The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 27, 1969 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1969
Page 10
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•WDJlDeW Vtfli Monday. January 27. 1969 AmiCATIOM POt VOnt UOtfTtATHX CfltTWCATI HAWS COUNTY, TfXAS •> j * j 1 *m not tUeaoellfM le re»J«N* «•»«»* •"* P»«vision* of Artkk 5.01 ei me T«xe* f Uctlon Uw*. I understtnd mel me «lvl«fl «< U)M Information to procure *e foaJstietlon o* • vow* It • felony. CMtWKAIl SIGNED. Applicant * Mo one c*n *ct M eoenf end sign for enorher except hutbtnd, wif«, femer, mother, ton or daughter. (Brother end titter cen not >lgn for e»ch order). (Mull be qualified elector). IF SIGNED OTHER THAN BY APPLICANT, SHOW RELAT IONSHIP. (HUSBAND, WIFE, FATH«. MOTHEK, DAUGHTER). SON, men o« AOOMtti CtTTi IIP COMi MA11INO AOMfU. TUHMOMCi HOW LOMO MAVf vou uv(o IN TUA1 MAMIt COUNTY IIITH >lACf STATI Ot COUMTIY 21 Oer Veer SOCIAL SKUIITT NUMMI CITY O* NATIVf BORN NATUaAUZrO •« T.M. MOTf Be* Will I To bo L ot.Hani.. County 4 filled In only If 20 years of eat, or now resident of Texas. HERE IS AN apptkation blank for a Texas voter registration certificate which you may use if you have not received one through the mail (if you were a registered voter last year) or if you have lost the one you did receive. Just be cure you don't register twice. Mail the blank to County Tax Assessor and Collector Carl S. Smith at the Harris County Courthouse, Houston 77002. Deadline for returning your application blank is Jan. 31. It is necessary to have a voter registration certificate to vote in al) public elections. Sen. Brooks Likes Smith's Proposals On Legislation AUSTIN (Sp) - Sen. Chet Brooks praises the program pre- sc-nlecl to the Texas Legislature by Gov. Preston Smith and terms it "one of the most progressive and realistic set of recommendations ever devised to deal with the problems of today." Sen. Brooks says Gov. Smith's recommendations "combined the concerns of rural Texans with (lie critical needs of the expanding urban centers without harming either." The senator, who heads the slate committee on vocational- technical education, said he was particularly pleased with the priority given to the needs of occupational training in the governor's address to the joint session. "With Gov. Smith's recognition of the void that now exists in this lield," he said, "I am certain he will get the legislative cooperation necessary to deal adequately with the problem." Brooks calls the governor's message, "the beginning of a new era of effective cooperation between the executive and legislative branch of slate government." BAYTOWN INNKEEPER NORMAN MARGRAVE HAS DOUBLE VISION Twin Employes David and Homer Thomas, Thehna and Velma Berwkk Home Owners Club BAY HIDGE Home Owners Club will meet at 10 a.m. Wednesday al the home of Mrs. Ben Nelms, Ocean Drive. Door prizes will be given. Submarine School SEAMAN APPRENTICE Harold Huron, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Huron, graduated from Naval Submarine School at Groton, Conn., the world's largest submarine base. PTA Council FAMILY communication will be discussed from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Parent- Teacher Association Council Workshop at Carver-Jones School. HI AND LOIS •y Mort Walker and Dfc Browne WASN'T KIDDING WHEN "(IA4 DOWN TT WE JUST THESE SHOES FOR DITTO. HOW COULD HE POSSIBLY WEAR THE HEELS DOWN SO FAST? MR. ABERNA Rlag«way JTevBR/GrWIF^NGTOSEECUR I , VDONG MEfVe&*S PR/VCTTCING / / HE DOES SEEM DEDICATED TO THATROy WIL9ON IS GOING TO MAKE A \ GREAT GIRL WATCHER! BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Wofc*r TrlE CriAPLAlN 5AV5 50UMP5 IT MAS QUOTES ALWAYS UAVE PB1PE IN you* ANP foJH vse«< WIUL BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lmswd HOW DIDV6 DO IN SCHOOL TODAY, •JUGHA1D? I DONE WONDERFUL GOOD, flUNT uoweezv /^ WHflT DID VE DO SO I WONDERFUL GOOD AT-\ READING WRITIfO'OR V^ 'RITHMATIC? ^^>-^^r ]/ I TRADED OAMEV MV FROG F6RTWO C«N£ELIE£i TEN ALLEY OOf By V. T. V/HERE'D \ Y'GOT ME! SHE WAS RIGHT . THERE AMP THEN SHE GO? / KINC*. PISSCX.VEP INTO THIN AIR! OH,MY GOSH.' POC MUSTA PICKED HER UP WTTH TH' TIME-MACHINE.' us... HEY, WHAT'S TH' MATTEL, KAYMO? Y'LOOK A LlTTLe PAtE/ 11 WAS WONPER- ' ING WHAT TH' PHAROAH'LL PO... ...WHEN HE W5C£VER5 WEVE PONE AWAY WTTH HIS WIFE.' Vote Coming Up For Pay Boost For Congressmen WASHINGTON (AP) — Opponents of a $l2,500-a-year congressional pay boost, greeted with silence so far from House leaders, have stepped up their efforts to bring the matter to a vote. Unless either the House or Senate vetoes the pay increases they become effective automatically Feb. 14. Rep. H. R. Gross, R-Iowa, Friday sent a letter to Rep Thaddeus J. Dulski, D-N.Y., asking for speedy action on a resolution disapproving the pay raise. Dulski heads the House Post Office and Civil Service- Committee, which has not even been organized for the session. He has given no indication he intends to call a meeting before Feb. 14. Congress begins its Lincoln Day recess Feb. 7. Gross has asked Rep. William M. Colmer, D-Miss., chairman of the Rules Committee, to use his powers to take the resolution away from the Post Office Committee, but has received no answer to this request, either. Rep. David N. Henderson, D- N.C., the ranking Democrat on Dulski's committee, also has introduced a resolution of disapproval. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson suggested increasing congressional pay from $30,000 to (42,500 a year. "In the interests of fair and decent legislative procedures, one of these resolutions should be considered and $11 "members of the House of Representatives given the opportunity to vote on this sweeping proposal," Gross said in his letter. Dulski's office said he was out of town and had not received the letter. French-Speaking Detroit Busman Is History Expert DETROIT (AP) - You could learn a lot riding in the Detroit Street Railways bus driven by Andy Wilson. You could learn a smattering of French. The 48-year-old driver is a self-taught linguist who often is called on to guide French visitors. You could learn where Detroit's tallest building, the Penobscot Building, got its name, or any of hundreds of historical facts about the nation's fifth largest city you might not be able to glean anywhere else. Wilson, who has been driving for the Detroit bus system since tie was 21, has been named to the board of directors of the Travelers Aid Society. Marving Kornegger, the new executive director of Travelers Aid in Detroit, said Wilson, a Negro, has a first-hand knowledge of inner city problems, in addition to his linguistic and historical abilities. 'I'm just enough of a ham," says the 6-foot-3, 235-pound bus driver, "so that that kind of things - makes me feel 10 feet tall." Wilson says he enjoys having captive audiences on his bus run. The Penobscol Building? That was named by its builder, Simon Murphy, who lived in Maine, home of the Penobscot ndians, Wilson says. Wilson keeps his file of Detroit history in his locker and constantly adds bits to it from newspaper clippings. He taught himself French and other langaages at home, using records and textbooks, and jopes to go to France this year o polish his accent. Story Time TERLING MUNICIPAL ibrary story time for pre-school children, sponsored by the unior Forum, will begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Mrs. Gene Halter, hildren's librarian, and Mrs. iobert Walton will tell the story, story film will be shown. Sun Classified Ads Do The Job •••ULAR STATED MMT ING of Boytown Shrine Club will be hW Monday, Januor 17, 19*9, 7:00 p.m. In the C'ub Home an Highway let. Lo<Hes Night, Shrlnert wear your tat. memberi ore urged to attend. Joe Soecfc P-rei Mortln Griffith, Sec.-Trtt. CALLED COMMUNICATION of Gome Cre»k Lodge No. 1IW, A.F. 4 A.M., Tuesday January 2», T9*», 7:30 p.n- In the Goose Creek Masonic Hall. Examination of Condi dales. Visiting Brethren cordially |nvl1< te attend. J. A. Beyer, W. M. E. E. Woogh, Sec'y 1-A. Special Notices MEDICAL PROFESSION — Are VM Intel ested In off It* or clinic across stree from Gulf Coast Hospital??? Will bulk to suit tenant. Call C. E. Smith, 427-4902 lor Information. At el Mil dete I will He longer M responsible for debts [ncvrred toy anyone other than myself. Signed Thomoi L. Patrick TIMBER WANTED — Pine and herd- wood, log and pulpwood and estimated Purchased In bulk or per thousand and units. HERB TIMBER CO.. Box IS, Liberty, Texas 77575. Phone XU-3U1, Liber (v or 517-4476, Raywood, R. B. Evone- CLASSIFIKO ADVERTISERS are urfee H> check the first Insertion of an an for gamble errors. The Boytown Sun wfl no-charge for an Incorrect ad tt me o* vertlser colls the classified deparimen before the second IneerttoK. TAX RETURNS PREPARED BY MAIL — 15 fee. Call Clifton McDowell for In- ormatlon, 4Z7-45M. WEDDING SERVICE Completely new le Boytftw*. complete decerallM el church, bevqwets and re- ceptlen. Per*e*eliie4 service. Reasonable, 47! 41U. 1-C Garage Solo GARAGE SALE — Old Wilson Supply lulldlng, FM MS, Mt. Belvleu, Monday ttrough Sat. I a.m. til? Antiques, old bottles, aiassware, clothes, miscellaneous OARACE SALE — Menday thru Thursday, Jan. 27-Jan. 30. 307 tnwood, 1 a.m. to 5 p.m. OARAOE SALE — 14ei Madison, guitar amplifier, hair dryer, baby bed. assorted sins of domes, cnen's, women's, children's, toys. RUMMAGE SALE — 1417 Market St. Friday 31, 1:30 - 5:30 Saturday Feb. 1, 1:30-2:00 P.M. Lltlle of everything. GARAGE SALE — JTW Cresfey Cedar Bayou Rd. Starts Frl. 'till? Piano, clocks bottles, doming, couch, miscellaneous Personals DEARLY BELOVED, avenae net y«vr- selves, but rather alve place unto wrath for It Is written, Vengeance Is mine; I will replay, solth the Lord. ALCOHOLICS ANOfTYMOUS — formation on Alcoholtsm you have a dVlnklno problem all 427-97M. LEGAL NOTICE LCttAL NOTICE Seated bids will be received by the lice of me Purchasing Agent of ttx Goose Creek Consolidated Independen' .ctwol District, Baytown, Texas untl :00 p.m.. Monday, February 17, 1969 an FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT, ol which Ime bids will be opened hi the school IstrlcTs Board Room, 1415 Market itreet. Bidders may be present when ilds are opened. Specifications and necessary Informa- km may be had by calling at me School District's Pufchaslno Office, 1320 Market treVt, Box 30, Baytown, Texas. The Board o* Trustees reserves the right to elect any and all bids or accept any Id deemed most advantageous to It. George H. Gentry Superintendent of School* 'Togetherness' Is Now Possible For The Nixons WASHINGTON (AP) - Presi- ent Nixon and his wife have ad dinner together every night nee they moved into the White [ouse, and a delighted Mrs. vjixon says that's a record for er 2S-year marriage. Togetherness has been the /a ten word of the new First amily's first week—Wednes- ay night they toured the man- on then went to the White ouse theater to see "Shoes of ie Fisherman," the first movie hey had attended together in a ear. They will end the first week unday with an interdenominational prayer service in the East Room, with evangelist illy Graham presiding. Mrs. Nixon's press secretary, erry Van der Heuvel, gave hese insights into the Nixons' ew way of life Friday when she eld her first press briefing be- ore a blazing fireplace in the mansion's ground-floor library- She said the family has been ining in the upstairs family ining room, with former Johnson chef Henry Haller preparing ie food. "We've been telling ie chef to surprise us," Mrs. ixon replied when she was sked, through Mrs. Van der euvel, if she had been ordering ie menu. LITTLE HENRY By Cari TIM CLAMIFIKJ "THANKS A MCLION" _»» me "SATISFISO ADVERTISER wne sent rfce velkieM bex el Q.V.D. 6L Loci-Found LOST 000 — Male CMhuefcM,. VKMry old Ptlly. Answers to "Patrick" RE WARPII Coll 427-J1I2 or 422-V774. CXX> LOST — Awket . red PomertMte*, molt, lost in Pelly area. Reward. 427-5424, 427-2365, "eworo. 7. Inctruction* POISE AND MODELING — New teuton beginning mid-February. Morning, afternoon, evening. Group and private lessons. Mary Lynn* Johns, School, 422-7217. BONNIBAR PRIVATE SCHOOL —Grades 2-5. Grade added each year, standards higher than accreditation requirement! Phone 422-721*, or 575-1122. 10. Help Wcated NEEDED — Or III ceek and Wellress. Apply In person to KETTLE'S RESTAURANT, 605 Alexander Drive. TWO EMPLOYEES NEEDED — General cook, and waitress with tray ixperlence. Apply lr» person. Bay Reef Restaurant. 2505 Market. THE BAYTOWN SUN Bat a Heme Delivery Route available In Anahuoc. If you off a High School Student with a car n Anahuoc you can make a good part Ime Inco-ne. Write to John Fairbanks, Box 673 Bc.ytown, Texas 775». PLANT TRAINEES «• St.44 Hew Den'l Jwsl Get • Jot Get • GOOD Je* — DON M. HULLUM Employment Service Phent 42>-ttT) ITfa Weet Main Bayiown Employment Secretory, S/H 7*. Type 55 S42S u» Bookkeeper, Full Charge, Type 71 WPM *4M •» Engineering Records Clerk, Type M WPM, S/H M MM Typist, 45 WPM PO* op Clerk Trplit, Light S/H SIM Mcistnger Girl, Type SO SM* P.B.X., Days Only SIM up Housekeepers and Cook* leneral Office S2M nturance Investigator S4M »f> Plant Trainees »J.»4-«.J1 hr. Production Helpers tl.1t hr. up Cvtledian, J to U *35* f:» te 4:M Menday Thm Friday t te 12 Saturday 2*» Decker Dr. Greystene Blda. 427-2t4( Suit* 1*1 DON M. HULLUM Employment 1 Service WOMEN'S DIVISION Secretary, Typing U, Shwlhand M.. Secretory, Typing 5S, Shorter* £ . .............. MM »'«rt Clert Typtal, U Wentt " CUrk Typitf,, Teletype Exp. M Nit Werdi ...................... US* Oemntlc Hetp .............. «aby S4fHr» COUNSELOR—Ronrto Hollows* MEN'S DIVISION Lab Technician, Seme Chemistry ..SMS Tax Accountant, BBA Degree $7M Shipping Clerk, Experienced ... MO* »;.» Prelect Engineer, CHE Degree »10»» plus Draftsman, Mechanical, Piping Open sates Management Trainee ISM nstrument Tech SBVi Quality central. Welding I7M Plant Help Permanent *2.7t te O.J1 Delivery Man SBVtW Week CMsultonts: Dost Hvllimv Dan Henderson L»t An Experienced Personnel Man Help Plan Your Career I a.m. te 5 p.m. Monday Thru Friday t a.m. N Neon Saturday Phone CMm 17*1 West Main 11. Female Help Wanted LADY — With seme knowledge e« gen- Taj Insurance, 5V? days, llghl work. Em- rrv Huorws, 422-1119 or 4Z7-XM9. LIVE IN HOUSEKEEPER AND ITTER — 6 days week. Salary good. V-WH. COCKTAIL WAITRESS AND CO OO IRLS — Salary oood. Call GL 2-917] or Gl. 2-4302. FULL TIME CHECKER NEEDED — Must be 21 or older and experienced In drive-In grocery work. Apply in person only to MINUTE MAN NO. 1, 321 W. Gull. V7U4I. BABYSITTER NEEDED — In my name, days week, off Wed. and Sunday. 27-44» after 5 p.m. DOMESTIC HELP WANTED IN Crosov reo. One day a week, Saturday morning referred. Phone 579-1311 alter 5 P-m. LVN re work Industrial medical clinic. 4fl hour per weed, I to 5 o-m. Call Peggy ell, GL 3-&CS4. ELLER FOR financial fmlltuflM. Data roctsslng experience preferred, age IS o 15. Write Box 23M core of The Bay- own Sun, glvlna qualifications. WANT LADY — To live with Mother far companion (Including light homework, lefcrences required. Call 422-9153 after p.m. BAR MAIDS WANTED — 21-15, single, pply 2521 Market St. Sunday 2-4 p.m., ody Shop. ERSONNEL SECRETARY NEEDED — Experienced, SH-70, Typing 55-60, VlOO plus DON HULLUM EMPLOYMENT, 422-12*3. EXPERIENCED YPISTS — CLERKS — BOOKKEEPERS COMPT<.1METER OPERATORS T«mr ,rcry or futl time IV ApaaJntnv-nt Pnene 4X7-1ffi PD TEMPORARIES JW Decker Drive Suite No. 1*1 NEEDED Immediately! Waitress. Please ooo4y Mi persen to THE TOWER RESTAURANT, Decker Dr. EXPERIENCED SECRETARIES Three Positions Open STARTING SALARY *4M TO «4M GOOD SHORTHAND AND TYPING FESS PAID BY EMPLOYER ONLY I) MINUTES FROM BAYTOWN DON M. HULLUM Employment Service 4IMTTJ ZKS West M«*n hfe In EARN MORE!! hew Mitalwwlly advertised, csmetlc*. Makeup metlwdi eflyweetf. We lead) yen FREK - And 's funl 12 hevrs weekly shevtd Blve o« H5 oreflt; full lime lie* end MO. Kern VIVIAN WOODARO COSMKTICS, fer oDpelntment, 422-ltM. 2. Male Help Wanted ERVICE STATION ATTENDANT — xperlenced, lull time. Day work. PP«y, 7114 Boyway. XPERIENCEO WAITERS, BARTENO- RS NEEDED — Apply to Mr. Eric hrlstlon, Houston Yacht Club, La Porte, R 1-12SS. <2» WIEK — 1 men, I«H er pert- me, not books, cars. Insurance, etc., rte training. Insurance, Monday f a.m. N, Main 427-M2e. RIVER IBM %' Monday 12. Hal* Help Wanted ML AnattBMttts Foi TWO MEN M«M «t eaet M e»sHt RU» ooer. Sales-Service and Suckles. N* ex pcrlence necessary, mutt hove car, Call JA J-2S1S. ACTIV oVnl mon — Or,. [toce, UOO iTURE. MANAGER TRAINEE — Must be 21 wars old and have auto. Good starting salary, goad chance far advancement Apply In person only. AMERICAN FINANCE SYSTEM, 103 W. Texas Ave. MA T» 13. Sales Help Wanted HUM IS NOT TOO MUCH hw mo* ever 40, with oar, to lake short auto trips near Boytown. Air (nail C. J. Dlckerson, Prei., Southwestern Petroleum Corp., Ft. Worth, Texas 76101. SALES OPPORTUNITY Full or port time. o.M.S. outemoriye, vapor Inlecters. Earning limited te vow time OM obUlrv. Coll Jerry, 4O-nti v 421-2MV. IS. Work Wonted BABYSITTING - I. my home, Old Pelly area, day or nlgnt. Phone 427-4)34. BABYSITTINO — III my home. Weekly or hourly. FencM yard. Well experienced 427-3142. FORMER LEGAL SECRETARY — Desires typing In home. fU-SSM. CANDY CANE NURSERY — New Mrt- cry. Kind, Intelligent, loving core. Hot meals, kindergarten, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. S12 per week 1 child, etc. 427-25*1, 213 E. Texas. HAPPY HOUIE DAY MtTHSBRY — State denied, working motneri enroll your child now In day care nursery. Call 427-2M7 far appointment. SWINT'S KIDDIB CURB — lit W. Homon. Stole llceneed. smacks, hot meals, supervised p*ay. Age* 3 thru 10. *:» o.m o a o.m. 422-M46, after t call 427-4244 SEWING DONE Phone STVIItr Mother Goose Nursery "- 4224B72 15-A. Bldg. Contractor NEW MEMBER. IN YOUR FAMILY?? Don't be cramced for space. Add a room and live comfortable. S-years to pay. C. C. "ROCKY" ROQUEMORE 1604 Wright Blvd., 42-»17f. HOUSE LEVELING - Bell bottom type piers lo builders clay. Slabs our special- v. All work guaranteed. A-ABA FOUNDATION CO., 674-tm or 424-7910. ALL KINDS OF CARPENTRY and p«in*na No lob too small or too toroe. 'hone 427-1047. REPLACE THAT OLD ROOF — Wit* a Bonded roof by Bob. SWIno and remodel- ng. 427-2516. LIQUIDATING — Entire stock, SilkoM, water proollnq qod points. A!) colors, Vi rice! 422-4561. •AINTINO AND REMODELING — Resil- denllal and commercial, fasl, dependable service. Coll 422-9172 or 422-5*6*. THOMPSON BUILDERS Remodeling — cabinet* — windows carports — new hemes and eW — Flnanc ng. Id John A, 4M-SM7. Hasty Builders TOTAL REMODELINO — FREE • STIMATES 4et S. Main, Highlands, 41t-2U7. 16. Apartments For Rent HARBOR, im — Few-roem fumtUMd aparlment, utilities paid. Call 427-2943. WISCONSIN, MltVt — 4 reem furnished apartment, all bills paid, M5. 4J3-4S44 or 427-4*25. GAILLARO, fM N. — FwnMwd ppprt- menl, no pets, utilities paid. US. 57-34*2. HUMBLE, 711 E. — 1 bedreem rurnlsned apartment, central air and heat. Bills paid. Deposit required. Phone 422-9350. MATTHEWS, R. W. l« Harvey, Please tfe our guest to attend the movie "THE HORSE IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT" now appearing al the Brunson Theatre. Resent this ad and vour Identification at the box office for your two free odmlv Ions. FURNISHED — Combination llvlng-bea- oom, kitchen, bath, private entrance, utilities paid, bachelor only. Apply 14 N. First. 422-9044. WILLOW, IN* — 1 roem garage pparl- nwnt, furnished, bills paid, $65. 27-4S09. WO 1-room furnished apartments — Upstairs U5; downstairs, WO. Utilities paid. CARTER H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATE REALTORS, 4Z7-7343 or Clolre F. "homan, 422-6455. PRUETT, IMi s. — Upstairs Iwnlshed aparlment. Couple only. Phone 422-7165. FUMNISHED — One bedroem apartment. Draperies, carpets, utilities paid. .pply 3213 Missouri, 427-4S3V. EFFICIENCY CABIN — One bedreem urnlshed. Couple or single. No pets. 522A Schoopa Lane. HHEE ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENTS, S20 weekly, utilities paid, close o rown. Claire Thaman, 422-6455, CAR- i-EP H. MILLGR AND ASSOCIATES, KREE-R! ee IrorrJ Bills paJ LA PORTE, »24 S. KANSAS — Small bedroom apartment. 145. Soeclal this week only, 2nd month rent FREE to good permanent tenant, GR 1-1191. MAIN, II* S. — Hlofrmoov Apt. C. One bedroom furnished, water and gas paid, BO. 424-J52I. LLINOIS, )2*5 — Furnished 1 reams, •Ills paid, coople. 575-1 Ml. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR — 500 Decker Drive, Section I— and 2-bedrooms, furnished and unfur- nljhed apartments. Electric kitchens, olr or.dltlaned; draperies; swimming pool. Phone 424-W13. BLUEBONNET APARTMENTS — tow renting — One and two bedroom*, furnished. All bills paid, hwy 14«. 422-6917. lARKLEY SQUARh TOWMHOUSK - ow cast luxury and convenience. Swim ilna pool, central olr, patios, carport. Ishwasher, refrigerator, alspo*d, carpet- ma; furnished or unfurnished. Utilities paid. 121] Park. 422-7*35, 422i7«7. wo-Bedroom Ap+s. $ 135 REATIVE ARMS — Twe-MeVeem •» irnlsheC «H I evered carport, •rnlsheC «H kvNt-kf kltckeM, c«rp»l» ', peel, wasnalerla. ieac- «M Mtls BEAUTfRJL APARTMENTS .2-1 beOreems, fvrnh)fce4 er Electric bvilt-lns; peel, O4K«lnm, etc. WHITEHALL, IJ*» Tetl, 417-1 HI NORMANDY— «R AN AD A — COLONY J»l TrlClty Beech Rd , 4T7-J4.7J TANSLEWOOD SQUARE '•QVtifM OfMf'fn'Mllflt RENTING ^~ LlW Hie* one) eiup»hm« llvtne c»n*Mens. One Hrf IWW BMvTCAnVf nf^lWinVfl 0Mv WWBT* •Mhed. CM Mr *et«l»s. 47M441, nwnoBV. Weickersheimer Manor GRAYWOOD ARMS _ PAtD LAUNDHY'BCrUIPMBNT AVAILABLE ir ' - - - — Baywood Apartments llkt.r. J«mii. HimliaX «r wrfsjraM Mr rent. «M.S« M 17. HOUMC For leal FOR RENT - Twe mobile home, air conditioned. Call Mrs. Mooney, 422-1102. FOR FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES Call T. W. Wllks, Realtor Phone 422-61 M. MASSEY TOMPKINS, til - One bedroom furnished, mobile home, oil utMI- tlet paid. 427-41M. ALVA, ulillty el PEGGY, SM — Fer sate er rent, vnivr- rlshed 2 bedrooms, completely redecorated. (90 month. 422-5*71. BAKER RD., MM — 1 bedroom »»turm- Ished house. Washer and air condllloner connections. 424-U«l. ADAMS. MM — Fer late er rejrt, •»- fuinlshed >bedroom brick, family room; 2-car oarage. S175 month. 422-s*7l. SCARLETT, M( — wnturiilslied »-oed- rooms, 2 baths, window air. Fenced bock yard. WALKER REALTY, 424-SSU or 424-5260. SPACIOUS — Twe eedreom, 1 bath kerne, Completely furnished. Adults only, $175 per month. Carter H. Miller and Associates, Realtor, M.L.S., 427-7341 or Clolre F. Thaman, 422-6455. HOUSE FOR LEASE — On N. Commerce. Unrurntshed 1-bedroom. Available In X dayi. Call 422-7316. aos 424-11 NEW MOBILE HOME — Fymtsfce* t* ft. wide, 2 bedroom, all bills paM. Ot~ posll required, TRAILER CITY, 2410 N. Alexander Dr. EXECUTIVE HOME — 1 bedreomi. 1 baths, air, heat, 1200. Plui security de- EWJlt. McCANOLESS, 4J7-I219. NEW MOBILa HOME — Furnlsked. eV conditioned on large lot. Contact Leonard's Barber Shop, Bayway Dr. TWO BEDROOM FURNISHED HOUSE— No pets. Apply 110ft E. Texas. SEVENTH, 13M N. — AvollaMe Feb. 1. rurnlshed, j-bedroomj, window olr, fenced yard, shade trees. Reasonable. 4M-AW5. MCKI 2-bedr Coll | 18. Bedrooms - Board MILNE* DR., 1» — sma« bedroom apartment, working i-non, private bath ortd entrance, 414-414*. PEARCE, Je» E. kitchen privileges Call 422-42TI. — Beoreom ler rent. BEDROOM — Witt) private telephone optional. Call 427-1U5. NICE BEDROOMS — Men only; plenty parking. With or w<1tv out air conditioning PARKS HOTEL, 427-7722. 401 S. Main. 19. Buslneu Rentcds COMMERCIAL SPACE — New K-Marl Ploia. Call JOHN M. SHEARER, REAi.- TY. 422-6517 or <22-6O*. _^_ METAL BUILDING — SuttaMe ler" R._J10 N. Main. 27-2721. WAREHOUSE, 117 Noire, — MX1* ft. masonry building with office space. Will rent or lease. Mrs. Lambert, 42J-4W4. Warehouse For Rent On N. Mdn. 4* It. by M n. en 1 •ere* Suttaele ler porege. Includes ettke Coll 20. Wanted To Rent WANT TO RENT — 4 er J >ome In the Goose Creek School Dlslrlct. Phone 427-4329. WANT TO RENT OARAGE — (Preferably In vldnlly ol Ward Rd. and Hwy. 46. Call 422-4111. 21. Trailer Space PRAIRIE VILLAGE AND MOBILB HOMES — We hove lots for sale. Pre- devclapmentl All utilities, future swimming pool, conveniently located at corner of Prolrle Rd. and Battlebell In Highlands. CHARLIE RAMSEY, 426-1521. LAROK CORNER LOT ler r«nt er sate k* Highlands, for mobile home. Swimming Boot available, Contact Leonards Barber Shop, Boywoy Dr. 424-5120 after 12 noon. JOHNSON'S TRAILER PARK — Ce, of Ave^ B «. Hwy. )46, All dry uNJItte* natural gas) S76-2e20 Mt. Belvtau. 23. Services Offered ALL APPLIANCES SERVICED r ree Service Coll Repairs tn your home. Color Specialist —No Fix — Ho Poy TV JOE — US Fifth St. Kemon, Texas I77-1232 day or night. NCOME TAX SERVICE — NOT Itemized and Ifemlied. Reasonable pride, Book- ceeplrta also. Frank Lombrechl, 422-4911. HODGES OVERHEAD DOOR CO. — Residential and Commercial doors serv- ced and repaired 424-5631. NCOME TAX SERVICE — Abe Bern:an Consultant 713 Gronltam. 422-4676, Sy appointment. COURTEOUS — REASONABLE - DEPENDABLE-ACCURATE NCOME TAX — Nofl'tTOffllietf 1«4*, M> simple Itemized 1040. $10; Detailed prices al request. JAMES OUVALL BUSINESS. J. H. BERRY, ASPHALT CONTRACTOR :quloment » Truck RetitoH. Sewer and Water Limn FKnse call 427-499t. ROACHES? Average * reem koase. 111. Also termites, ants, Heas, etc. CoTwner- clol, residential. Bonded, licensed. Harvey's Pest Control, 422-yWo, 422-5357. PINEMONT ENTERPRISES — We4«»t Including aluminum) sandWaillng, point- nq, 7001 Decker, 424-554*. B~AYTOWN AIM CONDITIONING eV HEATING CO., 1114 N. Main, Days 427. 4012, Nights 427-5445 — TWENTY FOUR HOURS SERVICE. Expert Installation and tervlclng, commercial and residential. MELVIN JONES, OWNER. "No equfe- ment Is better man the Installation and NCOME TAX SERVICK — «4 e*. appointments at your home, call after 4 p.m., Raymond Bodeoux, 472-4VSJ. TRENCHING AKO BACKHOE WORK Electric Motor Repair , e4isjB^ ILECTRIC m f. rr»efi. tn-nn. Backhoe and Loader Werk— To* lill in»« Yerd Dirt — W-lfW, Leyd BwrH ASPHALT PAVING AH r»pess«reeH, aevtitnt Ms, BAYTOWN ASPHALT CONTRACTO <27-eS*l. ewe^m. TORS, 23-A. Welding SoppllM BAYTOWN WCLDINO 1UPPLY—*e»es, RenMs, Repairs. Oxydrn and acetyterw, anesthetic gates and equipment. 34-hoor service. HI H. Aleswndw, 427-1BH. 24. SoU . Pertinaw J0« i«T RHULT1 - Try PertSteiBe Ylnterfier far new or MtabUshed towns •tove the prettlett lawn this sarlna LYHCHBURG FEED AND HARDWARE TOP SOIL-FILL SAND IHBLL-CLAY-PINi BARK

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