Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 13, 1935 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1935
Page 9
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OASOLINE TAX ftOAD FUNDS , The Texas gasoline tax, or part of it, builds new roads Jftaintains others, and helps to pay for roads built with flty participation on designated routes. This tax i of the most productive and is fairly easily collected ln time to time there arc proposals to divert part o |t to other purposes. Extraordinary vigilance may be necessary to preven' diversion in the next two sessions of the legislature Hevenue will be greatly needed. Old-age pensions wil fee before the solons. Political expediency dictates tha sorne start toward a pension system be made—next yeai fe election year. : There already is talk of increasing the gasoline tax and diverting the increase to some other purpose, such as pensions. Downstate folk would like for the state to take over bonds issued for lateral roads. _ It appears to The NEWS that the only excuse foi raising _ the levy would be to rush construction of the main highways for the Centennial year, and let Centennial visitors help pay for the roads through the taxes they •would pay. Actually, the gasoline sales tax is already as high as it should be. Moreover, a high- specific sales tax should have a single purpose, which in this instance is the construction of roads. Any higher burden on the petroleum industry is not justifiable as long as other commodities are not so penalized. The best thing to do to the gasoline tax is to let it remain unchanged and its uses undisturbed. THE NEW DEAL IN WASHINGTON .BY RODNEY DUTCH!R. NEA Service Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON—Plans are being laid in various quarters for attacks, both behind the scenes and in public, on Chairman Jesse Jones of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Jesse seems likely to be in for plenty of trouble unles he can demonstrate that he isn't playing favorites with the Wall Street crowd (the Morgans at the head .of the list) and other enemies of the administration. For the gang that has gone sour on Jesse is tough and usually rather effective. A couple of cabinet members, at last reports, were preparing to tell Roosevelt that "the world's biggest banker" was playing too close with the president's political enemies. But the chief complaint of the wrecking crew is that Jones is willing to lend a hand—and a lot of govern- inent money—to the lawyers, bankers,' and managing executives who raked in millions from big railroads now in receivership and are anxious to start the same process all over again at the expense of investors. The Missouri Pacific is still in the hands of the Van Sweringens, who are in the hands of Morgan. The Vans never put any money in it, but before going bust in 1933 it borrowed $23,000,000 from RFC under their auspices 'on the -basis of a financial statement which RFC lawyers publicly claim was "an amazing act of' concealment of liabilities." * * * * ; No\y the Vans, with Morgan holding their holding Company shares as collateral for a $48,000,000 loan— the same holding company whose shares it holds controlling Missouri Pacific—come to RFC with a reorganization proposition under which bondholders would get $7,50Q,000 a year instead of $25,000,000, as now. It is charged that the promoters, bankers, and lawyers would proceed to clean up at the expense of the bondholdei-s, and the Independent Bondholders' Committee asks "if control is to be handed over to men who 'have no money in the road, who owe it money and are penniless . . . to financial jugglers? Fancy bookkeeperes? Stock market operators? Promoters? Men who are nimble-footed in escaping government regulation of their 4igh finance, nimble-handed in getting overnment loans on statements which do not reveal the truth, nim'ble-witted in making penniless debtors the masters of their creditors' property?" * * * * Jones must answer that question and also decide whether the banker-lawyer-managcr crowd now operat- "ing the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul (a vast economic power in 12 states, with book value of more than $700,- P'00,000) shall have more RFC, millions for a. reorganization which parallels a previous reorganization that made millions for lawyers and Wall Street bankers, which Railroad Co-ordinator Eastman predicted would fail and which did. * * * * The St. Paul crowd came .straight to Jones to com• plain'against RFC lawyers who had suggested 1 to in- squiring senators and representatives that new reorganiza- liion legislation be made to apply to pending reorganizations.. The new law required judges to appoint independent vbrustees, but the House passed a bill which didn't make 'that apply to current bankruptcies. Senators Barkley and 'Wheeler, on advice of RFC lawyers, fixed that. Congressman Marcantonio fixed it in the House. Jesse's attitude toward the Van Sweringens and the ;St. Paul organization promoters, heretofore considered iriendly, may determine his tenure of future employment >here. This story is a hot, exclusive, inside tip unless 'there's some change. BARBS Apeoyding to an Ohio college professor, Europeans '4on,iend >the World War never ended. The African dispute, then, will be a war to end a war to end a war. -Jjgfore the era of pension plan proposals, old people i\&re?JB "said to be in their "declining years." <|f Ethiopia decides to send Harlem's "Black Eagle" this country, he might make a,good mascot for NRA" of the coal industry. to G, O. P, leaders, in Herbert Hoover timber has one decided "not." mt»<H»r«M«ln*«a«r«^W .^»».1 . ,.^- * ^. ^fa^,.. American Statesman HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle' 1,5 American statesman in the Philippine Islands 9 Stir. 10 Beer. 11 Ejects. 13 Rumor. 16 Slash. 17 Deity. IS Drone bee. 19 Bone. 20 Pronoun. 21 Perched. 23 North America B1 By . 3 Entrance, 24 Sun god. 52 W ine vessel. 4 Negative B4 Eating utensil. n Hol . Res . 5G Rumanian coins. 57 Music drama. 59 Sprite. GO To coat with tin. 62 Tie is governor oE the Philippines. 63 Alien. VK.RTICAIj 2 Branch. • 25 Hurried. 29 To how. 31 Manifest. 33 Melody. 35 Cats' feet. 36 Irish fuel. 3S To ransom 40 Exists. 42 Pother. 44 To fly. 45 To subsist. 46 Tea. 4S Looks. 50 Right. (! Knock. 7 To trudge. 8 Egret. 11 The Philippines are having an — crisis. 12 To woo. 14 Enthusiasm. 15 He is preparing- for a ot govern- ments. 20 Rabbits. 22 Drunkard. 24 Corded cloth. 26 Father. 27 To sin. 25 Perishes. 30 Stream obstruction. 32 Mnkes lace. 34 To decorate. 37 Cravats. 39 To dine. 41 Figure. 43 To repulse. 45 Person. 47 Uist word of a prayer. 49 Sun. 51 Fairy. 53 Form of "be." 55 Away. 56 Sheltered place. 57 King of Bashan. 58 Measure of area. 60 Transposed. 01 Half an em. LIQUOR IS EXPECTED IN SESSION AUSTIN, Sept. 12. (/P) — Prohibition repeal and adoption of a. amendment authorizing stnte old age pensions passed i>roBie"nte ta tti lature for solution at a special session. A sharp fight Js In prospect over methods to control dispensing of liquor. The question of obtaining revenue^ to meet old age pensions, in view of the heavy deficit and increased governmental costs, may prove extremely troublesome. The struggle over liquor regulations is expected to be sharp but it may also be short and decisive. It is probable that after a majority votes for one of two niain plans opponents ' will join to give it immediate effect. One group will propose that sales be regulated through a state monopoly while another will contend for a license system. The monopoly will find favor with dry leaders, aided by some wets, who would give all profits to the general revenue fund. Leaders in the repeal move- mpnt will hold out for a system of licenses. There is doubt among: observers which side will be able to muster a majority and strong arguments are being prepared by adherents of the respective plans. The fact that any bill that fails to obtain a two-thirds majority in each cannot become effective until 90 days after the end of the session is regarded as sufficient to persuade the defeated faction to support the scheme favored by the majority. Should a liquor regulation measure fail to be put into immediate effect the state would lose a large amount of revenue. It is believed that leaders of both groups will have little trouble in agreeing on restrictions on liquor dispensaries after, a tost on the monopoly and license systems. Prohibition repeal leaders have stated (•hey intended to write a bill bringing dispensaries under stringent regulations. Dry chieftains have said they would be equally insistent. Both will be looking toward the November, 1936, general election when the question of a mandatory state monopoly will be before the voters. See Us Por Beady Cash To • Refinance. • Buy a new car. • Reduce payment!. M Raise money to meet bills. Prompt and Courteous Attention given all application*. PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY Combs-Worley Bids. Ph. 604 THE P AMP A DAILY by PampS Caflt Published etonlngi «xcept Saturday, ufld Sund '28 W • attMORE ft fits*}*, Sen. Business Mgr.; 6iM & filNKtli, Managing OS 1 THB ASSOGIAtED WiESB.-Pifll Wased Wire. The Assorted frreSiS is 8*efiaiW»-«|i titled to the use for publication of ftll nefrs dispatches credited to of no* otherwise credited In tfitt newspaper ftnd also the local liiwa pujaished heretft. All rights for reipubflcatloii 6t «peclil dtt-" -"atones herein also ire reserved. . • ^v~~ ^red as second-class matter Maroti H, , ti the pbstottlc* *t psmpft, Ttxa*. tindw tht AM el On* Tear One Year one Tear SD*SCKtPflON B*ri5s OTP tHB PAWA DAttr NEWS! — ~^~ . 6? Carrier in i*amp» .SS.OO Six Mohtrtf ...... $8.00 One Month ........ « .60 On6 WeWE ........* Jll By Mail in Gray and Adjoining Comities .$6.00 Six Mohths ...... $2.75 Three Months .<,... »UO One Month ......I -fit By Mall OnWdc UmrAnrf Adjoining Counties .J7.06 81* Months ...... »3/75 Three Months ...... $S.10 One Month ...... f .71 NOTICE—.ft Is not the Intention of this newspaper to cast reflection Upon the character of ftnyon* knowingly and If through error it should, the management will appreciate having attention called (0 flame, ana will gladly and fully correct any erroneous statement made. OUT OUR WAY. „ _ . ..... By WILLIAMS ME OOT OP THE I'LL MAKE TWO TRIPS UP— (JP. SO WE WOULDN'T TO MAKE AMOTHEC2 TME ATTIC. AMD A\A/AV WITH "SO ALL DOWM TO MV ' ASOD MOW I'N CAPRVI.VJ6 TM' WHOLE TM/U6 \© 1935 BV NEA SERVICE. INC. WHY MOTHERS <5ET T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Willie Has His Hands Full \t\_\H TV\KT \<=> TWE vovxo \ TEV.Y.'b WE. €> TV\Vb ?? WONDEfc. By MARTIN coovo Yvi'tEP s^\ OOT QOT ,VA WOOUD NT \ 1935 BY MEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT 'RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Air Tight GOSH, HERE'S AW AD THAT SOUNDS GOOD:" WAKITED ; STRONG BOY TO PERR3RM b LIGHT TASKS.!' ) 4&T <7$*rS GEE THAT'S TOO GOOD TO PASS UP 1 1 DOSIT KklOW WHAT THE WORK WILL BE, BUT T'M GOKIKIA TAkE _ A CHAMCE '.' "TOD HAD AW AO IN THE PAPER ? •yfcS,! WEED A BOY, AWD YOU LOOK HUSKT ENOUGH! I'LL OMLY MEED YOU ;MTHE LATE AFTER- NOOM, BUT I'LL PAY YOL) WELL .'! I'M SURE YOU'LL THIWK THAT WHAT I WAMT YOU TO DO is A STRANGE JOB R3R A ^feUNQ AN^ BUT IF YOU WONT TAKE IT, I OV/ I CAN GET SOMEONE ELSE.' OH.GEE, I'M WILLING TO DO ALMOST /MS II By BLOSSER IWAMTMOOME... ABSOLUTELY NO ONE^KMOW _ WHAT YOU'RE \ WE'TO, DOING f=OR ME.,...< X CAM UNDERSTAND? ), M , TATE CAKJ ^rbu HOLD \ A CWf T YOUR TONGUE? ) WITH . T^LOCkJAW?/ ? > s /W?w" ( km THE NEWFANGLES (IWom'n Pop) .S50-60-7O-80-9P-3OO Jp WN AFFORD TfeUOOT A HUNDRED TWIN A GRAND NOW LISTEN, WHEN YOU tW OFF CATFISH,TELL HIKN WE'RE GONNA. HAVE A HOSS TOMORROW THAT HE CAN GO T'TOWN ON / LET A SUCKER WIN ONCE AND HE'LL, KEEP ATRVIN' T'GtET EVEN THE REjT OF HIS LIFE LOOK UP OUR , HOSS 'SKIPAWAY IN DE FIF' RACE WINDY THERE AINT NO SKIPAWAY IN THE FIFTH RACE EXTRA..' RACING FINALS EKTRAf Friday the 13th Is Lucky for Windy •y COWAN ALLEY OOP FOOZY AIMTSUCH A IJOOKfM' RULER E'S PLENTY / YEP-Y'GOTTA SMAGT/ A HAWD IT TO 'IM / E 5UR6 STOPPED THAT LEMIAM INVASION/ HIS CAPTURE OFC TUWK WAS A MASTE Just When Everything Was Jake «_ , -- WE WINS.' WE WINS.'/ NVA.W OH MAN / FREE HUNDERT BUCKS // IT MIQHT BE OKAY \f fAAYBE. HE. BUT 1 pONT SEE HOW \ DONE WE CA^ WIN ON A BOSS yjHEN HE AINT IN TH5 RACE K RESUIAED NAIVC? By HAMU» HOVKAWOW/ ID BETTER SHOW THIS T'RDOZY/ /• Jr

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