The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 29, 1962 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1962
Page 9
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fpj WAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS, WED., AUGUST 29, 19A2 Angleton Wildcats Show Plenty Of THl HAZOSPORT PACTS Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511—Cfa«lfl«d-.BB 3.2*11 PAGE* By IUI.I.V Kit HARMON Filet* Knnrfa Stnff cnr.F,K |C r o e k ' K second offensive unit json. |smrcfl one time Inte in (tin one' Offensively, Ihp loams look iSp) —AnRln-:"<"' ono-lmlf hour fmr«« Against (wssessinn of the hall on'(ho * Ion conch Hennnn Mooro and his| Anslelon's scrond Hefensi v e yarrt lino nnd were allowed IV., „ . slflff were well pleased with IhfijRrnup. imimttmi playlnR time in each ^," A Wildcats perfnrmnnre Inn scrim-! Rnl Clear f><* wns nn push'^rles. H n pans w»» intercepted'"Jr" 01 " niB(|p with Clear Creek IIP re TUPS, j over. Observers said after the "f <her«> was a fumhlc rim-In* the nVtr"" . clay WRM. jscrlmrmiRe. that Ihp League City'lime period, the ball was mtnm-'""""!" 1 ™ AttRlelon racked up four touch-; Rrlrirters would R|VP Iji Marmie ! H In IhP 40. rS™ . tlnwn* — onp during pnch ncrira-nnd Deer Park a halllp. for (he- Quarterback Buhha Faickiipy'><«"«•« of offensive play, _ while Clear jOfstricI V2-AAA crown this league! NDINGS Ry Tfc* A«<UK-Jatf<1 ftfm Won I/rtt Pet. orlt 7« M Mf mrle 74 ''1 .an it 7S M .560 <M m M .... eo pa^ed m yards to Danny .Trm«x,: W "" h ' n "' > "Ti:F,inAV'ii guard last year moved - 1 "* Y " r k J - m .sot m SMI 70 .474 71 .4M 7S .151 R2 ,:yW HKSII.TR 1. tint, u HV» IS u II 77 |lo halfback this in t««t of rirth, «*rnn»i gum*?, SIMI—AUTOMATIC (DUTCH-MAID) WATER SOFTENERS OWN CHEAPER THAN RENT WHOLESALE RETAIL Distributors for DOWEX Wottr Softening Mineral* BRAZOSPORT BOTTLING CO. BE 3-1481 1128 South • North Froport , M ,,, alr TOnAV'H OAMKH ('l*vrtanit iljtlmnn 5-11 and Ramo* Vllt »t N>« York»»f M and Bwtrni Oklahoma city .. K 75 siii. 'i ! nitiai-n. worth i» n Detroit rfoylarir 9-5 and R«d«n 8-Rj al, WKDNKSDAV'S n H'>«ton iKihwnll fl-14 and Monboii-i Indianapolis at , r,.n,, nithi .'P?«™m is-«i »t ni!c«»o IB.U- ' i'i 'neimiky «.7j »t Ten* 2-li, night .VATIO^AF. I.F.Adi B year, for Angle.; ,„«„„„,*. rain ton's first touchdown. iMinnmotn 2, chir««o o, ninht Snnhnmnr<. 1 ! m m „ lyl " AnKHM 10, Kpln»m City 5. night Mopnomore laitbatK J I m m .Vu v ,,hi n/! i 0 ,, <. Bammo™ o, m«ht Pnrdom peeled off !£> yards to npiroit at Bo«tnn, night. po«tpon*d, ruin the Clear Creek 10. And three plays Inter, Ptirrlom crashed over from the one-fool line to score. Pat Heffeman was Ihe key figure In the next TD drive. He. made several gains for 10 and 15 yarn 1 * and wound up Ihe drive hy ^Minnnoia five- yards around right end \ i»« "ng< to score. i r 'iy • Quarlerhnc-k Bob Barnes passed j to Darrell Taylor, who moved IheiJ^J £"*JJ hall to the 2 on Ihe next offensive; Cincinnati drive by Angleton. Pitrdom scored' £,"",^7* on the next play. iMiivaukM Angleton scored one touchdown i{!j]][.', ll ^j |11 " on each offensive series, twoiummon tourhdowns were scored by (ho first unit and two were, added hy the second unit. The Wildcats showed plenty of power on olfense and hard hitting on defense. Defensive standouts were Joties and Richard Buchla. Jones made a lot of tackles, recovered two fumbles nnd looked ,S>* Tftlk . ..... 54 59 .-Si TflnAT'K (IAMKS Olnrlnniltf frty 20-10) It lot iriry«d«lf 22-7j. nllrtt Mllw»iik»s >H«odl<-y 9-10) it ««n d«po lO'nni IS-II) N«w York iHook *-I4) «t mi 'MrljBh <M>. nl»M Oilraji iKomw 8-7i >t 'Frlmil 14-12;, nUhl Houston (F«r«ll 8-17) M St. I/wt Kon I5-fl>, nlftht AMKRH'A.M AASOCIATIIH4 n*ll •Fort Worth 4 .Om«h« 1 ill* 1, Oklahoma city 0 apoHB 7, Denver ft Won I/ml m. RfMnd ftpollx ... Rtt 53 .fttO — .5*1 10H .5M MH .500 15 .45.1 n<H .«n 3m Houston Goes Texas League In Close Race For Playoffs Into Finals . n . m IX 'Oklahoma city >t i/>inviiit Wnrth «t Omnhn TKXAS i.r.Atirp; w™ i/»i WASHINGTON, Pa. CAP) — ! Houston, Tex., in in the finals of the Pony League World Series. The Texan* beat Greensboro, N. C., 7-fi Tuesday night to move into (he championship game. National City, Calif., and Greens- toro play tonight for the right to meet Houston in the final. Houston jammed over three; runs in the last inning to break a 4-4 tie. Greensboro roared back wilh two runs and had the bases loaded with none out when Jim Sepic came in to retire Greensboro without further scoring. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS jlonio six each. I San Antonio scored four run* The fight for two playoff spots Tulsa clipped El Paso 11-3 to I in the seventh to beat Alhuquer- In the Texas League tightened tip| makc ft two stra teht over thejque. Harvey Branch got the rte- some Tuesday night, enough that i P! 1 *™ 1 ?*', ™ e ? u '" rs ,_ c1outed «;cision although not around for the ., ' e " JUK " """hits, including three home nms/finish. it may re/rtnre a down-to-the- . _ wire finish to determine them. El Paso already is the pennant I winner and Tulsa has clinched' second place for all practical purposes, i Tuesday night third place Albu-i ft 9 «r I SIX 16X0115 DALLAS (AP) — Six Texans ; Amarillo and Hugh Tnompson ol quenpje took a 4-1 licking fromjwere qualified today for the|Wich!ta Falls by n stroke. tilth place San Antonio and fourth place Austin was tumbled 4-3 by Amarillo. The upshot of the whole National Amateur Golf Tourna-i Olhers 1 uaIif y in K ' or a shot at ment at Pinehurst, N.C., Sept.l! h . e tit ' e wpre Hop- 17-22, led by former state cham- kins, Abilene, 14B: Holly Toler, ,, . * •*•' *-*•! 'cu "j" iwiuitri «iciiK uimiii- __ '. . ._ , __ ' _ ' thing was that Albuquerque's lead pion Charles Coody of Stamford Hamlln ' 14S ' an(! Ben IjSne Jr., over San Antonio was sliced to Coody was the medalist Tues-' Amari "°' 148 ' 2% games and Austin's bulge over day in sectional qualifying held j Todd bccame tirst alternate. !San Antonio shrank to two. at the 6,618-yard par 71 Brook M 4A 52 55 n m 7.'. Kl •4 KanM* ' Tintfl ...... j Athuqu»riu« !Au«tln ....'hlntl : Run Antonlft iamartllo 71 ' ', m : M . M .534 .4*i .4!)3 ,<7S .406 .505 .513 .371 ..W4 I Su 25 .17 .ID Antonio 4, Albuluerqu* 1 Tiil«n r, El Paio J Amarlllo 4. Auitin 5 Wr.D.NK.IDAVS fiAMRfl Albuo;iii>rqi]p at fun Antonio Kl Pmo at Tul«<i Aimtln at Amartllo Box Score Albuquerque has seven games Hollow course. He shot 72-72—144 t( L li a ^ and _ Allst1n and San An " »n<3 edged John Farquhar of Colts Engage Hex Man To Help .45s Past Phillies Cameron second, Cherry thirtl, Mark Brannon of Dallas fourth wltn and Lawrence Greenwald Colts Win Again, Defeat St. Louis Cardinals 4-2 ir Tsmplc 2b Hirtmin •« Urk«r Ib Mfjt«< r' A«pr'n1» 3b Campbell r ST. LOUIS (API—Don MeMa-iMejia.t and a run-scoring single cM.hon hon and Bob Bruce combined to J lo Bob Lillis in the Coils' three- j . pitch the Houston Colls to their t nm fifth. j tremendous. Buchta showed up thi|T , ,, raight victory Tuesday) Broglio suffered his seventh; well rushing the passer. Watch for tht GRAND OPENING of BRAZOSPORT FLOOR 8, CARPET CO. Formerly (Topp Floor Co.) 317 So. D IE 3-5258 FREEPORT I. C. PHILLIPS, Owner HOI STON ST. IX)l:n abrh MJavitr 2h 5110 Warwick rt 5111 Burda rt 2000 Spanglfr ir 3 1 0 Hoot«>- n 1000] 411 OMu«uAl If 4000 000 (IWhile lb-;f 3121 200 OBoyer 3tj 4010, 4 1 2 2B..amlth rf 3 (1 0 n j 200 Oohver c 4 0 0 0 400 (IMaxvlM •« 1 0 f) 0 I 402 IbWhltrirt In 2 0 1 0 ! 1 0 1 OBroflio p I 0 U 0' 1 0 OOaRch'd'it 1000 Dtiliba p 0100 r.«nwa(*W 1000 aiimrt 1 0 0 Oi It 4 1 4 TollH ai J 5 1 ! * -<^ll*n- out on itnk»* for Broalio In sth; h- ainglPrt for Maxvjli | n fith- r- fllnick out for Diiliha In «th; d-ytrurt O'lt Tor Pimmoni in 9th Hmiiloti IM ,, Tnrtl« jnichl, 4-2 over the St. l/iuis Car- loss. He has won 10. 'dinals. i Bnice, evening his record at LlSBWllGrB 8-8, allowed Iwo nins. both un- efirned, in his 5 1-3 innings. Don 1 j K "."PVII "'uii.',""r>oA "iTm""^""? McMahon replaced Bnice with No crape" grow in O'Malley's; 10. ft. i™,< 77-11.' LOB^ Hou.tor, -. n. two on in Ihe sixth and retired all valley. But it is providing the LORJ 'm'-wiiai. HR~wai».rk -5-t^rkrr 11 men he faced, striking out Angeles Dodgers with the ingredi-; 0 _, 1. "• " 'K'CT »n»o *• | nrur* 'W, 8-fli .. 51-^ 5 2 (I 1 4 11 • cnts for a champagne party. ,MpM«hon s 2-3 o o o o 5 Bill While had two ,/ the Card!- ^ ^^ „,,., rccnris .ir^£r ''l. 1 ^.. | I S J J J nals five hils, all singles. jsimmoni 3 o o a o i Carl Warwick, a former Cardi- t(>nod O Malley's Valley and offi-j ,- «„,,„. ,.,*„„„. ,„,„. ° Fl>r L nJ nal, opened Ihe game with hi« cially dubbed Dodger Stadium, lhe| T liJ:L_ A r!£^: 14th homer, off Ernie Broglio. P' af 'e the Dodgers call home has!' The right-hander also gave up turned into their main weapon in; a two-run douKe to Roman llM! three-team battle for the Na-; HOUSTON TAP) - Young Kidj Dugan, the hex man from Hot Springs, Ark., has been engaged j hy the Houston Colls to come here and put the hex on the Philadelphia Phillies in a three-game se-| ries which opens Monday. Dugan said by long distance telephone he has already gone to work for the Colls. "I had my transcontinental eye working for them Sunday in the Cincy series," Dugan said. "I concentrated on Frankie Robinson, the Red's star, and put the whammy on him good. "This was good practice for me and I've got a certain player picked out on the Philly team that I am already working on." The Phillies have beaten the Colts 15 straight games. The teams mil not play again this season after a doubleheader Mon•day and a night game Tuesday. i Dugan is to arrive Thursday night — wearing a cowboy suit given to him by former heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer, All fans carrying a four-lea/ j clover, a horseshoe or a rabbit's! foot will be admitted for half! price at the general admission gates. BALSA U CONTROL PLANES. GAS ENGINES ACCESSORIES THE HOBBY HOUSE 101 WEST BROAD IT'S THE MOST TOM GARRETTS PHARMACY NIW LOCATION SOON At Th* EraiBspsrt Vllls^o Shopping Center Cltitt—Lok« JaekMHi DEUCES ARE WILD AT GIROUARD'S IMPERIAL PURE CANE SUGA SUPER MARKET 626 West 2nd. FREEPORT, TEXAS SPECIALS GOOD FOR THURSDAY. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, Aug. 30, 31 Sept. 1 OPEN 'Til 7 P.M. \\ DRIVE-IN CONVENIENCE with SUPER MARKET PRICES!" FIRST CHOICE FLOUR 5 £ 35 C 25 & '1 $169 Ownrtvck Pi* Applet No 2 con Hovelliw Meter Oil *». Dele Pineapple Juice 44 ot. Llbby Cream er Whele Kernel Cera 301 Llbby't ftarde* Peat 30} llbb» Vienna Sauaqe 4 ei. can Llbby't Potted Meat 1'A at. can Tewl* Stuffed Olive i el. Llbby'i Cotiup 14 n. Slem lee Iitrml Honey U 01. Hunt* Peache* IVi can far for fer far far far far fer far far far UPTON'S TEA . u. 39 C TONII HOME PERMANENT (14? I V^ 1^11 $2.00 Sin I PEPTO BISMOL ,.., 79 C KOTEX , r , 31 C Reynold's Wrap 25( ,29 C TOWELS KLEENEX 2 ..... 35 C CLEANSER AJAX 2 SR ^29 C SPICIAL MIAT CUTS FOR YOU AT YOUR RIQUIST. Featuring Armour's Star HEAVY BEEF ORDER YOUR OWN WAY YOU WANT IT CUT. tiotial league's blue ribbon. TTK 1 Dodcers' rontinurd their amazin? winning habit in thpir ; new ball park Tuesday night, i turning back the third-place Cin- j cinnati Reris 8-1 in the opener of ia key three-Rame series with the defendinE champion.*: for their IS'.h victory in the last 20 home games. i Home runs by Tommy Davis • and Duke Snider, blended with the eight-hit pitching of Johnny Podres, boosted the Dodgers lead over ; the Reds lo 5H ?agiP* and maintained their V.vgnmt fTMge over ninnrr-up San Francisco. The Giants kept pa<*e hy riding Juan Marichal's six-hit pilching . and home runs by Willie Mays • and Harvey Kuenn to a 4-3 triumph over Milwaukee. i Pittsburgh edged the Chicago ' Cubs 7-6 on Bill Mazenwki's i eighth inning homer, Houston defeated St. Ixmis 4-2 and New York and Philadelphia split. The Mets won 2-0 behind Al Jackson's three-hitter before the Phillies : took the nightcap 10-1 on Dennis Bennett's six-hit pitching. In the American League, the first-place New York Yankees nipped Cleveland 2-1 in the open er of a scheduled doubleheader halted by rain in the filth inning, the second-place Los Angeles Angels outslugged Kansas City 10-5, third-place Minnesota shut out the Chicago White Sox 2-0 and Washington blanked Baltimore 4-0. The Detroit-Boston game was rained out. The Reds got to Podres 111-101 for their run in the second inning on singles by Vada Pinson. Leo Cardenas and Gordy Coleman. In the bottom hal/. the Dodgers moved ahead to stay on run-producing singles by Podres and Maun- Wills off Reds' starter Bob Purkey HORMEL No. 1 TRA-PACK BACON DAIRY BRAND 1-Lb. Poc 55 BONELESS ARMOUR STAR PRESEASONED BEEF ROLLED ROAST Lb 79, IFlii* P«r that outdoor Cooking Wwk.nd. ARMOUR STAR BRISKET AND SHORT RIB PLATES 5 Lbs. FINI FOR IAK-I.9UI ARMOUR STAR BEEF CHUCK ROAST LB. 53 REPEAT BY POPULAR DEMAND ... WISCONSIN HOOP (RAT TRAP) Prepare Your Son For College At Allen Academy P«r«n(i v.Ko w*nt fhtir ion* bt fully qutlif'td for «dm!tiien lo coMeq* ihould inv«iliqiU Al : Military Ac«d«my irt Bry*n—T«i«* oidtit pr«p tehool. Rich in tradition. *hi» 76 ytir old tcKoo! has bacn a laadir in , tducation aid it it fccogniiad • Ihrouqhout th« world «> ortt of tK* natloi'i ouUtandinq ichooll. Alltn Acadtmy hat imall ctaitti, a larg*. w»ll-qualifi*d faculty and an abo.t-«vtraq. ttudvnt body- Studcntt q«t individual quidanct Scholastic ttandardi at Allan Aca- damv * f * mamtainad on a nig* 1 l»v«l by parional attantion at alt iimti and ipacial tutoring whan Claiiei itart in the se tenth qrade and continue through high ichool end junior collage* Write today for a catalog that describe! Alien Acadamy in da tail. Termi are available. ; Allen | Military Academy jil BRYAN. TEXAS ll DURING SEALY'S GOUDEN SLEEP SALE A mattress with same coyer formerly, used pnjamous'TB Posturepedic ''' DEUCES ARE WILD AT DINGLE'S ^ A * ^ * * ., . -T *-*- • -^J •\ / f The beautiful Posturepedic cover ie just one of many first-time-ever features that make this mattress the greatest bedding buy in America at $39.88! Compare the fine, firm Sealy innerspring construction, the smooth button-free top, the Life line flanged construction ... aH $59.50 features! In fact, here is so much comfort, quality and beauty that we say: If you con fi*d any other mattress vithi* a month the* give* you at much for the none or lest money, buy U and return thit Golden Steep mattret* for f*J! purchase price. Offer good only daring this Seary sate. BUY IT, TRY must be 100% satisfied or WEIL BUY IT BACK! IASY TERMS AVAILABLE AT IIS WEST 2nd IE 3-4921 FREEPORT 121 PARKING WAY CY 7-4631 LAKB JACKSON 2)(K

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