The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 27, 1952 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 10
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.;?AGE 10—THE BAYTOWN SUN, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1952 Petroleum News- "TULSA — (U.B>-~The use of water compared with 20 per cent by Tex., will take over as deputy pe- ' flooding projects to increase natural flow processes. troleum administrator for defense Secondary oil recovery in the Water flooding is not a newcora- Ju »e *• -Southwest is playing a big part in e r to the oil-wise Southwest, al- Warren succeeds Bruce K. ^conservation efforts. though it has increased in popu- Brown to the post. Brown returns * The Idea or using water to force Jarity in rect-nt years. as president of Pan-Am Southern -oil to the surface did not originate Wnile on the " subjecl of conser . Corp. ;jn western America. \\ ater flood- u Eugtrnc Holman, president CONTINENTAL OIL Co said its ° f Standard ° U <*" receStl >' ^ ™ ^0° *«se«ch laboratory sented the petroleum industry with building in Po , ica C ity, O kla, may - 5,fr rhi" ^nrhw^t ran IAV claim his definjtion of the term - Speak- adil as many as 100 employes to , But the Southwest can lay claim m bofore thp American Associa- thf . center's tpphnu-al staff -to the biggest water flooding pro- t{ " ., f p tl ,.w olim r>olo»isrs Fol- /-• *• * tiemwai Stan. ' an *£ C,«>lo e i;,u,, Hoi Continental moved iU executive ™" said ' . . . headquarters to Houston in 1950. . "True conservation ,s not hoard- Despite the shift President L K Jng ' ut ej ^ icic " nt an< * intelligent McCollum said the Ponca City . use of natural resources." payroll has increased more than program *-as so expensive j. ED WARREN, former president 12 per cent since that time. He ~,. ma J? r °, con }P aJni *' s - [*! d of the Independent Petroleum As- says many of the new employes by Phillips Petroleum, n ad to chip sociation of Amr-riea, Midland, are scientists and technicians/ , in. to finance the job. But sponsors -of the project predict a return of ,140 million barrels of oil in the next 2S years. - The program of water into oil *is not expected to hit its peak un- <til next year, when petroleum en- .gineers figure production will Breach 20,000 barrels per day. ~ Backers of the water flooding * program claim the oppration will tject of its kind in the world. The -huge recovery operation is located 'in northeastern Oklahoma near -Pawhuskn '''" y BERNARD BRENNER "I know what ihey did and ev- permit 50 to 70 per cent recovery, 'WASHINGTON*. May 26 (l'.l*i— ery top member of the Agriculture Congressional Republicans are lin- Department knows," he said, ing up their ammunition for farm "I'm going to lay it on the Ijne, campaigning in the presidential and I'm going to make sure they election. don't do it again this year." Loaders of the GOP farm bloc Secretary of Agriculture Charles in the House expect to. issue a F - Brannan retorted: "Pure non- policy declaration next week, and sense . . . the facts are exactly op- hope to make this the basis of the posite." He said it was an at- party's farm platform. tempt to obscure the- fact that any Moving early, these leaders aim artificial price influence in 1948 to make sure that the GOP does w as the result of a shortage of not repeat what they consider to grain storage space. Earlier. Bran- he the party's big mistake of 1948, n «-" h *d blamed the 1948 Congress failure to fight back hard against f °r contributing to that shortage. President Truman's jabs at the A l °P House Republican, who Republican farm record. would not be quoted by name, said The Democrats "stole the elec- there was "an attempt to rnisrep- Hope For Harmony -~ By RAYMOND LAHR WASHINGTON, May, 26 Atlanta attorney and friend of Sen. for civil rights le?' i Richard B. Russell <D-Ga>. It Other members of v?• of the Democratic party was understood that Russell was mittee are former 4n t -writers will try to com- invited to nominate a member and Myora of Pennsylvania nrom'ise'the civil rights issue de- that he chose Murphy. form committee C W» 5?« PrcsWent Truman's no-corn- Russell, a Democratic prejiden- worked in vain £*%*• fr™te™«A*r*.ti 0 n,*M4MyV*°- tial candidate whose basic strength and Gov. Robert p.^ ed Democrat has predicted. is in the- South, has led southern Louisiana, one of lhc fo * e According to this party function- senators in their perennial fights states which ^thheld ar- the *o"men drafting commit- to block Mr. Truman s porposals 'electoral-votes from v. Wall and Floor Furnaces. More for Your money. Guaranteed. NO DOWN PAYMENT Central Systems Across From Posto/fice In Old Baytcvvn Dial 31417 The school and public libraries are valuable sources of additional information about careers in which you may be interested. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the last in a series of'articles on career opportunities for high school and college students in important vocational fields.. They are based on a prospectus prepared by Fenn college, Cleveland, and were prepared in co-operation with business, industry and the professions.) will find most businessmen are more than glad to show you -their operations and give you any in- forrriatioiuyou might require about their work. 2—Make full use of any and sll testing and guidance facilities at your command . . . particularly those in your own high school. This will help you to understand yourself in relation to the job CHOOSLNG A CAREER horizon. Most colleges offer excel- This is an age of unparalled lent testing and guidance services lion" in 1948, Sen. George Aiken resent the storage situation" by scientific progress and industrial which are available, in most cases. tee was chosen with an eye to avoiding a rift like that caused by the 194S civil rights dispute. Agreement on compromise in the drafting group does not guarantee . party harmony, however. The ; drafting subcommittee and the full : platform committee adopted a j compromise civil rights plank in j 1948. j The convention itself overrode j the platform committee and ap- \ proved a tougher civil rights plank, j provoking a walkout of some ; southern delegates and formation of the States' Rights party. House Democratic Leader John W. McCormaek, who is counted among the compromisers. was chosen by party leaders to head , the drafting committee. } Evidence of the compromise aim . also was seen in the names of j some of the other committee members. One was Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark.), who has long been urging a legislative "package" to compromise the dispute over civil rights bills. Another was Burket. Murphy, an Red POWs Even Have Prosfifufes from Mr. IT IS ONLY IN THE WORD OF GOD! HEAR IT PREACHED BY EVANGELIST M. J. CUNNINGHAM, JR. OF DALLAS, TEXAS (R-Vt.) charged more directly, by Democratic campaigners in 1948. m i ra cles. Free enterprise and as- whether or not you have expressed -deliberately forcing down grain But ^ he "couldn't say it did or tonishing technical growth have an interest in that particular KOJE ISLAND. Korea. May 2i prices" and blaming the result On didn't" drive down grain- prices. doubled our national income with school. IIP! — At least seven prostitutes ! the GOP 80th Congress. Aiken demanded that the Senate each passing generation and great- 3—Read books on the various have been arrested for consorting Agriculture committee investigate i v raised our standard of living, fields and investigate -the educa- . , ~ . , f his charge. But Sc-n. Allen J. E!- But it is also an age of growing tional and vocational guidance ma- vvuh Commurus, prisoners on work Irnder (D-La.). committee chair- complexity and bpecilization. terial in your school "and public details outside their compounds, a man, said lie didn't see why the While the need for early and library. The United States govern- Korean police official said Mon- conimittee should investigate. adequate education has become in- rnent publishes several valuable ^av "It's purely politics." Ellender crea singly important to success in manuals on this subject, including '" , „ . „„:,,. hp H said. "Why bring it up now when every fie!d r the array of job oppor- the Occupational Outlook Hand- ^ l - Xvim ^ na -^°°^ bd!a l " e P rii) he has had four years." tuuities has" grown to more than book. This can be obtained from oners slip away from their jobs "This isn't politics." Aiken re- 30,000. as listed in the Dictionary tne Government Printing Office in and meet the women in the hills, plied. "The party didn't ask me to o f' Occupation^ Titles Washington. He said 700 prostitutes have been do this." He said he tried to per- T) ,._.,,.;..„ „ ftn /.. „ : n ,. u,.- 4—Above all. let the final deci- smuggled into the compounds, suade GOP campaign leaders in grea tlv intensified the high school *ion be yours and yours alone. Ac- He said 70 Oprostitutes have been 1948 to .throw the charge against SSiYs^ prob em of choosiS a cept a11 the advice - vou can = el > TT* fromvihe .'island . ana Jfliat Democratic accusations that Con- Career and piarinin- his education but le ' nu one inte ^ere with the the latest arrests were believed to gress was responsible for a tight j t j s o f COU r Se impossible for the °P erati ° n of your .own best judg- have completed the clean-up, storage situation. But Republican student to investigate all of these ment - Then P !an >' our education to campaign managers were "so over- i ra d cs . occupations and profes- mee l yo " r own s P ec . ific , require- confident' they virtually ignored sions in anything but a verv gen- m€l « s -. Choose a scnool with a him. Aiken declared. e ral wav. but with the aid "of his Deputation and full, accreditation Sen. Clinton P. Anderson (D-X. high' school counselor, he can be- m your field. _ . . , M.), who served as secretary of gin a systematic- examination of ^ oor ' fmancial position does not agriculture until Brannan took his own" personality to find the " ecessanl y m ean that you cannot over m the spring of 194S, said he broad vocational area in which go to coIie S e - Ask >"°' jr counselor "wouldn't hesitate" to let Aiken he will do his best work and from Christ commissioned his disciples to go "into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." But, we find today that there are other "gospels" which are NOT reaily the gospel of Christ, but there be some who trouble the woricj. and "pervert the gospel of Christ." (See Gal. ! :7}. We pray that we of the church of Chist- do not pervert it, but rather preach it in its truest sense. Won't you come and see? We solicit your most scrutinizing eye of inquiry, and your attentive ears to what we preach. Come! Bring your Bibles, family, and friends to the gospel meeting now tn progress at the church of Christ located at 7th Street and Davis Road. Services each evening at 7:45. You are welcome. "COME NOW, AND' LET US REASON ~ TOGETHER." isa. 1:18. abut *« man - v WASHINGTQN, May 21 (i?;—The to tell present anv evidence. " which he will derive the greatest f 11 ? 5 being ° ffer ed in your field'by Supreme Court Monday approved ."It would be a complete waste satisfaction. business and academic groups. radio broadcasting in street cars of tinie. though," Anderson added. Whatever field you choose to "He certainly couldn't prove it." enter, here are some valuable tips Anderson thought any probe of you can't afford" to overlook: Above all, investigate the finan- and buses. academic advantages of- xhe court by a 7 to 1 vote P _P° r no constitutional bar to presenta- in public transportation vehicles; etermine wha, you reo^ire people already in the field. You colleges all over The American Beauty rose was developed in France. ubWcan Convention Starts 7 9 Oee all tHe candidates at their best on G-E Blsck-Daylite TV. Stop in today—see the TV that's proving itself to thousands of owners—even in tough reception areas. See the TV that's built to outvalue any 20-inch TV in. any market! This handsome 20-inch console in genuine mahogany veneers with easy-moving swivel casters is a masterpiece of styling. In all ways your best TV buy is G-E. Also available in S^SS 95 *blond. Model 20C105. «T •f»rf&i« iKirre.vty Of. pirfvs ia&f «=**£ parts. Fed. Ez~ Tc~ rjrtrsx. ONLY 10% DOWN 24 MOS. TO PAY and buses, operated by the Capi- i tal Transit Co. Also at stake, however, were similar arrangements | in many other cities. j The test case arose when two L_^___ rebellious riders who also are law- i M f\& c - >" ers —Franklin S. Pollak and Guy News Ut ber ViCemen Martin—fought the issue before j pppqir ATR P-HPOTT -RAQTT the District of Columbis Public' •REESE AIR, FORCE. BASE — unities Commission and through Second Lt Cnarles R. Cummings the courts. Some Capital Transit oL^" T «f« n ?r- S 5 ' ^ vehj cies have been carn-ing the Cummings Jr.. 3118 Michigan, and controversial broadcasts since 1949. husband of Mrs. Caroline V. Cum- Public Utilities Commission mings. 100S South David, San An- approvcd the broadcast. But the ! gelo, was graduated at Reese Air Base with Class 52-C of the Advanced Multi-Engine Pilot School. LT. HAROtD-B. ORTOX s . circuit court of apD€als here held tnal commercials: weather reports and & e like are an uncon ' stitutional invasion of the rider?' | A: T. Burion of I^os Angeles, "freedom of attention/' This ae- 1 v * cc president of Xorth American cision was reversed by the ' Aviation," Inc.. was guest speaker Supreme Court. at the -ceremonies held .for the student officers and aviation ca- — dets in the class. The graduates all received the silver wings of Air Force pilots and the cadets were commissioned, as second . lieutenants in the Air Force Reserve. Lfc. Cummings, a graduate of Okiaho-Tis. A. and M. at Stillwater, .(1951) was commissioned on May 16. 1950. From June until exchanges will begin their summer August 1950, he served as a per- schedule of long ' weekends this sonnel and administrative officer week with a three-day shutdown at Biggs Air Force Base. Texas, beginning with the Memorial Day Prior-to attending A. and M.. he observance Friday. " , s'pent two 3'fars at Lee Junior Col- On Friday, only the London and >sgsn Long Weekends By UNITED PRESS Major securities and commodity ORTON" COMMISSIONED Twenty-twp-year-old .Harold B. Orton. son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Orton Sr. of 607 East Wright, has been .commissioned a'second lieutenant in the Army. „ He was given, his "gold" .bars at graduation ceremonies,at the Signal Corps officer candidate school at Fort Monmouth, X. J. - Lt Orton wndorivcnt a 22-week Civil Asronauttcs Board Monday and Midwest markets have voted course of 'intensive ^classroom and authorized Mid- Continent Airlines to extend trading 1-2 hour to 3:30 field instruction/Prior tb OSC, he lo mer g* % " lh Braniff Airways. P-m- on 3 trial basis, was assigned'at Fort Hood. The'merger" is subject to slock- Ane cotton exchanges will ob- Eorr/in Ba^-town, Lt Orton was holder approval. It provides for ser\-e ^Saturday Closings through graduated from Pvobert E. Lee high exchange of one share of Brar.iff Au §- - 50 - c.-Hr, rt i ir. \fax- 1917 onHi «Tnh«»r<»H th<* stock for each 1 1-2 shares of Mid- surviving company and it will operate lege in Baytown. Canadian markets will operate. On Saturday all markets will be' closed. | The New York Stock: and Curb I exchanges and the Midwest exchange will observe the Saturday shutdown through Sept. 27. The stock exchange will maintain its usual 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdav WASHINGTON. MAY. 27 OPV-The trading hours but both the curb school in May 1947 and entered the Army in April, 3951. The lieutenant is married and lives at 3126 Indiana. He is the .father of one child, Joe,: four months old. Eff "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SEiL' 221 E TEXAS AVE. PHONE 5004 Sears' Gas Pumps Err -Right Way! Tex., and New Orleans. Mid- Continent's headquarters is at Kansas City, Mo. Braniff, with headquarters at Dallas, Tex., operates dornestically .iu the area between Chicago and Brownsville. Tex., and has international routes extending to Buenos Aires, The CAB specified conditions which it said would protect em- HOUSTON, May ' 27 OFv-Gasoline P^res who might be adversely af- pumps at one of Sears. Roebucks fected by the merger. These condi- stores here were shut off Mondav tions must be accepted before Mid- after the city's weights and meas- Continent's routes are turned over ures bureau found them to be in to Braniff. Tne board said that error. . there probably would be "consid- It was a blow to motorists and erably" fewer than 100 dismissals- the company did it in self defense. :fr om Ihe combined employe roster The pumps were found to be pump- °* 4,000. ing out an estimated 60 cents The protective conditions cover worth of gasoline too much with dismissal allowances, travelling ex'ery 10 gallons registered on the and , moving expenses, protection meter, " in'real .estate matters, and other _•„•• •'" ' _ benefitsj the CAB said. The rocking chair dates back There : was no opposition to the to 1800 and is a prodxjct of the merger during the CAB proceed- Amefican scene. -" ing. f *• JV MIKE FRANSSEN STATE RESERVE LIFE "See Me Before You Die" Dial 2061 Drive a *52 Kaiser and see ivhy thousani are demanding the ivorld's front seal! World's Safefi Front Seat! Priceless protection for jw| family. ..yours at no extra cost in the '52 Kaiser Manna I.-Sturdier flant-back corner posts — narrower— no "biir.d 1 , 2. One-piece Safety-Mounted Windshield — drfigntd 'a push on on <ei^rc impact! 3. Safety-Cushion Padded Insfntrnfri Pfl'fl.' 4. Right hand emergency brake? 5. Rrres<ted instrument-™ protrusions! 6. Eilra front legroom — you sti in a safer pcsf/ios. 7. Safety-angle seat-balances you more safely! Aoit?.. .neic, lower down payment and ncic, /otrer rac payments bring Kaiser within- easier reach than ere Molorists by the thousands are switching to Kai^r. to gel the world's safest front seat! They need and demand this new protect ion... commendd: Parents" Magazine. ..acclaimed the great^t safety advsn« since {our-wheel brakes I They know there's no saffty like Kai.-er *afc'l\. No value L'ke Kaiser value! America's smoothest ridel Largest glas area of any sedan —3.647 square jnches: Nrv.p?i '"har'itop : at regular sedan prices! Plus 24i6 miles-per-gallon etom that \von first prixe in its cla« in theMobilga- Econom;! For your family's protection... for a protected imertn; see the '52Kaiser at vour Kaiser-Frazer dealer today! i\'o other car has the safety of the Wheel Balance A MAT SPECIAL EM3 ROAD SHOCK Regular pfus tveights AT Ferguson Motors 700 W. TEXAS 6ee your Kaiser*Frazer dealer ,1 307 W. STERLING

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