The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 27, 1952 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 5
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N ws Manne Elected president Of Jaycee-ettes v brunette has been elect- a double slate of candidates re- rfdent of the Jaycee-ettes ported back by the nominating kP r f' month term. committee are Mrs. Don Tete? ; * \its Dick Manne, wife of recording secretary; Mrs Al !n t vice-president of the Bynum, corresponding —- • ho was a candidate for Mrs. S. P. McMurrey, LieaJ > u ^Sidency in Ws own organi- Five new board members were '',!. 'Irlier this year. ^_ also elected from a double slate. >n*^ , T- - - i-io. u „ w, Aiiiswortn set so that Jaycee- Mrs. Bill Broyles, Mrs. Jodie Isen- idjust their fiscal year hower, Mrs. T. T. Peck and Mrs with Baytown Jeycees. R. D . Atkins. They will serve with —' ^ Af n * w of - old board members, Mrs. C J. Bailey Jr., Mrs. Maurice Blum x<* n* B and Mrs ' Geor S e Felknor. T* "^"Mutual B «Xt As* ^If™" . of J he ..nominating Hi«n was elected unanimous- jpeafloa, wa^ rtrgani2ation j ast be and other new of at a dinner BETTY LOIS COOPER LAVONA FAY SMITH DOLLY JEANNETTE SPENCER 15 YEARS TOGETHEJ^-When they donned these robes, these tflree Cedar Bayou girls were completing 15 years of schooling together, from first grade to college degree. Girls Stay Together From Through College •^ «/ Wilson-DuBose Wedding Is Set For Sunday In Highlands Wedding vows will be exchanged Bose, sister of the intended bride- at 4 p.m. Sunday by Miss LaJuene groom, will be bridesmaid. Wilson and Bruce Edward Du- Sgt. B. R. Wilson, brother of the Bose. bride-to-be, will be best man. Bob- Final plans for the couple's wed- by Henderson and Dale Caver will ding were announced today. The light the candles, ceremony has been scheduled for Patsy Parrish will be flower girl the Assembly of God church in Mrs. Kenneth Badgett will be - - , Highlands with Rev. A. L. Parker pianist, and Harley Cupps will be V officiating. soloist. ^-' Maid of honor will be Miss Joyce A reception will be held in the Barrington. Miss Margaret Du- nome of Miss Wilson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Wilson, 10H Jones road, after the ceremony. An invitation to friends of the couple is extended through the press. THE;BXYTOWN SUN, TUESDAY, .'K<AY Tea Shower Enterfams Miss Neuman Miss bride-elect of the also elected : Mrs. secretary. s-elect A PI • i hon- Approve Projects show- * elected fro. )race WSCS To )onducf Piedqe Service, Install Women's Society of Chris- service O! Mrs. Manne represented the Ja\v cee-ettes in all activities for the cerebral palsy clinic and was theK representative to the United Fund". She is a teacher for Red Cross home nursing classes. The installation dinner has not been scheduled for a definite place yet Mrs. Alfred Moskowitz is in , , . charge of the serving committee and pledge service at ...... *> * Wednesday. £ .„ service will be held in the s _ ^ ISh sanctuary. Rev. Wayne H. organize classes and get therrTun" vil!eT L^-.VCVwilt install the new offi- derwp.v VnlnTit-onT-c «« *u-—™ a. ~ er Monday m the home of Mrs. Members of Aouarius Temole Inez Miles, 505 Bast Republic. xr 0 1% pvtM , t?. . 7 P *! Betty and Lavona were majoret- Hostesses were Miss Patsy Miles, °' * ' Pyth!an Sisters, last night vr- T^ M TBetty ^° ls Co °P- tes in the Blue Battalion girls drill Miss Peggy Campbell and Miss voted to assist ia hospital service ™1LT°;. y U 1 I 6 .f, penc , er sa > uads during high school days. Julia Holcomb. projects of both the VFW and the Dolly was dram major for the Blue Some 20 guests signed the guest American Legion auxiliaries and : ~6 an"d"s p".m.'" app ° inted h ° urs installed two ne«> officers. The cake was in the form of an The Tem Ple will co-operate with bride's book and was at one the VFW Post and Auxiliary in end of the table. A silver coffee their drive to obtain blood donors and tea service was at the other fnr . ,, a ,: QV ,v *. started to Cedar Bayou school. " ~" U116 <^"««««' « American *usn _,, m ^ ._ „„„ _*__,. __, for patient, at Their firet teacher was Mrs. Mildred "Teacher" Smith, who taught just about everyone who's :one to Cedar Bayou school in the ° f them to fall, an ambition probably none of ,-hp *• t-i ^ *u. * 1 » ^ - i _ • ^ n.ftrr . .. to 111 Cadet band for two' years. Betty is the daughter of Mr. and T 0r ra"pkins road. was listed v in "Who's Who them had back in 1937 when they A" O "%, H T f i - * ^ , and tea £e ™ wa * at the other fop „«,„,, f «, v * s t S rtprtf ft r!^ a rWa« rt « M i,^i * Among Students of American High end . Pink roses and dark red *<>r patients at the Veterans Ad- bcnools. Her Sam Houston activ- snap dragons were arranged as Ministration in Houston. Members ... . , , ... -jm-ww^sj^ia were arranged itses included participation in a floral decor. An iced fruit punch will bake cookies for the American served. A big arrangement of white college bathing beauty review for fcwo years, election as a senior class Legion post and Auxiliary which " last several years. The girls were separated only their first few years in col- ~-~ ~~ •"• »"£, c** taiigcjucui, V71. VViiitC i~ Tiv.~ei-vi <-;«»» L L • beauty, and membership - in the daisies and pink gladioli were in presenting an entertainment I-oulie Sexton Estill society, Future the living room. program and serving refreshments Teachers of America, and Pi Gam- Miss Neuman; her mother, Mrs. to the Veterans hospital patients ma Mu. She received a BA degree T. O. Neuman; and the prospective O p June ~>5 with e major in history and a min- bridegroom's sister, Mrs. G. W. "Mrs". Mary Terry recertly elector in government. Jones, were presented with cor- Evans, guard, were installed Mr* Dolly majored in elementary f. ases of whifce and P ink ca ™a- ed protector, and Mrs. Thelma education for her bachelor of'sci- -C^' -c, > r -VT ^ ^ Edna Williams acted as installing — _ _ .ilCHJ n O* ad- «iLjr Tp -\r -\r i* •* --«*—«« %*w*-%,%A *-t*j *ii ^ L-ti.iu.ii^ der wa y : Volunteers o n -thecom m it. "^ vona „* Betty were suite- ™.t«*~J^™. «*•£-«»_ JSt&5£S%£;£&£ &£?^"££%L%.^ y will install the new offi ^dMrjR-C. Read will con- tee include Mrs. Marvin ~Jac^bs, *££« ^^tn^t'S^ Bearkat band and the college sym- housepa r ty . rf the pledge, service. Mrs. Ed T. Panowich, Mrs. James eve*-roomed-together pnony and wes^ a member of :the :jcadp8l speaker will be Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Moskowitz, Mrs. Broy- Each one of the girls maintained Beatr ^ Craig Liberty club and Ct^^ D Cf {Cl^Je F £ Korton Jr. of Houston, past les^and Mrs. Al B>oium. good . records durins their school the Association of Childhood Edu- iiY*? 1\CL» ^^TaQS "" " cation. In high school, she was list- rW-.-, I*! 'l/°J I ed in "Who's Who Among Students UTeSS LlK© rVidS Indent of the Texas conference i* Women's Society of Chrisi Strvice. Sp«ial music will be presented •Mrs. Z.:V. Warren Jr. [|}b. H. C. Lyles will serve again i jraident of the society. Other is will be Mrs, E. J. Offer, president; Mrs. M. F. Jen- secretary; Mrs. W. F. Mci, promotional secretary; .Read, treasurer. secretaries will include The annual meeting of new and and college careers. old members of the board will be held June 10 at the home of Mrs. Beavers, 211 Gresham. Fo&s Betty and Dolly were third and , . fourth respectively in scholastic American High Schools" and averages when they were ^raduat- re P reseJlted her school on the Freedom Train tour. She, played oboe with the Cedar Bayou band Mildred Clegg, grand senior. Mrs. Evans, whose birthday is in May, was the honoree ac an informal party following the business session. for eight years. She is the daught- Buddy Ward, Gloria Lamb and er of Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Spen- Calvin Stevens, Robert E. Lee cer, North Main. ' graduates, were honored with a For Monday Party Lee College BSU | n ^ a rjt. / -L O-P In ^edlCn \J\ Missing Leaders Leon Sanders, Walter Jasper, Lavona majored in 'speech and „ received a bachelor of science dev fSSr own should be £° od and Proud of its product, CAROLTN gree. She participated in two swim- cu V a 3Umor afc North Texas state college. ming ballets at Sam Ho"-<-— —A She has won for the thrid successive year a full scholarship to the was a member of the college. In addition, she was awarded the Theodore Presser Founda- , .. „ rt ^ Awar< ? for outstanding scholastic and musical achievement, ~^^^ «tu o I5 u ia . ^. iy na. j .onary education; Mrs C C. ^°^ » » member of the collega symphony, concert and opera music fraternity. Her pients aane, student work; Mrs. Da- tour orchestra pit orchestra, Aces of Coilegeland dance band, the Mr. and Mrs F W Smith Tracbt, youth vrork; Mrs. R. Sherman Symphony orcsestra, San Angelo S>-mphony orchestra and way U6 ' " ' Harper, children's work; Mrs. thl s year was soloist with the North Texas Symphony at the Texas LOrr, spiritual life; Mrs. N. Music Educational Association conference in Mineral Wells. DOkve, status of Women; Mrs. _ She is a member of Sigma Alpha All past presidents of the Lee college Baptist Student union are being sought by the state board of "kid" party Monday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Winston Hayes, 516 West Francis. Th,e guests were dressed as young children and played appro- the BSU of Texas, priate children's games. The list of all presidents since . . „ uurmg the evening each "child" the club was founded here in 1334 America and Sigma Alpha Lota received a sucker, bubble gum and will complete the.state BSU his"" "" " """ are balloons. Prizes for the cutest tory of Texas colleges this year. " weTwon bv^GloS'lir^ ^5 Presidents for the years 193T Buddy Ward 7 trough 1943 are unknown because The table "was decorated with the hisfcor y and minutes have been f. Scannon,- supply; Mrs. W. a, publications. it D. R. Cassleman will be in- of thi Iota, honorar>' music fraternity ~. and is on the honor roll at North T hu "day at the y\VCA in Galves- Texas. She is an ex-member of , on ' ™ 1S ^eet 111 ^ will introduce the Houston Youth Symphony, the he P ros P ectlv e student the symphony. P n e canvaSj underpainting and glaz- QV,,, s \\, ^ Ul e *ir Jn S» an(1 w "ill be a review for those „.„_, bhe js the daughter of Mrs. who took the course last year. circle chairman; Mrs. S. Bruno Ka P 5 ' 103 ^rbor. ^ ^^ ^ M rs Jarrett UrBUla_ Bunting chair- The ALLEN MEISTERS were are last year's students. Anyone Mrs. C. L. DiCKinson, Lake- due to leave Tuesday on a two- else in Baytown who is interested Sonle chairman. ...... . — - - —... . circle chairman; Mrs. S bTarrant chirman; Mrs. Read, Mrs. Cassleman To Lead -Susanna Wesley Circle New chairman of Susanna Wesley circle of SL Marks Methodist church is Mrs. Daniel Casselman. Cold drinks and served to Wayne Budy week vacation during which they in studying.under Frederic Taubes - trea ^'_* will attend the American General are invited to the meeting. " e - e<i:3Urer Life Insurance convention at Camp Further information about the The S 1011 ? met in the home of Waldemar at Hunt, and stop in course may be obtained from the Mr f- ^ w - Wainscott, Burnet San Angelo to visit relatives. They Art League of Galveston presi- D rive, with Mrs. E. E. Wainscott Other officers selected Monday Barbara Hayes, Betty Bolls, Mar- Mrs. R. L. KUpatrick, pro- ey, Calvin Stevens, Jackie Sanders," chairman; Mrs. Sam Millar, tha" Stone, E. J. Odom, Earl Single- secretary; and Mrs. Jennie Menk- tary,. Ann Reeves, Toka Rae Loon- BSU presidents may contact Miss Min- Robertson, the present secretary for San Baptist association. Known presidents include Bertis Avery, ISM; Joan Barrington, Teddy Ford r Joyce Rogers, Elaine 1935 > Srma Harden, 1936; .Tvonne Young, Hilliard Istre, Buddy Ward, Holbrook, 1943; Lillian Capps, Remember Graduates With Gifts From Irene's to Faihton Rne*t In Qu Irtawn'x Exclmivt Stores for Women 115 EAST TEXAS 3207 MINNESOTA plan to be back by June 9. as hostess. Films on the life of Susanna Mis. Hayes. Wesley were shown by Mr. Wayne dent, Mrs. Ben Milam, 1508 Sea- MR. AND-MRS. H. M. LAUGH- ^ Bouievard ' LIN are resting at home this week after returning from Austin, York City has been here visiting Mrs jTpnrv P rvi^ o-a'™. "= ,-« Georgetown, Temple and Italy, MR. AND MRS. JIMMIE CAR- view If naHiampnTlrt ^^~ where they have been visiting rela- PENTER, her son-in-law and Vle% ° f P arliam ^tary procedure tives. daughter. The Carpenters had a Among those going to the second barbecue in her honor at their annual Taubes summer art course bayshore home. Other guests were to be held on the Galveston Plea- MRS. J. W. CARPENTER of sure Pier June 16 through 28 will Pasadena, MR, AND -MRS. be MRS. JAMES HARROP and HOMER SHELTON, AIR. AND •••MRS. MAY JARRETT. MR S . F. N. WEAVER, MRS. S. A meeting open to the public will B.WRIGHT and son, GERALD, be held prior to the course on Gloria Lamb, and Leon Sanders. Hosts and hostesses were Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Howell," Mr. and 1944; Betty-Jo Cope, 1945; Purifoy Thompson, 1946; Truitt Lively, 1947; Alice Sparks, 1948; Bobby ^MRS. ANTHONY CASO of New McCleskey as part of the program. to the 16 members present. The next meeting on June 9 will be afc the home of Mrs. N. K. Brill, 2501 Virginia, with. Mrs. Jennie Menking, her mother, as hostess. Mrs. Travis Jasper, and Mr. and Page, 1949; Joe Don Dollar, 1950; James Car r ell, 1951; and Carolyn Foster, 1952. High Gracl Is Parfied A Horace Mann graduate, Max- Wednesday nil ft?^^^^ 0 ? 6 ™ 6111 ^^^^^ 1 '' w&\ i* m ^ ou K? a ^ uate * s lircJAan a gifE o star ^ her ^ on her Haviland 5: e .1842-1952 HO years of QucRty MADETNAME5XA TBCAS AT GAIUARD "Dinner Compliments Mary Lou Williams MARILYN PADGETT will sing in recital at 8:15 p.m. tomorrow at the Houston Conservatory ol Music, 3614 Montros./ Houston. Mo" n diy'h'o^rVd ~M^' iS^'£^ x^?«^&^s rr^-^^r fr ™ ine Beck, was honored with a party Monday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Morgan, 15 North Airhart. Mrs. L. J. Choate, co-hostess, Mrs. W. C. Beck, -mother of the honoree, and Mrs. Morgan served punch and cookies to the guests. Book Review club, Citizen's National Bank Director's Room 'at 9:30 a-m. WSCS of Grace Methodist, church at 7 pjn. WSCS of SL Mark's Methodist, church annex at 7 p.m. Phebean class of Baptist Tem- A dinner at Morenos' restaurant Claudine Cook registered ~34 pie, home of Mrs. H. S- Hughes, guests and pinned a miniature graduate on each. 317 Graham, at 2 p.m. Gladiolus Garden Club, home of Little Damsel." The recital is for voice and piano students. A single magnolia blossom cen- Mrs. Hollis Watson, 104 Parkway: Hostesses were Mrs. Robert A. tered the mantle, flanked by a gra- Drive, at 1:30 p.m. Party Favors Jackie Robertson, Graduate Mr. and Mrs. Homer Amons, 503 _ East Sterling, were hosts Saturday UamV,~anVM7sTwill7an^ ; s Wolfe Jr. and Mrs. H. N. Conn. A gift marked the honoree's place. Those present were Linda Emanuel, Barbara Whitesides, Shirley Kanak, Chile Kelley, Mrs s . Carmel Norton, Miss Alvera Griffin, the honoree's mother, Mrs. E. C. Wil duation cap and a diploma. A miniature replica of the honoree dressed in green and white was used as decoration on the register table. to a gradaution party for Miss Jackie Robertson, senior at Robert E. Lee high school. Mr. and Mrs". Jack Morris also were hosts. Homemade ice cream and cake aunt, Mrs. Worth, Loyd Horry of Ft ! Old-Fashioned Bouquets Decorate Lounge For Tea GIRL SCOUT PARENTS Parents of Girl Scouts who are Old fashioned arrangements of petunias, hollyhocks and sweetheart roses were placed in the of the Community house i i IIM -i r 1 r Mary White/ Graduate - A luncheon and swimming party Saturday at Pine Forest Country club in Houston honored Miss Mary White, graduate of Robert E. Lee. Hostesses were Miss Mary Duke Troxell and her mother, Mrs. B. F. Troxell. A creamed chicken lunch was j^Qmenjmic iv;c xji.c^sii GJIVA w«^.^ ~ ——~ **— —--- —^-_.«»»j «vuw <=«.G c *. j f ^ t. - "^ v-*. ^-oi • • ^u. w.^,^ti.»-*A «.^«4^^u. ..u*^ decorated with the letters "REL" to attend established camp at Con- ^ J?*™ * ; *!f;, °^°" n °, Of £" served to Eleanor Grigg, Linda were served. An arangement of roe this summer will meet et 7 red roses with miniature diplomas P-m..Thursday in the parish house ^^^ ^ w - U c*u= and caps was used as a centerpiece, of Trinity Episcopal church. Miss appo i nted h ours The honoree was presented with Aranna Watson, field executive. Refreshments" and decorations a. gift from the hosts end a hand- called, the meeting an orientation carr i e a ou t a nmk and ereen color ampbell of Houston, Mary Duke's . ^_ t; _^_i.^ ^ •* *- COCCTrt-rt *ODT.AYT).>. w^Tt V * .».«.£*..* .3 - " .^ ^.wivfl cers of the Fidelis class of St. Mark's Methodist church c Some 50 guests called during the Sue Emanuel, Shirley Hlanak, Kay Cressley, Mary Charles Ballard, Chile Kelley, Mrs. H. J. White, the honoree's mother, end Mrs. Roy Those present were Martha King, Roy Curtis, Dorothy Daniels, Scott Sitton, Jan Lou Stevens, James Hues'-, Louise Golden. James Golden. Thander Reeves, Charlie El- enjoyable for their daughters. painted graduation plate from Mrs. session. Parents will be advised p ] an . xhe serving table was cov- Guy Chenault ^_ thl ^ y *?" ma! 5 e camping more e red with a cutwork cloth, and the mixed bouquet was placed on a mirror plaque. Norma Born Elected Sigma Alph Chi Prexy GLADIOLUS CLUB Visitors will be welcome at the meeting of the Gladiolus Garden liott, Lynn Taylor, Mitch Vanye, C I UD at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in and Mrs. A. F. Robertson, the hon- the home'of Mrs. Hollis Watson, 104 Parkway Drive. Mrs. J. W. Thurman wil present a program on cqlor harmony. onee's mother. The earliest historical record of map making is that of Sargon, King of Akkad, one of the states of Babylonia. The maps date from 3,000 B. C. f v IText fall's president of Sigma Alpha Chi sorority of Lee college is to be Norma Born. The complete list of new officers includes Joan Pond, v'ce-prcsi- aunt. A centerpisce of 'orange and white sreamers were used because Miss White will be going to the University of Texas next year. The hostesses presented iMiss White with a gift of silver. Open House Held For Nina Ruth Cooper O, _ Motor Tune-Up ALL CARS Regular 4.80 80 j Miss Nina Ruth Cooper, Lee coir lege graduate, was the honoree dent; Fern Bolton, secretary; Mil- Monday at an open, house in her dred Humphries, treasurer; Janie home, 609 Miriam, Tarbutton, reporter; Marion Ad- Hostess was Mrs. J. H. Burns. Mrs, Elmer Evans registered about 50 people who called during the appointed hours. A MAY SPECIAL AT K Ferguson Motors 700 W. TEXAS, Meets At Mrs. Wolfe's ams, historian; and Louise Alpha, >Irs. Lynn Petty, class ministries ritual chairman, chairman for the Homemaker class T^ 16 last regular sorority meet- ot Stewart Heights Baptist church, in S of ^e year was held Sunday Mrs. A. CX Burns and Mrs, L. "ML discussed three things Mondav in in ^ e k Qn * e o f Norma Born, 310 Shoemaker helped serve cake and the home of the teacher, Mrs* X2. North - punch. W. Wolfe, 405 East Francis. She gave a report on Vhe cards that had been sent to the sick, the amount of money in the terasury, and the expenses for the shower for.Mrs: Charlie Seeley. .Mrs. CX _R. Craig opened, the meeting with a prayer and Mrs. Wolfe closed the meeting by the same. method. Oak Addition Flower Show Set The Oak Addition Garden club Subcommittees are headed by will stage its first flower show j^. a E Gilbert and Mrs, J. A. Saturday in the Carver h:gh school w,- T . ,». . _ band room. .. Wilson, staging; _Mrs. .A, L. "Summer by the Sea Shore" will Holmes, classification; Mrs, Ar- Mrs. H I* Bush o resident was HJ? 6 theme °* t^ 16 show; delia Reuben, rules and schedules; ,_ "r:rr -, ..' P res \ d . en ^ ^^s - The public is invited to attend, Mrs. a A. McCloud and Mrs, N. Mrs. C. D. Resd, president of the W. Jefferson, hospitality; Mrs, club, said. Hours will be from 4 Margaret White, Chairman o£ p.m. to 10 p.m. . judges; Mrs, Margaret Thompson, Mrs. Matilda .Johnson is chair-, publicity; Mrs. Loise King, guest man of the show. book; Mrs. Emma Scott, entries. in charge of the ing. .of. punch and cake following the meeting. JL he Cinema Guild of 1952-53 booked the movie, "Odd Man Out" starring James Mason, for the first presentation this season/'The movie will be shown, Thursday, May 29,'at- the Bay Theatre. Non-members will be charged the regular GOc admission price for the movie. The Cinema Guild is planning- some great entertainment, for Baytonians this season; so you — — r-r- should take advantage of the finer movies that they will strive to bring for your pleasure Begin this Thursday by attending "Odd Man Out" at the Bay Theatre. I'm sure you'll enjoy it s the French would say, youll want to be tres chic" when you attend the Cinema Guild movie. And for warmth, and gracious appearance too, you'll find the white lace stoles, a Town and Country exclusive in Baytown, the fashionable answer to soft sophistication. Mrs. Rosenswelg and I selected several lovely capes and boleros which would also be most appropriate for an evening in an air-conditioned theatre. You may choose from a complete selection. o£ fabrics: lace, linen or piaue. And if you're planning to buy a new dress, you" should look at the dresses at Town and Country which feature the matching stoics. hile shopping around town, I always have time to stop for a cup of coffee at- Frenchy/s Tri-City Cafe. Any time of the day, I can find some of my friends who work up and down Texas Ave. in Tr>-City Cafe chatting over a cup of coffee. These moments o^ leisure are never wasted because I always manage to get one tip about a bargain or quality item in one of our Baytown stores Besides where else can you find such delicious cofree to put pep into your morning? rv hile you're planning your new clothes for the Cinema Guild on Thursday night, take your children to Bo-Peep, 207 W. Texas. I want you to see the fine selection of children's clothes for all "dressy" occasions. Bo-Peep is now having a clearance sale of some of their 'spring and summer clothes. There is a rack of dresses in sizes 1 through pre-teens. Also they b,ave their remaining collection of boys' twill suits for §2.99 in sizes 1-4. Be sure to see the table of bargains including such items as terrycloth shorts, seer- ^ sucker beach robes, and lovely sheer blouses C ^ . Gift Shop, 3427 Mar- ' ket St, wishes all the graduates 'best wishes for a wonderful future." If you are graduating from high school or college, you'll be needing thank you notes for all those gifts you'll receive. Sally's has the printed -Lnformals in the boxes *.of 30i 50,-or. 100..,,S'oe has .Graduation Memory Books which would "make " a thoughtful gift for one of your friends who is graduating. Other gift " items for the graduate include such- things as her nicely boxed stationery. Include a graduation card by Norcross, which is a Sally's exclusive in Baytown.' -fter graduation, whether you're looking forward to college or a career, you'll always want to keep your hair neat. Have that well-groomed look. Maliory's, 415% W. Pearce, is always ready to be your Beauty Salon. They offer you individual attention; let them shape your hair and give you a personalized haircut and lasting permanent. Once you make an appointment at Mallory'Si you'll phone 2469 each week for a shampoo and set. hile shopping for graduation gifts,' T went to Paine's, for I knew their gift items were numerous. Mr. Leon and I decided that something by Faberge would be & sweet remembrance. I looked at the perfume, especially the new purse "Fabergette." It sells for $2 50 plus tax. I thought the cologne would be nice too. It is available in sizes ranging from $!L25 to $10.00 plus tax. And for that completely fresh, soft feeling there's the - dusting powder, which comes in three sizes—$1.25, $2.00, and S3.50 Before selecting the scent I wanted to buy, I read the pamphlet about the type of clothes to be worn, "with each scent. Briefly for your information, Aphro- disia is for sophisticated occasions, Woodhue 15 for casual and sportswear, Tigress is forf furs and flippery, Straw Hat is for cottons, and Act IV is for your most important costumes. When, you select your gifts keep this in. mind. Go to Paine's for Faberge. v^Tifts of jewelry are always appreciated. Sam Wismar at the Time Shop, 3409 Market; has a fine variety of costume jewelry and higher priced jewelry. Select a watch for your son or daughter who is graduating. When you buy a watch from, the Time Shop, you know that you can return it to Mr. Wismar everytime it needs cleaning and be assured of the finest service and attention. Mr. Wismar win clean and return your watch to you in one day for only S5.00. If you have an old -watch which needs cleaning and repairing, take it to Mr. Wismar. yv,*r - -5 irfcindall Upholstery on-HIgi- "way 146 in Cedar Bayou has Bu3t'up a wonderful trade for their refinishing and reupholstering of furniture. I believe their selection, of fabrics is the largest in Baytown and" tHer stirrounding: area.^ They have sample, books including over 1000' elifferent materials, colors, and styles- that -you may choose to reupholster yotir furniture," ^Needless to say that JKirkns'dail is also one' of the most reasonable W hblstcrers in this area. If you have^any furniture that could stand a "face-lifting;* SarkindaH today. Hassure you satisfactory-service. %&% P^i fcfe Igfy-'fJ ^C%3 -qir-i-^V'-lj; JS3 w lr>*r^ ia>J? v- 11 --^ Sf% ; ^^tz 1 ^^-^ 1

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