The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 5, 1960 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, October 5, 1960
Page 4
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THE PARIS NEWS. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 5, I960 IN SPACE RACE U. S. Leads Science Study, Reds Tops in Spectaculars NEW VORK <AP>—Dawn of; her, and still gives her. the means from sending the first man into \ sur gi C al patient i 'esr 4 of the space- age finds: of proud achievements. j space. The United States still ap-1 pital in Dallas, i BRIEFS AND PERSONALS Dial SU 4-4323 Will Ford of Boswetl, Okla., has home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. returned home after surgery at the Sanitarium of Paris here. A Boswell, Okla.. resident, Mark Steel, has been dismissed from the Sanitarium of Paris. Claude Goodman of Roxlon. a at Lisbon Hos- M, A. Sailors of Hugo, and her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Harden, 1619 Pine B I uff Street in Paris. The Licensed Vocational Nurses Association of Texas, Division 27, John F - Kennedy, in one of his Kennedy Lashes At 'Republican Unemployment' EVANSVILLE. Ind. (API—Sen. DEATHS AND FUNERALS The United States leading in i read^and-buUer space science. . A month later can-* Sputnik II ' pe _ rs a year or more £rom thij j proving. carrying the dog Laika. the first public notice of serious goal. DrE P Dickon of Paris ' 10 ' a f 7 'P- m - at lhe SL Joseph's j s I Hospital classroom. Officers The Soviet Union ahead in spec tscular desserts. ; P-3ins;aking Soviet to send U.S. satellites have pioneered : man beyond the shackles of grav- the way to use space for tetter' ity into space, to the moon or weather forecasts, global coramu- \ plane;*, nications. precise ship r.Evigano.r To dale, th<? Soviet Union nas They have, gleaned < t asi basic pu; six. s.3'.e:iiics orbi;;ng around knowledge—more than the So-, lets ', the earth, one into ihe m.>on, an- have disclosed from iheir piob-'other i.itn orb:: around ings at least—about radiations, She has recovered ore meteoritic space dust, and ether with a menagerie of animals conditions in space. test safe human travel. The Soviet Union ha; hit lhe: Bui 23 U.S. satellites hove gone ^ moon, pho'.02T3phe-i the back side .swinging around the earth—count-; NEW of the moon, snd bids to be first; ing the new Courier IB—ana two 5 ajd h uith a. man into space. The U.S.SR. stunned the wor! three years ogo Tuesday Sr.uutnik L Her earlier Ac. mem of cowerf'.ii rockets gave ; Ur^on the sun. satellite to Man Arrested With Fire Bomb For Khrush i one of 14 alternate Texas de'e- elccted - Members are ur [ sates <o the 101st annual session i be present. there. She died in a hospital at Mntndor. She wa.s the former Miss Florence Union, born in Red River County, her parents bcin<; the lalo Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hulen. A widow, she leaves four daughters ;md two sons, besides these brothers and sisters: Luther Hulen here; Hufus Hulen,' Deport; ( , . , -. _ - Boh Hulen and Lori Hulen. Clarks•s will] their joos because of policies j McClanahan. "Emmet Orlom, Ed- ville; William Hulen and Need'nam ged to i backed by Vice President Richard die Sanderson here and Cly d e ! Hulen. Turkey; David Union. Am' M- N'ixon- Reedy of Waco. j ririlln; Folix Il'ilen, Lawt o n, Burial will be made in Klg i n, j Okla.; Mrs, Will Oralon, Walters, Starnes Services Service for Mrs. Ray L. Slarnes. wife of the educational director of Firs: Methodist Church, was held Wednesday morning at thn church. Fry t Gibbs Funeral Home having charge of arrangements. Bearers were E. F. (fete) L.l^VUii IIUJJ" ...... ------ --- _-, f»»t^«*»,j. j^v.«j*t*j»>*. i*. *-*•»•.•«»••*'-' reported im- 1 win meet Monday night. October ( sharpest stacks so far, said lo- j Cfow> Norman Montgomery. Jack ' ' a million workers have lost ; Mason, Q V ,j ncy Hazelwood, Irwia ! of the American Dental Associa-i Thr ^ movies will tw shown! "Repuolican • unemployment," iron bein« held October IT-^O in i at the B °:-' s C1 - ub of Ps ri3 Wednes-! Kennedy called it. Mrs. Starnes' former home, after j Okla., and Mrs. Hugh Overtoil, i Lo* Xn^eic* ' • " " l da >' and Thursday nights begin- 1 T ' ne Democratic presidential j a service at First Method! s t! Davidson, Ok«a. ' " fiarr e t t tiling -at 7 p.m. Titles of the movies nominee chose this section, which Church there. Thursday at 10 p.m. < he Service Board in the i dy claimed Nixon has said. : ness. had si so g(»d. altei : White as previously scheduled. ', Ollie Moore Pre-School Asso . 1 recent protest of suspension and ; . . AI , ; ciation \v;H meet at 6:30 p.m. 1 subsequent hearing on Police Lt. ; traveling through distressed L Al VOTd VORK 'AP'—A man who | Thursday at the home of Mrs. w! I C - A - Skates. The indefinite sus-1 area5 he "wanted to set" Soviet \ A. Smith, S-tT-oth SE. for a cov- pension of Lt. Skates from the for were | held here at Clnrksvillo Funeral j Home Saturday by the Rev. J. j Sidney Carries of First Christian Funeral services for L. M. Al- ' Church. Burial was made at De- 'others have became tiny planets '. p remi er Khrushchev with a "Mol- i e red dish supper Hostess will be Paris Poiice Department continues i but he has not seen. H !d'c: the sun. Two capsules have • olov cocktail" type fire bomb \vas M rs . Graves Hunter." "' i in. effect, pending the Boa r d's ' heard, but he has not list around the corner By JACK BELL er NEW YORK 'AP'—Vice Presi-! th dent Richard M- Nixon kicked off "I say Mr. Nixon has looked, i vord. 76. retired Powder!'/ farm-' troit, bearers being Charlie He has; er. who died Monday ai home, j Brooks, B<-n Broods, Haro'.d ened," i were conducted Tuesday afternoon j Brooks, C:iri Fodu;e, Clyde Henry with; been recovered from space 'arrested early today near . the j ar j< Crenshau- of lhe J o h n ^ ec ' 3ion | Kennedy said. i at Red Hi-1 Church, Gene RodoriUnrl Benny Co»lnn n. ?!op- Sorctiiatiors are that the Soviet ; United Nations headquarters. Scarborough Tractor Co in Pa--' Thc Christmas Pnrade Commit-1 "When it comes to our econ-i &- Sons Funeral Home here tnak-• The former Miss Lucille R 0 The man was nabhed bv city ! U aitendeTa two-dav product "and j'« of '^ Chamber of Commerce ' "my. he < ces ™ evil hears no ; in.? burial. : j bena Williams.; daughter of Wil- ^j:^ 9 , ho f -,:. r ,h cd „ „.,,, f ,. or11 ;„,.,, Clir . ic in Da ;-.- lS on the fea *' viu meel at the Chamber Confer- evi1 - s P caks "° evii - ; Ti ^ Rev. Jack Kee otficinied, M'ain B. and (.ippie (Brtiton) \\ii- IV Easl River Drive into a ^rk- -ures and equioment" operations of 1 enc - <' o: '™ ac 3 P- m Friday to i Even though i! has but 13 elec-; and bearers were Claud Jonc,. ; Hams. -- -• ,(, e t- 0 ^ T-Vtor jbe-sin piannins for the 1960 Par- 'oral votes. Indiana has become ; 7-oei uamsey. Luckv Ram 5 e y. , BTI".W< '->-'=-•• ; ?d<? Anyone'who has ideas or ! a political battlefield this yen;. : Charles AKcrd, L. V. Wans and w.-.,. nuirri'-d in Clark.-svillc in Au^ __ _ __ Nixon has boon here three! Malcolm Ashford. Wednesday eve-! at the auditorium, j McC-kiin, president. | Nixon Sees Win From Three Types of Voters Pike it the t'r.uKk-rir-g success of • efforts to ctemor.s'rate GOP non:bee hi? a sood 'inr sot just north o: the U. N. 'headquarters , He carried a homemade bomb. Ja sodn bottle containing a gaso- Police Hen'.ified. him a = Richard born 1(102, at Baldwin School P-TA will hold its first meetins of the 1S60-51 i suggestions for the event is in- . school term on ~ Wednesday eve-i vited lo be P fciem according tommies. Henry Caoot Loage. his ; ~ ' Cox, committee chairman. ; running mate, has been here i Ar r\UrnertOrCi KlfGS B 7:30 Jewel Oliver C. Enox. airman, USN, : once ' Son - L >' lli!on Johnson of: e day of campaigning in New i chance of csrrvin; doubtful New th .. ;Ho.ean, 22, of Queens. Ns-w York '• urges each parent to attend t he ; -son of Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Enox of 'City. • meeting. j Mane Mrs - Lcla Armstrong of L o ng Helicopter exa - " >ne ein °cratic vice-pres- Mr , Claude Means, Baker and M rs He told police he had been re- York City today with the asser- j Jersey, tion he can win the presidency; j; -,v 2 s by centlv interviewed bv a;i w ; trists at Belleme Hospital, where: ne mo*t : rj e ^ ac j jx-en taken bv his parents.' if most GOP members, more thaa: rauco'is. unruiy crowd of emhu- Detectives said Hojan admitted 1 half o? the independent voters, : siasts Nixon has encour.iered in a ;hat he had been iryinc 10 reach) and 20 per cent of the Democrats campaign that formerly ha? been ; (.he U.N buildinH with his home-i support him. ; marked, largely' by polite partisan ; mace bomb because he "-wanted i psychia- ; Beach. Calif., is visiting in t h e ; at the Ream Field Naval AuxiH- • i ary Air Station, Imperial Beach, or .\ir. ana .Mrs. i\. L. t;nox ot •"•"••• ••"- ^ •"•-... *>^.- . .^^ i--. >..--. >. co:t .\ieans. !«.).•> nne iiiuti >!.. nchester, Tex., is serving with ; Identia! . nominee, ha.s also paid • W em to \Vaxahachie to attend the iicopter Utility Squadron One one , V15 ! L . .... i funeral Wednesday of an au n t, The candidate was 50 fired UD burning gasoline spreads the lire, i This type fire bomb was known some >' oun The Republican presidential! receptions. Lc<a! officials sa:d : '.o get Khrushchev." nominee, buoyed by what he de-; some of :hcse who attended. Police described how the bomb scribed as "a tremendous" recep-i parked as much as two miles .worker the rag is .ignited, and the tion in doubtful New Jersey Tues-! away and walked to the. armory, , bottle thrown. When it breaks the day hit a nonpartisan note in; speaking at a breakfast meeting he told the wildly shouting spec of party workers. ! tators: f- I say that in this state ! as a "Molotov cocktail" durin Enthusiastic Republicans over- ! we are on the march and on the ! flowed a 2,000 seat ballroom to; march to victory-." itensively m anti-tank warfare, cheer NLxon and Mrs. Nteonj j n his bid for New Jersey's 16' lustily. i electoral votes, the vice president I Tne vice president was intro- j traveled about 75 miles by mo- [ duced by Gov. Nelson A. Rocks-j torcade. His crowds were good, j feller, once his opponent for the.; They were as large, and some- Republican nomination. j times larger, than those attracted ! Rockefeller told the cheering, | b >~ ^ opponent, Sen. John F. j flag-waving crowd, that ihe coun- i Kennedy, in his journey through; try needs and wants Nixon and; ^' ew Jersey a couple of weeks i hfs running mate, Henry Cbaot^aS 0 - But until the West Orange i appearance there was lacking the high pitch of enthusiasm for Nixon i that Kennedy engendered. i Nixon addressed an almost all-' Royal Couple jgj Of Belgium Visit Dallas Calif. He reported to Imperi a eh in August from the North ^P eech y, : ' s'and Naval Air Station in San Diego, Calif. Before entering the Navy in January 1037, Enox attended Detroit High School. !Ut.v, ISM: 1 . ;m<! \ 'a> a Church of ("iiri.4 member. She died at the Sanitarium of Paris. Ki'sutY's her iui'ikmd and her mother, both of Harwell, shy !e;i\'(!S (lu.'Sp childrffii: Carl W. Mahan, Houston; John E. Mahan, Shrevfcport. La.; James R. Mohan. Racjwe'l; Jack M. Pike and fi'.vvnn C Pike, Grand Prairie; an>, who,^,.;, Virginia L. Coats and Mr=. PERSONALS DALLAS ; -P — Belgium's hand- i ro >' ai Couple, Prince Mr- and Mrs. Fred P. Hall Houston St.. spent the weck- Albert and Princess Paola. arrived! end in Dallas with Mr. and Mrs. ; ne sa jr] Tuesday night. "! fee! she: World \Var"lT and"Tas" used"e'x" ; Tuesday night as head of a 23-i Dan F. Hall and -were guests at •; tide has somewhat" mined in our; This is Kennedy's first trip.'but! Mrs. Howard Rutherford he gave Indiana the full treat-; she ,, as the wjdo , v of the; r ', rneni. His schedule called for. unc ; e a na! j x - e O f - ,,.,. died in lfl-45. lie was associated, i r , v Kin" Arljifton- 14 Terre Haute and here before lepv- wijh Soulhiand Cmton Ol , Com -1 ' "' •• llin " lw , ing for Louisville and a speech panv fo ,. 50 yea ,, 5 , ihere ioniqht. ^ . ^ N!r _. R U! hen"ord was the former ; [icotlicrs. Arthur Douplas Wiiliams, j Nor_is tni.< a.l Kenneay wi:, oejMbs Fannie Woodaii of Coopci, i Cbrksviilc, and Briilon Williams. I back in Inaiana .ater tm; mon;n. , s j st er of Mrs. D. M. Fisher there.'Bagwell j Kennedy, by tne way, concedes: I " l he's running behind Nixon in this; PQU| W RfJSchke i state. '• ••R'j' in ihr -3-f frirpp •••*>•*'-- " Paris .Vows Service ' Mrs. H. Roc. Ncern " '" ' "'"' ; CLARKSVILLK -Paul W. Ras- j resident of -llO-filh NK. who had s, 80. grandfather of Paul Has-, been a teacher at Henderson, died i children; a .sister. Mrs, \ValterW. : Cr'istleman. Altu.-. Okla, and two Mrs. Gareese Roe member economic mission which! their grandson's birthday party, j direction. They were also guests at a birth- i spend two davs in Dallas. Hugo Sewer : Miss Ethel Brown s were on hand to sreei Ihe Election Set Miss Tonette Veager of Denton' cities like EvsnsviUe. "And. and Mrs. Alva Hethcock of Mer-i twice,' 1 he said, "the Republicans cedes have returned home after i have vetoed this bill—with Mr. v-p V{)ter£ being eHgjble vote Speaking directly to Nixon, Rockefeller said: "We need leadership of understanding and courage. Dick Nixon and Cabot Lodge can give it to us." Nixon responded by saying that in the light of present world conditions America can settle for j for nothing but the best of leader-, ship in the presidency. He dug at j his opponent Sen. John F Ken-; for (he ^j development i nedy, wuh the assertion that he : c , mvd e3timaled by mUce at I was not going to say-as Kennedy j abouj 3m p- r50n5 ; there vm has-tnat ^"this is the time for j some audib]e boos _ j greatness." : xixon said "Anybody who does ! ——-^~__^—— Tne Republican presidential! not appreciate Jackie Robinson i ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL nominee was buoyed to one of the | doesn't belong in this crowd." i Admitted: Vickie Younz, R!. 1; highest pitches of his drive for the. There obviously were some who; .Mr;. • Mary Cast'eberrv. Pettv; Ok-lahoma Ncxrs Bureau j 25-vear-old prince told 'ne'ws'iien ', HUGO. Okla, — The City Cour,-; The prince's ma;r. task i'; to! ci! cf Hugo Tuesday night voted meet American businessmen. Di.s-, unanimously authorizing May o r j cussicns will be carried (Goran Campbell to call z special j spokesmen for Belaian ; ndustry I ^** " " • ¥^3^1 iTlCM V* i CVJl I CvJ election on issuance of a $376.000 : and finance as well as ^overn-' ^^ f*\ * I I ' Outside Interests • chke, manager of Owen's Depart-; Tuesday at 7:40 p.m. aL Lanrur '• menl Store here, died Sunday in i Medical Center here, aft e r at 11 Mt- Zion the pastor, and W i 1•mc will ijrj-nl in HONEY GROVE — MLss Ktheli^'T. Brown, niece 'of Mrs. Grant Say- j ^ lrs - Roc - widow of Dr. N. B. ior hero, died Mondav in Austin : . Roc, was a daughter of the ia t & where the funeral was arranged Prof, and Mrs. P.. S. Halbcrt. Wednesday. Surviving arc two daughters. Daughter of (he late Mr. and Mrs ' • iune Kc ' v an<! Ml '->- Mary Mrs. N. K. Brown. Miss Brown: Crneva Sava-e. Uoswcll. N. M.; was born and reared in Honey rjnc ?''<™dchi!d: .these sisters and Grove. She besnn teaching schoo! hroiherK: - Mr - <^™c\n Hill. Mrs. l sewer bond issue. - : ment officials in charge of indus: The election will be held Tues-; trial expansion. 0 Dallas leaders will Belgians 3; a Dallas at the age of 18, and continued Mary Rollison. M'j;g i e 0 , T DLTRO.T , - Two W fcen Robinson spoke briefly be- • HOSPITALS bank today at a reception. Later another group wj'l meet them at another banking house. A formal dinner is planned tonight. The visitors will tour the State and I Sept. 3 the remaining five non- j years in Austin. i management directors joined this : A brother there, Ncal of Chrysler Corp. have no. outside ! commilteei interests which connict with tneir! _,,,,,.. „, duties to the companv. ! Onl : / last tnda >' Chrysler dis-, These men, the lawyers report-! charged Jack Minor, director of; ^4 rs _ l_(jke . _ H r - H '• ^ Tuesday after three months of; marketing for Plymouth-De Soto-; Paris News Service ,'n= n,n ^ aS ^ Sr ^" r ' Lir , ay '; invesiisation, are free of the taint i Valiant division. It said he had! tne Dallas Trade Mart, and plants r " until her retirement 10 years a,,,.. , She had taught the preceding I0l pan5 ' and Jack i Colo., and an aunt. Reese and Gaines Halbert, all of Denver, Brown, j a number of relatives be- Bipartisan Job r o'" Texas Instruments. The prince and princess are to sides her aunt here, survive. NORMAN, Okla. <AP) — Mrs. \V. <J. Davis is a staunch D e m o- crat and a precinct chairm a n. DETROIT — The funeral of' One of her ditiies is to carry a bribes, kickbacks or secret | failed to disclose $10,000 in com-1 Mrs. Luke Butler. 73, of Turkey. ; heavy voting box. Because she is commissions. j missions from an outside adver-: sister of Luther Hulen here, was ! small, Mrs. Davis calls on her - ., - : . - — •• • • : mM r ., •-• p • • i r- • Tile corporation's most vociier-j tising firm in which he was a held at (he Methodist Church at! husband for help. He is an equal- presidency oy z tumultuous recep-1 did not appreciate Robinson—nor, Mrs. Russell Haynes. 634-22nd SE; | [^ ^.^/L,.?^ _ . ! ' enno ' >ver : : ous critic. Detroit attorney Sol A. i partner. ; Turkey Friday, burial being made i ly staunch .Hnpublican. tion accorded him and Mrs. Nixon Nixon, either. Kennedy sisr.s were: H. C. Smith, Powderiv Dann, called the reports a Local Republican leaders pub- > he talks the same way about civC | powderiy: Herman Parharn, :cly hugged and kissed each oth- I rights in the South as he d&es in | 35.3^ sV,": Mrs. W. E. Shields. Goldfine Due Mental Exam the North. He made a point of -Sulphur Springs; Mrs. W. F.I contention that Kennedy does no: Mcore, .Rt. 2, Sumner; Clemmie ; ' AVERY talk about civil rights in Nixon's motorcade was stopped often by so-called "unscheduled l appearances." In these he lashed BOSTON f API—Bernard Gold- j out vigorously at Kennedy, fine. 70 - year-old industrialist I Nixon said repeatedly that ihe charged with federal tax evasion, i programs he advocates will cos: ', Pe^y. today was ordered committed to j "billions less'' than those es-i Dismissed: a mental institution to oz exam- j poused by Kennedy. .'. j E. Grove: 1 ined as to his mental competence • Dealing in specific figures in an ; 107-i-lotb NE to face trial. j area of .consumers, Nixon said! Bradford, Rt. 3; A. A. Morrison, i ; Powder!y; R. J. Brannan, Rt. 6,' subjects of the reports. ! The legal opinions were issued j by Chrysler's general coun sel— j Keliey, Drye. Newhall & Ma-j ginnes of New York—and by spe-1 cial counsel—Dewey, Balantine, | Bushby. Palmer & Wood. The! MEDICAL CENTER _ _ nlocs Carroll, cflo-at Paris News Service Mrs. Morris Bassett Mrs. Horace Bassett and son Barn-' and ^ . , . ,. Mrs. Brose Gardner and daugh- I Dewey m thus flrm 1S former New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey. The investigation as outlined by . , - auc st- of Mrs I A Soenc^r in t- Ernie Lee tmeyaboi. Rt. 2. j ~ ' ' •" p aris j a5t week ' • the attorneys consisted of four | _\ Ir and Mrs Hunter Gantt and i P am and began June 30. That Thomas Jones. 416 I children returned to Hooks after ' : was tne day William C. Newberg rs. Kenneth Brown, visiting Mrs. F. F. Proctor and ! was ousted as president of Chry- U. S. Judge George C. Sweeney indicated that he would specify an that the program outlined by his opponent would add six cents to institution, and the name of a psy- the cost of every quart of milk, chiatrist for the examination—the ! 23 cents to the price of a dozen result of which may be transmit- ; eggs. 22 cents to each pound of ted to the U. S. District Court by ; chicken, 23 cents on pork costs next Tuesday. i and 15 cents a pound of beef. Judge Sweeney denied z defense ; "That's what my opponent's counsel's request that lhe exam- ; farm pian would Jo for ail Ameri- ination be done on an out-patient { car.s." he said. He added that M , „ ^ basis so that a defense psychia-; Kennedy'; proposals were put into' .'' • trist might also examine Gold- ' effect they would "force up the ' ' fine, tha have WHO'S NEW A son was born October 3 at the Sanitarium of Paris lo Mr. zrA Mrs. James Taylor, Paris, R:. 2. other relatives. Mrs. Virgil Stutte of Pantex is visiting her mother, Mrs. Betty Hamilton. Mrs. Arvil Wilson was reported sler because he was found to own half interests in two companies which had supplied small parts for Chrysler cars. On that date the board of direc- improving in the Clarksville hos- j tors told the Keliey firm to find P ° Ut What *he .interest* • were, if A son born to Mr. and Mrs. . and Mrs. Earl Stanley and ' any. of Chrysler personnel in any son Bruce returned to Houst o n j transactions with the corporation i after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Char- ! and to take steps to recover any 1 lie Stanley and Mrs. Tom Goff. sums: " * ™"< | Quanah and Mrs. Zona Shelby of <Continued From Page One' a.m. as the storm apparently swept souUi toward Paris. The 24-hour total to 7 a.m. Wednesday was 3.23 inches, according to Max Echols, observer. Clifford Ham by south of Hugo recorded 2J inches for the 24-hour period. Durwood Wrigh! at .NJesser Store 3.5 inches and Cecil Peters the same reading six miles southeast of Hugo. Kiamichi River had an eight-foot overnight rise. Frank Vanderhoof reported from 13 miles northeast of Hugo. It was still rising Wednesday. The 24-hou- rainfall at Vanderhoof's vvas 3.45 inches. Hubert PoUard, 10 miles northeast of Hugo recorded 2.7 inches. Cooper in Delta County had a violent windstorm accompanying its more than two inches of rain. Carl McDonald said some trees and limbs were blown dosvn over town, including one tree on the grounds of Reed Memorial Hospital. Tne storm hits its worst about 4 a.m. At Noble community, Roy Humphries reported .some tin blown off their barn and a trailer blown literally out of its shed. The big damage in the valley was to the cotton harvest. Most hand pickers had just gotten hack Into the fields after last week's deluge. The gin.s were running again. The latest rain may keep them out of the fields for another week, depending on how much sunshine the valley gets. Mechanical harvesters sre still out of action from the first rain, putting a crimp in lhe valley cotton harvest. The latest dou-npour may cause additional damage to the grade of the cotton ttiil in the fields. deriy being great-grandparents. New Names Sharon JoCeillc is the name; Mr. and Mrs. W. Four weeks,later the board an- •g had agreed to 450.000 from his two supplier firms. not associated with manage- took charge of the investiga- j illo'ls v^iIing"her < "paren;s?"Mr" hi ° n , ancl hired Dewey's firm to | and .Mrs. Morris Bassett. i chcc / c on the ari ^^cy and scope Bolt's brother, Audie Boze. Miss Sarah Williams of Amar- Nevill and of the probe. given the daughter born October l, at St. Joseph's Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Claude H. Mitchell, Blossom. Grandparents are M r s. Lii- Jie Lester, Hugo, Okla., and Mrs. Eula Young, Reno. TALCO — The daughter of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Webb returned from New Boston where they visiled Mr. and Mrs. Lee Henderson and Mr. and M r s. Ciint Storey. Mrs. Carl Trimm was reported improving in the Clarksville hospital after an emergency appen- and Mrs. Jerry Ray Hood of j dectomy Sunday. Longview, born September 28, has i Bi!l Pollard was reported serious- been named T Lynn. Her j ly ill j n the veterans hospital in grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. j McKinney. R. G. Hood, Talco, and Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Honeycutl of Longview Avery Church Sets Lord's Acre Event Paris News Service AVERY—The Methodist Church will hoid its annual Lord's Acre supper and sale on P'riday ni^hl, October H in the High School Gymnasium, Mr. and Mrs. Brosc Gardner and daughter returned lo Dallas after spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bassett. Mrs. Walter Kerston returned to Texarkana after visiting her mother, Mrs. Henry Bozc. Mr. and .Mrs. Cecil Jackson and .Mr. and Mrs. Burrus Beardcn returned from McKinney where they visited Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Birkheari. MARKETS Fort Worth Livestock WORTH IOP IT. 7.V C»u!(! S.ViO; j(r«riy; rr.<yl - l— Hojs 4AO: no Alfrr -itn 'hoicf othrrjj h«iJrr« 21. -0; j toram.rrcia; coil 15. 73- Ror.<) .rr.d choir? f calvrj Ii.iyV21.OT: nrrtlum tnd \r.fS. s'ork \ "err tnhrj lS.AO-2< 00: n-.frtlum nnd goo-1 j sloe'* h'lfrr ralvej 17.11.00: ;o<xl «r.d rho:ce 21. DO: rr.tdnsrr, ar.d good Tfirllng MOClC \'.t »r« 19 00-32. SO. Sheep 900: snady: Rood >r.d r.f.ntce IJmbj IS 00-16 50; uillHr »nd pood v»»r- lints I? W-1300: BRC<J wtthers 7,«; '!etd- rr Iambi 12.riO-I.1.CO. Fisherman's Double LANCASTER. S. C.. tf> - Ed Supper will be served in the j new house he puts a piece of school cafeteria, beginning at 6 i cactus in each corner to give it o'clock. The public is invited. | "roots." Moore, Lancaster florist, scor e d an angler's double play. Moore was casting for bass in the Lansford Shoais of the Catawba River when a four-pounder and When a Hop! Indian builds a j a threc-poundcr struck his lure at the same time. Both fish were hooked and landed. THE ULTIMATE in good living,,, WALNUT HILLS is an exciting discovery of wooded elegance just 5 minutes from downtown Paris. Here you'll rind stately oaks and trees shading gracious homes... Here you'll live where you have city con- venience without city taxes. In Walnut Hills you invest in fun, and save the taxes. You'll enjoy a wonderful park area with playground -facilities for the children. No other residential community in the Paris area so completely satisfies your taste for natural beauty, yet combined city conven- iences with suburban privacy and prestigo. Drive out today.

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