Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 13, 1971 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1971
Page 3
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ABE of Beta Sigma Phi Elects Officers Peasant Aura Flatters Bride DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD^ Tue«day, April 13, 1971-3 Officers were elected by Alpha Beta Epsllon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority at 8 .^o'clock in the evening in the home of Mrs. Michael Neuman, 100 Aduna St., with Mrs. James Cooper chosen president. Other officers of the sorority include Mrs. Robert Harris, vice* president; Mrs. Joe San Miguel, treasurer; Mrs. W.S. Nixon, secretary and Mrs. Michael Neuman, corresponding secretary. The program for the evening was presented by Mrs. W.S. Caldwell of the American Cancer Society. A film. "Journey Into Darkness," was shown to members. After the 'film, questions' were answered by Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Van Adams, Mrs. A.N. Ogden and Mrs. W.C. Hodge, all members of the Val Verde Unit of the American Cancer Society. Beta Sigma Phi members attending the meeting were Mesdames Karen Argabright, W.E. Cook, Clyde Hagan, Robert Harris, Bill Kemp, Joseph Straube, Timothy Taylor, Don Valentine, Joe San Miguel, Michael Neuman and W.S. Nixon. PEAR ABBY That Was Some Kiss! By Abigail Van Buren [C IfTI by CMCM* TribM«-N. Y. NiW» int.. IK.1 DEAR ABBY: Recently, a date of mine kissed me in the ear and injured my eardrum. He caused a suction which blistered the eardrum and made it hemorrhage. Altho my hearing is not permanently impaired, I have spent a considerable amount of money seeing an ear specialist. I really think this fellow should pay for all the medical expense since he caused the damage, but since he didn't do . it intentionally, I suggested that he split the bill with me. He just laughed. I know there is no way I can force him. to pay, but under the circumstances, do you think I am being unreasonable in asking him to at least pay half? NO JOKE IN INDIANA DEAR NO JOKE: Certainly not! I've heard of girls paying thru the nose for a little thrill—but this IB ridiculous! DEAR ABBY: I wonder if any other woman has this problem? For years my husband complained about those ugly, woolly pajamas I wore every whiter. We bought an electric blanket recently, and I got rid of my warm winter sleepwear and bought myself some sexy nylon nighties, which pleased my husband to no end. I was happy, too, because I was warm and cozy under that electric blanket. Now, the problem: My husband says the electric blanket dries out his feet and makes his heels rough. He refuses to use it, except to warm up the bed before we get in. Both of us have sinus trouble and cannot sleep in a heated room. What's the solution? I don't want twin beds or bedrooms separate from each other. And if I go back to those ugly but warm pajamas my husband will think I'm being spiteful. ICE COLD KATIE DEAR KATIE: The electric blanket Is not drying oat your husband's feet. His skin is exceptionally dry In winter. Before bedtime, massage his feet with hand lotion. And if that doesn't eliminate the dryness, he'll be so touched with your eagerness to please him, m bet he lets yon sleep in a gunnysack! DEAR ABBY: I have a problem concerning the meals my mother has been making lately. First she sees something in the newspaper that looks good to her, and the next thing you know, we have it for supper. Last night she made something that looked like miniature submarines. Mom said that dish was called, "The Mistake that Became a Famous Success." Well, I don't know that much about food, but as far as I am concerned, it was still a "Mistake!" Now Mom says she is going to make something called "Stuffed Cabbage." It sounds terrible. If you have any ideas on how a 13-year-old boy can get his mother to cook plain meals and quit experimenting around, I would sure appreciate it! STARVING IN HOUSTON DEAR STARVING: I have yet to see a mother wb» could say no to her 13-year-old son who played his cards right. Just put your arms around her and give her a Itttte kiss on the neck, and say. "Mom, how about sticking to the plain old recipes?" [P. 8. Don't knock the stuffed cabbage until you've tried it!] Hints From Heloise A perfect pair of bridesmaids for a country wedding (left) with their embroidered bib fronts and mock petticoat skirts. To show off the new ankle-brushing length the girls wear spring s . n ^ we j nb °°y. he °P ehn Eire un in white satin Riqht out of a 16th-century Dutch pointing comes the bridal gown (right). High- watted in ^oryoSdnza the bodice is tucked and edged in lace. The sweeping line of the tram ,s empha- sised with full pleated butterfly sleeves. These designs are by Christos. WIN AT BRIDGE Tuesday, April 13 The Place of No Return NORTH 13 VAJ7 • 753 *AJ964 WEST EAST 4108763 4k A4 V65 VQ 10 9832 • J942 4Q106 *72 *K5 "~ SOUTH (D) 4KJ52 VK4 . • AK8 *Q1083 Both vulnerable North East South 1 N.T. 3N.T. Pass Pass West Pass Pass - Opening lead—V 6 By Oswald & James Jacoby Remember the loser's song of, "Oh, how was I to know, that my finesses were all going wrong, :dear?" West had a bad hand and therefore he led a short suit in the hope of finding his partner's strength. South couldn't resist the impulse to clatter up with dummy s jack to take what he considered Na free finesse. Easts queen pickled the jack and from that point on South's three no-trump contract hap gone to. the place of no return. It was toujrh luck tftat he lost the club finesse and that East held the ace of spades but those things happen to everyone. This time it didn t have to happen. If South had just stopped to think before playing the jack of hearts he would have been sure of his contract against any division of the adverse cards. He would win the first trick with the king of hearts and try the club finesse. East would take his king and have no better return than a diamond. He couldn't clear the hearts because the ace-jack would be sitting there in dummy. South would win the diamond, run off his clubs and knock out the ace of spades to be sure of 10 tricks. Four, in clubs and two in each other suit. He wouldn't have won any finesses, but he would have won the rubber.| (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) The bidding has been: West North „ East By HELEN HENNESSY NEA Women's Editor NEW YORK — (NEA) — Christos, the designer who is responsible for major fashion changes in bridal wear in the last 10 years, has created his own aura in beautiful bridal fashions with a look for every bride in the Spring/Summer collection. When the designer came to America from Cyprus, photography was his hobby. But when he studied art at the Traphagen School of Design, "I found myself designing bridal gowns," he said. SOCIAL CALENDAR TUESDAY The local branch of the American Association of University Women will hold a dinner meeting at 7 p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club for the official visit of Dr. Allena Pace, president of the Texas District AAUW. • WEDNESDAY The Fine Arts Club, will meet at 4 p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club with Mrs. John Thomas Mayfield, Mrs. Edward V. Jarrett and Mrs. Henry Horn as hostesses. Mrs. S.W. Cauthom and Mrs. Bob Cauthorn will present the program. THURSDAY The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 23 will meet at 4 p.m. in Fellowship Hall of the First Presbyterian Church. Hostesses for the afternoon will be Mrs. John Reppeto) Mrs. E.E. BareQeld, Mrs. John W. Keller, Mrs. H.A. Robertson and Mrs. M.H. Wagner as hostesses. THURSDAY The North American Benefit Association will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Charles Roe, 504 Avenue E. FRIDAY The j Pan American Round Table will hold a cocktail supper at 7 p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club for members and their guests to mark Pan American Day. CHURCH CALENDAR TUESDAY Circle Four of the First Presbyterian Church will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Fernest Taylor, 1302E. GibbsSt. TUESDAY The Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the church with Mrs. J.P. Potter and Mrs. C.A. Roll as hostesses. Mrs. B.L. Brown will present the program, "Christians' Response to Change," and Mrs. Ernest McFarland will be in charge of the worshi p. "Then," he added, "I was introduced to the bridal head of an outstanding Fifth Avenue store. She saw my sketches and asked me to design a small collection for her. This led to much publicity and I soon found myself on Seventh Avenue at Galiria Bouquet and for the past ten happy years this has been my home." This designer has been creating 200 brides and bridesmaids dresses each year. He does them for his two major collections — Spring/Summer and Fall/ Winter. He received the Brides Magazine Award in 1969 as the outstanding designer of the year. The peasant look is the most important influence in my new collection," he said. "I have taken inspiration from Dutch, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish peasant dresses. I like the look because when it is done with taste it is very feminine." His taste in bridesmaid dresses runs to unconventional color. "I like the look of bridesmaids in stronger, rich, deeper colors so their dresses frame the bride," he explained. He has done these in navy, brown, royal purple and a new shade of forest green. His bridal famous for combinations fabric with gowns are their unusual of lace and fine detailing. Subtle expression and nobility are evident in his look and the Christos signature is found in the finest stores throughout the country. {NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) DEAR HBLOISE: all In foil \ and Which brand ? ? ? ? ? the freezer. When selecting a new washer, range, automobile, lawn ,< mower, etc., the appearance or ad-claims may be Deceiving. To make sure, *sk the very best mechanic or serviceman you can find; ask him which model is easiest to repair, cheapest to repair, requires the least repairing, and which model would be HIS choice. These men know the Insldes of this merchandise. You buy from OUTSIDE appearances. How do I know? I'm one of the fellows you should ask! Ross * * * We think this is excellent advice, so go to It gals, auk question*, and Itnd out what is the best buy In town. Heloise * *«-» DEAR HELOISE: Instead of wasting hours fumbling for keys in my purse, I formed a chain by linking four or more rubber bands together. One end of the chain I looped through the hole of the zipper pull on one of the compartments in my purse, the other end I looped through the key ring. The keys can be extended to any lock with ease, and then flipped back into their handy compartment again. "* Vi Foster * * * • DEAR HELOISE: I have found that by putting my paper towels on a low cabinet, I can pull t them upward . . . and tfie"water does not run down my arms. M. W. * * * DEAR HELOISE: I have found a quick and easy way to freeze unbaked pie crust. First, roll out the dough to the thickness you desire. Then roll It up very loosely in plastic wrap and put it In a tube such as the plastic wrap or foil comes on. Then just wrap the tube and It's ready for Lori Risa Age 10 .DEAR I have been "mother" to a Siamese cat for several years now and have an idea others may wish to use. If your cat (or dog ) comes home sporting an objectionable odor, use some of your husband's shaving cream as an Instant shampoo. Lather on a small amount and wipe off immediately with a rough terry cloth before the foam has a chance to penetrate and dampen the fur. An immediate improvement will be noticed. Judy * * * DEAR HELOISE: I've been using your trick of tying knots In pantyhose with runs, but I think I can go you one better. I Invested in a package of colored rubber bands and after folding my pantyhose, I wrap one rubber band around each. Blue is for "Perfect,", Red Is for "hole in the foot," yellow • Is for "hole or run near the top," and green is for "last resort." It keeps my drawer neater and now it Isn't so frustrating when I want a pair of pantyhose to wear with open toed sandals. I don't unroll a pair with a hole in the toe, If I Just remember that the ones with .a red rubber band around them have a hole in the foot. Maureen Sheehon * * • You sure did me not only one, but TWO better. Bless you! HelolHe Buena Vista Garden Club Members Accept By-Laws South 1* The newly organized Buena Vista Garden Club met Wednesday in the home of Mrs. D.L. Monroe, 116 Fox Drive. The by-laws of the new club were read and accepted by the members. Activities and projects for the coming month were discussed and tentative plans for the installation of officers May 5 were made. The May meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. Eldon Schueler, 208 Elizabeth Drive. Officers of the club are Mrs. Irvin Luke, president; Mrs. Marvin Hensley, vice-president; Mrs. Leland LaGow, secretary and Mrs. James Proctor, treasurer. Mrs. Henry B. Horn of Del Rio, president of Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., attended the Dr. Pace To Address AAUW Meet Dr. Allena Place of I Huntsville, president of the ' Texas Division of the American Association of University Women, will pay her official visit to the Del Rio branch of the organization tonight at a 'dinner' meeting at 6 p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club. Dr. .Pace will be the honor guest at the dinner and will be the speaker. Mrs. Kathleen Howard Stanley is president of the Del Rio branch of the AAUW. Dr. Pace is director of the Department of Home Economics at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. She is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, Altrusa Club, American and Texas Home Economics Association, National Education Association, the Texas Nutrition Council; she is active in the First Baptist Church and received the Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation Award and Friend of 4-H Award. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, international cuisine and travel; in 1960, she co-sponsored a group of 16 on a tour of seven European countries. Dr. Pace collects wind bells as a hobby. meeting to assist the club in its first meeting. The table was centered with an Easter basket spilling colored eggs. Members attending the meeting were Mesdames Irvin Luke, Marvin Hensley, Leland LaGow, Louis Condry, Jimmy Hutto, D.H. McCleskey, R.R. McCullough, D.L. Monroe, Cole man Newman, Elder Schueler, R.M. Tuck, Don McWilliams and Stan Gifford; the guest, Mrs. Henry B. Horn. Larger Circle Plans Prayer Breakfast A prayer breakfast sponsored by the Larger Circle is planned for April 21. It will be held at 7:45 a.m. on that date in the San Felipe Country Club. Three very short meditations are to be presented at the breakfast, to which all interested is invited. These meditations will be presented by the Rev. John Henry Cash of Comstock, Arnulfo Ozuna Jr. of Del Rio and Ralph P. Mayer, also of Del Rio. Reservations are not necessary, those planning the breakfast said, and the cost is Cocktail Supper For $1.25 per person. Members of the Larger Circle said those attending may come dressed for work and go directly there from the breakfast. DEAR HELOISE: If any of your readers have a house full of active youngsters that more often than not dash off to school and always forget something, this might be a welcome idea. In our family we have a. "Did you FOrget" check list posted Just before they go out the door. On this piece of cardboard is printed in large letters items such as: 1. LUNCH MONEY 2. HOMEWORK 3. MUSIC INSTRUMENTS etc. —any item that your child might need to remember on school days. Just be sure to tape the list where they won't miss it or an is in vain. A Reader Why-be a $97 weakling... Pan American Day will be observed here Friday. The Del Rio Pan American Round Table will mark the day with a cocktail supper at 7 p.m. Friday in the San Felipe Country Club. The cocktail supper is being held rather than the regular monthly luncheon for the organization this month, and is held for members and their guests. SHEER POWER — Cotton lace turns up for resort and spring in fragile but seaworthy styles. Here an open front lace cage screens bra and trunks lined in solid- colored cotton. CAREFREE — This comfy knit cotton terry jumpsuit has no buttons or snaps for Mother to fuss with. In sunny yellow and pink stripes, the Carter's toddler fashion can be machined-washed and dried and needs no ironing. When we can build you up with one extraordinary on your old Air Conditioner during our pre-season Trade-in-Sale!" Carrier Christian Environment Creative Curriculum Readiness Program We'll give you a big check for $75 cash as a trade-In on your old worn-out room air conditioner or condensing unit (or anything else you've been keeping cool with) If you buy a new Carrier air conditioning condensing unit (38GF Series) now during our Spring Trade-in SALE! The exclusive round Carrier unit comes in 12 sizes . . . to fit any home . . . or additional space that you may want to cool. Buy Carrier now . . . and get your $75 cash trade-In. (Offfr cannot apply t» «JH/J>»UMI| riiir tt> February I. HI7I. n-niiti'iiliul Pass 1 N.T. Pass You, South, hold: AAKQJ54 VKJ32 . What do you do now? A—Bid three or four Spades. Qne is a' slight underbid; the other . a slight overbid. Base your decision on how often your partner will pass you at three spades on this sequence. || TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding one no' trump your partner has bid two clubs. What do you do now? 1 Answer Tomorrow ADULT DRAWING CLASSES 5 LESSONS APRIL 26th THRU 30th 7:00 P.M.-9:3p P.M. AT CALL i£sb*£T~^-^^ 775-3300 • ^ DIABLO ^\ ART CENTER 1 Small Classes »il I" . In x r huilitcm.) ergarten ergarten 5-Year 4-Year Testing For Elementary . Grade* Being Scheduled Now Applications Accepted Now For Fall Term DEL RIO 3801 Hwy. 90 W, . 775-3801 SAN ANGELO; 11 East Ave. B 663-688J. . Mrs. Charles Howell 776-4072 Mrs. John Foster 775-3730 J We have no idea what you need money for. It doesn't matter. Come to the Extraordinary Bank for a Personal Loan. We'll build you up and never let you down. It is extraordinary what we can do for yon if let us. o^ The Extraordinary Bank** del rib Bank an& tnust company M*mb«r F.O.I.C,

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