The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1938 · Page 16
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1938
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, PENNA., MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1938 ? ALBERT MITCHELL, "The An- swer Man," will be heard over the WOR network at 7.15 o'clock tonight Melody Puzzles, a novelty musical program In which orchestra dramatic cast and studio audience participate, will be launched over the WJZ network at 8 o clock. Gracie Allen will disclose her plans for entering other fields of achievement on the broadcast with George Burns over the WEAF net work at 8 o clock. Black face comedy by the veteran funsters. Pick and Pat, will be heard over the WABC network at 8.30 o'clock. Eugene Ormandy, conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, wno ap- peared at the Forum last Tuesday evening with the orchestra, will con-'. duct the orchestra broadcast from WJZ at 9 o'clock. MAREK WEBER, popular European conductor, will appear In his second program as conductor of the program from WEAF at 10 o'clock. Dr. Harry Hagen's "True or False" f program will be heard over the WOR network at 10 o'clock. Famous men's sons, who have succeeded in their own right, will be: nresented briefly in a new series entitled, For Men Only, which will be heard each Monday over a limited WEAF network at 10.30 o'clock, beginning tonight. Elliott Roosevelt, son of the President of the United States, and a successful businessman, will head the list of guest artists who will be heard on the inaugural program. Others who will be interviewed are Keenan Wynn, actor-son of the stage r.rf radin 7anv Ed WvMi: Lowell Thomas, Jr.. son of the NBC com-j mnntatnr, anrl Lvnn Patrick, pro-, ffssional hockev star and son of Lester Patrick, manager of the New York Rangers, iiuaoipn l-nnu, or., son of the famous composer, and Bernard Dugal, son of Otto Harbach, well-known lyricist, will present a skit, written by Dugal. dealing with some of the operettas written by the seniors Friml and Harbach. Broken Arm Fails to Stop Actor in Cantor Show NT? Programs ' . - V V v X ( BRINGING UP FATHER By George McM&nus WHAT IN THE VvOt?Lt IS SIR VON PLATTEa COM' IN TH LIBRARY WITH TH' BOOKS ALL OVER THE PL-ACE 9 HOW DOWT VOU DAftE DISTURB HIIA- HE ISN'T I LIKE YOU- HE'S A J PROBABLY DCMNO RESEARCH WORK- BY GOLLY-AWV- thinq he Tries to do would be difficuut-look at hm-- I ,-J '. I Mat l , av . g BRONCHO BILL a feY GOLLY- rM GOIN 1 l TO FIND OUT WHAT I HS IS COIN' BEFORE l,i HE GITS BURIED ff C--.i UNDER ALL, THOSE The Lucky BandiU f SAY-ARS YOIJ READ-1 f I JUST HAPPEN - ) I NO THESE BOOKS- I ED TO THINK- MS. OR. L.OOKINO FQR J OIGGS-1 HAVEN'T SOTHit? J THE LIGHTEST By Harry F. O Nell THILE. i RANGER HIUS NEAR ' FOR BUTCM AND LEFTY TWO SLAYERS THE SOOTH , DESCENDS UPON QUfRTES DOCTOR IS TO GIVE. UP FOR, THE ' BOY RANGER, NOTGONNA- tf 1 f FELLERS LOOKS TEXAS. X-iJV V- juts -me r TP f t . i n MILLER. fZ .Kl-, ,1 GLOOM Wfr'j''i&CATl I.V ft JZIsT' . J head- w .Ma khl r xj ir wounded i;r, u. ifl.inrtf-sr' btv nwii. GOOD NEWS, HES PASSED THE CRISIS ANO T puuthroogm I -I JLO Bobcat WILLtAKS THE CA.t-F COOK IS OVER JOYED - Looey HES WITTING well. I W4,, ABOUT TO 0 fcONNlVtO MVSEV-F FOR. THE HOMBBCS WHO SUU&&EO H1K1 A fractured arm doesn't prevent Pinky Tomlin from doing his stuff on the Eddie Cantor show. Making capital out of misfortune, the re sourceful Pinky enlists Deanna Durbin to turn the pages of his script for him. Tomlin, song-writer and singer on the show, acquired his injury! recently in an auto accident iioth ne ana eanna who recently celebrated her fifteenth birthday are heard on the 6how each Wednesday at o.ou p. m., over the wabu networK. eitadt TEIYW TOT! AT Parit a. m. Ltitht Music. TPAl. Schenectady. 4 p. m. International tihort-Wave Club Program. WSXAD, 195 m., met. M'-vav m.. mejf. aaM,ian I'hiia A n m. -Selected Music ami Kewn. CB613, 24.8 m., 12.30 meg:. Tokyo, 4 45 t. m. Moalcal Frorram. JZJ. 25.4 m.. 11.80 meg.; JZI. 31.4 m., 9.53 meg. Boston, 4 50 p. m. News of ScleTic and UrslKrara Broadcast. W1XA1 25.4 m.. 11.T9 mes. Berlin, 5 p. m. The ticrman Cinema. DJD, 25.4 n-.., 11.T7 meg:. Boston, p. m. World Newa W1XAI 25.4 m.. 11.78 mesr. Berlin, 6.15 p. m. Non-stop Variety Proeram. DJD. 25.4 m 1L77 dec London, i v. m. "Talte Tour Choice." a neekly entertainment feature. G5C, S1.3 m.. .f8 mes.: GSB. 81.5 m., 9.51 meg.; GSI, 4U.1 m., 6.11 men, I Koms, 7. "5 p ,m. Opera, one act; 2RO's "Mail Bar." 2RO. al.l m.. 8.3 mes. Prague, Czechoslovakia, 7.55 p. m. va-l nety froKram. uijitA, d.o m., 1 1 mpe. Caracaa 0.15 p. m. Program of the Pan-American Lmon. IV5KU 81.7 m.. 5.K meir. London 10 4.', d. in. "Famous Tjondon Buildings": Guildhall. GSD. 25.5 m.. 11.75 men.; list, 31.3 m.. 9 58 men.: GSB, 31.5 m., 9.51 mei;.; (iSL, 49.1 m., 6.11 meg. Schenectailv, 11 p. m. International Short-'Ware Club Program. W2XAF, 31.4 m., 953 meg. Tokyo, 12.45 a. m. Vocal Selections. JZJ. 25 4 m., 11.80 meg. Sydney, Australia, 4.30 a. m. Tuesday) Chimes from G. P. O. Sydney. VK2MB. 31.2H m.. 9.59 meg. TOMfiHT'H KWill.AR VKOGKAM 6.00. WEAF. Crfmgh Matthews, Tenor WOR. Uncle Don WJZ. News; United States Army Bnnd WABC. Howard Phillips, Songs 6.15. WEAK. Studio Program HAUC. Astronomical Event ot 1037, Dr. Harlan T. Stetson, Au thor and Scientist 6 25. W.1Z. Stage Belief Talk 6.30. WKAF. Press-Radio .News WOR. News Bulletins WJZ. Walti Serenades WABC. Press-Radio New 6.33. WEAF. Joan Edwards. Sonr WJZ. Revelers Quartet WABC. Hall Orchestra 6.45. WEAF. Herman Orchestra WOR. The National Immigration Problem. Senator Robort R. Reynolds of North Carolina WJZ. Lowell Thomas. Commentator WABC. Hollace Shaw, Soprano: Jack Shannon, Songs T.00. WEAF. Amos V Andy, Sketch WOK. Sports, Stan Lomag WJZ. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ward-well, Piano Duo WABC. Jack Fulton, Tenor: Frank-lyn MacCormack. Reader 7.15. WEAF. Uncle Ezra, Sketch WOR. The Answer Man W.iz. Talk, Hendrik Wlllera Tan Loon, Author WABC. An Educational Announcement, Prof. Lyman Bryaon, of Teachers College 7.30. WEAF. John B. Kennedy, Master or Ceremonies; Warnow Orchestra Wor, The Ion Hanger. Sketch WJZ. Lum and Abner. Sketch WABC. Barry Wood. Baritone 7.45. WJZ. Christine Johnson. Contralto WABC. Boake Carter, Commentator 8.00. WEAF. Burns and Allen. Comedians; Tony Martin, Songs; Noble Orchestra WOR. Jack Arthur, Songs; Gould Orchestra WJZ. "ilelodv Pozzies" WABC. "Tish" 8.15. W.IZ. Llederalugers Mixed Quartet 8.30. WfrjAF. Symphony Orchestra, Alfred Wallenstefn, Conductor; Richard Crooks, Tenor; Mixed Chorus W'OR. Charioteers Quartet WJZ. Play. Nothing Kver Hap-peus, With Jim Ameche WABC. Pick and Pat, Comedians Edward R o a c k e r. Baritone Kreucer Orchestra 8.45. WOR. Vocal Varieties fi.OO. WEAF. Fibber McOee and Molly v OH. tiabriel Heatter, Comment WJZ. Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor; Ernest McChenney. Tenor; Speaker, Dr. Neil Carothers of Lehigh VTnlversitv WABC. Play. Enter Madame, With Grace Aloora and Basil Rath- bone. 9.15. WOR. Arden Orchestra 9.30. WEAF. Spitalny All-Girt Orchestra WOR. Irvln's Musical Cartoons. With Benay Venuta, gongs; Key Men Oimrtut 10.00, WEAF. Marie Kurenko and Opal craven, sopranos: Male Quartet: Marek Weber Orchestra WoR, Studio Program WJZ. Behind Prison Bars, Drama: W a r d e a Lewis . Lawes. Speaker 10.30. WEAK. Interviews With Sons of Noted Men: Klliott Roosevelt, Son of the President and Others, Muain WOR. Messner Orchestra WJZ. National Radio Forum; i axes. representative Maury miivencK oi Texas !"'' "Uit weDer Melody Pageant 11.00. WEAF. Dance Music WOR. News; Dance Muslo WJZ. News; Dance Muslo JABC. Dance Music 11.80. WJZ. Fisk Jubilee Choir 12.00. WJZ Dance Music TOMORROWS EARLY PROGRAM 8.00. WABC. Arufuruodfrer and Or-... fan 8.15. WJZ. tibert Ensemble o . VABC. Poetic Strings 8.80. JEAF. Instrumenta Ensembla iyj.;Jrsck Bni1 Loretta, Songs . j. VARC- Frd Felbel. Organ wfJV;k "n? Loretta, Songa -V2- jy.ABC- Musio in the Air 9.15. WEAF. Frank Luther, Songg .. W OR. Mary Williams. Songs 9.45. WOR. Modern Rhythms WJZ. Armchair Male Quartet H ??- S ABC- Sl Swell Tunes 11.45. WJZ. Edward MacHugh, Songs ?? '' WJZ- Bai'ley Axton, Tenor J7 News; Farm and Home our: rrom Rome: J. Clyde Marauis, American Delegate. In- leiuauuniu institute of AgriCUl ,.. ,ure- and Others 12.45. WEAF. Musical Program 1.00. WEAF. Market and Weather Re l.0. WEAF. Ruth Lyon. Soprano: Ed 1 lt 'r,!,?rd.tavle,. rJtone; Other iiS: Sun,e Norton. Piano rvHncn ioya Trio S S0. WJZ. Old Ham RliL. Studio Notes Kainger and Robin, popular composers of screen and radio, report they received over 300 letters from fans during 1937 asking which comes first the words or the music. Margot Stevenson, actress In the cast of "Aunt Jenny's Real-Life Stories" over CBS, writes daily airmail letters to Clarke Andrews who directs the "Big Town" show heard over CBS In Hollywood. Andrews, incidentally, was director of the Aunt Jenny programs before he went to the Coast, THE NEBBS A Big Man By Sol He TjJrzZirk utr? gAma3 cashier. J f fE??ir MIM- Vroo J , 'helSo Mee5jLWW& to m&? someboov umd MVf- LAOV , ' y AU. TVtE. TOLUM CUT-UPS ). . VOUO wToU EVER.VSOW I AT13RS NOU-S tsV 1 ? Z n ARE GOIN0& IM THERE J WEMT TO icHOOL rfi VM 'W "TV"S COM MUMtTVV OWAT MORE. - .lyvzavsytf - i i- i LI'L ABNER Old Hrn CI ia Oatwood, Director: Soeaksr. Tit i?rBe Jaokon, of Vanderbilt J on' w?-AFfr A.rnj!l'"- Quartet wl Rr.U19d ftata. Marina Band sis i;,AS9v tton By Quartet 8.18. WABC. Aciriamv n the Emotions Affect Digestion,' 8.80. WABC. Cincinnati Symphonr Or- ductor uu" uoossens, con Kftn w?.AFV CIo'r Orchestra S Inetrumental Group 6.30. WJZ. Singing Lady Misses Year's Record Because of Illness While member, of Via rpc Aunt - ww auis jenny cast were congratulating Margot Stevenson, actress, for her betrotthal as reported bv Walter WinchelL thev were consoling hor on a minor traeedv. s ivuss Stevenson plays the Ingenue In 4 U 1 1 ' , ,. . , in uic riuauwav nir inn i 'an t Take It With You." Since the play opened, she had played every performance until Saturday night when niness Kept ner irom the matinee She managed to cet throueh the evening performance, but the mati nee sue slapped ruined her year's record. "BEHIND THE TELEPHONE SCENES" 7:45 TONIGHT WHP 5w THE SHI TElCfHONf COMPANY Of reNNSYlVANU Radio Drama Star 6r If f 1 GRACE MOORE Grace Moore makes her first radio dramatic appearance of the current season when she stars in the Radio Theater's production of "Enter Madame" on Monday, January 10. With Cecil B. DeMille directing, it will be broadcast over the WABC network at 9 p. m. Melvyn Douglas will be her leading man. The other day on the Paramount lot, Florence George backed her car right smack into Gary Cooper's ma-i chine. The little crowd that gath-l ered hoping to see a verbal tiff, were disappointed. But they did see Miss George and the star settle for an exchange of autographs. When AI Jolson visits other radio broadcasts, he stands in line with the rest of the folks, awaiting his turn to get in. Yet every radio door Is open to him and he could just walk in without any trouble. Clarence Muse believes In reciprocity. Whenever radio fans send him presents, and he receives many.i ne always sends Pack some gift of equal value. , Whenever Raymond Paige sets highly excited at rehearsals, he sends out for a flock of "sodypops' for the orchestra lads, calls time out and thus cools off. Olson and Johnson are probably the "travelingest" team on the air today. Yet with aU the fuss and ceremony they make before each trip begins, one would think It was their first tour. BAD DREAM-THAT3 AWAY-AFTER ( POUR A , LEAD INTO YOU' p3sr-ixtrr v yo- r$ if AXXS,S&- ) JEST A &ur S VO' BADDREAM SHORCTHET M -HAIN'T 1 THAR NIGHTMARE 1 w r ... ,ti .... ; i Yp - fir'lr i issll iims ! eMkasMSMsai LITTLE MARY MIXt'P yf,$jfip TTN -let's Hot so yfJrrjrY W?i.L,MAlWrlEttE iM-LET'S ffo ,rVi; ,i ve Aiee4oM to the moviks- wmmr es Hcvvln-Bonnd 5CE.-LT5 VOKUMSETS'BLOOD POW FUU RICH AN RED" MAKE. A MCSS OUTA THIS LOVEUY CARPET. WOULD TO MlrlP t-V AH K-H-l-3 1' BACK FIRST -THE.N AH CD CO WASN'T CAUSIrV NOBODY wir rori in. c- Carlton KaDell isn't really suDer stitious. But he can't resist the habit of untying, then tying his shoe laces, before he faces the mike. He say, he did this for his first broadcast and It brought him luck. Mast From Paige Yacht Is Used as Flagpole Used yacht masts, as a rule, like used razor blades, aren't the easiest things to dispose. But Ravmond faige aid not experience any difficulty. The radio maestro, a yachting enthusiast, broke a fifty-foot mast while sailing off Los Angeles Harbor last Summer. He was about to haul it to a woodyard and have It cut into batons for distribution among his musical friends, when the City of Newport Beach put in its bid. Now the mast Is a towering flag pole on the end of a municipal pier, and Paige has a promise from the city latners, that Newport Beach win be listening en masse to pis programs irom now on. 1 UNE UP l i GOTTA GOT I IX - Mrim. '( vcr ir against v j&yy-wt- it'll i mv . .. . . 1 toUl "IA W I I A . t M l .V V IT Vin" ; SGLWc. lif t u a n By AI Capp THAT'S A TJNNV LA5T BUT -OKAY- AHcAO. 'W 1 ' Tsfiii'iiifi I H ijns M They've Changed Their Notions MAe, 4 cm A1UST X TELL Movi e s r -TMeAeejjoLL AND SryPiDj "Cap" Stobt and TIPPIE sVI V.1 ff;l 1 I By Brinkerhoff Al; IS- , WJ T i i'j ijfi. TT -AUiN IT 1 1 aTirVATftLV. -e V 1 I'lOV .1 i An Offer LUX RADIO THEATRE TONIGHT GRACE M00RE !AS!L RATHBONE IN "Enter Madame" DIRECTED BV Cecil B. deMille LOUIS SILVERS. Musical Dfrsctw 9 P.M. Harrisburg-. Time WCAU-WABC Csat f Caast Cstuinbls rMwark YOU WEAR THAT HATJ TH'IOCA", T1LLIE 1UE XOlLEJt WHEnt'D YOU GET THAT HAT 2 I DON'T LIKE ITt, PW 'JL.' k l IT'S TH LAST TIMt It ' k nH 1 cVjDO RxTnLALl PL AYPR. TIL A CXinD 1 1 ' ST! f-a is I I'LL EVER. BUY HIM' HUH!- YCU WOULDN'T I ) Jf-i k FI&HTtRf WHY, 'VOU COULONT EVEN 3?V NAWO C3C 9 IN FACT,TH' MAN ATTH STORE SAID HE WDULD ONLY SELL THIS HAT TO A GOOD FOOTBALL PL AYE R. - ER A GOOD FIGHTER t WHY,'VOU COULONT EVEN BUT ONE. By Edwin I'LL GIVE VOU A-A FIFTEEN - CENTS FOR. ITf The Magic of Service AJHEN MRS. 33HNS53ME COMES 1M TO TfSV OM THIS: bKES . TO LIKH TO SrtoW HER "TH DUCKV I Hat t3 MATCH VX SHOP 12 WW, .3"UST KMOCK ON THAT VAwaa. CWAL-THrSEE TtHEa , TU.UE OH, TMXCPS SO FU50TE.EIM3, M12S, 3-OHMSTONE. IS A CHIC LITTLE HAT 0 MATCH 1 M KP. HAVE Jl . JltuiE u ! Z1. ii i r-r . . -j -.u-.-'u EJi-' ifviraaa. i ill t- i r m''tov, i BIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY OP AlXjT EMOU7 fZztZZ&s SULL.VAW,vSlTV4 Wlf 7L, W4 - JSteSK oespeRATELy Sullivamx fei7rp 20,000 W's3,v-?: QEUEQAL ffvXtv By tVestovef NO-3USTA fAKT H YES. CUlLn. i IT I I Uroc; fli.iUA-r ir tuiS'I s - II 1 II asf-r-sT T - ,7 VMHETZg VIQULOI KT "THE f ri MA3tC2 Apf 6MrKlM5a i r "ill i rV . j ri i i i : . m , i 1 1 i t ? i r By J. Tonnr Ranrers Battle ef Lonr Island 2nd Phase Carrol! Mansfield .1 lfa, 'i-':r Putnam map I TOOPCCPLV I ' euariAii rn nurrii I TfiAlWeP FOOTHEFiaST M TIME IN A & PITCWET7 BATTUE. jnS SutUVAN Mouey lit F0QCfOO6HT tfumcw iw r t. DCAT ACB iWC- THE OVER- WHELMING 1V TMATASSAILCP IT ON TWQeB FLA WHO -As . .w. i -Wf the ekjem1 iw rrRjowT OVJLV TO BeTQAPPet7V SURPOlTe "J ewciecLio MOVEMENT. I TOO LATB- Ur CAk I1J V FA1AL eiSQOB J

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