could keep afloat if needed "I hope evacuation will not be he said "but we want to be on the safe He said the airstrips were reported usable and there was plenty of gasoline but the evacuation if required might be a tricky thing as flood waters could make the strips at least tempoiarily unusable A B-29 which had been on Palmyra at the time of the inundation arrived at Honolulu about noon The navigator Army Lt Silvio Di Loreto of New York said the plane made a quick takeoff when the strip was about half flooded The islanders had plenty of food and reported electric power was still on but tension mounted as tide-time approached (about 9 Eastern Standard Time) ordeal by water first became known in a series of tersely-worded but nerve-tingling appeals for help broadcast by the small radio station before daylight Later signals reported the danger had subsided but the navy hastened farflung rescue operations by sea and air in fear that the next high tide might again send green water clear over the low-lying island Palmyra lying about 1000 miles south of Honolulu and only six feet above sea level is an air base and has a Civil Aeronautics radio station It was lashed by waves from the same great Pacific storm' which has caused hundreds (See Page Two Column Four) MEDITATIONS By Alley re56 PAiSPfAH LAK HOME COOKiM' IS WHUT KEEP A HEAP O' POLKS AWA F'OM Home! it I of Tt ad Mark Br Pl OAfl risk South Pole Italy is poor cajntal and to The government policy now as restated last week by Undersecretary of State Acheson is to rest rehabilitate herself needs and wishes to de Gasperi told WASHINGTON Jan 5 (P) The United Slates plans to claim a big share of the 6000000-square-mile Antarctic continent officials disclosed today and the strategy for clinching it will be' i red upon the return of Rear Admiral Richard Byrd Officials concerned with Ant-aVetic policy decisions told a reporter conferences will be held next spring on: 1 The timing of the first formal American claim to territory in the frozen southern continent 2 Proposals to submit rival international claims to the United Nations to avoid endless controversy 3 The nature of future American survey and occupation efforts t'o follow the Navy's current 13-ship expidition and the smaller independent party to depart shortly under Commander Ronne Byrd most experienced of Antarctic explorers is aboard the carrier Philhpine Sea enroute to join the Navy expedition It is due to return after four months The American claim is expected to be based largely on those in the northwest sector of the continent advanced by Lincoln Ellsworth an explorer who has twice visited the Antarctic and by Byrd They said after the 1939-41 sur- I veys that the could justly claim at least 1000000 squat miles and perhaps 800000 square miles more extending to the on the claims made by individual American explorers and surveyois and to recognize none of the claims advanced by Great Britain Chile Norway France and other countries One area of direct conflict is the Marguerite Bay aica due south of Cape Horn where a small British exhibition has been dug in since 1943 on the site of Byrd's eailier East Bay Camp It iS to Hus area which is claimed by Chile as well that Ronue's group will head" The suggesion that the whole (See Page Two Column Thiec) San Francisco Firemen Injured SAN FRANCISCO Jan 5 A dozen or mote fneiricn were overcome or injured today in fighting a stubborn five-alarm fire along San Frannseo's watei front Fne Chief Albert Sullivan estimated damage at $150000 as the interior of the Hanford building on the Embarcadero w'as de-sti oved Chief Sullivan said arson was suspected because the Hanfoid blaze was discovpied a short time after two other fires definitely of incendiary origin were extinguished only three blocks away One man was taken into custody on a charge of pulling a false alarm and held for investigation The Hanford building a three-story steel-reinforced brick struc-tuie holders on the fruit and vog- etable pioduce distrut along the city's famed Fnibircndeto where an aisonist has been active lately 72-Year-Old Ohio Woman Slays Dismembers Mate Bna she is also poor in raw materials and cannot purchase them without capital and by dmt of labor alone She needs coal iron Dr Donato Memehelta dncctor of the Bank of Italy who is one of the four key aides with de Gasperi expressed hope that the American government would renounce claim to Itahan assets in the United States Under the peace treaty with Italy the United Stales is entitled to expropriate them Meni-chella said In the Devlin home police found seveial bands of sugar rare old lace and many articles of unused clothing Mrs Devlin was quoted by Christman as saying that she tried tQ her husband with a small and then beat him about the 1 head with her fists After beating him into unconsciousness she was quoted as saying she tried to break bis bones with a hand scycle The killing occurred a week ago "It she commented in a matter of fact tone the police chief said Police found the broken scycle Mrs Devlin also admitted Christman said using a large carpenter's saw in dismembrimg the body and then burning pints of (See Tute Two Column Four) "serious neck min mug "for the relief of intractable pain charges while pipe line costs oil and gas decline as volume loci cases he del lined 1930 and 1945 after allowing for changing pi ice levels the mine pi ice of coal rose 49 percent the refoieiy price of 33 pen cut ai lira! Soft Coal Mining Profits Hit Lowest In Four Years WASHINGTONrJun 5 245 in 1946 as compaied to 261 in Labor stoppages and paid in 1916 weie nunc labor costs have reduicd In- )wlt(1uv 0ffsl(" by the luminous coal mining cut lent demand for coal" he said i46 to "pi esiiiTiptiv ely" the adding that the mn eased use of lowest point in the past four 1 machinci has i educed man horn ycus Dr I) Cowan i on- 1 per ton approximately 41) i ni suiting economist of the National Ill the last 27 veais Coal Association said todav Competition faun natuinl gas "Earnings for the mdiistiy as a i and oil is becoming moic sevcie whoie reached a peak of -because of the mote flexible costs 1)00 In 1943 declined to $76000-1 of mniketmg these fuels Cowan 000 in 1945 and presumptively said An inciease coat volume were less in iH bungs no decline freght he said bi mgs no for Airliner Makes Crash Landing On Long Island NEW YORK Jan 5 Ameucan Airlines plane in dis-li ess dash landed on a Long Island beach tonight and only one or the 16 persons aboard was mjui Co-Pilot Thomas Hatcher of Memphis Tenn who suffered minor facial cuts the airline said An airline spokesman said the plane running out of gas and unable to find a landing place between Washington and New England came down on the beach ith its heels up one mile east of the coast guard station at Jones Beach Long Island famous bathing resort about 10 miles east of New York City The plane radioed earlier that it had only a five-minute gasoline supply left and with poor radio conditions and a heavy I snowstorm precluding a landing 1 at LaGuardui Field here or else-i wheie it vvas being forced down NEWARK Jan 5 Police Chief Gail Christman said Mrs Thomas Devlin 72 acknowledged today that she had slain her 75-year-old husband and then hacked the body to pieces with a scythe and saw The quiet-mannered gray hailed woman calmly admitted killing her husband the police chief said after confronted with pieces of the body found by police at their mod- est two-story frame home here Previously Mrs Devlin had gone to police and reported that she had been informed by a relative in Philadelphia of her death "Hp tried lo kill me so many times that I decided to end his Mrs Devlin was quoted by the police chief Mr and Mrs Devlin were described by police as old age pensioners who were considered ec-centnc by their neighbors "Since before the war labor costs pet- ton have risen 65 percent" he said Other reasons given by Cowan for the profit decline are a 29 percent drop in mdustiial activity 17 percent dc- since 1943 and a 194 4 tons Aveiage days woiked were.

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