Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 28, 1946 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1946
Page 11
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WHY AND HOW OF ME TAX EXPLAINED f, - fc* JAMES MARLOW ;- WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.— lhl$»ltndfl and wives ask: "Do we fcjoney by filing separate or tttfc returns?" , i flhete r s no one simple answer. •A joint return may save for one trdtt^'By giving them full benefit 't»f exemptions. It may cost another tJotiple money by boosting them into Mytidt it permit fttint! <•; $125 s5 J|Dlnil« , inn, In 2 to it houm ai homo. Everything y.ou need for a glorious Wave! A real crime cold wave. Preparations are like those useil in licauty Jilon-tyde permanents. Laboratory- tested. Wonderful for children's baby- fine hair too. Money back guarantee. „ Cfteme PfRMANCNT wave, BERRY PHARMACY* a higher surtax bracket. But remember: Where husband and wife can file jointly on Form W-2, the withholding receipt, do so. You'll save time and effort. Treasury experts say that where a wife has income less than $500— and she and her husband are going to file on Form 1040—they'll save money by making a joint return. Husbands and wives—if their combined income was less than $5,000 —can file jointly on Form W-2, or the 1040 short or long-form. If their combined income was $5,000 or over but individually less than $5,000. they can file separately on Form W-2 or the 1040 short- form or jointly on the 1040 long- form. If they file jointly on Form W'2 or the 1040 short form, they arc allowed one deduction of about tb per cent but it is 10 per cent of their combined income. If they file separately on the 1040 long-form, with the income of each $5,000 or over, each Is allowed a SINUS, CATARRH SUFFERERS FOR MISERY DUE TO MAS At CONGESTION Supply Hushed Heic — Sufferers Rejoice Relict nt last from the torture of Binira tn«il)le, calnrrh, and hny lover due lo nmul congestion is seen today in reports or success with n formula which hns the power to reduce nasal congestion. Men tmd women who suffered with nKonizlng sinus head- >clies, clotTKcd nostrils, ringing cnrcche, tinwkinr nnil BticczinK misery now tell of blessed relief after usinu it. KLOKONOL costs S3.00, but considering results experienced ',jy u.-:crs. this is not expensive *n« ninount.1 to only n few pennies per dose. KI.ORONOI, (c-intlon, nni 1 only 'as rtirectorti • • ...-.-, .,|"i c t monpyhncK riinvinlcp by .'Berry's Pharmacy — Moil Orders Killed thru SATURDAY! fttlU --r^-T. ••«< ffcacSl "•«• V "RASSUN 1 IVQlVl "18 MIIXION ORPHANS" It** ;H* aic^^ Balkans Given Help by Plane In a small clearing near Grevena, Greece, ragged villagers shivered in the cold wind, anxiously watching the sky. Finally a Wellington bomber appeared, then roared low over their heads. Prom its bomb bays came nbt death arid destruction but warm, new clothing from the American Red Cross. During the war more than 50,000 garments were dropped by bombers to isolated villages in the Balkans. In other regions transportation difficulties compelled deliveries by ox cart. Thus, by old methods and new, more than' 36,000,000 garments were distributed to civilians overseas. More than $22,000,000 worth of textiles purchased with government funds were made into Garments by ?.2FO.OOO volunteers in the 3.751 Red Cross chapters in this country. Their production included: 5,000,000 sweatters: 1,000.000 pair of socks, 750,000 lavcttes; for women and girls, 1.500.000 dresses., 2,600.000 skirts, and 1,500.000 blouses. Other items were mufflers, mittens, afghans, toddler packs, operating gowns, nightgowns, and pajamas. Program BeRiin in 1930 Distribution of these garments and other supplies overseas has been organized and supervised by American Rod Cross civilian relief workers in cooperation with the military. A foreign war relief program began in September, 1039. Since that time the major events of the war provide an excellent outline of Airier-Jean civilian relief operations in which distribution of chapter- producer'. clot hint;' played a major role— aid to the Low Countries and France: to Greece and Yugoslavia: to Finland in 1939; to China; relief, including 7,000,000 garments to the bombed - out civilians in Britain ; medical aid and 3,503,OCO garments to Russia: garments to refugees throttKhout the Middle East; assistance in Africa. Italy, Sicily, Western Europe, Norway, Finland, Poland. the Marianas, and the Philip- cines. Asked To Continue Many of the countries in which the American Red Cross had been operating asked it to continue its supplementary emergency program. The Red Cross does not attempt to meet all the basic needs of any community or country. It tries to do the best it can .within the limits of .Its budget. Operations this winter continued in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria', Finland, Norway, USSR, Italy, Albania, Greece, •Yugoslavia, Poland and China. Supplies valued at approximately $33,£00,000 formed, the bulk of supplies; hospital and medical supplies ac- ccunte'd for $9,000,000; the balance consisted of food, soap, and automotive equipment. KPDN 1349 j* tour Did f&fftsBxt 4:00—Tones .by Reqtieijt. 4 :2B—Thciiter' P*fr*. 4:30—J. L. Swindle. 4:45—Irmn Froncis. G :00—Here's Howe—MBS. 5:15—Jimmy and Roger. 6:80—Captain Midnight—MBS. 6M5—Tom Mix—MBS. 6:00—Fnlton Lewts—MB9. 6:IB—The Kotti KohWera—MBS. 6:30— Arthur Hale—MBS. 6:45—Inside Sports—MBS. 7 :00—Klnine Carrineton's Playhouse- MBS. 7:30—Roprues Gallery—MBS. 8:00—Dance Music. 8:15—Real Stories—MBS. 8:30—Treasure Hour of Sonirs—MBS. !):)jn—You Make The News—MBS. 0:30—Lcs Klfcnrfs Orch.—MBS. 9:4r,-I jC s Elfcarl'B Orch.—MHS. 10:00—All the News—MBS. 10:15—Rny Anthony's Oreh.—MBS. 10:30—Stnn Kcnton's Orrh.—MBS. 10:55—Mutual Reports the News—MBS. II :00—Goodnight. ON INEW MDO SEKIES -T * Dick f'ow-cli. slagc, screen and radio celebrity, plnys (he lending role in KoKiie'i Gallery. Tile newest thine in detective mysteries. To he heard loniRht over KPDN fit 7:30 p.m. FHIDAY 30—Ynwn Pnti-ol. 00—Open liible. •15- -Piano Moods. ;00—Frailer Hunt, News.—MD3. :lu- -Shady Valley Folks—MHS. :aO—Sh.'idy Valley Folks--MBS 30—Shndy Vntley Folkn. :i>B—Moment) of Melody. :00—Once Over LiKhtly—MBS. :15—Pnmpn Party Line. :30—Tic Tock Time—MBS. :M—Fun With Music—MBS. :00—Cecil Brown—MBS. :15—Elsn Maxwell.—MBS. -.30—War Without Guns. :46—Letters From Llndiihr—MBS. :00—Lyle Vnn. News—MBS. :1D—Songs by Morion Downey.—MBS. :30—J. L. Swindle, News. :45—Voice of the Army. :00—Parsley Proprnmi. :15—^Lum and Abner. :30—Luncheon with Lopez—MBS. :4B—John J. Anthony—MBS. :00—Ct'drlc Foster—MBS. ;tu—Smile Time—MBS. :30—Queen for a Day—MBS. :00—True Confessions—MBS. :30—Remember—MBS. :-!5—Songs in a Modern Manner, :00—Erskin Johnson—MBS. :15—The Johnson Family—MBS. :30—Mutuiil's Melody Hoiir—MBS. :0"—Tunes By Hcqucst. A New York printer, John Wesley Hyatt, developed celluloid while looking for a substitute for ivory, then used in the manufacture of billiard balls. Local Chapter Is Organized For Disasters The Pampa chapter of the American Red Cross has been organized to as£ume*its responsibility for the relief of people suffering from disastrous fire, extensive train wrecks, etc. This organization is made up of following committees and chairmen. Joe Gordon, survey committee; H. M. Cone, rescue; Dr. C. E. High, medir;al aid; Rev. E. B. Bowen. shc.'- ter; Verl Hagaman, food and clothing; Frank Culberson transportation and communication; Mrs. L. K. Stout, registration and information; Huelyn Laycock. central purchasing; L. G. Langston, public information. The organization has recently been brought up to date and put in written form by Ed Weiss, Pampa chapter disaster chairman. The keynotes published by the American Red Cross midvvestern are& office, St. Louis. Mo., had this lo say about Pampa's disaster plan. "Ccnvenience is the outstanding feature which makes the new disaster plan edited by the F/ mpa chapter a model for all chapters. On its front cover arc names, addresses, and phone numbers of all committee members and of the police and fire departments ... in casn of a disaster, all one has to do to find out what buildings arc to bo used as emergency shelters is too look along the indexed tabs of the copy, to the one marked "sub-committee on shelter" . . . wording is concise and restricted to simple instruction. 1 !." Tonight on Networks NlIC—7 Hums and Allen; 7:30 Dinah i.Shore ; 8 liing Crosby ; 8 :;iO Jack Hnlcy ; !) Abbott imcl Costello . . . CBS—7 SUB- pcnsc; 8 Amlve Kostelanet?,; 9 :SO Hobby Lobby: 10 laliind Venture; ABC—7.:30 Town Meeting; 0:80 Detect and Collect; 10 Curtain Time . . . MBS-8:30 Treasure Hour of Song ; 9 You Make The News. standard deduction of $500. If they file jointly on the long- form, they arc allowed one standard $500 deduction, hot a $500 deduction for each. Husbands and wives using the 1040 short-form jointly should note the little box on Page 4 under the table. It tells them to take 3 per cent 'of the lower income—but not more jtlxm $15—and deduct it from the joinf tax found in. the table. There are Uyo kinds of taxes on your income: A'lnor.rn^.1 lax of 3 per cent on all incomes, high or low; and, a surtax starting at. 20 "per cent on incomes up to $2,000 and rifjipg by brackets to 91 pel cent on the highest. There re also two kinds of •exemptions: A normal tax exemption and .a .surtax .exemption. You subtract the normal exemption from your income before you apply the normal tax to the income; you subtract the surtax exemption from your ii)coj|ie before yo(i apply the surtax. You. always • get • u $508 normal xemplion and a $500 surtax exiimp- ion for yourself. "You never get u normal exemp- ion for a dependent but you always ;et a surtax exemption of $500 for •ach dependent.- (A wife is not onsideitd a dependent.)* Tomorrow on Networks NBC—8 a.m. Honeymoon in New York; I 11 Words imu Music; 7 Pnul Lavulle's Orchestra; 7:8U Duffy's Tavern; 8 People Are Funny ; . . CBS—8:15 n.m, Arthur Godfrey; 3 p.m. House Parly; 7 Aldrich Family: 8 Holiday and Company; 9 Du- nnnte-Muore; 0:30 Danny Kuye . . . ABC —8 n.m. Breakfast Club; 10 <Tom Brencman's Breakfast in Hollywood ; 1 :30 p.m. Bride and Groom'; 7:30 This la Your FBI; H:30 The Sheriff; !) HoxinK Bouts; 10:30 Spurts J'age . . . MBS—S:15 a.m. Shady Vullcy Folk-H; 12:15 p.m. Vincent Lopez; K Human Advi/nturc; 7:30 So You Think You Know Music; 8:30 Spotlit-lit Bands; 8:30 Meet The 1'rcss. **fS I'tt" ".;/""*?*" R es to 1 "MISS AND YELL' 1 BOUNTIFUL ALASKA" 0HT r \ n" a ^te Srai and "Along Cactus Trail" ' 7* wllh * Pf CAfcl0 b« One of the stranger sites for servicemen's recreation in Manila is a bullet-scarred monastery, once the property of the Order of St. Vincent dc Pnul. As an American Red Cross billet, it now provides beds for 1,200 men who visit the city on 24-hour passes. QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising froni STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS AC ID FreeBpoKTellsofHomeTreatmentthat Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing Overtwo million bottle's of thoTVILLARft TREATMENT have been sold for relief ot symptoms of distress arising froraSlomach and. Duodenal Ulcer* duo to EXCMS Acid- Poor Digestion, Sour or Upset Stomaefi, Gaislnoss, Heartburn, Sleeplessness, etc., duo to Excess Acid. Bold on 15 dayx' trial! Ask for "Wlllard's Message-" which fully exulftlna tills treatment— free—at CITY DRUG STORE CBKTNEW LKUG STOKE FATHEJ5EE miUG COMPANY WILSON ~DftUG STORE ANNOUNCEMENT! E. M. Stafford has purchased the P.K. One- Stop Station anjl C. W- Shaw is stijl with him serving the same fine.SKELLY oils, fortified an| premium gasoline.—ALL TYPES OF APO SERVICE INCLUDING WASHING' AND LUBRICATING. Political Calendar 'The Pampa News has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens os candidates for office, subject to the action of the Democratic voters, at their primary election Saturday, July 27. For District JndRe: WALTER ROGERS For District Attorney: TOM BRALY For County Clerk: CHARLIE THUT For Couhty Commissioner— Prect. 3: JAMES HOPKINS RAY G. BURGER EARL JOHNSON Prect. 1: JOE CLARKE Prect. 2: WADE THOMASSON For County Attorney: B. S. VIA For County Tax Assessor and Collector: F. E. LEECH For .Sheriff: G. H. KYLE For District Clerk: DEE PATTERSON 3,500 Slippers Seht To Utah in 48 Hours It took a lot of telephoning; it took a lot of figuring: it took a lot of work; but when a request came in to "ship 3500 slippers and hurry" it was answered immediately, according to American Red Cross workers at Fort Douglas, Utah. The request from the army personnel center dispensary was for 3500 washable bedroom slippers. That was Monday. Wednesday, 48 hours later, the goods were delivered and the bulk had to come from the Los Angeles fCalif.) Chapter, 700 miles away. The attorney-general was not a. member of the President's cabinet until 1814. Massive sea walls now protect Oalveston. Texas, from a rcculrencu of the 1900 hurricane's tidal wave. Unsung Heroines Added to the lengthening list of unsung heroines of global \var are 4,790 nurses who served the ill and injured of 226 Red Cross disaster relief operations on the home front during the war years. For the most part ineligible for military service, they came from all corners of the country. Some were grandmothers; some left their families temporarily to ' travel far in the desperate nurse shortage. Without fanfare all gave sure and efficient care to thousands of disaster sufferers. The United Slates contains one and one Ixilf million square miles favorable for the accumulation of oil, only half ol which has been explored. YOUR PATRONAGE >, tor JVS* _ a^W-^fe^-^-.^"' 1 Guarantee * Our Permanenfs OPERATORS: Katheleen Berg Gussie Wheeler Mi Lady Beauty Shop Back of Barber Shop Lefors, Texas - Thl prompted A. C. In MS ctettiteg ,. durnftiy rtttihsd drft^tt -sign adoring the -baml "Coming sodti. These n«ere en claim they «« BO lonjw happy with thHr clew moner bK*. A* Creiney's Excitingly Modern Smart Hollywood Beds To achieve a bedroom with the spacious modern appearance you like, try one or a pair of these! Includes padded headboard in white leatherette, box springs on legs, and a comfortable mattress. Twin bed size. Karpen made. Pampa Home Appliances *v»-i V*«- k T>-m TT/-MI jrinri /"vt TT* y^i'CT TJ^TTCHT-Q 119 N. Frost WE MAKE HOMES OUT OP HOUSES Phone 36* FINE QUALITY LAWN MOWERS 16-in Self-Sharpening Blade Ball Bearing Now $1317 GARDEN TOOLS Fine Quality Spading Fork $1.69 Magic Weeders $1.39 HOES 7-in. Blade ,.. 98c 8-in. Blade,. $1.49 2-Way Combination CULTIVATOR $O39 & RAKE * Shovelr. $l- 7 5 4 ft. Hickory Handle MOTOR OILS ENDURANCE 100% Paraffin Base MOTOR OIL 5 Gal. $025 100% PURE Pennsylvania $445 5 Gal SEALED BEAM HEADLIGHTS For tafer night driving, ln>t«ll | »< of Sealed Beam LigMi. iHitalled. Kit.comeJ complel* wllli fU ««»r |WfU fs" NEW AMERICAN KEROSENE SAFETY LANTERN Principle same as gasoline Safer to use. It's New! It's Different! IT'S BETTER! Sargent Mix-tone i, a modern new type fini.h that thm. w.lh ..water... .U,e your room immedialol/ after painting. One V&\™ covert_ap. OVfr- "only the best, use Sargent Gold Label Paintt. _ ' "• '' ' * QUART C MOT GARDEN HOSE GALLON 25-ft keng* hs $198 $069 I to v 50-ft. Lengths 5 $C95 to P DE LUXE FIBRE SEP COVERS 1935 Venetiari Blinds 4 \ I Add distinction to home with these high quality Venetian blinds. Priced complete with brackets for installing. 24 to 36" widths.

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