The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 20, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, September 20, 1897
Page 4
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**"t J -"TBfWji rt-j-.^'iST, f'-'^swi'i-'"",' ?-.' *%&> V?i F ., •> ' > j * '' s VC " ^ / Fast Tratrtf To/ ^^*^>^-^^^ I Mexico Simply Will Not Nave Hiiri ArotmH If Vigar W$ Ctet of Him* ' G. R; & i. e in JuotMfc €$eet. V fttettlftj 'train -No." 1 ? leavefl Ralft- 12>10 p, rtUj n»<l Grand 2:2(>|». m., City 7:00 p 'tw, Fetekt*j< y Yfrvfl&'M*. ra.ftffii Harbol 1 ottfnfes! ff<*ra other lines, {or folders and further i C, L* o. aV*t. A., Rapitte, Mich. , • *>«iACC PETO^KEY CHICAGO.. AftjJ; fW*t* SPnwldtidttettt far f tfm talk-* rtp ttho Ktfty JrtrtVe jW*-n O nitty of 1th* 1 lywhtntf J*6f • ' * aurt Of IVfpxteo, Sept* 20.~ u*z» chief «f polled; liietil*nant assistant tehtef of -<t*tectK-««s,' arrested Saturday night . tfr Intro All the] latest thills in th* nf |ob type, Thft Bterrttton hotel! two stores, «n<t lot with ba«n and orchard. TWm* l?of SaJK -A W model bieyclo: wilt «»W Talk ataoat »tyl«», talfc^botit itl But have yofl seett the pt/ifeff WMldiin& l oarcte W<? owtf Tliey'rc purfe stylp are 't yott need a trifle ol pritstiftg in the jtief abotat paw. Wo the nowtsSfc and liiteat script iy$t>, ^ Toledo, Detroit ^ Mackinac " iPETOSKEY, THE " SOO," MARQ^fcTTE „ too IX'LUTH. BETWBJCN Detroit and 'Cleveland rrmA«'tinii>'w!th RarltM 'f rahfftdft' Cteveltinfl Collecting- with HarlWst TraitrtX'; Cteveltind / for all points Kiv»1, Boufh and ' x / , July. Augusjt and SeJlemW Onfjt 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Have just been n«Ut for our ttpper I<alte Rout* costing $3.<x>,or*yMtcb. Send Kir II (Wilted tf» VUfem also ftad be<-n turnea over the twetttr«-v«e prtaott^ts arrested for" emteiffa Itr^'Uhe&HiuniHpial-buHdlBgi: on th£ fttprhf of tht* receWt tynchin* Public 1 opinion Is bgtvtftd the government, and fhf JlnvcS- tiKft'ticm wJ' 1 ">^ pushed rapfdly. t Tne officiate nttresttpd wpre acrotripani^d tn the pr|«on by HIP T»e«' t'hlef of/polir<>, who t4kes oHarge of J»is dcpftptniei|t in stirring timfis. -tp , BPUJHS for thp eaoapp of PrpsJdcnt Diaz were sung 1 in all TlomanCiOhoWc churchesr »ncf cnthdrais of the^^KyyfStt'ftlfty ftj? order of Art-hbishop Armc<in. The Kovei'itn'ient, by this crmrap; has n«i prpiti<li<*<! the caw, Mwt hap taken the precautions demanded bvxpopular sentiment which", fed by rumots, hftf bf^om* 1 pxcessivcly irrl- the public fails to understand HO.W/R prisoner, of so glreat Importance b* left In chfirwc of unarmed ofll- f^n •* tr Address, \. OETftOIT, HIICH, Tfie Dfinclt s (wand Steam Hav. Mangled and torn imm»^ i U 1 ^- 1 >:i "***"! U».;».*->Vj! 'v '"•-?•'.• ! Af {«•" %K f ..i j^^/f^lc&'C.-H J '.-.j,>.;-./ ^JrVi,'. ; y«V»j! eml •^•-••r"."'"-- \ ' '. N, 1 ^•- i P ^; ^ • v'i vy*.. V^Vvr "i r r i wo'nld nickt-n thti heart "' any 'cTtoSiwiitiotiH hnnsi'koopw. Fortu- nrRoly w&sh a hUiUMif .ifVuirs "m not nerw- biirv. \Vo vHidf-rtak*- toth'onulj'hly wash * ^\* ' <indirou any hwtfr'UTtjim. jtu muttirr HOW delicate, entruftety^oour t.m-and to ro- turn if ab whultt aix^ buuml as when brought tons, AnjlMuTy cun Jaumtor a 'wx.'U or n hanrtlxwhivf it takcf. »rt to "do Uf»" «» )n<'«- curtain intltt> way Uioy 'arudonaax tlx> ,st«-HM> lAHimlrj,. Ha-tch Block, He l# HP HAH No "Pnll." officials of the federal govfrn- mont hnvp to some cxtc-nt shared tliei>e- culiar feelinff, Is reported that at the regular cabinet mopttng .Friday sev- WV'tl mfntBtTrs irfffod that the rondtict ,of th*> polk><; should be thorotigtvly invpsti- Kittpfk A ooihrniihicntion wa's ttocorditiR- ly pont^to Of>vt>r-«nr Ilrbollar, of thp federal clifitrKt, for transmfwion to thp In- siK't'tor f^nrKfrl, In Which the latter was infonncrl -thatSjo must give up his AfiVe Imnipdi^ply. Ir« fs c^nwr^d for not 'having taken prbwr precautions- 'In prlsonerSsfttie arresta'then followed. Th»> feenera) ^nAlntaina entire ciilinmw of ilVnucarior. IteHs a reinnrk- ably «b;Ifl ma-ri, w-ho hns i^n In .the forro by hls*tnlpnta and pfttrt^ho-, arid hi* rltsniissft! from fhe police tlepaHrncnt is "a tr<>rdttHlouH blow to hhn nndx^la friends, .'.- '.." . x, ftlfm'b+TH'nf tli'* 1 Mob Will ShrTfr. Tf''the polffp' authopitlefl (vre prOv?n> rriniinnlly negllptr-nt In gtmrdrrrR- the prisoner they will undoubtedly be ne- v«-n>ly punislnMl, .and Avhopver touik part. In kiitfng 1 «thc prisoner, will-be'held for murder,'ev*»n if they'were pap«Sv«l>* af t- Inpr'as'oh.servcru of .the rrimr. "Popular' rHrriVirfs ap?r'ihirijf'a 'frnrTtH; this affnlr to the members nf the polk'p''-force ar«ba«c»} on mere.suspicion,'and it Is deemed unjust pf-ndlnjc judicial Inquiry tfi.rnalnlaln this 'view. There- was proas t'ftjx'lrSRpePk •\vUhout doubt. • More than 'that la far froiifr^de'monfitrated.. But .the priv,ern'- rnont i.t Vt(-t<t'n)inw1 to Hhinv th(» world that lyhf-hlrig 1 '-has^npt Iseen naturalized- .JCIMNATI, what. AppetH* ta»att>. mttke A trial of Stnuirt'* MA Tftbletn. Tutarentlng n«|»eri«n«0 of an In<l|i«n«i)«> STRIKE IN THE ANTHRACITE BELT. F RANKLIN o CHOUSE »*a». Cor., Bate» aod - Mrned Sta., DETROIT, MlCtt, ~ N r / , On'y'a Blwrfc from Woodward Jfe «J«itturi«»( A n-«. V't'ry <'culLnkU Kent All Car ( M»e«, ^^i^lW^P'™ ^^ir I". In all jr'or tUujiat'st vuluabkrl uvj Hihlc Thfe QfettH $. Opitoi tSth Cffi^ifyT ' Wt lui'r4.t,ure ^rrf - <:-*> lu tlus tofJf itiooe «an, Ov Iouad,Uielnlor- < B»tJon 'wiurht by uievy Bible tpMe . wbelliti' old or ytmtiK. t^hoUrty or wo-' ~ iilt-rfci}. It ia, i»elti.-ti, u jfrcat woyk. . <1(W U>IJ»t .„, .— ^__™. aba »ruu inr<[l» <ia<«r«4 by Bibiicul Mwti SMi'.-t-rtw Uavo «su4tud tji toe ti titUnaof WHS oacrea "'ilo.oie Iro raa2^^4t^sui( U by »>|i«t} feMnt I ;«»(!.». E»(.ri-im«Ui)jnui j«r«>n » for d^scrtpUvt; and lieftutlfu): f.iJnt>tiK't cirtuiy.e.^Ad4lce THE HENRY 0. SHEPABO CO. 212-214 MflOTM St. w-»-fiHICAeO. To B» I).-<-!M|V«-OIUI Way or the Other — Dntrnit S(>rl»l D<*m<»rrucy. TliizU'ton. Pa.. Sept. 20.— -Ab.folute quiet i.ivv«ilt?il in the entire Strike district y<"'-tfiitiiy Today is looked foi- 4var«l ,t« Us n. dvcisive. day. An attempt will in 1 madt- to urnim^ at Lattlmer, v\h(;ui then- art 1 1,300 iirien. nnd at Au- .li-ni ifil. There art- noarly 2,.~>0i> int- n at the latter placi>, ami they vvert the flrat to KO out Many of them wantttw return to u'lirk; l';ut bands of women 'ha vt; l/r.'\ cntt'd tlu-in during the- i»ast' few To" intturo |in tt'i tlon a ^((uiMlron nt <:avalry H.IK! the 4-ntlre Eighth reKi,- nivnt will fto. tii'tUe >«i?n<». The tVi«-ji at C*»mt'« IJrlfti'm .mine tire.alMri to decide. today ««jHtn utayiriK '.out or couttoulng • «t »prk, All h thetje j»lai-e» ar«- w*il liu.Litkd by the troops and if the men ar»- i>e«ut.£uUy perim'tttd -to jeaume vstnH it m thot|Kht tluii the backbone- "f tin- i-'trikf will, bo l«r»fe«<it. Oetroit, H«-pt. I20.— A am-ftinK- of the Oetrvit brtuifh of th« Social r>e>iioj*r4cy !>rok«- uji in «11ai-ti'dvr l»!it en ruins' «,tivr a VlDt (}ih','U«Mlon of IH01).lhP<l H'KillU^ioULH 'upon t}M?'«hot)tirig of m«iur*"at Hazlft- tun, t j a. Tin- i\'Bt»lutiim3 in '»jut»tio« Aft*^ fotinulattr<I"lfy 'A Wifn»iUte"f" ^n»» pwiin«d tor that purposu. 1?Jttty rftuwMy ioj»<it>inned the aetioii of Hh^rift Mai tint tied tola dep^tiva. in 'thrive an tb& mtn- ops, ai«l dcnrandud their trifii<for murder 1 . Tru-y also 4Sk-lar<-d that tfc* I'^nn- sylvtiiii.i and VVctU. Virginia juiigna who , thV "R"v-er«Hipn,t by ^ fully < "Wt>-'ft4e.l that tht-rts siiowW b« no but *hat venijwaa^ sh,owt^- be had by nouucL'd thi< fjisiTiuajj far appolai j«B al. ewiiHuHn'p'to diaft them. After a, U»hg, hot vviiUi^lt: -ttif }<athMinj{ brok*r up . London, Bwpt. 30, -~^« mayur a«J tioratlun of Woodstock, h*ve wlr«d giatulatkuRir tjo the l>uka auad JJucke BiarlUwough on tin' bi?th of tbeir soli. JScils «vrr« rung tbrooafUaut Oi« toyvn and ftu 4«- Joie firbd t}» Uic ro<jf of Qteah^m. Tbe b^by ^g# bora Saturday, aii4 raotb«--r and son art; hot fa dotog well- ' Sept- 30 f sou, the iS-ypar-okl tjttufifctcr of Rev. J. P. fiutviMnaon, who left her bomt; io Aas Arbot, lAfc*,, lft« W*d«e!jd»y, I? ijj Chicago atwinpaiai-d by a man- TJiey »r* §aid to be btoppiujf at a hotel. TW» . 1U No trouble is more common or nforfc mia- «nd»t«tood than ne*»ou» dyspopfciu. Jf'ew pie having it think that their trorves Arc to bloine nut! ire surprised that they aro not, cured by nerve jtitfdrtrine and epriug reme- diesj the real ftoat of th« mt«ohi«f ii* loss Bight oft the ftotnacb if) the Organ to be looked aftfr. Nervous-dyspeptics often do not havo nny pnio whatovos in the stomach, nor perhaps any of the i(Bu»l t aytnptotias •of siomach WfcaknoRfi. Nervoun dyspepsia phows itaplf notlu_tl>e,8tottiaoh flo wuch as in o«nrly every otTiojf organ; in aouiecases the. heart palpitates and is irregular; ia others the kidneys are affected; m others the bowols are constipated, with headaches; still other? are troubled With loss of rle?b>n4 appotlte, with accumulation ,of gn«, sour ri«mgs and heart burn. Mr. A. W. Sharper of No 61 Prospect St., Indianapolis, Ind., writes an follow* "A motive of pure srraHtode to writo iheae few lines regarding the new and valuable medicine, Stuart's DySpeptnn Tablets. I have been a suffering from nervous dyspepsia f< r the last four years; havo used various patent; medicines and other rtine- edies without any favorable result, They sometimes gave temporary relief until the effects of the medicine wore off* I attributed this to my Bodentary habita, being a boodkoeper with little physical exercise', but lam Rind to etato that the tablets have overcome all these obstacles for 1 gained iu-flesh, sleep better, and am better m every way. The above IB Written not for notoriety, bub is baaed on actual fact."n . • itcspectfully yourn, . . ''•?*, A- W. SHARPER, s. «ll'ro«pctiSt.,Indian»poli-i T liid. \t-i8 < safe to sny that Stuart!» Dyapep«ia will cure apy storaoch weaknesn or except .cancer of stomach.''They, cure SbuXstotnach, gas, lo«w'of tlesh-and appetite, n<!opleB3ncs8, palpitation, heartburn, constipation and headaches. - • Send for vnlu^b^le little bix>k' on (*tomaeh discanos by «tddr,e«?ting Stuart Co., Marshall., Mich. >x ^ All druggist* sell fulnnml packages at 50 ieuts.. . '• .- , : ;' . x'-•.,', - . -'• ' '~~~: ' ' x^- '• j Between 1 l&ed Time and 'U^rycHt. Inagood opportunity to enquira^about faruiing lands in South Dakota, onlyxone days ride from Chicago. bouutiM erb^ of wheat, corn, basloy arid tlax reward the t'dltr. of the soil. As u stock and; dairy country Sooeh Dakota leatfH ah the world. Fire; class far»n lands with nearby market* ban now btf bought for from $10, $13, $16, and upwards, per acre, and this i« the time 6> Invest. ' For further particulars write t« GeorRe'S. Heafford,. General Paesenger Agent, Chicago, Milwaukee & ftt. l j aul Bail- Old Colony BuilWinu, Chicago, J1J. $100.00 reward will be paid for the arrest and cotmcHon'of ftny on« detected refiUing our bottles. >y W, T.IJHAKK ami A^O^ Three Opinions: That the best Iin6 from Chlcai;< to''ripple Creek, Colo., aiul a. jown'in the , m»P J« t 4 * Chioa«o A Alton R- K. Write or call to day, for lowwt tatca au»t full partfcuUra. H. SodMrviUe. Goueral A«em i\ui»e.iii;»)r rkspartJtuMit, HU Adam* gtreeUikir Bui'diog. CUiawio. iillnola, CHICAGO RECORD is ¥ newspaper in every sense of the >vorcf.'V tfarfisburg (Pa.) Call. "There Is no paper published in America' that so nearly approaches the true journalistic^ ideal a$ The CHICAGO RECORDS'- Fron^^wspaperdoin'' (New York). _."/ have cohj.e (o the firm conclusion, after a long tesP^d after a wide co&parisoa wiitt the/ournafsiof many cities and countries; that The CmCAGO RECORt) comes as near being the ideal daily journal 'as/we. are for some time ]$ke1y to find on these mortal $?iores."~~>i*rt>t> J, T. Hatfhld it 'ho Eyanston (III.) Index. , . RexTablets are sold ynder a positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee. C tl ii ES all Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Vaf Jcocele, Lost Vitality in old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting; Diseases, and all eflcctsot self- abase or excesses. .Stops dangerous drains. /^genuine nerve tonic. Shows imhtfedi- ' ate improvement. The grandest remedy of modern times. Don't buy imitations. 6et REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or ' by iTjaii, in plain package, oh receipt price. Circular free. KING REMEDY CO., ^ For oale at^Mawhail, Ml«h., by A,. everywhere- wul subscriptions- all pantmastrrs. Address" THE CHICAGO RECQti, 181 THE BELVIDERE, . Fortfwfest sumption in #$ have fasjit Hso^s woulsl sooner think » could . Cure. It is a sut«Tsefc—RAVEN & n,September 2, 1896. / ^- ~< ', .. . • - *T1ME TAflt-E. 4. 1887V JttS't» CO., . C-, fill" t.Ueir l-rizti utfar. ., Fowl lifcilild, Sept. oi food la risius growingr per prt^of all kind* y. owiag to the «I. *Hvi?r and of pa- , Sept. 2«t.— The 8.1 D^truAt. 'pETROJT.MtCH. W MMNcMLfw JFXM awn *n<l So. . Ho, a« Io. ia . m. WblC* J#:* . 4Tfe)tetA«t ,M»c«h»jr U I),jT.% M, R. R. No, a. B. 4. ft- Q. IP, 1 WWW« "" p fc A, O. HYOE. OAVBAT9, TRADE MARKS, I DEStOM PATENTS. OOPVRtOHTS, «to.' For tiifortna>!onanil frt-e HaiuJUoote wrltis to MIiNN & CU, Mil BnfMUWAV. JlBW Yi-Klt. Olili-ut lnir<>aij for w-nirlng imtonw ni'Ailicfie-^ Kvpry.iwtt in (Qk."n«Mit hy u* U 'Imniglit tM-fore Uie pubJic by » uuiicOjBivfen tnxfc* Uuirgo in Ui* V\. j hS Ailill»«n, Mt'^t'T * COt, 3 iro'tel w ay . K a w York City* to the taste. yet.cures Kidney and IJhWt Diseases. Rheu- rrtati!.m, Gout, Blidd«r frkubles. ConstipiUott DO pills or oftei medteiaes wqalrea PrJ«* tu» per bottle «t your df «ffaW; «'>? v **; tess preiwitl uw Mfcetpt oi prkf. "A l*«Ji r»w <« iidnovV'^pasetiii'^'ll^fr^ 1 '* O""l '• IXyoRK's Kjtuknv Co., Boyee.Bld'ff, Chicago, III, ^To b^Jwd of...... jjt '-•mSB.-'powfu;' ^x- A. O Nervous Qebility, NERVE AND'BRAIN TI IHB OBieaMU, Alt. SiMEBS IM»T*T

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