Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 7, 1939 · Page 8
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 8

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1939
Page 8
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THB« OOBSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, TUESDAY, .FEBRUARY T, IS89. HEALTH, BEAUTY AND POISE HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PERSONALITY By VERONICA DENOBI. ALLURING ANKLES Pretty ankles are the aecrct •wish of every woman. If she already has them, It Is a joy to have someone comment about. It; but If ahe hasn't, she Is always a bit envious of those who do. The fact Is, you can Improve your ankles quite a lot If you will work on them. The exercise I have for you today is sure to Stretch out from the thigh to the heel. reduce fatty accumulation at this point, because It brings new circulation, which helps to carry off the waste deposits. Another advantage of this exercise—because it does stimulate circulation—Is 'to make the feet warmer. I'm sure there Is nothing much more discomforting than cold feet, unless it might be cold hands; so if you are troubled with this condition, the exercise is beneficial for this alone. And, again, quite a few women are troubled with shortened tendons at the back of the leg due to the fact that they have worn high heels for a long time (and started to wear them At too early an age). I even have a friend who must walk around on tiptoe when she takes off her shoes; and she can never wear low-heeled sport shoes. This is very bad from a health standpoint, and should bo corrected. • So today's exercise is Important for three reasons, and all of us should do it for one reason or another. Sitting straight back in your chair, extend the right foot far forward, raising tho thigh Just a little off the chair. Stretch out from tho thigh to the heel as hard as possible, and turn the toes toward you. You will feel a tensing of the muscles. When these muscles seem to quiver, give the foot—still holding the toes inward—a quick jerk or kick upward. Return to tho floor and relax. Now do this with the other foot. Notice how the heel of the foot feels a bit looser in the shoo. Take off your shoes, and repeat several times. Always be sure to push tho heel outward and turn the toes Inward as you tensa the muscles. The stretch is the Important thing, of course, and kick as high as you can. Today I am starting a weight- gaining routine for those neglected, too-thin people. I don't blame them for complaining that everyone wants to help the, heavies. I'm out to correct this oversight. Tomorrow I shall have many helpful suggestions for you. BRINfXNtt tTT FATIUCR- WEIGHT-OAINING MENU Breakfast Sliced Ripe Banana Honey and Cream 2 Slices Whole Wheat Toast, Buttered 2 or 3 Strips Bacon Cup of Coffee, with Sugar and Cream Luncheon Vegetable Soup Raw Vegetable Salad, French Dressing Dessert of Fresh Fruit, Raw or Stewed Glass of Milk Dinner Tomato Juice 2 Broiled Lamb Chops Baked Potato, Fresh String Beans, Buttered Shredded Raw Carrot and Celery Salad, Hayonnals* Stewed Apricots Cup of Tea, or Half Cup Coffee Cream but No Sugar AD raqnMli tot pwiond "Health, BeinlT »nd Poln" Information deelred b7 Veronica Demel't column follower! moil be accompanied b» a fully lelf-addmied, •Humped envelope d.a.i.t.l. Addraii! Veronica Denial, la oar* ol this new*paper. SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOM SUMS WELL, TRASH-MAN DO CRAB AT MOE IN A JOKIN' WAY—we DON'T REALLY MEAN GOT HIM- - 4LL J SAID WAS OE TRASH- MANCPABBED AT HIM, JJATS AU. I SAID.' YOU KEEPS IN.D6 HOUSE WHEN __ TteASH-WAGONS ON UIS STceer SYLVESTER PRIM AND BENVJ MINY TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE it. 13. 14. 16. 17. 10. 20. 33, IS. 28. SO. '82. 83. 81. II: is. .a 48. 45, ACROSS Deed Small Island Depression between mountain peaks Fish eggs Meat sauce Color Profit Heart-shaped Exist Cut <8hort Auricles Stringed Instrument Requirements Rainbow Lessen At home Total Vulgar pretenders to gentility Tiny Pronoun Clothe or invest Grade Kind of rock South American animal Wharf Genus of the house mouse Comparative ending Solution of Frldmy'i Foule. IP|O[I|S|E| IETKI|D|U|R|EI HHH illDIEISI ISITIOIMIAT ET AIDI01R1EISHNIEIAITI 49. Harpooned El.: Renting arreoment H. Rowing Implement 54. Blln«ful • ragloni • 66. Flowed 57. Uninteresting 63. Thick 69. Mire DOWN 1. Horn of a certain breed 2. Small sheltered Inlet 8. Beverage 4. Eskimo hut 5. Older: nbbr, 6. Ingredient of varnish . 7. Cry of the ancient bacchanals I. Despots , S. Pursue 10. Not In agreement 11. Shelter It. Wading bird 18. Endure! Scotch 21. Smooth and soothing 23. Energy: colloq. 24. Around 26. Course of eating 27. Old-time dagger 28. Egyptian deity 29. Book of the • Bible SI. Opposite the middle of a ship's Bide 84. Scoffed 35. Open hostilities 27. Lamb's pseudonym 88, Qo up 40. Mimicry 42, Any measured or regular beat 44. Interpret: archalo 48, Son of Isoa* 47. Tear apart 48. Turf 49. Equality 60, Snug room 62. Upper limb 65. Canadian province: »bbr. MOTHER-1 THIWK YOU HAD BETTER GO IW AND SEE FATHER- HE 15 ACTING AWFULLY QUEEG- WOW-DOU'T GIT EXCITED- IF I HAVE TO QO WITH YOU TOS1IGHT TO THAT BUFFET SUPPER- I'VE GOT TO DO .SOME PRACTICING- THAT'S WOT • STEANGE- THAT'S THE ONLY WAY HE CAN ACT- I HAD BETTER GO SEE AWYWAY- ( iwi. K Mf FtMnrc. S.nJi.Mic.'In.v, r .In. rmnnl •OAT" STUBBS AND TIPPIE- SHE'LL BE SO PLEASED By Edwin* LOOKY — UNCLE BEN — WE.LL, THAT'S FINE.! WELL, THIS IS PRETTY GOOD OF MARY MA(XG'aE.T MAIXY MAIXG'RET.TOO '/ YOU CAN USE. IT WHEN THEY / PUT AN ARTICLE IN TH' PAPER SAYIN' HOW YOU RUN TH 1 MOST \ R.EMAHKABLEST GROC'RY IN TH' \ ^ TtLLIE THE TOILEK— MAC OETS DESPERATE! By BOM WeitOYM I GOT AN IDEA-MAYBE THIS WILL BRIN6 TILLIE TO HER THIS TITTERBUg^ANDY COOK,THAT TILLIE IS FAL-LINQ FOR, BECAUSE HE'S A GOOD DANCER.,15 MAKING MY LIFEJ MISERABLE^. WHAT THIS IS MAC, TILLIE, HAVE YOU SOT A DATE FORfjNQI TONIGHT ?||HAVENT THEN YOU'RE HA-HA^TILLIE THINKS WE WERE GONNA BE KINDA OFF, BUT I HUNG UP^NOW SHE'S TRYIN( SEMSESU'M GETTING DESPERATEJ TOST KIDS-. IT REALLY WON'T BE NECESSARY WHEN WE SET BIS AN 1 GET . MARRIED DO YOU THINK WE'LL HAVE MEALS LIKE MY MOM COOKS? COURSE-WE I'LL HAVE A TO PREPARE THEM AND THE LAUNCRY WILL ALWAYS BE CLEAN AN' NEAT- BECAUSE I WILL HAVE A LAUNDRESS AND THE HOUSE WILL BE NEAT ANT CLEAN-SPICK AN' SPAN-BECAUSE ILL HAVE A MAID WHY WILL BE THERE? MICKEY ftlOBSB— "WE BOYS MUST STICK TOGETHER!" Hi Walt Dtran LAWSY MASSAv BOSS! IS SAVAG&S WHUT'S FUNNY THIS IS ALL BESIDE YOU-YOU WERE THE POINT! SOMETHING A-COMIN'S> DEN LET'S ' MUST BE DONE, BEFORE THE REST OF THE SAVAGES ARE UPON US' AH SHO' NUFP WUZ OSS! AH WHEN D' INDING A NATIVE IN THEIR STOCKADE WAS SURPRISE ENOUGH FOR MICKEY AND CRUSOE, BUT WHEN HE SPOKE—/I? FHIMBLE THEATRE) Starring POPEYES—NOW SHOWING-"OH, YOU "KWl TOMORROW—"THE INFANTRY'S' UP IN ARMS!" GWATSTOYOL) MADAM, 1 BE YOUNG GOAT THREE LITTLE IKJRNKS W WOI 4'ER ALL THREE DR1NKEP FROM THE FOpMTlMS. ' AREi IMPJKJKS'NOW tgfatfi I AST ME POPPA \ TO WATCH AFTER; OLIVE DOMTWALK LOST IKl'A BIS MOUNTINGS MORTIMER SIUM SITTING PRETTY I Th« POOH* MMltiew Adsnu Srr>!«, Inc. , ."r "l ' 1 y*" i f., ' t •*'- ,1^7, ^«'\^'V- f A ;< 3 j' .',.>if' f "^ / y.»v ^^^..t.Rf/t.^i^i-,^* inh*;,"*

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