The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 27, 1952 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 6
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; ;,PAGE 6 .THE BAYTQWN $UN, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1952 CURLEY KAYOE •by Sam Leff There's not much chance of General Tire and Franta, the loop leaders, falling from their lofty pedestals in tonight's Major City League Softball action but the battle for third place may be cleared up to some degree. General Tire moved back into a tie with Franta by defeating Culpepper 5-4 in a lone make-up game last Saturday night. Tire and Franta have records of six wins and two losses. Tire meets seventh-place Humble at 7:30 p.m. today on Lee diamond two, while Franta crosses bats with last- place Service Produce at 9 p.m. on the same field. On diamond one Culpepper jdays Baker's Fond Market at 1: 06 p.m., and Prince tangles with Bay shore .Motors as 9 p.m. Baker's, Prince and Baysbore arc tied for third place, all having won 5Vi and lost 2M>. Only two of the three teams and possibly only one will be in third place when the firing ends tonight. Tonight's games were set for next Thursday on the original schedule, but this was axx error. Play in the Hi-City Softball League is scheduled to open to- Thursday is an open date In the ™ rro »' nl S ht on *** diamond Major City League because junior high graduation exercises are scheduled that night Standings VV * J Franta 6 2 General Tire 6 2 Bayshore Motors 5 1 '2 -<Prince Bulck. «...5Vi 2% Baker's • 5 ^ 2 £ Culpepper 2Va 5% Humble 1 | Service Produce .....0 8 one. There will be four teams in the loop this season—Black's Pharmacy, Kiwanis, Leggetl's Drug'and VFW. Two games will be played on d i amend one '•.•every' Monday night. Tomorrow's openers pit Black's against Kiwanis at 7:30 s YOU MADS MY FIANCEE -LSAVg. ME. „..,„,„„, AND i WANT NOTHING ) CURLY- SO MORE TO DO WfTH /AlASTfRFUl.' YOU/ NOW,GO i^- I'LL BE AWAV/ r-I>*^[ secING WU. f WELL, OTTO... DIP TSSSSg,'SHELLEY-S YOU S£T UP THE /I REALLY T-TRIED... DEAL FOR CURLY TO CO-STAR WITH r YOU'R£ JUST A W£AK-KNcED, JELLY-SPl'NED CREEP LIKE ALL THE OTHER MEN IN MY LIFE... WHY CAN'T YOU BE A MAN LIKE CURLY KAYOET BUT IT'S NO Til Be Back, 1 Says Former Champ ATLANTA, May 27 (UV-Former Beau Jack lost the crown to lightweight champion Beau Jack, Bob Montgomery in the same year whose amazing climb to the title and won it back six montns later, was far sweeter and swifter than But in 1944 ne gave up the cham- the torturous slide back into ob- plonshlp for good when Montgom- scurity, promised Tuesday, "I'U be ery kayoed him in their third back, it's in my blood.' match. *»%• % room boy to take up fighting "^STj^iSu flitto toTSSy // And^ although the jrears ^have well sett]e<i novv and is doing { matted his face with scars, added „. t fine ,, financia u y . a sag to his shoulders and dulled J , Tm ing to ODen up me a ijt_ his reflexes, time hasn't aented his +Je drive . in soon /' he said, "but ; spirit. thtat'll be just a sideline. I'm go- ' ing to comeback and I'm going all the way/' "I'm just 32 and that's • not too old, is it?"- Beau Jack asked. "I've just gotta make a a comeback. i » t n t k i I is** • Tm still in good shape and I \^ $$ MUfpnV HlfS been workin' out regular. I know « s ""»"* IRS? « i * I can come around." Iftfll^hirirk Rft£-G ffinlffht Beau Jack, who was known WHIIl.ifatft HVG.U SUIIIUIII around Augusta as Sidney Walker before he entered the ring, said it p.m. f andLcgjrotfs againstVF\V Fastest Race In History Is Seen at 9 p.m. By ED SAINSBURY Miller made 51,500 by his speedy out," Beau Jack said smiling. INDIANAPOLIS, May 27 OB—An driving, S500 for the fastest speed "That's why I came back here, I elite field of racing drivers, the on one day of qualifying tests and owe it to them people." slowest of them with a qualifying 51,000 for the fastest of the full "They fixed up my first fight speed of 133.904 miles per hour, field. in Augusta and I knocked out six ^v.^^.,,, „„„ MJJ ,. 0 ^ u , ivi *„„,» was set Tuesday for what should Other drivers who qualified, with guys in a battle royal, and those rwk~citv.built about five centu- will ba strictly for recreation be- be the fastest 500-mile Memorial their speeds, were Manuel Ayulo, fine men, they took up a coltec- riSteforo ChristWalls.buildings cause all fou teams will be in Day speedway race in history. Burba nk, Calif., 135.983, Spider tion for me - it must'a been about A triple round robin and a playoff will be held to determine a champion. Regular play ends on July 30, and the playoffs start Ancient City Uncovered MESSINA, Sicily —ttPr—Archae- olo^ists here have found what they on August 6. bslfeve to be the remains of a Actually, the triple round robin i~i _i_ ~;<-.r ViniTt aVwif T1VP PPTltU- and monuments of the ancient city v;ere visible. Ceramics and pieces of metal work have been recovered loop this season in the the age limit has been raised from 11 to 18. the cus ie marco By Canada's Arthur King of 139.034 mph. jy SaT£lar °"fap S ^Vd dd o? S£ £%£•£» °» 600 ^^ hi ^^± Un f"^ be ^ vfctoJfcame former _ ^ 1950 345 miles when NEW YORK, May 27 (T?J—Canadian Arthur King, upset conqueror of Brooklyn's Paddy de Marco, said the four-lap run. And both marks were established when his car, a Novi Special aid"fuesday he"~was "wilUngfTo rated capable of 550 horsepower, give the erstwhile No. 1 lightweight w ?sn't working ngnt. contender a "rubber match" at "We're still having trouble with the Eastern Parkway Arena, June our carburation," Miller and his 30 car owner, Lou Welch, said. Dusky King of Toronto, Ont, said, "I'm the top contender now, but ecl . « ou 2 nt to S° I won't be able to get a title shot ho ' J £:. , ram ' "I fought around Holyoke .(Mass.)..,for'a' long time and finally I got the Garden. Boy that's the place, that's the only place." The speedy Georgian finally realized his life-long dream in March of 1943 when he knocked out Tippy Larkin in three rounds to win the championship. SPECIAL AT Ferguson Motors r 700 W. TEXAS TOLEDO, Ohio, May 27 IIP)—A . . (jcj.vic ne ciiucicxi ciit i-uig,, .jiAiv*. ii ; , , r . ._*__. u^*«,.«/-x». uininst Jjamc. has been nine months since he rough and tumble slugfest between zave UD fiehtinj? Irish Bob Murphy, up and doun g But f P or spS?'fans who remem- light-heavyweight contender and _ ber him in the early 40's, Beau Heuben Jones who dropped ana,- Jack quit the ring in 1945. row decision to him last month m Not long after '45 the dethroned Boston will be staged here Tues- champ got out of the service and da y night. started the long skid down the lad- Murphy, TKOd last year by der, finally back to his old job Ught heavj-weight champ j oey as locker room attendant at the Maxim in a non-title tilt, is clam- Augusta Grand National country taring back into active contention club where each year he watches for the ITo-pound crown and has golfing's greatest in the Masters brought his weight down from 214 tournament to 182 m an intensive, three-month " "It was them fine men, Bobby training grind for this bout. Jones and all, what started me BIG LEAGUE scouts are casting «« their collective eyes toward Bobby ^ Rauber of the Webster High school .". team of Rochester, N. Y., who .struck out 21 batters in a seven- °, '(International} , Most Cars or t ! /2-ton pickups- Bonded linings at sl|g hl]r higher price J Authorized Inspect^ Station Wlieel and Brake WOO Market icaidtO i* when $60. to $2000, Aufo — SIGNATURE — Furniture SAVE 'MONEY — LOWER PAYMENTS NO BROKERAGE OF* HIDDEN CHARGES XO ENDORSERS REQUIRED . . . SIMPLIFIED METHOD EASY TO GET—EASY TO PAY LET US PAY YOUR BILLS—Combine them at! into one account s and have only one small monthly payment to suit your Income. S*8""Ttae Friendly Company" First Supervised by State Banking Department Cash You Receive 18 f^onthiy Payments Cssh You Receive 12 Vanlhly Piyrnenti ... ; enough 1 1 g^n"' 1 ted-Dur battir |S knew ' the 1 it was {or I in t] Dodge double 5133.70 223.50' S13.30 5 915. 21. $417.40 622.50 671.50 m. •35. 45, Other Amount* from 560 to $2000 GUARDIAN FINANCIAL CORPORATION BAYTOWN OFFICE: 307 West Texas Ave., Ptions: 32S3 Next to Brunson Theatre PASADENA OFFICE: 207 Eatt'Shaw Ave., Phone: GRand 2-3607 Across -from Uons's Theatre HOUSTON OFFICE: 713 Fanntn Si., Phone: ATwood 6641 Acroti from Texai Stats Hotel Guardian's Investment UcrlUleatea pay you 2Te p«r itinuni. By Oscar Fraley YORK, May 27 ttPJ—We're cer cnar Si n S up now on Memorial * Day, which has changed from a ^ ,,w t , u ^v u ~..x. ~ & v., ^. v^^v. ^.^i. . - time of reflection, to one of renzied until champion Lauro Salas and ex- Miller s show came when less activit5 , ^ the sports wor i(j f a nd so champ Jimmy Carter meet in a re- p 13 " t*' 0 hours remained lor the {ast is " ^ e ^^ - t ig 5^^^ turn bout "soon. So I'll fight de heavy footed pdovs to get .heir to remember the headlines of just Marco again. I can lick him every cars into the Friday spectacle. But ons year ago night in the week." ^ was the frosting on the Monday No matte ° what your preference King, a 3 to 1 underdog, floored performance, in bngnt sunugnc ^ musctuar ac ti v ity, you can find de Marco twice and won a unani- with temperatures ranging to 80 it Friday _ Across the nation there mous' 10-round decision over him degrees. _ • u ,- ," will be 18 race tracks in operation; Monday night - - v " - ^rS}iT;^%°^i^r5 1 ^^^fr Indianapolis presents' its - famed six* other ?drj qualified cars. Miller; of| ^nuuie 50 0-mile'''race; Roland la Starza Calif., became the seventh to make battles D n Eucceroni- ba«>ball Claim Undisputed the grade and the 38th since tri- p^sents a fuli SSSS'of dSwe ARCOLA, Tex. - -OR - A sign in als began. The field was completed *£*£ a full gogramjaf double serve the with an average speed of 135.504 +KQ -o'^^u *_„+ „£* -„„.* an Arcola cafe says: "We serve the best chili in. town." There is no miles per hour* fastest in history. chance for 'disagreement The cafe Last year the field averaged 135.- gg is the only one in the small village. the British Amateur tennis golf and A Commander V-S beat all competing eights in actual gas mileage* in 1952 Mobiigas Economy Run! Newest of ths new in "swepf-back" modern styling! Sensational 120-h. p. zip and pep! Needs no premium fuel! one short year ago? That was a Memorial' Day for Ezzard Charles, as he defended the world heavyweight title easily against Joey Maxim.- But now, Ezzard is just a challenger getting: "ready for another shot at the crown. A little man set a record on the bricks and asphalt,'at Indianapolis as he won the roaring 5(50 at an average of better than 126 miles per hour. But he'll be watching wistfully from the rail on Friday That's because Lee Wallard cracked up just four days after that triumph and was burned so seriously that he almost lost his life and probably will never drive again. -In golf, Mrs. Babe Didrikson Zaharias posted a 72 to tie Patty Berg for top honors in the Weathervane Cross-Country golf championships. The Babe lies in a hospital bed Tuesday, champing at the bit as she recovers from an operation. ' A mediocre stakes runner named Spartan Valor was practically an unknown down in New Jersey. But this' Memorial Day he's the nation's big horse as he shoots for his eighth straight triumph in the j suburban handicap at ~ Belmont Park. It was a dizzy, breathless era, just one year a go, for the Chicago White Sos.vThey were the sensations of the American ; League. Now they are laborins: in the second division., Brooklyn was, then as now. on Pace-setting Studebaher V'S paces the 500 mile race . . AT INDIANAPOLIS, MAY 3O A |s!-$tfearned S!udebakerCemmander V-8 convert*, ibte will b« the Pace Car in this year's greet 50O- mtle race—on honor accorded StucTebaker because -of Us out standing conrribut ion* ro motoring progress. And for even less money. One of the 4- lowest price largest selling cars in America Host actual ga,i milcnge*of ofJ 25 car* nf standard class?* entered in thi* ycar'* f Economy Run • top —- temporarily. The Giants were in^ the.National League sec, ond division, four games back and j getting backer. Ferris Fain of the ! Athletics was enroute to the Amer- j ican League batting title with a | .378 mark, and Tuesday is struggling 125 poinis behind that pace. The hitters, overall, were having a much finer lime of it at this period Inst year. Seeming to prove that the pitching has picked up. When you add fishing, swimming and such participant sports, you have an awful lot of people lathering their ligaments. But whether you're watching or taking p^rt come Friday, don't forget the real significance of the day. When the leaders of just one year ago are forgotten so easily, try to remember the lads this day is really for — fellows like Torget Tokle. A] Boris and those Army kids who took a lot of lip for playing war-time football and made up for it in Korea. And all those other guys named GI-Joc, whose final headlines were a little black line of type. *OVERDRTVE, OPTTOMA1. AT IXTRA COST, WAS USED. J. B. HOLLAWAY MOTOR CO. "Your Sfudebaksr Dealer for Over a Quarter Century" 310 R MAIN ST. 8AYTOWN WATCH WAS "LOADED" HARTFORD. Conn, — UIPJ— Roc Co Artore told a judge that when he bought a second-rhand watch for | So he "didn't know it was loaded. i Artore said that inside the watch f was a picture of a girl which was I discovered by his wife, touching * off a string of marital woes. The j:;dgc listened sympathetically but denied Artore'e divorce petition. Dic=eininaiion of news is an important part of modern life. Newspapers, radio, television, and wire and teletype services play an indispensable role in keeping the community informed, through swift and accurate reporting of the news. At every point along its path the flo\\- of news is expedited by eltctric potter. It SERVES COMMUNICATIONS operated the press which printed this newspaper, and helped in the making of the paper. It powers the radio and tele-' vision stations and thousands of receivers in this area. Thus, electric power, great worker in homo and industry, also serves t\ell ihc needs of the community and makes it a- belter place in which to live.

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