The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 27, 1969 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1969
Page 11
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Monday. January 27. 1969 11 Time To Buy A New Home Is Now 26. Plants SPRIMO II ALMOST Hlftl! Sim* »»,, Treot. Mandono*. NEW thloment al AZALEAS. DAVIS NURSERY, Oocfcor Drive, 4U-7I71. P*UIT THIS - roar, coach, glum, Jocwvna Par*lmmon. wtttuma, kumouS KM* *i*S"?fcJi*iL H "ARROW GAR! DENS. MR Thompson Rd PART IRIfM SITTER — SSL MALI »OXBR _ | year. «M, red wH* ttock mo»k. toll and eon cllaped, U5 42MZI*. JAPANESE AKITA PUPPIES - Realilered. 1100. Coll BS-I1M. DACHSHUND PUPPIES — AKC reditt*r- ed lemalM. 4 wlceki, 427-1211 *•""• or 4M-7N1. FREE COMB WITH LAM» CUT -Free coloone wills Town and Country. Free iweater wttt» Strip cut. MIR PET SHOP, «0l N. Main, 4IT44«D. IRISH iETTBR PUPPIES — AKC, 7 week*. Call 497-SSn. TOWN AND COUNTRY KENNELS — Groomlno and boarding. Poodle puppln, termt avollabU. 4JO* N. Main. ww*e l*oroo*M R*ador*he> PROFESSIONAL POODLE GROOMINO CLAIR LAC KENNELS $1.49 OAY PET WAFFERS Si comrt, moaoy back fuorootoo. Ottor aooa- torn Sol., 'ob. 1st. GULF COAST PHARMACY • Oortft Rd. 4tt-«417 FREE CITY DELJVERY 29. Livestock > Supplies MARE — Frve voar dopchi. Gen lie. OMorter horso. HORSES — Must seUl 1 Celdlnas, 1 mare Llneback Dun. All good for trail rides. Phone 422-7737. NORSES — Gentle. Shetland. Good for ctilldren. Gelding, good racing horse. 57S-1309. THREE QUARTER HORSES, very food blood line. Must see to appreciate. For Information coll 424-3095. HAY — Dallls Gross, tortlllied and sprayed for wdedi In spring. Call 571-3101 Crosby. SHETLAND PONY — Oood wilt, children, saddle Included, $7S- 673-13U. EXCELLENT RED TOP CANE KAY — Large bate 11.20 under 100 bales. VIM Wodc Rd. NORSE STALLS FOR RENT — Including 21 acres tor erasing. Newest ond nicest In Baytown. Lorry Endertl, 427. 4414. 575-1141. HORSE FOR SALE SADDLES Bar, fait and Trad* ANDERSON'S, >t2 E. Texas, 4H-en» HORSES Bay aeldlo* MS; Mexican burre, U»i Registered block A»aaloosa Mare, sjai; Pofomlno more, »7I. 414-om. 99 CENTS CINCHWORMKR Worm any »'<* hor*«. Slmole 1 do*e container. Money bock guaranto*. Otter •eod mm Sat., Pea. lit. GULF COAST PHARMACY MB Oartti Rd. 4M-M17 PRES CITY DELIVERY 30. Articles Wanted WANT COndltl Kyle i WANT to k«v alwnlnum wbtdewi — Jalousie, crank type, etc. Call 434-4061 offer S o.m. li. ArtidtM For Sate 3I-C Musical Instrument* ORAVH WAREMOUSI Antkwo Metal Bad *" Amofl Olflco Chacfc Writer WANT TO BUY, CA5T IRON, POT BELLIED STOVE — ANY CONDITION, but reasonable. Also want old wardrobe. Call 424-1061 after 5 p.m. WANTED — Hordtoo for 1*SI MGA, Must be In oood shape, Coll 4U-73W. 30-A. Will Trad* WILL TRADE — t25«« lug or shrlmo boat for aulo or trailer of fequoJ. value. 452-7MC. T-BIRD, 1*44 — Landau, leaded, excellent condition. I owner, blue, while vinyl too. Si 500 cosh or trade tor vacant lot Of tractor, 4S3-34IZ 31. Articles For Sale REFRI 7-door. Coir DINING SUITE, FAN, ETC. — Drexel MohogaoMa. tflnlnp loble ^ojd 6 chairs. Ft om ^ThomadBlCoivl caffecKn. 20 Inch roll aoWl WindTneoker §rarkr Space heaters, a«ka?llffrir T9P*EJb*mble, 422-8472. TYPEWRITER — Seers Citation, vxccllenl condition, $45. 422-7274. RIM o tor 1*07 •UTANE FLbOR FURNACE Bill, never used. Hi. 414-4045. OWN A NEW ELECTROLUX Vocuum cleaner. Just 15 monthly. J. WILKINSON. 477-3523. CoUi Kegjstor Heoeltol Sod NIC* Bookcase ................... Anltau* Oak Drouer .......... ... Mohooonv Duncan Phyt* Coudi . . .. Apprtminl Refrlaerctor 4 Piece Olnett* , Largo 4 Drawer Chest 214 W. Main - OLD PELLY 1S.OO SAXOPI40MB - CaM, Alto lo»*gti*>n, xoellont condition, cost USB, will *ocrl- Ic. o* hort prlco, 434-«3U. 15.00 3S.OO 10.00 zs.ob 15.00 47.50 47.50 37.50 49.50 125.00 AMPLIPIC* — T**w<ft 4*» hi warraft- ty. Mi In. wookert, IX Watt peak power, ball and guitar chanol, reverb, trenv ulo-vlbroto, ultra accent, tat twitch, ccv- Small •gully, anumt povmentv 17.JO I'M* Vf PAYMENTS on r*o*«*o»s*d Ekctrolux Vocuum, oorrlej new cleon- erpvoronJee. JA 3-1515. *'" CONDITIONERS, PIANO - IV,. !*Ji F ««*f»' '•!<"> Vorrwdo, working condlllon: Good upright p4ana. 423-M71. P «CIOUS STONES - cuttom wl and "jowi'od. Also ceramic g*lst, tupplles. Welch and lewetry repair. SSOO Shepherd 8«/i IB*! 1 "**" 0«f«i and John Merlin J7M47* ROCIt SHOP Completely r*au4H i Wul Ion*. Nolklng V voymonh el lit. CERAMIC SHOP-1U W. Ma*, old Polly. GnNrmar*. btoa.ut, >uppl|*i and glrli, Call 4M-»7«7. i, T I""** e5!? l 4aS!k* lMl *" COOKWARK, STIREO — IMw -awed 14 piece lei Contlnenlol Teflon cookwore by W*»t Bond, UO. uud oortoelo record player with stereo noodle, *JS. 417-MM. MOR0i only ' 426-41 USED MOTORCYCLE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES — For Harlov Davidson and others. Information call 575-1SM. TRUCKS FOR RENT — Drive yowrsolf. ^Qulpoed with hydraulic lift gates. (New rucks). Local and one-way. J101 Market, 421-SIIS. BAYTOWN RENTALS. Noext to Klloore't Ready Mix. KIRBY — l».«t KM.**, roavitt wltk at- 'o<*">onh, W9, Electro!ux, *».«, 11J N. Moln, 427-Sttt. FOR SALE — 5 ho. rldlno lowiimower. Phono 472-2117. TV SALE — J sots IM ooch. TaWa model SJO. I set too, 1 color sot IM. Others «S up. Shop repairs. WORLD TV, 1311 5. Main, 427-143*. Trim Trees And Shrubs RENT TOOLS FROM UNITED RENTALLS THE PROVEN coroet doonor Blue Lvstre Is easy on the budael. Restore! forgotten colors. Rent electric shampooer 11. S. R. WILLIAMS, Mont Bolvieu. NEW fashion colon or* Suo's oMI«eit. She keeps her carpet colors bright—with Blue Luitrel Rent effcclrlc stvampooor »1. WOOD'S HOME CENTc.-;, K» E. Texas. ELECTROLUX - BeouHM now HweM; shompooer, floor waxer. Solo* and Service 4M-W44 oftor J-,30. SI 7 Harvey. START 1M» win, .it bookkoaotafl ow ptles you noed. Coll MATHERNE'S e* 417-l7ie for Imn'iodtoto delivery from lorgett stocfc In Boytown oroo. SWEEPER, DRAPERIES — Haw draperies, light beige, 1 pair 120VW Inctws, 1 pair 144x14 Inches. Carpet sweeper, 2 months old, M.OO. 414-5307. PARTIM'S USED FVRN1TURE Bendlx Home Ironer tl».SB Four-drawer Maple Crist S2S.OO Rocking Horso 1 3.»$ Ciotties Wcrdrobo *17JO "Antkjulsti" Bedroom Suite SoS.OO Otd Style Hlgti Bock Upholstered Rocker S ".05 New Box ond Inner Spring Sot ... M*JD O'Kee*e and MerrM Ronae M5.00 Dearborn, cool top, S radiant tZLSO 6-Orawer Double Sink, Kitchen Cabinet S2S.OQ 42SW. Main OM Pelly 422-5049 MISCELLANEOUS — Bedroom suite, baby bod and springs, electric grill, (window screens, 3-doors. Call 427-2*14. V-BELTS AND PULLEYS tor i efiljaru- tors. olr conditioners, pumps, compressor*, washers, atttc ond window fans. 3,- OOC belts In stock. MASSEY ELECTRIC, 823 S. Pruott. NOW OPEN — New Shoo laocMlrhia hi crofts ond qttfs JO ond 30 par «nt discount. DESIGN CENTER, I7W Lee Dr.. 425-7054. TRUCK-GUN — 'IV CNevretet WMO| trucfe, 3006. with scope. 422-7051. »TORAOE BOXES AVAILABLE NOW- Colendor refills ovollobte. All office so implies you'll noed to stort IM» right. MATHERNE'S of 117-119 West Peorco. CHAIN HOIST - One-Ion Coffina CMtn hols' In excellent condition. Cost S30i row, will toll for 1150. Coll 422-1303 and oak for Mr. Kylo. ABDIfW MACHINES - CASH REOIS TERS - TYPEWRITERS Soles, Rentals Sorvlco. All makes, ekctrlc and manual •LOOM SALES. 3305 Market. 437-Zm AS ALWAYS — Year tvapllor of Needle Work and Crofts. MCDONALD NEEDLE ART* BOB Smith Rood. 477-1277. DIAMONDS ore A Btrt'1 bolt friend— untH she finds Blue Lustre for cleaning carpets. Ron! e'ectrlc shompooer tl. •AYTOWN HARDWARE. Old Boytown. TRUCKS FOR RENT •quipped wtt» kraraallc IM g»Mt. We Sell Custom Hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, 472-H15 CNext to KHgoro's Roady-MlBl NEW PERMA-POWER Radio Control Oarage Door Openers BtVILLS 1-WAY RADIO, Phone 4T7-J* PABULOUS VALUES On Color TV's Gene's Hi-Fi 121 E. Texas FIGURING YOUR INCOME TAXTf Rent or buy a* oddhtg mocMno fr Baytown Typewriter Exchange MB N. Mala, 497-M71 Take odvonlaoe ef oor rvdvced prices on oil adding machine* In stock. Red Tag Sale Discontinued. Used aad] Floor Models Wo* NOW S 5315 1 NO. I4M AM-FM Rodlo...-I O.M siw.ts I No. 140M 25-tn. block and white TV, damaged t MM ilM.n t No. 14itl WOnVblacIt and white vied TV 11*215 I1M.2* 1 NO. 14541 12-!n. block and wMto TV, NEW S1J1.I S21*.*S l No. r>U 30-In. got rongo, NEW .T...|T4*.M Ulf.M 1 No. 1731 II Ft. Refrlaor- olor-Preanr comolooHeo, NEW I1M.M IMt.tS 1 No. 4*3* 1»-F1. vpright frestlesi froeier I23T.M Sm.tS 1 No. MM, U-Lb. •ato- mollc washer, nod tlJ».M Montgomery Ward «"-»M* K-Mart Ptaxa CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom Five Piece Maple Finish Olrwlte Set $110.00 Maple Swivel Rockers S S3.9! Steeper Lounge, Good Selection S159.9S to JM9.9S Toble Lamp* 15.95 tot 19.95 Kino Sl;e Headboard J 29.95 Dinlna Chairs. Valuoi to S29.9S, One of a Kind * ».« NEW-USED FURNITURE MtB MortM 4V-I4*) 31-B Building Matericd SPECIAL ON ROOFIN4) 240 Pound Self Seal Roofing. White only, »7.50 per square. BRITTON CRAVENS LUMBER, 2oO9 Mkt. ALUMINUM SHrCTJ — B -In. B* 14- In Mati orode. .009 In. mlcknoM. Idoo tar msutatton, roofing. sJdtncj, ».2S ooch Can bo soon at the Baytown Sun. 13B Memorial Drtvo. CLAM SHELL REPUBLIC SHELL On Highway 144 Al Codor Bayou PHONE 41J-7m BvMdors HaroVraro and S«P(Xta* WHOLESALE Crosby & Robbins, Inc. a)1 Watt Homaei Phme 4J7-TS1 Classified Display WANTED Sun hu KB Thi« !• auTI«m4Mm ry (Na 84nMUy) Mart have CaJI John Fairbanks Classified Display BALDWIN PIANOS-ORGANS House Of Music » Park P*. 4B-M14 Small U Jpright ><HN onnd ri Piano yeon. _^~ r(fl«l»lMd. d*w>. AtuiRM manhv F«Hy auaraalood (or Balance due $295 Halbert Music Co. E. T*M Free Banck 4X7-M7* Proa Ddlvory 92 ArticltM Fox Rent BET WELL EQUIPMENT — Par Rent, option to buy. Let us answer your Med- core questions. We will file your dolm, TrJCItv Pnarmocy, 422-t291. SUN LAMP, ELECTRIC CYCLE, MAS- SACER, EXERCISE EQUIPMENT. All con b« bouoht or borrowed from A to Z RENTAL CENTER, at reasonable rotes. 610 N. Moln. 4Z7-SU9. Travel Trailer Rentals . HUTCH INS MOTORS Mw» 14* at Texai N REAL ESTATE SELLING •• t's the RESULTS that COUNT! List wttti the GUVS who fet tt*e RE- ULTS. SPARKY AND PAT BONDI Member of Multiple Ustlng Servko Sparky Bond, Realtor "EttablUhed In 1M4" 1 S. Main Boytown, Texas Phone 477-175* Weelidayi 74 k.m I a.m. to l ».m. FOR RENT Reducing Equipment Tools, power Post Halo Diggers Floor Sanders and palMws S«wor Cleaning Equipment Mewirv Tillers, Edatrs, Hedoe Trlmmor* Tow Bars ond Cor fops Fans, LoOtfers, Oota Sow* R»B Shampoo Mochioas Tdovhiloai Utility TroKerj Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to KRgort's Reodx-Mhi IWI Market 4»-St11 33. Sporting Goods OUN REPAIRS Precision barrel and chamber work. Apex, Douglas and Ackley Barrels. Hand Inoders supplies. 404 E. Jock—HUNTER'S DEN—Baytown JOHNSON — Outboard Motor, ond six aaJlon tank. SIOO. Phono 4H-2o4t. H.P. BOAT RKJ — 14 ft. boat, IS k* motor, t'oiler. USO. or trade for car. 2103 Adorns. 472-75*3. PINEMONT ENTERPRISES — Boats. Soles and Service, null repairs, let us soil your boot. 7001 Docker Dr., 424-5S44. KOOL KOVER (CAMPER _ t mantis Old, 1«63 model. Clearance and Ins We llahts. Seo to appreciate and moke offer 422-947*. PISTOLS — S*W ond Rvfors, ,t ta .«X mops, used rifles ond (hot guns, gvn ro pairs and scope mounting. HOLZAEP- F.ELS FUN SHOP, IS W. Cleveland. 9LAIS BOAT. U Ft. — excetleat hvtl, rao. wlndthleW, shoring. 172S. 47.t-4045. DEER RIFLE — M.ot, With high powered scope, loading kit, SI SO. 424-7443. GUN — 11 aauae Winchester Automatic, used one season, mint condition, sioa cash, 1907 Kentucky. HONDA SCRAMBLER ISO, )*** — Al most brand new. reduced to S530. Terms con bo arranged. Better grab It while you can. 422-5344, 422-5242. NOTICE SPORTSMEN Now Offer. 0»tr UO, Dec. M Permanent Family Membership Area I milas wtdo, 72 mttos long In Neches Rhrar Bottom. VM lokos. Fence, stocked, deer, floh, oaet turkey, jied squirrel buntlni. 1 permanent watchmen. Man wHe, alt minor cMMren tusl 13* for at first yoor. *3t yeorly dues second year Seat. 1, l*«t. auorontoed renewable. Guldod tours our offko, eoch Sot. one San., t p.m. write tor fuH detail* or come to Eost Texo* WtJctlf* Office, JO5 N. Vd St. SHsboo, Texas mtt Phono EV 5-4OTI 1963 Travel Trailer Root nice condition, and it has a com mode. Hurry I This one won't lost long! Dan Hutchins Motors Hrwoy <tt ot testa* 422-7151 Reel and Rod Repairs Gun Repairs — THE OUTOOORSMAN 1*7 S. Main, Highlands Converse "CHUCK TAYLOR" Alt Star Basketball Shoo* LHI price (13.M for *».*» Jim Nelson Sporting Goods 4»-«t*7 Froe Parkin* 194 H. Moln 35. Good Eating PLENTY certified oysters and fresh co fish. Cop*. Osgood'f, 477-1437. FRESN FROZEN SHRIMP CRAB AND FISH. E 4. L WINFREE SEAFOODS FM 5*5 (Cove) 573-1 i«0. 39 Business Opportunity BUILDIMO TO MOVE — All equipment building and owning*. Ta be moved. The Malt Shop, 1591 Alexander Dr. Will set se para to or together. 427-2624 or 477-4 361 40. Real Estate Wanted HIGHEST CASH FOR YOUR EQUITY Buy, Sell or Trade, Residential or Com merclal Real Eslot*. INSURANCE AND LOANS. JOHN M. SHfARER REALTY PHONE 422-6517 or 432-oOM. Real Estate Enterprise Inc. HERMAN SALINAS — 434 7JI3, 422-47J* Classified Display Tired Of "LOOK-AUKF' Houses? See COACHMAN HOMES NEW KOUNTRY KLUB VILLAGE (Loc*t«d on B«Jcer IUL Aerow From Cenntry Club) Phon« 427-9471 or 422-94)1* $23,850 TO $27,950 VETERANS $100 TOTAL MOVE IN FHA AVAILABLE Wood Burning Fireplace* Lovely Carpeting Beautiful Walnut Pinellng 3 And 4 Bedroom* All O»i Built-in Kltctien* Archl(ectur»lly Deelgned Home* One And Two Btory O*e Air Conditioning Underground Utllltle* BAYTOWN SUN CLASSIFIED RATES Effective October 1, 1968 Ad or Cancel, 5 pan. Dmy Before—8:10 turn.- Monday-CloM Saturday N«*» Words Lines Rate To 15 | 3 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-40 40-45 45-50 50-55 4 5 6 7 1 2 36 | 36 1.08 | 2.16 1.44 | 2.88 1.80 2.16 2.52 8 2.88 9 3.24 10 3.60 3.60 4.32 5.04 5.76 6.48 7.20 11 3.96 ) 7.92 55-60 | 12 4.32 8.64 3 34 3.06 4.08 5.10 6.12 7.14 8.16 9.18 10.20 11.22 12.24 4 1 5 29 3.48 4.64 5.80 6.96 8.12 9.28 26 6 24 3.90 [ 4.32 5.20 5.76 6.50 | 7.20 7.80 9.10 10.40 10.44 | 11.70 11.60 | 13.00 12.76 13.92 14.30 15.60 8.64 10.08 11.52 12.96 14.40 15.84 17.28 CONTRACT AND CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES ON REQUEST. PHONE 4224324—422-8323 lii 0110 iMo, rant aat MM eNMTl goroa*. AIM lucluao* large tore** oaart- meaf M*t bay In XatT Bayloajft. For auldi *ot* — W.MB. Good loo* ovaltaMo. Call EddM Con taw attar IMio**. EDDIE COX, REALTOR «M-ni| or 4M-MM SPARKY BOND MULTIPLE LISTINO SERVIOi Ml ivte La* — ExcoationaNv *ic* VaoaV *om, **o» trick Mamo In ••vie Add4- ion MOT Bewlg Elementary KJwot. Kite*** Built-in*; NIC* Poaated Family Reom wit* Real Woodaumlng Firealocal Central Hoot and Air, J-Cor Oarage. Levely yard. ReoMnaMy Prkad. B«Y Eoulry or Re-Hoonce, Sparky Bond, Realtor 0*7 S. Hut* Cell Day er NMri Tl-USt Mhjht*. 437-1M7, 42M*7t 40. Real Estate Wanted NEMO LISTINOS Beverly Realty Co. MLS LARGE HOME SITES SCHOOL TERRACE Subdivision TERMS AVAILABLE, DWELL LAND CO. - 427-2117. LUTHER T. LEA MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE MM Washington, 412-78T7 42. Acreage For Sale FOR INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND RANCHES. CALL OTIS GRAHAM, Realtor, 422-4711. ORCHARD ACRES — Perfect homeilles. )re-halt, Inree-fourths, or one-acre tracts 2i down, 120 monthly. Call CHARLIE RAMSEY, 426-1521 for details. SMALL — Beautiful wooded tract. Located, In Crosby, Baytown Area. fUGHES REALTY, 422-8189, 427-3349 and 7J-3233. M-4-*- ACRE TRACTS — Law down payment, long term financing, beautiful, wooded land. Agent, H. E. Rlpkowskl, 25»-225S, after 4, 336-6300, Dayton. INVESTMENT — Oood Income pr»duc- no property. 7.2 acres with 3 rent houses on Reddell Rood. Reasonable term:: STEELE MCDONALD and ASSOCIATES. Ronn Haddox, 427-2289. 80 Acres Hodden Rood Doom Klna and Son Realty Days call 414-5*41 er <m-JS44 Niahts call 424-73(4 CARTER H. MILLER REALTORS — 427-7343 FIVE ACRES—Frontoao on Cedar Bayou. High and well drained. CaH Clolre F. Thomoo, 471-M5S 42-A. Out of Town Prop. 114 ACRES — Central Tufas. Two miles north of Marauei, on hiwoy 79. 3 bed pom house, living, don, kitchen, dining, 2 fireplaces. Waler well, 2 barns, mostly clt-ared, smpll tank. S28,OCO. 422-8102, nlohts 57S-1172. 43. Business Property Drive Inn Grocery deal location, good business already bull! up, will pay for Itself in 3 yeori. Contact us for more Information. Dean King end Son Days calf 434-50*1 or 424-5544 Nights call 424-73S4 3'/3-l'/4-l5 ACRES I homo* on Highway 144, Cedar Bayou rontage, excellent location. Apartments— Shopping Center—Mobil* Hotel, TERMS. Plummer, CA 4-»U», Ml »-W3Z JA MI74. 43-A. Waterfront Prop. NICHLANO SHORES — Largo corner wooded lot. House started. Utilities, beach, boat basin, fishing. 1200 down, will trode. JA 3-5022, 472 S. gurnet — Bayfront home, 4 bed•corns, 2 baths, separate den, living Ivliig room, central air and heat. Large one acre wooded let. Dean King And Son Realty DOTS Coll 424-5041 ar 414-5544 Nights col) 424-73*4 RESORT LAND INVESTMENT HIGH YIELD INVESTMENT In six ma I or sell-water oriented resort home communities. AVERAGE ESCALATION OF 35 PERCENT PER YEAR AND MORE SINCE 1*13. Excellent leverage factor. Easy Terms, For Full Details CALL Lonnle Phillips, 417-1541 LARGE WOODCD LOT—ON TRINITY BAY BAYCREST REALTY CO. 424-5708 — OMiC* Nights 474-*47a, 573-1M [45. Lots For Sale LAKEWOOO — «0* Rolllngwaad, ever Vi acre heavily wooded lot. 265 ft. frontaoe, 300 Ft. deep. Many large oaks, by owner, 427-4409. HARDIN ROAO — sole by owner, Tall 427-4297. acre tor INDIAN SHORES — Large wooded lot Buy s-nall equity assume balance. 427-MI7 after t p.m. HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. 50x300 Ft. water front lot en Son Joe in to Plver. Good camp house and goraoe. worth more than asking price. 120x181.5 ft wooded lot, restricted. Owner financed A. W. HAMM. Realtor, 115 S. Main (26-3411 or 436-3444. KNOWLTON RO. — 7*' X 115', dead end street, oond homesite or mobile homes All utilities, ready to build. 12895. 422-4565. Classified Display 45. Lots For Sale M LOTS IN BAYRIDGE ADDITION Gunsmoke Galloway, 573-14.71 CHOICE HOMESITES CEDAR BAYOU PARK EAST ooen Saturday and Sunoo* 47. Houses For Sale PARKWAY, 1101—Nice 3 bedroom homo, all new paint Inside, now being painted ouhtde. Bargain, for aulcX sale. ALLEN BOOTHE, REALTOR, 424-«S50. 424-5772. NEAR PEOPLE'S STATE BANK —Home :nd Income potential. Only S350 .Tiove In. l-bedroom, separate dinlna room home n nice neighborhood. Has wash house and small 1-room In rear that could be 'ented. House needs some paint but oood buy al J10.9SO. Pavnents, S94, Includes all. PAULSEN REAL ESTATE, 424-JSM. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE MLS places your property In the hands 0' 44 SALESMEN Call a Member today. STONEHINGE, 13t — Beautiful Wooo -orrst. 4 bedroom Old English home. Ire place plus all me extras lor «4,SOO. 3L 5-0271, GL 3-1496. WRIGHT, 4M E. — Two-bodroom, separate dining room. Trees. S500 dawn, WO Pf' month. Wlli Improve — no doling cost. HUGHES REALTY, 422-8189. 427-3i4f. ALABAMA. UM — Nice 2-oodraom Ixlus* 2 window units, stave, refrloerator Ir good runnino condil.un. Pay equity and oisume momhly payments of $67. REAt ESTATE ENTERPRISE, INC.. Hermo? SclinOi. 424-7SU, 422-4759. 47. Houses For Sale SHEPHERD, lilt S. — Corner, J-bed rooms, lovely carpet, central heal and air conditioned. Really a nice no-ne and In oood condition. Coll for full descrlp- llon. GRIFFITH REALTY, 422-2049 or 427-1W3. CUSTOM BUILT HOMES By B. W. Etnrldaje Plan Service Available. 508 Pork St.. 477-2060 LARGE 4 bedreom executive name with every conceivable exlra. Perfectly maintained, beautifully landscaped. ALLEN BOOTHE, Realtor, 424-8550, 424-5972. UNBELIEVABLE EVA MAUD — Immaculate large 3-bedroom, 2Vi-botK, brick home with every Quality feature of an UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICE — Central air, heat, built-in kitchen, overslied garage, covered polio. Buiit-ln and storage space galore, elc. Let us show you this excellent buy. CARTER H. MILLER REALTORS, 427-7243 or Clolre F. Thamon, 422-MSS ROSELAND OAKS A custom built home In o choice subdivision. Situated on a wooded landscaped half acre. I living with the au!«t atmosphere and seclusion of the country. Among the many unique features of Ihii large l-bedroom, 2-balh home ore flagstone floors, cathedral celling, fireplace In den. These ore luit a few of the unusual aspects of this home Including a d:ea water well f»r Inexpensive lawn core or future swlmmlne pool. Coll CARTER H. MILLER ASSOCIATE REALTORS, or Ctalre F. Thomon for appointment to see this property '422-4455 COUNTRY CLUB OAKS ?.'« so . M , ER Sf T - ««<» brick, 3 bedrooms living-dining., family ream, 2 baths, cen Irot air, heal. 2-cor garage. !Mxl20 ft lot. cyclone fenced. Buy owner's equity assume « per cent loon. Owner, 424-4040 ROSELAND DR., 13 — Four-bedrooms. 2 bams, situated on beautiful hall c-re wooded lot. CHATEAU REALTY, .:.7- 32S? or 424-560*. EQUITY BUY- — 3J» Oreenorfor, J-bedrooms, panel den, double garage. Lakewood. STARETT LUMBER CO., 331B N. Main, 423-7121 or 427-734V. COBURN, 31< — st,5*0. Brick 2 bedrooms, SSOO down, 595 month. Includes faxes and Insurances. &68-0345. SHOREACRES — <10 Forest, 3-2-2 Brick, oversized lot; OCCMS to pier al yacht Club. $17.500. 471-2364. ADOUE, 2}2 W. — 3-bedrooms, 3 bolus. brIOc. On lorg* corner lol. 2-car garage. Many extras. Appointment only, 422-5339. LOMAX ADDITION — 2-bedroom house; panel heat; 2Vj acres; nice shade and fruit trees. Convenient lo NASA ana channel Industries. Coll 471.2578 or 487-052! WYNNEWOOD — l-bodrooms, llvlng-dln- Ins den, large workshop. Details call 4^2-2474. PLUMWOOO SECTION IV — By Joe Avlor. Visit our furnished model home. 131S Sherwood. IS new homes under con- slrucllo-l. 422-8770 or 422-29&0 NARCILLE, 13«e — 3-tteovawm, 2 batht, loro*. den, built-in ronoe, central air- heat, 118,500. 4 per ctnt loan, eaully, H.500. 422-5033. MISSOURI — 179* — I btdroam, 2 bath, brick home. Large den, arid dining roam. Central heat, olr, lot 100x300. Good condition By owner. 427-3307. CABINESS, 145 — Brewnwood, 2-bedroom, den, central heat — air, Jarae wooded fenced vord. 424-7672. MAIN, Itlt W. — Fer lease, sole, or for business. Austin stone, 5 bedrooms, 3 talhs, den. By owner. 422-2546. NEARING COMPLETION IN COUNTRY CLUB 4802, and 4«M ST. ANDREWS STREET. Spanish and Old English In design. Four bedrooms. T.'i baths, den, separate living and dining rooms, utility room, numerous closets, -many bultt-lns. CALL DAN SAVELL, BUILDER. 422-724«. COUNTRY CLUB OAKS — 5M3 Ashwood, four-bedroom brick, 2W baths, living- dining room, penciled den; fireplace, built-in kitchen. Carpets, central heal and air. 2-car garage. Fenced yard. RAY CORN JOHNSON, INC., 2201 Market, 427-17S4; nights—Clen Erwln, O4-7876. LET'S TRADE. LITTLEWOOD, 71« — 3-bedroom brick, 2-car garage; corner lot. Covered patio. Vacant, open for your inspection Saturday ond Sunday. Call T. W. WILKS, REALTOR, 422-613* or 427-32M. RIOGEWAY, 13T — Most home, tor (tie n.oneyl This fin* 3-o»drooms, 2-bath, brick home Is located on a beautiful tree- shaded lot. Central heat, window olr conditioning, terrozzo floors. Low monthly payments. Call Soarky or Pot. SPARKY COND, REALTOR, 907 S. Moln. 427-1759 Nights, 427-1807 or 427-4871. MEMBER MLS. SPARKY BOND ^MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 2201 Heof — ^"mii home has many, features. Call us for details. many Sparky Bond, Realtor 191 S. Main ~ " - 427-17i» Coll Day or Nlgfi Bights, 427-1H7, fn-t»1 OLD ENGLISH Lovely brick three-bedroom home with recessed parlor, glamorous curved entrv '"-•' ipocious recessed lomily area no. walnut coblnelt wllh range bar -.-,- walK-ln closets, overslied dinlni !^:,.^?y°,L 0 .^..? nd .. h « al ' »" 9°* built LOOK HERE! SIOO MOVE IN TO QUALIFIED BUYER- Throe-bedroom brick, J baths. Centra air and neat. E — Buy owner's B«rc«n! loon. 20* equl "^POSSESSED - New three-bedroom brick home. Central olr and heat. 1237 eorr.e home en 250 move in CALL MALLICK, 422-5438 or WOODRUFF REALTY, 427-1AM 4-Bedroom Model Home f : OR SALE IN GLENMEADOW — A dll linclivrty Eorly American 4 oerfra! orlclc, with Nunlly sited den iiiiS Deep walk.ln Hollytaad i? drc-sung area vonity. Central air a heal, carpeting, huge walk-in-pontry, g built-in appliances, decorative bay w dcwi and Iwo ear garage are emang I ftonrifj cenvenienl Featuret PR ICED Sl».»«l. G.I. flM total moye in. Aljo FMA Phono 4J4-7U2, 427-1471, 4M.sJtl COACHMAN HOMES Plumwood Section V STARETT LUMBER CO. New homes reody for occupancy. Other neorlnj completion. Tolol electric — 3- bedroom*. FHA ond VA Loans 422-7111 »r 427-734» Large Gracious Home 2703 Missouri, Blade Duck Bay frontage Nice, large. 2-bedrooms, separate dinlns carpels, draperies. Air conditioned, cen traf heat, and 2-car garage. See Ihl one. then call for description. GRIFFITH REALTY, 422-201* or 427-1*3, FLORIDA, 17M — Britten- Cravens, 3 bedrooms, one both, living room, den; central heat, window air. One-car garage. Large lot with trees. Purchase equity and assume low Interest FHA loan. RAYBORN JOHNSON, INC , 2201 Market, 427-I7S4; or nlohts—Glen Erwln, 42J-7K7. LET'S TRAOEI JEFFERSON, 131> — For sola or rent. Redecorated, 3 bedrooms, tile kitchen and both. Fenced back yard. To rent 150 de- ocslt. Colt 434-7450. ALABAMA, !<M — Bargain orlced, r bedrooms, family room, central heat, fully fenced. Tola! price. 17,200. BAYTOWN REALTY, 2«17 N. Main, 422-213V, 422-2320 Classified Display FOR DEPENDABLE MOVING SERVICl Local and Long Distance—Coll 427-7M7 Hasty Transfer & Storage North American Von Linos Agency BOWIE HOMES "Prices Are Born Here Rolsed Elsewhere" 4ACK HARTT, 422-73M ond Classiftod Display 47. Hous*s For Sal* 47. Houses For Sal* THIS NICE DEAL WON'T LAST LONG! l«v* Room To Breath BoavtfM 3-beareem, *-bot» komel TW* * roo4 UvM»B w«*i oklro lar«i aom, root flraptaco), air 4»adltloaod aom* room jioaaroi* from homo), won cared •r aaol s»oclei>»l» tot on e wenled acre. olt Oooreja WhHakor «B-nai or DAVID OGERS. Rtaltor-Btftldor, <27-1771, HOUSE TO BE MOVED — 2714) Cedar layou Rd. 1500 'hone 424-7(40 or 424-4437. Country Club Oaks FAIRWAY, 54*7 — A lovely ail krk* Seme, l b»dream», 1 oaHit, Avlng room•ulna room comMnatioit, doa, Varg* lichen, buHt-lM. Coatral car and kaot. BAYCREST REALTY CO. J4-570J Ottk* Nlgtlts 4144471. I71-1«M HOUS 300 4?M»' J. Q. BELT, BUILDER MOBILE HOME, Hlckl - DoluKe, loxii F ,'^, J ^ b«drom», excellent condllloa, JJOO. Coll for oapolnlmenl. 575-I13D. fhOM 431-4SSI " SPANISH" Threo-bedreem model h»mo teaturinv uillc arches and sunken family room All oas bulll-lns. Double toroge. protos- lonally londscaged with full f/owlh ot il. Augustine orais aajd ihrybbery. Tetol price, tl7,7S*. O.I. Jiae lelol move In. : HA M2J movti you la. Phone 427-M71, H-723L 455.5J1J. COACHMAN HOMES. MOBIL Col MOBILE HOME — l*i] "LiOerty, } bod- ocm, SO x 10 Fl. S175 and take over oon. Payments, K5 ,-nonth. Inquire 1900 N. Main, Highland*. CREATlVt HOMES BOytowii Cell: 424-M14 or 414.7ttS. LOTS OF LIVING In this ••bedreom, 4-bath homo. Call us lor more details. Shorty Tharp, Realtor (MLS) Coll day or night, 424-IS7I SPECIAL EXTENDED : REE. 41 BIO BONUS STAMP BOOKS live* with each Mobile Home sold. 'oor Bodreom*. IV* Boths "HOMETTE." Early American furniture, enly U.2M " us TOOAY1 WB HOLLY HILLS New homos, F.H.A. and G.I. East end of Olive SI. T. R. McKot, 421-73**, 4H-7X5. CARTER H. MILLER Realtors — 427-7343 ACRES — Large well built home. Outbuildings, 257 II. water welt, garage apartment In rear renting lor S7S. Properly enclosod by chain link lence. Close to Baylown, Houston, Channel Industrial Trade Ins welcome. Claire T ha man, 421-445S WINDSHIELDS INSTALLED. CompfeK auto body work, Point and Vinyl roots. HOOPER PAINT AND BODY SHOP, STEWART REALTY II N. Ashbel XX) w. Jamas, old frame residence In good condition. 2 bedrooms, bath, large Ivlng-dlnlng room combination, kitchen, small study. Single garage, 50x1*0 corner et. Lets of comfortable living left In this place. Clese to everything! Let us show vow this place and make us an offer. 427-7497 EVA MAUD ADDITION Taken In Trade ASSUME 4% LOAN 1906 McFarland Corner lot. londscapad - Ideal location. Real nice 3-bedrooms, 2 tile battis. Beautiful hardwood fleers, with It II. master bedroom, newly carpeted. Just pointed outside. Inside Immaculate. Buy Equity—Assume 6 per cent Loan. Payments Under $165. JUST COMPLETED 2109 KIPLING Thrtc-.-odrooms, electric bultl-lns, extre loncy lighting fixtures ond special too •ues Iciroughout. This dne Is really pretty SEE ITI 2207 Kipling Dr. Juti completed — Four-bedroems, TV) baths, colonial design. A(! electric kltch en aroporlei, carpets. OPEN 2204 Morning Dr. 'New'* four-bedroom home with total electric kitchen. Assume lew Interest loan buy equity. Oilier Homos Under Construction. E.F. LUQUIRE, Builder «J7»4J1 422-7W] GCOO BUSINESS AND/OR RESIDENCE — 1201 N. Pruetl, on almost o full acre. Btaullful 3-bedroom, 2-batfi homo. Bob Kalbitz, INSURANCE AGENCY 427-2713 — 427-3*1* Architectural Artistry An exciting entry foyer accents a carpeted parlor and roomy fomny room in thlt new 3-bedroem brick home. Two larae baths, an oM-lashlonod walk-In pantry, ana a complete line of aas bulll-lns add much lo the liability al Ihts home. Centra' air and heat, full Insulation, double goroge. Price 5It,590. G.I. SIM total mov in. Also FHA. Phone 477-1471, 4M-7232, 422-1112 COACHMAN HOMES ARCHER ROAO, 414 — 3-bedroom, living room, dinin} room, kitchen, V/i baths window olr, 1-acre ground, M.7M. BAYCREST REALTY CO. 424-S7O*, Office; Night, 424-1471, 573-tMO, 4J7-31S7 WALKER REALTY MACARTHUR, 1J4 — Large home with ] beaVooms, 2 baths, large den, fireplace electric built-in appliances and separate living and dining. 12BX14* ft. lot. 0417 BAYWAY DRIVE 434-55*3 424-52*4 Home—Shop Building Nice brick, 3 bedrooms, living room extra large den, 2 baths. 3-car garage Includes 2B'xM* brick block building. Approximately IVi acres. Cedar Bayou. CARTER H. MILLER REALTORS — 427-7343 Kenneth McNulty, 422-4714 otter t p.m. Classified Display GALAXTJE SM — Gkamjns; bronze finish, 4 door, radio, $1,195 427-3917 Motors 700 E. Texas BAYTOWN'S LARGEST HOME BUILDER oachnia HOMES .or J AD Craigmeiit And Gienmeodow 427-M71, 424-72S2, 422-MUt 2 GUmorouB bathB 100% Nylon carpetinc Folly '"«"'«»*-« Kitchen ptuitrie* All rM built-in klt«h*iw Central heat, gJr condittonBinr Double £»rao;« BoBde<] HMM BuUden S »nd 4 Bedroom Home* $17,400-121.000 VETERANS CMiMcvr\\m • (I ..j^ SIOO Total MOT* In ^*— " -Also FHA CHIV«U-«, 1*44 - Oroo) or tlroat Car, *>tt- or ''od*. 427 Engine, new oalnt and lnoW :. far Iroltor. 473-loW. POMTIAC, IH4 — •*«•* olr. Jf>M» mil**. CltU«n» Bonk, 4S7-73BI. 204 Lakewood •edream*. 1 bottu, centre I air and (Mat, eporote living room, don, 4Ut*wot»»r, !<p**al, lorg* woodod lot. Reody lor yovl Dean King and So« Realty Dayi coll 4M-lail or 4X-U44 Mlghlt oatl 414-71M •UICK, tftf — KMoro, fwHy oojytaoed, vory clean, now tlm. 424-3770 or OM774. REPO — 1**V T-Bkd London. Two •oor, excellent condition. Coll FIRST MATIO*A'_ BANK. 4Z2-I10Z. Ed McKtnile or Loon Wilson. 47-A. Houses To Bt> Movwl RI CITY BEACH RD. - 1 bedroom romo house to be moved. Coll be/fore t .m. or alftr « p.m. 571-I4M. 48. Mobile Hom*» Hi STAR MOBILE HOME _ cdrooms, central air and heat, rww condition, 477-11QS affcr 3 a.m. , twnishod, nlot Drive. Archer Mobile Homes Mt N. Main, HKMoMs Ph. 4H-tOi 49. Automotive Senrio* Rent a Stall and Tools fa Fix your Car. TED'S SUPPLY, INC. Bo-lt-Yeurseif Rental plan 51. Cars Wanted URGENT —I noon good, clean, woo COrs, Top «J. TOM SLACK AUTO SALES, 2601 Mwv 146, 422-4544, member 8-I.A-D.A. WANTEDl UMd cars ood pkkupi. Mint be In *oed me<fionical condltloo aad clean. Will pay high dollor. House Of Hardtops ON N. Alexander m 4M-M71 CASH FOR YOUR CAR SEE HONEST JIM Jim Carter Motor Co. 47J-»4J», corner Praett ond Texn Mtmtxr B.IJk.O.A. 52. Track- CHEVROLET 1W7 - step side -119S. will consider trade, 'hone S7S-1U2. INTERNATIONAL SCOUT — 1M1 — 4 wheel drive, rww brakes, oood tires. 4JJ-7M2 after 4 o.m. 1H4 — CHEVROLET, 1943 — One-ten, welding rig with 1948 Lincoln machine, 47J-2972 before 5 P.M. DODGE SCHOOL TYPE BUS. 1*51 — Excellent running condition, very sullabl for church, club or camper, 426-3095. CHEVROLET, 1M1 — ridtua, rtDUlr* -nolor, oood tires, body. Col: J26-3037. JEEP, 1U1 — tn Fora en«ine, NEW point, t ply tires, too, upholstery, hubs Also winch Included, 42&-2041. OODGE l*4f — Winch true*. Coll «2-r>72 before 5 p.m. FORD, 1U4 — T hree-Quarter ton pickup before S p.m. 1966 INTERNATIONAL SCOUT Complete with top. M*I J-B MOTOR CO. MEMBER B.I.A.O.A. 2«l: Alexander Drive Phone 417-1 lie 53. Work Cars VOLKSWAGEN, It44 — Clean, good work car. See al 1002 Fleetwooil or call 477-1M6. 54. Automobile* FALCON. 1H3 — Feur-door sedan, auto- malic, factory air, radio, heoter, new oalnt, vinyl too. 54,000 miles. Extra clean 422-7153 after 4 p.m. and wifckends. CHEVELLE, IKS — Black Mallbu Coupe; bucket soots, radio, heater, oood fires rnust sell—none to service. Call 574-2577 MUSTANG, ms — Four-speed, V-J, air conditioned. 4 barrel 472-5762. PONTIAC TEMPEST, IMS — Station Wagon, 4 door, radio, heater, power steering, automatic. LIKE NEW. only 41, 000 actual miles. Only 167.80 per month Call Tex, 422-7831. PLYMOUTH, !*M — GTX, *,«*» miles, many extras, excellent condition. Phone 422-6474. Classified Display 54. AvtonabUM MUSTANG, 1*44 — Fas* bock, V-4. 4> seeod, air, radio, hector. Leaving lor service. Musi sett before February. In i " condition, but needs tires. 472-947t. GTO, 1*M — 3-saaod, dose retto «ran*- rilsslon. 3tt cu. In enolne, 365 ho, 3-2's, 4-11 roarend. New blue paint. 1950. Call after 5:» «34-544». USED AUTO PARTI — Ittt models, Coll 4Z2-9191 aHor 4 p-m. 1*44 SELLING MY WIFE'S PERSONAL CAM 1964 Chrysler, New Yorker, perfect indlllon, all power. 422-eo70 oiler » o.m. PLYMOUTH. 1*441 — Re. miles, 4-barrol, 3B3 enalne, 4-sp*«d, itlck- 427-5131. PONTtAC LEMAMS, 1H4 — 4 *oor Dora- lop, power sleorlna. pow*r brakes, factory air, low mlloaae, »I.5*S- TOM SLACK AUTO SALES, 2*01 Hwy. 144, 425-4SM. Member B.I.A.O.A. ^^ RAMBL hratrr, nomicol 427-4374.' . Eco- PONTIAC, 1»*7 — OTO. all tower wit* ilr, Qulomollc, mog whecli, excellent .ortdlllon. coll 4Z7-124O o«t«r i o.m. • UICK ELECTRAn*, 1tt4 — CenvertlMa. White with red t*otner uonoiiterv. excellent condition with every power option. Colt Richard Harris, 427-42S3, after i EUICK- t*«4 — 4-*>or woo*, utra »k>. lew llres, at) ogulpment. MUST SELL I PLYMOUTH, l*a — Fury l-de«r MOOH. stundard ihlft, i cylinder, factory olr, rodio, heater, clean oar, |ll»5; 1943 FALCON, 2-door, runs oood, good tires, ro- dlo, S»S. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISE, ZJ08 N. Main, across from O'Briens, 427-9717. VOLKSWAGEN, WO — Sedan, beloe flash, rodlo. Roal nice cor. SI.1V5. TEXAS MOTOR VOLKSWAGEN INC^ 606 E. Tfxos, 422-11)3. Page Dittman Motors CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH—IMPERIAL Hwy. IM At FoylO PH. 4JHJM Late Model and Demo Sale! IW OATSUN Deme, l-do«r. 1H7 DATSUM i port oar, Modet »OOCC. fH» OATSUN Wrt car,Mea» I400CC, tM* rnlkw, .tui • warranty. 1M7 OATSUN 1H7 CHEVROLET IMPALA, FULLERS DATS UN—VOLVO 2*12 Market Pfcoae 412-cm BUY FROM Baytow*. lojdeaandanl AitonwatM Poator Association Memo erst WEEKEND SPECIALS '**• 1N« CHEVROLET IMPALA, *4oor Hard• "" "»""• "' 1*47 MUSTANO, l-cyllndor, 3 soeed rTOKO- mlsslon. radio, and hooter. lf*« MUSTANO, V-t, 3 saeod transmit. ston, radto aM Neater, yollow. ktack STOP BY AND TA« A LOOK House Of Hardtops COURTESY FORD Of Baytown 131 W. Texas Ave. 421-tin "BAYTOWN'S NO. 1 VOLUME DEALER" Neal Dickens Motor Co. Hwy. 144—Under The Bio Shod—O7-414S '•Where Quality |> Always Coniistonr* •'Baytowa'i Bolt Used Can" John Wiesner Chevrolet II E. Texas 1965 FORD STAT10NWAGON. 4-DOOR Radio, heoter, automatk frQ*smiW*MV and factory o4r. $1095 Lumus Baytown Dodge USED CAR LOT HWY. 144 et E. Foylo Phone 417-13*1 '64 Chrysler Imperial Beautiful white Lelaren, "clean at a pin." Idea! family cor that you'lt bo croud te awn. Nice cor wilth white vinyl top and red Interior, priced to Ml your budget. Dan Hutchins Motors Highway 144 ol Texas 422-715* Bayshore Motors, Inc. LINCOLN — MERCURY — COUGAR "Quality Not Quantity" 211] Market 4214341 1965 Pontiac LeMans Twe-door hordfop, Jamaica yellow, !el •>lack vinyl root. Beautiful white vinyl interior, bucket seols ond soerti conselt. Power steering, broke*, factory air. Local one owner, low mileage ear. 1965 Thunderbird Two-doer silver mink wltti block vtayl top All vinyl bargundy Interitr. Power sleoring. disc brakes. AM/FM rooV*. all extras. Oa* owner, low mllooge. 1967 Cadillac Sedan DeVllle, AM/FM radio, four-door twrdtea. Light Ivy gold with ermine whit* vinyl loo and all vinyl Interior. Every possible factory accessory. From T«lt- scoalna; Nil steering whoel, automatic speed control. One owner and tow mile- Classified Display Starett Lumber Co. 422-712! 427-7349 ENJOY •YEARS AHEAD' LIVING Plumwood Sec. V From $1S,900 ys*£S3r Fair Park 603—607—609 Mkfw.y 3*44 RU-&L Conventional We Take Trades BONDED

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