The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 21, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1897
Page 2
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THK'DAitY CHROWCLE; «t tto /oHFati»fiortatl0n rU*» rates, , Mitlu, costofltce th« mails At swoiw 1'. 104 Kiwi State J. M, KlQ&RS, AM of th£ chtiffhps in rwblo, Colo., -took dfr cnllfii'tkirm for the suffferlnR -coal ifolwrs of the e#st. . VlctotiA jhaa wSrW t<* tft* #Ufc« the ,btfth of his wiri. - i A' 'Jack the Hugger" has ti<*r» JrtK It unsafp ff>r OsWJcosft, Wt*., srlrtd \tf out in the eArfter pifceon fn^ssttge has bean Tefcehpscf f tfsm Attdr«e. ft twr? Say* after his ttaltoon St* cAses of holdout? 6ft the <2hlcaK<J police during Sunday fclglrt Atid early y<*sttwrtay _ XJoodm&Q, Ffii-r^jtn dent of BfooTnlngtofi, Ills., and one &f th* oldest M'tf&oito tn the state, died yen- tflornlng. «s , hjcfftjpst kfte .a.wenslnn on reoctjfd • wade «t tune HIUs* obseirv«itory ( * Boston" fh$j.op kite rearheil &n altldude" of i?),?il6 fwat «boVc' tho sea level. " - A ftahg of Orielda Imliatis raided "SrnS' ^rQblic-d a S'itlnoh in the, outskirts of Green' 'Bay. W*8- After a flerrc fl^ht with, the sfoerfff ftwi lioHcp five of thrift ivere air- rcstf (3, , • < ( persons t"ipr§ drowned, one waa to tTpflth l»tjtw«^n a MeaiViboat flnrt a breHkwnteiKand another was strtothctf4 In the mod a< Chicago Ki?rtday. * Oscar Phllllfw was taken frorti thfe «11« Ittere of t T nion Oro\e, Wi"., on a cViarge ' nt breaking into the hoyfeo P< John l^ach and assnuUinR his daughter, J^-n- hie Ijeafh. A Northwestern passenger train struck a switch -pncrlne at Milwaukee and both AloJifrhtfet Hamilton's low thfitf to fOBftv* the 'atttrftened cireHnt- to 1861* Tbe tertff w«fi A notttinil affair, t86d Jib raisted by sugcesfltvp.actw to aw «vef- of 47-06 prr cent Tho McKinley trtriff w»« fiO per cent ad valorem and lie a pound freight on, woolens, The Wilson tariff wa6 SO per c&Ut ad vjibrfefca oaly. The present or Dinglftj bill \s SB tintil <$oW we«f,her eom&*, bat hAvo that rotif <Sov£red ifofth i!w$rtfftt;tf.R roofing.' -tt ia only ond-half ttio pricfr of "shingles. " * ' ' pit it on . : •Hardware. • . for the t^tatle* wlio a^fdfl.a^rollt tot tjifi. ,in Ajwtl and fa now in The drawers ever eottL cwrtts ate Ott^ good rt^vanee'today. * Oar.imoHjhan^ taiJoftng" better stedked tfiitt tiVe Fof Ifffefitft an* Childretf. Injured was John Buochler. *jTioqe hip was broken. Kmperor William of (Icrmany arrived at "fltida IVsth ycstf-rday morninicr. "mtnr \vas \vvic'onied_ by Bmperor FrWiriis Joseph, the c-abinet ministers and the oivil and •military -authorities. "Old" 1 lyonsildf-s," thR famous did ship Constitution, vyas 100 years old yester- #fiy. Sept. !iO. 1797, was the. day upon which the battleship was launched tn Charlestowo' hftriwr, Boston. • Frank and Lon fi^ulner, who havu ' extensive business interests near Mosi- uef». AVis.,.are preparhiK to visit the Alaska gold repclon*. and to that end are, disposing of their property'' In Marathon county, Wls. McftliiR ;«f,OHIclal O«lil Fellown. '" ^ SpringfleHl, Ills., Sept 21.~At the Se?"- slon of the sovereign grand lodge of Odd Fello-wft yestVrd^|^thf' < 'f(>Uowln£r appointment^ were ^Ktet Assistant prand jcuardlans- Heniy 'A . Stone, i>f lllinolB; Cliaiies Kahn, of,l"exa«, and Jasper Orimst^d, fif TlHnols: nssistjifit custodian of seert't work. William Mas- Son, of. towa. Last Oovernor and Tuniicr entcrtnlncfl the .monitors of the swiv-i-t'in> RVari'd Irdge . and> Indies and (hi- TJ.auKhter'ss ,»f ({(.bt-kali at a r»~ caption- at (he .executive- mansion.. N . • ViVUni* «>f u Holler iCxi>I<i«i<>iu f \M:iroti, Mo,, Sept. 21 — A fataf occH\r(<d «>t Joseph Haywavd's t\\nl\v mile 51 rurtheast day alii-rnooti Tli •pltxleO- itnd kl.lU'd f hwilt-i lifter, at mill, yosttr- boiler ix- workmen-and n,i anotht-r eiii- and probably Tatal- AllHM't Yoftt ltlo>o. \\A* Iy* Injured DlRIMiih'hvr^M*h|H>iiHlli1isAir Thlrt«*f>n IH-uthS Kim., • Si^ptX Sl.—The eoro- in th<; •'h\<iue8.t on the ... ._ ui nhkh tlflrU't'ti ptopli, anil M voral Injun. U> ha* ren- u \ plii t ttl.idng on PiKi-ati Ui') King, of. Topcka, Mrs, Merrill is nhowing handsome millinery. fttH. Blood Bitktrs j« nHii^e'it tnie tuiiHtipatiou and kmdred ilia. It acts directly 01. tho boweU. the livpr, tho akin,, and while elean«ing tho blood imparts to I he «> : geativ£ organs* i Specialist i)R. HULHAN S, OF em6AG0, witw At the «r M«tUo<teb Failed. every four weeks, regularly, and will contrnuo to do beow, list of diseases treated. O UR \A WN IVJAKE pleasant, WfthlOne Length of fitove the this <*p&& m&ackit to the publtc. x We gttatafttee it to oFwooC "We KlS6"la?i *&ffie* "fbi stcjvc ektts ou^uame cast in tire hearth. attcl rdto- COMPOUND cy. BOS LEY ot V.jtj«mfeetsop is hJJr'fe In cold WftBt Vwither HP wieQ»o right to >-our hoaae with „ , jrtck, qewwBor ..,,_„,„,,..„ beadftcko, dull i full feeilnR, lo*« *f memory, die- ZlDess, softon'np of the hiain, tjmr>orfl,»rwl BCZH- ia» of scalp. ^ f Nervovie iDetoiHty and »H Its •ttetidlosrali- iponlB, hDth of yoang and raldato apd tndtt. Tbe »*ful effeoiB of acglectod or improperly treated e»»eg, prancing wsaltness of body and hratn, dizilnt*!", f»ilttt»t memory, lost vitality, liwk of cacW andjBonfldonc^ varieoosle, elect. his feathef Renovating "car a»* plean your feather b^da and piHowB. \Wotk Klondike (^14 7tr?lu>w attracting the attention of the wholowor.ld, and the rcstflte or>lacer and quarts mining are fully equal to UK*, unds of ntiggotts in the early California days arid extraordinary inducements are being offered to prospectors, practical miners ahd investor*. By next spring tho gold fever will have taken possession of thousands of and the western roads will have all they can d<> lo transport tho fortune huntJpi The Chicago, Milwaukee &• St.yfaul railway, and its connecting Maps, offer the best facilities. ft'Jrreachinjj^ue Alaska v j*old regions: . Vqr further informat|op<luldress Harry Mercer, Midiigan Pass. Acrt:','.'Detroit Mich, x oho It* study, bt>»Jne*s w enjoy inant'of l.le. Bar. Alt (Jlaoaecs of tbe n&r, of *b*toy. name or nMnre; cured, if curaOle ftnywhprc. QThroat. Catarrbal spro throat, acntefonrt olininlo pharytifrlcln, enlarfted loneilttlu «bd palate, hojirspnesa and loss of rolce, thles pclojra JKJltroat, cauiitnf? bnwkliig. v Lungs" COftWmptlohIn the fljtft and peoond Svprofj DtmorrbageH and chronic brbnchltlB, dry «n\ honrfe- dougb, pains tn eflcst, diffioulty In br« .''-iiinc, hepit'zutions, wthmo, etc. etk If ymihare a , pn'ipltatl'on of the h>srt, diftfcnU bffathluK and snfficailDK feeling, lullmi^g of u»p ticjtO,, A tired, IrrlUble, dUcon- tenttd wellair«iK( f.ear of luipondlnp; danaiT. or death', * d)teft<jM»£ OpJng »loim,:ot tue reverse— deslro to-l)«juono,\if your niflinor> Iv'falti' g and >ou flro itWSWny'Kw^olspondenl, or If you dream mtioh aw often, aft4.fcel an aver -ion to noddy, you (mi et'ftorluc frortKK scrlouB d.foafo of tho nowes brain.and htartXYon \i\vc ho Hnie to at DQCO e-id (vneult this A now foj^fiofvTliousand-Milo Ticket, tho rosotr of cjirofW^ consideration and diauupdion between th(? railroads and thpir principal patrons, will bo. placed <fn salo Sopt. 1st, at njjVxithportant Michigan - Central ticket offices." The ticket is sold for $30,00 with a rebate, to the purchaser of $U>,00. whori used HP in compliance With, its conditions- and is accepted on all tho lines in the Central 'Passenger A-saociatibn, forty- five in number and' covering a vaqt extent of country. '. ,- J! - -. '.. No mileiiye book has yet been . devised so acceptable to all' particS 'Concerned and so advantageous, to the holders. Evejry one who is likely to travel a thousand miles in it year should avail themselves of it, ntfd should consult the nearest Michigan Central ticket agent. 'SOUTH DAKOTA. * ' I burned toy ttnms t^ty b^Uly. The pain wmi ioU>ni»e. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrio Oil brougt ielie( in throe unouttn. It ^ae alinoht iiHiijieftl. - I never HHWHU> thing like it." Awgha Swords, gauodtraTille, O. --..--IL...»T---l-T. _ I . ...-JJ_llJ.l. r illJ_ SandtTB and MeKary virrll owr Ihp next to tho abut* i;t oitlcb, Wednesday, Sept, 15, 'Tltey are > toytfa, vx^fient^d •ladiesat the bm?iaw»aud wiU'be pleased to secure th« patronage of their friends and otlutrs wbo way need any thing % their Une f - _" f _^ rr _^^_ r _J < St. Dairy's suhool ol mueit- wilt re-open on MoiMtey, Aug. 30, Th*> best ajad,^<tt- eat inetlioas arri used in tliis department aod ^peciaj, attention gi yeg to the - "-" lawcall at tho school or ,- Carpet laying, elovw l4iU;ked aud sol Wp, fttrnijture picking eU:, Leave orders at W, K. JBosley »fc Bctn'e 1 and F. a B»y- djir's. Mlchigu A high gr*td«, eUto t^chniwaJ school Practic4l work. Elective system. Sum mer tt'ttraee, Givee dogr«es uf 8, B-, £. M. andPkD, LaixM-aU.rieSj8hopB.uull 0tc., wull equipped. For uataluguea dre«j M. B. Wadsworth, Ph. Hougtton Mjwhjgao. Wtitson receivf« daily choice fr**Btotm \Vhnt A Man Can Do With 81,000. At) ohn buy ItiO aerew of good land for $1,000. Pay $400 down; balance in three payment* do<^iu 3, 'i, and 5>ear» fit 7 per cent . He can »»l8o buy 100 choice owed -(or $300 and 10 Rood cow* for $300. i'be tnilk and batter from the eowa wilt pay all farm »uc| fttiuily cipenacs. The increase of aheej) and wool will payoff tho mortgage before it ia duo. In five yeara bo will have a farm all paid 'to and w«U utoukfcd, Vor dotwrip lire hsts and' priow ai<J*««H H. F, Hunt»T> ImtoJgratJon Agont for South Dakota, 295 Pearbora strwl. Cblougo, HL A '97 wodelbi^feW -wilt for caeli. Enquire at American laundry north of Greene's drug store. Nazareth Academy. A Boarding 8chool|fpr. Young Ladjee. T^rm*, 9 IQO per Yfear." For {Kirtieulars apply ta • " Kidneys. luaammatlou H * h <> BrlKht'B, diuljeUs, cun^ostion of. th«5-4tld- aeyr, nraetnla. in-ayel. nton«. all •MtlewtittcAlly and snocesftfallj treuteil. , .» Bladder. Icflaiumuttoo, cjBtitta.cyrtert-beia, cfttflfrlt" 'of. ihe . bl&ader. 'i'he dts'ttvwiaK dfs- canes In variably yield to bU sysieru of treat- ineDt, Stomach. Catarrh, nlccrntion aud acid ilya- pcpsia, indlgestjoni pftiuacd fullne <R After eat- tiiL', heartburn, water hraali. aud illillculty in awnllowlnt;. ' . ' I»Iver, Spleen.'' ,All diseasw* of the liver, ("lilecu, boisflu, all norn nsitp'w stid reflux ilisor- d«r», rh«ntnatt>ra and nil vkiu illiwaites, eo/eraa and Rait rbeum, ring worm, bip joint ai^eni-o. old Horoi, fever Por(>H. stiff JolnH (ItscuSB, old! gptnat Irrllaiiyir, uervona prostration.- Rupture, Filn*, tlttala, and »11 nwolllnK* nod tendencies <julo/.ly curud wltbout p»lh or detention frotn b<i»lnfi89. • /. • ' • Diseases of Women. If you 'are snffcrlDg from any of tho disoaaixi lucullsr to yont rex, such as falllotfor displacement ot tbe ^omh, lo-' nanirDAtlou or ulcoration, bUmtltis, heaJaches, spinal foiaktK"'. cull or wrtlu to litm and bo will tell.yonJHBt what cou he done for you. S; If you cannot call on Dr. Humphrey wrUb to him for question list. He will therj understand your condition thor- '. ' .1 "'*"'" t'. . . .. ' oughly and t«jU yon, caudidly whether or not "he can treat? you suecesBfully. His course of treatment is a scientitto one, peculiarly his own, whereby tha patient receives treatment and medicine applied to suit the case, that othe'rwise^ would be iraiiossible,. 1 day every four weeks 'at BoysJ hotel. riATC Of next visit Thursday, Sept, CONSULTATION FREE TO ALL. \ FREE Why Bducate „ S«h)ol of Shorthand and Typ»wrtlug, K \I,\M AXOO, HUMPHREYS WITCH HAZEL Ml Piles or Hemprr*»olds it Scald* i Slied, Uonestiy jacked, well I have 3 fine assortment of Call and s«e FLOOD, 'Ko buy fto«r, %fi&Q!Bf, boiled meal, Amrse uw-^J. gtound fa^ii, breo or »oiddlin«)j i* ftk C. A. Obddbiw^i tttilL' All kinds of l«*?vt Where bandrods of yonae r»«n «nd women bavo ustrful country. Cull oik or writa for p*rtkol»j* E«tabFi»hed 1892, T.R. SHEPHERD Kfiepa,none but the BEST MEATS , Ta%hi*l : to «U parts Of tha giber bu| g do»«. Mvety* ami clean, Cuts JBoiis <% Tumors. ^ca;ema & Salt Rh^sum & Tett»j?s. Chapped ^ cau always ~ SHEPHERDS'. S TATK O* iUC'Hf aAH, (Jo«niy ot V* HoUoe ts boEieby gltwo OMU l«jr an County mtaion Ctit«aj|o. creditor* to pr»s«ot Ki*.k 8we ilii;ru&u» all JLito psrjwaaeut. A d»y of HwsS wiJI be Lewd b»&N* tti u*. 4-ddrt^M with tot Geoewl DR. LOUIS 8. JOY W1H giv* in addition to general ice, special attefftton lo diseases of eye and «ar. Fktina; of ejlasacs a specially. Special diploma on CVR, ear, nose and Broat ' Jas. Van Znnt, ' jxpressnian, 'has ohnirs and tablog lo rent for parties- WANTS FOUND ETC. Twnnty cents a weett for each notleo not ox sillnfl five lines.. Nochaage IWB than twenty cents. H OUSB FOtt'SAIjE OH, nKNT.-Enquire at Maser's shoe store. A GENTS WASTfiU-For War in Cuba, by 8<<nor Qnorada, Cuban rcprePBntativo at Washington.. Endorsod l>y Cnbftn patriot*.. In tremenanns demand. A bonanza for sfi-Bts. Only $150. BlR book. Mgoommlsslini*. BTory- body wants the" only emlorsed. roilaWu,, feook. Outfltnlrcr. Creftl given. Freight jiaM. Drop all trash Ar-d tnahe Ss»50 a monor. wltli war in Cuba Addreu* today, THK NATION VL BOOK CONCERN, 852 3C6 Dearborn .St., Chicago. « OH SALE— First, class upright plafio neatly F , new. Tiir« low; to*uit, JIY'RON a. COOK. t7«OK SAl.K CU8AI'." >r ejtcliftoga r<»r a form: Jt 1 : the property known M the Boiflng property on IlRftBttijct. for teim» tppty to D.' j.'untilgK- bam the Insnrancu mau. t ^Olt RfiJST—Iloti'con North Jladisori stro«t. KnuuThiol MU8. WM. COMNOK. RfiJST^I aiiuirvol UENT->Two Btory «lri ot. Enouiru of lioute on wool - late i.VAKV. RES.T-Tabl«« arid cbaiiLfox. parties. Enquire of VanZant, the exprc-asman. F 'OR IIE^ST— Tables "anX chairs lor p*rths« Enquire of J. W. LcBter, the. popular ex pressman. 'KBN'H—Oftka rooms aihl an eleitaa »f • , \ UENBY JBRNSKR F 'HJR HSjjE—Tue brick housn oppoeite the Marshall W«KOH Work'. A ^ood phan tor .the right: p»'ty to run a rery proiltaWe boardlne huiisu, Eauult'c.of • 'MBS. HENRY BKSNRB. H OU8K FOft-RKNT—No. 20 N. Eagle street Icqulre first door, south. R. H OUSK for rent, south of C. P, Brem-rX 3U North Kagle Inquire at • Jliis. JOHN St. H OUSE of Hx room* in de»irabl« It "»tloc, to rent Sept J»l. Kor itarticulars inqairu of Mw. W. L. Uuek. cotner Munnlou and J.ul»erry s.treeta. ' ». 1 ADIEU, I d tilce-iilg waj{e» at- borne, and want j all to have tbe sainu oproriuuUy.- Thu work in very plea»«nt and will easily par fltf wAtrkiy. Tt)js» A •> deception. } want oo mopey and will Kladly send partloulars to all (ending "'"•'' M. A. BTEBBINS. Lawr«uice, Mich.. L OMP.—Tlio Utlar part of la«t 'wtwV a pub • of Bnglltsh Hultor brotid. Bluet wlcb v huo spot on bu-ast. Ftuder return to I'hllu lluelt- 881. L DFT.— Btturdtky. between Worthy utoroandtbu Mf*»hlngtoo h hon«« , Paltner'a a pocket boofc eoAtotutng a, sum »f money A Uljtral res ward will be p»td for IHjerurn to tht 'turoolcle office. Sift, Tlio €el<febmtetl SpccJalists, Will Ito. At Marshall, Hotel Royal, FRIDAY, OCT. 1 Olio Dny.Only In Kafh Month. fOonenUatton andexamlhjitlon free and ptriotly cohfldential. J3. 8. & Co.,'devote tnelr *t^8*rition to dtoeaaoa of tho eye,'ear,, throat- »«d lungs asthma and ccnsiiniption and all chronic, prl- v»to and murvbua dif)da«os, deforlnltHm, granulated lids, CIQW eje.deafucsu, dli'hcHrte of th« ear», bronchltla, cbronic coiigh, Bottrd.flJl.jc UBCK) >eve» M>re» ftiid. ulcert, B<igh't'« ili*«»*p. rhc.umatwm, all djueunii oKkiduey* an/ bladdtir, hear^ stomach «u<I nerves^ di»ea«pi«; ctwrea ^St. V Itnn tnen anu^woiDruOf and .aU due to baa blood. / "EpTTepsy, or fits, positively, cured 6 mW nevor failing reu»e4y. ; UM. 14., M. JS Co in»ko « specialty ol all forme of rectal diseases, P"' 8 I iwrnal and oxteroal Ifbtng and blcediBi^ rectal nlcer*> fiaurcft,fl«tul« ,wbich sie often "taken for iieryous and Ipiig troubls,»Ucm»d/. Remembsrw«tmhiallforms or piles wUhoot/jialn interruption or OeientioD /torn business, and yithoat th* oso orVJinifo, uanstle or Hg^Tw*. Come and K " »~.=ir ni jipetmitorrhoea. topote»?y-"-J64t * from weakn«ss b«ougiifc on from 8nllerin« manh<H><l'*-«* erroraOftndtjiereUoa* tn youth opr «»*r unnoii in later yuaris, urujjivBii. ««rsu4wn3t relief. 4,b»ols<te caret goaraotBed; str&Uy Opn ¥mftota Mil catkoers cured without Vptfc. pa • Stomach, ? , Biopd ojr Nenroua TRY A 0OTf HE ijicl«ni) iiavt) failet *« urtnc o«p w» cdaca and to oaues ott*r eaw. gwiwu* DBS-B., S. * CO-, »« fc*o«rfrr» HW«* BJI«, «E«TOBES VnTAUTY i « W ASTED- A 1*0> or g«iAil«uum to «td uo)lcct Ltf* lutartod t Addn»»», A. J. t. Post Ofllo Man of Me. ujjri(fnt, itdttnirieua par »on» Is MicU|ca4i aa ftlUe aaeut*, or uuu Uwtr ft ouitkly«ad«W« not ouU' cvu-w tytttartios at Uu» «»at of is *8r«at ntn* tuui^wd kh><><i builder. \1TANTKO ~l=t.»cr«J yeastwortny , W, WuUc* to u*yui la MluWcan Cut w s*d ex- ui eto^MHi BUTBIUUO. The i, Tblrd Flour. t>w»Ji» Inf b&dc titc Biak tfio r» oi jft fir» CousurupUua. sr. It «ma» U carnail lit v*.«t PQtlttt. fir »*i tM fetmnHnshot Us* fe>i *S,t»v, with * written a^»raBt«« to CTWO or Uuiauwcy. iiirnatota*. Address v /N> , FOft Stomach, ::Liver and Kidneys; Koia Compound i , / Cures Dyspepsia =6rid &H cle- - rangementtJ of/the, Stomach. Kola Compound Cures/Sick Hendache, Torpid/Liver and Biliousness. Koli/Compound Cures Cotistipation. ' „ Is a Brain and Nerve Tonic and Blood Purifier.- Kola Compound is the peer of^all other medicines. w, : ; Kola Compound Cures] Backache and Kidney Troubles, Kola Compound Is natures ypt harmless. It tones and vitalises the brain, nerves, muscles, heart and stomach, building uprth^ entire system, enriching the blood' and imparijng to the whole body the freshness ami .'vigor of youth. ,' . Kola \ Is composed of life giviiig 1 , tissue building, Herbal and Vegetable 'Extracts, and contains nothing 'injurious to the most tution. Kola Compound Is many eminent Physicians aud.Scien- •„ tisfcs. , , '. . . - IOL* SowilBHtt Comound , at bis oMce in le -Block, o^ruer fititUi ISagJe stye«>H wko will ! be pieced tp farai0h anyone wifib htotwr^, , teuti- etc., regarding tLiw , remedy, Dr. Lane , --— JIaa been engai,>ed In the active practice of mediciut> for 35 vearb. The last 25 iwrgely to tbe study, itaaeftt «n4 cure of chron- and <iiaett8e« of Byetem— iu both female, CousultH- tio« and^AdTice at office FREE. 4Clltti*e4 uwaber of calls i# to^n and county will receive pro^ atteatioo

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