The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 21, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1897
Page 3
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FRESH CAUGHT fair la on at Cold- is Btill in tho race thstanding m- 'Giant*. at I, C. for tntu isiOTH to the contrary, Jfeivietttber that the Page an«lth« Battle Oreekball thus fair gtoaM-1%ttt8d[ay AD inetriborsjaf the chorus pleastv at tbo M, B. parsonnfo thie 1;30 to pfiRstteff fiitW-iS.^ tJ. day At tire county fair; We w*jr«* unablBLlo publish: an ihte- iron bridge today. - IS will tirobalWy ftp- jMSar tojfaorpow, ' ,»: t <$ Thte B*ge J*WICB Gftfnte M«* b»H eta^ is the strongest colored club in iho^nlt- eti States and they put ap A fast gfaiao. Be sure and see them Sept. 23 at the fair grounds. ,- ^ to ntinotrasp H! Wifanif "\ church Attend thpcjolonwil ettpptsr at tfao Pt*&-' bytcrian chtireh tomorrow night* Kesftkms of thr* Sfvcttth ^rftde in Ar* hall began yesterday. * r one hnndrcd tft*kots havo already for the iTraneeg Hughes to Mr. "WUson's friends Tiere of whom lie has not & few. The eubject of ©r. Mary len'&leeturefor thisevenj^g is of the Hour." I>ir, All«fe is B most plena- of Ownfn? them to J»<» to t1ie;J*eoj»lf At thedowneiljareeiing Monday nigntit decided to hold a spwiftl election October 6 to vote on the 1 question of bonding the city to buy the water works, The same question wns submitted to the Jan'y 16,' 1804, and it carried by of «10 for' to f>3 against, B'te p»robablfe-thftt bondseould beis^ d and floated on that vote* but it, is of the dottneil that a bettor eould bo obtained by again. 9 in favor of t&ft $ity owning the water wotks bfe 00 ^tW(&Mot»Ki9tnd w« predict that the alftfmative Vote wUl be larger than in Iwrar Wfei Librarian JMra that of tlmvlfourtu Don't forget th& game of ba$o ball to. bo played at tho fair srrounts Thursday afternoon, ' , ^ -\ Th« Lansing presbytery convenes at Tekonsha today for a two-day's semiannual meeting, Detroit News: What should it profit Mr Hanna ifjie save the? national honor and lose his-ownjob? An old gentletnan, of Burlington, recently had his hair cut by a harbor, for tho flrst"<ti ine; in his seven ty : «ght years of life. "Snow Birds" (not "Tho Beautiful Snow," thank goodness) was the subjtxst' of a-poetical effusion in" yesterday's Chicago Record. The infant child of C. O; Miller swal- ^lowed a half nunc? of oil nMwintorgreen _ on Sunday last and for ^time its life was oispairod of. It SB reported better today. >* . - o Ed.llunbain, formerly of this city, who is an engineeivon the,Mississippi «% Tennessee railroad, IB quareutined at Granada,; Miss; Mrs* v.imham is visiting relatives here. v /The. railroads have granteo^mngle fare for the annual reunion Cavalry association at Octoberliy, from all points, within 100 \Hilcs of'Kalaniazoo. '• The Monarch ball team, of Battle Creek. \vou d mteto arrange a game with any l"l year team in Marshall. Fojj»v C.- Marshall, 1'2.'* Krclin^uyson Battle Creek. At yesterday's session of the M» E. conference nt Kulamaiioo, Vincent said again that "he objected to revivals, as ordinarily conducted". He denounced Christian Science and all other kitjds of _ fad* >lext Sunday, Chaplain Geo. H.Hichok will deliver his farewell address to the convicts in the Jackson prison chapel and on_the kv»t day of September will retire froni the i»wition which he has we.ll filled for .25 years. Kalaiuazoo's new bicycle ordinance contains '..the following provisions: '•Keep off the walks; turn U» the right; don't scorch; no bells, lamps, tags or "•jplaeardg required, and thor« is no unnecessary offloiouH interference. Plautus ia authority for the following, the truth of which everyone will recog- niee. If you lend a person money it becomes lost for any purpose of >our own. When you o$k for it back ouuin you find a friend lumlo an, eueiuy by yt^ur own kiiidncsa. If you begin to press atill further, either you must.part with what you have lent, or.ubeyou must loop your friend- , • ' Mr. G. Kaweou-Watii> who is with 'the FrattCfea Hughwa Concert Co, recently sang in Burlington, Ia, Qf' him the • speaks tut follows: The bari- ing speaker, and thi^topicB diflcuesefl by her -are of vital importance, to ally thefs- fore her lectur^ehould b0 well patronized by our -people. v Tho prpgram for the county fair of 'frt nt Marshall Sept, 28, 29, 30 ant! Octa etuacks of tbe uovol. "TliJ« y««r tnc fair. will bo run on new linos, SpwkU attractions atp numerous and a suprf mo effort Will be "made to entertain tho «rowd every moment. There will bo the usual number of hanftr and tricycle races,. A iBade last wirtt«»W|l p«r- mlt of about §0niore, S' ill b« prepared for <!be WsO <tf study dubs enjSfaged in special work. She will tnail infor?nation and inst*««ttonB won- the Kb)ratip* '*n rexjuest.' -The combination raeo for cash prizea of §25; •ft ladies' driving race for f 18 iu cash and a farm horse running race for These are open to all and entries should be made early. Tho base ball contests at the county fair will rorae off Thursday Sept. !$0, and Friday, Oct. 1, The leading clubs : of the county arc entered. On Eriday there'- will bd a fort,t ball ganio between two good teams. --7 PERSONAL. Dr. Smiley wont to LansinR today. Mrs.II. M. Merrill is homo froni atrip to Detroit. • ,Rev. P. A. Bwirt visited Jackson yesterday. Hon. John C. Patterson was ihTJatllb Creek today. VV ( "T. Phelps returned-last evening from his.western trip.' Bev. and Mrs. Wilson returned from Kalamazoo this afternoon. Mrs>, Clara Harmon who has visiting MarshaU^frieuds has returned to her homo in Jac&eon. i , Cioorgft, Smith/D." \Va!kin«haw, T. W. Wells, andM'. B. CXjliurch wont to Lansing today to attend the^oldiors' reunion ' " "S. Murrbijfe is a Failure For Those People. Wilbur Page vs. Winnie Page. " N Anna A. Frost vs. George A. Froa Nettie Howe vs. Alexaijder Howe. Elsie Bruce vs. Frank Bruce, Dell Bojdwell vs. Alfred Bordwell. George Grinocll vs. Gertrude Grinriell. Kidtard G, Mason va. Cynthia .A. Mason. ' . i Gaorge L, Fonda vs. Alice Fonda. Ernuia A. Jourdan vs. Jerome W Jonrdau. Bert Mead vs. Mamie B. Mead. Jeremiah J.^Wilbur vs. Ma'tie Wilbur Cora S. Cook VH. George P. Cook. * Luella J. Robinson Va, Charles W Robinsou. '' , , William B, Wilder vs. Murvilla WiWett. ' • , Wanted. Apprentice girls at oneo. Apply i millpnry store. tone solo bjfc- G. KawsoB Wad<> was spleodi4 pftrfojmance and w^ highly A ti^^ioor«-wiih aHuayarian folk song <af uniqa»iin(i pleaain^f eharueter'which, •waf equally well ree*iv*d. Battle Creek Moon: The board #f ' AujjcrviBurg. will ajoet oo the llth of October; It ia rumored that (he presttfJt ,y^ar'^ey fill do busiin^e lt|/it ou^ht Uf, be cU«»B, and work f«ll day's tiwo witi leg to tbe next day for the purpose of ' per (iieiu expttuues. Th* iKtsn^ct eilvtar ineuibers largely, and U) carry on ah toconouaicftl bee» UMck foe loitjr year* and ' or auHi«ie» in any of its variou* of piles er»t Can »#ord M. tVRi B. Hjweial Peach Excuixlon te Honth • Haven via Hpeclttl Train JUnvlnp Mar**all t.04 a. m. Thuruday Sept. 28rd. For the above occasion we ,.,- T .-._ round trip tieket% ta South Haven fo adolto t|T Children G fo Ig years 5( iota. Tickets good returning ou spepial train leaviuK South Iluveu Get your eailore trimoied for th6 fair. '- at Buy jsojiir stationery »t the Chronic- PLUMS ore ripeuiog rapidly owing, to w« weather, aiid season may be abort has so far provfdt an unqualified uccetia. ' T f - -> L ' • ! - •• If yoiv contemplate the pnrchapeof a now'hat for-lhe fair,"call on Mrs. Merrill Astrologlst. Madam Le Fevre? Rstrhlogist, palmlfit nd clairvoyant by ppcda! request wilt eturn to this city Monday for one week, nd can, be consulted on all tKc affairs of ife and hutqan destiny. Ritt'mss daily a. m. to 10 p. m. at Park house, east State street. Open Sundays. GEORGE INCER80LL, GENERAL hud eighteen y^ftfit Mpcrfnno« M ffB &f Profmtfe will nlv* flpectnl ftttwtlott tft priK-tioe in Prohntft 0»nrt», Pat Wes hnvine biMtnen* Jn"]j>f ob*t« courts «a* rtfld it to th*If IriWtfiHt to itdfcsntt film. W itiFiirim*5p| Deeds, M Other Titles t»erilettl • wlM attend ttt tho tfntolnmfr ontatfe, pkymant of tftxes, oWi. Paper? DraWn-1 Exumlnetl. 0O YOU WANT New Tall Hat SO OAI»Ju Miss Wesson's .'5 I i'i 'I ii StyHsh Who np to, ai.rvu -never aofd bef <H<* f^r l«s» than salft will Irisfc until Stept, 28, . , 4»li<*& td s*!e if Loans mif 0. S, CJGAR ~W Itl* ft tf. fnt a, homo*, 1 solrl on nwf it. A Cjfcat & Center, Sf Ask fftjr tfiem ftno; stow yonr dealer that you know* when you get .ft- good etnoke. They are made by U», T. CHAP* of this city m, forSatnlo, Owl-. through tlveJoM erct, ncarne, hi"f«rlc ton to of tho Mrs. itferrill is daily receiving new hings in the millinery lino. of Wiitaon etill soils the famous Ozama ffcwor Mountain Java, tlie finest lavored coffee known. \. , Flour. At Watson T B you, can get tho Albion •jnd'Hptner flour by'tbe 100 lb., in your own bags, no lightweight of 96 or 98 Iba.; also Albion patent; tbe best flour made try it. Peter Lockwood, at tho Hurd mill is prepared to oxchango flour for wheat. He Kindles the Yorkville willing company's lour, umt of tho best brands made. An elegant lino of belts, latest fityles ami lowest prices, at Hulett. & Son's. Do you want a good Cull on George Aloy. 1 i good walk. Ct-llKHlt walk? will guarantee dalb* s tho best be«ausi3 it-is ojiily onc.-Jmlf tho cost of Bhiuglos. It'can bo applied on lat or stoop roofn. It is tire -proof. Anybody can put it on* ' Hardware, tfAmvuti'lOjOOOJ!t*1fttt<$ A f chlpctag;n Whore tho reel man loved, fought ami (IkKl, to the 8DO, fine flatting, grand *>(ienwy, cool weather. Evorj-hotly KIX;*. Ono week *ith mealn *nd berth $17. From Sarnln $!B. Fof foUlw» ««•.» wrtta John 8w»en«>n, foot Handnlph «Jp»at, Iw- IroiUftOrO. T U. s«eut., or'tr^w. Brpyfn, MBT-. wiBdeor, out.' Juno 94, 8w)£S. Children's Tarns 'Sjs> In all eolow at 26<S and 8£0« " OUt* IHjste, WSrtgR lind Hats, joer own price. Call wirly, cmr HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman Office, Our Tmd^Maj-k is the pirfeotlv fitting and suits worn by the Iwsst drpsRMl^njcii in town" Our name on a suit of Clothing menus good qrtality iti^tnaterial, style, finish and tSt-—A —combination that you can't find el$_wh'*r& prices are reasonable at that. J. J. D! MERCHANT m WANT TO TELL A hj Vonr Back Is Lame—Why it Aches and 1'aiiis, aud How to Care ft . I)o you know\jvlm^ it isHo have a b«ck hat IH never free-trom aches and constant i>aiu. a lativ. back, axspre back, on aching buck, to fact, a back Ojat inaUes your..lifp i burden? Wtiitt -tove -you done for it? <Vjid does it still keep you from the Imppi- ness that 'perfect'health brings^o all? We linow full well if such is yourcipiHUtion i cure for it will be a blessiqg yt»u n</ loubt defcire. Plasters won't do it.^^yt,, <tu»y assist to bringing strength. Liniment won't do it 1 , for^ while it may Rive temporary relief, it does not reach the cause. ri»(! cause, Sucre's Oie point; ItUMr* where 10 j«fc«! the attack. Moat ba(;ka£b<£ co"ie front disordered kidneys, thjrftt<^», you 4»«at correct tndr action if .you woul Wretl. Read the foliowhi& froffli 1>. Cook, whose address i%yNo, 1^ •Jtrtiet, Grand Hapids. Ho hays: — "1 have used Doan's Kiiiticy 'Fills aud A'ish to say jit id o, truly great iu«4fclnu» jTWrty yeari! ajjo/I hod nervou^ prostTii- Uoa while in the/army,, wlk>re l,aerved f« vttk four year*, I U»»U ij WW 4uri«g :hisi service that tbe seeds wtro sawn whieb have caused all my trouble. Severs Wii- 3U8 attacks bothece<^ me, uudatsiu.'!* tiiw* my kidneya we're 'wofrf. * It is ulindat ijn possible to describe rtw paju which so iften lftiaed,nie. I wave bvf-n so latne t^ 1.0 ataud up uftur 1 hud U'cu sitting doiWD . • 4K. .. ttr ,,_»" JUJM _. times ;ib impossibility, even.** »!„ 4id not r,^L beiutf foxcc« to get up during theiiight 1 be*«l<)f Doiia's liklucy PUU and wondered If trwy.cotild inafec^att al- most.liuue'HHHI we§. A go* xofl!&, and ioou aftfjr taking tlwm begat to f<»l.Ib»a? .good tSuets. I u»«i tlieiu for Botne time' my. luinontfia all left ate aud I h«¥fc w>i kit it since. JX»aii's Kidut'y Pilla have donje,rae au Insstlmttblc amouut Qf good." F«r sale by aU dealers, price 5* ' Mailed by Foutef-iwbHTO Ca'»- ~ N. Y., sole agent* for the U. fi- Jf, Mra. |S|larrill tiaa a iu« line of cyciiug bats for tlw fall trad$. She also ah& tbe M cow boy" hat wtuch is the l«tef$ to east, Peacbos! at 1 ,: Fauaey week, pri<» hi- " All£r«it4i»'" from CUNHIKCHAM. » jr. - -h- -.- Plate Glass CLOAKS! GAPES SEE THE STYLES 7 \ Ri^ht garments, rig^it in length, fit, fabrics a nd fashion. Come and see thehi. The prices are surprisingly low, in factJower than eVer. Our Dress Goodn stock is up so date. Black and Colored Serges and beautiful Dress Patterns in new styles, \ , . • / SEE OUR 35c Wool Novelties * ( r ^ « * •*•**' They can't be beat. Our Black and Blue Storm Serges, all wpol t 45 inch wide, at 50c per yard is a great bargain; Just receive^ a fuU W»e of Dress -Shirts, prices Jrom $2 to $5, ' . ' ' . oaaly'tp be Table Linen -Napkins- Crashes ing Hew. ' OOTING FtANNELS v- ^ 5c to lOc per yard. We carry the W. B. Corset, always perfect fittta^ 1 , har4 up for room we, will dose pot ^jirlioe'of Carpets at very low prices; Cook Sleek* Oi»po»lt4i SUrteaiiMm Office;

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