The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 27, 1969 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1969
Page 6
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(ft* Monday. January 27. 1969 TONIGHT ON TV MONDAY ( r.M O ID 09 V"ts (C) ft H'hftl's N>« ? — Six acps of man IB \'ov»gr In IKc Rot lorn of thf Sr» (Rl 33 I I.OVP Lucy (R) C:.U PM O I Dream of jMiinta (C) Ton) cnmpulos in a iwleo agi'nst c crude, middle-aged cowboy vho ha eyes (or Jcaiin;o; Mutk Millet gtipsls O The World We Uvr IB — "An- larc'tlfa — Because Il',<i There' looks at exploration of Ihp uprld's coWesl. windiest. ItMst liospilablc continent Q> (iiinsinuke (C) Loutish liillLilly JClhorl Moses involves l:is cousin Smiley, sisler Me.TV '•loiei!'. 1 . nri 70> (\ir-olri grandmother in another swindle scheme, this one • •austng n ru<=h from Dodge City to a worlhless snld mine-; Anilmny J.imes as El- iirrt and Lane. Bndbury «s Mc-rry Florene re-crrale roles they played in a Gunsmokp episode shown earlier Ihis season; Lou Antonio phi's Smiley and Kathrvn .Vinncr is die gi.indmother SB Avrn-'frs (C) Slr?il. T.;r-. and their prisoner awaken from the effects ul .1 x-u • !iv;>'"!l il/ug in a drserleil Lonjoii n>innvnde<J by armed soldiers wilh o r ders to shoot anyone on the street as loolers Q3 Ixwt In Space (C) (R) Dr Smith becomes involved with a green giri 7 I'M O Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (C) Salute to labor O Chopin: A Question of Stature examines the facts and fiction about the life and music of Frederic Chopin, the Polish composer; Vasary, Hungarian pianist, performs Chopin's music JD My Favorite Martian (R) Martin falls down a flight of stairs ant loses his superhuman powers 7:M PM ID Here's Lury (C) Lucy tries to get Carol Burnett's help in raising money to build a gym for Kim and Craig's school JB I'eyfon Place (C) Rodney tells Beily he will figiit his doubts without her; Dr Miles asks Sgt Walker the name of a detective in New York; Eli makes a skating date with Maggie; Rodney comes cut of hysteric paralysis (D Miin From UNCLE (C) (R) Tiny killer bees invade UNCLE's Swiss section, killing every agent SB Hazel (C) (R) Hazel's pride in George causes liim to lose his appointment as municipal court judge 8 PM B Wurld Premiere (C) "Dragnet," .lark Webb, Harry Morgan, LJobby Troup, Virginia Gregg; Friday and Camion doggedly hunt tor rn elusive murderer who preys on photographers' models O BUrk Journal (C) The progiam concentrates on tne areas of economics, politics and community control in black America; the p;-nel includes LcRoi Jones, Kathlten Cleaver. Ron Karenga, Kl.j?h Muhammed, Claude Brown, Jim Btown and other black spokesmen, discussing why they are opposed to fiL'siueni Nixon's concept oj black capitaiism and why they support student protests on college campuses (D Mayoervy EFT) (C) Goober is asked to give driving lessons at the high school then he smashes inio the principal's car CD Outcasts (C) Earl and Jemal discmier that both candidates in a mayoraJty race resemble ;he bank embezzler they are pursuing; Madeleine Sherwood (Flying Nun), Grant Williams, Susan Howard guest 03 Movie (C) "The Blackmailers" (I960) Spanish cast; supposed story of matador El Cordobes, w!-a becomes involved with criminals and pays the penalty . , . Engliih-dub- bod trivia 8:» PM CD Family A/fair (C) French and the children are overjoyed at the prospect of spending a year in England C5 12 O'Cock High (R) Fog plays havoc with a dangerous mks'on J PM O Bridge With Jean Cox — Actual bridge hands bid, first rebids by opening bidder to show more than min'mum hand (D Card Burnett (C) Guests are Martha Raye, Mel Torme Q) Big VaJkj (C) A JeaJous husband suspecting Jarred of b«ng his wife's lover uses economic pressure to get his revenge; Simon Oakland guests t:M PM O Germs* Playhouse — Carlysle declines * party invitation; 10 Sign Off (D Wester* Star Tbe*ln (R) How Texas owes its existence to a text book picture; 10 Sign Off II PM O (D ID Newi (C) S3 Perry Miami (R) 11:31 PM O ToBiglil (C) Johnny Carson ID Movie — "When Lovers Meet" (19+6) Lucille Ball, George Brent; faithful wife decides to teach her philandering war band a lesson when she learn* he has been too friendy with ? woman photographer who travels with him . . . just fair; 12:15 Sign Off (D Joey Bbfco* (C) Lenny Welch. Brothers Castro II r-M 83 TV' Partytae (C) Grandpa Jones- 11 :« PM ffi New* (C) 12 Sign Off MIJXSTCHT B News (C) 12:«6 LM( WoN (C)' 1:05 Sign Off ID Movie — "The Navy Ccmes Through" (1942) Pat O'brien, George Murphy, Jane Wy*tt; the part the Merchant Marine and the Navy play by co-operating in keeping shipping lanes open . . . wartime job; 1:35 Sign Off TUESDAY «:M AM (D Captain Kangaroo (C) ® Cartel Don (C) For children «:55 AM O Paul Harvey ComnrMfe (C) 7 AM O Today (C) 7:25, 8:13 N«W (C) 03 N>w (C) 7:M AM O EMglJft*: Fad ana Fancy Q CBS INVwi (C) 7:H Wealber, Surf)s«, FfoWe* (C) ID Cadet Don (C) Continued tt AM ID MonrfHg Stow (C) t.m AM ID KUhrth'. Kain»*«l (C) (t:4S AM O From Frt-Wta »• rr»4 » AM O Siup Jvefmert (C) »:S NBC Xe«w (C) ID Uicy Show- <Q (R) ID U>*ve II to Beaver (R) ».2» AM O OBC« llpoa a PriatUt »:» AM O ConoeRtratioa (C) O Beverly HillMIHe* (R) ID Dialing for Dotian (C) 9:45 AM O h'.om Franklin to Frost It) AM O IVisonality (C) ^J Aiuiy Cirlffilh (C) (R) 11:31 AM O Scttftceland !•:» AM O Hoflywood Square* (C) O Dfek vaa Dyke (R) ID Truth or Coaseqamce* (C) lt:45 AM O From Fraaklia la Frost 11 AM B Jeopardy (C) ID Love of LHe (C) l!:Ji News (C) (D Bewitched (C) (R) 11:» AM O Stepping Into Melody H:» AM O What's My LiweT (C) ID Search for Tomorrow (C) ID Funny You Should Ask (C) 11:55 Children'* Doctor (C) 11:45 AM O From Franklin to Frost 5D News (C) Casey Martin N'OON O Midday (C) Thelma and Larry ID News at NOOB (C) ID Dream House (C) fD Rocky and Hit Friends (C) (R) 12 :M PM B Hidden Faces (C) Drama ID Aa the. World Turns (C) Drama ID Lei's Make a Deal (C) S3 Romper Room (C) 1 PM B Days of Our Lives (C) Drapia ID Love Is a Many Spleodured Thing (C) Drama ID Run for Your Life (C) (R) ED Richard Diamond (R) 1:95 PM O From Franklin to Frost 1:3* PM B Doctors (C) Drama ID Guiding Light (C) Drama S3 Take M With Marijane (C) 1:S8 PM O Discovering Science Z PM 8 Another World (C) Drama ID Secret Storm (C) Drama ID General Hospital (C) Drama Donald O'Connor (C) Rick Jason. Gigt Galon, Allan Drake, Brendon Hanlon, Marge Redmond 2:t5 PM O From Fraaklia to Frost 2:M PM B You Don't Say (C) ID Edge of Night (C) Drama ID One Life to Live (C) Drama 2:38 PM O WorU Geography 2:45 PM (D Cartoon Cntapg (C) 3 PM B Mali'h Game- (C) 3:25 XBC Ne\ra (C) ID TJnklctlrr Show (C) 3:25 .NVvvs (C) ID Kitirik's KarrousH (C) ID Movie — "Riot in Cell Block 11" (1954) Neville Brand, Leo Gordon; prisoners rebel against prison conditions, take over building and hold guards hostage . . . tension 6D Maverick (R) 3:05 PM O Think in Ink 3:38 PM B Merv Griffin (C) Rep Adam Clayton Powell, D-OT, Sandier and Young, Jack Douglas and Seiko, Ronny Dyson, George Jessel, Gale Gordon ID Movie — "Man From Bitter Ridge" (1955) Lex Barker," Mara Cor day : stagecoach investigrtor tries to find out who has been doing aU the holdups ... old stuff ffl Dark Shadows (C) Drama 3:» PM O Knjslish: Fact and Fancy 4 PM ID Movie (C) "Oregon Trail" (1951) Fred MacMurray. Gloria Tal- hot; New York reporter must travel dangerous route to Oregon to cover situation there . . . deviltry and the dude Bou the Clown (C) 4:3* PM ID No No the Clown (Q Monsters (R) 5 PM B Chris Chandler (C) Misterogen' Neighborhood Qfl Ron Stone (C) ID Real McCoys (R) Flintstones (C) (R) Cartoons 5:31 PM B Hun (ley-Brink ley News (C) O Friendly Giant ID Water Cronkite News (Q ID Frank Reynolds News (C) ID Ozzie and Harriet (C) S3 Batman (C) (R) 5:45 PM O Merlin the Magician FUTURE BALLERINA concentrates on her exercises for there's no nonsense at the Junior Ballet School la Moscow. Hundreds of little girls are enrolled annually for the 10- year course, but most are weeded out after a few weeks. Those that remain know their training could be terminated at any time because they're not working hard enough or not showing enough talent. Competition in the school Is intense for the reward is probable acceptance by the Bolshoi or Molseyev Ballet schools, sources of the truly great ballerinas. Henkes «. 17-1*, If**. al«kt M Unit r«Mrv*4. PrUcl (c«»rrttht) INI moon co. i **• settle for less? EVERYDAY LOW PRICES PLUS TOP VALUE STAMPS! DOUBLE A STAMPS TUESDAY With $1.50 or more purchate excluding bear and win*. 900 W. TEXAS Rath or Country Club All Meat Wieners 12-Oz. Pkg. J-V ; ' /*• v V '•& «--i 'H/ ' *>'' Serve 'N Save Pork Sausage H< Pork Sausage 14 Bucket of Chicken r Baking Chicken Rath Blackhawk 14 Pieces A Giblets Flavorful Roll 1-Lb. Roll 39 l 39 C 39° 59 C Skinless & Deveined Calves Liver Winking Chef Corn Dogs 10 .Lv $ 1°° Chub Pkg. Rath Bacon All Beef Hamburger I . , U.S. Government Inspected -Lb. MM •• 3-Lb. ^«38 Lb. $-|98 U.S. Choice Tenderay Bee* Boneless Club Steaks U.S. Choice Tenderay Beef Sirloin Strip Steaks u, U.S. Choice Tenderay Beef Rib Eye Steaks Lb . Quarter Pork Loin Sliced into Pork Chops - 69 C Pork Cutlets Lb . 89 C Fish Sticks ""'"" Vk 0 ;. 39 C Kroger Cottage Cheesi So good §o many ways! Reg. Price CHIQUITA Russet Bananas Lb. 14 Potatoes Selected for Baking! Fresh KdW Peanuts 4I , 3-Lb. 99 Florida Temple Oranges L . 19° Morton Froien Family Size Pumpkin Pies "£' 79 C Lutcioui Anjou Pears 2 u,, 49 C Kroger Waffles Frozen CAULIFLOWER OR BROCCOLI Carnation Variety Pak JO Inv. -|Q C Pkg. 13 99 C O Oz. Jar Instant Breakfast Maxwell House Instant Coffee Tomato Soup "° 9 ' '7^10° Franklin Farmt Mushrooms ft.". 1 .' 5 c°;. $ 1°° Maryland Club Instant Coffee '^ M 29 Coffee Maryland Club Can $137 1 I Reach for the Star Armour Treet •-,, 4 Reg. 4Ql Price "¥%f 12-Oz. Can Special Purchase of Manufacturers Close Outs Original Values $1.99 to $4.99 Shower Bayer Awake Curtains 200 Ct. $ 1.73 Size Your Choic* of Solids and Prints Batter Quality, Vinyl Curtain !n Decorator Colors While Stocks Last! Discount Priced Hair Spray-13-Oz. $1.99 Size Hidden Magic. 99° Crest .H.. 73 Toothpaste Throeif Sucrets ,*,:,',',;. 47* I e>ray Deeetorent Pristeen >XX.. »1 1 '

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