Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 3, 1935 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, February 3, 1935
Page 4
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PAGfi FOUR ,THB PAMPA DAILY HEWS, Pampa, Te*M SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 3, 1935 CLUBS ARE OF CHIEF INTEREST IN WOMEN'S VIEW OF MONTH PATROL OFFICERS AND MEMBERS NAMED LAST WEEK Girl Scout troop 6 met at Methodist church last Monday, chose new officers and patrol leaders. Mrs. J. M. Turner is captain of the troop, Mrs. J. O. Glllham lieutenant, and Eleanor Iluth Glllham scribe. Meetings will be in the beginners' room at the church every Monday at 4 p. m. All girls of Scout age, especially former members of the troop, are urged to attend. Patrol organization was as follows: Patrol one—name, Bluebonnet; leader, Vera Evelyn Sackett; assistant leader, Helen Glllham; other members, Meredith Morehead, Eleanor Ruth Gillham. Patrol two—name, Blue Eagle; leader, Norma Lee Dickinson; assistant leader, Jean Clay; other member, Edna Helen Blackman; vistor, Mrs. E. D. Casky. Patrol three—Name, White Rose; If-ader, Jean Lively; assistant leader, -Eula Taylor; other members, Loretto McArthur, Betty Lee Thomasson, Joyce Turner; visitor, Mrs, Gaston Foote. Patrol four—Name, Ivory; leader, Frances Helen Koonce; assistant leader, Marjorle Saums; other members, Rosemary Saums, Frances Bablone; visitor, Katherlne Horn. In Contest (NEWS Stuff Knuravlnc.) OKLAirOMA CITV. Feb. 2.—Miss Juanlla Stcphcnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Stephenson, 406 South Cuyler street, Pampa, Texas, has been nominated,as one of the most beautiful girls attending Hill's university of this city. The queen with her attendants will be crowned at a banquet February 9 at (he Chamber of Commerce building. Wed Last Week Troop 5 Plans Parly Plans for the national birthday party were made by troop five of Girl Scouts, meeting at Echo lodge Wednesday. The party will be at high school cafeteria, and guests who wish will be taken to the lodge to inspect the new furnishings. Games followed the business meet- Ing. A court of honor was conducted afterward for patrol leaders and other leaders. Reports were heard from the recent leaders' training school. Members present were Harriet Price, Jackie Hurst, Dorothy Mc- Sklmmlnff, Byron Dodson, Marcine McClements, Betty Plank, Heidi Schneider, Dorothy Thomas, Peggy Stevens, Frances Thompson, Martha Price, Alice Marie McConnell, Marjory McColm, Thelma Mae and Velma Fae Osborne, Margie Coffey, Wllma Willis, Virginia Nelson, Mary Lynn Schoolfield, Elizabeth Mullinax, .Mattle Brown., Junior High P-TA Names Workers For Thrift Room . Junior High Parent-Teacher association will have charge of the school thrift room next week, and committees have been named to ,work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. Mrs. Robert Montgomery, welfare Chairman from the association, will be assisted on Monday by Mmes. Cyril Hamilton and Paul Jensen, on Wednesday by Mmes. Eaton and Peacock, on Friday by Mmes. Price and Fleischer. Most of their time will be spent sewing on needed undergarments. Material was bought last week, and members of Horace Mann association started the work. Volunteer workers who will assist in the sewing project will be welcomed at the room. Several garments were issued last week, and 12 pairs of shoes were bought with money donated by the Elks club. Workers from the Horace Mann association were Mmes. B. C. Priest, Riggen, Carpenter, Hutchins, J. M. Turner, and A. L. Surge. Police Force at School Is Named New Junior police members at Sam Houston school have been appointed for a six week term. Instructions have been given them, and they have started work. The Kiwanis club sponsors this school 1 project: Poyle Pollock is new captain of the boys, Thomas H. Smith and f Raymond Perkins lieutenants, Billy Z Brady, Virgil Brown, and Willie -, Brown patrolmen., Lawrence Pars' ley, Claude Allmond. Londean Mc~ Kay, Keith Records; James Mitchell, ", Gene Alford, and Cecil Love mem- '4 ' bers. P . Patsy Shira is captain for the -*' girls, Virginia Davis and Ernestine Crane lieutenants, Geneva Welton T patrolman, Patsy Gaut, Letha Har- 'L relson, Frances Jean Shell, Elinor 2 Ann Martin, Louise Redden, Geneva 'Tjllman, Inez Godwin, Vera Loucille ~~ " and Orene Alford members. •»— ATTENDANCE IS DOUBLED FOR STORY PERIOD Club Hour Enjoyed By 122 Children Yesterday Doubling the attendance of last week, 52 children of pre-school and first grade age and 70 children of primary school age attended the story hour sponsored by Twentieth Century Culture club at First Methodist church yesterday morning. The hour opened •with group singing accompanied by Jean Lively, pianist. She also played accordlan numbers, and accompanied two junior police girls who sang. Junior police girls from Woodrow Wilson school assisted In entertaining the children. Mrs. R. 8. Lawrence and Mrs. Clyde Gold told stories to the younger gropu of children. Fables, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Sleeping Beauty were favorites. Older children heard stories from "Water Babies," The Necklace of Truth, and The Twelve Months, told by Mrs. Marvin Lewis and Mrs. A. G. Post. The large group of listeners showed close attention and kept perfect order during the hour, story tellers reported. The club invites all children below fourth grade age to attend these weekly hours of entertainment. _ 'Family Night' Movie Announced For School Show Mrs. Bob Cecil, above, was married in a pretty.ceremony at Amarillo last week-end. She was Mrs. Christine Smith, .resident of Pam-'' pa for several years and promU ^ nent member,.of the Business arid * Professional Women's club,'before her marriage. AAA PROGRAM IS STUDIED BY PRISCILLA CLUB Happy Hour Club Has Bridge Party Mrs. Leech and Mrs. Clayton Guest Speakers "Cotton, corn, and tobacco crop prodution have been under control as well as wheat," said Mrs. E. A. ShacMeton as she discussed present conditions of America's agricultural nrogram for the Prlscllla Home Demonstration club in the home of Mrs. Clyde Carruth Friday. The club studied the pamphlet, America Must Choose, by Henry A. Wallace, secretary of agriculture. Mrs. Ira Spearman gave a biography of the author, saying that he had an agricultural background of three generations. She asked Mrs. F. E. Leech, a guest, to give a synopsis of the pamphlet. Mrs. Leech stressed foreign trade and tariff as she reviewed the views of Secretary Wallace. Mrs. C. A. Tignor spoke on nationalism readjustments, Miss Donnie Lee Stroope on international relationships, and Mrs. Carruth on the forward path of a middle course. Mrs. Tom Clayton discussed landscaping for the beautification of homes, in a talk preceding a covered dish luncheon. "Think of flowers as living things, when caring for them," she said. Mrs. Spearman presided over the business meeting, when the schedule for meetings was changed back to third Fridays of the month instead of third Thursdays. Recipes for the preservation-cook book which county club women will issue are requested at the next meeting. Guests and members present for the program and covered dish luncheon were Mmes. Clayton, Leech, J. F. Kelly, Shackleton, Skaggs, Ben Lockhart, Norman Walberg, Herman Jones, Minnie Jackson, Roy Tinsley, Tignor, N. B. Ellis, Joe Lewis, W. D. Benton, Guy Farrington, J. L. Stroope, R. E. Kennedy, J. M. Daugherty; Miss Stroope, nine small children, and the hostess. Monday night is to be "family night" at the community hall at Hopkins school No. 2. The occasion is to be 11 reels of pictures. The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be the feature picture. Attempts are being made to have entire families turn out to see the picture, and special prices are being offered to induce attendance. The program Is sponsored by the P.-T. A. Credit is being given to the children on their library reading requirements. Since the main feature is of such weird nature, a hilarious comedy will be given between the fifth and sixth reels. Net proceeds will be used to complete payment on a radio-victrola recently purchased for the school. Lovely Party Is GivenFor Club Mrs. Frank Roach was hostess to members of Eight Hearts contrac club at her home on East Brown ing Hhuijsday aifternocjn. Bridge tables and prizes were decorated in a yellow and white motif. Mrs. R. G. Morgan was awardec high score package, Mrs. Fred Boze man second high, Mrs. R. L. Burki the traveling prize, and Mrs. O. M Prigmore consolation. Other members enjoying the af ternoon were Miss Verna Fox anc Mmes. Dallas Culwell, Georg Sharum, and Carlton Nance. Mrs Prigmore was named club reporter The next meeting will be with Mrs Sharum on Valentine day. F. N. Hulfkome Is Scene of Shower Friends surprised Mrs. Ola Hampton with a shower Monday evening at the home of Mrs. F. N Hull. Several contests were enjoy ed and prizes awarded. Little Joan Applebay and Lila Louise Hu: pushed a bassinet laden with gift to the honoree. Joan gave a reading, The Cupid' Bow. Refreshments in a pink an blue color note were served. Guests were Mmes. Hampton Bonnie Rose, H. F. Beatty, Wile Pearce, E. A. Hampton, Bill Haas D. C. Houk, Bill Peed, Pete Kelley George Applebay, Godfrey, M. B Graham, Bob Slckal, H. Slckal, Jo< Bevington, Charles Barrett, an Miss Luella Wade. Gifts were sent by Mrs. Joe Vin cent, Mrs.. Homer Sprinkle, Mr Homer Sprinkle, Bob Shields. Presenting Young Pampans: Those Fraser Twins o WILL SERVE BANQUET TO GIRLS AFTER CONTEST A womanless style show will be the prog-ram feature when boys of First Methodist young people's department entertain girls with a banquet Tuesday evening:. Models for the event have been announced. James Foster will appear as Mme. tlodiste, just in from Paris. H. D. Tucker, J. G. McConnell, Herbert Bablone, Bfid R. A. Selby will display the gowns for stylish stouts, toward Zimmerman, Raymond El- tlns, Richard Wilkes, Bash Barow, and Jim Whittenberg for flap- ers, David Whittenberg, Don Foster, A. L. Patrick, Allen Wise, and 'ravls Lively for juniors. Boys will present the program and serve the dinner as the result if losing an attendance contest. H. D. Tucker will be the main speaker with the subject, Headed the Wrong Way. A debate on the question: Resolved, That Girls Should Stop Us- ng Cosmetics, will be given by foseph Hodge and Bob Surratt, af- irmative; Howard' Lane and Rich,rd Wilkes, negative. The Rev. Mr. Jones of LeFors, who produces mule from a handsaw, has also been Invited to appear. Walters to serve the chicken dinner-will be George Lane, Bob Surratt, Lawrence McBee, Ben Home, Joseph Hodge, Paul Nelson, and Travis Gee. Reservations for places may bj made at Sunday school or League neetlngs of the department today. 'Best-Dressed" First Lady Now Follows Rainbow BY BESS FUKMAN, Associated Press Staff Writer. WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 (IP)— Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt no longer Is the one-color first lady of thte Eleanor Blue" inauguration. She's a follower of the rainbow. ' One night she's a blue-ahd-silver shimmer;, again she's a red-and-gold gleam; her pink Is a modiste's masterpiece.,- -. ' '••.-. Recently the first lady wag dubbed the'- "best dressed woman: 11 She said that atter long years of being taken- to 'task by her family for not giving enough thought to dress, she was getting a "grand laugh." out of that .title. But the rest of the capital is beginning to take it seriously, and to keep a costume-conscious eye out for her every entrance. Here are a few glimpse's at costumes in which the first lady has appeared-recently: Evening: Blue and silver (president birthday ball)—A youthful, ruffly gown of blue chiffon over blue-shot-with- silver, V-neck, V-back, ruffle-outlined; silver belt; necklace of hammered silver and blue stones; long- blue feather fan. Afternoon: Midnight blue velvet (white house tea)—Softness accented by the slits of the season. Arms revealed by sleeves partially slit; thre slits in the back of the bodice. Daytime; That smart black-and-white wraparound (house gallery)—White felt deep cuffs and deep reveres outlined in a narrow black; on a; dress threading of of long-line crinkles sllk-and-wool. The tailored woman type. CARNIVAL ANNOUNCED An addition to the school calendar for this spring has been announced after the faculty of Sam Houston school set March 15 as the date of Its annual caitiival Attractions are to be planned soon for this occasion. ^B. O. McKenzie, Doyle Ward, Dr Charles Best, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C Fischer visited Thursday- in Okla homa City with "Hap" Baxter, who underwent a major operation there They found him resting well. PREPARATIONS START FOR FEDERATION CONVENTION —Wirsching Photo (NEWS Staff Engraving) No -wonder Mary Nick Fraser (right), age 4, wears such a happy smile! Not every little girl can boast of both a baby brother and a baby sister. The 9-month-old twins are Lee, pictured at the left, and Linda. They are the children of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Fraser. NEW HOME AT SKEULYTOWN IS GIVENSHOWER, Several Clubs Due To Have Meetings Next Week SKELLYTOWN, Feb. 2.—A group of friends met Thursday afternoon and went in a body to shower Mrs. Raymond Paulsen. Mr. and Mrs. Paulsen have been married several months, but have just started housekeeping. After the miscellaneous gifts were presented, two games of bridge were played, then mint ice cream and cake were served. Guests were Mmes. Bill Campbell, D. C. Paulsen, FrariM|t«tidricks, Connally, • W.. Loft, W. • Propst,- Ed Patehett, Joe Miller, Wesley Black, Henry Paulsen, Mabel Marti, Wayne Sutton, J. C. Jarvis, Joe Carroll, L, R. Jones, and the honoree, Mrs 'Bud" Paulsen. • Several friends sent gifts but were unable to be present. (NEWS Staff KnKraving.) Mrs. Gallaher Entertains Mrs. G. B. Gallaher honored Mrs. Kirby with a shower Wednesday afternoon. After several .contests the gifts were admired. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream and coffee were served. Pink and blue favors and decorations were used. Those present were Mmes. H. C. Rush, Guy Harris, Ed Baker, Joe Miller, O. E. White, Huffines, O. D. Hailey, Frank McGuigan, J. C. Jarvis, Kirby, and the hostess. Numerous gifts were sent by those unable to attend. Clubs Scheduled La Nueva club will meet with Mrs. Charles Wayne Wednesday, due to illness in Mrs. Coulsen's home. Mrs. Joe Miller is to be hostess to Amlgo club Thursday afternoon. The P. H. Sewing club will meet with Mrs. Cecil Shipley Friday afternoon. Personals- Donald Marti is quite ill this week. Marshall Coulsen has Improved somewhat. He is ill of penumonia. MANY ATTEND VALENTINE TEA GIVEN AS AN ALTAR SOCIETY BENEFIT IN MRS. DWYER'S HOME Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shipley, have recovered from recent Illnesses. Mrs. Shipley and the children have had mumps. , Mr. and Mrs. T. Alison are the parents of a boy born Tuesday See SHOWER, Page S ,' Mrs. Harold Baer was hostess to i Happy Hour bridge club Thursday, .(y}& Mmes. Roy Kretzmeler, Ken- ?ineth McDonald, Harold Ulmer, Carl Jfeier, Verio Tinkler, Bill Biard. H. Roberts, and Waldo Kretzmeier gyests at the two tables: Roy Kretsmeiw scored high --"*- • the hot MpQon^ld *Jow ( in i, which were foUow'ea'by sandwiches, «ake, and U« ^» -n- Anne J^wise Jones is visiting Singing Convention Date Is Announced The Plateau singing convention of Gray county meets the second Sunday in April at Central Baptist church. Officers will be elected then, and all present officers and jsong leaders are urged to be present. Delegates are expected from Borger, Panhandle, Amarillo, McLean, Mpbeetle, and LeFors. A supply LeFors Plans Beautification Committees Report Goals Set For Town's Part In County Movement. LeFORS, Feb. 2.—Definite goals for beautification of homes, parks, and highways in this section of the county were set at a meeting of the local Citizens Beautification organization recently. Mrs. Josephine Sparks is chairman of the LeFors division of the county organization. E. Bacchus is chairman of a committee to beautify city entrances, W. C. Breining to secure a wayside park and clean up the highways, Mrs. A. Carpenter to have flowers planted, Mrs. R. C. Ogden to have trees and shrubs planted,- Mrs. E. Bacchus to start a park in the city square. president-elect, in receiving about 150 guests. -Club Celebrates Birthday. CLARENDON, Feb. 2.—Most brilliant of all social events of the year here was the black $nd white tea given by the Pathfinder, piarendon's oldest study club, in observance of its 24th birthday. It was at the .LY^yijI^G VAV, HAIV4 J-*V* V/4 W« *» MM Jfr J »"» •*•»«•» FIT** w«>*my « fv « •"* ^nv y>MV of new song books has been receiv- home of Mrs. XJ. J. Boston, who was ed, ready for use with the accus- assisted by Mrs, Tom G-oWston towed i?0flk§ at this meeting. a.nd. 90$. jrej J Stephens-Callaghan. PANHANDLE, Feb. 2.—Miss Pauline Callaghan, daughter of Judge and Mrs. Asbery A. Callaghan, was married last Thursday to George J. Stephens of Austin, in a beautiful ceremony read at high noon in the bride's home. They will live in Austin, where Mr. Stephens is with the business department of Texas university, after a trip to eastern states. The engagement of Miss Olene Stevens and Richard x H. Orr was announced last week when Mrs. Viola Buster, sister of the bride- elect, entertained with a cleverly appointed bridge party. Seniors Advised. BORGER, Feb. 2.—Seniors and their parents were gue.sts of High School p.rT. A. Wednesday night when O. R. Stahl, Borger business man, spoke of school preparation for business life. The association's general theme this year is Careers for Our Children. Valentine parties have been given many bridge clubs- Mrs- Theo McConahey was a • recent hostess w Delta Hanxis< club. Mrs. Allen Mabee 6&n., Souci cjub, to Florence Reid club, Mrs. E. J. Smith to Tuesday club. Luncheons Popular. CANADIAN, Feb. 2—Members of the Book Review club and a few friends were entertained at a luncheon by Mrs. Wiley Wright Tuesday. Mrs. E. E. Watson .was hostess to Just For Fun club members and their husbands at a dinner Thursday night. Misses Marjorie Richr ardson and Velma Prichard entertained Bid-a-Bit club, and Mrs Harold. Teague the Pleasure Hour club. Thursday. Mrs. E. H. Morris honoree W. A. Fite at a luncheon Clubs Entertained. WHITE DEER, Feb. 2.—The Art club was entertained with a colonia; party at the home of Mrs. Ray Gares last week, the Blue Monday club by Mrs. J. O. Jackson. Five Birthdays Honored. WJ$SELER, Feb. .2.—A birthday oUnnep Tuesday evening honoring five residents here who hjave birthdays in January was given by Mrs OthO Lewis and Mrs. John Lewis Honorees were Mrs. Zora Welch o Hear Bridge Lecture And Enjoy Hour Informally Guests at a bridge lecture and tea n the home of Mrs. J. E. Dwyer Thursday afternoon improved their game, enjoyed a pleasant social afternoon, and aided the Altar so- ,iety of Holy Souls church, sponsors >f the benefit event. As many as could be seated in the rooms heard the talk on leads and plays by Virginia Emerson, who 11- ustrated her suggestions with black- Doard diagrams, and presented each istener with typed rules for leads. Valentine decorations made the •oms cheerful, and the refreshment plate repeated the theme. The only n-ogram numbers were vocal solos >y Mrs. J. W. Carman, accompanied by Mrs. P. H. Lane. Guests were received by Mrs. Lynn Boyd, Mrs. R. E. McKernan, president of the society, and Mrs. Dwyer, and shown to seats by Mrs. Frank Soach and Mrs. D. C. Kennedy. Mrs. Roach was general chairman for the benefit, Mrs. A. B. Ziahn chairman of refreshments, Mrs. C. H. Robinson chiairman of seating arrangements, and Mrs. Boyd of tickets.- . Guests included several women from Borger, among them Mmes. W. D. Kelly, John Wheatley, Wayne O'Keefe, Claude Campbell, Charles hapman, and Wade Purr. Members of Mayfair bridge club were guests of Mrs. Boyd, choosing to hear the lecture rather than play in their usual meeting this week. MONDAY First Baptist W. M. U. meets at he church, 1 p. m., for covered dish uncheon followed by business meet- ng and study. Methodist W. M. S. meet in circles at 2:30: Circle one with Mrs. R. A. Saker at the church; circle two with VIrs. Fred Gary, 721 y, N. Gray; circle three with Mrs. John Hodge, 623 N. Nelson; circle four with Mrs. Crawford Atkinson, 1200 Mary Ellen. World Events to Be Reviewed by New Study Group The World Events club of the A A. U. W. will meet at 7:30 Tuesday at the home of Mrs. J. B. Massa. Members of the A. A- U. W., theii husbands and guests are invited. Doyle Osborn, history instructor in high school, will be a speaker. Plans are being made for this group, of which Mrs. Massa is chairman to conduct monthly meetings for reviews of current world events. Club members who wish transportation to the meeting are asked to call Mrs. C. C. Wilson. BETHANY CLASS Bethany class of First 'Baptist Lohurch will be entertained, at a Valentine . party Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs. A. A. Steele as hostess at the home of Mrs. John CALENDAR Special rehearsal of Treble club called at 4:30 in city Clef club Philharmonic Chorus will meet in city club rooms, 8 p. m. American Legion Auxiliary will lave a regular meeting at the Legion hut, 8 p. m. Members are urged to attend. TUESDAY Fidelis Mauwis class of First Baptist church meets at tho church, 2 p. m. Mrs. Slier Faulkner is to entertain Amusu club. Mrs. Sherman White will be hostess to Tuesday bridge club. Arno Art club will meet at the- home of Mrs. A. B. Goldston. Mrs. G. P. Bradbury will be hostess to Civic Culture club at city club rooms, 2:30. Horace Mann P.-T. A. Study club will meet at the school, 3 p. m. Executive board of Business and Professional Women's club will meet at city club rooms, 7:30. Young people of First Methodist church will banquet in the church dining room, 6:30. Order of Rainbow for Girls will have initiatory work at Masonic hall, 7:30. Members of Rainbow, O. E. S., and Masonic orders asked to be present. . Clubs again take the lead In women's Interests with the start of February and first announcement of plans for annual conventions) that loom surprisingly close. Federated clubs will begin electing delegates for their convention at- Plainview In March. After a quiet "fifth week,' club activity will be resumed here with a series of regular meetings, including that of the Garden club Friday. It is ending its annual vacation period of two months, and members will begin spring garden plans Friday morning. Starting the month, the Council of Women's clubs will have its meeting Thursday morning, followed in this afternoon by the Council of Parent-Teacher associations. A new club project is being launched by the A. A. U. W., at a meeting of : a World Events club called for Tuesday evening. Mrs. J. B. Massa is chairman of the study group committee sponsoring this meeting. It will be at her home. Treble Clef club is to have a special meeting for rehearsal Monday, and a regular meeting Wednesday, preparing for Its annual open house program later in the month. Junior Treble Clef club is also to meet. Arno Art club and Civic Culture club in regular programs Tuesday afternoon, and Business and Professional Women's club in executive session that evening, are other meetings scheduled. Church Prepares For Historical Day Observance Plans are being completed for the historical service of First Methodist church next Sunday. Raymond Earrah Jr., first grandson-of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Harrah, who were the first members of the church at its organization, will read a brief history of the church at the evening service. Captains for the group who joined under each; pastor have been -selected and are organizing "to secure a large attendance at the services. These captains with the name of the pastor who served the church at the time each joined are: W. W. Harrah for Rev. J. A. Laney; J. N. Duncan for Rev. P. G. Huckabee; R. W. Tinsley for ,Rev. R. M. Morris; Mrs. Sam McCullough for Rev. A. L. Bowman; MJrs. Matilda for Rev. W. B. McKeown; R. S. McConnell for J. P. Lowry; Mrs. Ralph Chisum for Rev. J. S. Huckabee; Mrs. Horace 'McBee for Rev. M. S. Leveridge; Mrs. Joe Shelton for Rev. J. M. Fuller; Mrs. W. H. Peters for Rev. B. J. Osborne; Mrs. F. A. Gary for Rev. J. T. Hicks; Mrs. Roy Bourland for Rev. Tom Brabhtam; Mrs. Paul Jensen for Rev. Ray N. Johnson; Mrs. M. E. DeTar for Rev. C. A. Long; Mrs. W. D. Waters for Rev. Gaston Foote. Two pastors who served the church, Rev. W. L. Harris and Rev. A. C. Smith, have no members remaining who joined under their pastorate. Rev. J. S. Huskabee, former pastor, will preach at the evening service and the present pastor, Rev. Gaston Foote, will preach at the morning service. Rev. C. A. Long, another former pastor, had been invited to preachj at the morning service, but a letter from him stated it would be impossible for him to be here. Messages to the congregation will be read at the morning service from 1 the former pastors who cannot be present. Hopkins P-TA to Sponsor Benefit Supper Friday WEDNESDAY Central Baptist W. M. U. meets at the-church, 2:30. Presbyterian Women's Auxiliary will meet in the church, 2. Episcopal Auxiliary meets at the parish house, 2:80. Altar Society of Holy Souls church will meet with Mrs. J. P. West, on North Frost street. Mrs. Nesserode is co-hostess, First Baptist Bethany class will have a Valentine social at the'John Henry home, 2:30. Treble Clef club will meet at city club ..rooms, 4 p. m. Mrs. Ray Chastain is to entertain 1 the 'Ace High club. Mrs. BUI Pull will be hostess to Hi-Lo bridge club. Fijrst Methodist choir rehearsal An old-fashioned pie supper will be sponsored by Hopkins Parent- Teacher association in the community house next Friday evening, it was decided at a business meeting Wednesday afternoon. The public is invited to attend. Proceeds will benefit th£ association's treasury. The meeting Wednesday was in charge of Mrs. Geo. Delver, president. Members attending were Mmes. Dee Partridge, William Abernathy, O. O. Gilbert, George Delver, O. C. Jones, Homer Gibson, Parker, Vern Savage, George Reeves, D. M. Bynum; Misses Tavia Dunsworth, Nan Grouch, Hamrick, Gibson, Townsend. Central WMU Will Send Delegates to Mission Institute Several members of Central Baptist church will attend a missionary institute at Canadian Tuesday, sponsored by the W. M. S. of the Canadian Baptist association. Mrs. w. A. Fite, associational president, will be in charge. Mrs. O. T. Locke of Miami will teach a class on the book, Keys to the King-' dom, and Mrs. Joe Wilson of Miami will have a class for young people's work, men will also he conducted,- leaders of class for

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