The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 18, 1961 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1961
Page 7
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iaymam £ua Wednseday, January 18, POKYTAIL TOWERING PROBLEMS FACE KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION Another task force proposal rec- platform called for legislation to effort should bo made by a new in January, 1961, negotiations with the 'elect and his team outlines the:Keimc<iy's working schedule i magnitude o' the challenge 1 . By RKLMAN MOWN j WASHINGTON CAP) - If you! •were in John F. Kennedy's shoes: oney, another task force said in- j general will be the president' is possible to come to some conclusions which lessen the chances contamination of the atmos- KUl'foR'S NOTE — One thins: president of the United States, de-j tth' O niiclear-fl.. of four articles on the president-1 chev, for example, can disrupt j 'e when jt: 1 it suits him. just by metering a'come taxes may have to be cut!elect's brother. Robert, crisis. ' " ' ^ |'» "id the economy. j Kut whil( , ;]j(1 prosrams f 0s ti f So where \vould yixi start? : "Prudent economic policy." the' (rating on these domestic issues,! . , .. .,,.,. m , oc The outline of Kennedy's ap- .^oup said, "must face the fact! Premier Khrushchev most prob- i P herc and also lesben . the < - lwnLes proai-h to somo main domestic that we go into 1961 with business!ably will demand a huge share;that oilier powers will begin to - H-.' uh,.-,, vnniri v,,i, vf,i., 'questions alrcanj' is known. : st ill moving downward." It said|of the new president's time and possess a nuclear capacity, •£ wrrn- nroWem th't ace ; II is oxpCclwJ that h ° w - i11 r >»' liv '* lal income taxes mi fi ht' „ 10 A i.. HI., proDitm.s m..i idte r .-,,,mv^<: f,,r early action in five have to be cut by three to four "What value would there k> in < agreement on disarmament or nu-iihan lik*' rioiii- i^stim? with the Soviet Uninn'seating !• Conscquently. H ljk ,,,y that th Red Chiiu srrms more questions of d '" and see whether it I if tlie agreement did not include. atui munition of that the president-elect? fields — aid to depressed percentage points, as a temporary j Here is a partial list: Khrush-; area s, housing and the minimum j not ; n the "arm to the economy. I chev and anotlier summit. . , the j \vage. medical care for the ased. nation's tconomy and the dollar I and aid to education. He has had .. . . R.ed China . . . disarmament j task forces of experts studyinc '. . . civil rights . . Castro and [these questions, and uiey arc re- 'communism. the farms j porting to him, with recommen- •Laos the schools . . nuclear Idations i rockets for NATO . . . labor legis- Kennedy used Hie phrase, "the With respect to a housing bill. i 1 . • . - ,. * ..v i »*«>." ,7 -»•• vv- f _ ^ ^ !,**» *nl i»A/4 r\f \ra\ie\v> i>i tnr-rve-* ilalion . . . American prestige. ni.wt important domestic pr; I Some of these could require im-ity,' 1 in discussing the report 'mediate decisions and action from!assistance to depressed areas. Khrushehi "One of my disagreements with was one of the first the present administation has Red China?" Vivian Vance, Dodds Marry In Santa Fe his predecessors. O f more immediate concern ™ SA::TA FE. KM. •1—Actress, e i heads of state to congratulate i been that I don't feel a real effort j Vivian Vance, 4b. ami " on his election. He sent Kennedy is expected to recom- another" message at New Year's, mend increasing the minimum [again expressing the desire for wage to 51.25 an hour—it's $1.00 i improved relations with the Unit- now—and expanding it to cover;ed States. Last year Khrushchev five million additional workers. clearly indicated that he saw little hope of reaching agreements on Berlin, disarmament, and oth- ho has talked of lower interest rates and easier terms for buying !er outstanding issues with the Eion credit The housing industry I senhower administration. i=y: ^rs « 1«: l^he^a: ..«ra« ™uSn; jso has been s!u ggish, and these j; ScMt^ comers no^urpnse not susceptible to quick solutions, j suffers when there is prolonged, steps coum netp. |if Khrushchev, very soon, pro- Inevitably there will be still an-i hardship in any locality.'' other type, the unforeseen event. | Therefore, It would seem the out-of-the-blue claim his whole attention. . Apart from these questions of j poses another summit, now _tnat a that the economy, there is the great *lrrs n?y RECITING HAMLETS SPEECH ASAIN.THIS TIME WITHOUT THE BUBBLE GUtt I " Sun TeleScope •eseen event i Tnerelore, it WOUKI seem u«»i »"• ^«"""y -- — ° . problem to i this problem will be high on his; and contmum ^ *«e overav^ ition. For the i list of starting-points. 'nghj^A^nl^inJhe Democratic new president is taking office. Kennedy, in turn, said recently: ,.; sudden crisis . 'president and his , "iUuld have to deal promptly. has been made on this very sensi- ij s her John Dodds. •)!, who u , cie: ; v ould have to deal prompn.v. live subject, not only on nuclear married here Monday, planned io ; nof | v nas demostrated re- control but also of general dis- leave today for Hollywood. | m a r kable" energy' and the capaci- armament." Mrs. Dodds is known for h«| tv ' to w ork long :ind h . al ' d -If' rr-u- .. U1 rt *» nt rlicnrrti'lTr\nYlt „«!« ot. T?tV»/^l MVPt"/ Ifl 11101,; „ n>iTv» 'M HOIlt'S in a fl(l\. armament.' The problem of disarmament appears, increasingly, to be becoming also the problem of Red China. There are two reasons: 1. The time may be near when Communist China has succeeded in building its own nuclear weapons. 2. From the beginning of disarmament talks, years ago, this role 'as Ethel Mvrtz in the ^^ are only -j.j hours in a "I Love Lucy" TV scries. The Dodds met on a Wind date in Santa Fe at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Hooten in the summer of 1959. They were married in the Hooton home by Justice of the peace Tom Milne. Actor John Emory gave the bride away. Mr. and Mrs. Hooton acted IF YOU ARE THINKING OF YOUR HAIR SEE MONTIE'S BEAUTY SALON 3001 Garth 1W. JU 2-2532 Br CYNTHIA LOWRY AP TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)—That long- awaited television event finally happened Tuesday night: The housewife picked the pile of clothes washed by brand X instead of the sponsor's washday product. But it was only done in the 'spirit of fun in the course of a slight, depressingly unoriginal The imminent return to the channels oi the Great Gieaso is causing a flurry at CBS. After a dry run of his new panel show earlier this week Jackie stormily! announced he wanted bigger | names among his game-players. \ Originally chosen were Johnny Carson, Treacher Pat and Carroll, Arthur Patricia Cutts— a1 least two of whom are vererans , revue hung on the well-explored of the panel show business. Car- theme of conformity, son recently proved an ingnttia-i As is usual when a TV show decides to be satiric, the most fertile field proved to be television itself. This was even more noticeable than usual on NBC's "Everybody's Doin' It." Right after Art Carney, Alice Ghostley and the others kidded a number of familiar commercials, the sponsor's real message came up: A bowler knocked a pin wearing a wristwatch into a tub of water. This was just a little bit funnier than the sketches, although designed to sell wrist watches. In addition to Madison Avenue and TV commercials, the satiric treatment was applied to Loretta Young and her famous entrance, "The Untouchables," TV's desire not to offend and the beat gen- oration. None of this was up to the standards of last season's Carney shows, raore'i the pity. ting and funny substitute for Tom Poston on "To Tell the Truth." and Pat Carroll in her prc-skinny days was such an asset to a panel show that the sponsor, maker of a diet aid, brought herj back on the show after an initial decision that her decided curves were a poor advertisement. Maybe the panel proved too' funny for Jackie's delicate ego. i Anyway, the maestro is planning a. busy couple of days. He plans to tape two shows Thursday, another two on Friday—and i then insists on a live show for the debut Friday night. Recommended tonight: "The Prisoner of Zenda," CBS, 8:30-10 EST—Show of the Month adaptation of Anthony Hope's mythical kingdom classic, with Christopher Plummer, Farley Granger and Ingcr Stevens. , Suns Television Log • »-^*^ iAT XM0 "I "'8 World At Whirlyblrdi TV Newt Tofeyln Q) News, Weathergal •:X> M WeaQiet (£) Conaway Comments 1:30 O Wagon Train Aquanauts Hong Kong 7:30 ID Du Pont Special Price Is Right The Nelsons 8:00 (B Perry Como Hawaiian Eye 9:00 O Peter Loves Mary Naked City Circle Theater 9:30 B Bold Venture 30:00 O R' v ugh Riders Night Edition News Rather Nrwf 10:10 ffl Weather 10:15 ffl Late Show 10:30 fi Final New* _ Tightrope 10:40 O Mann About Sports 10:45 O Jack Paar 31:00 ffi Follow That Man 11:30 Q) The Pioneers 12:00 0 Final News Marietta Wanted by toe FBI 12:01 tfTSign Off 12:05 O Daily Wort 13:15 O Sign Ott nUKBDAY MOKNINO Jan. 1» S:55 O Devotional KWBA 13K OK YOUR DIAL FRO6RAM *M 4:M 4:«0 4:«5 4:M 4:5$ $:» i:15 I:W »:» I:M tM i:54 7:89 7:90 7:M 8:00 K.OS I:iS t.tO t!K II :W OH THK 00 JOHN I; ALT NKWI FAUL HOtVKT A*O MUillC KfWS V>_N HORK X»C KU. f. MORGXK ABC MOVIES IN MCVntW Kupptr ctufc >BC NKWS iit'ORTSCOPX KUI'l'KR CU» AW KKWS SUI'Ktr. VLUB UATK KOK UKEAKING AUC NWVS VANDERCOCK — ABC J'ATE FOR DREAJbUNG ABC HKWS PATE FOR DREAMING ABC KEW* K1ON QTV THI RSItAT »::» SIGN ON AND NEWI 5:fS COUNTRY M17S1C .VSO T1MEKKKPKH *m CK.XTRAL BAPTIST *.)5. 1JKB Cont- aassroom Cadet Don Daily Word Today Farm Report, News Mr. Caboose Today in Houston Morning News Today Cadet Don Opt Kangaroo Today in Houston Tumbleweed Time Today 9:00 O Say When IB Our Miss Brooks Q) My Little Margie 3:30 || Play Your Hunck ffl Video Village ffi Jack La Lanne 10:00 ft Price Is RiRht Star Showcase I Love Lucy The Clear Horizon Concentration Love of Life Truth, Consequences Morning Court 11:30 ffl Search for Tomorrow It Could Be You Love That Bob Guiding Light NBC News THITBSDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 (D Camouflage Ot News A Amos 'n Andy ,'2:15 Q Joyce Hayward J:30 ffl As The World Tun* m Beat The Clock B Medic 1:00 u) About Faces Life of Riley Jan Murray 1:30 0 Loretta Young House Party News. Live 2:00 O Young Dr. Malone Millionaire Day in Court 1:30 fi From Those Roots ffl Verdict Is Yours ffi Road To Reality 3:00 ffl Brighter Day 6 Make Room for Daddy ffi Queen For A Day 1:15 ffl Secret Storm J:30 ffl Edge of Night d Here's Hollywood Who Do You Trust? I^ooney Town Early Show American Bandstand Peoples Choice IB Kitirik's Party 5:10 O San Francisco 5:30 m Huckleberry Hound B Rather News 5:40 Q Almanac CD Chandler Sports 5:45 O Huntley-Brinkley ffl Edwards Nrws *:!» I.KOS HAl-K * V> WORLD 7.1(1 TKXAS 7 IS TIMEKBKPER *:» 7:SS *:«! » 55 * M »:» :c M id » u m 11-15 11 11 4S rAlit ItARVKT AW WBWR TIMEKKrPEK AUT JtKWS DOS MCVKAl^-ABC Al»" NEW* TXKK IT KAST 4:00 ID S MY IT ANT TAEK rr TAKK IT KART J.IFK UJtK IT F-A8T MARVCT— ABC ? rni ?rrw* * U POP.TB WOW Mortgage Burning is Hampered *• No fire JOPLIN, Mo. (AD-T'lannmK a mongaKP-fjurninK ccrrmony at ;i |Boy Scout campsite, adult iearlors ij shotild hr- done in true iny stvif— itTiii.nt; the rnort- with flint and stef-1. I)on lioncy of the Ma Kan Conni il executive hrvfrd stc-pppd for- wanl Monday night with his tnisly Koonit kit. HP Mmirk the flint .'iirnin ami Plenty of sparks, hut th' 1 A ctvti>paii)on provrrf that fire csn N> krrplif-d by flint and sterl —in a ciRarctte CENTRAL AMERICAN BANANAS RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT FIRM CARROTS av»c*r « *'**» •_»»-— as best man and matron of honor. question has confronted the West: there is a*difference SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY^FRIDAY-SATURDAY BUSTER SPANISH PEANUTS Lb. Can 49c WILDERNESS APPLE PIE FILLING 25c No. 2 RAINBO CINAMON BOLLS 19c Reg. 25c LOOK-YOU GET DOUBLE STAMPS On Each of These Purchases at Hollaway's! m 83c Crest Toothpaste 69c plus tax plus tax Reg. 2.i9j olt j |f ome Permanent $ 1 89 Reg. iooJergen's Face Cream 59c Guadalupe 'GINGHAM' Reg. 3.56 Value Reg. 1.89 Value 4 Yard O95 2 Yard ^69 Lengths £ Lengths | SAVE ON THESE VALUES AND GET DOUBLE BIG BONUS STAMPS TOO! BIG TEX Sliced Bacon LB Veal Brisket Stew Hormel 29 49 Swift's Brookfield EGGS GRADE A Doz. Wieners Hot-'N-Spicy _ -^ Brick Chili ,59 C I VNDFV—Tt RKKV OK CHICKEN FRICASSEE LBCAx49c STeU *r 7 Al'S-TKX BEKK DASH ONM- i CTFW (V.KKXSIXK JICTW pUZ ° XLY *' c Hllvs WHITB STUFFED OLIVES ,. 4 oz.39c SYRUP FROZEN FOOD VALUE UBKY'S A1>I> GUF.KX ASPARAGUS NO. :f(Mi ( AN .. :>,IIO CAN J lOFi 1 . I,.\K(.I; (jr. j. JAK 39c New Large Mellorine 1 Gal. Only Chef WHITE DEER FLOUR 25 Lb. tag '1.79 CAKE MIX VHiit<>, Vrllow, Devil Food 3 - r CHOCOLATE CREAM COOKIES 2 Lb. Fkg. 45' 12 In Pkg.-Morton's Biscuits 29 C Waffles 2,45 yj^j^'j Country Cupboard A M ^ mm Lemonade 3 ^35' Apple-Peach Pie Ea 33

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