The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 21, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1897
Page 1
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MARSHALL, MlCHBttGAN, TUESDAY, 2i hwn> wear-wmterta^i, N. T.. Royal m«ke« the l«wd part, * Na Apparent Necessity of Using tlit Recently Prepared Special Plans of Campaign. ot si>il experts, ftas Juftt signified Jta assent to the" *»« ttw Spahiiwd Tha Wttrrte* U« Some nnrt frfefrt to' K*pi-*s» t»* limitation frorft the trnlted, States t,o Mftd ife^rcseiitatli^es to wtteltd this con- ferfcflcft tn recognition of Jftjwtfi'a Interest ifl the norih Paclffc sealeries, tteflnite Information AS to the-personnel of Ibe JBrtifsh frftlelals Who will pa*tlcfpate Inj th« ', JBehrlhg sea controversy HAS not been feertved, lmt tt fs ander«tfi64 that thf confirms win be Sir JWtan ftrte, tit* UritiB». egftit>ifatth«n«tf ' M«*c I *t^*>4£>rc*c>^^ The Evenihf News, It -. went to eehHng"s;ea tat the ernment, ftnd Mr.. Barrett H^rttlltfta. la expected, also, that Sir WtUrid Ln ler, p^fiHler ot Canada', will attend flbe " At J „ C. Det«sl A Ca'fc .Call on them be; fcrte yott buy A. rockef, they have,all kinds=and. pricea to fiuit the iime at ..the new Hatch block, ConwS in, tHntnt H«ll At county fair to let. W. H. ABTHOB, The Sunshine State, IB the title of o generously illustrated pam phlet of !«»)t»eeto'pBgefl in reference k» South Dakota, the reading knfttter in which was written by an enthaeiftfitte South Dakota lady— Mrs. Stella Hosmer Arnold— whb has been a resident of the Sunshine State for over 10 years. A copy will be mailed to theaddrms of »r»y tenner or fanners wife. if sent at once to Harry M«rcor, Michigan Passenger Agen , Chicago, Milwaukee. A St. Paul railway, 7 Fors street, W., Detroit Mich, Prom WO. to 850 per year s&Ved 'each family who wilt' send » pupil to the • Dress Tailoring school in. the Watson building. ''. , It the Bttltf is Cutting Teeth $fe sure and UBO that old and well tried remedy, Mrs. Winalow's Soothing Syrup for ' children , teething. It soothes the child, softens the guius-, allays nil pain. cures wind cojic and is the beet remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bottle. " - ___ ^ ___ In'tereha'iigftilit'fe Milpngc tickets.. Anew form of Thousand Milo Ticket, the result of careful consideration, and, discussion between tlie railroads and their principal patrons, will be placed on sale Sept. 1st, at all tnfportant Michigan Central ticket o, Hices. The -ticket is sold for $30.00 with a rebate to the purchaser ,of $10.00 when used up in compliance with ita conditions and is accepted on, all the lines in . the Central Passenger Association, forty- flve in . number* and covering a vast extent of country, No joHeflge Ijook has yet been devised aw acceptable to 'all parties concerned and so advantageous' to the holders, Every one who- is likely to travel a thousand miles in n year should avail .themselves of it, and should consult the heareet Michigan 0entral ticket agent - ' It Saves tho Croitpy Children. SE^VIBW, Va.- -W<; have a splendid sale on Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and our customers coming from far and near., s\>eak of it in the higliest, terms. Many have said that , their childrnn would have di»d of croup 'if Chamber* . Iain's Cough Remedy bad not been given. KEIXAM & OUBftKN. Th» 25 and &0 cent sizes for sale at ' Greeue'g Drug Store. , ' , sept. 2t.~#0nlted State*. Minister Woodford has reported to'the itate department the fact that he had a conference with, the Duke of Tetuan .Sunday W ^Madrid, Although no 1«- formatlon respecting tftfe nature 'of Woodfurd's i^port^^ftn be obtain*, d stt tbe state d«partrnenXit Is believed that hte representations, were" rather preliminary Jn natorc^and 'intended to prepare the foundation upoh whksh tbe minister 1* t<» bam? his-full tas^x that these__-were well received. It be stated In,reference ,to the Paris publication <«iven below) purporting to give the substance Of General Woodford's Communication to the Duke of Tetuan that there has been a misapprehension on thp part of the Terhps correspondent on Several Important points, notably tn respect to an ultimatum and the setting of a time limit for the conclusion of the war. Nrt lUUnvntuHi Was Delivered. Instead of fixing the end of October fcext as the date for the termination of the war, that particular d,ate was mentioned as the time when the Spanish «eonrt would-return to Madrid from Sa Sebastian, and when com might be in order tcTreturn an answer to :the latest representations, of the United States government : through Woodford. It Is declared at the state department that while Woodford did, according^ to the original idea of hia Instructions, 'set out the deep interest th« ITnited States had In witnessing a .pessatlon of the' deplorable conflict 'In Cuba, he did not dellever himself of an ultimatum, but simply made a' statement of our deep Intweftt In a settlement Of tbe Cuban war as a reasonable explanation for intervening in any man* n'ervttt this time, W.oodford's tele-gram' regarding his conference with th«* puka of Tetuan Is now before President Mc- Klnley. ' Mlutl-Uetulcr of-The Temp*. The dispatch,to l.e Temps, the Paris referred to irj the;foregoing TRIED TO BftlBE HIM; , ««lf To BsllcreHI. BttmL Chicago, Sept. 41.— Aldftrmatt WilHam andler, of &M? T\v*nty-B^cftnd ,ward, some montfixalnce creited « aenaa*- fton t*y the declaration that" a*>* effort had t«»en mftde t« purcbiiFe his vote on a street car francftlse'fot^^M^ hift told _ "eiiit. &., It pef «evlewtiig the crop eltuatkin, Thou|;h ihe Bjtaslan wheat, crop 1M. average the best ftossia with b*lns »*We to -^^- " s it-** ~l__j B tflB GfciUt the Or^atest Advertteitite Medium. \ in the & at*, Because It hi* by far the 1^ Because it I TAKE tMBVBNI ,_ Why? \v%y has N * 100 Reward »100. Ihe^ reader* of th>« p«t»er will be to Jearo that thesis *t least one dreaded diseMe that science has been libie to cure in All its stages and that is catarrh, mire t'fttarrh eurtWthe only po*tttre oa*e now hnowntothe medial fratornity. Catarrh being a constitutional djueaed Requires A constitutional t«ataient. Hall's Catawh •cure in taken itteraally, actiofl dijrCotly upon the bleed tod mucous aurfaoe^&f the 8yitl«m, thereby destroying the foundation of the ftwww, and giving! a t AGZNTS IN TOWN rid from San erai j>«ieciric Qruinani'V' * tuiu me juij sequently "it lfiaTTie"T!fst offered me $1.,0<W. thon $1,- bis story to the grand jurjr. 1f(e charges Jarc>b Kesnef, manager of a Ift£ge department stortr; with the attempt tovbuy his vote. When Munglpr first made" bis assertion he was tntlwl before the grand Jury 'then Pitting and asked, for the of the man who had attempted to "him. Me roturted to divulge the nwnn*. and after the grant! jury had cited him for contempt he was ordered by the court to pay $1,000 and go to jail for three m'onth.* if he still declined to answer the qupNllons of the Jury. The case wi<* appealed and Is efitl rending. Yesterday Mangier declared he w.ould te\}' / the, stfry, arvd after he It ft tho grarfd jury ri5fiTfi"TiF psUd-: "I told them Chat Jacob L. Ki'sner wa^ thp"nmn wKo attempted to brlh« mp to vote fortne GPh- erat Klectrlc ordinance. I told the Jury ftnd a«BiBting uatarfl in its woek« The proprietors have •fc / rtiooh faith in i<* curative powere that th«y offer one bunded dollartfor ftnjr ease/that it fail* to cure. for list of te«tio)«aiala. Address* fet A CO., Tolbd?, 0.* ist*', 75c. ily Pills ore the bent, by bliying feed at Itfoney Saved raeal and mill iHER*a Jtf ill. grinding The Evening News^Petroft* \>*»&**to^#n^ • •< "'$ • * s ^ ^ , *&•• '$ :iKatl;Not Miracles? The greatFiWt-C Remedy isdoing work whoever introduwd as nearly miraculotb a* K «ter falte to the lot of any Imittan afeacy to d& (1 will «s iem U a favor for any one interested to write the persons whose nan\es .adnusf below, OR anyone whose tiame may appear among these testimonials.) My i!m Uto MBitowfoe while of w ilwerHif ami of ttie W» merits of this reined done, 0? A, try. AH says that in lils. Interview with the Duke of Tetttttri, thte Span.lsh minister for foreign affairs, the United States minister to Spain did not 'present any cjalm for Indemnity, fmt conjlned the interview to a moderate phrase in the statement of the great injuries qommeroe and in- .dustry had .Buttered In the United States through the prolongation of tho Cutan war. General Woudford Is said to have added thai "Secretary Sherman had desired him. to declare to tlie Spanish' government that'll was evidently Impossible for Spain to end-, the''rebellion' In a reasonable' time-, and further, thtvt 'if the war was .continued Cuba would be devastated and of no utility to BpiUn or tb the Cubans- i OtiveTetuan ilptll Ofrtwber, Nit, In conclus4on the United States minis- er is reported to: have insisted court- ously but firmly upon the necfs&Hy of errnlnatlt»B t^ie war, declaring that if It was» not terminated by th? «nd-af Oc- ober the United Stateswould feel JU3t\- led in taking meoaurea to secure the nrtependerK'e_ ot 'Cuba. The Duke of tetuan," still 'according to the dispatch o The Temps, while protesting against egftl American "pretengiona,'' aafd he would reply officially t« the United States minister when the Spanish court uijna'-to.'Madrid; v Miss Grace Peterson, of JDeciitur, will / ftll^ifls Dunlay'a placej as triiunWr, at . -.£-•-.- J,*W'.;.will-give*r to 'i)etrojt next fiuu^ay. The fora, for *ot|nd 'trip WU* Ti-ain. "leaves ,ftar- a. in. Tickets gooj returning Q» aily regular traJQ Monday. The auiwe rates anUconditione will apply to Toledo rin* Bisbee are due and payable to I. H. Biabee. r - HUMfHREYS' Fever*. ' No t 2 y 4 8 Diarrhea, NO. Pertodis, Skin Diseases, IS Malaria. No. fjo. 27 *#.77 gold Kidney Diseases. Urinary Disease^ Colds and Grip. 01 seot pwgiid OB Co-, m WUJia* It., H. Y. 500. and finally called MIC ui- by.telephone and offered me $2,1^ A 4 runs him oft and did riot talk wlth/nlbi."* • Wiiirnntln IjHitn Pair Open*. MUwauke-c. Sept. 21.- -Tho Wisconsin "state fair opened Its^ grates on the extensive and greatly improved grounds'., near this city. Bright and early this morntafc, and the indications are that It \vttl be, at; WgKer,_ bettor and generally more ittt.-r- estitiB -'colltcHon of agricultural, horticultural, dairy and stock- exhibits than any yet seen in Wisconsin gathered at one fair. Governor S^ofield will deliver an address on the grounds Wednesday, and that afternoon I'atchen and Star Pointer will try tor. a hew pacing record. Grand Rnplrts To" Be Propped.' Chicago, St-pt 2i.— As the result of A meotinB of Western Base Ball League offlctala here yesterday • morning the franchise of the Grand Rapids club will In all probability be forfeited to., the league and the "KHjrnlture city" will .be thrown out of the circuit. The Grand^ Rapids players, those who are left, have' not received their salaries. It Is alleged, oinee' the 'first' trouble began, and they have made formal complaint to the league. ^"^ , _ 'j*ftOuU'ft»t of ttie°Si»tl0n«. Nfew York. Sept. . -SL^-Ca'ptaln purley, «f the Ward line «teamer City <>f 'Washington. which arrived yesterday from •Tamplco and Havana; reports that when about to sail froin Tampico Jose Ventre; the Spanish anarchist, was brought to the dock by n guard of Mexican officers to be put on board the stoamer for passage to fJew York. Captain Burtey, however, .refused ;to take thfe man as passenger and the vesael .sailed without him, ' ' ' Val* Rnb-I Shine. \ A fine shoe 'dressing for tan and black shoes. For sale by Miss K. B. Billinge, Sole agent, Delia Burgess. Attention. John Cuzzins has received-through H L. Day & Son a car of the "HercnleB" brand of .German Portland cement, and is prepared to put down the beat walks ftnd guarantee it to etand with any other ceruent on the market • „ BENEFACTORS OF V Office of ! KiBgBaber. Okla.. IXro, 12, ^ line i'n f eeard to tbe beneflolal effect of Phelp* 4 »Jfour C E«tBedy," so far asi am petwrnaHy <&*• »rned. A week ago te« Thursday, I was taliftn r * — sod to a short k above a — 8ongli*d stfceforeretlrldBl took time became so hoars* I whisper. The nlttbt t; CASTORIA , ldld to my life, notooughidgauofc relieved before taking one bottlu-Phelps' (3old tend Croup Cure shouia be In ewy iousebohilii the tend. I send you this wholly jn«olloitBdby anyone, (or yon tttet>on«fiotorB of. We r»oe in giving it the antidote for some of the which it Is heir. Yowrs, J. Uwirttt, Editor, A MlRAOt?. y. K«n«JM. D«c. 24, '61 . . , U«t Friday, Dec. 19, mr atteirfuiB phystotan lUted nnless I wa« bitter by mornlnftNheoould - Jor Infants and Children. fete ho- .ilmlU nn&t&M •••™ ™ •• w \ •Tiff vnpplfc Liquid Blacking no labor, no dust. Price lOc 1 Hardware. LATKftfT ABOUT TUlt; FVIt MKAl, y» J»6wn (he Kiatt Kcope* ot Washington, Sept. state {a the B-^riag sea which was set t&» recently t» i«w matter ia «on»- prjsed in two letter?, July 2$_iuu|<£$ from !,rf»rd Salisbury and Aml>asaifdpr respectively. In L«ord SallMbury'i note la the d^nqltton from tag British. FJre IXmtruyit drain Rockford, Ills., Sept. ley, east of thia city, had a bad flr§ yesterday jnurnlng, the grain elevators " For ^ale—A '97 moflel bicycle; will e cheap for cash. Enquire at American laundry, north of Greene's drug atotfe. I, t - , , | - I / ' Farmers liead Thin. ! • J. H. Bisbeo has leased tho Rice Creek Mill and is ready to do all kinda of Custom Grinding. The mill is in perfect repair and is doing excellent work. All patrons may depend upon honest dealing. . / .,3, H. BiauEE, Prop'r. £. BROOKS, Manager. 'lo nothinz tot lay relief. That ntehClcoinj n«nced taklDB Pbelp's "root C' f remedy, stepped Ul other n»aiolHBS. The nwt dose stopped my xtuRb; ilept and retted well; a few more doses •emoved alt florenecs from my lungs; tka second lay I WBB wp; the third day 1 was out on the ;orob and to-day was up town purchasing holiday roods. HIM JcHim BAiaxt^ Washington Are. and Summit St. CROUP OURBfi. On* doae of Phelpn* Coufth, CoM and Croup 2ur«, aave my child iHBtant Belief when attaokeq *Uh the croup. -/ W E.sMooBB, of Moore Bros., Grocsrs. Arkansas City, Kaunas. , UNBROKEN REST AT NIQHT.. ^ J, l». Uuuxo. MAnttRf-r; i / Office Conjtneroiiif Pi'lnting Co., > ' 196 South ClHrk Si )• _ p ^__ City, ,.i-I "Wish to • hrtvr t«stimofiy la tht of yoor "Potar C" WrnedV in thriin!, tents. . Aft a ralp | hwvp bwn skpp tical of Hie merits of proprietary faedicines, bu' have to oonfeMthat a teit of yout -"Kpuf C" 1; convincing that at least one roiwly maiio IB Worthy of asp. My children si) take it \M: Out tho feast objection, from olttest^to younpest and It is particularly noticeable tlio-t boooflt i> almost•' Immediate. A sinirle- doso wilt ch<>c!i. most eou^iis inftieir beKinning; it sivos .art un- hroketi »est at. nigiit. in tny family "Pour C" is simply Indispensable and I teCoiameDti it on YoUM, J. B. HCI.IRO. LARYNGITIS* - s Chicago, Sept, iJS, ' each winter I hAvn For y* bade with .soute Itafyngltis. tost wjritc> was BO tad I could not leave my room lor>twu wcfk^ or #i enk ab6ve a whisper. I tried vvvty kiiowa cb'iEb preparation from Oqufih drop» up'and down with no relief, then i'n dei.fioratiori t was induced-ta to try Pnclp'<» "FourC." Tho first do^p rulicvitl my oough.ncivlnf! me tb<» (Irht ftifjht's rest foi week*. Half the bottlo cured me. I have, ni>vp; been without this wonderful rrtnwly fine,?. It, if aa different from other likeremedlea as molasses from vinegar or sugar from *aod.' MBS. JOPBPH E GftrBB. MI3 Madison Ave. IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Eokard, the Railroad Corrcppnn- dent of the Neodasha Kansas Ktr-'su-r, ban iliiR to say of "Font C." "Phelps H having a wop- derful sale of his Couch »nd Cold Ttcmeriy Wo personally know It is just m n-prcsent,- edtooe. Too much'can A bo «aid in Its praise. tt ISA miracle - ' . NOTICE TO DRUOQISTS AND THE PI JC. CONTRACT.—Druggists are authorized in Att. CASES TO RH'UND tiiE Pf/'R- /CHASE.PRICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough, Cold and Croup CureH,iiis to give satisiaction in Croup, BroncBitis^Vsthma,LaGrippe,Coughs and C,okls, no matter how long standing, or deep seated; Jn fact I guarantee in all msumer ol Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-AH.but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions.* I take all chances. R, R, PHELPS, II8 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Proo. For sale by W. T, DRAKE. of B. E. Brown and B. 8. Sannorn being burn*d to 'tb« «TO»»* *Hh t|»ejr content*, entailing a toajfof IZO.OOO. Both „ were well flll*d with rye. earn and oat»: Tbe Northwestern l°*t * ntwnber ti and "eoal sheila. Help was aent t*>* Rookford fire department ^it at) early hour to i save ACuretor BHlou$ ', JParai Property Insured. • I am prepared to insure farm property at one per cent for three years in a go4d flret class .Company doing business un- 4«r h'c^nse from the state inauronc* com- Thia is better than " " Screv,«« Co., Ga,— I h»sa w standpoint of the eitfrct *e«pe u fereuee in thia language: "I h»v» ' tw willing t* ««f*e to a rolntted by Qreat Britala ^ftd and by the United atatea .in Oe tuber next, when toe further InveutrgaOooii tu bt ciatte tin the lidandjj durtog the Jf r*rt*pec««tg:tllip nua^ans, ef Prit>yloff Islands ftt the prefect time, »* wtt% tb* «tever*l *aw»na previous ««4 «wb«i«<t««*it Wtt» lo h*r »n*,Jis%ty'ii wf>tlT4 be the ta^tt bo aftaclw" of for sfevetal y«ar». Chamberlain's Cholera and IMarrtHtew Remedy i»' the <inly eare reliet It acta like » ahann. One done of it gives relief fvh«to all other' remedies fait The Klondike «old Are now attracting the aHentioa of tbe whote world, and the r^eadlta.of ph^r aod quftrta mining »r«kf u% equal to the aoiajpttfl loathe early CaHfcirww aud extraordinary i t»eijBg offfitwd to prttspactowi., practical ptao* for pttc* Hay's reply, which 1$ «toort and- is wsialy a repetition of Saliabury's laneuage. talja attention to one Unj^lftBt: |),oint Wwtt hav* j^^n ov«rl&o(fced by tbe Britiab or (dee was ignored purpwely—nanaely. that the conference hi ta be iftternatlowil 10 one BtJWt, and .i* opt t( * be coBfletd entirely ta rep«cs«fitativ«« of the United StaU* fed Great Jttri.taiu. On tbis.j^oint eiace up to this tune, say*: *'» pay sot be otit of plac* for me- to recall to your that, aa I have already bad o«- tgken poasQKdon of thounanda of and fb# western rbam will have »Ji th/ef cao <Jn to trau8|Mt?rt the lortolne MOwaukee A St. the beat faeiUtiea for reacuiugth^ For further infcrmation, addreaa 8arr/ Mercer, Miciiigau Paw. Agt, Detwit powers l»te«SBt«<» te the sea} herds of sasenttd at O 0«tt«wa John W. and Jajwn. f e«ervftttP» of sea, to be rep- If you are gowK fc buy a new paif of - litwifi ww yoMtofewfcw«ir aatocKc. .fb^oae ofeUs are aonHttiuc on the iopC bew4e" being handsoiue to loot At, '• tual oorapaqios. B«J<iNB«, am preoafed to do ladieB" and chil- n's 8hampx)ing at their hooaee. Leave cwrdiwji at COark'a, at 35 eaat Green street, wad of- djuftftnce renting thereto will be GAS STOVES! " * ' i • » * ' Large Reduction In Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. $10.00, $13.00, $15,09 Boiling Stoves $1. to $5. according to Wl&SBAGH VGAS Reduced in Price From 52,25 to S2.OO each fty yjojation iaft ftoftOQ ceding »25. By order o| the ol WiBCcm«iB, North- low ii«|fftfflptt)iL«fi4 otA fl^irl floftfcunffffi, awaaw of «M» router* M m perfecUoa Maarlyallol ij/f \ft\njtrmt are Biarti of civilizatioe" that b* K ea$tte4 in a t*» boon of traveUby frequent M: ^^^^^^r f^ulttiiiway o* "¥»i altfce JJKMjrayjrlilMp fwr (Sweats.) *^^ <3ive« pover of li^likt. twioa ^ui bamer" wft | gWk/ Many oftbe l»8t lighted stores in Marshall use th**e elabacix ^Ighta Always Give Satisfaction, ^pPiWd *|Bp W ^^1^^

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