The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 17, 1961 · Page 13
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 13

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1961
Page 13
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-----ay, j«iiuoiy u, Ifoi <ftlp *•§!••• *•§ f| For CASH-IN-HAND Results, Call Want'Ads Today • • , CA f; Want-Ad Rates >f" r.T, » ITo an.- ate HAY Houses For Rent i31. Articles For Sate i31-B. Building Material JOHEK, 5)1 K.—Ijirua 6-I'oom unfurnished i BARGAIN — Two drtve-ln grocery-front! CERAMIC TILE sold and Installed, K'MJ liouwi redi'oomU'd, double gnrat'c-wush ' Hollywood overhead doors. Like now. I tub er.closurts, shower doors. The new Iwusc. itirimr lot JU 2-838S iCnll JU 2-T31G or JU 2-SG6S nlte. 'est in tile for floors. -'.il I HK.'i.s W/-. ,';TI: | • J'tst 1'h.ino Ji; j 18 PI 12 PT. **MR KATE in -i lln«» of "r.Hii'irv IVIJD Hues of unhnnry RATKS ON HKQL'J For Best Results t:?'. r!-:'ii'.,T (M:u:»>l It;,' ;i>| iiri.l hi; verf en;-, fti: il:e number at ilava the a-i :u".u:*Uy ran. TH?: CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT IS JV-s, il-'n" ol'r-.N DAILY FROM H A.M. until S/'" 11 Ju 3-li3S. Iw.'.NTKii •ill"'"' M !!| '' y ln 1 ' criK '''' Cr »" Checker Wanted KlHKLANli rilAIU.KS S.--ay> lircen- ti'iiir. Mr. Klrklnml, bi> our sur«t to nficii-! tlui ahowlnK of "ButterfieM K'" now jtlunvliiK ill Ihn IJrunson TheatKi. 'I'.-iliii II,la ml to i|.« tlt-Upt off;<-» <•! !>MI l'.niii«"ii for ynnr fn-e nilmiiaions. I.AKKWOOI). runt or Sell—3-beitroi>:i! uiifijnitflhi',1 hunir. ;;cr*'en jiorrh. fi-lH'i-d. l»ri;> lot. LO B-7797. i! Ic-'-H. <IM« ;, t-isr tx- l»!'.-lle '--Ills, «],;,ly |» Biq Chief 710 W. Main 12. Male Help Wanted and until NOON 01) SATURDAY, j CARDS 0V THANKS AND IN MKMORUM li cents per line All classifieds appear under 15. Work Wanted their I A M.) i'A .'.••"!7.',V;... Si, t <,(. H.'iir-K'ilDi'. Fret- e.sll- classif.'cation anil The Rayumn't' C.\KK~ia~my"l-<ime -~vit-'iml"- of a""ils* "" r ' Ehl '° dlt '"'' ty anli !, r C .'" Jar . ll '<> uu . , d »>' unly. reasonable!' JU A;* r.aeetJ before 9:30 A.M. appear In ;•!•-•.• h.i' Sun thru sarao afternoon. Classified Department JU 2-8234 JU 2-8235 Ul\.l<;i,;-; T . 17 yuar.i offli « <!Xi) • rl-ufii. mani!fticii;!l!ii.;, refinery «n- Lodge Notipe« A.F.! CALLED MEETING o! Creeic Lodge So. u.9J. *nd A. 11.. Tuesday, Jiinuarv 1&61, at 7:00 l>'ni. ;n th<^ IGENEHAL on-'ioB WOHK-Bookkeeping, I t>-;i;n;[. liwrt i-xptrni.-ii-". Pan or lull I tune, JU :;.jC5 liom a in ia a.m. GK.Vi.RAr., t.'AKFE.vrnY." shwrtroctc hanginc, finishing and painting. Car.lncit bull;. rort,.r.a Uipn. Edwin Arable. 811 Bilnter. JL" 2-4959 WANTEI> — Kenanl!? Inuy ewjMc. live on premises U ' ' i will do I PG.>sib!v. o $l.'--a |x.-r dozen. Extra for Khaki. Hal! for o! Conrtidiiiei. and viMting B Oeorye A Mas»oi E. ." \Vnuirh. .-.« ' All inenitwn lhvi:n '-virh. Anv t>i' V;IM wor,'.. "etc - ! i.'irn;;- man w.-in'K , r<?p.-;;r your home, i' 3-r»2':5. ...I'.jV, it, >;ss Kr.-.rl-.ts o! C"'.u::it'us -^rj«i.v. KC Hall T'ii-ji'.ny eve- \V. M. ! PERSONAL LOVK-Care (or children, hot i ir.'-nH, my home, hour, dav or nieht, ,1.0 6-77(1. •'(• <>f| Mfci'Aii; REMdnF.i. "NEWCO"N- STKl'CTIOX. \!| -.^,rj( (-UiiraliteeJ. F-'r'-'e eH'.lniM*. PN<-n« JI.' 2-9£i)l. UATKROOM KIXTI-RKS--2 complete seta used buthrooni fixtures, bargain COLORED SATHP.OOM FIXTURES it piece set . . . . . . . ANDY PLUMBING COMPANY 7.V.J1 13,'iway Drive t ELECTROLUXVACUUM~~CUSANERS l.or.lT, L'lil W.--i-beilnwm unfurnished i 80 * waxers. Sales and service. No lirlck home, JH5.00. Apply 208 W. Lolilt. MAltVLA.*.')), 21'0« -.All now unfur- li-hc'lrooin home with panel JI/' 3-515-i. 'leal. MAHKKT HTHEKT HOAD, NH1 -• 2- hetironm furmahoil home, wuter fur- MlKlio.t.. Jfir, | t er muiuh. -120-3157. MAKSEY TOJrr-KlNS TtOAP — Two Iwd- room houw, w«»!icr connection. Water /urnl«hi-tl. Phone JU :i-1480. AIUUAM, y20 3-l'e<lrtiom, 2-baili home, '•'irner lot. very clean, Ki-yntnno Kciilty. JU 3-1T2S. M fSSOUni7~M14 — Unfurnished 5-room house. Blnied-ln back porch, garage, wafer pun!. J50. 3V 2-6POS. NEW JERSey. 2320—3-bedroom furnished 2-story house. Near schools and church- en. JU 3-4885. 'ARK, GOS-Rcnt or sell. Twc-h«droom ;. -IK'', iiir-condltlone'l. carpet, large ::>iii«£. 55C. JU 2-3732. PBAKCE. ai« E.-Sroall furnished 3- room hnuse. wntcr furnished. 5-15 month. Inquire 221 K. Pearce or call JU 3-5226. ice charge. FRED SPIRES, phone JU FREEZER. REFRIGERATOR—20' upright deep/ree**. $175. 11' We$t!ns- !ioi:>!.-. SIS'J. Exi!'!llent condition. LO FREEZER—IS ft. Fnsldalre freezer. Perfec'. condition. flOO. Phone LO 6-7778. GOLV CLUBS. FREEZER—Spalding set Includes Stratobtock. woods. Irons, car:, b:i«. SSO. io-ft. freezer, Sl-iO. JU 3-1172. GET CALENDAR refills and complete calendars for 'fit niw at Matherne's. 207-^11 West Pearc*. Also new appointment books. ledgers, ledger sheets. Inventory pcds. etc to start sixty-one all r!g!i:. GREETING CARD RACK — With cards, 5-sections. Will sell complete set for 51_00. Call 42S-2351. . CLOSING OUT AQUARIUMS AND EQUIPMENT. Priced to seli. McDO-V- ALD NEEDLE ARTS, Bob SmiSh Road, phone JU 3-12T2. 1HJSKRA.T FUR CAPE>—Sell or trade for goort typewriter or desk. 1263162. PRUETT, 713 S. — Unfurnished 3-bedroom home. 2-baths. close to schools, J60. monthly, JU 3-384-1. . Tuv-~ Attmeiive i REFRIGERATOR—1957 model Admiral. 9 t'*, I — /* HI 'll-l- » "- i ....!.,,. »„„. »_ __..J AAU J,tl__ VJC /V1 0«« LO 6-7730. Int. 570 per month See Sparky Bor;!l. JU 2.S218 or LO 6-7B26. BCHILMNr;. 4 — 2-btdronra. partly furnished home Keystone Really. JU 3-172S. SINGLETON STREET—2-bedroom furnished Dimse. Extra large lot. Call Jl! 2-6(133. TWO FURXISHKD two-bedroom houses. T'TAH. 'J1UG — 3-bciiroC'ra redecorated hnme, 2 bsths. den. pcreened r,v:r.t: porch. 2'JU wiring, utility porch, near .ichools. $90 monthly. LO 6-719S. WEAVER. IDS — 2-bedroom furnished house with carport. Call LO 6-5395. WANTED TO RENT— Gnrage Tor rcorage ot car. Call JU 34316. 18. Bedroomt-Board RKHUOEP.ATOP. — Used Frtfridalre; big. clean and freezes real goo-i. $10. S30 Miriv, ny. JU 3-3S17. REKRJGERATOR—9-Ft. Coldspot, «5. Monarch portable sewing machine, 530. Bnlh In good condition. LO 6-7285. SALES -- SERVICE — RENTALS — Typewriters, adding machines, cash registers ami bicycles. BLOOM SALES CO.. 3305 Market St. JU 3-2KS. USED FREEZER—IS 1 General Electric 1-ynar ok!. l!k« n?w. G"j?.rnntced. Oricmally S399.9."i. now $229.95. Terms. WILKIE'S. 324 \V. Texas. JU 2-S447. "V" BELTS. PULLETS For reWg- craiors. alr-conditioncrs. pumps, compressors. washers, attic-window fans, 3000 belts in stoci Massey Electric Co., S. Praelt Phone JU 2-2C60. 2-PIECE living room suite, divan and platform, both for J30. Excellent condition. Call JL' 3-3128. I AT CRKGBR HOTEL AND APART-jjjoq E. Rep'ibliC MENTS — Home atmosphere, tub a-nd : Whirlpool Reincrrator ....Terms $283.00 Sen-el Rorricerator Terms $225.00 I HOUSTON NATURAL GAS WAREHOUSE JU 2-S584 H-/-l,l>- ,1- v-^T-r ,,. J ,- --V1J-JJ-1 1 O —" *1VII««.- <JU4juat" J1: * =. .**v (l-lu . \VOi\A v. ANTLD---VMII do ehlld rare I showi , r baths. Kood beds, gas heat. low! In my home ..T yours for u-orXi.ii; j ra t cs . phone JU 2-2326. IG- Exeelieiit rare. A;-ply 2m 8. Second. Monuments-Lote R: cm' MONL'MEXT Co. — Granite. marl-le, brui'i" :n<'.'ri5 ar.d aisve M.-krrs. Cen-.tSi-ry worx, T'-rnis. no car•-:-.i; ohargns Murki-t at \V, Mnin, :icxl . f'cop.e'5 Stale Hs,-,k. JU 2-1702. Building New Homes 'Riodfll.'K. fil'-!-i»:s. Forltilr.l To A. J. . Tcits) JH 2-S472 Apartments For Rent. GRAVES WAREHOUSE Good Television 529.95 Silvcrtone Rndio S14.50 ".00 TUP ^ARIF M ROND J^Oallcn Waler Hoater sr>. IRC OMUIC IVI. DV-'INW 5 . Rad : nn t Penrborn Heater J20. MEMORIAL HOME CiiRlS HOLJSAEPFEL. phone JU 2-T14I. NOW IS THE TIME to modernize and repair. For the beat price on top graile building materials see: BR1TTON CRAVEN LUMBER CO. JU 2-?2«5. TIME TO MODERNIZE Cabinets designed and built. Add-a-room. den. paUo, 'carpon. Install wlndproot roof, siding, paint. NO DOWN PAYMENT Ideal Builders Supply. JU 3-2137. Building Material Bargains U" Jfahofany V-groov« Plywood SS.-tO U" Fir Plywood $2.75 Call us for better prices on all building materials. Special on complete house, bills. Loans ind contracting- No sen'lc* charges. PRINCE LUMBER CO.. LO 6-S714. Before You Buy SHEETROCK-- PLYWOOD-LUMBER WE GIVE Top Value Stamps CALL TEMPLE LUMBER CO Gulf at Commerce JU 2-8256 P & S ALUMINUM CO. Custom madt screens 208 W. Lotlt J0 S-52S1 Latex Inside Paint 52.95 per gallon STARJKTT-SHUTE LUMBER CO. 331S North -Main, phone JU "S-561S Remodeling Specialists Let us help plan your project and complete it for you. or. If desired. w» will "dry it in" and you can finish. Buy the jwckase—labor and materials— and save S$$. MORTON LUMBECR CO. •126-3311, Highlands, 611 South Main 32. Articles For Rtnt FLOOR SANDERS, Rug and upholstery shampoo macnines, bandsaoder, polisher, law, Kuhn paints. Williams Rentals, S iloirell. .JU 2-8498. FLOOR SANDERS AND SCOURS— Sheley LumMr Co. 220» Market St., JU 3-17«8. 33. Sporting Good* OK E. James "A Nice Place For Old Ladles" Air Conditioned — Fine Food Orn'.rnl Hem -- Vrlvate Room? JU 2-3248 JU 2-SS97 LO 6-7628 5. Personal WHAT 001 ^ \ • ry v-."tr"i QAVE ti be'.l I i'i looked <iO'.\! .'.'OOP AHARTMENTtf — S|iaciou» :v;::!tr,:fi, Iqrnlsl'.e-l if do.iired. c-i fit:-.'., air c- ind:il'.'nir.K. wall-to- Carrie;, l-'.un'icrln? (.icllltles, car.«. Cor.visriier.lly located 1300 E. .I. J!' 5-^l':i. !22. Homes 'Cl.KVELAKD, '-'Olh W.- -I nm « 3W »y child, bu. !^.'? T11 5.J.".- 2 - 1 ; 7 . h: ; -:,, >;:iiai,'- n; '.r- - 3-room fumiihed !. adults only. sliocke- cuMldn't «iiy I carp-rt, : what I hail bllli ::T,,} Sir. wo-kiv, Jf -J-S8SS. MONKS REST HOME — "Keep this place In mind. For « better one is hard tt> find." 2400 Dorns JU 3-1130 23. Services Offered ! dup-«. C?0 wn.T;j: "1 kn^.w this new* la very '' lu - CM! JU 2-f-'-W E1LVKE SERVICE. WREEL ALIGNING _ ^ — Balancing out-ol-roiuid tires made ill n II Two twiii-Tvim un. round, Clnrk's Wheel and Brake Scn'ice, IU-B — J-KO oeoroorn un- [n •,,..,,„, ,.,.„„, Tt , n.oja 7 heat, i MOO Market ^trcct. JU 2-9437._ . EOOKKKF.Pl.N'G — All work supervised ::»n'K.i of ^ur 'FURNl^Hnti AND UNFURNISHED.' ''•' ' t»\r\i>fit. business k-uers and typ- i; | APAHTMESTS — J Ruarr.s and bath, i lnB - Ju -*•"'• _ _ la-M-ondiiiored. J?3 month, no utilities (ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIRS-Kcwind- '.,i::l ti-.tre in my e-.ftl iirjr-r'.l fcr lr,« din y:vl st.'ir'.ti! ini! , p RK .. ' S J ZP . Modem equipment. p^: 1 '. iivit^-l tjf-hlr.d Hnn Jncmto Hos' j!'; !l '!. -t : 'J*W_ _ i qualified 'rocchamcs. Massey Electric, 823 t GULF. 101 E. — Furninhed apartments lor'^J^Jelt^jTU j-^2SL ^__ re.vl. 3!0 week, bills paid. Phone Jf.j-QR RELIABLE REPAIRS on your ' ; -l^" I \va5hnic mnrhtr.p. dryrr or dishwasher. (;•-:; :.•,::!> '.T- N. - r.-i-wnis a'ml fiatlt \ nu B »- vt( ' v »" W»5hi;j_Bn_d Pn'cr SeMce. 'li:-n ^b'-l pirsn'- ,-iTi.irlnient, bills paid. ', ^ .''i!''._?. a .' < '^. 1_' V J^ '.'._ , J'.' . Ml or JU ::-">i3 before 10 n m. or COVING — Loc.ll. lon« dlslnn«. Expert' a'!f'.- ,'i |i r-;. I enr!!l ) m en. modern «<iuiiiitie:it. bond«l. r. R Tokrr Moving nnil T'-MiisIer, dn>*. p-'l- iJU -~M or ,.[ a'.: . . .-i|i;irlmi'!U. Call 4:6-3733 .'.TEH WEt.I. DRlLl-lNti — Unmet, Industrial Irriiatlon: auUiorlted de.-iler •r~ Berkley Water Systems; established 1901. Jl-5 ! James' Jcrnilsrln-. JU I-9448. WATER WELLS -For water 3-3M1. , ,, r ,, dnllinc. repnirn. SUPERIOR WA- '",,"":TV.R WELLS. G. H. Whitley, 1501 Amy ni""'- j prive. Jl- S-f.YiS. WATER WELL PP.ILLISG -- Pump "' '•"'• ' sales nnd kprvii'". hank Hr.nnrir^ s p.-il'i, Brrtc.- rinllmji Co. Member of Texas Wn- •W93- itcr Well tlrillers Auoclatlon. Phone Highlands. 4 1 .'fi-::il. V.'V, WlLir.V -\N'AO,K YOVH KKNT rjtOPKRTV Sparky Bond—Realtor 315 W. Main, Old Felly J20.00 EVINRUDE MOTORS — Super quiet 1S161. Sales and sen-Ice- llechanic on CLOTHES LINE POSTS Will Install, barbecue welding. JIT 3--I512. pus, weekend SHOULD SELL OUR PRICE dut BAi'TOWN MARINE SALES. 2700 ilarket St.. JU 2-7916. SHOTGt : N — • 12 Gauge Stevens pump. Look. 1 ? and shoots like new. $83.00 coet. will sell for $50. JU 3-3334. $ 4.05 "enn:g SJioes, Size 4H ; n T.I S 1.45 . . aulir:. 5 -. t'p 16-FOOT plywood boat, big whiel trall- , -:r. 19. r iF nnniel 25-h.p. motor, steering -95; w- H(,ci. windshield, convertible top. First Good Old SXif Tr.-iiler . - .S25.UO|{4oo" eels it" JU"3-2i70 alter "5 p.'m. 532.50 20 Oa Slr.ple B.trrel Gun $14. Sf> — — --S S..W Wonl Jacltet Phirls ..... S 2.85 $ 1.30 Carnp O n Axe .......... $ .95 $12.1)0 New Insulated-Sole Hurtini; Sliws .......... S S.S5 J17..W New Play Pens ......... $12. P5 523.60 New Baby Bed and JUttress .............. $19.95 S14 95 Bn.«slnette Haby Bed" and S 9.95 NEW On* Mnn Saw S 5.95 NEW Cross Cut Saw $ 7.95 JACK HEARD FURNITURE CO. 12 IV. LVfee, Baytown JU 3-196::. WALLPAPER CLOSE-OUT SALE COMPLETE STOCK '/ 2 PRICE Home Lumber Co. Ji'fl E. Trx.TS JI.' 2-S211 S CU It. REFRIGERATOR Ktlvlnntor, new pnlnl. pushbutton defrost SS9.9S B. F. Goodrich 514 W. T«xa» JU 2-S25» Whitcomb's Used Appliance How would you like a Rood Used MAT- TAG nutorintic wnsher for only Nwr «c'hooi. j pl''t'''y rrdrr- -ator. Ir.nit in Coastal Armature Works F.'.rctnc Molor Ri'wir.dlnc Ki'lui'T nit typos nnd s!?es. ITffi Carollnn at Writ Main Dny or Nlcht. rhonc JU 2-9S70. iNS 1'OAIi - 24. Soil Fertiliwr Utlll- J',. -1 .1 ,-f .!!' ".-I"-". —, ;—:— TOP SOIU FILL SANI-. CI^M ANO » .-r-->"! -iii-l b.itli fu.-| OYSTER SHELL — Haulinc nnd snw'l •,«irr- W.\f psld. <nH i (ruck Jobs OEOROE TORRES: JU 3-3:33. .-: :,;;-:>- <'I3 F. M-i'n. j A)r .. vnra , prlvp-ln Grocery. PUBLIC NOTICE Francis Reagan Is No Longer Employed BY TICK K & R Glass Co. _ Modem 4-room unfur- j t. dup!.-\. hardwood floors. 26. i>.~ frcshlv papered nnd ' ' ^" _ _ , rlants-Seeds r -,zw». R. : -- 9!>3 : ' I URANO NEW ROSE HUSHES - All . kinds. Incliuitnc th fiiTMicd - oi '' " ni1 f'"* I'-i'fnfl - - new paicnts. G!nd!- $40 mo-tti M , 1 "IT fvlS P —T!'rco-room furnished ! . striiwhfi-r sira»-K-rr>-. c I\Ts;'.mTnon Rmoko :iji:irtmi > nt, near schools. JU • !rers. 1WC1 MarVrt St. ' view. hull's 1'nn--' . v w .-rry. c n bb« K c Collnrd. plants ri-inhnx >IT.- New F.vcrcrr-ens. .Tup- rco;\n. Vru-t Cooktail nnl nil kinds Citrus Rr-ail, Channel- All AvrUanccs Rebuilt anti Guaranteed 700 W. Main JU 3-1631 USED APPLIANCES ^•;!<v-ir Pcrvcl rplricrPralnr with autn- rriiitli; iconLikT. 2 \vnrrntuy PH s-cnlcr! unit, ^n-diy service. Excellent r.'isi'.li'.'^n. 512.1. n.*nt. Clcnu. 549.00. Two \Vflstinjr^oupfl electric range?. ! Clran Kxce^cn: concllllon. You? • ctu-ife. $59,Oil each. GUNS--New and Used Authorlicd Browning Dealer TALLIN'S PAWN SHOP, 6 N. Main OKE Stripling Outboard SALES AND SERVICE But Boat and Motor Deals In Town 718 E. Humble at H»y. 1«». JU J-20SJ GUN BARGAINS OFF SEASON DISCOUNT On New .it:-.! Used Guns and Rlflei JIM NELSON 101 N. Main JU 2-5307 35. Good Eating OYSTERS PLENTY FRESH OYSTERS Op»a Dally. Captain O*Kood. Bayou-Crosby Road. JU S-143' FRESH OYSTERS Baytown Fish Market 107 \V. Main JU 3-5330 36. Inaurano* RAYBORN JOHNSON AGENCY Savlnss to policy holder* FIRE. AUTOMOBILE, UAB1L1TY 2201 Market JU S-1784 29. Business Opportunity SERVICE STATION'S FOR lease tn Sayiown. Excellent location. Finan- 1 citil assistance availablt 1 to qualified in- I W AINJ^NA/ORTH f^O 'dividual. Call or write Te\aco, Inc., P O. J. VY. AllNiWV^Mn ^/W. iBox ., u ,- : , Hoa4ton ;,;, TCMS . CA 8.747! I'Si-ii Market JX :-S3!<T of coniaot Ur. Magouirk. JU S-S2U. Graves Furniture Exchange 519 N. Main JU S-15M •1' Tieei'i ret-jp IT" HCA Television, perfect L'-Tiecc Wliirn ninl Pl.Tfirtr Llvin< Rnorn suiie- Nlce 3-1'lerc Herlnvm Suite 51S."..HO S 7<J,.'iO .$ S'.t.SO 5 4r,.no .S 3".id :i $ 45.00 O:i« K.inito . S 22.5 S. K. K ft K •,:il,-.,- -,1111 ur-: FAVORITE PALM'S FOR PLAN'TCRS > _^ , _ freshly p;im!-- : rlllNKSB KAX PALM. 0-f-SO" Spvend. ', HiaheSt OuiCK CflSH rOF -i!i,~i> t-i ln\vn. .'J 1 ;, Gal.. Sl.TiO. - -' *^ jaid Osraiie. jl>AVJS NURSERY. LO 6-7171. :. JIT ;-29ll3:! TYI , KR Kosrs NO. i rnt nn .i sias.ilnr-!. A '.ten's c.reen n ' ''"" LO B-757T. !:« ArNir Street. 6. Lost-Found Houses For Rent Appliances & Furniture .|28. Pets-Supplies CLOTHES LINE POLES Custom Trailer Hitches LO.^T — F;uvn col wri>ks oM v.-r Wo.i.llinvn Aildn. cllppi-s! Iloniil-1 i' puppy 10 'M Haru- 7. Instruction FINISH HIGH SCHOOL Or tlmr <-("H-M| free :ir«ff. Wfiter monthly. JU v ,.-n-.r ivii-1 p.-mei c:tr \\' 'i;r\.,TY. S S. A'-lihcl. ;:i7 -Jenr.isclie A HI- r \ 1-he-lronlii hou>-e. HlM,t/i>Or,S -Fom-ilo HoKSon Bulls. J.Ti. ' dm nu'nrti <iM. .'i01 l.i^nc ]iri\(\ U'V-ne JI' S-37S4. snuili si?r fomnlc. black and broivn. 510 l.o fi-5'::»l. !\VAXTV:iJ To Ul.'Y -Cooker! j |-:r,-r-v. f..r .-hll-l's pet. ('.ill 1.0 C.-7-MI. I»iiyto-.\-n Tr.i.'er Paint Specials Iv.nn Q-li Gl-Ks Krmmel. Hi. - reg. $S.F'< K.30 For Lease HEIGHTS STOP N SHOP cry. excellsnt retirement oppor- :-T someone who 1.1 willing to \vnrK snrt h.ia avallabls cash. Apply ll''U Lindijers Ave. LKE ('ir^ t:i:!l(y 40. Real Estate Wanted 42. Acr««g» For Sal* Highlands Realty HIGHLANDS: 20 i»crt». 800' front or tvlll divide In 9-acre tracts, of town, all utilities available. Termn. Beautiful wooded lot, 2W.5' front. Drive,. Trrmi. 280' deep. Fin Oali 47. HOIMM For Salt NEW HOME—8031 Ocean Drive, Bayridge. Sell, trade or rent. Houewn collect MA 3-S118 after f p.m. ,. . A. \V HAMM. Realtor. 115 S. Msln Phona' 426--JU'- or 426-34SL 43. Business Property NEW THREE-BEDP.OOM BRICK—Central h»»t, carpeted, built-in kitchen, larg* den, J baths. JS4.50 monthly. MONT- GOMEftY REAL ESTATE, JO 8-1211 JPEAP.CE. 604 E. — Clean 3-b*droom home, low down payment, carpet, ve- inet-aiis, and over sued garage, near school. JU 2-D3U after 4:30 p.m. HIGHLANDS 225 N. Main. Brick antl tile building: size 16'x4S' nnd lot 32.5' wide and 75.0' deep. Formerly Telephone Company building. For Information, contact B. R- Cole, Baytown, TeXM. JTJ 2-9097. 43-A. Water Front Lots Available At BayrMfe 11300 And Dp. % Down—7 Tears On Balance George D*Ment, JU 2-6030. PAMELA. 7M—.'i-hedroo.TC. kitchen bmlt-ini, 2-car garage, wooded lot. GI equity, owner transferring. JU 3-3694 or JLJ 3-2357. PLUMWQOD — S002 ChiHon Drlvt, Section 2. Open 3-bfdroom homes. 2 baths, electric kilehtn. car pet, h«at. ratio. KENNETH KRASOFF, JU 2-SJ17. 44. Farms-Ranches CORNER ARCHER AND BARKALOO ^ITO? *££* ROAD—Sraail farm 3 m:les out of Baytown. 31.9 aerea with nlc« S-room TRUETT 1400 N.—-Large Jl-.'e-beidroom family home, llvlns, (lining, den, kiu-lisn. 1'— baths SIS.000. BOB STEPHEN.'' REAL ESTATE. La Porte, GA 1-2111. CA 1-1176, Houston, GR 9-2736. REPUBLIC. -S06 E. - Equity redu«d~TO this home with 2 large bedrooms. Inrse ivini: room, panel heat, 2 sir conditioner«. 2-car garage. Perfect shape inside and out Full price lc $3.7Cn. Call Ruth GrtKith, Rwltor, at JO 2.204S. —See the Coates homes in Glen Arbor: 408, 431. 412 Pamela. AH brick, electric kitch- home. Terms. Tot other Information ^ ^-. S» b V wSf'B^T' Jti call Eddlo Cox. LO 6-5060 or Lo|?l ks - JU - 6138 or Jonn sbparer JU 6-7221. 45. Lots For Sale J3-7614. STEWART. 400 — 2 bedroom?, corner lot. shade trees. Owner «-i!l finance, low down payment JU 2-2353. illLBYDALE No. 1 — Two ndjolnlng lots, 10S'x90' eacn, »1975 aplec* or J3800 for both. JU 3-1917. Beautiful Homesites LAKEWOOO AND BROWNWOOD Ijirg« wooded lots, all utilities, paved streets, near schools and •hopping area. Drive out today and ces tht few quality locations left. THEN CAli WALKER REALTY 6515 Bayway Brive LO 6-5297 CTAH. 1KB — Brltton Cravens Addition. 2 bedrooms, den. floor furnace, attic fan. In good condition. Low equity, monthly payments K3. Call Ruth Griffith, Realtor, lit JU 2-2049. VAE DRIVE, 5415—CralEcaont Place. Just like new. 2 years old. It's beautiful. 3 bsdrooias, IVi baths. «J1 air conditioned, central heat, plenty close: space. 2-car grange. Buy small equity and tsko up notes, owner leaving town. EDDIE COX, LO 6-7221 or LO 6-5060. Tennessee Street Brltton Cravens Addii., 2003 Tennessee. Extra nlcs residential lot. JU 2-2S60. WOOSTER. 136 — 2-bedroom home with den, H acre corner loi, with lots of trees. Will take late model car or boat as down 'payment Call John Mitchell, JU nltt or JU 2-6S28 day«. GENE MULLER, Agency RESIDENTIAL AJIEA — Beautiful wooded lots In Lahewood. BAY LOT, 440 Burnot—Heavily wooded. LO 6-7551 47. HOUM* For Sato ASHBT, 30S and walk Leavn your car at home to work. Near Rubber Plant and Refinery, pretty 2-bedroom home -with separate dining room. Owner transferred, Eddie O», LO 6-7221 ot LO 6-5060. CALL US about this nice 3-bedroora trick home in Glen Arbor. The down payment is only $400. Balance Is covered oy new 25 year FHA loan. CARTER H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES — Realtor! JU I-9024 days or JU 3-J822 nlte SEE TODAY — MUST SEil. MISSOURI. 3213—Modern 6-room horn* In excellent condition. 2- baths, separate dining raom, dishwasher. Garage apartment with added Income. NO DOWN PAYMENT. Available now. Call Jim B«ll«y, JU 3-172S or JU 3-3512. 1701 AMY STREET—New 3-bedroom brick P/j baths. S158-! down moves you in. 115 R1DOEWAT — New 3-bedroom brick. IVi baths. S1SOO down. NICK 2-bcdroora home. ?600 down payment. 1908 CLAYTON—Corner lot. Pink brick 3-bedroKDs. 2 baths, electric kitchen. family roam, carpet In living -oom, central oir conditioning. Shown by appointment For complete Information, call TO 2-2153 day or nlgbt Dean King Real Estate C. TOMMY REESE LO 6-5061 JU 3-M5S CROSBY-919 Kenning Ave. 3 beCrssm - 02 Ivl *.. T. F. ODOM - BUILDER Reliable Building Sen-Ice JU 2-5830 brick home, 2 baths, carpet, hie, large den and kitchen, pailo. Carrol Ferguson. Crosby. COUNTRY CLUB OAKS — By owner. Spaclom Colonial brick. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, complete electric kitchen. dlnlnR and living room*, ftlr conditioned, carpeted am! draped. ov«rslte lot with trees. Price includes club membership. Small equity. low pay- men;*. Phone LO 6-5621 tor appointment. EQcrrrr FOR SALE DWWELL. 1209 — 3-bedroom brick »«• neer home located on well landieaped comer lot. Beautiful built-in refrigerator, range, oven 1900 ft. of liveable floor space, central air - conditioning and central heating Terms. Call JU S-S41? days or LO 6-5604 evenings. FIRST. 909 N.—4-roem house, S45 monthly. WRIGHT, 101 E.— 7-roora house. $50 monthly. No down payment required. Call JU 3-1744. FOURTH. 507 S.—2-bcdroom house, fenced back yard, corner lot Buy owner's equity. Call LO 6-S3B5. QLEN ARBOR. 707 Granthara — 3-bcd- room brick home, tile both. House and furniture. No down payment. J25.00 moves you In. JU 3-1301 or JU 3-1530. GLEN ARBOR—710 Crantham. Three bedroom brick colonial: car- p«t; fenced. 4'-i c 'r. JM notes will save buyer SI.500 J9.SO equity, $4.00 cash will handle. JATKO. Houston 1.-N 4-3744, ORANTHAM. 7is — 3>bedroom brick, carrot I'^^r, SS9 notes, J1100 equity. S«00 c.-isl! w II h.indlr. JU 2-9696. ORAY%VOOP. SC7 Idlrtvood — Your New Year plans should include a lovely 3- bedroom brick home. Near completion to pick your own color scheme. 3-extra large walk • In - closets, ovrrslie family room, kitchen bum-Ins, detached Rarace, splendidlr landscaped corner lot. A S«- vell home that has quality and beauty rtrarvi.-n- ill- i-onihmed. Will take Cra-:e In. r-'' '• • 'it now. DAN SAVELL JU 2-T219 CRAIGMONT No Down Payment 3-Bedrooms, m baths, centrally air conditioned and heated, all brick, built- in range, carpeted floors. LO 6-5S1* or LO 6-7T16. Gene Muller Agency LAKEWOOD. 4« 8- Eurnet — Larfi contemporary bay home, beautiful fireplace. 3-bedroom, 2-bathi. alr- condltloned. centrally heated. Shown by appointment. LO 6-7551 CRAIGMONT PARK Not IcTo Move In , PLUS 10.00(1 TOP VALUE STAMPS WITH EVERY HOME PURCHASED Payments as low as $83.50 Inclii-llns everylhlne. 3-beilroom home. I'-i baths. Uitchen and family room, central heat. 47. HOUSM For Sal* Fair Park Addition MIDWAY. 302 — Out-of-town owner. Reasonable offer accepted. 3-b«ltoom brick, i!4 baths, electrt* built-in range. JU 3-3T19 or JU 3-3M2, HOUSTON. 21? W.—BieUutds. 3-btd roomi and den. carpet on living dining room »nd hall. Natural fireplace, floor Jumace. Nauva trees. Oa 3.44 acres. Buy equity or «el]IQg aj appraised. Avey's Real Estate 42«-2313, Hlehlands, 113 N. 3USa Foe Dependable Moving Service Local or Last Oliunce, Call JU 2-5050 Hasty Transfer And Storag* CRATWOOD ADDITION 8P3 Fleetwpod—BrtcSc veneer 3-b-wS- room home; beautifully decorated, excellent lenurti, near school. 113 W. ADOUE Three bedrooms, 2 bathj, carpet, drapes, two window air condltlon- InK units, excellent condition, near school. E. F. Luquir* CONTRACTOR JU 2-9431 or JU 2-70S3 48. Mobile Horn* MOBILE HOME—45 1 Spartan with factory atr-comHUOa<ng, ecntral heat, 2-brtroonvi, C«U 436-311-t or 428-2733. 49. Automotive Servio* EXTRA SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY January 17th to January 21st. MUFFLERS All Chcvroleta. Most B'orrls and Plymouths. $7.95 WATSON AUTO SUPPLY 3S07 Mlonssota JU 3-3S72 40% On Shock Absorbers and Piston 30<» on Mufflers WATSON' AUTO SUPPLY 3207 Minnesota JD S-357Z 52. Truck* TRUCK — I960 International with big bumper and fish-plated. New truck guarantee. JU 2-9073. 1 955 Ford li-Ton Pickup SU cylinder, good solid truck with oak catlla rack. Drive It off the lot for $595 Clyde Jones Rambler 407 W. Texas JU 2-S361 63. Work Ctr» FORD. 1954—4-door. VS with standard shift, JK'W tires and seat covers. Only $333. see at 418 W. Pearcc. JU 2-8356. 54. Automobile! CHEVROLET, 1S53—Be! Air. new white will tlresT sUndiffi transnilsiloa, radio, heater, new paint. {350. 3UG Rosille Wrivc, JU 2-S22I. FORD. 1P5S—"800" U-door hardtop. Excellent condition. Se« 2217H Cedar jE-iyou KOLtii. Jennlsrho Addition. J. — IMS Station Waaon. 3- scaler. Mercomatlc, radio, heater. white wall tire-.. $300. See »t 507 W. Gulf or cal1 J " 3-MM. 54. AutoflMMMR CMMt I* OoMI Bay Motor Co. •0* Bfbwmy lit IV TKad Pelton Ford! A-l USED CAM •da W. Te**i IU TRADE WITH "HCWMT" JIM Jim Carter Mtr. Co. :t W. Texas TO 1-HM I960 Chevrolet KM H-tnn ptekup wit* (Mater. Thl* u a nice, low nlit*«* track, ta* tt'i priced at $1395 Dan Hutchins Mtr. Co. Texas AT*, and Hwy. Hi TO I960 Dodge Dart STATION vY V-s motor, standard white wall am, ao* S»u _ accessories. ft,OM actual 4UM. jr«w car guaranty. Itwtuwd (• MI |W» under marfctt. Vbr ft- i*tt :lmr. «M this today. 0 -'•.•;•-• Ernie Dittman Motor* 707 B Ttxa* JU X-IU* 1 953 Mercury 2-itoor Hartita* pfd with radio. b«*t*t, automatic tracsnUsalon. It'l at $395 Higginbotham Motors 2913 Market _ JU »-»ll«- Exceptionally Clean 195* CHEVROLET V-S 4-door sedan wits »UadJuil itdtt, radio. heaUr. whlt» wall tin*. and Mark rv air toadltiooiBf. $895 Paul Prince Bulck 2SOO Market JU 3-5314 1957 Volkswagen UM n*w ln3id« tad out. an ortl- Inal white w»ll tlrts. An last Texas Mr priced to tell tils Laughlin Auto Sales Across From Memorial tttdtum. BAYSHORE MOTORS 2100 Market JTJ *-a:« '54 Plymouth •dcor. S cylinder, with radio, bt»t*r, automatic transminlon. Look* MM runs good. A good buy at $195 '60 Falcon 2-door, standard transmission, heater. A real fin* economy car with beaiiUTul wbjti finish. '57 Cadillac Etdan da Vlll« la throughout. Alt possible extras Indud- InR factory air conditioning. You mutt sc« it to npprtclatt it MANY OTHER GOOD USES CAR* flectrio built-in?. 2 car garajiE, Drive nut Denker Drive from our fti-nNhi Louise. LO 8-74IS. today and select model at OLTSWOBILCONVERTlBLE— I9SS. All powef. PIAHOUTH, 19KS - Fun 1 deluxe, radio, heater, power steering nnd hrakes. ex- S313i«llent condition. orjy_ J600. LO ti-515!?.__ PLYMOUTH. 195S — fury I-door hardtop, air oanuinonefi, p^uvr .steering. Immaculately cle.-in. b.-irs-iin. S12W. Need A Work Car? ;-*ii^-.i^- '; q; *Ff?^ *" We hava a. (election of (Odd. wHd work car* Oiat raaf* In prte* from $295-1495 Drop tn anrl look tUcm ovtr. Tou'll find on*t to suii your needs. Nea! Dickens Mtr. Co. Under The Big Shed—HH-?-. W. 3V 3-4UJ BAYTOWN'S BftST USED CAR! Buck Turner Chevrolet S500 DOWN Your present rent dollars will buy one of these all brick 3-hertroom homes featuring lart;e pnnrllert <len. central beat, t'-4 baths. 2-c»r BUTLER A BEALL KUILDINO CO. JU 3-5125. .R5FA.ULT DAUPHINE. 19SP~Blacf;. 13 I monUis old. Exccllen! condition. $1195. ;wee*daya after 5. JUJK ; "£; or JU :-59ST. Volkswagen Author-lied Vo!ks« p 3g*n Oealer Texas Motor Import 60fi K. Tt-x.-is 3-1071 GLEN ARHOR, SOS Pnmela—Furnished raodel on -<hnw. 3-bedrooms. *-full bathi". central heat, carprt. hullt-ln kitchen, larse dtn. 5?-l.41 monthly payment.'. CALL TODAY. .n: 3-tMi WILL,n TO Pl'lT ON YOVR TKOPEP.TY NO DOWN PAYMENT LAKEWOOD DRIVE, 22!>—Lovely 3-bedroom home, central heat, attir (an. Completely n-pninted. floors rclinisheJ, Kivtng it a new home look. HAVE BRICK HOME IN TYLER. Will trartt tor Baytown property. II interested, call .It" 2-til'''2. ILLINOIS. .'!222—Nice, bis 2-bedroom hom« A rea.1 hursnln for quick »al«. Owner will currv n'-vn ::ot*'5. Pricer) $5950. EPDIE COX. LO B-7521 or LO 6-fiO«i'. LAKEWOOP — 104 Timhrrlaw. one-year old 4-Vv1room hndi home. TM-II complete baths. SO^-i down mnxe« you In. Eddie Cox, Realtor. LO 6-7221 or ILO 6-SO«ii. List tVlth STEWART AND RUTTER IS N. Anhbei JU 3-4062 JOHN M. SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES RCA! »'.i!o Sales. Rentals, Lofuis 150!" M. Pruett JU 2-76H l.KT VS HANTLK YOUR RENT riMJ-KKTY- \Vc Collar! Your Money. P:iy Y :;r No'.os nn>l Hank The Balance. Keystone Realty JU 3-172S or Jt' 3-4859 AMERICAN SCHOOL p 2 *>((.< <ii. —- rot- S? ^5 1 : " Piir« Rrlx':» Knnnicl Hru»h. i-.-R $1 11 ...» -Mi Denman Paint & HoVe. j 11B K Tev^ Jl' 2 .')713 ' \Ve Reoommenl KoliaM* sun P^r-<TlnnKfrs 29. Livestock-Supplies I 1 . O. IV* -S19S- i:i;: V. IMrrl.i OK i-fi.'M : - i-.i !fr,» i.v UiiitU.t [•,(•• >n :'.<i!' -;-!»-<i-1 :-r! SI7 30 A :i::r" 4 !• m i ;.i!i-:-i -1 heiiviHiTii fur- j o;crtnrat nrip!:nnoes, •v;n HAY- si -i:. I r. K. r«:ri 1^;^ ill I'lt I ".ill. H-.i'f- ! ni.\cK '•I'A'i.V li HAY P.vlc. 1-tMlI-t i •":<', iM SI;I:I:F.NS » (U vour \\inrl •••ilmiiin first! Ii JT.V\VC)On 51 ("ill.ll V. -V'^'i p •, r | v .«' r K \ I " li'i-.'l I'lni!,--. .11 ' ':-, ;i:ri;«he-! 5-rooni ; i!n:ci!. darigf. BABY .; f>- .T S-.'lfi.' ' n:c« % KKKI'KR c.\l A'Ks—Som' iuv <;. \V. i;o!'li-n. 4?',5 ' ' Sheley Lumber Co. i iuSOn Mnrtet JL' 3-17SS 1 VCH* NAME IT v.ill trv if sc'.l nr trade KEYSTONE REALTY .'"'.I K. Trx.1-1 JU 3-172S When Vour Home 1» Sold ny SPARKY BOND--Realtor It Stays Sold List With "Sparky" YVK si'ViT.M I/,E IN HOMES LV LAK.'-'WDcp. i'.;;o\v.\wooi), AND i-01'NTHV CLUB OAKS. 907 S Main. Jr 2-."CIS r-r 1X5 0-7S58 LAKEWOOD. SOS S Burnet — This cb.irm'' >: 4-beilrof>ni possesses worlds or ey« appeal. A larcr fatr.lly can wiili this extr.i den. 2 cnmplotn hnth?. n!r-con- dltl^nln*:, t-entraJ fifii. He.iuiifii! over- sllet! lot. plentv trees I'rive by to-lay for nther infornntiin. EDPIV, COX, LO 6-7221. IX) 6-5060 SEE THIS TODAY Walker Realty Classified Display 10 E T«xa« JU I-M«t 54-A. Auto Safety Check COMPLETE rBOKT-END AUGNMEMT THAO 7ELTON FORD gv; w. Otau JU 3-CH KOR THE BEST—In P»lnt and body work, brake «nu front-end allftt- ment see: JACK SMITH GARAGE 1415 N. Main JU 2-WW BIS Bayway Drive LO 6-M97I ALL NEW Creekwood Addition New Plans New Low Prices New Low Down Payment Move In fo- na low n» J150 All 3 and 4 bedroom homes, some IVi ntorv, s^ran. somu alr- condltlbntd. »ncl wooded lots. Walker Homes, Inc. At Thf Enl Of Pruelt Sircrt Mn J.ick M Wilson. Snl" Msnngfr JU 2-8084 JU 2-8515 LAKEWOOH — Spacloui 3-bedroom home. 2 haihs, f.\* hulll-lri kitchen with Island hst. Sjvrm wooded lot. I Exccller.: termj. JH.S.W. I MONTr.OMKRY RKAL ESTATE ] JL' 3-1219. Classified Display LAKEWOOn—Just tr.ovt In ror 1599. | Nil fus.i no Kitlifr. P^yme-nts 597 14 : Vi nf-f Mr:\\;!v \vonile- 1 . a-br-irn-m j «intcn:|-iMrv «c".ni--l<. s|-.or;itnit. C.l'.l I Mr IV.IVM cor.-,-:. n.-,-.:.«:,in_Nnj|-MSl. j McFARLAM' 1 iTnc -3-bcJrc'om hptn» j cxccDcM roniliri'-'ii. Ownrr transterrcd must ff\'. SS-'O .'.own. Will tr»d& i KEVSTO.VK RKALTY 1 MI'ST PK1.1. urrurr.i-hed house. ra.'Oi iXle"'; R;-,-r.i:S W.\.'-'i !• !' '•'•'" ,!, ., ,| ( .w i. li-,--,-!'-ri W"- K.I'K •'.'• .", I.n ri ill. ffrr. \V\NTKP • TO iimi •-•>- Snuffi an,1 Klgin frfri r«-~- d»^s, * to :i rr-.-".- -it; .'M* R;I. ">r.-:-:r« 'i - :!--'" Xoth ver> cyan i •"!;•*: h'\*t, alt:,- fnn. . ,'. '.'. < -.- :,-,- 5 1 - ni,Mi'-A I.*' fiTIUi or, ... . ;. | HA..-I-'-- ' '- • -"•''" . . . ' !• --.rv ; ,, VN . , s i i-.;\nWd "-h*'1mom i .'A-Tif' '''-v'l I^ s-immonn for details ot - - Jn)^'f.-.:f.'ff«. 4M-S74J ^ ! ''-]« ! ^^^.rVre-h. f .M. ^ h'R.MKlK H.\Y li'Al.l. ' .11' ; 1','ifit or .71' S-ViSS HORSES BOARDED" S'.nlls ii-if;:ire iisle. JV 3-?4*i:; CULPEPPER'S USED FURNITURE 42. Acreage For Sala Excellent i-u.uliti.M- Ni- jith, ReaV.tir a'. JL* L' limr.. .--n'.fla rt'.i«n ral; Ruih c,r(- • SK7T1.K l-'STATE — . lr-.nB nwm »i:>1 kiti-hrr Ocr.'ifl 3 J. .'v tn rri^n nrfer. S-1S JVsrl. eaiirvv:' T.-X:M. TK S-3R?7. Classified Dispkiy l:v-.r.R room chnir Hof,l H.-d ......... )1. Article* For 9*to ^-r-.d-f Sert-on»l ?ofn .. ;B«hv High Ohhir Mahogany Coffee Tnhle $ '* f ir. Rd»d — L'-ncrrs i l«nd. Idrnl for I A acres with ;.:-h--:v ;• N* 1-orr.i hi^.Tip Fruit treer. . :vi; :,(:•:>. Teiivi-; I'-r-.vw hy T^djiy. Eddie |c--v. i i> fi-VJ:'i ,-vr LO (l-soeo. I SMALL WOODED ACREAOE~ao»« In. Ka^y trims A-l CrHOI.STF.RlNG ~ 1(1 per C'nl down ji-d 1- mon'tn to p»». '••? to 50 per rent off or. nil fshric In stort fill for free JFurniTijre. ?1S K. T«ns.' JU 3-4Sfll. 15 North Commerce St. Phone JU 3-1476 i«irOASt.\L l-ANH ANP PEVELOPMEST 'ro INi' i SOJ E J-irnci. JTJ S-S74J. Bite Jl! J-S359 I 190 ACRES-Unimproved i«n*. 80 Wi twrr-,'. ,|(\ clror, nri-r to»T. Ho;-v • i- 1 ins, in flood locution. TAN POWKR RKALTT JU S-4T7II PIANOS PIANOS PIANOS 35 To Choose From New Spinet Pianos $495 ,:P Used Pianos $189 tP TP« Vr«r Guarantee I'Vrf- Brnrh Frcf Del ivory Small Down Pwymont t'p to 3fi Months to P«y Bnlnncc Plnnos Tmifd -- fU-prtirod Workmanship BROOK MAYS PIANO - OR&AN STUDIO •m r.. A SUN WANT AD Talks Business to Everybody ____ and Is Heard If it's « salesman you want, you'll look far belor* you'!! find a beHer on* than a Sun Want Ad. Small as it is, it packs a mighty wallop, and goh in ptaces where a two-legged salesman can't get the tip of hii shoe. There are no barriers a Want Ad can't hurale. It encounters no sales resistance because it'i paid for fay the advertiser and sought by the reader who buys The Sun to know what's for sale and who has it for sale. It s Wanted. A Sun Want Ad is a tireless worker for anyone willing to hire its service. It is a guide to business opportunities, often a prompter of an enterprise. It sells real estate, unused commodities and has a voice in thousands of transactions like no other medium of advertising. It talks business to everybody, and is heard. For the price you pay, a Sun Want Ad is a force in selling you cannot afford to ignore. Better than eighty-six thousand ^dividual ads have been published in Tho Sun during the past twelve months, and eighty-six thousand of anything is worth consideration. So, for things you want to buy, sell or rent— or for any other need — read and use Sun Want Ads aytmmt CLASSIFIED ADS JU 2-8234 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. JU 24231

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