Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1969 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
Page 10
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10 - TvMday. March 4, 1969 RMllandt Daily Focb Television •r RICK OU SROW HOLLYWOOD _ idcot Nixon's ncvs conference ionisU in prime teievitkm time indicates asain his apparent desire to use video to stay in contact with the public. All tlvee major commercial ne(««rin. ABC-TV. CBS-TV and NBC-TV, will carry the confer- (UPD-Pres-ihk views on key subjects to the widest possible number of persons. There is no question Hr. Nixon is keenly aware of the good notices be got in bis other recent tdcvisioo appearanres • sndi as the prime time introdiiciion of Ms Cabinet and TUESDAY MMCH4 fcWgjIlti Hi NHi IQ (HQ JNiyj OCMkrAMhr (Q (30) In Fanbiilta )r„ Baitin Biin. PkySit Oin«r, Paul Smith Trie (uetl. S 6 OaOCK MOVIE—(C) "MARNir*—Part II. Seanj Coimeiy, Tippi Hedrtn •» MiMfc MwlK (Q llanhr m II (*MW) •U-Vftt mm. SmOmmf- «MMi (Q (3(9 (SiSDItanr Cilffia (0 ffiwkirt iM (30) "fotk stm-' Tiacy NcMua tinp. SMi^m Sa tow SniMHiM (t) •M M MI B A(M» •M li tMilC) (30) br a OMaanaU tikMMr al Satilii (0 :HMrYaACRrf(iic*- naa «a hit Kb ia MaSMiaa aad la Ui liom ia ftaWitaa^ I M« ISbed: tt* Oaaat kaa da Baa» neat tiln viMeit atat to kit «tri atlatt la NtKK Or. Bfly Jams Hiriit, aa OHUaai toa- celat Mlie btadt ttc aaa-Oeah mmid Chritfiaa Cnsidl. it ten ia laieMi ceotetiai em d l» "antJ-CMBnoriir packtti tooit. O SkSKaMS (0 (60)-TIM Ikir- <IM MMltii She*.' Wlk Baibaia MtMair aad KGh inic. eiat hr ya« Ub (0 (SO) OHCr FMIM («0) 'Ilia fta Gmntiea oa Ww." fkal pracnm la a stritt ea ladiirs ftanwktit b a look at tlw yeo« fltaMMlMf ia- cnoe Uva for one hour startinfiUs inaugural address, at 6 pjn. PST. j And all of these factors have And there is no doUbt that it! led him, at least at the is ii^tfflTl and signifieant that {beginning of hb administration, die Chief Executive has chosen!to use tlie tdevisiaa medium the prime viewing boon to have his sesskm with the press. In the past presklenic such as Dwight Eisenhower. John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson have appeared In prime tine brmdcasts ^wt nsaaUy for such erenu as. say. a Stale of the Union address ar a lengthy. Tlmt ttededskm of Itr. Nixon to chootc piiBM tins fof hit Mws coofcrcBM cbovs deariy his desire to transmit more than some \-iewers might hare expected. The conference will, hi fact he basically a report to the nation after Nixon's elghUlay European tour. And lite qnes- liooinf sppsFCoUjr vtfl be limited to intetnational aSairs. And from a showmanship and audience viewpoint. It is surdy a mere lively event when a president it fai a news conference rather ttun ddiver- ing a speech. aic Ilia Oawt- br Jaaos KoMk: t)pn OOr br Gerald BdUa; 't>^ esneoct at Ori btek Bridft" br Bobet Enrits: and *5tar-Spaagltd r br On MdaathNa. SCkwhaMlaact Aspirin btst lor some artliritis coses •r oa. WAYNI 6. BKANOSTAOT Tizzr rnhnm ^ jmi I by Kate Qsmn ^gtttttPgatMOtQOOOOPOOBoeoooeef ^t^ooO Beffer slie siwHld sfkk to violets By DICK WBST WASHINGTON (UPI)-A ladyi certain it could digest such I know who likes to raise bouse> robust fare, plants recently purchased a "Okay," her husband said, small Venus's-flytrap. "Give It some baby food." li was an impulsive act One! ««« day «he lady mixed of those spur-or-tha-momcnt up a small bit pf pablum and decisions thai women shoppers milk to a gruellikc consistency make and later regret and tendered it to the plant m a Not until she cot the plant "^Mn 'tasse spoon. hon« did ^e ieaSe she hid al P"""' "'l"^" nrrf^.m iJrh«r hl«rf« I grab the spoon, but wlien she problem on her hands ,,^^3 ^^i^^ Her house was totally devoid ^^,1 a Vemifs-flytrap uses ol msects. "Really, Father, I have no ambition to be a brain I'd rather enjoy llfel" Since there were no insects^ about how would a plant that and catches bisects for nourishment! keep from star\-ing? The lady toyed with the idea of opening a window hi hopes a few flies would dria in. But it was cold ontdde and she didn't want to risk pneumonia. That evening she discussed to catch (lies with — snap! The lady retrieved the spoon vrent on about her housework, humming a few bars of "Mammy's Little Baby Loves Shortnin' Bread." About 10 days later, the lobes reopened, causing the lady to conchide that it was time to feed the plant again. It had grmrn a hit in the e KNBC NEWSERVICE ie SPECIAL CLOSE-UP ON THE PRIVATE DISCOTHEQUE PHENOMENON Onac RananiM (0 (60) lb* Mkai •( fla! Sffsleo)*' •rinUir m eiMdht mk Yoar CbU (30 >j nb( Hixt Step b a GItiit One.' MntonManliill and Moiiat YoimE.{ t tMcter bi tht |Mnnt ^tf^xiiool| chU obnrvstioQ pfoffw of tbi Lot Aagrict City Sdioolt. pOM out] steps for pstcflts to fOTlow In tuch' bt tMr children to real SODBSSMostO a «feartMrlbd (0 (3Q) • PlMarf«9(30) atSlbMWd) Qlto Fnadi O M I (30) ''Sbtk DiOMr ra HiS aa Hour." (R) StEint cttd Cm (0 efaMitaaaSM(C) aTnOarfuiiqiw (0 t-JO a 9i (ID Owb Otr (Q (30) Ooris triet ID collect snw of Baek't bat neidae debts onir to find hentfl a Ci ^ive d a caurtiiig Mbinr. S EXCELLENT POLICE it ACTION MELODRAMA s®a)eRm (Q (30) ONMt (0 (30) Ted Kcreiv iiMoaaxin NMtt (0 m Hurt Reitoner. Mitt WHlac*. QSitaM(C)(eo) SiBGD9nartUh (Q (eo) OMMW BO MI (39) Onti ami (Q (30) 1>n«rtt^ sive vt. TisdRiend Edocitiea.'' Sen ' Levensofl locttt. ffiKick Nnptciiw (30) « peatl 01 tat! btock mnm_wfi^ Citr Coundteea Robert WHUnioa, one ol the caadiditai lor neror el LX CM" iUdOOMerir (C) •Weed aad Hack lac<" (honor) •eS -Canena lU- efcea. En Bartok. Q - What U the difference jUy a form of arthritis. Aspirin between arthritis aad riieania -j relieves pain rather than stiff- tism? Is any medication better neu and is wMdy used fat the than aspirin for rheumatism? i treatment of this disease. In A — Arthritis Is an faiflamma- "Xi^ persons one tablet four lion of the joinU. Rheumatism >>>"« a day is safe, is a broad term that also in-i (2 — 1 have heard that pop-! dudes inllammation of the mus. ping one's knuckles causes arth- cles int}-otttis>. tendons 'tendon- ritis. I have also heard that this it is) and fibrous tissues (iibro- prevents it. What do yoa think? siiis) in the region of a joint A — The popping aound is' Many drugs are used to treat caused by a tendon snappinci these diseases. All have their across a bony prominence. Soi advantases and their disadvan- Car as I know it win neither tagcs. For certafai i}-pcs of arth- cause nor prevent arthritis, ritis. aspirin is one of the best Q _ For several j*ars I have Q — What is asymptomatic:taken Deronii for arthritis. It is arthritU? Can it be cured? !thc ool>- drug that has hdped A — When there b evidence "»"«'>. Now my doctor says of mflammatien in the Johits ' cannot take it any more; What <objecti\-e siois rather than '<* harmfid side effecU? s>-mpton:s which are entirdy'W?*> •»« •»«•«» he of any I subjective), the arthritis may be ' safai to be asymptematic. lUs A — Dexamelhasone (Dero- vxnid be relatirdy rare and nil) is one of the cortttone-like limited to the earilest stage of draics. Its side effects faichide: the disease. It can be treated moonface. acne, dizziness, wcak-l but not cured. ness and headache but the O - I am 37. m the morning hannful side eBecte arej I wake up with a stiff neck, "^akenrng and colUpse of wnebrae. '- -' -- MONEY CUPS by Mort Reed the problem with her husband.; meantime." she said in relating a coUeague of mine who is. her experiences. "So I dtri'!H poted for his ability to analyze! to ofier it some pulverized difficult situations and come hcmburger meat." forth with clever sucgcstions. To make a loni; story i^hnrt, "1 guess you'll have to feed it; the lady continued to CXOT. artificially." her husband said.jiment with this and that nnlil "Why don't you try giving it a I piece of steak?" The lady turned that over in her mind for a while and found that it ran contrary to heri maternal bistbicts. It was. after all. a very young Venus's-flytrap, and she was not she finally bad the plant eatin:; regular table food—left over butterbeans and the like. Then, a few days ago. she caught a live bug in her laundry room and fed it to the Venus's- flytrap as a special treat The plant died. The day in Sacramento By UnHad Press InlemaHonal |E. Johnson, former director of TUB AAUKDunB Department of Veterans Af- lature for emergency laws to " deal with campus violence. COmstock - Told the Sacramento Cbmstock Chib that there V";;!";-:;;", was a possibility of resurgent!^* f^^^^'l' stadent wlence at San Francis-1 - Introduced Pest — Regulates use of pesticides. (AB730 — Roberti. D- Durine the d«v it limben mj »weorae. kiss of resistance: Joint LegKlative Oimmittee on , ^ , <f»»«^h.H n ^^wirflSSr ^ran i» uifection and bleeding from Thomas Jefferson, third presi- and without much fanfare. Higher EducaUon. (ACT121 - <? *veIop emergency plan to Zbe^^-^'2^ ^''»« tract. Soni per-'deni of the United Suics. au-, U anyone were to question the Morgan. R-T^cy. 2^4 ) ^ight oU leaks. <A^\2- Mac this be arthntis. U asplrm »» P„ ^lese bv takingithor of the Declaration of Inde- reason (or such a smaU issue.| imiwluced Gillivray. R-Santa Barbara.) a small maintenance dose of the'Pcndence and founder of oitf|t}H>y«tiutd probably be told that! Reoonls — Repeak certain Regents — Adds as cx-officio the; mistflncs; The Jefferson IDeo'a Requests Department :L "e^" mT'L.tT'^^Ts: ™-"^^^^ aged roads may not be neces- _ j^^^;^^^ j, 4 million for the Sweetwater THE SENATE Pj^oj CMtn\ project in San . . . Diego. •.AB72D - Deddeh. D- Education — Appropriates ^^ula Vista ) $100,000 for continuation of t h e: ^j, _ ^^^.^^ ^^^^^^ to take for relief? A — Your stiffness is proba eNeM(n (30) BCtabStaHiMi t30a8X)Laaar (Q (GO) Scott - SMt a coonii^ medicine ntn Ike lancer laack poiint at aa Indi- ai apnt and sttitt a ptanr Imd Gam h Willitn Windom. MmewLOCNnuLOOiwoiunoN 123 SIrMt •7U4331 Weeidrfoys froni 7 SOtfi Cenlu ^f 'Fox iiresentt "THE lOSTON STRANGLER" alia "PRtrrr poisoir Swanilid M ONO * Andimca sections of Uie p^nal code re- membew of the Board of Re- latffig to the sealing of recorts »f University of Call- drug and omitting its use,decimal monetary system, is] World Almanac was not in the ievco* fourth week. 'conuncmorated on the 31st Pres-'medal business. U'hich is true. , ^ _ i Anv form of heat win have a'''*"''*' sculptured by the, Many firms and organizaUons M wimfaia 'r and juvenUe"^T ''>™^a a representative of t h e soothing effect but will not enr*'"'*™^"™'"'' Ralph; l<»uing medak or medalliais tcrs. (SB4G - Lagomarsino R. faculty and a representative of Uie disease or arrest its vna- commemorate a particutar;Ojai.) ">« student body. <ACA20 — ress. Mcncooi. tong recognUed for «vcnt. do so to accomplish a, windows - Requires cars Sieroty. D-Beveriy HiUs.) his high-relief. mcdalUc por- forvose rather tiian merdy to. with power windows also to be TVustees — Adds as e-x-officio tt^ - . • - 1 traits of Presidents Johnson, "akc a profit. They reabze that equipped uith cranks begin- members of the board of trus- sram utM mytMi (Kennedy. Eisenhower and Tru- «> the hfc of wbateveriUng in tSTl. (SB471 _ Daniel- tees of the California state Mans bram. wtich comprises man. also produced Uic Presi- arc commemorating, it Is son. D-Los Angeles.• colleges a representative of the "^L.- dent Richard M. .Vucon Inaugur- netcssai>- to identify that event; Retire — Includes Senate faculty and a representative of »«ight. uses apprmomately » ,| h,, inerally tak- 1«»''ly and limiting the secrctarj-. Assembly chief clerk U>e student bodv. (AB742 -Sie^ *^*Js."Lzf .2 **^7 ^ tovestors' and coUectors' number of pieces sUudc to and Senate and Assembly ser- "»>•. D-Beverly Hills.) SUfJf . ZJIS'Z^I I 'ST H 'S*'*** »i'ver !\'*;^J,^J ;'L!?I^^^'*'*'"''''"™* '»«Mlative Narcotics - Increa^s appro- SSL^ ^TtSLSJ^o .J. "•*^' ''^ demand wUl msure lU kmge- reurement „-stem. .SB473 - priaUon for Bureau of Narcotic NiysKal rest to the $4$. j, bringing seo and is *'<>•. Bums. DFresno.) 1 Enforcement by S896.484 to pro- Enqrlopaedia Britannica. S)ei«fU*(Q(a) and Jo Anne iWailer aiMlia] i(Q(60) aUtnCMICt t (SODSSieRMtfe) eXHa* _ fturitey) r-Otnt AnditM. Jmt 11^ ^SSJiLi^yiJI^'oSSLThMB'^ •Beabardtai- (adw iiMk liri nndk beliMd tt bt S<) '4S - RtadO^ Secli. PM U NiMfbi Stwi dt ta Gonoip- OldML cbi. CMMiMrf Mp e( flN IMl RwllMdAnRtdierSpib. aS (£SlMWM»M(Q BMMba S IMe IQ Sft aad Ilia- (adMrtn ^j •5S-StaNitCran(ir. Baibm RHk. atwaerC IM <B(S0) aCNdta di b Baa (30) aaeavieee"^ l(C|(3D) _ : Ibi laig RVr (tai- pmt) '47 - Htair tadi, Aaa OMk. (0 aiBQDaiHV aiUNlaV aaDMNtnaf (0 \vtmmv •no ,a3Rii FfincW gutiitt. Uaie««h: fi« br a Bir (flin- UffhVntS Sumner, Sunt Tramt. "IO«i of ibi aMt (Q (30) 1 S IN a TM-niMr." UNi ttHanim*' Mwb WftBideRi'i ' 'Md h a ( «<«)r a».' MOaSBMiD I ctb smoocbiaK wtth a anv bleadi and brings t»A the •mud Mnitt tt tee for bencH. Gtarin HUe b bibind. aBntaiieMiM (Q(30) 010)3}® K Tat* • IQ' ^^ISi brnff TbM Tri>1<.'' unth tht help 01 an «ii«fcM pbr- • Fna tte boUi Oid (C) Va^lMt: *Min Hpridbr (•«»' an) 'SZ — Ceortf WeBHonmi. amm-nm »MB ibt YoMi iBMi.'- -SMbrnt »cti*r aad •tebedmiaiitt.- PAYTIME MOWES Mian-] •B^^-eiwr fam. «Wlbi| ^itaaiM Btcai, Ribeit SttdL 12«a'*W*rt b fWfar (oemdi) -4taHyM|r- (h««rt"a- rany. "•as DONOVANi MERT AflDERSOirSi ^OUKNOWICANTi MERSRUNM IN II AlANSC4tN£IDEg^ J^^^ ON 4^ ^ STAGE! CAUFOINIA THEATRE (ONLY Ml PiRMRMANCI) •McOMnOpMFroMU APJyL CAunit4fiipeR •nuKiVi 'ATIONS Maia ai »5JOII.T5t«J0l «lw«ri tA7344JD041JS expected to go bicher. In to inquiries about, Exempt — by $3,000 vide new area offices in Santa i The Jefferson medal w avail- the World Almanac medal, the Uie amount of property whicb Barbara and San Jose: six add- iable in .999 • pure silver at '.-•'St 100 medals of the 500- may be owned by persons qual- ed field agents in Sacramento (II and in bronze at SITS. In- piece issue uill be soM on a ificd for veterans' tax exempt- and four added agents in Fres- terested writers may write nrsi-come. first -5er \ed basis at ion. <SCA17 — Marks. RSanno. <AB7«4 — Murphy, R-Santa Presidential Art Medals Inc.. 10 SIS each by World Afananae Francisco.) iCruz.) W. National Road. Englewood. Silver Medals. 230 Park Ave., Campus — Makes it a mis-i Crime — Legalizes certain Ohio 4S32S. New York. N.Y. 10017. i demeanor for a state universi- sexual acts performed by mu- ty or college sbident to enter aitually consenting aduhs in pri- Medal and medallion fanciers' have enjoyed collecting for cen-| lurics and works of better' kaown medalists heU in public and private eoDectiatts are considered price) est. EdMor's Nate: Radlandi Coin Club meets an the sac> and Tuesday ef each mwilh al 7:30 pji», bt N M CsmmunHy Room of N M Providtnl Fader^ al Savkifi and Loan Attaeia- i Hen en CHms avenue at Sixth j ttreet. The mielingt are open t to iunlars at wall as adults who are Inttretled bi cofai cal> lecHnf. Jledab. nnlike coins, are rarely stradc In excessive quantities and never reissued. Once a pre- acrihed total has been produced, the dies are canceled, making !t impossible 10 de\-ahute the Cm issue by striking a sec- . There Is another extreme to Labonfes which a medal is protected . , against devakiation. The Medal- QQQinSt Ur Art CO. of New York recent- / , , ly struck only 400 pieces of an Kffike Cl/fO authorized SOO^piece issue of a pure silver medal sculptured by I L0 M X> N (UPl)—Almost MenconL eommemoraUng World members of Uie Almanac's lOOth Anniversary. I have rchised to campus from which he has been expelled for partidpaUng hi a vkilent demonstration. (SB46t — Whetmore. R-La Habra.) THE ASSEMBLY KiUed vate. (AB743 — Brown. D-San Francisco.) T^ransit — Lowers from 80 per cent to a majority of Uie vote j required to authorize Uie SooUi- iom California Rapid Transit District to issue bonds. rAB733 Johnson — Commended James—Gonsalves. D-La Mirada.) Stad/ shows /ess uterine cancer among Indians i <UBUQUERQUE. N.M. lUPD KenneUi Morgan of Uie UNSI 1— Indian women seem to be anthropology «jepartment that • kss susceptible to merine cancer Indian girls reich puberty later than women of other natiooali- Uian those of oUicr nationalities. . u_ n L" IJ"' f ""^TT^'y This apparcnUy is connected «^ ^L^'Zdv^hT'?^ smfi period •me 100 soM fa a short time ,";h;r e^^'mrrir. ^ ,^ij«2!n a^.f.„^ »«^rility, Morgan ine «w sun m a soon umc Labor governments study rec-'Jordan, assistant professor hi account for Uie ommcndine measure to re- the patholoor department of the ,„„ date for Indian women to ciice unofficial strikes which umversity. is now in its Uiird begin having children and have hampered British export, year and has been funded for Sdentab loweHn- th ^r' oxrr Uie >-ears. .five years by Uie PubUc Health fh ~"ot geutag utcSie The House of Commons. Service. cancer buwvver. approved Uie measure Jordan said the reason .m„ai,„, „,i,„ ^ ^^e^'o ^'^JJ^ Sfren ^Uy -^Lr; 3hirm ff ^^1^^ jTJtr P ^aV ^hers ^.^o,J^^^,^^^ ^-^-rd. ^^n't ^spec. issue. Nbielwbich delays early chiMbearing. ,„ „ . ,. ., and S5 La- He noted Uiat women who have ^ stained on the I Liberal members i boritcs voted agafaist the bm Uicir first cbifci very early m while anoUier« ahttahied. Ufe often devekip uterine here. Ravena af WOrid Almaiiac aliffaiirfofSafifiafaaf. tht tfandnff SaM of Oiniv March 5 thru April 19 WB) • THURS • FRI • 8AT..8:30PM WED B SAT MATWEES 2:30 PM ADMISSION $2.25 MuaHHIsneatre I —11 waaiw 1 f I tatnaai aa waaa aiiini MaaAoar.1 AflMffeM ItMcAaoM B fMn- fiadba OMng ftoem hafbra MBanrnOBK -IlM Tesfs made on watchers People cleared fronn burning cancer. More than lO.OOO Indian women have been tested since the program began July 1. 1968. | They comprise about S6 per, • * W..;U:— cent of aU women tested. The! L.A. DUIiaiM CAPE KENNEDY (UPI)-Dr.'lests were conducted by doctors Wcrimer Von Braun. pioneer of at 60 different locatkms, hichid- LOS ANGELES (UPD-A fire Uie U.S. space program, got ing U on the Arizona portion of « a downtown apartment build- Uie huge Navajo Reservatkn. "Cervical cancer normally has been Umught to he rcUted involved in Uie stresses and strahis of Uie Apollo 9 night Monday. Doctors fitted an dectrocardi-l ogram In a black box anund'ear^ prqpiancy." Jwdan said. Us sbouUen before hbstoff tOj "Our testing of more ttian lest his reaction to Uie naUoa's! 10^)00 Indian women Omn Uiat. Ing late Sunday caused an estimated SS.OOO damage and forced firemen to roust some 30 people most dangerous space flight 10 poverty, early marriage and; TOMUPC. The Uaze. which erupted hi a trash hhi on Uie first floor, sent In fact, their cervical cancer "It was my nndentandinglrate is not as high. It it abontj Uial they have some daUoalhe|half Uiat of Ube non-Indian night craw about Uie heart heat al takeoff and Uiey wanted to find out bow fast the hearts were beaUng In Uie guys on the gnmod.'* Von Braun told "Ihey wanted to sea wUeh is Iwighef Ihe launch op paticnto tested. "Indians bi Uiis shidy hava Kate! to ban Uieir first babiei{ later la Bfe . . . many Navajo Indian girls, despite being, married young, do not hava babiet latil they are U or sm" Cbmptemenling Uils fiadfaiL was a tfiieoveiy mado by DrJ heavy black smoke pouring Uirough Uie structure befbre firemen were able to bring it under control after some 20 ntinutes. But firemen had to spend additicful time rooting out hot spots hi Uie walls of the structure. No injuries were reported. IT WUh knr-eoit Oaaified Ada

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