The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE TWO" BLYTHEYILLE, ;(AR^.) COURIER- NEWS How To Catch Scientific Cold IN G8DI1SI Two Good Years In Ro\v Put Missouri County On Its Feet CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jan. I:—Blessed wjtli two .consecutive good crop years, residents of Peml- ficot.. Coiiiity and Ca'ruthcrsvIUc face the New Year, 1940, in mucl) tetter financial shape than any year since the "depression", farm leaders', bankers arid business executives agreed here today. farmers, who hiid to pay out all their 1938 crop profits to make lip deficits cf the previous year, the 1937 crop harvest being badlj hindered by damaging, wet, rainy weather, this year have beeii able to return the profit from the 193d crop, which has been faced with Ideal harvesting weather. As a result> bankers have found that the farmers have been more prompt than in any year in the past half- dozen years in paying off loans and other debts. Caruthersvllle banks reported deposits at Hi is tinie were approximately 21.5 per cent ahead of a similar period last year, aiid Mr, Chas. G. R'.ss; cashier of the First Stale' Bank here, said the increase was general o'ver the entire counts'. Total crop THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 'mo'.' J; C. ceremonies. of the Eastern Star Installed with Mrs. SchooJ- matroii; Mrs, tfallle Rose, Mrs, Marlon Crews, New Osceola Lodge Leaders Installed c ?"< J - P- scuriock," tyicr; the _—. Rev. L. M, Blckfcrd, chapllii; Guy OSCEOLA; Ark., Jan. 4.-Aubrey bW " S ""^ A Cowan was Installed as worshipful ma'ster of Osceola' lodjje r &, A. M. Number 27, a)u i j^rt. Minnie Lee Schooler as worthy matron of Osceola chapter Number 4'5, Oi'ilcr of thc nrid chapter officers ih Hie "irfasonlc rooms here Wednesday night. J, T. Coston, retiring worshipful niaster of thc Masons acted as In- Stalling officer for them and W. n. Kelly as installing marshal].. Mrs. E, H. Smith served as installing officer; Mrs. Geneva Fowler OB kiuhd installing marshal!; Mrs I Walter Kinahuel, grand chapllii; jfiml Mrs. Gilbert Mastin as grand drtnnlst In 'the chapter ceremonies Other Masonic officers who will serve with Mr. Cowan for 1940 are E. fi. Reid, senior vwdcir Johnnie 'Histln, junior warden'; E H. IJbgnn, secretary; j. B. Builh Abrey, treasurer; Mrs, Matllc Shlp- pen, chaplin; Mrs. Lena Woodard, niarshail; Mrs. Florence Mastin, orjjaiiisl; Mrs. Ada oirdlcy, Adah; Mrs. Elsie Edrineton, Ruth; Mrs. Jane Crews, Esther; Mrs. Adele Williams, Mrirtlia; Mrs. Nella Gil- lesplc, Electro; E. R, Reid, warder; E. R. Boganfl "sentinel. Yuletidc vocal and Instrumental numbers and readings were given by Mrs. Catherine Wllklns of Luxora; Mrs. Coleman Crews, Mr. Banks, the Rev. L. M. Bickford, Catherine Wright, Mrs. L. M. Blck- ford, Mrs. Robert Crews, and Mrs. . Coleirian Cress. Itearl Cciiiler News want ads production for the county^ this .year is slightly higher than for 1938. Farm Income last year on cotton alone wns roughly placed at 58,000,000, and income on ether farm crops. Including hay, com, etc., at about $2,000,000 to S2,500',000. The income this year will only slightly exceed that of Dr. Max B. Imrle, of Philadelphia, demonstrates simple method of catching cold, vising device'that sneezes aiid coughs infectious germs. Doctor (A) shoots ait borne germs from bottle <B> forced by compressed air (C) through filn-«s tlibliig (D) wl)lle assistant (E) drnivs off samples 61 ah' (F) from glass bell (G) to measure number of germs sneezed nt waiting rabbit <H) who catches the cold. Device* used ih tuberculosis research, enables scientists to simulate natural manner of Infection by Inhalation rather Ihnn by InnotiulnllOn. lion of office buildings, garages, stcie rooms; etc., rind If at rill •possible, of cottages for the REA project personnel. This project will probably be localcd between Hiiyll and Kehnett, .is Ihe REA serves both Pemlseot and Dtlnklin counties. During 1939, about $225,000.00 has been spent on new buildings, iin- prbveincnts and repairs of homes i and business houses In Caruthers- villc. The new $30,000 pilbllc library j Spy Suspect BifT Drive , „ „•& •!/ {rj Collect Waste Ma' ., , , .:.-,. ... last year, but fanners will realize ls expoctsd to be completed shortly more net profits by being able to b , efore "'? cntl ° f .,. thc R1K| retain their n6t iricome, instead of having .to spend it to take care of old debts, as was experienced last year. In addition, last year, government price adjustment payments and soil conservation payments to Pemlseot County farmers was approximately $800,000. This year, these payments .will exceed those of last year, with ail estimated total payment siim of $1,000,000. Durbig the past two years, two iricome crops have innde noticeable headway in this county, being sty beans and raising cut- tlerand hogs for market. While tlio ;lattr>r Is yet ih Infant stages; more fanners are steadily going In for the new $60,000 aniiory Is In pro-1 LONDON (I?!")—'flic ministry of cess of canstruclicn. More liian 200 supply lias started a big drive" for new htmes have beeti biilH in (ills' the collection i>f wnsle materials ctly this year, ranging In cost tram by the establishment, of a salvage jSiOO to $'1,000, and representing department wlilch, in addition lo thc small two nncl three-room collecting \vi\sle, will fjiid niterr.n- reiital pioperties to the more pretentious dwellings. Most of the. lives for scarce materials. The plan Is designed to effect a' new homes have been biiiit ih Uic saving In labor, transport ahd ior- Slioe Fncicry and Cornjires.'i vlcin- \ eign cxcli'aiigc, ratlicr than to make ' • Hies, with several being biiiit in other seclloiis of the city. Among the new business buildings constructed this year, are the GniTell Saloon, Kellind building, Jiogers Grocery, Traders Mercantile Company warehouse, Sinclnir Service Stntltni, Relay Retiners Pumping Stallon, Cottonbelt Rail- County Agent i M. D. Amliwgey eggs. said whole, in this county, was much improved along' the soil conservation lines,'-and that the farmers v;ere developing and following a much more Intelligent plnh of Individual farming. It was pointed out that an Increasing number of farmers are purchasing their own farms under FSA guidance, and that ninny of the ^ tenants hoiv bwh stock, good tools, and fine Ifve- have in general greatly improved themselves and their assets over the past year. Living standards of Pemiscot County farmers have been bettered vastly in the past year, two important, Improvements contributing much to this. One of these is. the, excellent county-wide system of all-weather farm-lo - in n r k c t reads which have been developed . and perfected during the past yeiir, and the other is the ingress of rural electrification into the most remote sections of the couh ty. ' Practically every section of the In .. t . „. county is now accessible hi all 1 UemonstVatlOn (JJ kinds of weather, due to the farm-' f „ u;_ -r to-market roads, aiding the farmer | ^UOKlTlg 10 ' .-to market his crops much speedier' witti motive powered liucks anu trailers. The inticate and well- maintained drainage system hns aided the farmer immensely in developing his land, and the Improved and fortified levee system along the entire countj s frontage of construction. The estimated cost cf these hew structures Is approximately J135,- 000. Major improvements, cither interior or exterior, costing nn np- prtalniate total of $10,000, were made on the Slinmskl building, a profit. It fa expected that if private firms find it does not pay to licliipt factories to reciaintalon thc government will intervene. Even in peace time, old precious metals, iron and steel, and some case metals were regularly collected sis scrap, and used again, but the use of old textiles, wastepaper, tin Twenty-five proposals of maraud spelter was ollcn a paying rldge hava been received from proposition. . Canadians by Katherme Haid• Ihe Iron and Steel Control hns inger, abo\o, Gorman jjirl held written to every manufacturer and by Dominion authorities as a spy Industrial undertaking requesting suspect, 'Forontp police revealed systematic, clearance of all useful Police, say slie entcrocj Canada il- inatcrial. ThLs will be extended to industrial firms which, ordinarily do not produce sorap but may have discarded machine parts of-obsolete plants. 'His importance of scrap metal in , Britain's peacetime Industry Is indicated by the fact that over 'half leghly from the United Slates. Justinian BjsMiitlhe en'iperbr, succeeded In getting Liib silk secret from China by bribing two monks lo smuggle some of the silkworms Sawyer's Pharmacy, Globe CloUi- | the weight of all materials charged ollt ol tlic counliy in their bamboo ing Store, Spalding's Grocery, the'lnlo British steel furnaces consists sUtffs - Aftcrwrtrd, silk became flfi Ward Building, n'nd hiaiiy rccteccr- of old meliil. In 1937, which is a ' tnmo wirte 'y llsc(! ' alllimigli it re atlon and repair Jobs In other reurcsehlntlvc' year, about 7,500,080 j "' al "eil exjicnsive. I'tons of scrap were used to pro-' New firms locating Here during l! °ce nen'rlj' 13,000,000 tons of steel 1539 include Grab'ers, the Knttlor iiigWs, Furniture Store, the Maurice Lad- Tll e . great bulk oi this came ids' Siioppe, Hayden's Five nnrt ' r °ni home sources while Ihe steel Ten Cent Store, Bill Hnyden's industry siipplle'd niore (hail 3,000,000 toils frorii Its own inciting shops, rolling Mills and fabricating deprirlHienls. The rest was pur- ciiased otil of genera! indiistry , Pmg Store, The Francis-Green Paint Shop. Approximately $80,000 Iras been spent oii hew homes, of which more than linlf was spent on through the scrap trade, smaller: dwellings, but also Includes Scrap metal needs hriiidllrie, ctit- the larger, modern dwellings such tln St breaking, separating arid sort- as erected by Chief of Police In S be.orc It is ready for thc fur- Luther White, Sam Vlckers and High School Principal Hugh L. Bates. , . Liquid , CAPUDINE for NEURALGIA naces' or crucibles, so the scrap merchant needs considerable experience and knowledge of dozens of grades. U 1J ttelQ Read Courier Mews want ads. A cooking demonstration wlii bu held at thc Piggly Wlggly store 302 West Main street. Jan 8 (o Jan. 13. A practical anil expert dpnioti- stration of how to cook (he "walcr- !CM" v.-ayy saving vitamins, minerals and flavor o! toods--ril50 how ^ .......v., ^v, ^° save about one h^ll of your tip his soil throuBh"'~cror) cookln g f "°' wl"> this metno^ of - =--"•-—• • • - lood preparation will bs given. Miss Althca Cuanrtler. (j"i M(>:i)- phis, Tcnh., will te In rharg? of the demonstration. An umisini fbn- ttire of (hLi demonstration will be thc preparing and cooking over on the Mississippi Rupi has encouraged and aided the fanner lo biilld ;np his so rotation without (indue fear of haying his effons swept away by flood or overflow. There has been a tremendous Influx of rural electrification this past year, with over $573,000.00 u«- , . , ing spent on the projects In this tlcctrlc area during 1939. according to statistics furnished bj Mr. Glenn Eaker, project superintendent ol the Pcmiscot-Djnklln Electric Cooperative There are now approximately 600 users leceivin" the electric service In Inis county, and with new and additional lines being rapidly and steadily ' built it Is estimated bj Mr. Eakbr that' . —,. ...^ MJ i.» t . A^anci ll i it i, [jy the early part of 19!o, there will be 1500 users receiving ihe'scrvicc A total of 191 mllte have been installed this year, bringing ihe total mileage to 532 oht o[ the ! important equipment Installations this year was the $10000.00 sub- 1 station., and during 1039, an ex- ce.w of- sightly mere than $10 COO CO was paid in salailes to REA 'employees. the Cooiieratlic, Mr Eakei stated, ^lll stait a inemberehlp sliive Ihe latter paH or this jear to extend elcclHc service to every faim home located within !000 feet of eKUIng eilcrgriOd Uue> the (.am-, paJgn id close lit Jaimnrj. I3ig Tne Cooperative also expects lo launch a plan to secure the erec- Lost Cane Group To Meet Friday Night The Lest Cane Farm Bureau will have a meeting Friday niglit at the .school It was announced to- tiny by A. C, Owens, executive secretary of the M'.ssisslppl Count) Farm Bureau, which sponsored thc recent organization of tills group For lighter, more wholesome cakes At Last For Your Cough Even It other medicines have failed you may get relief now with Creomulsion. Chronic bronchitis can" 1 develop If your chest cold Is not treated and you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion which ROCS right to the seat of the trouble to help loofen and expel (jertri laden Phlegm and aid nature to soothe snti heal raiv, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes Creomulsion blends beechwood creosote by special process with other time tested medicines for coughs It contains no narcotics. No matter how many medicine's you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with tho understanding that you are to like the wny t quickly allays the cough, permitting rest and sleep or you are to have your nionev Birk drt,* JU..1 Jl._ :_._*- ...u4,i._i lytlvr.. ,, . . Sec thai the nameCrcomulslmilson the bottle and you will get the genuine proquct and the relief you want- GREOMULS50N for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis LAST TIMES TODAY OLD MAID ieltt n.ivls -- Mifiiirri Hopklils Gcor;o Brciit Ps.nnHount News & Comertv FRIDAY 225 Good Reasons Why You Should Attend Charley McCarthy, Detective rr ncrgctt & cluirlcy McCarlhy . Also feleclcd sborls LAST TIMES TONIfiHT Covered Trailer IVilll Jahics, Lnrlltc & Uusscll Gle:ibOn Also selected shorts Fri. & Sat. Arizona Kid Koy llcgcrs * Grorgn ll^ycs Cartoon & Serial "Kit Carson" LISTEN TO KI.CN 11:00 a.m. — JZ:JS p.m.— 4:30 p.m. i'honc RUi 221 Phone Uoxy 333 George H. McFadden & Bro's. Agency E. C. PATTON, Agent Grand Leader Building >TOP LOOK SAVE Having moved our No. 2 Store into our large No. 1 Store at 111 K Main we find it necessary (o reduce our stock considerably id make room. Every ilcni in tills large food store is priced to sell quickly to make IKissib e convenient arrangement. We cannot let all our stock Sell at such ridiculous tow prices—just enough to arrange properly, so hurry before proper adjuslmont is made. " It's Pure & Good l?cs( Side Lb. EEF i C, Tender, Roasts LI). Center' Slices, Ctidahy's Lb. 35' s-Steaks 15c Fancy Winesuns Do! 10 Juicy arid Sweet '„ :. »OZ. 7 1 CANDY Clean-up Lb. Chocolate Covered Lb. Boxes, Only Good Red Peck 25c Sweet 'I LbS. APPLES Fartcy Grade 3'L!)S. inni) sheets Only OF ILLINOIS CORN Can 3 Cans Swift's ;J liars 10' Puck Or First Cull Lb. 19 POWDER Pride, )V«shcs 1'flc Quicker, aSt size "". Good Taslc Lb. 12i c 50 Lb. Cans . 25 Pounds $3.79 Knndv Kid Sack $145 Morton's Smoke $1.00 Value 10 Ll>. Cans 79 C SOO S([. l-'cef Canibeic, the Hcsl 21 Lhs. I.lis. :)S 8. Lbs. Campbell's Can ,Iusl a fctv of our many, man.v values. You're sfilnr- antccd lo siive money. Come e arly. The more you huy the more you save. IISTE NICE filOGEBY & MT. "The One-Sto\) (Jiant Food T. H, Van liibbcr, Ownci & Operalor \Ve Oulivci Anywhere IMiunc 'i' Liberty Cash Grocers ritfCKS l-'OU FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 25c Folgcr's or Rose Utid, II). No. 2 Can 10- In Heavy Syrup No..,2'/, Can $ doz. 10c Texas Each WI8ESAP APPLES Do/. Corn F'ride of illihois No. 2 fan, ,'! For 25c & S BORN COFFEE 2? j HE mm MILK Can 10 C SOUP Torrtato Can Table Size 18' 3 Size Juice 4G oz. Can No.., 2!/ r Can Can 23 No. Can 19' sib.ISc Pound 20° Lb. BLACK HAWK Rind On Lb. Rindless Lb. PIGUVER Lb. 10' MEAT Pound K |* Thick Rib •>. Lb. Shldr. Clod Lb. tc BEEF 22' Cudahy's Puritan . Pound 18 S(reak-6'-Lean Po'iiml 10' FJvap. Lh. . Half Gal. 3 LB. TIN 52' Searchlight Hox 3o :j.liars \T Sml. 1 Lh. Carton tflc 8 Lb, Carton RUc I Lb. C.u'lou Quart 21'

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