The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 27, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1959
Page 1
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l^t V BRAZORIA COUNTY Football Results South frerk 6 Brazotport «»*'* M • Sweeny Columbus 20 . 6 LaMarque • -.... 35 West Col. ....... 6 Oeer Park Alvln ... 14 SEE COMPLETE STORIES ON PAGES 7-89-10 TODAY WEEKEND ion - f ' " . - . ' ™^^^^^^^ei*«e»BB»i» 1 BRAZOSPORT FACTS VOL. 47 NO. 169 AGES Groce Operated First Gin | r . , ~Z"' ? re the names of ' he Original Landowners of Bra.- zons c.cunty: .••-'. A DW o, C , Carson - Ale * Calvlt, Fred Calvlt Jr, 3am Carter, A R Clarke, J. T Coles, James Cummlrts, John Cummis, Rt- b6 «a Cummins. N Dillard, Abe Durst, J, F. Fieldr™ Garret* ana T Gray ' Alio, Jared E, Groce, Ihe man who later Milled In a' nearby county and operated one of ihe first gin* In Texas and alio planted what wai probably tht Writ coMon la th* •tale. It wa* he who gave th* Eagle tiland Plantation (where Reiiwood Memorial Park It now located) to Ml daughter ai a wedding preieni. Other landowners include: John Hall, W. D. C. Hall Wm Harris, G. Harrison, M. Henry, James Henslcy. D. Hunter, O. Jones, Imla Keep, G. Logan, S. Marsh, W. Martin, J. McCrosky. ?• McCormirk, A. McFarlan, T. F. McKInney, Dan McNeel J. McNeel, J. Mlms, Asa Mitchell, Ell Mitchell, F. Moore, RP t My » ri ,°£' V cul8lana Morton. M. P. Nuckols, Wm. Parker, G. M. Patrick, James Perry, E. M. Austin, J. Peske, F. Fetters. General Stayed At His Home H.. And James E. A. Phelpi, the good doctor at who«* plantation home, Oriiimbo, Santa Anna was kept after th* . Battlo of San Jaclnto. , « „/H.* 0 '., 20 " 0 Phil «P s ' J- H. Polley, Wm. Prater, A. Reynolds, S. Richardson, Wm. Bobbins, Wm; Roberts, A. Robinson. W I Russell, Dan Shlpman, C. Smith, D. Tally, G, Tennill*, J Thompson, Martin Varner, .and Edwin Waller. And, F. F. Wells, J. White, Sam Williams, P. Williams, C. •Areola, B. Andrews, Joshua Abbott, R. Ayoock, Moses Austin Bryan, G. B. Browrigg, H, Burt, A. Bowman, J. Brown, W. H. Butler, and J. Bryan. „'".•• : Also, L. G. Bnckelder, Guy M. Bryan, J. Brongham. J. P. Caldwell, H. N. Cleveland, J. W. Cloud,.isaac CurdTR. W ; P Carter, W. J. Cannon, H. H. Cornwall, Wm, Cherry, H. P.Cayce, E. H. Cox, J. R. Cox, T. K. Davis and WUu>m Dobie.' • And, J. Delany, W. T. Dodson, Sara Daymohd, A. Esti*. J. Edwards, Sam Fuller and Ben Cromwell Franklin. This li not THE Ben Franklin. This Georgian was a hero of the Battle of San Jacinto. He early became m well ' known attorney and. judge. He once held court in Brasoria during ihe 1830i. He became a member of the Texas Legit, lature. Although not officially recorded. It Is thought by some that Franklin County, in northeast Texai, was named in his honor. He died In 1873. Tne landowner list also includes J. H. Gamble, James Ferguson, Dan Gilleland, Ben, Grayson, T. W. Grayson, T. J. Green. H. Garllck, C. B. Huson, Arthur Henry, E..B. Harrington, J. F. Harmoning, j. Hollonbeck, J. Howell, C. Hennlnger, S. G. Hay- nle, and C. Hay wood. • ••..... T, >;^??' H- Ml Holt - T - Jemlson, J. W. Lightfooti T. S. Lee, H. N. Little, E. Little, T. W. Lyles. Asa Lewir, W. R. Lockwood, J. Lockhart, G. Lynn, Bllsha Maxey, Jose Musauez. A. G Mills, arid David Mills. , , ,,,":' And, Abner Morris, R. McClure, W.'Mcbnrmot, J. McMlI- U^W.^jJlarshall, P. Miller, R: A.'Magee, J. W. Nicholson,' *B, F. Osborn/and r $he heirs' of Wm. Pace. '•'• ' Also. C. Prescott. Hannah.Payne, C. Tf. Paiion. Fred. Pawpa, Amos Pollard," J. ,Qulnn, C. K. Reete, J. Reeve*. T. Spragini, C. Sumrels, A. Swingle, W. H. Snider. J. H. i Sylvetier, F. Spann, t. F; Turalenion, I. T. Tintley, and John Tionion. •.- ' And. S H Tatman, S. A, Towsey, Jose Valderas, H. C. Weaver, L. West, John A. Wnarton, A. E. Westell, Lewis Washington, G. W. Wheatley, and S. G. White • Also, J. Warnack, H, .Waller, R. L. Weir, T. D. Yocum, Armendaus, J. G. Bruner, J. J. Calvington, M. Marratt, T ~"'T, Fred. Paper, T. J. Tone, C. Davis, Thomas , R. " SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27."l959 It " WEEKEND Edition-10t Why I Supporf^ United Fund ONE CAMPAIGN SAVES BUSINESSMAN'S TIME By GEORGE HAMBO Lake Jackion . The Braiorla County United Fund offer* ihlt area's C *J 0 b ,!u o1 co «"»»""n»»l« In m" and with an economy of time and ef W !« * U f^ 1 ™ wt haTt • certain obligation Jo support ° UI in<l " I « t '*i»»r I. like the t>nlt.d RKS. *<™a. ' i . many campaigns tofo one. •'" ln<u *Wual dri»e is not negligible. >h. -o.i • would rather see the money that '± t W IFIS™ & *"' can benefit the many worthy cautet. «* WEW COMMAHDEH,.FAMILT iHSPECT CC CUTTER DIOHE U. Com. H. H. Scarborough, Mrs. Scarborough. SoiTHeniT HI In the traditionally colorful ceremony, ut.. com. R. H. Scar borough took .over command r City Was Named After Him L A . 1 , i ° Jtnclud »<* «» «»• name i of Alrin Morgan, the nun who liked fine hones and whoie given name was uwd hi naming the City of Alvin. ™ OJ 06 " were Kate H- Ehrman, J. W. Cornell, W. T. ?i Dan !i?£ H ' Ll Skeete - Mar y v - O'Donnell, J. M. O'on Myles O'Donnell, Charles O'Donnell, and H. W. Munson! .Also, Solomon Blundell, F. B. Drake, W. H; Dennis, L. P. Bhrmaun. C. W. Gross, R. B. Lyle, H. Stevens, Carroll Budren Sarah A. Ballard, J. H. Kuykendall, J. C. StuteViUe Til / '!2h Pllrdl M- J ,' W * lt 1i Mra ' L ' C " Dunbau ?h. Lewi. Grooms,' Rebecca Murrie. A. B. Langermann, and the Day Land -and * Cattle Company. • . • • ^^ And. G. EUey, Frank Holt Jr., Mra. A. M. Bryan; J. R. Curl J. S. DeFarin, heirs of J. L/Holmes, Tom King, F.J. McCarthy T. F. Piiickney. J. M. Swisher, and R. W.Wade. M<x - arm y- Alio. W. J. Wingale. Ira H. Evani, William McDermoi, Richard H. Barrow, L. H. Boatner, John W. Maxcr. the Texas Land and Immlgi.Jlon Co^.AU. Tolar, and F. W. Vaughan. ' \, . . . 6 ^ 0 ^ A ' P° Uet J' Frw * Hamilton, Branch T. . P. McLean, August Sherter, Joseph C. Bartlett E. H. Follett, W Q; WmVlow Friday,of the BMXosport-base< Coast Guard Cutter Dlone. As < part of Ahe ceremonies, held at Srjtttw Harbor at the DioM't; morrings, Lt R. T Hertica, . commanding officer for the ; past two' years, was presented the eommuaion pen nant which naa'flpwh over the Dione during his command , dBd> . tie, W. D. Damong. W. E. Long, Jens Nelson, L. Wren Albert W. Adkisam, Mrs. Winifred T £ —««,—, — • .... ...» ofc ^»,, M, ^. ^ nmu ii, m. \jt, aneeo; Yates, M. Stern, D. Buckley, and Robert H. Williami. tnm TWM tut OllUt ««• ; U4 CT S««Mp,t Ctliwlba) J ... QIIS6 Adds Thirty Members Thirty pew memberships have been sold in the annual membership drive of-the An* gleton Playhouse, according to John Jackson, Jr, .president of that group.. Jackson said about one- third of the old memberships have been renewed by mait Members who have opt already renewed are being contacted by tb,e workers, who are under, direction of Mrs. Archie DeBlanc, membership committee chairman. Varioua ;type« of memberships art available, including student (through high school) $2; regtllar (two reservations) $6 through $11; sustaining (tout reservations) $12 through $24; patron, angel and life (unlimited jwiervations) *25 thrpujh *$<». ., •Open reading for the first production ;«f;itha' 1959 season, •Thr Girli, nj 509," will be held .at <h« theatre about mid- October. •/ '' • orjftijfcf dates tor that tlon; ,jjp .be .Thursday, Friday «hd> gitutday,-tiec. 10..\- ; ^;'-:. ; .''•.»'; •••: --• •' • Anyone -whu. U interested 'in joinlnit mis' '^njleton v P1 a y- hou» «|anJ«|itl6n Js urged to ntajrt &«M Archie" DeBlanc. • 1 ^t ^..^.-v. ..- _: s New Commnndei Lt. Hertica, wljo has liv« with his family WLake Jack son, is now going to * new post in the New Orleans area. Lt. Com. Scarborough cam to the Dione from .New'jfor where he was public information officer for the Third Co* Guard District. He and hi wife and two sons are living in Lake Jackson. Mrs. Scarbor ough and their three year oU son, Henry HI, were on ban for the Friday change of com mand ceremony but 16-month old James Burton Scarboroug stayed home for a nap. During the ceremony, nat onal defense medals were presented to two Dlone officers and to 10 other crewmembera. Those receiving the medals were: Lt. ig Hodges S. Gallop Jr., Ens. G. M. O'Brien, BMC Elvin W. Lane, ENCM Walter . Goodwin, BM1 David H. Griffice, ENl Alfred Birk- REFLEX! day. Sept, 17. The event at RCC, which ijras planned for hoth the men and women golfers Is only open o members and their guests. However, the round at Ei If open to all members, guesta and area golfers. LOMITA, Calif. — Truck- driver James Harris pulled Us truck to the curb outside a Hie station, ran inside and shouted, "my truck's on fire." The fire alarm lang, and firemen lumped Into their fire engine and rode 40 feei before they realised Harris had brought the fire to them. The firemen quickly ex Bfff CURE ELKO. Key. (UPI) — Evan Harney, of Owyhee, Ne»™ explained he was arrested for drunkenness after a friend advised him to treat a spider bile with alcohol. "I took too much," Harney told the court. The judge released him with the luggei- tion thai he go to a hospital for a more reliable treatment. Jacks™TjK^me^V&.r ^ °< "" *» ^1^^^-; - •- . , -aa» W P ^£ 1 S&« A ™' ™ «-; ADilltw Mail Receives Head Injury o) ^ GEB ALLEN ZWAHR, celebra_tiqg a .birthday this j ^; '**. j^l'^* 11 « f Angtetim i ur.iay morning in tile west pro. » R ; f^ANK- J unior aeronauticaj engineering melw' at A&M, elected junior representative to the AfcM Engineering Cwncil. He'll represent the Institute ofAeroScal Science. He's the son of MR. and MRS. R, A, FRANK, and his wife's the former JO IRIS COMPTON, also a Freeoorter e CLAUDE J. DAVENPORT of FP, pSdgtd to Beta Theta'w at Sewante, Teim., University of the SwtS ' " DALE TALMADGE ADAFS of FP> to serve as preside of-the Interfretermty Council at North Texas Statei Colliue this year ... j • " ArtiVF^^/NK ZJMMERMAN. DR. 0. JL. JOHNSON, and Artist E. J. QUINN, speaking recently to third grade Methodist Sunday school class as part of the class-unit on~Heh>eri" KATHY HESS of Angleton. thriUeTta get back Vh.r elementary classroom this past week av.en though she's only going for half^ys. The youngster got ilck at the end of toe last sclu«l term, missing several weeks than... " • "^^ received injuries- when rigging being hoisted ivA*. ekWniti' 1 « «' CnA on a craiwf.aboui 1 ajjn. Sat^ •'!. ,' ,'," .?•»' If- . J^f/ ctev% Wft UtUe tem- peratur* change through Sunday, Scit^r^i 'ahpl-e Pouth,- ow , . -day —--* t ••."y—y- T""«;y * •• • '- -vmj around 7& High Of 88 on Sunday. cess area of Dow Plant B. Terrell is a xone maintenance machinist for Dow,. He was treated at Dow's Industrial Health and Medicine' section, and taken to Hermann Hospital in Houston. His condition today was reported as good. Dow officials said that the accident brought to an end a period of 41 days without a lost-time Injury. All told, they said, they had logged 1,100,000 hours without a lost-time ace} dent'at th*'tun* of Injury. f* W*^ ^^ r hofen, ENlJ Eugene A. Holliday, WTl. Marvto E. Taylor, CS1 Robert ^R. Lamborteon. ENs Carrol Bird, A buffet luncheon wai'terv- ed aboard the ship aftar tht ceremonte. -T Two Sunday Richwood Has Tax Penalty, Firearms Ban Hichwood Village's council passed two ordinances durin a special meeting this week. One sets up an interest an penalty schedule on delinquen village taxes. Taxes come du on Jan. 1 and are .delinquen after Jan. ,31. A one per cen penalty applies for the firs month, gradually increasing U eight per cent on unpaid taxes The second ordinance pro hibits the use of firearms with in the village limits. The rulin covers all types of firearms- powder, spring or air operated Mayor J. W. Stephenson sale that the ordinance, passed by unanimous .vote of the councL was aimed at elimination o pellet guns"-within the village He said one'village child bat already been injured by pow der burns around the lace ant that the council hoped to .prevent any further mor« serious injuries of that type. Meeting with the'council a the Thursday night session Was John T.-CncMnriwho diacasaed vifh-tha - -- T ~ • in the village. , Since- the plan was enrunmc* ed recently, response from, ire- lagers wishing the twice « week service has been)) '~ the mayor said. Chener . ww— .— given a letter of approval Iwtn *>ow "' ' Set In Area the council, certifying council approval of the plan. Cheney told toe council be plans to start the Tuesday sot FHday pickups on Oct 2, The charge is $2 per month. Persons who have not already been listed tor pickups, may call Cheney at BE 3-38T" Mayor Stephenson, at 5-2208. The Richwood council wfll hold its regular meeting this coming Thursday. ride Schedule Sunday: High 12:5J ijn. and 10:06 a.m. Low 8:08 ajn. and 5:14 pan. Sun Date Rises Sunday at 6:12 ajn. j Sets Sunday at 6:12 pjn. ANGLETON1AN : Miss Sandra Smitherman is the Anglelon Klwanis Club ;eandida» for the honor of :Hodeo Queen of ihe Brazoria Count, Fair which will open Oct. 6 at the fairgrounds at Aasleton. Girls iron all aver •BiaiorU County will be com- lot tht honor. AT fRKPOKT Three Homes Burglarized; Three burglaries were reported in Freeport Saturday morning, all in the same area. R. J. Whitehead of 719 West lecond Street, reported to Freeport Police at 3:54 a.m. hat someone had entered his home by taking a screen off a window. His trousers with his billfold had been taken, nd also, Mrs. Whltehead's ~>urse was stolen. All property was recovered n an alley in back of the house except $54 in cash, 20 ents in change, a pocket knife nd a tape rule. Disposition is pending following' further investigation. The second burglary was gported at 7:09 a.m. by Mrs. A. C. Smalley, 722 West Broad. Entrance to the home was brough a window and Mrs S-*alley reports that someone pened the window, pulled out i chair to stand on, entered nd took a purse containing 16. .. , The person, or persons, then eft through the window, dosed it but left the chair In the yard. She told a Facts report- r Saturday morning that she was sleeping in the next room but didn't hear a thing. Con- ents of the purse were found cattered over the yard but he money was missing. Mrs. C. O. Soldier, who lives t 530 West Broad, reported o ,the police at 7:33 a.m. that omeone had entered her home iyi taking off a screen and en- ering through a rear window. Her purse containing $5 or 6 was taken. The purse, with 11 of her papers and glasses, was emptied in the alley and Friday Car Accident I nose. Mrs. Small wa s a pas- everything was recovered n- . cept the money. : '' A. S. Foddrell of 807 Gulf '.', Blvd. reported to Freeport Po- ' lice at 6:09 pjn. Friday that his son had found a pair of scissors, resembling those used by doctors, In the front seat of his car. The car, a red and whita 1957 Bulck, was parked la front of the A&P Grocery in Tarpon Inn Village when the) scissors were put in the seat of the car. WC Business ... » Broken Info; Youths CougHt Four'juveniles ranging from'- 14 to 16 years of age, were apprehended Friday night •«•''•'• they broke into Pond's Dry Cleaning in West Columbia. The business place, located at 117 South Broad, had been broken Into about 20 times recently, the owner, O. W. Pond, told a Facts reporter Saturday. - to the ition Center on Highway an*'__. Mr*. Vetaw Vessell, 42, of W"*leton. driver a on e of the e*«, sustained « .light cut un- •oer the chto and a broken knee cap. Mrs. Genavieve Small, 31, of Angleton, suffered a broken Kapnwentative A new .tastitutional repre- s«tattvB-«or take Jackson Scoot Troop JI5 has been announced, T£e troop is sponsored by Firirt Meihodist Church. Bob Alcott takes over the uties to replace I. J. Taska whe has served at the post for long period. Alcott announces that he opes to enlist in Scouting all the boys of church families. Mrs. Beulah Berry, 32, of Houston. Driver of the other vehicle was Orie Arthur Collins 24 of Freeport. State Highway. Patrolman Calvin Barnard said the Collins and Vessell cars had stopped at a traffic signal, and Mrs. Berry attempted to stop The left front tire of the Berry car blew out and the car struck the Vessell vehicle which in turn struck the Collins car, Barnard said. He said a charge of having no operator's license was filed aga.nst Mrs Berry. Both Mrs. Small and Mrs. Vessell were taken to the nearby Dow Hospital. The accident occured about 11:50 a.m. Friday Pond, who is also West-Colum Wa's mayor,, and hl s son, A. G. Pond, who also work* at the firm, had been talcing turns watching the business at night. It was A. G. Pond who caught the four East and West Columbia youths Friday night At the time they were ap- prenended, two of the vouthi Were outside the buildin'g and two inside, the mayor said. The Facts was told that the youths-, were .taken to - Angleton overnight and that a meet- mg had been arranged Satur- aay between the mayor, West -olumbia Police Chief Bob Goode, and the parents of the boys to decide on disposition of the matter. "OW Elmer" Is Mourned Patrons of Freeport's City Bar today 'mourned "Old Elmer," a fox terrier who prodigiously drank Cokes, had his own charge accounts, and w«, , dead ringer for the Victor dog (His Master's Voice). Old age and a heart attack took the well-known dog "to the nappy hunting grounds" juit short of reaching 14 yoars of age, says Joe Rob-, inson. City Bar owner. Rites Sunday For Mrs. Baker Funeral, services for Mrs Georgia Ann Baker, 93, of 1123 West Broad in Freeport. are scheduled for 4 p.m. Sunday in Angleton First Baptist Church Rev. Phillip R. Brown, pastor of Freeport Baptist Church will officiate. Burial will be in Angleton .Cemetery under the directicp.of Freeport Funeral died Saturday morning in a local hospital. She had been a Freeport resident for 48 years. Originally from Georgia, she moved to Home. Mrs. Baker Galveston when she was . small girl. The 'family then moved to New Orleans by boat. Later they moved to Brownwood by covered wagon, and from there moved to Freeport. She was a charter member of Freeport First Baptist Church. ; She is ' survived, by three sons, Harry and Paul Baker of Freeport, and Warren Baker of Rusk; one daughter, Miss Ruby Baker of Freeport, two grandchildren and one great grandchild. WHAT'S INSIDE ANGLETON WAS ALMOST OVERLOOKED in the S."*SSr !r locuied on Galveston when thousands died in the 1900 storm. But for its me. Angleton suffered as much. Polly O ConnslI recounts this night of terror on Page 12. REMEMBER YOUH[ROMAN numerals up to SOO, the names oi the planets in our solar system, or the capital of SOU/IB? An Angleton substitute teacher finds out how many things she has to bone up on before taking over a dais. Page 3. •VOUNGSTEHS IN~THE FAMILY, as well as Dad, will really go for a chocolate pie made from a recipe handed down to a Clule woman faora her mother. Page 2. WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS ..-,„,* tains U pour*. «r *o it atwoa te fronljS *he Angleton Fo« Office on V*|t wc4 £«•«. Work U being *S £, fe» CUy «f AosUtou to h«lp allevUt* (h* <u-«tHfj» problenji ia front of the pott af• r "T*" ™ 1TTW *>;^*** «P"f v*«9 U reachM th* Mrt *HJc uea. The if iuln 8 & e^alOMoaa>» far the job. Waw for puB*ai« of a )arg« loader beea HBoan$NLi)r th* woci BOWLING IS A SPORT that ignores sex. age, or liie. Because the whole family can do it, sometimes as a unit, bowling is becoming one of the top recreational activities of tne cation. Sports Editor Bill McMurray tells how ifi done in "GOING and DOING" on Page 12. HOLLY AND THE HOLIDAY SEASON are closely associated. Dorothy Smith finds many interesting uses for the evergreen ire* In Garden Notes. Page S. THERE'S HARD WORK and considerable skill goes Into the sidelight aciivites of school sports. On the picture pag*. on Page 6. the camera takes a look at this year's Wrier* and cheerleaders of the area'* four lecoodaiy i-

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