The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 14, 1954 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1954
Page 5
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Might Club Business Suffering Depression And Billboard Says Things Are Going To Get Worse By HAROLD FOREMAN DENVER, Jan. 14 —UP—The nightclub business is off 35 per cent from a year ago, and Billboard, the authority for that s^ate- rnent, hints that the situation is likely to get worse before it gets •better. 'Margaret Truman' Is 'Queen Of Week' ALTA, Iowa, Jan. 14 —UP— "Margaret Truman'V wa<- named "Queen of the week", Thursday for her egg-laying powers. "Margaret;" a hen owned by Homer Peters, produced 45 eggs in a seven .week period to :cop the first prize. "Jane Russell," another' hen,' was a close second. She.,laid 44 eggs. Billboard, | long th e bible of vaudeville and' nightclub performers, blames- the skidding situation /on television, the wide, movie screen, and the fact that "peop'c who made a buck the easy way during the war" are now finding they need their money for every day living expenses. But Billboard admits that 'big names" are drawing higher salaries than ever before, and adds that the bulk of the nightclubs around the nation still in business are featuring strip acts. Put together a "big name" and a strip act then and it should add up to business for both the night- CMb and the stripper. It does, 1 .according to stripper Evelyn West, whose audience gets a generous view of her 39 1-2 inch bosom which made her a "big name" in the nightclub business. "You can say for me," Evelyn said, "that I've never had it so REGULAR J249.95 OM.Y '199 B plus tax and installation 21-indi fdbi* C-f Mb Mstte| 100.00 • One of the biggest TV values we've ever offered! Look what you get. Exceptionally powerful G-E chassis, Top reception, sharp, dear pictures, even infringe »reas. Designed for ot/(- channel UHF-VHF. Come in, see how much more we — and G.E. — give you for your TV dollar! r Ftffllit Avfry, hafand wtth Kay Milfar.d for G.E. on radio ami TV. . Mftdtl 11T10. 21-Inch 1abt« model. Modern ritiifn !n block pfcntie. Mulch; tng baK with corttr*—ttighHy •xtro. 10% DOWN 24 MONTHS TO IVU" BALANCE one-year warranty, en tube. SO davi on part*. -. i tax, WILKIE S W, Texat Phone 2967 good since tne advent of,,television and the wide movi e screen. People still want to see what's forbidden on TV and in the movies- I'm packing them in wherever I go." Denver nightclub owner Warren St. Thomas agreed with Miss West. St. Thomas employs 30 girls, three of them strippers, and even his scantily-clad waitresses outdo the attractions at many a nightclub. "When I bring in a big name, stripper, the place is packed. I'll have big name strippers in here most of the time," he said. Billboard injected on e note of optimism in the nightclub situation: "It is quite possible that, as the wide-screen use becomes general, competition will be evened_ out and performers in thp flesh will again be in demand." Ttiat is. performers who leave their clothes on. Right now, at least in Denver and other cities of the West and Southwest, 'the- : . scantily-clad gal .with the "big name'' seems to be the one 'in demand in nightclubs. Even'Marlene Dietrich is doing a modified strip in Las Vegas—at $30,000 a week; Shivers Sets Arbor Day In Texas COLLEGE STATION, Jan. 14— (Sp)—Arbor Day will be observed in,Texas January 15 according- to a proclamation issued by. Governor Alien Shivers. Since the economic health, of Texas , rests on. its 1 natural resources, including trees ana" forests, Governor Shivers urges Texans to observe Arbor Day b.y planting trees and shrubs and btherwvw marking the occasion in a.-proper mariner. In Tnxas the need for observing Arbor Day was first recognized in 1889 at Temple, a .community which had comparatively few, trees. This year Arbor Day offers special opportunities for schools, garden clubs, civic clubs, youth groups, and other organizations to recognize and observe January 15 as Arbor pay. The Texas Forest Service has arranged 1 special Arbor Day radio and television programs. Arbor Day originated and was first observed in Nebraska in 1872. '.I. Sterling Morton, then a member of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture and later United States Secretary of Agriculture and 1 later United States Secretary of Agriculture, conceived the plan and the name. This plan was adopted, and on April 10, 1S72, the first Arbor Day was celebrated. Thus Nebraska became known as "The Tree Planter's State. 1 ' Arbor Day is more than a time set aside to plant a tree and glorify it with a sons, for it stimulates pubiic spirit and 1 a responsibility is assumed in caring for trees so they will grow. Proper observance of Arbor Day will instill in the minds of public school pupils a wholesome regard for the importance of fostering and caring- for trees, shrubs and forests. Rice Promotion Topic Of Meeting At Mont Beivieu Activities of the Texas Riee Promotion association will be the central topic of a meeting of the West Chambers County Farm Bureau at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 19 in the school cafeteria in Mont Belvieu, according to Perl Irish, president, of the bureau. Irish said that, in addition to the regular membership, members of the East Chambers County Farm Bureau and all area rice farmers are also invited to" attend. A highlight of the program will be. a demonstration of rioe,cookery from T t<y7:30 p.m^ by TRPA home economists Alice McMillian and Edis Martinelli. At 8 p.m. the meeting will be turned over to Albert Nelson, treasurer of the Texas Rice Promotion Association and a member of the Farm Bureau, .who;will serve as master of ' ceremonies for the •TRPA portion of the program. Kern Tips, TRPA advertising representative, will present a report of. progress of the Texas 'Rice Promotion Association. The Association's new color-and- sbund motion picture, "Operation Bountiful," 'which depicts the rice industry in its various phases, 'will be shown. Movie Stars File Own Cattle Brands ' BISMARCK, N. D., Jan. 14 —UP —Four Hollywood screen personalities have filed cattle .brands here, state 'brand .recorder Irvin Smith reported Thursday. * Smith said he registered brands fo: actress Rosalind Russel. actor Gregory Peck and movie producer Jule s Stein, and his wife, Doris Jane Stein. The South Dakota brand board also reported Miss Russell and Peck registered brands in that state, and a group of movie stars including Miss Russell, Peck, Gene Kelly, Jack Benny and the Steins have registered brands in Nebraska. It was not learned whether the group actually intends to run cattle in the three states. Man Uses Brafas To Escape Refrigerator ST. LOUIS. Jan. 14 —UP—Robert Moore, a repairman, shouted and beat his fists in vain on the six-inch walls of a tavern refrigerator after accidently locking himself in. After 30 minutes Ailile effort Moore got a brilliant idcn.- H P shut off the supply of beer to the bar upstairs. Seconds later the bartender came down to investigate and the shivering Moore was released. St. John, N. B., Is the oldest incorporated city in Canada, It was charted In 17S5. GRIST'S MARKET EXCLUSIVELY MEATS-INCOMPARABLE QUALITY 3205 MlNNESOTA NEXT DOOK '£0 iitJENE'S IN WEST BAFTOWN DIAL 6972 FEATURES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY — JANUARY 15-16 FRESH PRESSED Lb. 37 Veal Round Steak Veal Loin Steak Veal Chops Yea! 7 Steaks Stew Meaf Lb . 59c L , 49c Lb. .Lb. 25c Ground Rump Roast Pike's Peak Crown Square Cut Fresh, .Lb. .Lb. -« 59c .Lb. 57c - 45c uu .Lb. 39c -E co SWIFT'S SELECT HEAVY STEER BEEF Cutto L order, Lb. Loin Steak Beef Round Prime Rib i, 59 Rump Roast 59 Cut ieef Brisket ....Lb. Rr»rbecned Free! * FOR YOUR HOME FREEZER * ARMOUR'S STAR Heavy Beef , 48c GOOD OR CHOICE VEAL .39c THESE PRICES INCLUDE EVERYTHING! HOMEMADE SMOKED SAUSAGE Lb. 33c RIB END PORK CHOPS Lb. 59c FRESH PORK BONE 2 IB, 39c THE BAYTOWN SUN; THURSDAY, JANUARY 14," 1954 " f — PAGE I Machines Make Boomerangs In Australian Settlement SYDNEiT, Australia, Jan. 14 (IB— Stone-age native craftsmanship has given way to modern machinery :in production of the boomc- .rang and other native, weapons at La Perouse Aboriginal Settlement. Mass production methods became necessary to cope'with the huge-volume of orders for aboriginal souvenirs .for tourists during the tour by Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of E:iinburg. •But the authentic touch is-still with the goods because the aborigines use . stone-age methods to burn designs on the boomerangs, nulla-nullas and shields- In his natural state, .the Aust,ra- lian aborigine does not. till. the fields .for -crops, wears no clothes at all and obtains his food from hunting and v wild vegetable' growth. . The'aborigines at La Perouse do not live in this "back to nature" state but reside in the government - backeii settlement in a peaceful communal life. Eight of the 176 men at the settlement are now working full- time making souvenirs. The experts are polishing and whittling up to 18 hours a day .to meet orders for boomerangs. The boomerangs are soid. to city stores and overseas agents for! between eight shillings (90 cents) and 3 pounds ($7). Several of the aborigines often earn as must as 25 pounds (?56) a week. Two eJectric fretwork saws and polishing machines have tripled output for the souvenir-makers. Mulga, mangos and • sallywatle wood is used. One. aboriginal, Bob Sims, 43, is making nine special boomerangs for the 1956 Olympic games in Melbourne. He has been officially asked to give an exhibition in , boomerang throwing at "the games, and intends to use the nine special weapons. A usual boomerang is a curved, angular club that can be thrown in such a way that it curves around and returns to the thrower,. but the war boomerang, us&d in tribal wars or for Bunting birds, does not return. It is only a throw- Ing, club. ' A nulla-nulla is a 1 hardwood club, with pointed head. It is approximately a yard long and has a comparatively thin handle- It "is both a war and .hunting; weapon. Stork, Not Ice, Caused This Wreck FORT WORTH, Jan. 14—«M— Icy streets caused numerous smashups in Fort -Worth WecTnes- day.'but a baby being born in a car was listed as reason for;one 1 . J. .V. . Rovitto was rushing his wife to the hospital when .she suddenly announced that "the baby's being born." Rovitto looked—and. about that time crashed into a car ahead? of him. Neither car was seriously damaged, and Mrs. Rovitto—mother of two other children—Was put in. another vehicle arrd taken on; to St. Joseph's hospital. By the time she had arrived, so had her baby— a seven-pound 1 boy. Frenchmen Are Full Of Pure Alcohol PARIS, Jan. 14' —UP—The- National Economic Council was shocked Thursday by a; doctor's charge that the. •average Frenchman drinks nearly 12 gallons 'of pure alcohol a year. Dr. Etienne May, irka "five year plan against alcoholism." suggested, .among other remedies, that more cold .water be made available and that no .liquor be sold to minors before 18 -,in the morning. Try Sun Classifieil Ads—Dial 8302 i India's Population NEW DELHI —(IB— If all goea well, India might have a population of 520,000,000 in 1981. The All- India census report issued here, said that if food, is available to the population during the next 30 years and if no popular birth control movement develops, India's "populafcioh, which was 360,000,000 in 1951, could grow to 410,000,000 in 1961, 460,000,000 in 1971 and 520,000,000 in 3981. - ", ' * Expensive* Advice - " WTLBER, Nebr^m—''-Mrs. Don • Minrte asked Sheriff -John' Tesar how'to find 'her two missing dogs, ( and he Suggested she*'enlist, th« aid of kids by offering 1 a soda as a .reward. In 'a> short while 20'. boys rounded up hte strays, each claiming to have spotted the doga first. The only solution was buying 20 sodas. ' • HUMBLE EMPLOYES . i WE WILL ACCEPT YOUR NOTE WITH NO INTEREST CHARGES On The Purchase Of A. . .. 1954 Chrysler, Plymouth Or A Used Car. 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