Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 23, 1959 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
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Monday, March 23, 1959
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Local Notes Luscious Navel Oranges and sweet desert grapefruit for sale. Redlands FootMU Groves, x Weaver Dinner The Benchwarmer dinner for Buck Weaver will be held at 7:30 Tuesday evening in the YWGA activities building. 17-Foot Cabin Cruiser New '59 Dorsett now on display at Herman's Marine, 32C 'East State, Redlands. Parking Meeting Changed The meeting of the Board of Parking Commissioners has been changed from 9 a.m. tomorrow) to 9 ajn. Wednesday, according to W. E. Malone, chairman. Chief) of Police Stanley R. Bowen-will meet with the commission to discuss manpower problems connected with enforcing a strict two- hour parking time limit in the downtown area by chalking tires. Decorator Lamp Shades, all sizes. Home Furniture Co., 515 Orange. PY 2-4240. £ State Income Tax Help Virgil D. LaMorte, an agent of the State Franchise Tax board, which collects state income tax. arrived at the city treasurer's office today and will be available again tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 5 pan. to assist Redlands area residents with any state income tax problems. Forms and other materials may be obtained from him as well Weeks Funeral Funeral services for Benjamin N. Weeks were held Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. from Canaan Temple Church of God in Christ. Rev. N. T. Harris officiated, assisted by other pastors of the Church of God in Christ. Pallbearers and color guard were from March Air Force Base. Burial was at Mountain View cemetery, San Bernardino. Emmerson's Valley Mortu-| ary in charge. Baseball Physicals All Little League and all Pony League players and candidates for teams will be held Tuesday at 6 pjn. in the Elks Basement. All of those signing up for the ( first time must bring birth certificates. Tryouts will be held Saturday for those who have signed up for the teams. Sheriff's Probe Sheriffs officers in the Yucaipa area over the weekend were investigating the break-in of coke machines at Brewer's Chevron Service station on California street and the Seaside Service station on Yucaipa boulevard at Avenue E. They were also looking into the report of the sy­ phoning of gasoline from several trucks parked on County Line road in Calimesa. Hawks Services Services for Michael Hawks, 18 year old University of Redlands freshman chemical student who died Tuesday night of an overdose of a poison are pending at Tucker and Virgin Mortuary in Hemet The family has asked that the services be private. Criswald to Speak Don Griswald, manager of the San Bernardino office, California State Employment Service will speak to the Inland Personnel Association at its next regular meeting Tuesday at 8 p.m., at the Golden Bull Restaurant in Rialto. Investigate Burglary Richard Baker of the Commercial Automobile Body Shop and Garage reported to police that the shop was burglarized over the weekend and $218 in tools were taken. Rainfall Meager Yucaipa had a brief shower during the night which totaled .01 inch while Redlands had only an immeasurable mist and Mill creek just a trace. March, which produced more than 4*4 inches of rain last year, has so far been completely dry in 1939. BIRTHS 2. Six portable clas rooms will be erected on the campus. Mr. Ulmer has been authorized to prepare the plans.' In addition to these, four new rooms are present- PEREZ — Born, in Loma Lin ly under construction as an an- da, Calif., March 16, 1959, at Lonex to the library-class room ma Linda hospital, to Mr. and building. Mrs. Ronald Perez, 1014 Herald 3. A large general purpose build- street, Redlands, a son. ing will be constructed, beginning PINKSTON — Born, in San Berin the fall. It will house the stu- nardino, Calif., March 14, 1959, dent cafeteria, a faculty dining- at Norton Air Force Base bos- room, and student government pital, to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald quarters. Secondary use can be D. Pinkston, 1078 South Fifth made of the building for social street, Yucaipa, a son. events, committee meetings and HENDRICKS—Born, in Redlands, other purposes. Calif., March 20, 1959, at Red- Cost About $150,000 lands Community hospital, to The new building may cost about Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hen$350,000 according to preliminary dricks, 533 Esther Way, a son. estimates. However, at this time BAKER — Born, in Redlands, the plans are only in the stage Ca W.. March 21, 1959, at Red- where they are being readied for knds Community hospital, to e;.riy submission to the State Divi- Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Baker, sion of Architecture. Financing ^j 2 L 8 " 6 street - 1/11113 L"" 13 will be provided from the last a daughter, sale of high school bonds, accord- MEIDELL - Bora, in Redlands ing to Wilbur N. Vroman, assist- Calif., March 22. Ito9, at Red ant superintendent for business. land s Communiy hospital. t < To be located between Citrus Mr - and Mrs - Charles Meidell avenue and the site of the pres- 58 Alder drive. Mentone, ent Fine Arts building, the muiti- d,^£™er. „ . _ . purpose building will stand just BOTTOMLEY T, ^J"' m „-? ed east of the library. While it will lands - Calif.. March 22. 19a9. at have a street entrance, on the Redlands Community hospital, north, the campus entrance to the t0 Mr - Mf 5 - "''"fP Bot- cafeteria will be on the south. Al- tomle £ , P '°- Box 3i *- t Twent >' so there will be two snack bars. »i n , e ,,£ atatt ' a daugh £ r \. A and a covered area for outdoor CORMAN - Bon. «• Brands eating on the south side. Cahf.. March 23 19o9. at Red Dining Room For «0 Iands Community hospital, to The west part of the building Mji a " d M "- , Jarae3 Corman will house the dining room with m \" 3c0mo ' son ,- M A a seating capacity of 600 students. J0 ^f.f ~ e P m - '" Re f a "ff This will be one story high, with faW, March 23 19o9. at Reda 17 foot ceiling. The roof will if 3 * Co i? mun ' ty , h ° s P lta1 ' ° be of concrete slabs, with a 64 Mr - and «£• Paul Jones. 34ao6 foot span, and angled to each Avenue G . \ucaipa a son other in a saw tooth pattern (see R0USE ~ Born ' ln Redlands LIFT KOALA BAN SYDNEY, Australia (UPD—The government today lifted the ban on the export of koala bears from Australia to San Francisco. Koala bears will be allowed to leave the country provided they are accompanied by a competent person who will stay with them awhile until they become acclimated to their new homes, the government said. Weather RilafaU Temp. 24 February February February February , February February February February March March March March March March March March March March 10 March 11 March 12 March 13 March 14 March 15 March 16 March 17 March 18 March 19 March 20 March 21 March 22 March 23 21 50 22 59 23 67 24 70 25 73 28 77 27 80 28 82 81 83 87 81 76 78 84 . «2 . 73 . 80 . 84 . 84 . 79 . 74 . 85 . 82 . 72 . 66 45 37 35 37 39 39 41 45 47 45 49 46 42 40 43 43 47 44 45 45 48 52 45 46 49 44 47 48 50 42 51 Hours .47 .02 Season 5-S9J 5.61 New H. S. Building To Replace Fine Arts Under plans now being prepared for the school district by Architect C. Paul Ulmer, these major developments are in prospect for the Redlands High School Campus. 1. The present fine arts building will be torn down this summer. There are 12 class rooms on the first and second floors. In the basement is the school cafeteria. During 1959-60 no regular cafeteria service will be available. ' | Vital Records picture). Presently there is no facility in town, except the University! Commons, where an all-school dance can be held according tc . Principal Leonard Murdy. It BARTOLI - Bora. ,n Redlands is expected that the dining room Calif.. March 23. 19 3 9. at Red- about half again larger than the Cope multipurpose room, will often be used for school dances. The board of trustees, at their last] meeting, gave some consideration to the installation of a wooden floor but decided that vinyl over concrete would do. harmonize with the library building. There will be some brick facing, but Mr. Ulmer says there will be no ornamentation of any kind SAVE ! ! < ! ! WITH FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP Example: 10/20.5 auta liability as low as $21.02 each half year plus non-recurring fee first time only. Includes benefits for bodily injury caused by uninsured motorists. AGENT EVES. PY 2-5850 AH Forms of Insurance Compare Before You Renew! THIRD IS IMPORTANT MADISON, Wis. (UPD — Three buildings were dedicated at the] University of Wisconsin over the week end — a dormitory for 254 women, a dormitory for 256 men, and a commons building. Founded October 23, 1890. 69th year, i Entered as second class matter October 23, 1890. at the Post Office at Redlands. California, under act ol March 3. 1878. _ SUBSCRIPTION RATES On Advance) One Month $ 1-3* Three Months 1 81s Months lose Fear • Calif., March 23, 1959, a Redlands Community hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rouse, 980 South Third street, Yucaipa, a son. lands Community hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bartoli, 232 South Buena Vista street, daughter. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED CABRAL-TORRES —Charles Cabral, 23, Redlands; and Felipa "mi"'.' ZA~' t u -.J Torres, 24, San Bernardino. The eastern portion of the build- MAYNARD -rVY —Loran W. Maying will have two floors nard lg and Etha c j „ On the ground floor will be the both of Hedlands. kitchens, served by loading docks DIENST-STEFAN—Theodore and service area at the east The D i en st, 76, and Elizabeth U. land is presently in that use as Stefan, 72; botivof Redlands. well a* in parking. Service Area DEATHS From the kitchen food wjll go CHESTNUT — Died in Fontana, to the service area where the stu- California, March 22, 1959, dents wUl pick up the dishes they Charles B. Chestnut, 7732 Kemp- want irom a large U-shape' count- ster avenue, Fontana, aged 50 er. This will operate on the scram- years, native of Texas and resi- ble system, there being no conven- dent of Fontana for 12 years and tional cafeteria lines. formerly of Loma Linda. Also served from the kitchen Deceased is survived by his wife, will be the faculty dining room. Bernice V. Chestnut, Fontana, and The snack bars are being de- Mother, Clemmie Chestnut, Loma signed for service external to the Linda, the following children: Lar- building. That is, students will not ry Chestnut, New. York; Norman go inside, into the general cafe- Chestnut, and Corbett Chestnut, teria, to get their sandwich ice both of Fontana; Elizabeth Dy- cream, etc. son, Boron and 5 .Grandchildren On the second floor, over the and the following brothers and cafeteria, will be the student gov- sisters: S. L. Chestnut, Santa Bar eminent center — also usable for b ara, Calif.; Henry H. Chestnut various other functions. There Huron; Willie H. Chestnut, Wichi will be one room in which about te. Kan -: lrvia G - Chestnut, South 160 people can be seated, and nine- Gate, Clarence S. Chestnut, Rial [surrounding committee rooms with to, Ruth G. Haigh and Myrtle A windows facing the central room. Perkins both of Loma Linda: Ber This will permit a teacher to keep tha C. Larson, Beaumont: Carrie an eye on the meetings in several B. Betcber, San Bernardino, rooms at a time. The committee Funeral services will be held rooms can be opened so that three Wednesday, 10:30 a.m., at the smaller compartments will make Emmerson's Valley chapel. Elder one large one. Frank A. Moran, Loma Linda, of- It will be possible for the ficiating. Interment in Montecito students in the- committee meet- Memorial Park cemetery, Emmer- ings to obtain food from the cafe- son's Valley Mortuary in charge, teria floor by a dumb waiter. BROILES — Died in San Bernar- Two Lunch Periods dino, California, March 22, 1959, Supt. Fred Heisner explained to Amma Y. Broiles. 11174 San Luthe school board recently that in cas Dr, Loma Linda, aged 89 tht planning of the multi-purpose years, native of Kentucky and building it is assumed that the resident of Loma Linda, for 39 high school will continue to have years. 53-minute lunch hours. Under this Deceased is survived by the fol- schedule, in the fourth period, half lowing children: Paul S. Broiles. of the students eat and half are San Bernardino: Barnes H. in class. In the fifth period, the Broiles, Jacksonville, Texas; Mrs. other half eat and those who Katherine Lee, Loma Linda and have had lunch go to class. the following brothers and sisters: The long lunch period provides Yancey P. Yarbrough, Weslaco, one more period of use for such Texas; John Y. Yarbrough, San expensive facilities as the shops Jose. and the typing room. a Funeral services will be held A by-product of the long-lunch Tuesday, 1:30 p.m. at the Emmer- is a period which is sufficient for son's Valley Chapel, Barton road student committee meetings and at Waterman avenue. Rev. Lloyd some other meetings. The provi- c. Schupbach pastor of the Cen- ,sion for food service to the stu- tral Church of Christ officiating, dent government center will make interment in Montecito Memorial it possible to meet and eat simul- park cemetery, Emmerson's Val- taneously, • l ey Mortuary in charge. Construction will be of masonry DeS UTTER - Died in Yucaipa block, with exterior plaster tc California. March 20, 1959, Erchilie J. DeSutter, 12438 Bry ant street, Yucaipa, aged 79 years, native of Belgium and resident of Yucaipa for 6 years. Deceased is survived by his wife, Isabella DeSutter of Yucaipa, one daughter, Mrs. Howard Self, Beaumont; also 3 grandchildren. Funeral services will be h e I d Tuesday at 10 a.m., at the St. Francis X. Cabrini Catholic church. Rev. John M. Tahany pastor officiating. Interment in Hill ftttVjta s,de cemeterv ' Emmerson's Yu [t »*«SMHiaUP* srHtaK cal P a Mortuary in charge. \yBBS ^Bm9m±l9 The Rosary Service will be re- 1 WILLIAM c. MOORE. Publisher. *SP V evening at 8 p.m. FRANK E. MooRiTiditor. at Emmerson'a Yucaipa-Mor- Published every evening (except tuary Chapel. SiyS ^^nXSSf-^SSt' WARD - Died in Yucaipa. Calif- - — — «~- — fornia, March 19, 1959, Aner Burr Ward, 33094 Yucaipa boulevard, Yucaipa, aged 90 years, native of Michigan and resident of Yucaipa for 45 years. ,_» Deceased is survived by the fol *•«• lowing children: Mrs. Helen IL'M Arkells, Yucaipa; Mrs. Bernice Redlands Daily Facts Monday, Mar. 23,1951 — S FOR REDLANDS HIGH — As seen from Citrus avenue, this is the proposed general purpose building for Redlands High school to be completed in the fall of 1960. Wall to right faces, the library. Just south, on far side of this building, stands Old Fine Arts, which will be razed. Dining room will double as social center for major school affairs. Architect C. Paul Ulmer is preparing the plans. Council To Open Bids For Rocket Co. Pipe Line The Redlands City Council will I hold an adjourned meeting tomorrow at 8 a.m. with primary business to be the opening of bids for pipe and labor to construct a water line from the Mentone reservoir to the Grand Central Rocket company. The line, subject of negotiation between the city and the rocket company for more than a month, I will be financed initially by the [company although the city will pay back the cost of the line down Mentone boulevard over a period of years from the lease money paid by Grand Central for its site north of Mentone which is own- jed by the city. Bids tomorrow will be in two inch pipe while the other will be for installation only. . Grand Central requested the additional water line for fire protection purposes. Government officials told the company that pressure for fire protection was inadequate and if the company wished to continue with government L -ontracts the standby water source would be a necessity. No agenda was published for tomorrow's council meeting -but the council indicated last week it I would also take up a request by Gus Deshler for two outside-city water connections. Action was deferred last week to await a legal (interpretation of a water entitlement to some 169 inches from reservoir canyon granted several jears ago to Mr. Deshler and others who owned a well near the city, installation. Tubbs, Long Beach, Mrs. Grace Plunketts, Los Angeles; Mrs. Evelyn Dermody, Yucaipa: Mrs. Luella Edwards, Yucaipa; Harold (Dutch) Ward, Yucaipa; Lawrence Ward, Yucaipa and one sister Mrs. Willetta Pierce, Long Beach. Also 17 grand children and 5 great 'grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 10 a.m., at the Emmerson's Yucaipa Mortuary chap|el. Rev. Bernard G. Kemper pastor of the Yucaipa Methodist church, officiating. Interment i n Hillside Mousoleum. RENFRO — Died in Mentone, California, March 21. 1959, Charles C. Renfro, 602 Roosevelt road, Redlands aged 75 years, native of Kansas and resident of Redlands for 9 months. Deceased is survived by the following children: Mary A. Johnson, Redlands; Lt. Col. Robert R. Renfro, Korea, Richard S. Renfro, Portland Oregon and one brother Eldon S. Renfro, Los Angeles. The remains will be forwarded to Portland Oregon for services and interment, by Emmerson's Redlands Mortuary. [THE RAZOR'S EDGE WARSAW (UPD — Economist .Kazimierz Pawlowski was sentenced to life imprisonment for using foreged documents to obtain 700,000 razor blades from a Warsaw factory. He sold them privately. There's a Cortner Funeral Service For Even the Most Modest Budget. f. ARTHUR CORTNER 221 BR00KSIDE AVE. • PY 2-1411 Democrats To Hear Carney Dr. Francis Carney, professor of political science at the Univer sity of California at Riverside, will speak to the Redlands Democratic Club tonight at 8 p.m. in the lounge of the Security Bank at Seventh and State streets. Last year Dr. Carney served as special assistant to Democratic National Chairman Paul Butler, and will speak on his experiences "Inside Democratic Headquarters." The public is invited. Buried Gasoline Drums Puzzle Local Police Who buried three gasoline drums in the hills oh the south side of Redlands and why are two questions that the Redlands police would like to know. The discovery of the drums was quite by accident, police said They were approximately a half mile south of Sunset drive in the 500 block. After they were dug up the police discovered that they had two! 50-gal. drums and one 30-gal drum. On? of them contained a small amount of gasloine, A piece of garden hose was also found in the vicinity. The officers said that" It appeared that the drums had just recently been buried and that a crude attempt to conceal their location with brush had been tried. Permit For New Laundromat The Van Wieren Bros, have been issued a building permit for .a new commercial laundromat at |621 W. Colton avenue, according to records of Building Official Raymond C. Phelps. The $11,000 permit calls for a| 1500 square foot concrete block building of one-story construction. The Van Wieren Bros, are listed as owner-contractor with a further notation that the facility will be leased to R.S. Fuller. EMMERSON FUNERAL CHAPEL COX, Mrs. Lucy Louise 10:00 a.m. Monday Redlands Chapel RENFRO, Charles Chester Remains forwarded to Portland, Oregon, for Sen-ices and Burial DESUTTER, Erchillc Joseph Rosary, 8:00 p.m. Monday Yucaipa Chapel Requiem Mass, 10:00 a.m. Tuesday St. Frances X. Cabrini Church BROILES, Mrs. Amma Y. 1:30 p.m. Tuesday Valley Chapel CHESNUT, Charles B. 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Valley Chapel WARD, A. B. 10:00 a.m. Thursday Yucaipa Chapel FOREHAND, Miss Elizabeth Mae Services Pending Redlands Chapel SCHMIDT, Reidar Services Pending Redlands Chapel Phone PY 2-2422 BROOKSIDE AVE. AT CENTER ACROSS FROM THE NEW DAILY FACTS BUILDING Moseley Plane Search Concluded There were no new leads turned up as the search concluded yesterday for the T33 jet trainer missing since Feb. 10 with Col. Harry G. Moseley of Redlands aboard as a passenger. This latest search effort had been in the hands of Civil Air Patrol pilots operating out of the Redlands airport. Lt. Donald A. Hardenberg, who commanded the CAP search, said the Fourth Air Force at Hamilton Field had" ordered the halt. The. CAP has painstakingly flown over mountain ranges from Baldy to San Jacinto during the past several weeks, retracing the area combed by the air force last month. The only sighting was what was believed to be a light plane which| crashed in 1957. A ground party| climbed to the 8,000 foot level of San Antonio peak yesterday but was unable to locate the wreckage sighted by Tim Thomas of Redlands last week. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. Schmidt Found Dead In His Home Reidar Schmidt, 33,10634 Amapolas drive, west of Redlands! was found dead at his home yesterday, apparently a suicide, ac cording to the coroner's office. Mr. Schmidt, a state parole officer and former deputy sheriff in this area, apparently took his life with an overdose of what appeared to be barbituates, Dep, Coroner H. W. Georgenton said. A suicide note was found near the body, Sheriffs Lt. Barton A. Keene said. Mr. Schmidt was a former sheriffs deputy. He joined the department shortly after discharge from the Army at the close of the Korean War. He subsequently moved into the identification bureau and worked under Capt. Percy R. Sellas. Later he became a state parole officer, working out of San Bernardino. It was reported that Mr. Schmidt had studied for his master's degree at the University of Redlands. Services are being arranged by Emmerson's mortuary. ' SELL IT TOMORROW With an Inexpensive Classified Ad TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready marfcat through Classified Ads. Speaking of Coverage That's Our Busiiess— Insurance! [fa ioo« «• know JOB bava th« but who ran and W ROBERT I NELSON Compltt* iMuranc* Sarvlc* 18 N. 7th St. PY MWS Spiritual defense, like military defense, is essential to keep our America free and strong. Worship this Sabbath — every Sabbath — in the Church or Synagogue of your choice. You and our America will be the richer for it T/s Crow We're Eating Despite the fact that we do not believe Friday night retail opening is best for our Redlands, for the sake of community harmony we shall, for an indefinite period starting March 27th, remain open Friday nights rather than Monday nights. We thank the hundreds of people in Redlands, in this trade area, and from all over America who have sustained us in our belief with letters, phone calls, and drop-in visits. We have not changed our thinking one comma — that if Redlands must have one night weekly of nocturnal shopping, a night other than Friday would certainly serve better the community and public interest We reiterate that we still believe It would be much better for our Redlands — and all America, too — if retail hours were to be shortened, as all other facets of American industry have been striving to do, rather than lengthened, thus permitting the millions of Americans dedicated to retailing to enjoy the same normal times with their families as other citizens rightfully expect in today's America. We are certain no fair-minded citizen would expect his neighbor to be compelled to work .nights and Sundays in retailing when he himself would not wish to. WE REPEAT THAT WE ARE DOING THIS SOLELY FOR THE CAUSE OF COMMUNITY HARMONY DIRECTED TO THE END OF PROVIDING AS WIDE A SELECTION OF MERCHANDISE IN AS DIVERSIFIED A NUMBER OF STORES AS POSSIBLE. WE DECLARE FURTHER THAT WE WOULD WELCOME A MOVE FORWARD TO NO NIGHT OPENINGS NOR SUNDAY OPENINGS — IF OTHER REDLANDS' RETAILERS WOULD DO THE SAME — AS A CONTRIBUTION TO BETTER RETAILING AND A BETTER AMERICAN COMMUNITY AND HOME LIFE. Milton M. Giir W. Eugtnt Milont for 6000 C'ofies Sine* 1922 11 East Stall St. — Dial PY 3-2505 Ridlands — A Community W« Lova To Llva In — In California Being a Redlands-owned Institution, the profits from every transaction you give n»— or other Radlinds-owned institutions — will remain in Redlands to help' make your home town a better place in which to live.

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