The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 24, 1959 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1959
Page 4
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THE BBAZOSPOBT FACTS THUHSDAY, SEPT. 24. 1959 Square Dance Added To Fair Entertainment TheBmorfa County Fat Stock Show and Fair Association is adding Friday night a square dance as part of the fair enter- 1 Music 'will be furnished by the Melody Cowhands, a nationally known square dance band. Localandvisitingcallers from over the state will Defea- tured at the Oct. 9 event. The TreasurelslandSkaters of Galveston will give a fast- moving exhibition of the square dance on skates. This group Which has appeared on national TV, is made up of young adults and is well knownamongsquare dancers. Don Kahla.of Port Boliver is their caller. •There Will also be a folk and couple dance team that wili do •an exhibition round dance. A local teenage group from .Sweeny who will do adancefea- turing a. double square forma-. The sqjiare .dance will beheld_ .In the auditorium at the Fairgrounds and will be free to both square dancers and spectators. All square dancers in thecounty are invited to attend. There willbeseveralsets during the evening that will use the old calls and commands of a few years ago, both singlngahdpat- ter. Anyone who hasn't square danced in some time and would like to brush up on the Texas Star, Arkansas Traveler, etc., before the county Fair Square Dance can, contact Jessie Han- Jcamer, Phone OL8-4291, Alvin, V/ard Logan, Phone 2119, Sweeny,' or Bob Hayden, CY •7-7080" in' B'fazosport for the time'and dates that a refresher square dance will be held later this month. Three pre-fair dances are planned, one to be held in each 'of the areas mentioned. These-callers will also have information as to where and Vhea beginner square is=c classes will be offered in the county this'fall. It has been announced today by the Bay City Navy Recruit- Ing Office that three young men from Clute joined the Navy during September. All were sent to'. San Diego, Calif, for Cine weeks of recruit training. Gala William Scharff Jr.. 17. son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Bauch.of 800 Main Street in Clute was enlisted on Sept. 19 *s a seaman recruit. Gala, better known tohis friends as Bill, is interested in motor,and engine repair and during his recruit training in San Diego Bill will have at opportunity to qualify himself for special service schooling in this particular field. James Henry Green, Jr., Ii •on of Mr. and Mrs. James H Green of'140 West Dent Driv of Clute, was enlisted Sept. 1 'as a seaman recruit. James made an excellent score on his entrance exam and willhavethe opportunity to qualify himself for just about any field of study and duty that he so desires. Nealon-Williams 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Williams of Clute, was alsoehlistedonSept. -17 as a seaman recruit. a 1958 Brazosport High School graduate. He and James Green were big buddies and decided to enlist In the Navy together fa order to have someone familiar to go through recruit training with. Both will return home together after completion of their training at San Diego. Your Navy Recruiter may be contacted at the Freeport City •Hall every Tuesday and Thurs- .day, and inAngletoaattheOld .Cpurt_House every Friday. MIXED UP DOG NEW YORK (UP» — A Brooklyn watchdog got bit eop> and iobb«rs mixed up recently. Police said the dog merely wagged bit i*il when two armed bandits ransacked a home of $3,000 worth •i silver and terrorised three women occupants. Later, when two detectives arrived on the scene, the dog jump ed Into action, biting both detectives in the Ugs. BITTO FOODS fOR. USS! BROWN FARMER FYERS THESE PRICES 06OD IN FBEEPORT ONLY. SETEMBER 24, 25, 28. WE ittSEKVE THE RIGHT TO UM11 NTITIES. 22*4 HARVEST S EXTENDS 3 MORE DAYS! SUG1 Food Club Food Club Food Club Food Club IMPERIAL PURECANE OF THE CROP SALE! 23 Peak - of • Flavor Canning brings you all the Natural Flavor sealed-in. N0.2WCM Dream The Bight Wheat milled to light perfection! c Spanish Mockerd mmfmmmimmi «••« ^^— m^^ —— -^—~~ •^••••^' i.\ i •. ^^j^^ DRESSWG139 1 if. IOKILUS ROU» TASTY YOUN« VEAL Steak .....* 89c jm pjet •'•"•'• mwm Mmm rwniw» ..... Crown Roast ............ 47c suns.*, FRESH TENDER VEAL Veal Roast * 59c NORTHIRN CORN'HD Pork Loin Roast... MiK'tVc SPICID TASTY Lamb Patties u. 49c 63< BAKERY SPECIALS Chocolate ' - '.-* ••--— -- WU»» IIASONID KATH1 Blockhowk Dainties IMITH'f MIDI Roastina Chicken i£ 7 £ FRESH FROZEN SILVER SMELT Lb 19 C rOUN* TIHDienw Veal Steak .. u 99c CANDY SPECIALS Pooil Club Cooking 45' 25c RICH PLUM Food Club Preserves KOSHER DILL FRESH PACK food Chib Pickles... 1 31c •OLMM CtlAMIO Food Club Corn .............. 2 H cT 29c **« Me MOD CLUI Juice run Mb. MIL-O.SWEET PICTIN Orange Slices .•£ MIL-0-SWKT Marshmaliow Peanuts ..^m MK.0-SWKTPe.INCH Burnt Peanuts £.% Food Chib Moo «...§.. 19c 17c mi* WHOLI Food Club Temotoes POOD CLUI HLI6T Fruit Cocktail RICH FOOD CLUI Prune Juice... Qt. rouN», swicr Food Club Ptot .... ...... SMOOTH POOD «U» ^riT>MeTw iiTlaiWw•••••*••••• t*t« •*•••>••«e*( e*. Peanut Butter " PRISM POOD eiui ' Black Pepper TASTY TOT MOST Orange Juice SMOOTH iior MOST 23« Cream Pies J—u -. MUCIOUS swin CHAM 19c Ic* Cw»"i J.,..» M. fOOD CLUB TASTT PINEAPPLE-* Orange Drink —.;...-•»«- 25c J7c FACIAL TISSUES UPJOHN UNICAPS MAZEL BISHOP Vitamin Capsules BABY SOU Box «f 200 X*q. $3.11 loHU of 100. BulW Body »efl$t«iee. 7fc SIZE FOAMY SH AVI LIPSTICK Aoerted Shades £eeVJHREK*^x^fi&23Qe| $1.9$ VALUE GILIETTE ADJUSTABLE RAZOR $1.25 VotlM Chocolott Caramels.;. ^^ 35c U.S. No. 1 Delicious APPLES 12 SUNtHINI/HW* CRACKIM . ^ Mb. Citi ,."a »•« SPECIALS IN OUR HOME CENTER MISSIS' ORLON LUNCH BOX SIZE! CRISP And JUICY1 Orchard (resh to your pantry with the sweet flavor of ri»- turally ripened fruit. You'll love their rlehnets in desserU or "as U." H. S. HO. 1 TOAS "• Yellow Onions 3 Lbe 19 C lotto* iwxttr Mh. I lk«rt ilMvu rfHw iMf riMM or* I in. Hitth M*M h MJNMMU4JU UH WIHMAtTeN'S IASY IAY-AWAY PLAN Ml CHtlSTMAS^TOYS n ^-^ TRACTOft drive Irictor He Uru. A4- lultiblt Hit. TIIHAGI DOLL 3" MUSICAL MKKEt 5* I.tS Valee All vlnvl body vltk root«d-Wr. pelk« dot drwi, Mgli liMl Solid lurdwood rock- «r If 21" fci«k «iiV 11'AiUM" nt» tom- plil> wltk muitul clilmi. U.S. NO. 1 HIW CROP Red Potatoes ., Lb - u,i. NO. i swin _ . Louisiana Yams *"* YELLOW SQUASH U. S. NO. 1 VINI-RIPINM Plum Tomatoes ">/ ASST. COLORS 4c Tulip Bulbi^lO wk , MN« COMBINATION BRAZIIR HAIR DRYER Hf gentle *ction driet your •%§ hair quieWy, »*ily «nd **• "1 ". Urge M" bewl wHh coppertene k « o d .nd heevy duty motor Meed for fins) olurence — uibleet to stock on (lend h Mckttofe. 4-CU» CIRAMIC MtCOLATOt Beejric Ceramic Pot attractively de- ^.AM «{gned to |§^» blend with , «ny decor. ^ «.pc. S»» In Sturdi-lmpKt Pldtic. elitminq gold Itttm. Conttmpo- t«ry dwige. $1.91 LIST DftAINBOARD 1^ f^ien, ''• . DRAINIR o9 25° Daffodils ,.3£M9c US. No. 1 t% IftO PBESH ^.~ ^"Lbs. I" Fresh Green Cucumbers 2 25 illlut M M<k taM In Mtoriea color,. »IJ velae •-•• Y*e Alweyi ye* >•<«• HMM AMIMCAN, PtMINTO, SMMM Mixed Chftstf -— TASTY ASSOITM Lunchooei FARM KOMI KOCHH Dili R. I, JR. CROOKS DORCHISTM - PIPES f' H.nd ru^btd. • dl ' tnaarttd Mtt to 1 **< many »*«??',.* • y ityl.i. IndMdu- . ,- <!!/ bo«.d. !£?«« WU»W $ fWOU .,.. 77Cj ASH TllAY , WkH. Heck. .MO' JftHTM.MsilM |* c ! 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Fm |«S«i.bli SiKd, MOIPIP IEAMLUI Toilot Soaffl 294 JALIi V> PRICI CANNON {Wash Clothi 12 H, 144 SHMBPUCOAM I Rubber Pillows 99c a-CW> ALUMINUM Drip-o-lator OUR H*. 1.79 Th« ertglMl, (enuliie Orip-O-Ulw Mitt C*P)UTM trut coff«« fijvofl Duf«W« tluminum wHk b«Uli). hin. dU. Htm« futrd •quipptd. Genuine Imported Translucent Heritage Porcelain Hand Grafted In Barark lv«ty woman hai longtxJ for a tndy wquisite art of ohina to UBC with pride in her hom«. Up until now it has always been out of the reach of most people. But now wein- garten'g prfcudly brings you translucent l>M*teg« I^^vr Ss world's ftnert «Wna, hand-made by e«rftainen of Bavartfc! The World's Finest! Only The Price Is Different! FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BAVARIAN CHINA Bavaria has been recognized as the center for the finest to delicate china. This «raft has been passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, and their ability has become the standard of the world! We cannot use the name ot this world-famous manufacturer . . . BUT WE ARE GIVING YOU THE VALUE! Careful negotatlons resulted in our order being placed months ago. Production is slow to such detailed work. Now it here for you! Offered for the first time at prices everyone can afforo. Afl the pieces for a complete service; This is a tat yew you will us*? proudly only on important occasions in your family! * Meat Platter ?2.98 • Soup Bowls Set of 2 11. W * Vegetable Bowl $2.89 •* Creamer & Sugar Set J3.29 * Bread & Butter Plates, Set of 4, $^ iy SEE THEM ON DISPLAY AT YOUR FRIENDLY WEOTGARTEN STORE \ THl THUHB6AY, lift. OC Firemen Set Barbecue On Saturday As • fund-rtlsini Oyster Cretk Volunteer I Departrnwt will hold i barbecue on StturrUy. ''.t, I As county {Ire dcparUMM* go, the Oyiter Creek Det»rfe ; Iment U very young, IM <mB I needs fandi lor many ttttag* I In * little over • yew .«-.«•>: Itermlned group ot Wen h«« I luccewfully spearheaded •• ' I drive to relic money to *MM . I* debt-free toe station in* I maintain it. , . Funds were badly depleted, when the fire station toot ww : . damaged during HurrietBej Debra and had to be repUeei. The chief need at the me*. (merit Is * lire siren. Mi iQK nal system so that a central : police dispatcher can send Use Oyster Creek firelight 1*1 I equipment anywhere it il new* led within the county, i The event will be. at MM Oyster Creek Com m u > i ty House on Allen Hoed ea Sato* day. Plenty of chicken batbe. cue will be avallabl* tor *I »ef plate. Service will be from ftje* until 6 pjn. ' . • . • JC4-HBoy$ Plan For loir Officers were eleetj*. «ij|lj . Jones Creek Bey's 4-H Bhlfc meeting Monday »t Stepiiss I, Austin Hementtry S«h«eV Charles Jackson, assistant «wt> ty agent, met with th« grooy, .• Officers are John OslMrJk, president; Roiuile' Volketriat, vice president; Tteuny D»v% ' secretary; Bubw Blaekstoek, council delegate; end Bill Phras- ; mer, reporter. ; 7;> Plans for the BrsKirU Count/- • Fair were discussed. Club num* , ben mtde plane to enter 4-» animals in' the event. Devi* ' Mack GiUmik, and XvereM v Crtiner plan to enter turkey*. John Galtxnik and J«B«t ' Yeimens plan. to enter laytag) hens; Crainer and both Galasj. ^ nik boys will enter e*pons; eaeV : Miss Blackstock a eroeebui steer. ' .. : Other animals to be anteMeV ' are two in the dairy «YU»e» .by Made Galaznik and an ep. try in the swine «HVUm-tr Crainer. . ' . : . PITT8BUHO <UM>—Me*V eair raid eU Jer Ch»tie» *V Lupine, 11, when he eeWt. ted in an aeddent ceee UMt, he'd had six er svre* hetfiee ; of beer and waa "tee dnuk. to driTe," Judge Leeeev.V Lewis, mettaf U was tfce On*! jftM he'd heard aBreeM;'i«> ; ; mil to more than "eew e»" twe beers.'* Mste^eae)ee> bl* ! l pine's »-d«T JeH teem mA' put him e« ireeetteei tat • Teat. •ass TET TAOTf oujuarm Yo» may »«•* « Scienee and Htahk lew ei change at any C3hri»ti»» S*"> ence Reading R.«o»». Thj» ,. IbookonbepurdMeediBi*!, green, or Hue hmding M »• I and will be »ent pwtpaid em receipt of tbt& «c nontf order. \ChristianStiene* BCADHI« Fretport 308 X, Broad . & Frl,«to Wed.7:46to8|»ll>l. 9 p.m. to 9:15

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