The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 24, 1959 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1959
Page 7
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PageS THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-2611 CLASSIFIED INFORMATION *0 place your Ad BE 3 ''.811 or BE 3-3511 and a»V for CUssu 1 RATES »* * iSS Insetilen L '"" I weekday «« 9 day* (consee) «c fl day*' Jeensee) » /c Inierilons must b« consecutive Classified Hours Monday through Friday I A.M. to 5 PJM. Saturday 8tOO A.M. 18 P-M. Cancellation deadline is 9 AJ*. ei publishing day Insertion deadline for reader ads Is 8 AJ4. of publishing day. All display and box ads mutt b* In by 11 A.M. of previous publishing o'ay. After an ad is ordered it cannot b* cancelled or changed Defer* publication. Th* Brasosport Facts reserves the right to .dlt or reject any ad «>at U deems objectionable and to change tho classification erder to conform to the policy ef the paper. _ All charges are based on » 3 line minimum. NOTICB ot typographical or ether errors must be given before the second inseriion or claims for refund or extension will not b* recognised. There- for*, w* must b* notified ol •rror before • A.M. of **eond mibllshlna da? 31. SERVICES OFFERED PHOTO Photo Engraving. ZUo hamoBe* Sne cuts. Ons da» service. fOfi tfirtnteot Call now. Red '*" fte Braawport (Tacts Eniravlns Darlmmt neat BB 3-3811. I«. FURNISHED APTMTIT. FOR RENT __^___ l . CLTJTE-NleelJ famished dunle» wltti utilities paid. AW 3-J21S. RADIATORS, magnetos, lawn *»*•*• sou HWT w* fnmtt an TYPEWRITERS? ADDJNO ««»«««» ssles or rent. Call |«™..; m ll MBr !' losport Onderwood Anney. V S aulf Blvd BB M911 _. 34. TV SERVICE •\>.*&-i&&: Brazosport and Brazoria County, Toxas, ThufB., Sept. 24,1959 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ANOLETON DIAL TI 9-5246 CLDT8 — 3 bedroom ......... ment, $14. week, no utilities 8-8311. n«KEPrtRT —. t bedrooms, furnished apartment. Call BE 3-19.7 after « P.m. PBEBPORT - rooms and «wrt*enlt. Applr 1015 West 4ft. BIB *MU. FREEPORT—Clean 4 rooms. Also jtar- age apartment with J"«»;, ™ UIIM paid, couple only. 1323 West 4th. RID YOORSELP OF RAOOBD B» CEPTIONI Let 8<" m '. a « B « rt ."E*H Jour set to perlorni like new. 8 nari dependabla s«rvlce *»» *•"**-. MODERN garage apartment with *ar- MUIWIUI i ^ im , rMport Central heattag See at 410 West let or CaU CY 7-7539. 53. noon THINGS TO EAT DID YOU KNOW that eallns natural food will mak» »on tee) better? Shaw's Natural Foods, Hwl. MS « Trading Post. BE 3-1432. NORTH FREEPORT—ApartrnmlS---- Slreet ne*t to bowling alley. Phono BE 3-tSU. Drlvo In HW» M» Clute. S3. MISCELLANEOUS '1M.85 •CLEARANCE OF 1959 T. V.'s 3 ii" Lowboy T.V.'s, mahogany or mople wood cabinets. Beg. (279.95 — sale . .. ..,• •• 1 21" mahogany console. Reg. 1289.95 - «ale I 21" Mahogany console. Reg. * 299 ' 95 ~ SI yJ 1 , w ijn i 1 sm'akc'r"- Reg!° H39.9S-sa 1 21" Mahogany console with doors and 3 speakers. NICE FURNISHED ***"***»«.r Aduiu. Air condition*!. SM South Art C. CY 7-MM. _, TRAILERS lor not bathTswImmlnf • er Park. Bwr aUhed. Prttate Banfoot Tt*n 213 NORTH 12th — I rooms wit bath comfortably furnished, near Henke's shopping crater, oalhrlgh Apartments BE 3-3194. 87. UNFURNISHED BOWSES FOR RENT o ,, a IBMS * 249 ' M ANOLETOM— I miles south of. J bei "ooms. J50 per month. Phont TI 9-74K CLUTE-229 E«t Pecan Lane. 1 be< room house with lane llrlng roo per mon 01. f AMI r&s: AJf t Plans - o. nor JONM CM Urge., CY 7-7 With land LAdH/JAB.. b«droomt,l> lis^'ti IMS ___ CwaMar :- .:-M£A: ... 'DRltll— 1ST j* NO aoSirt 1 m. B. L. Saatr, .root' r. .Hi U Cub Pack Meet Features Hobbies Uto LMt *,2.ear.atl : tarUlfflt.; X total ' LKEGKE3CEQCISL lt> m Bratorla. a^m 1. SPECIAL NOTICES 3« 8 Circle Way B&ID BHQ UtUiV/ t vwt»i. iahed. Pbone BB 3-5116. n ,l,'lov.l> Riff* Th« BrMMport Facts WANT AD ORDER BLANK Write your id beret (one word on Met., line) LAKJC' .v b«et' ln', BuUt- IbS ODVL COSMETIC, HOLLY CAIOTORNIA. Our profession beauty consultation service we Fender without cost or obligation. Approved by: American Medical An- goclatlon" end O" 0 * Housekeeping. rCale?glc, recommended to teen- lS m r W^'. ^Srlff hrs. a* one-uiiru i**«,B •™» --—-. - cvele 36 h.p.. air cooled, 165 ins. Mrtnt reverse. compleU» ahatt assembly. 1 wheels each. BE 3-1642. ,„«» BARBABA—1 bedroom house. Furnish water and hall of light bm. JJ5 Mo. AN 5-S431 or AN 5-1020. HANOE-Apartment range, also, ml* cellaneous store flxturts. Phono BE 3-4264. LAKE JACKSON - Two bedroom Jomj. Largo closed-Sn porch. *0. B» 1-33M. RETREAD •nRES-lJ.OOO.mue Uljoad baiard guarantee. Many sites. Black; ind while walls. White Auto Store. 1012 North OUll Blvd. -BE J-2252. LAKE JACKSON 1 bedroom homy. JJO '^ieT month. ROWLAND 1*ALT*. CY 74543. 16. INSTRUCTIONS CERAMIC CLASSES BBODINERS AND ADVANCED TADQHT BY JEN8T M. MM.E HELP. WANTED i LAKE JACK30N — t bsjdrtoin rSTr Junior h!«h. J*>,«I. **• LAND REALTY. CT 7«4J. SPEED breete uiruugu ..». "^rrir,_i" leaving your air conditioning. • •*- 1 Ibtrn tooi- at Ww'a on Hwy tSS tn| Clute. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT SORRY sal Is now a merry til. She used Blue Lustre rug;M[Upholstery cleaner. DARWOOD FURNITURE CO. CLWII e to rw^SV--"** 5 ^'-^ sV. ATTENTION—Retired man, shin work- or women Sell WatUns Products. VrSl ttaS. Apply 191! A«ntte r. B. W. Egicr. Boaenber«. Tei:. STOVE—1955 Frlgldalre, 2 oven range with deep well. REFHIOERATOH- 1957 Prlgldalre. with (reeling unit. BEDROOM SUITE—Gray, with toner- spring mattress. Also miscellaneous living room Items. AN 5-5593. ROtlTB BOTB-^tor Anileton Braiosport PacU Paper Route. Contact Mr. Robert Lackey Ml E. Loralne. TI M141. 85. MALE - FEMALE HELP electric. DKVAN, [JONES CREEK — Moseley's Modem Cottages. Clean, quite two .room »nd bath for adults. % mile ofl an 31 on Eut Live Oak Drive. BE 3-U04 LAKE JACKSON—W Acacia. Will lew on 6 months rental to purchase Plan Investigate today. Can Jo* Talbol Realtor. CY 7-4411. ' SommmStles! Need a light car or mot . Srlcooter ot handle. auppUment your Scome. Good money for a few hour •ach day. Tht Brsaosport 'acts Newi- piSr B« M511 Circulation Depart- mant. . "STOP BWEATINO ft MILDEW" Centrally heat your home. Nothing down. J10.00 monthly. Factory direct distributor. Our own duct shop and Installation crews. CaU Angleton TI 9-7539. - SUHFSIDE BBACB cottans comfortab; furnished at winter rtKa. Call Dort Haulier BB 3-1KO. J6. FEMALE HELP WANTED •AR MAID wantad. Tar Information "tall AN WS02 or AN 5J6M after 9 p.m. Range—Deluxe gas. divided top, whl. dow oven, light and timer ...... 150 Air conditioner, Prlgldalre. Ustd one year. „,.. S123 Space beaters, metal drcuIaUntvM. and $4. each. -•• .••'."••. ;. Window fan, 3 speeds. ...;mji: WJ. Window fans, small typo ....i S3 CY 7-761* - • ... VELASCO-J room houaa clou to sgoc Contact «07 North A« B or B« J-4M7 alter 4:30. •vitTNTAIN HXLP — Experienced. Ap- p^toMrso? only to Oarretts- No. J to Laia i Jackson. io»r joJS IS yrs. or over to work at the Angleton Bowling Lanes Snacx Bar. Apply to person only. •O PREVIOUS eiperlenca necessary- Women without previous experience are addlna as much as S50 weekly to 5U SuSw tocome with T.V. Adverts ed Avon. Wrlta No. 14-Mth A»o Kortli Texas City, Taxas. T^fff AND SALESWOMEN - Antleton. rreeport and Lake Jackson full or part line. Enter the «600 to (1000 monthly bracket. Must diet neatly and have auto. Apply Mr. My «n. Consolldaed Froaen Food Lockers S3 Parklnl Way, Laka Jackson, be twaan » sun. and 5 pjn. VACUtTHS AND POLIBHEHB Boovers, Electrolsx's, O. E.'s and Floor polishers, like neV. Ball price. Terms. AN 5-2662. 30. BUSINESS RENTALS MR RENT — 4* » «e ouonsrt —.—. with plentr ol parklna ana. Hwy JM bttiera Dow'and Clute. CY 7-7731. OFFICE SPACES for rent or least carter * Co. 110 Plantation Drive. Mo? Each. CARTER > CO. CY 54. HOME FURNISHING CARPETS an na (ouBdatloii of • beautiful room. Build your lovely roctn with ana from Leonard'e r^laor Co. CV 7^511 f«i estimates. 55. SPORTING GOODS BOAT—16' fishing boat, fibre ilass. plywood, speedomlter, steering, large wheel trailer, 1175. CY 7-2122. irB«Bit. wan L ; H6M:.l... ; Matt Coolay : 2. Cub Pack 325 at Lake Jackson bad their monthly pack meeting Monday which included a hobby and collection ex- ilblt; Cubmaster is Jack Crab- wee. . The group had songs and a discussion ot plans and themes lor .the month. Bobcat pinS went to Mike Sharp, Tommy Neel, and Mike Poehl. David Sparks -received his lion badge and several boya got arrow points: • , Den 5 won first place in den exhibits, Mike Poehl took first in hobby exhibits with Eugene Ro'oke taking honorable mention.. 1 -. v " '....' . •• Parents of Cubs were asked to 'volunteer their help In future activities .'ot the pack which is sppnsored by Lake Jackson .First Methodist Church. .'..'• (T*H South dealeft_^ KORTH 4K" WEST Q 930 t> 384 ' He Buys The Buggy . ANN ARBOR,.Mich. lO Women take a back scat when It comes to purchasing automobiles. A nationwide survey by the University of Michigan showed thnt most cars are bought by husbands and almost never by wives alone. Decisions to purchase household goods, however, are made either by wives nlone or wives with their husbands. . +KQ87MI BOOTH ince ft ta UM> onty tMng ttrtft eopardttKtl the fx»ta*e»v •*>. »Ho aXaH*em Mm -.* '"m JAW* 3. , It- MODERN location. 1™. . atloh calT.tBjBj 1 ril;>:.1Htcellth r.,l»rlnforin- ] ^il) Sit i brick f ;*$&?ten-*, i at,4:s«reeot. B»- 5. South West MM* SMb 1* , t*» 3<f Bi« Opening lt*4-}K* Of <*** Deolarep cannot usnialV tell when, ptoy oomihcnecs, how snanx tricha be will make. The result of « h*nd most often de» ponds on how the opponents cards are divided rather than only the Ugh cards and dlstri- button- ia decluwrt ~ 6. 7. . . Ix'Boxen Make Good NEW YORK. (UPI>. — Actor Victor McLuglen and Lou Costello.' the late comedian, were ,once professional flghters. The late Jack Johnson, when heavyweight champion outpointed Mc- Inglen In 1009. 8. Soulb knows them la A epade to lows l»atl» docs not knew vthcOier be wHI k*e> owv two oe ttaca heart trick* JW «w he tea for MM uMbM a dl*. 9. .Tour; 110. :I^nSSBK9B3S3S? itncK^lW. rcen'ury. P^wer -,—-,, * S BJjkr*Ms.. radio, and heater.- CY 111. 112. "reasonable •»««''»*• • »500 equity to-. IWl 1 Badio 1 , and ' ««. couo*. P.rtect- . larlt 101. BP8I. OPPORTUHITIES ATTBHT10M BARBERSI Prtsent • barber movln« October 6th. Building ,rin ba for rent. $60. per Mo. water S3 gas furnished. Call Robinson Realty AN 5-5533 or AN 5-3704. 102. HOUSES FOR SALE AHOLETON — SlOO, down. »M. Ml month. TUe bath, new roof. WUl COT; slder your lot as down payment. ABC Realty. BE t-3222. BOAT—Trawl bait boat 30 ft. For cash. Phone BE 3-2932. 80. vVORK WANTED. WOMEN BOAT — IS' BUl well, completely ril- ged, dual Johnston, new trailer, reasonable. Or will trade tor car or smaller rK. 131 ttaddoz, Clute, AH 9-5445. BOOKKEEPER—Would like to keep bookj In her home. Emerlenced. Promotion mall and collecting accounts tie. CY 7-71(0 attar 5 p.m. CBJLD CARS: 29* cer uttr. JPsmoed nSS TV, also mabt and Sunday Mrs. Prattur. . >JAY NURSEBY-Feneed pla».yard, by day, hour, or wef*. Mr;. Denis. 437 Southern Oaks Drive. AN 8-2815. •RONTNO done to my home at 119 West SUth St.. API. J. BB W18J. JBONmO U my home at •>'.• E Jth. freeaort. BB 3-22Q4. _ KEEP CHILDREN In my noma I1J. week. Dnder school age. CaU CY ANOLETON - Homes for colored IB beautiful Washington Terrace. Raw 1 bedrooms, central heat .attic Ian. «Vow down payment. GOO. 70S, 71* «jjIW llarshaU Road, call L. C. COOKsmr. In Angleton TI 9-67U. JUST ARRIVED 19M OLASTRON BOATS IS- BILTWELL PISHINQ BOATS COMPLETELY FIBRE QLAS8 COVERED. WINDSHIELD. BTKEHmO t*U Name your needs . . . name your paw* «r . . . name your speedl he wonderful new Johnson Sea-horse will give you more ol everything you want for I960. Over 40 miles per hour on stock runabouU. From standing start to ton speed In no tune Oat. Now on display at PALMER'd SPORTINO OOODS 117 t. J. Boad. Cluta AN 5-M13 ANOUBTON-J bedroom all brtck homa, Ideal for teachers. Located to Richie sub-Division. Convenient to soulbjlde School. O. L. McKay. AN Witt VELMco •— Saetince,, sjylvW.:Pli«BV nowl.,1 AT ST MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH —Lovely 1 bedroom borne on corner opposite church. Completely ..redecorated with real nice oak floors. Jus 1100 to move In and SSL per month. 930 West 6th. Freeport. South Teiat Realty. BE 3-3410. BRAZORIA ROAD-i bedroom, trams- home, with seme ramllure. B. D Oupton Realtor, Phone DI 5-4431. 56 MUSICAL 1NSTHUMENTS 31. SERVICES OFFERED ABC UFHOLBTEBY—Free Eiomatei "IrVen. skilled upholsiery by » trato- cd Craftsman 930 W. ttb. Preeport, BE 1-3774- ANCHOR SHEET METAL CO. Cm- irsl heating, automatic kitchen hoods, gutters, louvers, flashing. AN 5-2653, 101 Cottonwood Drive, Rlchwood. CLARINET-B flat. Used one year. Will sell cheap. Call BE 1-9240. CORNET—Bundy lined less than 2 years. In good condition BE 3-4274. 57. BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT SPECIAi. - Rubber case and outside while t2-f. fit YP sblplv tc. 213-rooIlna S7.J5 Western Lumber BB U481. B n^. Bb .dr^2 > SiS.Tfi¥%5: E'iSS'fui'SSS' BRAZORIA—New 3 bedroom aorta. Tiled bath and half, gartie, W fronlaje. redwood fencing. No down Payment 207 2nd St. O. L. McKay AH J-5321. CAHPOSTS. sdumtaum awntus. and gutters. No money down. OOLV VENCB CO. AN 5-5122. stARPEHTER—repair, remodel, roof- Ing* sheet rock, and painting. Schuster Fbone IE 1-U48. work wanted - Repair "windows, add onto homes, ttaas sheet- nek, tans, float and texture painting CUSTOM IAT oamna, &a "L^'Snfa DAVENPORT DFBOTjgTBBY: Call BB *».127J. Fra* estlmatM gladly «)v- f«c«ted on altntWv aoM nBAPERUS AND BUPCOVKSB — T 'Custooi mada b* experienced seam ^"^"-(ri. WUer. CT 7^180. taUBOTBIC UOKtt JEBVICS. ffatei ^IHlliT^it thni ao hn. rtwlnd an , MJCOTSIO fKBjnCa., 'lar" ODTTBRS - Oalranlaed tron—lnslall. Mo «» <"°* Holhms!. dotrn, M *M ** V. K. Bjrooi woriSianahlB. Tarm, can o« ,»rr«o» «n. » 9, Buiair. e* 1-vp*- ...._: t^itHTTiia.' 'Pajistt na!iMff*f tth«0.t^Q* SEAL TAB SHTNOLZS BRICK - PLYWOOD GULF LUMBER CO. U7 S. Mala. Cluta Phont All Mill 8. FARM EQUIPMENT ALL BRICK AND ON A WIDE DRIVE These lovely three EQUiy .. -o . 101. Bahtatlbni Drlvt. CT a w to 'M 4 oV»r DM cart or urr ONLY THE SKY '. "•.*':,' OVEE^HEAD HfeARN'S ^iitdbbr r — 7 iiwki^ivWo-cAsurA** -- ^—-i-—-— of THK • O TOO. . sBjarta wwiun wuh'vtri wSs.'ta i 1% h iu :door .and: •1» WORDS •S tin* mlnlmnm I« Days •— M - M I SDar* , — «•"! 1 Day — ' | USES PIN-UPS BIRMINGHAM. England , tUPI) — Th* Her. Nick S'iaccy.. a former British Olympic • track star, became editor of.lhe .Church of Eng jand'g Blrminghstn Christ•Ian .News' and pushed Us . circulation from 1.000 to 35,'•'000. . ' ...;...'.." 'Bit his parishoners don't ' like Ihe way' he's done U. He ptlnla "pin • upi. • "W* can 'tori** th* : tlm* when he will be us in j pictures of n'udei."' cpmpUined Mrs. Edith Rich, a local church' "goer. '/'•'. ; '"-• -.' '. .' .' r ' r Slae*y responded "1 shall continue ' io , us*' pin -. upi wher» appropriate. After all. ; 3S,000, peopjl* can't b* "wrong." • . ' '• ' Thcrt h no goorl MHOU „. to taEkto i««ip*,80 declare wins trfa ch* with tho nca aftd play* the ace and another heart, Bait take* th» queen. Wet* tjirTfVf tMsV an4 eashM U king, mi then. IcadM which South liufla. The orlgfaal at., changed. Tha fotme* --- f about the Bumbo* o« «s»*» oscrs to oVaarcd «p, tMt Wi spade idiet IWM**J PB** oja* QOBd **« to possthK lamorid los«r *» JUCCSSMTJE aamsCTMrav s»«m« —.. aco ot aiarnoncto ««kl * tow «M«s. rnoBfi(.tf» th« VUX&IMMa**•* boWA OUti tlxtt pOMHtlH alsv joeSe fflBtotWiw^ ta now M t» oser ta M» way «x ____, (too the contract Witt l» lost Our old Urlena, tho taieWne,. «on play, 1* tiwoked, «h» «j- fondcrd ara out ot heaHit, whttt. wo nUrt havo a trump k* Jo each hand, Dinnmya band *TO ours art out of ctaba. Tho wst step la to ettmldBto sjpa*»'Jrom both handa to Ht «p » •*»»> to» sandplay. _-jJJ ' coaheci tuA «t epa<to u fed torn - t producing Ike tow tdefc - ' aon'« chrteo. , _.. _;; 3C lib ; rtncinfc StoiW wBI : ;»sfl>D to iulistn a <Mbk p/onttting Sotith to abaUe a fflsmood toaer a*), tfta dull k xuffcd Ik Ika WWa 100 SrUGOD, «u *u»m. v-~ | t^ve the declarer a Wt-djacaj^ I^luMSotjtlAiiMaL' Some Simple For Keeping Baby Safe S Dayi 21. •y HUMAN N. ACCIDENTS, we all realize, can happen anywhere, anytime, despite all our precaution* ; Xet certain accident* are more likely to happen at certain times, or at specific atage* of a child's developtnentiV ' ',. . '' EwlerTojTreveot ': ; .: : -. ' i M you know what to look tor, What to expect, it probably wlU be much easier to prevent such accident* from happening-. The American, Aca- ty of Pedlatrlca has prepared a list of such poMlbUltlea, or rather HtttMUOM, M«3pr*— "-' —* OBI age grouts*. me Waning* rd Itka to pMK OR som* of (heae wandng*; For b*Me» OM to three tnonthK '., ~. . M*ke MM that nttlcsi «• •turdr and unbreakable, Never allow an infant to pl*r with, Mrb»withinwacaor,*msUob. Ject* ttust to CM place ta hi* lUNDaHN, M.D. erne*, pin*, button* and the ilk* —out of hi* reach. Hot. foods and liquids riKxilQ ^a kept in 'the center of th* table whore he can't get them. And don't let the tableclott ,han«;. over! tha table'* edfje. ter win tug at it From one to two years: ]Extr« recautlo.1 to needed during thla- period because thta to the time if life-youngateM begin exploring. 22. 23. 24. 25. a, or.T-iwn. bos' U WOVDI Hi* More Description' Order More iBMttlOBI Fay UM fer Day I korW ttMt |M an caret*! •tort ttt* ssitnptrsttnff* of water numb** tit** mUv f * uittekaptoiitoCU* JNs»fts»to*I1WDU •A* aam* advlw >«•<•« «« . .- , W,. «h.v*. bedrooMfc ' down. • Owner wffl " ',|ij|pK SpecUl 4 door Ttodlo. .smter, ' 13 WORDS 16 DAYS 51C 4:30. 2. PETS • SUPPLIES Ibebis; shewrT f*r the first Usa*.' i There Is also a two car finished carter atal. J TI 94205. M. 4 door, . er brikte. air « I Ran At I Beginning (NmWr) Day* • VHMK IOm«H»»j>sM —'A star speaker in practically mr laBgiM^ttsbAij*sjTi*n polka BMMI I* a wetcotw* itsjM to , toorisri* a* ho stand* c* tWr <• Vieona. A* the badtM «• hear ttnUocm tatsteata, ha aptisVi nt tntut lni'lir<T'gr* *od I* pracUeaHy a one-man "--"-' UOM tte *W°> of ^^^^ ^^.^^_ *L— *M| IIIJUI*^MM_ «M t*tr fa HnhiUip to p> . bulde, doom learftg to stair* •mi be kept locked. Window guard* and *cr«BD* ihould be fastened tMcuidr. Handle* o* hot pot* OB tha kltchasT. ranfe) ahould, ba turned Inward *o tha'tAfld ean't grup thenv AvoW tojs» with n^|«^i i*tooratila part*. ''-*•, • '' Outride, plM* aafety gisi*t on porphe* *nd at th* top* <t aat atairwaya. TUaek all auto doom and it you have A sjwtauntag pool, ke« it MOUdf COMMA o* nc*4l».'.c..-.--\ '. .' Afti* thto iM aiVMk <te b«s«. yoit CHI a» k *a« Kn. X, a In k p^nptoa c*T *aaml»( miab* cured. DiagtoM to ontosMMAwHisi ^ Uon, OUttTnif lutwrtt Bjndlcate, to*. TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED (DaU) I In •ttOD) 81. ; :3HOOMS FOR HEN"! •KEEPOST—Rooms or room and board. Private or uml nrivati. 731 West 7tb. 85 utic UHHSHED APTM'NT FREEPORT—1 bedroom duvlel, 1234 West 10th. Relrlgerator, stove and heater. BE 3-3606 alter 5 p.m. r tuieii-UBi 2 DOOroom itinuiuicDW, hardwood floors, tile u*ths and drain boards a. J. Oavli. Beeltr. 8i Hn> LAKE JACKSON—3 bedroom, completely redecorated by October 1st, Neu school and town. CY 7-2224. 2 and 3 BEDROOM apartments. Largt fenced back lard. Near West End School. BE 3-2262. and turf (ivi appearance. For a family who stesdre a gracious home in an established, dignified neighborhood this is a real find. The price will b* an agreeable surprise to those who: know real estate value*. VETERANS NO DOWN PAYMENT Loan application* and closings on site reduce closing cost* t* "low OI foot *-t Kvvnua, s^ oo *-fmt School. PboM BE 3-MH. Hear BIAOTUTJl f/JTS to Vstsl«< 4Jso- IDbady I* lovt It out. hart and : Floater-Carter .and Aswc >*"• '. i. VALUE ,™ HIARN MOTOR CO. :DefrE% ^WOTTA RACKET/ —-.., PASO FOR COMIN 1 OUT. /W PLAYW A "ir>c I i GAMS/PBTm IN* lAddreu irtB auvte RiaMT.' -iHAscaorrr I SOFT~VvH6M , WHO SUPPOBTSj THEMOOVSPTHEHI 1 CH.'1.40ES 86. FURNISHED AP'TM'NT. FOR RENT CLEAN ellicUncy cottages. Window tin. DUllUes paid. Adults. 200 N. front, Velasco. CLPTXH9 room apartment wllh large bedroom. Inquire BE 3-2242. QUALITY HOMES FOB QUALITY PEOFUC GY 7-7010 JyUfTAIIOll \£(ARK J \QKSOti Mat LOT oe ssa B««s>i".|»«rlfl« qr*»-wK-^.-.. • • -i-'V.*-.' • I ctty PiMIM MAIL TO FAOT8 The Brozosport Facts WANT ADS Box ytf-•—-.,WXBOOKt ^ > >ssf ***m t.ui wssresnt

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