The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 29, 1962 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1962
Page 10
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tog* 10 Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2611 THE BRAZOSPORT PACTS MAXOSPO«T AND IRA20RIA COUNTY. TIXAS, WIO., AUftUST 19. W7 HOW CAN YOU GET? •w?^. . 4£tDE6T...iN Cr PORTAGE a~ ;5 , I These shoes relax with you ... let you settle back and enjoy yourself, tiro ways. You know you look right and ... no two ways about it! ... you sure fed right! Pick out your. Portage casuals, today. Pin-Tut Slip-On or Dork Olive. $13.95 * WEST EOIUMBIA * LAKE JACK5BH Censorship Conceals What Goes On In Cuba i( By THK ASSOCIATED PRESS vm>ssHges at trie telegraph office. * Facts about what goes on In .'wording Is sometimes changed in f riiba are hard to come hy these cables t nat clfar Havana, days. An exception to these circum- | An important flu-tor is that the stances arises when the urn-empress in Cuba is fully controlled m ent wants to exploit some kind of hy the Fidel Castro regime. Every news. Dispatches last Snturday newsman working for a Cuban pa- carrying Chstro's charges that the per knows what he must and must United States was responsible for not write. The result is a sterile the shelling of a hotel in a Havana! press that usually throws little suburb, cleared promptly. Tele-! i light on what goes on. phone calls to and from "Havana Even so. statements in Havana H |so went through without a hitch. 'newspapers often provide indica- The following day, without ex- tions of basic situations existing planation, telephone calls were cut in such problem* as bousing and off for 15 hours, the food supply, and U.S. report-! In many ways the Cuban cen ers can follow up these leads to.snrship has become more capri. some extent. ,cious than that which formerly Hie number of such reporters operated in the Soviet Union. One is strictly limited. The Associated of the differences is that the Cas- Press, for example, has only one tro regime does not even admit non-Cuban reporter working in that an external censorship exists. Cuba. Applications for visas to In the Soviet Union, corcespond- send in other reporters are turned cuts had to submit all news copy, down or ignored. but they were able to learn wheth- Only a token number of visiting er it had been forwarded intact, correspondents are allowed each They could withdraw it if the month—usually one or two. Most censor insisted on changes in of these represent newspapers or meaning. radio and television networks. El! Despite the Cuban censorship, Mundo of Havana said recently imany of the trends of the Castro hat "North American newsmen' regime have been fully reported and those of other nationalities,to the outside world. Some of the lave had and have free access to;facts come out of diplomatic re- our country." This is not true, jports, which are not subject to The correspondents able to work;scrutiny before transmission. The n Cuba find most official doors • thousands of refugees leaving closed to them. When they dojcuba also provide much informa- have news to report, they often;lion. But often this is colored by cannot get it out of Havana. Long;wishful thinking, so it must be distance calls are frequently cutiweighed carefully. off with the explanation, "I'm sor-! ry, sir, the New York party hung -, ip." Cables often disappear if [jj|| |Q they displease a supervisor check-! ~, rtr ,,.-,,,. v ... , .„, ng all bromine ^d outgoing! ™E HAOLf. Netherlanos (AP) *i—Fnrwcm Minister IN CALIFORNIA Hospital, Autry Ranch Fall To Timber Fires Ity BORIS KI.KIN IKflth KllnRpr <mld Ihe firf>s were ANGKU5S (AP) —Flvs; the worst In the county since Ihn brush and timber fires — the'disastrous Bel Air Brenlwood firp scourge of summer— rnged RcrossjlRSt November, 15 mile* to the California mountains today after burning hospital buildings, oil storage tanks and a eowlwy ac- lor's famous ranch. More than 30,000 acres )lackpned. In the north, vacationers fled areas. In the south, 800 were evacuated from a Kotilhwpst Brross the Snn Ftr- nnndo One Vatlpy. ftrp awr-pl Gabriel Mminlninn Into the the Snn Snn Fernando Vnllr-y, dpstmyiriR «n Inllrmary mi Ihp grounds of Olive View Sanitarium In Sylmar. resort sanitarium. Flumps advanced on two vital Nike missile sites. A powder works containing an estimated 100 tons of explosives was barely saved by firemen. Flames licked to within 10 feet et the explosives plant. The Southern California blaze.";. 15 miles apart, broke out within an hour of each other Tuesday, 40 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles County lire Chiel per rent of rmvhoy nrtor Aulry'n famed Melody Hunch. Autry had shot scores of television and motion plchir* films on Its western street. Aulry lives In Studio City, 25 miles from the ranch. Firemen reported erratic, winds were pushing the flume* towards two Nike missile sites. I The flames threatened several six oil A fleet of ambulancpa, buses l n || fields. Officials said and cars evm-uatfd 800 paHpnls, storage tanks wrr* dpstroypd. most of them tuberculosis vie- Morp than 1,000 federal, state, m*. city and county firemen were on Some patients, rushed from|t|, P f| rP linen In Southern Call surgery, still were unconscious, |(, bottles of blood plasma suspended i IT,,, f|,-,t f|, T nro |,, „,,( | n j| BJ . ley Canyon, west of U.S. Highway 99, about 55 miles northwest of AnRpIes, near the community above their stretchers. A Veterans Administration hospital two miles to the east also was threatened, but none of the| 0 ( Cnsilac. It moved 400 patients had to be evacuated. One of the blazes threatened populous San Fernando Valley briefly. Earlier, It destroyed 75 Recess Play On Roof At 1st Underground School ARTrSIA, N.M. (AP) — When, Ross said each ot the .16 leach- quickly Last 3 Days Thur., Fri., Sat. 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(.'. Sninlley of TJ2 West Broad, Freeport, drcldnd to try n vlnltiR plant which goes by several name* and produces very large pods which appear tn be a rro«* be>r»wn nieiimber and okru. The two seeds produced the hiimprr crop of tlm-* »nW ptxl* «hnun in the (no photos. In one, the vines are sh<mn almost covering the side of the Smalley hnme: In the other, Smalley Imped* one of the pods, tho largest of nhlch Is nmv about three feet long. The feeds were planted Kick in April. the 4fiO atomic-age youngsters at JAbo elementary school take a recess, they play on the roof. Classes started Tuesday at the nation's only underground school. The only dangers In playing on the root are the usual skinned knees, bumped foreheads and cut thumbs. The roof Is *t ground level. Two basketball courts, hopscotch lanes and benches dot the 21-inch concrete slab playground. HERE'S THE southward. firemen estimate It had burned 7,200 acres. The second blazt erupted In Placerita Canyon, spreading southeast Into the Sylmar area, closer to heavily populated areas. It had destroyed ff,300 acre* of brush. In Northern California, firemen were battling two stubborn blaze* which destroyed over lfi,000 nrres ers will be trained In civil riefensp'of timberland. and will be assigned a specific! One fire, which started Sunday fallout shelter duty. -at Kelseyville 80 miles north of Lester Vaughan, sixth-grade!San Francisco, sent J.OOO tourists teacher, said, "I asked lo be!fleeing the area. Firemen say the transferred from another Artesiaj9,flOO-acre blaze, 75 per cent con- school to Abo. I wanted the unique jtained, may have been dellbsriit*- experiem-e and opportunity toily set. They said 14 homes w*r« The rooms, 18 air-conditioned class- 13-feet-9-inches below the THAT'S LONG ON -..VALUE--- surface, will double as fallout sheter. "The biggest problem we encountered in our first day ot school," said Principal Bernard Ross, "was the three stairways Kreeport police were called to heading down inte the building." a downtown alley st 1:55 a.m. I "The children aren't used to Tuesday * a n-p*t d a disturb- l-'iairs," b* Mid. "Multiple story „„. . . .. . . (buildings a« a rare light here ance. Offu-ers reported that two,'; ^ , , ation ^wo). men were fighting and one of( them, although injured, refused' " W * are K oin * to hRve to ma * e r to file charges against the other, i* «P° cial eHort l ° tf ach ,* e tads .. 'how to go up and down. j A local hospital notified Free- The school cost $468,623. Civil jport police at 2 a.m. Tuesday Defense paid $131,943 of that I that a" woman was undergoing!amount. treatment for a slashed wrist. i As a fallout shelter, the building After investigation, officers re- will accommodate. 2,000 persons ; ported Die woman attemped sui-|for two weeks. cide in the bathroom of an apart-' ~~~~~~ ment on East Second Street. No .charges were filed. work in the nation's first underground schoof." The children are pleased and excited abut the new school. Ross said they especially like to play on the roof. "They are about the only school children in the nation that can make that statement, I guess," Ross said, destroyed. A second fire near Lake Shaita, 200 miles north of San FranclKo, is reported 85 per cent contained after burning 6,912 acres. In central California 6,000-acrt brush and grass fire near Man- posa was contained but a new brush and grass fire broke, out in the same general region. GOOD NEWS Mothers! AT GRANTS .... THURSDAY AUGUST 30 10 am-* pm FRIDAY AUGUST 31 10a.m.-7:30 p.m. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 1 10 am-5:30 pm A man was released Tuesday morning after being jailed by Freeport police overnight on sus- jpicion of attempt to murder. The (man told officers Monday night I he fired a shot from a .22 pistol < 7 ~ Funeral Tuesday For Katie Smith FRUIT OF THE LOOM • •*- a ^™ 1 ^*"""^"™" ^ __^^ JL-^ *—^^•^••i^ Funeral services for Mrs. Katie h, 78, of Freeport were iat another man with whom he hcld at 3 P- m - Tuesday in the had been lighting, hut the possible Velasco Baptist Church, Freeport, , victim contacted police Tuesday with the Rev - A - Gordon Johnson to say the shot missed him and officiating. he did not wish to file charges. Burial was in Restwood Memo- The altercation occurred o n rial Park under direction of Free ! East Fifth Street, and police were port Funeral Home. notified about 11 p.m. They Mrs. Smith, who lived at 702!i searched several bars and went North Avenue B, died in a loca jto the home of the man, Monday afternoon after to be shot, without locating him being admitted as a patient about Monday night. , three days earlier. i She had lived in the area about ] A Freeport man reported t o , our vei)rs and was the widow ol | police at 11:26 p.m. Monday that .Thomas Jefferson Smith who died l his J9.i2 Ford had been stolen. ',„„, October. She was a member .Officers investigated and found o[ , ne church where , erv iees were the auto on West First Street held, where the man had forgotten that ,. ,, ... . . . . . I he had parked the vehicle. M 'V ™" 'T^ * , WO I sons, T. Edwu> Smith of McAllen Freoport police are investigat- '"t^™ f S ^*° t KteepOrt: ing four cases of vandalism - «*"&"", Mrs. R. M. 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