The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 27, 1952 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 4
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SJ'JS iiqt'4— THE BAYTOWN SUN, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1952 * Editorials.^. Congratulations Sun Slants Due Out Sincere congratulations to voters of Harris County Fresh Water District No. 8 and not so much because they authorized a $125,000 bond issue for water and sewer line extensions but because of the fact that so many folks out there took the trouble to go to the polls to make known their wishes. It's not too hard at times to get the folks all steamed up about conflicting personalities in a political race, but it's very hard most of the time to get them worked .up over bond elections and abstract propositions like bond assumption proposals. It wasn't that way out on the bays west of town last Saturday. The information was that 475 people responded to mark their (Today's Bible Verse II! BEHOLD, •trust, and GOD is my salvation; I will not be afraid: for the Lord 'Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Isaiah 12:2. ballots. In fact, there ..were so many the election officials ran out of prepared ballots. Quick-thinking Dee Tag was equal to the occasion, however. He had some old sample ballots in a packet. He quickly made them into bond ballots, and the last dozen or so voters used them just before the polls closed at 7 p.m. election day. With the election so one-sided, the courts probably would have held the election a legal one even if the final 12 votes had been carved on a tree out on the schoolgrounds. The Sun takes pride in any election when the people respond. The bond elections here in the City of Baytown this year left little < i Washington Merry-Go-Round: ' Tidelands Oil Lobby Fights s Veto doubt as to what the people wanted. The same thing is true in the heated Cedar Bayou school consolidation controversy where over 1300 qualified voters made >known their wants in a history-making election. And now the Wooster folks do likewise. If our people in East Harris County will just continue to respond as well jn the yearsi to come as they have Ujus far in 1950, we won't lose too much sleep over the outcome of elections, -even if the outcome doesn't happen to suit our private fancy. The Sun believes the Frenchman who believed that 50,000,000 of his fellow-countrymen couldn't do wrong certainly was on *•• the right track. We'd even 'go so far as to borrow his philosophy and say that Ea-t Harris County folks by the hundreds or the thousands Aren't likely to go very far astray themselves. . Things are looking up out west of town. They're building beautiful houses by the dozens. They're building a business district along Market street that promises to be quite a section. And they're taking great personal interest in their community affairs. Now that's a combination that's hard to beat. v And that's the reason we're extending our warm congratulations. I'd A ° By DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON — This city has seep, all sorts of lobbyists in its day, but seldom such a high- powered, hijjh-level group as that now pulling wires to defeat the president's pending veto on tide- lends oil. , Most significant thing about the CAN YOU IMAGINE yourself asking a young: lady lobby is that this time it's not be- Looking At Life BV Erich BrandejS Y CnCID the ocean along Its waterfront. Downey has been busy as a bird dog buttonholing old colleagues, so far has been careful to keep off the senate floor. William McAdam, former ' pub- liclty man for Senator Taft, ss Paid $40,000 a year plus expenses by Long Beach to innucnce ,leg»- lators. Recently member « M 10 cents wotth ° f n ° ur ' old English poet, George Wither, described like this: "I loved a lass, a fair one. as fair as e'er was seen, ' She was indeed a rare one, another Sheba queen: But, fool as then I was, I thought she loved me too: But now, alas! she's left me, falero, lero, loo!" Yes. all this young lady ^vanted was a cup of coffee. I tried to "force a hamburger sandwich on her. "No appetite" was her only rejoinder. Not even a most delicious piece of lemon meringue pie appealed to her and, in spite of the fact that &he put three teaspoons of sugar into her coffee, she made a face when, she drank it as i£ it were a cup of bitter fluid. t I HADN'T REALLY asked the girl to lunch. But I was sitting by myself in a local drug store when she came in. T thought she was sick. She could hardly drag her feet to the soda counter and there was an expression of utter desolation in her eyes. So I asked her to join me. , , I remembered that four or five weeks ago she had told me that she,was engaged and that the wedding •was planned for June. Her fiance, by her description, was a. gay Lothario, a combination of at least : Jive movie heroes, a man with a great sense of hu- ' mor and a brilliant future. ... At present, however, he was a post office clerk-in nearby Norwalk—yet, isn't that how postmasters i general often start? operation, so the oil companies now don't care whether they pay royalties to the government or to the three states which are clamor- tidelands Allan Shivers of Texas ° the to companies want is to have the di.s- ' n pute settled so tsey can get down J^ to work. But having created a Franken- atem, the oil companies are today unable to control it, with the result that such solons as Senator Holland of Florida and ex-Senator governmentt left for Europe. Downey of California . have been pressuring them to stay in line. Chief target of the lobby is the Senate. A mere handful of votes one way or the other will spell the difference between upholding or of Nebraska . a nd p eterson eppO inted to the Senatet Fre a Scaton. in order fcQ change Seaton's vote. Later, Seaton> who previously voted a g ainsfc Texas and for the federal LONE STAR POLITICIAN—Those who talked with Texas' Governor Shivers during his visit in Washington got the impression ,that Allan was doing a little shivering overr{d j ng the veto. So the lobby- about his re-election chances. Cer- isU &re trying to persuade certain tainly he sang low and sweet corn- who oppose tidelands oil pared with his old ideas about independence. with Speaker senators who oppose to be absent. They don't ask them to reverse themselves and vote for tidelands oil; merely to be awny Washington and unable to Senators this category are Lone Star political In. conferences Sam Rayburn, the governor was as meek as a mouse. Likewise with Senator Lyndon Johnson, always believes that a soft turneth away wrath,'and ad- "That's all washed up." ^ And then she told me. ' . Her former fiance was a dud. He had no back- simply NOTHING. Upon further inquiry. * found out that as went on, she had affected him about the same. So has wired Senate Leader McFarland asking him to postpone a vote-until-Juie 3 when he can re- White House advisers, was com- COMPOUND 76 time port the president the minute Gov. advance leak of got rip-roaring alL three times a week— twice, once, and not at ~~ ' ,_ ^. SHE WAS heartbroken. It wasn't so much this wire-pullers in the hot-and-heavy battle over tidelands oil: Speaker Sam Rayburn — Has discuss tidelands oil, but actually to mend his fences. particular man. It was that she, an attractive girl ^ cen spen ding almost as much both Democratic and Republicans, getting along in years, was without A man. timc in the senate as in his own are so intrigued over the Texas Then, as I ate my lunch, she asked me how a girl House of Representatives. Loyal to situation is that today in San An- •.niH on' nhniif findinsr another man she could .. „. ^^^~r•,A f >T^^ Vmf «n tVii«s TC«HP tnnin TPXS<;"Democrats hold their Reviewing Sfand: • , Men Need Beauty Hints MoreTS-ran Women President, but on this Issue tonio, Texas'Democrats hold their even more loyal to Texas, Sam has state convention. If the Shiver- been trying- to persuade key sen- crats refuse to take e pledge to ators to vote for Texas. support the Democratic party, it - Ex-Senator Sheridan Downey of means that one branch of Texas California earns §70,000 a year Democrats might, go for Taft or lobbying for Long Beach, Calif,, Eisenhower—if the Chicago coh- whieh gets most of its revenue vention adopts a plank, favoring the oil wells that jut out into FEPC o"r opposing tidelands oil. Grab Bag Of Easy Knowledge could go' about finding another REALLY love. Our town was so limited. It seemed that ail the jrice men were already married. Those darn girls got to HER. . I told her to put a Help Wanted ad in the local paper. She laughed, a bit sourly, at my joke. She had to go back to work, her question, how to find su man, unanswered- But I promised to let her know if a good idea occurred to me. Can YOU help? You 1 re Telling Mel " By William Ritt Zadok Dumkopf. our favorite backyardener, hr.s" announced that this season he positively refuses to buy any plant food. Times are tough enough, says he, without having to buy groceries for a flock cf dandelions. Russia, has just closed a deal in London for the purchase of 150,000 barrels of herring, the largest shipment in 35 years. The man at the next desk says it's a sure shot they're the red variety. Your "Future Sheerfulness end co-operetion. are the keynotes for your birthday. You are advised to attend strictly to business, and your next year should end well. A shrewd, witty and industrious tending" there. ThVman at the next desk comes up personality. is . indicated for to- xsrith an idea— how about Tower of Bahcl Boulevard? day's child. A Central .Press Feature poet, The Answer, Quick! 1. Where is Carcassonne? 2. How did Shelley, the meet his death? 3.: What is Scotland's national flower? 4. Which contains the most protein—potatoes, butter, eggs, pie? • 5. Does the outer rim or the hub of a vehicle move faster? It's costing $35 a page, according to an item from Washington, to print the latest edition of the Congressional Record. If silence is golden speech must be platinum. ;New York Is trying to find a new name for its First avenue, suggestive of the United Nations with an idea—how about Tower Who says It's impossible to solve the traffic congestion problem? A prolonged oil-strike can do the - - - - faat! Grandpappy Jenkins says that today the only way you 'can make a dollar bill go far Is to drop it out of a plane at 10,000 feet- Today's Fable: Once upon a time an office emr ploye returned from his vacation without a single snapshot with which to bore his fellow workers. Flat huts may be the style but flat heads, the mar. *t the next desk observes, we always "have with us. ActocSr *ays the wife of one in an interview, make excellent cooks. Could be—we can name several who are able to dish out all sort of varieties of ham. The movies plan to make the Helen of Troy legend , into a super-colossal epic. Helen, we understand, kind of juper-coHossal herself. Young birds eat more than their weight In a single day—Factograph*. Human papas take note—and •ncocragement. The Baytown Sun/Inc^ at^Pearce and Ashbel in Baytown, Texas Sutxnan.. Editor and/Publishei SL Gould;.."....-".. Advertising: Manage! B*jl*h Mae Jackson.; Office Manager fAT«« Bdiwd* Managing Editor Subscription Rate* By C*rri»r-$l-00 Month, $12 Year Br Matt—Month 11,00; J Month* $2.90;. 6 Months SS7B: T«*r fllJW; Armed Service* 75* Month. - -" - ' * * in advance. Portfioder the S Kareh 3, 1870. and author of novels, plays and shore stories. Among his many works are Behold This Dreamer, Shepherd of the Moon, Poor Little Fool. The Spider <a mystery melodrama). A Skeptic in the Holy Land, Three Things We Can Believe In r The Happy Grotto and The Greatest Story Ever Told, which has been dramatized and is on the air every Sunday. What is the name, please? 2—This handsome young man was born right in Hollywood, Cal., on Aug. 12, 1926." He was in motion pictures before World War II caught up with him. After it was over he played in Knock On Any Door. Holiday for Strings, Since You Went Away, Saturday's Hero, Family Secret, Mask of the Avenger and Scandal Sheet. Who Is he? (Names at bottom of column) It Happened Today 1931 — Auguste Piccard and Charles KIpfer went up 52,493 feet over Alps In balloon, testing strat- 1 ospherc .rays. 1937—Largest -single span in world, San Francisco's Golden Gate" bridge, opened. 1941 —In World War n, German battleship "Bismarck," sunk by British naval-air attack off European coast, 1949 —Rita Hayworth, film *tar, married Prince Aly Kahn in Vafrau ria/ France. How*d You isfcske Out? 1. In southern France, 2. He was accidentallly drowned in a storm off the Italian coast. 3. The thistle. 4. Eggs. .5. The outer Tim. 1—Fulotn Oursler. 2—John Derek. Quotations i—This American author was from greafr and near great born in Baltimore. Md_, Jan. 22, 1S93. He was a reporter tot a Baltimore newspaper and then a- rriueic and drama critic. He be?an writing short stories for Tnaga- By I am sick and tired of all the' beauty hints for women. There should be beauty hints for men. They need them much more than \vomen, because women' are just naturally prettier than men. Try to name me a book giving advice to men on how to be lovelier. Try to name me a magazine or a newspaper that has a section or e department devoted to the im- nrovement of the looks of the breadwinner. You can't, but in this, the first of perhaps t\v o thousands articles on how the male can Become more attractive. I am going to give away information on the improve- Watch Your Language FRONTIER — (frun 7 TEER or FRON-teer)—noun; that part of a country facing another country or an unsettled region; hence, the border or advance region of settlement and civilization; an advance or not fully explored region, as of thought, sentiment, etc. Origin: French—Frontiere, It's Been Said But, friend, to me he is all fault who hath no fault at all. For who loves me must have a touch of earth,—Alfred Lord Tennyson. Folks of Fame—Guess the Name? ment of the looks of what is laughingly called the stronger sex. Having no pattern to follow, except that of the women who write about beauty for women. I shall have to adopt their style. Here we go. men. When you take off your coat in a bcre joint, and roll i:p your sleeves, have you any idea how unsightly your elbows might be? Do they resemble a two-dollar alligator pocketbook? If they do, you must stop neglecting them. Say goodnight to the group, rush home as fast'as you can, rub your elbows with some established lubricating oil, cover them with a. pair of elbow gloves, and hit the sack. Follow this practice for a month end you'll undoubtedly be crazy, but women will remark about the beauty of your elbows. You must remember, of course, to buy the proper oils for the different seasons. Any filling station attend- ant will "be nappy to test them on your skin. -'- ;,' It is amazing how many men go through life with angles that are too thick. To reduce them is such a simple thing. I have found that the very best way to bring thinness to your ankles is the 'following exercise: On arising in the morning, stand for 12 minutes on one foot on the living room coffee table. Stretch the left arm straight put until it is horizontal with your bound volumes of Zane Grey. Extend the right arm until a catch in your side makes you fall off the cofCeee table fiat on your face." Lift hips. Roll hips.' Move all ten toes in a rotating motion and then tiptoe to the telephone, call your office and tell them won't be able to come day because you have a oothache. Keep up this exercise for two months and you'll be on Skid Row t but your ankles will be thin. Take proper care or your hair, because it is your crowning glory- How many of us have brittle harr and do nothing about it? How many of us have oiiy hair and ditto? There is nothing better for brittle hair than to give up eating peanut brittle, just as there is nothing better for oily hair than never to visit New Orleans. Almost the first things that a woman looks at when she meets a men are his ear lobes. If they are creased with worry lines, she is likely to say to herself that a man \vho is careless of his ear lobes Is also likely to be careless about little attentions such as washing the dishes, serving her breakfast In bed, bringing her a corsage of the first fresh strawberries of the season, emptying" the ashtrays when they are filled, and taking her to double -features on rainy nights.. Ear lobe care is very .simple, Use a good ear lobe cream before you go to bed tonight There are a dozen good ones on the market. On awakening, massage the lobes until you get a headache. In the office, when no one Is looking, slip'a parka over your head, and pull your ear lobes sharply downward, using your thumbs and index fingers.-This may cause you to be fired, but you will always have the satisfatcion of knowing you can get a job as a bloodhound. WE HOPE YOU FEEL THIS WAY TOO HAVE YOU EVER been so torn between \ sires you didn't know exactly what to do II ended up doing nothing? ' ar That was the way I was yesterday. I couldn't decide whether to go to Miners! and watch the Republicans scramble over to support Ike or Taft or whether to go to tonio and watch the Democrats in the ' gle between the Democrats and the Truman crats. I finally compromised and decided smart thing—and stay home. If I thought I, could round up all the T Democrats and the Taft Republicans and tie I? 1 * in a sack' and keep them there until 4 ft er ^ ^ ber 4, 1 would try to go to both places at once • You know, it's plumb disgusUng the way ij. •'• politicos are trying to thwart the will of the D |* in this country. . • **. I don't claim to be "no political pxpert" or no'••' tcrnational expert" or no- "reformer," hut you ' '*' as well as I do that the folks—most of theblL,^ General Eisenhower to be president. Every no^ opinion poll they've made public since th e tit^ the year proves thati l ,°f You know too, If you will be right fair with v self, that we need a change in Washington. wT' had about all the Acheson and Missouri Tru-l Democrats even this powerful country can stand '^ You know, too, that the folks don't want Tiff GOP control. The main reason they don't type of leadership is the same reason you ni heard of anybody ever wanting to shoot Santa. Qi The way I've go£ this thing figured, we all the necessary changes we need in V and can keep from shooting Santa Glaus (who first cousin to old man Prosperity). ThU « start this country going down the right road'ink. Here we have a group of precinct conventiju where everybody has the legal right to attend DM and vote jusflike he pleases. They nearly ill 7otri for the Shivers idea at the Democratic cor and they all, or nearly all, .voted for Ike at. publican conventions. Then they held the county conventions, md ... end overwhelmingly in favor of Shivers and Ikt'' Then the politico* take over. Of course, in ^ party they have; the powerful credentials committees under their thumbs. So they're setting out to thwart the will of ti t peopie. In. other words, they may not.'even give tit rank and file of the folks a chance to vote on Hj at all, oven though it's almost & leadpSpe cinch tatty what they want. • . L don't know how you feel, but I've had about ill the Truman Democracy and the Taft GOPism l> want for the remainder of this generation. I'd like to see a little American rsnlc and [il«.5j e sprinkled around Washington for awhile. Out of-it "would probably come some real d«u-j cut conservatism vs. liberalism issues that We a settle in the future. If we could have some Ike-Ism for four yean clear up this situation so we would hav* all pros on one side and all the antis on the other in; the future, it would be the best thinsr that ever the U.S.A. Neither could win an election without Jurinr lit! support of the vast group in the middle. When the mbssbacks got too mossy, could with the liberals and throw 'em cuL Then when tci ! liberals got to wildeyed, we could lay in there wi'ij the ''mosaics' 'and toss the pinks out on their ui." The way it Is now—moat of us "ain't/'jot where" to go.' We'donVlIke, those controlling titij; party. And it looks like we're in the majority In & country but getting wedged out by the amoke thil seeps out of midnight.political hotel corifertntti. " Now I know that there are a whole lot of In Baytown who don't care too much'what I But I never was ac sure in my life *i I am ta there are a whole lot of people in Baytovn—: all over the country—who feel just like I i« ib< this messy national political situation; I'm in favor o£ moving: the county «at b«k Houston and havin' some more stood old-faihicsi local politics. * . I wouldn't even be against seeing- VHarrii .taui public official having opposition. It seems they wcs' have, as long as Washington's getting ail ourdoa;' by taxation and leaving us not carinf i waoU what goes on here at home. In The Lyons Den ^ rESAW1 jphone, call -r- i 1 p i V L T, r,r Try And Stop Mi to ttddresa the Overseas Press Club . . . A }ur the trial of the Communist leaders brought canasta decks, and now, when the jury ha* toJ«|J the courtroom during legal ^aru»rh*nt r fti canasta . . . Mrs. Earl T. Smith, the former Pritchett, has been invited to Elsa M«we»'i where the guests must come dressed a» the I They Hate Most, Mrs. Smith instructed her coi designer: "I want to come dressed as The Mu Plan" . . . Al Martino, whose record. "Her* J» Heart," Is No. 1 on-the-juke boxes, w«.*ip" La Vie En Rose without being »«en. By Bennett Cerf A WASHED-UP broker In Wall Street sought to soothe his creditors by pressing sight drafts drawn? on himself into their hot little hands. They were nothing more than worthless lOITs, of course, but the way the broker had them printed they looked better than a certificate for a thousand shares of U.'S. Steel. The unschooled recipient of one of these ^audy sight drafts asked, "Just where can I go to cash this?" The broker explained airily, "It will be honored at my office any time after next Tuesday." "Isn't there any other place I can cash it?" asked the poor creditor. The broker assured him heartily, "If you find one, my boy, we're both made men." will «f ROOM AND BOARD snes was editor of two maga- and since ha« been editor If we take Britain at her word and they are as hard tip as they ^y they are, how can. they pay for <their) atomic program with- but U.S. help? -Rep. James G. Fulton .<R-PaA Looking Backward From The Sun Files FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY'S HEADLINES: Unemployment Shows Rise, Business Still Good But It Isn't Getting Better; U. S. Army Gallows Experts Hang 22 German Criminals. The commissioners court directed that $7,100,000 in bonds voted for the construction of a tunnel under the ship channel be sold. Preliminary work started on the first 50 of 350 houses planned in Wynne wood addition by "Arthur Temple and Associates, . Mrs. Mildred Wilson was installed worthy matron of the Crosby Chapter Order of .the Eastern Star. 10 YEARS AGO Mfes Nbrnia Roll and Hulen Wilder were married at the home of the bride's parents.. The Tri-Cities Junior Chamber of Commerce offered 25 cents each for turtles to be used In the Jay- cess annual terrapin derby. —By Gene Ahern CH^^JCH1LLASc • ARE "rtXJ SURE THATS \VHAT THEY ARE- THE EARL. WAS ABOUT READY TO BRING OVER SOME NEW PETS AND PUT HM UP JM OUR GARAGE- -BUT AS FOND AS I A^A Of HIM, I, HAD TO PUT A STOP TO ANYMORE Or HIS PETS/ - - • -HE HAS A PAIR. Of ODD CREATURES CALLED. CHINCHILLAS/ YOU'RE TWISTED AND MEAN * HAMSTERS*/ I TERRIFIC DIFFERENCE IN PRCE 5- T>ANA ANDREWS, who jost obtained from his film contract, will tour tw with his wife. They'll do Tenneiwe 'Vf "Glass Mmagerle" - •> . Eileen Peel, the star who won the New York critic* with »« P< lormances in "The Cocktail Party" » Observed," ha* spurned the TV" offer* »"fli » joining hrr family In London • • • The * fli pok*r same at which John GarHeM P u [^ J hour* before hi* death, was not with •»•* Lindsay. His jrame with Lindsay a™* Crow* on Thursday .nights .-. . Mike <. the International Confederation of Trade meeting in West Berlin^ < LOUIS MARX, the toy manufacturer, and named their" three sons after, their to ejl P_ s _ the American generals, whose agT5 stars: Bradley Marshall Marx, Bedeir aw"and Emmett Dwight Marx—named after J*»* Emmett OTtonnel! and Gen. Eisenhower ; _r- met Gen. Matthew Ridgway. "What a- w ce "Ridgway Marx,'" said Mrs. Marx, eye. "And that would mske it 25"atari. 1 JIM MORAN C the O'Dwyer aide sent to jury, has been transferred to Green Haven institution . . . When Lucille Ball ' a™ * were married, the film colony P"* 1 ". 6 would be a short one, for both were g-* perament and' somewhat madcap. Theirs laugh, however, for their marriage H most stable In Hollywood and their success . , . Judge Samuel ,LeibowlU I* being froni Mt Sinai Hospital, fully recover eo surgery ...A. bill is being Introduced jn in behalf of the Scenic Designers hibit the importing of stage costumes The -newest baby-photo caption book Glad You Asked Me That," was inspires fauver hearings. THE BUSTS of Sdsan B. Anthony and T«a. were unveiled at JfYTTs^HaH •*•'&** dication ceremonies, Director Balpn Invited Mrs. A. Anthony Bacon, nlec *, Anthony, to come to the platform «£ bust ol her distinguished aunt the one on the left side of pulled the draw string— unveilinf U l fU er t« Paine . , . Dr. Sockman shrug?*^ wo » bust on the olher side of the *t*f«; "I was wondering which WM whwn PHOTO DEPARTMTENT!: Hccht wrote ieu in which Marilyn IvJonroe a PP*? t i calendar for Which she had posed in published, she e«m« to Hecht ^ worry," he reassured »4e ^ ^ starving, desperate yonng actress P 05 _ iccne movie, the kind usually Almost every producer In Ho tried to sign her. She became, *«»* our top stan, _,,- j ft * s . * B

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