Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on March 24, 1968 · Page 13
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 13

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 24, 1968
Page 13
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Are Transplants Moral, Ethical? By At.toN fet«\Kl3SLfefe plants are meeting increasing in anestheslology at Harvard, j "But he must remain ice in a policy statement has set AP Science Writer success. - "Under what c i r c u m- answerable for his decision both terms for assurances, in pro- Aud?ciousiy. surgeons have Heart transplantation "raises stances, if over, shall exlraordi- to society and to God." • jorts suppotted hy the service, begun transferring human new, complex issues that must nfl ry moans of support be tcrmi- Medical research continues to on providing group review and hearts from the dead into the he faced promntly." declares naled. with death to follow?" he bring new means of prolonging ( decision, watching over the hull ' rin * the Board on Medicine of the asked in a recent speech. life. But where, ultimately, man right, 5 ; involved, to monitor Nation,!! Acfuk-rny of Sciences. —"When, if ever, and under might this take the human that patients arc not being sub- It a transplanted kidney fails'. w ' ia * circumstances, is it right race? jectecl to unjustifiable hazards. Sunday. March 24. 1968 &ROWNWOOD BULLETIN 13A NEWS BRIEFS living. Sweep of Ihcir knife cuts out— and thus kills—Hie sick but Still-pulsing heart of the re- cinicnl. (here are ways lo keep the pa- ln usc f° r transplanlalion the Sir George Pickering, promi- and to obtain their "informed tienf alive until a new trans- tissues and organs of a hope- nenl medical researcher of Ox--consent." can he tried, it points out. lessl . v unconscious patient? F/cfe/ Forces Take Control of Firms By 11-1K ASSonATKU t'tU.SS en , , ford University, England, is one Tlie essence of medical ellncs, HAVANA (APt - Prime Min- The unions called off fh* the heart dies, but the patient But if the borrowed heart fails, -"Carl society afford to dis- who has wondered publicly is the Golden Rule, says Dr. • Isle| . Fit | c | caslro's drive to shut strike after one hour neraim- lives on w'th the heart borrowed , lite ends. card the tissues and organs of about this. , DeBakcy. the Houston pioneer ^own a) | private enterprise in Hie railroad agreed to talks from someone already dead So The Board proposed guide- mc hopelessly unconscious pa- If. he said, human beings con- in much heart surgery. Cll |, a is g()ing atlcacl at fltl , ..; _ far. the low* siifviva' has lines in carrying on this -scien- tient when Ihey could be used to tlrtue to reproduce themselves : "Tyrannical restraints on spccd w , i(h radio s(a(ions urg . CALCUTTA. India (AP) - At been that of Phillip Blaiberg, tific exploration of the un- restore the otherwise hopelessly and medical science continues; experirtientation would have ing | islcners to rtiake war • •„„ i cas t 20 persons were killed nnd , . t.i I •* 11lL...i«.rtl..«^»j.-.l-.l»fc,-.i:—-*! 1 !'" f *V 11 **i-\ I /NW M I i In ntrttnrifniifm .-.t^t, *»„„!.i-I _J'* ft. — ....... I .,. n » 1 t.l I.. i tj • who underwent the surgery Jan. known: ft, This pioneering venture in Surgery expands and accentuates ihcrepsin" debate and con- , », * ••» * » * » 1*f 11* i t « t * * O iv» iJ >>' 11 tit r\i, *« c> i v'll n. till i *-u i/vi >3V/i J o TT \ i Vi r» 111 v. \i f 11 in ill but salvageable patient? ' to prolong life expectation at j precluded the past contnbu- , oafer cgolist an( , of ah()Ul 150 , nj d , „ , th TJ*I lllinMnnln nnfcM «-fe-. n » I • • n fl 1 I J»*I r% Wj-v» if f I* f\ ttlMAfl AM f *»n f *-\P> ' * f Kt A <!!»*•• f u n *«. «_.<•« 1 I ««.« rmftl n >4 I t n I «4 ' . * Texas Briefs CORPUS CHRIST! (AP) — Corpus Christ i is undergoing what health officials call a sig- . nifirant outbreak of diphtheria with II eases reported since, thd :• firs! of -the year. The CovrniS f'hristi-Niieces County Health Department said most o diph*, theria had involved children* from low income areas. NorfS' nf the. children had bee immunized, if. said. COLLEGE STATION. Tel (AP) — Stephen McDonald, I ..? c€rn over intricate questions of P lants medical elhirs and morality. —Arrangements are needed to medical practices and goals. " continue systematic observa- Tbe debate is one in which the fion s throughout the whole life- publid has a vital stake, and the lirne of the patient, public is involved in shaointj de- —An independent group of ex- say numerous repre- -Only highly skilled teams of Euthanasia, commonly called about the present rales, "the | lions from countless scientists. our socla ,, sl revolution." severest hailstorms over record- of Las Cruces N M , a gradual surgeons and medical scientists, mercy ki ings, is legal y and surface of the earth will be com- • he says, and "imaginative expo- Morc than noo sma| , SBra , cs n \ in lhc M ong li v r district of Hi- student at Texas A&M Univ ' backed by laboratory work, IfwogicaHy unacceptable. Dr. pletcly occupied by human ; rimenlalion is indispcnscablc lo ,, avc bccn (akrn ()Ve ,. alrcadv . nar statc . ;t( ,., )r dinc lo repo.ts sily was killed Friday when "•"•"•" P. Williamson of Kan., beings wiUiin a few thousand; the progress of medicine,' press reports said, and their reaching here Saturdav. > automobile overturned on Texas ihould attempt heart trans- _,., . , ,«..!,• *» j r ,< i».. . . ,, . m t:aa 11 1 »M 1.1 ft«m, HIIU mrii i LTHIIIIIK iiLMt; otiiuiurtv. sas City points out Vel physU; years More and more of them New steps involve risk and so \ m mccnank . s aro nnvv work . TllP Indian Ncws A ^ nrv PTI cians realize that intensive ef- . will be senile because of the do incompetent application of " forts to maintain life can be- apparent impossibility of ever; old techniques. Dr. DeBakcy 30 (:ollcgc Sltion ah life." Euthanasia said most of the victims were Hunlsville. Michael Dunn, 23, Last week Castro ordered a'l farmers harvesting whrat crops Corvallis. Ore., also a gradual means doing i sues rs, speculators and' i f ,. mature physicians-none something to slop life. There is i , \, , 5 medicine, religion of whom ,s d.reclly engaeed in another £ ord( orlhothanasia, for \ vaccines or drugs, is it right to pant illness, and premature . laW ' .... ' the^ transplantation effort-! dcllberale slopping of arllflclal ; giv c them first to retarded chil- death." research. The result would ah n cnV(M . n(11pn | elements In experimenling with new be unimpeded suffering, ram- ; a A^^il""^ ne'w"r oprral The Immediate Issues are ur- should help select both donor gent, they ad. They say they a "d recipient In order to protect |jf c are so imnorlant that their rcso- '! 1C interests of all persons to I'j " e fullest possible extent. Heart transplants—if thev stopping or heroic means to maintain dren in instilutions, or to prison- er Defense of the n Jones Quits LCB Office lution should not be dnlaved nor confused by speculations over stunning nrospecis f'mf mi"ht _ lie ahead in a very distani but' snon '" benefit .sizeable numbers ; u^p |jf c just" for the sake of a questions of safely? > *. i. i f -. . 11 . i-ifi... l_l _..._ _*-_i:iT:...-ii! ' O _•*. _ _ * _-_ t . . _. ^_ , ,. * ever justified to end pain, hopes of earlier release? Should required to satisfy society's de- to relieve families of Ircmon- experimenters first try unknown mand for the advancement of dous financial costs, lo lei a drugs upon Ihcnisclves — after knowledge, while abiding by its nr i 1 1II ! PADUCAH, Tex. (AP) i vid Robert Spry, ID, a San Calif., folk singer, was killr Friday when the car in which was riding collided with a i II miles west of this Texas Pan- 2 town on U.S. R2-70. Four* prove successful—arc not likely ; vegetable life end, not lo pro- animal testing — to help answer strictures to protect the dignity. re- not absolutely inconceivable fu- of people because of difficulties bioligical but unconscious exist- lure. of finding donors. Hearts cannot j ent . C 7 I Basic research alrcarlv points >'«••' be stored or banked. ' Ortliotlianasia. if not euthana-j to a future possibility of genetic Medical scientists are Irving s j fl] nas |, cet1 practiced i engineering. Genrs. 'the units of to develop a totally artificial . by' many physicians, med- heredity, might be altered not "carl, Dr. Michael E. DeBakcy [ ca i spokesmen say. only lo prevent tragic inhaled of Baylor University and Meth- somc< a t | c ., s t, ) iaV e not striven diseases, but also to redesign °d'st Hospital in Houston. Tex.. lo k eep a | ivc an j n ( ant born hid-: human bodies and minds, to '' is onp s ^h researcher, and a ; eous |y malformed. Is such a decontrol the kind of people, who; partial "pump" is working sue-: c j s j on ethical, moral, good med- would pe born. Who then should i cessfully in two among his first, j ca | practice? have the awesome responsibility seri es ol patients. As for orlhothanasia, does an i privacy and freedom of its indi- The U.S. Public Health Serv-1 vidual members." County Records HELSINKI, Kinlnml lAP) -. (rid. office for fiv Month long negotiations among tired In work for n brer distn'.ni- five center and I eflist parties lor, the LCB's acting adminis ended Friday in Ihe formation Iralor says, of a new government with M;iu- 0. N. iluinphrrys ,Jr. refund no Koivislo as prcmi<r. lo comment on a report in thr Tlie new Cabinet includes MX'Dallas Times Herald that Loy Social Democrats, four Agnri-' .'"»es. a veteran of more than AUSTIN (AP) — The iiiHH who • w headed !..•- "f<r.w-: l.miior ,, . , ™ Conlrol Board's San Anloni > dis- " lhcr Persons in the car wen_r hurt, none , 1 an parly members and three 20 vc;irs wltl ' u 'e agency, quit condition. SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Norman Henderson. 41. of McAllerV died Friday of burns suffered \n° « gasoline explosion Wednesday,' In ills lower Rio Grande Valley hometown. His son. Lorcn. 13, remained hospitalized in critical,. Communists. Koivisto, former governor of J5TH DISTRICT COURT , of JM lor use ol cbsc«n« JM Dlbrel, Judq« Preildlng (elections Curlh L«e Dudley vs. Em0lov«rs Mu- Pfrrv 'Ktn\ Ellsworth paid fin* ol »35 tllC Batik (if Finland al1(l tu»l LUhllily Ins. Co. ol Wisconsin, suit | for minor In possssilon o' /(Icoholic bfv- ,,,i,,i t .|., 1 . ,..„„ ,,i,„.,„,. !„ for VAsrkntsn's comp(?n»flllon. PMinlfff >r«n« jlljlllolLl, »ria LilUM.ll 11.1 liiider pressure from the admin- islrnlor. Humphreys also revealed that lie summoned all district supervisors to his office for a meeting Brownwood, new government after -,».... . l_- ' O eo i n ti i o i c ii V ou what we dis- K " ' new and old, stirring increasing . who are apparently hopeless '. thai Ihe moment has arrived, cancer or i whether or not the Chsrlpj A. Harris vs. ;lt lor divorce. Dismissed Baglcy vs. Ron»d DM Rag suit lor divorce. Divorce flranted. Citizens National Heart Iransplanls have drawn : senility? Or should someone out- \ expressed his own desire about i ey criticism from some surgeons ^ line "an unbending and restric-j an end point? "The physician | K| ' ng _ e| _ |( suil and physicians as bein^ prema-' live criterion" for application of \ cannot allow himself lo become i entered in 'tavor oi piaimni aeamst lure, especially because of un-1 ortifical hearts? I Ihe agenl of Ihe patient's rela-; th cit? I Vn* snd NSiiw«i B*. f nk"v. A. M our- certainty over controlling the; Physcians should have some : lives," the Very Rev. Brian i»v. sun on not*. Judgment.' mechanism by which the body .help in making extraordinary j Whitlow, dean of the; Christ te ^ X^^XX? ™<: attempls to, reject foreign or hfe-and-death decisions, says j Church Cathedral, Victoria, ed. Ester Harris ! Cecil Love, Bangs, paid fines ol 130 |,.ivn Ihr. uimnnrl nf IR", iif tin,' ", . , " . Ester Harris, tor spe(<dlng $ , 5 « or ( . llur(! |o <|op tor . h.ive Hie .support of Ifi,) ol lhc; cl i ss ed at the meeting. approachlnp train.h arardous proximity, 200 llielllbci'S of Parliament. 1)0 fcr disturbing the peace, and 510 "' * lc ° h ° llc >-nren;o pi»z. sianrft Mid imn m «s ™ "" Humphreys said he talked with Jones Monday but said he would VIENNA (AP) - About 450: not reveal what was disucssed international jurists and civil ;nor would hc comment on the servants from 80 nations will ql)a | ily O r j oncs . ^^ .convene here March 20 for. a The board's annual report for f>. J. Germany, Comanche, paid line of Sii lor loud mutllert. • l n: o> o, D A vld or F »n. Brownwo<x ' < w "" "•*'• conference on the Intcrna- ,907"showed the^ San "Antonio of- borrowed tissue. | the Rev. Granger E. Weslberg, j Canada, wrote recently in the' But they are defended, on the I dean of the Institule of Religion | Journal of the American Medi-: Richard individual 'and as Roy Henn, Dcnton, paid line of making alcoholic beverage avail- Beddow. basis of animal and other exper-l at Texas Medical Center. ~ i cal Association. "They may j minor,' rl ti d w.° f Iments, by as manv or perhaps j What, hc inquires, should a ! have a sinister interesl in his, Annabeiie suit for personal in| U ne», more specialists. They remind | physician do if a terminally ill | death, or a pecuniary interesl in ; »™$ sSrin^e np a 0 n l d ipat" s™ n nki« i "wmi] that there were similar objec-' patient is being kept alive by a i his slaying alive until a certain : V! " Dor ° tr »', Baden, suit for damages j ,m e O i $.0 lor speeding tions to the first open-hearl sur-; machine needed by another pa-! date. ! 'mW" 1 " K M ' mt * '° r ** \ , 0 ?*%£o£ r ^°t' W •• c-UJon of inlcrHallonil hw were' idminufr,lor Coke Sfevenson gery operations and inil'al • tient who does have a good "Therefore, society should noli P Sr °-J'Scc"'' S "" dr ' SUi \,W Lw ^l? ub ^, p ^^ iransplantalion of kidneys. Now : chance [or full recovery? , lake the duly of decision away i "'ffi; '$..%. -I ^£S5k.. v,. Dorr.s \ "^ { ^'faSZ^Tti* nn.; Sf 1 " d "'J T^'taou^confer ; An, \ & ,t • ,,,n P l w w ^ onen-hoart surccrv is credited And some- difficult niif>«;tion<; : -from the Anctnr tliniitrh HIP hnr. McCorKie. suit lor divorce. , ol $ii ior$peeding. 1B1I) ana al lno "ague contct- Antonio was running Wide open openjicau surgeiy is creauea ana some aiincuit questions ; trom ine doctor, iiiougn uieDur-, Mar i clta Nabor , Vl . EdB8r N abor», Richard ue Brinson, Bangs, paid fine cnces of 1899 and 1907 Those 1 in 1%G with having saved many thou- 1 are posed bv Dr. Henry K.! den of moral decision should nol j»«"' ">' "ivorce. lot $« for minor m possession oi aico- ""»«., in uuu. , .'_.,* * * ' f--H — ' — ........ Dtnny Ray scott, Fort worth, paid: tional law of contracts. ! |j CCi | n tj lc . state's third largest The parley will discuss A draft city', fj| e( j on | V -too criminal ac- for codification of the law com-; tions for liquor law violation— v. Diaz, Bi«nkei, paid fine plctocl by the U.N. Commission second smallest nun-ber of all of S10 (or minor In possession ol alcoholic __ i,,i_,. H ,,,i:,,,,^t i n .., «fi«« ie ,, , ,, <• , , , n- hcu .r in . 'On Intel national Law after 16 t| 1P board s district offices. Loren Lowrv Fen worth, paid years of study. • • John Crank, former undercov- Thc first steps toward coditi- 1 e r chief of the LCB, said former George P. Galowood paid line ol 125 sands of lives, and kidney trans- ' Beccher, professor of research i be his exclusively Cecil Gulhrle «t at vi. R. U. Wnlt«- i hollc beverage, head et ux, suit on note. i TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR Beverly Jane Herman vs. Bobby Ray j Herman, suit for divorce ] Jack Needham vs. , Globe Int. and j Accident Ins. Co., suit 'on ln»uranc«. i parleys dealt with peaceful Humphreys was named acting ; Dement of international dis-; administrator after Sevenson rev. Hoiamon, ^udw'woort, Pontiac.' pules, martial law and the, law ; signed last month. T. vaiois, Brownwood, of neutrality. ' Douglas J. Ford. AIM Green, Srowfiwood, Plvrnoulh. Manuel P, Lu|an, Brownwood, Chevrolet. H. E. Chevrolet. S. E. Moore, pickup. W. van. America's newspaperboys help keep freedom in your future" says M. Scott Carpenter, Mercury Astronaut, who's dou.g Ills own share of helping- to preserve freedom . Scott Carpenter, Project Mercury, NASA, U.S. vtroiiaut in apace, second American to orbit the earth- "America has a half-million reasons to be optimistic about the future: the half-million newspaperboys who'are on their way lo being the future leaders of our Nation. "These youngsters learn the importance of responsibility, the value of money, and Ihe great opportunities a free system like ours offers to its people. "Many of these boys put a regular part of their weekly earn* ings into Savings Bonds and Stamps. And, since 1941, many of them have promoted Bonds and Stamps to their customers— to help keep America strong and free, "We can be mighty proud of our newspaperboys and of the part they're playing in the future of freedom." M. Scott Carpenter, Project Mercury, NASA Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, JUSTICK COURT Ernest Cadenhead, Judgt Pruidlnj Vaughn Paul Laird, Bridtieporl, charged with unsale speed. Jerry Pyburn, 19M Vlnctnl, charged With speeding. Bill Frank Nolli, Fort Worth, charged with speeding. James Larry Miller, Arlington, charged j rp'don Walden Jr with Improper start from parked position. , ro , p | pj c k uo , James Larry Miller, Arlington, charged with no driver's license. George Ann Neal, Irving, charged with speeding. Ed Lane Smith, 3810 Second St., charged with speeding. Richard Halt Fry, Dallit, charged with speeding. Christopher M. Weber, Brownwood, charged with muffler by-pass In operation. Albert Roy Vacula, Bedford, charged with violation of promise to appear. Wayne Marshal Morgan, L« Porte, charped with violation ef promise to appear. James Rubin Slaggs, Brownwood, paid fine ol Hi for running stop sign. Bobby Ray Waldred paid fine ot SIS for speeding. Larry Don Rider, Coleman paid fine ol $2i lor making alcoholic beverage vail- able lo a minor. Richard Ray Grider, Cross Plains, paid tin« of $20 for speeding. Jack Monroe Charlton, Brownv/c»«i, paid line ot (20 lor speeding. Arthur Rudene Hudson, Brownwood, paid line ol J45 for speeding, $20 for running slop sign, »2; lor violation of promise lo appear and 135 for speeding. Ruben Ortegon Jr., Blanket, paid fine of 115 for Improper slarl from parked position. Sheryl Man Unison, San Angelo, paid f)n» of 15 for speeding. Don Michael Wagoner, Dallai, paid fin* of its for registration displayed on trailer. 4 Jesse Earl Martin, Dallas, paid fine ol $20 for speeding, Lobstpln, Brownwood, BrovnV'OOd, Chevrolet C. Echoli, Brownwood, Chevrolet Brownwood, Chev- Bertna F. Strange, Banqs, Chevrolet, Pau' Salazar, Browrwciu Buick, George W. Boone, Brownwood, Oldsmobile. Laurene Schmitl, Brownwood, Oldsmobile. Jack L. Drain, Brownwood, Mercury. Carl D. Ballard, Brownwood, Ford. Jim Mahard, Brownwood, Ford pickup. Rebecca McKee, Brownwood, Ford Edgar Sanderson, Brownwood, Chevrolet. Thomas D. Jacobs, Bangs, Ford. Patrick Edwin Pelly, Browny/ood, Plymouth. Frank Dibrell, Brownwood, Ford. Charles Spell man Jr., Brownwood, Ford. Raymond DeBusk, Brownwood, Ford TOKYO (AP) - Japan ! SPEAKER'S Ol'JNIONS N'a-; NEW DELHI (AP)-The New tional Railways said Saturday' Delhi Insurance Institute invit- opcrallons of more than 1,000 ed the wrong man lo speak lo trains were delayed as a result; them—Deputy Prime Minister of a brief strike against -Us mo- Morarji Desai. dcrnization program. j Dcsai told them "I do not The National Railway Work-j believe in having a secured life ers and National Railway Loco- anytime. Hie most insecure life; motive Engineers unions origi-: is really a secure Jife." j nally planned lo launch a four- most of this applied to him-1 hour nationwide strike to pro- j self and he would be happy if' test the program, centered on '• everyone else in India were the redistribution of 50,000 work' insured. FLUSHING BRIDKS offered this wedding outfit vt by Yves St. Laurent. The „„,„, Paris desifiner used flowers $£ and a.veil for his creation.gjg *&&* **** Bank Official Critical After Plane Crash Pre Season MOWER TUNE-UP Aft -A** : /VXoNTOOMERV: WARD Kefp freedom in your future with U. S. SAVINGS BONDS Tint U.S: Goutrnmtat doei not pay for thit adiertitiaf. Thi Treasury Otpattmtnt <A«n« tkt Adverlifinf Cpunctf and thit ntwipoptr /or thttr patriotic fuppgrt. MADJSONVILLE, Tex. < AP)A bank official, one of Iwo men Kay Frances McBee, Biownwood, paid iniiirnri in •! nrivalp nl-mo r>r-i<;li fine of JiO for speeding . illJUlCQ in d pllVrfie pldlie Cl tISIl wiiiiam T, Harris, paid tin* o< »zo for i near here, was in critical condi- ovir 18,000 axle and $15 for no commercial operator's license. Jimmy Leroy Bible, paid fine of $20 lor speeding. Laverne Morris Woofls, Comanche, paid fire of $5 for speeding. Franklin Roy Hoersler paid line of $15 lor speeding. James Earl Whlllleld paid fine of $10 lor speeding. Robrrl D. Reichert, San Angela, paid, lint ol $15 lor speeding Mlcriael Dean ' fine ol $15 for Jessie Bee Lee Brasfield, president of tlie First National iBank of Baylown, and John L. Burr, administrator of sponsored research at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, were in- sttphenviin, paid; jured when the twin-engine Aero Hamilton, paid! Commander crashed in a clump of trees on a ranch six miles west of here lale Friday. Brasfield was transferred to Hermann Hospital in Houston where he was listed in critical condition. Burr suffered a knee injury and was taken to Madisonville BONUS! Free Pick-up and Delivery 10 Point Mower Check ALL FOR BROWNWOOD BULLETIN fine of $15 tor speeding. Edgar Alvis Dikes paid fine of $20 for failure to yield right-ol-way from stop sign, Divio Roy Rogens, Monahans^ paid, line of $30 for making alcoholic beverage attilable to a minor Claytor Jowers, 170' Ave. E, paid line of $25 for minor in possession of alcoholic beverage. tcbby Ray Jowm, Sweelwater, paid linf ol $50 lor making alcoholic bever- agt availably lo * miror. _. ,. ... Ernestine Harnrn*i». D» L»on, paid : County Hospital. fine or $15 for speeding Albtrl Henry Hardin Big iprlng, paid >in« of $15 for speeding Delbert Ray Shep^rj, Brownwood, paid fin* ot $15 for no driver's lictnsi. Jot Cole paid tine o' $2i lor drunk. Roy Ismael Morales. Zephyr, paid tin* d $2J for minor in possession ol alcoholic beverage. G«ry King Donaldson. $an Angefo, paid t'in| of $15 lor speeding Auncion Mechan?, Arlington, paid fine of IM lor speeding. filly Weaver Smith, Abilene, paid fine of 115 for speeding I *nv Jack Codfri/,. Comancht, paid |in» oi $35 <pr making alcoholic b*ver- ag« availabll lo a minor. ... , Jcsitph Gregory Whisn»ni, Brownwood, i paid Uni of $25 for minor In possession i oil alcoholic beverage. i Jo« f(tw«rd Scott Brownwocd, paid , /!n» ol $15 for speeding LfA'is Jackson Gillord paid fine of $13 for speeding. Charles W. Griisom, Denlon, paid line of $2.' lor r a/6ii«bie to « The two were en route to the Hilltop Lakes resort city airstrip near Norniangee, Leon County Sheriff Royce Wilson said. Friends of Brasfield, the pilot, and Burr, said the two left Houston to fly to the resort for Ihe weekend. HERE'S WHAT WE DO: (1) Sharpen rotary blade (2i Install New Spark Plug (7 '' (3) Clean and Adjust points ( 4> Drain crankcase—fill (g, with frosh oil 15; Thoroughly clean mower and engine, tighten all bolts and nuts, inspect and adjust controls, and cable* (6) Empty and elean oil-bath air cleaner; clean dry-type air cleaner (.'lean and lubricate mower wheels and bearings (Ri Drain and clean gasoline tank and carburetor (9> Clean gear box and gears, replace libri- cant; check and adjust chain driies (10' Clean and lubricate pawls and ratchets in wheels STRAIGHTEN CRANKSHAFT 7.50 0I,OOJ3 DONATIONS The American Red Cross, at the request of the Army and Navy, began collecting blooxl on a large scale in February ol 1941. Jts World War 11 war" coho " c b * ver "* time program collected 13,326,, 242 UnilS Of Wood. Of ' S»n,my Evgen. McN»tf, D«nton, , . fins p; >25 for mlm.- in po«ession of ' amnlm f 10 K9 o CAC. , m i| K alcoholic beverage, sntf JI5 lor speeding. ! dmouni, 1^,040,010 UflUb V-urry DM Mtrrlrnan, Uvbfcock, paid prO^t'S'Sed into plasma and SC- finj c' J15 for no if^i'trolion on trailer. . u • WIHi|mj, ' OUTBOARD MOTOR TUNi-UP UMO 17 88 35 H.P. 1* iWP Lower Unit Lybricgted Replace Spark Plug

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