The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 17, 1961 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1961
Page 14
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14 i»«u,uiuiu iuciuay,^duu<-u/ i/, i / TRADES DAY SPECIALS! FLATTERNIT NYLON SEAMED HOSE 1/2 Price SEAMLESS NYLONS . . . 25 % OFF WOMEN'S FALL AND WINTER SHOES VALUES TO 14.95 Sale 7 99 SUEDE-VELYET-PIS-SMOOTH LEATHER SUEDES VALUES TO 11.95 5 99 • GIRL'S FLATS POLL PARROT • CHH.DRENS' SHOES 99 3" • 4 ! Vohtet to 8.98 MOORE'S SHOE STORE 213 W. Texas JU 2-2159 Democrat Cabinet Is Distinguished By Diversity ' WASHINGTON (API — Presi- considerations must be su bordi-j to his Cabinet. Managed the presi-|bor unions and other matters. ] dent in charge of Western opera- ; dent-elect John F. Kennedy's Cab-! na ted to public service. Joined j dent-elect's campaign with tire- Says he is divorcing himself from I !ions - Comes from a family of iinet is distinguished by its di- Ford ii; 1946 after pioneering sta-,i ess f ervO r. Was reported reluct- oolitic in his now ioh Married P h -Vsicians but decided on law ca- versitv. tistical controls for the Air Force. ; ant to accept the post because it P ' , , S " V . man)ec1 ' reer and graduated cum laude '• It contains wealthy men and Married, three children. Republi- i might brin g criticism on his scwn children. Catholic. (from Harvard Uw School in 1938. : those of humble origin. It has ;can - Presbyterian. | brother. Made a name for him- Secretary of the Interior— Stew- P'-irned. three children. Melhod- ' seven Protestants, two Jews andj Attorney General — Robert F. i self as chief counsel of the Senate art L. Udall, 40, a member of:' 3 *' , Catholic. Kennedy's brother, j Kennedy, 35, unique in being the rackets investigating committee. tne House since 1955 He comes it is drawn from the world of ifirst^jhOT_pfj[_ president named which probed wrongdoing in la- from ft famUv minpnt in AH . scholarship and ! • j business, of scholarship and ofi i government. i Some of the Cabinet members jare longtime political associates i of the president-elect. Others he jknew only by reputation. I All of them will make 525.000 !a year as Cabinet officers; for isome it is quite a pay cut. Here are sketches of the 10 j Sun TeleScope Sy CYNTHIA LOWRY AP TV-Radio Writer imen in the KennSy Cabinet! plus! NEW YORK (AP)-One. thing,»££ an's work, and the ally a glamor gir while the gentlemen zona politics ami law. He atiend- ed Arizona schools and colleges, got a thorough grounding in farm work from his father. A lawyer, he is expected to strongly favor more reclamation projects in the West. Servod as an enlisted isome of his top White House!you can say for television is that •it's not content just to laik about! of State—Dean Rusk, i the weather. It has done some-j 151 was president of the Rocke-! thing about it—so much that itj "feiW Foundation. Born on a farm 'sometimes takes special skills to lin Georgia's Cherokee County, he! find the forecast in a TV weather j Kvon a Phi Beta Kappa key at!report. j^ Davidson College, then a Rhodes! Obviously, the TV people with ; scholarship, became dean of fac-| their marvelous visual tools could WHITE HOl'SE AIDES Special counsel to the President —Theodore C. Sorensen, 32, one of Kennedy's closest confidants since he was elected to the Senate in 1952. Self-effacing, cool, analytical, Sorenson became Kennedy's administrative assistant , (hfii and was a chief speech j ot lr a T>» - lr !i • i writer and idea man during the i ,, ..., -. IL Married, six; 1960 campaign. Born in Lincoln, great .children. Mormon. | Neb gradated from University Secretary of Agriculture — Or-jof Nebraska Law School as top h»r ^inmoe anrf !,„•«?« l ville L ~ Fre c man . 42. former gov- scholar in his class, came to her clothes and hairdo, ernor of Minnesota , H e has been! Washington and had several gov- one of the most articulate critics eminent jobs before hooking up we have one weath- zips so fast through th le£to ;, er time from iium almanacs, about the anniversary of Eisenhower's agricultural chief, Ezra Taft Benson. Got into politics as secretary to Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey when Humphrey was mayor of Minneapolis. As a Marine in World War II, his jaw •ultv at Mills College at 25. En-:not allow some well-tailored an- o f the Battle of Hastings or the itered the State Department after;nouneer to look into the camera|i e mmin°s arch to the sea |was scarred by a Japanese Duaet i-tiv _ r ^ o ti _ T _ ^ i World War II. rose to assistant land say simply: "Tomorrow isi But then if we reallv want the'" 1 . ^ acuc; " e tooK specia lijr won t j, e g^g medal for he' , . , . . r*«.. TT«(.* ' • * u ij j :«. ff \ *-"•**• u^ 11 "• * >c ic«anjr >vrt.uL uis, OV(3rr . lc . oc j,-, rt\»pT-r l nmi> n rptriiHmcr - • J , T-,_ _-*^_ ii_^<. rr i.. i secretary of state for Far East- \ going to be cold and rainy. I official forecast, period, we need i era affaire, was a chief architect; No we have to see it The only to turn on our faithful ra- !of U.S. Far Eastern policy. Joined j wea ther reporter enthusiastically dios. Rockefeller Foundation in 195-. j draws s\vooping lines on a map Married, three children. Presby-i o{ the country while chattering terian. I merrily about highs roaring down The sketch replacing a satire on the new occupant of the White i House—which NBC cut out of to- Secretary of Treasury—Douglas | and fronts building up. ! Dillon, 51.'a wealthy man who be-j Just as we are trying to figure i night's Art Carney revue on Jhe ' with Kennedy. White House press secretary- Pierre Salinger, 35, ebullient, efficient, forever chomping a cigar. As a child he was a musical prodigy at the piano. Joined the Navy as a youth in World War ,If won the same medal for he- exercises to overcome a resulting ro ' ism in the pacific that Kennedy partial paralysis of the face. Wonl did Joined the San Francisco highest honors at University of chronicle and later Collier's mag- Minnesota Law School. Married, two children. Lutheran. azine. His work on an article [about Teamsters Union President Secretary of Commerce—Luther!James R. Hoffa was turned over Hodges. 62. former governor ofjto a Senate committee whose North Carolina. A tenant farm-!chief counsel was Kennedy's ilieves in hard work. A Republi-iout if that means a local hurri-!grounds of taste-is titled, "Thejf s ., s ° n - hp .became a wealthy, brother. Robert, Salinger became can moved over to Kennedy Cab-! cane or blizzard, our instructor! Inoffensive Theatre." textile executive. Entered public i a top investigator for the com- linet from position as undersecre-l slips in the forecast with thej service in his 30s, served in Ger-|tnittee. Through Robert he met 'tan- of state for President Eisen-ispeed of light If our attention isj Recommended tonight: "Every-j many and as a consultant to the (he president-elect, ihower Banking family back-i diverted for a second, we miss it. I body's Doin' It." NBC, 10-11 ESTj State Department. He was elect- chairman of the! But that isn't all. In our vicinity;—Art Carney starring in a sa-jsmp upon .the death of his pre- TOiirrt was cnairm<ui ui uici cm inai isn i au. in uur vicum> —--"i \~a.iiKy auuuug m d wi-•••«- -•-•— — •— board of Dillon, Read & Co.. Wall!(and I susoect in yours, too) TVitirical revue about our passion|decessor. In six years as gover- Street bankers, while stiH in his [weather reporting is largely worn-lor conformity-. iT^t InS^t™ in ril™ 1 ^ M* Sun's Television Log , J30s. Has always advocated large- i scale forei-sn economic aid. He 'was ambassador to France early Jin the Eisenhower administration, land moved up in the State De- |r>nrtmen' to become a top policy | maker. He is an accomplished i linguist, ardent art lover _ and ^gourmet, owns one of the finest Kineyards in France. Married, ] two "children. Episcopalian. Secretary of Defense—Robert S. McXamara. 44. of the Ford Motor just a month before he was ! tapped by Kennedy. 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A top labor lawyer for 25 years, he also was special counsel for the AFL-CIO, played a key role in ending the deadlocked record 116- day steel strike last year. As a lawyei* Goldberg has opposed some of the laws he now is called I upon to adminster. He promises to do it fairly, has severed all | connections with labor unions. | Known among lawyers as a brilliant advocate. Married, two children. Jewish. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare — Abraham A. Ribi- coff. 50, former governor of Connecticut. Son of a factory 1 hand and peddler, worked his way through University of Chicago Law School with "honors. Began political career in 1938, served two terms in Congress, suffered his only defrat when he ran for the Senate in 1952. Twice elected governor, he instituted a campaign to suspend licenses of highway speoders to cut accidents: it | drew nationwide attention. Was! an early bncker of Kennedy. Married, two children. Jewish. Postmaster General ~ J. 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