The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 29, 1962 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1962
Page 13
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AND IRAZORIA COUNTY. TIXAS, WSD., AUftUST 29. WJ T H I IRAZOSPORT PACTS AD UBS by Larry Hurb *[__ ton TMWo*tPicmminrvrT> IllffllVv "It's for the wife... 10th anniversary of hei JOth birthday." CLASSIFIED 102. HOUSES FOR SALE |-« Ot.KANDKn-J h»!ttoom>, hrlrk. 1% nsth 3 rar garage, equity harflBtn ll.M. KHA >'i-4 linn. K. I,. HAUER nKAt.TOn, OT 7-34IH. in soirrHHTiN OAK* t bedroom horn* on Oy.ter Creelr. well ininovpit (round.. MRS. W. I. WAU tm nHAk K«TAT», ire S-KII. 4fr VffMfS ntlr $800 down. 2 hedioonn, ; j IS" tlvinjt room, itrn, frin:M, K9. :M month, ATIC, KM I-8HS4. rtlfMa >.»; Nfyla Ba.4 -,,-m 117,900 1 acre. on r.ree V. X ted* . U «AUBR. nKALTOR i tttfflT flth—5 bedroom nome. laife ... A-1 condition. MRS. W. I. WAI, Kit RKAL BOTATE. BE 1-3541 ;3!*, 4 room unfinished home. M' t- trailer, IlfitlO' patln enclo.ieil, well, fenc-ni. black top road. 4 « nrniorla. MrDnrmM Trailer flslfi. r.ilumnl.. I>1 5-91'Jl. EXCEPTIONAL miYa i4 CRKKK-Uve Onk LirKe. lOO * . hiillnlni elle. rilKKPimT >; -T 4lh—4-2, with lenlal )ir>uie on ... i .n' BROAD—3-1. larce. den. with v*.:' apartment rental.. K SST lOlb—3-2, electric kllchrn. i WF.tT Uth—3-1 1 ^. den. carpetlni, -;i Commercial Imratment.. - W L. WALTER REAL ESTATE ; W. Broad BK 3-3541 103. LOTS FOR SALE Joulh Anilrton North Angletnn |12JO I1SOO to W2M mix) «, 13500 Ba>nn Moment*. ,. Southern Oflki ^ Beautifully >in,|e4 walfV front Inia ."vail- ahl. In Haven»ooH, Haymt HittMoallet. anil flmilhern Oaki. We alNo have a few lota leN hi Mreftilly rentrlrleil Uke Koreil. Term. Avallabla On Alt Lola AMERICAN RBALTT, AN 5-tSM 104, BUSINESS PROPERTY 10NK» CRRIJK -J acrea »lth 3W from- inr on Hwr a». with lraiin«a« taiiminj. r««lil«n«. nran unit ileep well. R. E. Weber. Bo\ 751. ThlbwlAux, Jjt. Phone HI 7-7M4. 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE ArKEAOE-W-", acn of Irnti on Mwj 3S. 4 mllei Weil ot Anfleton. 5-1D-17 ai-re Irarti, 12 rallei North o[ Anijltton AMERICAN KEAUTT. AN I-ZSM. nlihti CY 7«OS. 25 ACRE« near Lake Jarkaoo. J600. I acre, rnr 7-«SM atler I TM. | M AND 42 acre trurt I mii« from j Kweeny. $250 acre. Wilt flnnnce. Owner ry -.'•iWi and AN 5-'.'J23. j a WOODED ACRES-Pnnlenlid tub-divl-' Rlun iJioperly adjoinlnn T. IV. O|g ! Krltoot In Cltite. J1350 prr ane. RO\V- : IJ4NI) REALTY. CY 7-S5O. AN 5-2552. : CY 7-'Jtfi«. j 5 A<'RKS. Paved highway pear Angteton. j Oaki and pecan« JMO. acre. Termi. Owner. Hen 1103. Freeport. .'•.. Redwood— tSl. per mmlh 1 •: .^>camore—Equity i: Vzalea—3 bedroom ill MoU 13 Arc— Elect! i« kitchen -: Ijiuiel—4 bedtoorm Roger DraVe CY 7-W79 M C. Balph CY 7-25W .JOB TALBOT REALTY rt M4U CT DOVER 106. REAL ESTATE WANTED WE HAVE BUYERS rot 3 bedroom !mtnV< tn Lake Jarkton. B«« Joe Tal- liot Rra!t>. CY 7-4411. 108. FARMS.RANCHES TOR SALE BRAf.ORIA'a-Cailtoo—IJa\ii Aflrtltlon. 3 bedroom home and S acrei of land. »«000. 8V/ I-2WS. 125. MOBILE HOMES ... BISHOP HOUSE TRAlt-ER-lMl model, to m««l your d«mand for a quality Mxlff. 1 room.. Contact Anjle Trailer; hom» •* a modtit pric« — Stata..,de Modtrn Hornet of(«r» thil charminq 3 btdroom homt for lh« budqat minded pirion. Fine deiiqn fiarural luch ai cathedral type eailinq, draliinf room incorpereted into Ihe bath, ent.-y hall «nl > hraalcfast area make thit a molt popular home at the low, low price of $7550 plui travel colt. REMEMBER. IT'S ALL BRICK end thl< Priea lnchrrf*< • Park. Antcleton. Tcxai. FI-KETWOOH-I%J model J-bfdroon. 10! I 15. BO.UI1). AN 5-5JW. TRAIIJ:R iN.xiiRANrK TRA1LEP. KKPAIKI.NR PAINTWO AND SUI'PUKS TRAILER I'.ENTALK Buy and pa\ like rent UcDONAUVS TRAILKR RALES New and Uied I 5-S121 WEST COI^JIIBIA. TEX. WILL TIIAKR equity in « \ 10' mobile home for S3X) ra»li. pickup or anvuiinj of equal value. BK 3-«:>42. ROWLAND REALTY CY 7-A543 AN 5-J552 CY 7-2446 127. TRUCKS-TRAILERS CHEVROLET—1KM half Ion pickup In I KOIHI »hape. good lltej. 2il Avery. j Clule. AN S-27W. j e'l»l:r> H.\4 ', Inn. S rMinitrr pickiir. j KMeiillimalli rlean. CUTE AUTO SALK.--. AN b-SSK. I VETERANS IMMEDIATE OCCUPANY I If you lilt* trt« and • wonderful! n*l«hboriie»d far children. Irtmj .\fc—ISM pickup. Excellent condition, mv caih nrlce. No trade. Call BE 312.1J alter « Pit. I WENCH TRUCK-1SBU (IMG & ton. Excellent condition. BE 3-2MS or. Into en. of rhe« b..utl(«l! 128. USED CARS FOR SALE 1 b«droom fcom« In fmtralttiAUSTIN IIKAI.KY- i»9 Black Auilin K«r.>tt Haale). II cylinder. Call Ben Andrewa, KW 8.74B. niaioila. Only $58 «I»w» t* moY« In. At law « SI4. iriMlhly. You rnuif Me> that* »>fer« ye« mov*. "YOU'LL LIKI 'EM" EMERALD FOREST On North JhuB.i In Clute AN 5-2446 103. LOTS FOR SALE BU1CK-19M Onlury 4 door hantlop, air condition, power brakej, power •leering, automatic tramnuialon. Cxtri clean, M Kim Court. IJ. CY T-4072. Idlforlal— A<Jv._BE 3-35n~ 3-2*11 PAGE II THEY'RE HERE! and w« have plent ef them WHITE JEANS by Mann Ranch Maker of Tot N leant and anly 3 50 2 thru 12 5.98 In large sizes and we have • WHITE JIAN JACKETS * 420 NYLON NAVY JEANS • BOXER BACK Styles for Little Beys • CORDUROY • JEANS and JACKETS ALL the famous fine Quality goodt you're pleased with from JUST ARRIVED BIG BOY'S Tennis Shoes for Ladies, Girls Hi-Tops and Low e 98 Sizes 2</2 To 7 WIGS Change Your Personality —Cover Yaur Pinned Defendantln$73MSuit Files Severance Motion Fire Call ed. There was very little damagn I A fireman said the main switch iin a fire at a home at 122 South D. J. Harrison, one trf the rte! fondant* in a $7.1 million lawsuit [filed in District Court in Bra/oria j County, has filed a motion for of a fuse box on the house flared up and scorched a small area of ia.m. Tuesday to which firemenjan outside wall, hut no firw re- lAvfrme F in Freeport about 12:30 severance. Harrison'* motion says that i there arc actually several differ- lent causes of action alleged in the plaintiff's original petition tiled hy attorneys for Glenn Edward Riling of Houston, hut that he (Harrison) had an interest in only one of the transactions set j forth. Harrison's motion stales according to the allegations in Kdline's petition, Harrison purchased an undivided one-sixth interest in and to l.iMB acres of land in the Polly & Chance league, Ahstract 119, Brazoria County in 1934. The plaintiff's original petition charges that there was no necessity for the sale of the properties while he wag a minor. According to Harrison'* motion ling's imprest in the 1,948 acres lni f !!^J x ' th 8lation ' of the Free-1 suited. Fire Department were call-l Near Italy'* Adriatic coast, a single aerial photograph «how« the superimposed outline)! of round Stone-Age hut*, the iquaro) plots of an ancient Roman farm and the irregular foundation* of a 13th-century village and manor of Emperor Frederick th« Second. 1934. Harrison also slates In this motion that he paid Ihe delinquent taxes due on the property. 'ITie motion by Harrison also charges that allegations of fraud supposedly practiced upon the plaintiff hy his mother, and his brother, and other acts of wrongful conduct complained of against the other defendants named in the petition, have no connection with Harrison's acquisition of the j interest in the land mentioned, that He said sueh allegations would be prejudicial to Harrison, and would have no hearing on the validity of the 1934 sale hy Mrs. Christina Edllng Larsen, mother of the plaintiff, and guardian o'f Edling's interest in the land. Harrison askerl a severance, "and that such severed cause of action be docketed as a separate and distinct suit on the docket of this Court, and that such severed cause of action proceed to trial however a period of seven years against the Defendants; that (his elapsed between the time the sale wan made to Harrison and the time of other sales complained of in the plaintiff* original petition. Harrison'* motion says that in |1934 Ihe minor'* estate had no i funds hy which Ihe indebtedness !<iu« and owing upon Ih* property ; could he discharged. According to I the motion, gome $22,000 Was due | the Federal Land Bank at Houi- jton, as well an delinquent taxes lof about $1,200. Thu motion states ithat it was not to b« benefit of Killing under nH the circumstances existing at that time, to attempt to improve fh» property, nnd that It was in hit host In-1 Defendant recover his costs in - curred in this regard, and have such other and further relief, both general and ipecific, at law and in equity, to which he may show himself justly entitled." Harrison is one of a number of defendants listed in Ihe suit, which i* the largest ever filed in a district court in Brazoria County. According to Edling's original petition, filed several months ago, he is asking J25 million for the mineral right* in the Polly & Chanct Survey, plu* interest from th* date received by the defendant* until th« amount i* fully repaid, and also plus $1 million teresls that It b» disnmcH. of at!exemplary damages. H« li also private sale. j asking J26 million for surface According to th* motion filed lvalue of the property, plui K,by Harrison's attorneys, no pay-!MO rents and revenues during Ihe ment had been made on the in-ipast H) years, plus interest, debtedness due and owing to thej Other defendants listed in the Federal Land Bank from the year]suit include J. S. Abercrombie 1930 until after the sale of Ed-|Co.; J. S. Abercrombie of Hous- ••••••^••BiKKBii^^^Ua^i i Ion: J. L. Poutra, deceased, of Harris County; Christina Edling Larsen. deceased, and her es - SURF $1.25 A CAR LOAD Wtd. and Thursday Only HE.NE»SlT"WllfClirtll£»IRPJ)RCri tate; Eric Enevol Edling of Harris County; Hjalmar Axel Waldo Edling of Brazoria County; and Mr. and Mrs. Barry Chcnault of Brazoria County. HORIZONTAL ,= EWBiAiyT Cinemascope >MtTRocou>R> LAKE" JA.CKSOM LAST TWO OATS HATRI JOHN RED WAYNE IUTTONS rWur* Time 7:4$ P.M. Called Out Of Hiding I JAKARTA, Indonesia (APi — iBrig. I. J. Rikhye, U.K. Setretary- ! General U Thant's militarj' arivis- ;er, said Monday that the United j Nations will drop thousands of .leaflets over West New Guinea jthis week, telling the Indonesian [guerrillas to come out of hiding. The leaflets will tell Indonesians of the recently signed cease-fire agreement that ended Ihe Dutch- Indonesian dispute over the territory. Rikhye said. Wall Street, the heart of New York's financial district, follows an old fortification, or earthen wall, constructed by Dutch set- • tiers to repel a threatened British [ invasion. » ! 8LOv:Dic. ( OH, S'.Y GOODNESS- V i N'UST v£ SP£N|- i f ALL MV N'CNSY •j-' ILONOI nKI.NO 118 YOUR CAH-Ihe on. >oil want to tell We pay ca.h tor >-wr equity. ciArra AUTO a.UJce. AN SSKI2. KMlumi Vfilttv-lMl Anjll. tudor. lam 1 Actual mlleaie. One owner. GAHLK i I'KAIISON OU)8UOB1UO. DB 35371. KOKM IMS Kalila* 4 dour v« Kind 0- i Main-, ladin, healer. I4M Set al 317 K..I Kenind Hlreel. Aparlment No. 1, | BKAIlTIKIllJ.y IV<X)I)KI> IIII l^iftft t%ell diaihed lota. 10% ilown. I >ra.i to pay. H J. DAVU1 RE4I.TT, HK J-V.'it ur l»9 Imp. I. '.' doni haid- ! top. [*uwer ulnle, nowei .teenni. ladio. | healer, all rondltlim. r>i>wei- nak. [IK I.-J3W. CIIKVItOLKT-A 19M niiKlel tni .ale. for liiluim.lian rail UK IMHJ after t urn pleaxe »HA/.0|iIA COUNTY'll only mobile Ivmt CHHYhl.KH-IWO 4 dim. riilln, healer. ftiib'livtjHiii in Uir heaulitnl Jitnr. Creek! Inmer all. 11796. titt Tiavi. Wilke. aiva l t l«, i- acte honlPiilt. fur ••!. j HK S 1SW ui CY 7 JUi3. Ihul .re fr.lncleil lo tiallei iluelluifili - - • win. Ua»ive oak 4iee>~«jntenl*nl toi Kllllll l«l llalaile l-Wd 3 Itrau Hard- >hu|iinn e mill whwili -mid flnani'lli|-i l"l> I'LUTU AUTCI DALKt AN KSaJJ. Miu nasa nil nf inn at TKAII.KI1 OAKS I'AI'.K nil llwy ".li UK 0141,1) 0' UK J.'H'RII '»4 Cri-illine 4 dun v» Nut till 1.1 itlfnil Ht; 3H3S. ; ""I.'. Hun. «i"l li>uk> m«xl. ,11'J.v Call " _ allvi 5 Jim UI9 Wr.l 1th SI I'.iUN TOWN ritKKItlllT-Kkolleiil 9ff • - fii.nt««« HuHlne.. ma in JUI blwk nfiLISC<ll.N HIM lloul nin-liani — We.l w-iolld lit. H. J I1AV1S IIK\l.-rV. """ >""' fc 'e at 1W4 Aie NOvJ THAT V-ORLD VOU'RE m v 'r L ^° Yi 6ROK.1- ^ °' IT'S IK1SANE. T 0 PAN •YOU HUGE REWARDS FOR 'SO.NCW.^Ou'RE | fciifK-e.'.' •) BACK o; T'-E FORCE-AT 622.50 A WEEK.'! TO WAVE YOU BACK iM THE ARMS OF SOMEOME V.'r-O LOVES SPEAXIrJSOF SQMEOME WHO LOVES ME, IVJOJDER WHAT'S BECOME OP DEASOLDDAtX LIL' ABNER HJ-; t i^a i s::tn tot U)l(.i : ||>I fur ..k of W.'il Mill tiijAKY lu l>tf> fin llil» iv. aine mn^lril lot in f-all be*: 1112. AUC. Ufc; 3 J.U4. Ktcc- Mk'KCriiY COMKT- -I'-HW t*<tio. hfAi mi unuiHtcit. I»H tinlenif one tivvd KAK1.K |'KAr,M)N OLPriMOBll.K. BK ' - I'.H)-' I ?) rul!«N» {'uu|>t. Nfi\ ,»i Hrtiinnty 7700 KAK1.B I'tl.VUSON Ul.l'S- l-»il. Veil IMIIr ill.I 101 Hi} Cull CY (J.K.ELLUM-- TH'JURYSAVS VO'RE GUILTV OF GWIN' SNUFFY THIS OADBURN E CHECK- VE SIGNED IT, SHORE!! BUT VE F ERGOT TO MARK DOWN TH' PATE AN'PER HOW MUCH — CASE DISMISSED!! T BAILIFF !! PUT TH' DATE ON THIS UNCASHABLE CHECK AN' MAKE IT OUT FER y,., FIUE HUMORED DOUER9 AW'-fbo TO COVER TH 1 FINE AN' IH llOAI>~i>>jOej- Ctcpk (luMUilc, "» ««IRk!e. UHll Innisf. [.•fdnnS " M(JHKI.-;i>N ASH 8AUKU. li'll. CK 7.J111 ['. i.MIAC I 1 .'!* '! SNUFFY SMITH THANKS FOR MAKING OUR 18th CARNIVAL AND TURTLE DERBY A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS! Listed Below Are This Years TURTLE DERBY WINNERS: Heat No. 1—Eneo Penner's Service Center Heat No. 2—Man-O-War W. C. MeClendon Heat No. 3—Nan* W. A. Jenkins Heat No. 4 —Pratt and Lambert Strlnqfellows Heat No. 5—Marilyn Party Boats Inc. Heat No. 6~Kirk Kirkpatriek Auto Supply Heat No, 7—Jumbo E. D. "Spot" Broekman Heat No. 8—Coldspor Sears and Roebuck Heat No. 9—Wln-ln-The-Streteh Ben Gobi* Jr. Heat No. 10—Leakpraef Haynes Lumber Company Heat No. ll_Ce Mar Beth C. M. Shlgley Heat No. 12—Look Toamer Packing Co. Heat No. 13—Ad Valorem W. M. Pennlngron Heat No. 14—Dago Minute Market Heat No. 15—Dnvld Dragster Buster Curry Heat No. 16—Marie Charles Morgan Heat No. 17—Dickie Simmons Building Supply Co. *GRAND CHAMPION FREEPORT LIONS CLUB "WE SERVE" HEY KIDS! REGISTER FOR THESE FREE PRIZES Tlmof Photo Iv-l'trnf Carter SHETLAND PONY WITH SADDLE 6-BICYCLES TO BE GIVEN AWAY SATURDAY, SEPT. 8th BY THE BEACHWAY SHOPPING CENTER MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Angleton, Texas Register Without Obligation At Any Of The BEACHWAY MERCHANTS

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