The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 30, 1962 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1962
Page 6
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tdltertol—Atfv.—Bf J.J511—Ctasstfte*—86 3-2*11 THK BRAZOSPORT FACTS §RA*OSPORT AND 8RAZORIA COUNTY, T6XAS, THURS., AUOUST JO, 19 A2 TOLLOW the CROWD TO THE Ten New Polio SMITH-CORONA Coses In Texas 103 S. 6UI.F BLVD. Starring the World's Most Complete Line of Portable Typewriters. The Coronet — World's first electric portable! Fast, even typing. Five repeat actions: dashes, dots, underlines, spaces, letter "X". Four smart colors with all-steel carrying case. 8RAZOSPORT UNDERWOOD AGENCY FREEPORT BE 3-4981 JUDGE A U6A1 UGSND AUSTIN IAD — Texas polio cases increased this week to 187 for the year, almost four times the number of cases this time Inst year Ten new cases were reported as of Saturday to (he Department of Health, including nine paralytic, cases. The tolal of paralytic cases itr-ii,, forme year is M7. itaM/^HWtaeVi^'h'S ^^ A total of .19 cases, mclunitiR | dmvn „ fjnali sormvfl| , riprision Portedly 23 paralyse, were reported th,s' as fl Sl|p[ . cme Courf .^.^ ."!„ Frankfurter Resigns; Goldberg Appointed Drug Deforms 5,000 RONN, Cirrrrmny (AI')-An rslt n.v nnr«i.AS n. _ WASHINGTON (AD - AilinR a legal legend to named promptly, too. Goldberg's top Assistant, Under- i Son. Barry Goldwnlrr, R-Ariz., W. Wirte, «™«vi.llv<., he thought wolllrl niak , '"^e ni f ne Jp ™alv.ic cases Include^."™ ^^n^* ~^"™ ^H"""' Swrrtaiy Es "' Pr Pel<lrwh three in Lubbock Count), and one I Vresirient Klnn^fv Tn «r , , l ^° *** She is not " ««"•>»«* S^*™^ >?JI-J£«?-^rU?SeTre^^Jr^rS!^. ««. ™-< .«™ * •,„ was on the list of per-| (i ,. p nnrt wm||d wln q,,,,^ ScnR J p consideration. As-'confirmation. A niimhrr of tvmocrnls equally ready with applause. , , , c rison, Jefferson and Potter Coun-l , .. *'• .. OIIDAY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd In Observance Of LABORDAY PLEASE ANTICIPATE YOUR , s BANKING NEEDS FRIDAY and SATURDAY BRAZOSPORT BANK OF COMMERCE FREEPORT THE FREEPORT ~ NATIONAL BANK FREEPORT j waspish little man with a big mind>,, , (and a flair for piercing questions I utnh ' ns " lhp most rn ' lat ' ;who had ser\-ed on the nation's--D HvaiIaWe a < 'his point- highest court /or 23 years. ^ ~ ~ ..... """ statp Srn - Frank Moss . the most capable per For Frankfurter, in retirement in his years of active duly, L/I /\i UIUL : - | or 1 in inn ,* i'it i « in mil VI? ntlLV » the wiry.:, ' slrnng endorsement from (hcrp nrp sllrp , 0 ^ POT ,f| jrtinR ( And the White House said a suc-! that Ktlnneft y woirrt reacn outside cessor to Goldberg would be j his of ' icia l family. He did t^t for : the surprise appointment ot An appraisals. Some lawyers have called him pett.v. Others have n . .. •-•••-• , i culled him one of the greatest of But there_ was n possibility also Bll American jurists. 17 Clergymen Freed From Albany Jail thony J. Celebrezre as secretarj of welfare. Frankfurter's retirement Some contended his fancy for tossing sharp questions from the bench was little more than harass-, ment. Others upheld his prodding the Goldberg appointment were announced at the outset of a presi dential news conference Wertnes day. and poking as helpful to Httomeys I an "|in making their points. ' : Whatever the ultimate Impres- j sion may he, President Kennedy's j assessment at his news conference '• was: : (AP ' - Ja » It could have been no surprise "Few judges have made as sig- i that Frankfurter stepped down nificant and lasting an impression I from the bench, and little surprise i upon the law. Few persons have' j that Goldberg received the presi- made so important n contribution dential nod to step up. Frankfurter at 79 gave way to , . h rer agave way to ; doors have swung open for 20 per- the inevitable Inroads ot mounting sons, including 17 clergymen, ar-j years and waning health after his ears of outstanding yet controver- H « to our legal traditions and lltcra- mated 50nn German children hnvcjflclal snM WHnMtdny, been defurmed by ihnlldmnlfle i .trur-f Strnlmi toM * n» w , tnken by the mothers tlnrlnu pro:- ! feren.-r lhe penk ohvNislj tin in \v, n West C.crmim henllh of- 'passed. ^ nm ,^ m _ __ VINYL COTE INTERIOR FLAT LATEX WALL REG. PAINT S 3 B RETAIL VALUE $4.95 gal. GALLON SATURDAY ONLY % OFF REG. PRICE of $3.95 $2 BILLS AVAILABLE AT SIMMONS Ch.ek Our "Wild "Dtueat" Lilt Sat. Septsmbsr lit. Ith ol PARK SIMMONS * BUILDING SUPPLY CO. DOWNTOWN rested for a racial protect demonstration. Most, if not all, of the sial sprvice on the h ' Rh tr -.,„ •..,.,_., ,_ . . . suffered a stroke April 5. His 55 still behind bars planned to speech was impaired. He lias been •"F^t-v-u \>*i» iiiiprtiitti. rie iias oeen gam release today by posting SZOOjaway from the court ever since. bonds. With a twinge of pathos and a ; The spotlight in this racial j refusal to compromise with prin- i trouble spot shifts during ' h ° • ciple. Frankfurter wrote President ;afternoon to U.S. district Court,!Kennedy Tuesday of his decision. ;where a hearing was called on a: In keeping with his years of suit seeking to desegregate parks, | pondering the law and the law libraries and travel facilities in j books, Frankfurter started off by AIban - v - (citing "2S U.S.C. (Sec.) 371 (Bl, More than SO clergymen, mostly IBS Slat. 12"-the statute permit- from Northern and Midwestern i ting his retirement. cities, were among 54 white per-j "To retain my seat on the basis sons and 21 negroes jailed Tues-|of a diminished work schedule" day for refusing to leave the side- he said, "would not comport with walk in front of city hall where my own philosophy or with the they sought to hold a prayer vigil.! demands of the business of the "When these men go back;court. I am thus left with no ihome, they'll be telling the A]-, choice but to regard my period of i ;bany story. said the Rev.; active service on the court as hav- | Andrew \oung Wednesday night: ing run its course." i at a. mass meeting where several! In a warm letter of reply Keni ..w e .™ nlste ™ spoke - ! ned - v v "'c«i for himself and all . Were creating a people that!Americans "our respectful grati-' h2 mPanS t0 ** hlde for the Character, courage =iri» tn^M''^ 1 L° UnSl a " ' rarning and J udiclal dedication aide to Dr Martin Luther King with which you have served your country over the last 23 years." exhorted lhe several a was char.icfpri.stip he sa'id. that four dreams com« true with PLAID STAMPS HOLIDAY FOOD VALUES FOR THE LONG WEEKEND! PHICES GOOD THIU SAT., SEPT. 1, 1962 BUY YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES AT A&P C/oied Labor Day JANE PARKEI POTATO CHIPS "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF SALE! A4P FROZEN SPINACH Chepp , d '- WHIIFIEID HAMmBGE« CHIPS Ol »EG DILL PICKLES .2 5ALAD DRESSING MIRACLE WHIP £ 49< TM* Coupon 25 Extra Stamps ?•+ 3 tl-ai. Jort KAINBO MIDGETS SWT. PICKLES AiP ASST. FIAVOK MELLORINE: CHEP'S PIIDE CHAICOAi BRIQUETS *£794 MNf PAIKEI 49* APPLE PIES t .39< Peanut Butter ^d, 3 .t99* --a* l-lb. ...Pk 9 . * FIRST STATE BANK CLUTE LAKE JACKSON STATE BANK LAKE JACKSON lb». 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Many of his .'.tudents became "brain Irusters"! in the new deal days of President' | Franklin D. Roosevelt. Frank/ur- jler was regarded as a crusading ; liberal in his earlier years and I then as a conservative on the! court. Goldberg's 30 years at law were j largely in the labor field. He had i a key role in the merger of the' AFL and CIO. In Congress, words of regret; that failing health had forced! Frankfurter to retire were cou-l pled with generous appraisals ofi Goldberg. • Senate Kupublican leader Kver-i ett M. Dirksen of Illinois—Chicago! is Goldberg's home town—said the \ Cabinet member "measures up to' every standard required for a! place on the Supreme Court."! PEACHES R £M OSO .....__ u. 19 C NECTARINES _ u 19 C GRAPES . Lb. CARROTS RBE f.r Cr ;, f 2 £19 C PCADC FUU-RIPE JUICY I rE **"*^ BARTLETTS O For ANN FACE SAIA6 MUSTARD__ ANN FACE KETCHUP2 '&• SMFEIIOt t-Ol. 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