The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 27, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE 2 — THE BAYTOWN SUN, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1952 own special TO The Baytown-Sun Trinity Arid San Jacinto Spans Urged LAS VEGAS, Nev., May 27 (IP) — Atomic scientists and ' military leaders compared notes Tuesday Informed sources said the next blast probably would involve troops and would be the fourth l on 18 recent atomic explosions and atomic maneuver staged in the U. "prepared to set off a 19th blast S, r_ w ith troops participating '"fore the end of the week, be- 1 The nation's foremost physical scientist and military technicians were checking the results of the latest series of blasts set off on desert testing sites near here as the Atomic Energy Commission announced that still another nu- The 18th blast — described as the most spectacular ever seen in Las Vegas — was detonated from a 300-foot high steel tower early Sunday, Its 'brilliance was seen all the way to Los Angeles, nearly 400 miles westward, and the sound of the blast rolled to Cedar City, Airway Elec lOVj Alleg Ludlum 37^ Allis-Chalmers .............. 51% American Repub ......... No Sale A T and T 156 Amer Woolens .............. 29 !/* Anaconda Copper ...- - 447t Amer. Cyanamide • •• .V.116',4 Beth Steel , 48% Calva nOil . 7& Calumet and Hec 8 Canada So Oil ...... Celanese • Celotex ............ Cessna 12 June 1, Stolen Shoes Good Only For Peg-Leg N T . J., May 27 ClPi— *A salesman advised the thief who stole 77 shoes from his automo- siosv site at Yucca Flat. However, due to atmospheric conditions, the blast wasn't heard here at Las Vegas, only 75 miles .away. Two thousand military personnel crouched in foxholes as;the flaming ball of fire mushroomed forth and the familiar cloud of smoke rose skyward. Afterwards, the soldiers walked through the area near "'ground zero" and inspected the charred and twisted remains of military equipment that had been placed in the area. Several vehicles, spotted where they were expected to re- molished. A heavy tank was picked up by the blast wave and hurled a short distance. In nearby foxholes were the burned remains of dummies, almost obliterated. They had been left to determine what effect the blast heat would have on flesh- and-blood soldiers. bile to start looking Tuesday for S e lY^°_" ly F&L?*™?§£'.****:.£* one-legged men. The salesman told police the shoes were "style samples and therefore not in pairs." Woman Mails Letter —In Fire Alarm Box HOUSTON, M ay 27 (IP)—J us t like in the funnies, District Fire Chief J. D. Dawson Monday sent six pieces of equip. ment : to St. Joseph's infirmary in answer to an alarm. There •was no fire and two witnesses 1 said they had just seen a woman trying to mail a letter in the alarm box. Yo- r HeaSqunrters For 325 E. 'Ttxai Phone 6285 laggmi '" NasKins backache, loss of jiep and energy, 'headaches and dizziness may be due to slow-down of kidner function. Doctors say Rood .iidney function is very important to Rood health. When some everyday condition,such as'atress and^troin, causes this important -function to alcrw down, many folks sutler najj- ginS backache—feej miserable. Minor blad- <Jer'irritatiaP5 due to cold or v.-rong diet may glect yo neys if the over 50 years. It's am^zinz how raany tiroes •Dean's give happy relief from these discomforts— help the 15 miles of kidney tubes and filters flush out waste. Get Dean's Pills today I (Continued From Page One) inside probably never will be known. An uneasy peace prevailed Tuesday in the compounds holding some 80,000 prisoners, most of them last-ditch Communists who have declared their intention to return to Communism after an armistice. Flame-throwing jeeps and tanks, armored cars and combat-toughened troops of six Allied nations patrolled outside the barbed-wire enclosures. Inside, the prisoners were believed hammering out crude weapons for possible resistance to the forthcoming Allied attempt to split the 6,000-man compounds into smaller groups of not more than 500 prisoners each. Synagogue Schedules Pentecost Celebration Five services celebrating the Festival of Shavuoth, the Pentecost, will be held in the Congregation K'Nesseth Israel during the celebration from Thursday night through Saturday, RabbL Samuel Schwartz announced today. [ The synagogue will be open for services at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, at 7 a.m. Friday and Saturday, and at' S a.m. Friday for the special memorial services (Yivkor). GV6 19 Chrysler Corp 75% Columb Gas 15 Creole Pet 74% Crystal Oil .' 23% Cities Service 100M> Davidson Chern .. 37 Dow Chem 114% Du Pont Chem 84 ?i Eastman Kodak ............ 43 J /2 El Paso Natural Gas . ... 37% Fairchild Eng 5% Freeport Sulph 36 Gen Electric 59% Gen Motors •• 54% Gen Tire and Rub 27 Gillette Saf 31 ^ Goodyear Tire 41 Vs Greyhound Bus • H% Gulf Oil Gulf Stat Util 23 Houston Oil ••••. 69 H. L. and P. 'Co'..' Humble Oil .................. 76% Imperial Oil 38ts Interlace Iron ........ ... 16 Intl Nickel 42 Vs Jupiter Oil 3 11-16 Kirby Pet Libby McN Liggett and Myers Loew's Inc La Land Mack Trucks Mid Con Pet Mont-Dakota Util Nat Dairy Prod Ohio Oil Packard Motors Pancoastal Oil Panhandle P and R Pennej' r s Inc Phillips Pet Pure Oil 83V. (Continued From Page One) bridge across the intracoastal canal at Velasco. But Chamber Manager McElroy said any decision reached about the, Velasco bridge probably will be applied to the Highway 73 bridge across the Trinity. The state has designed a bridge Montex Oil Firm 'Spuds Sn' Here 62% 69 V^ 24 & 52 65% 63 40 19% 80. Richfield Oil .... Repub Steel St Regis Paper .... Sinclair Oil -. 44% Socony-Vac SS 1 ,^ Sou Pacif Stan Oil Calif Stan Oil Ind Stan Oil Ohio 42Vi Stan Oil X. J 76 s /j Sun Oil 83% Suriray Oil 21 J .i Texas Co 55% Texas Gulf Prod 27% Tex Gulf Sulph 102% Tidewater Corp Union Oil of Calif . U. S. Steel Woodley Pet July N. O, Cotton -. (Continued From Page One) tional acres in the same section of the country. Virtually every foot of Blaine county has already been leased. Montex is wildcatting in the northwest but it has three producing wells in its Texas holdings. One is on a 160-acre tract on the Boling dome in Wharton County. Two others are on a one-acre lease in the Goose Creek field. In addition the company controls several hundred acres of leases and minerals in Texas, including 200 acres in Duval county near the Rio Grande. They also have a block in North Dakota. Appell has other oil operations. He owns the Appell Drilling Co. and currently has six rigs drilling in Texas and Montana. He spent 14 years with two well known oil men, R. E. (Bob) Smith and Claud' Hamil, before going in business for himself. The I. J. Schenin Co. of New York is handling Montex's stock issue. They hope soon to have 1,200,000 shares ready for sale at 25 cents a share to push the search for oil. Of course, much depends upon the outcome of the well now being put down by Driller McAlpin, who has spent virtually all of his life within shadows of Gooee Creek oil fields derricks and learned his "know-how" right here. Lawyer Flowers, former boy prodigy of Baytown, lived his early life in the Saratoga and Sour Lake oil field boom days. He came to Baytown in the early days of the field here and has learned as much "oil" by absorption as many technicians learn in a lifetime of test- tube study. If • Montex doesn't hit in Montana, this will be just another news story about Baytown folks. If Montex hits in Montana, this may be a news story that will be quoted for a thousand years. The drill stems hold the answer. at Velasco with a 73-foot clearance but district Army engineers are demanding an 80-foot clearance. The same sort of controversy has arisen over the bridge across the Trinity. The State Highway Department has applied for permission to build a span 50 feet above the river. But for navigation reasons, the Army Engineers turned down^ the request and recommended a bridge 77 feet above the mean high tide level. State highway engineers estimate this will cost an extra $1 million. The "•'•'Baytown area has a big stake in both the San Jacinto and Trinity river bridges. By OHn Miller A s p o r t $ writer says goodfoofwork has won a !oh .'•'of/fights. H' has also prevented a lofv of fights. Chicago Sun-Times Syndicate 48 Awards At Scout Court Of H Lange, son of Rev; and Wayne Fortinberry, Bill \Coll David Mrs E ' , rort F, Lange, was sporting Wielford Hutton. Scott M 6 * Beaten 'Loyalist' the Eagle Badge" among his Boy W. Smith and Mike" Thu'rS J °M Scout honors today. ' awarded the second class *'* *Don Meier of Troop 96 and Bill First class awards were Simmons, Post 255, had Bronze ed to Tom Meier, Donald and Gold Palm awards, respective- and Ronnie Cornelius. ly to add to their list of Scout p au l Ash, Kenneth honors. Davis Muller, Bobby These awards, along with eight Bobby Mullins and R second class, three first class, six won the Star Awards, star, one life and 37 merit badges T jii ma n O'Brien won were presented in the East Harris Award. District Court of Honor last Sunday at the Troop 255 scout house on North Pruett. :,. ^~ 6 ^. (Continued From Page One) _ Residents in Highlands and the Shivers-line before the ropes went area west of Baytown are anxious for a new San Jacinto bridge because of greater ease of travel to Houston. Downtown .merchants see a bridge across the Trinity as opening up Chambers county as a new trade territory for Baytown. .'-seven merit o 17 scouts. Thev John De Verter, Paul Ash, g u Ament, Harold Barclay,' g Boucher, Tommy Evans' \y Fortinberry, Adrian Hutton Gfe Kilgore, Roy Lucas, Bobby v, lins, Tillman O'Brien, R C Pruett, James M. Rhodes, & Smith Jr., Lewis \Vilburn BOURNEMOUTH, England, May Philip La Fara> 27 (U.P)—An Anglican clergyman Ronald Doan, Edgar Don't Tell Kids All, Says English Pastor up: Adrian Spears, a £ cra.t leader in San Antonio, anything was to blame it was a lack of seats in the auditorium. _. _„...... t , nfl >} nr * He said 5,000 delegate badges fcold marriage guidance counselors had been issued. Each delegate is in a sermon Monday he doubted entitled to one guest badge. This meant a potential crowd of 10,000 persons in the auditorium which has a capacity'Of only G.OOO. Unless they wear a badge, no- said. jl senior j "jeqiiest At: ite k £t raids i The !ett' rr jllthe, : e* Sraid." body will get in." he Pro administration Democrats, who call themselves "Loyalists" will support any candidate the ad- cence, ministration puts up for president, mance The other side will support the completelv By United PreSS candidate that is strongest ~ for "states right and home rule. The course of Tuesday's convention was laid Monday by the Dem- instruction for youth was desirable. really the better- for all that there is to be known?"' Canon A. L, E. Williams asked, "Is there perhaps a case to be made out for. a little re ti- a little mystery and ro- or must everything be Japanese Arrest Reds TOKYO, .May 27 (IP?—Japanese police arrested 14 persons, most of ocratic state executive committee, them Communists, in a raid on a factory in the suburbs of Tokyo Monday and charged them taking part in the bloody May Day riots. Police announced that 955 persons have been arrested so which met and heard the Loyalists' arguments in the cases of with 27 contested county delegations. As Ruel Walker of Cleburne, chairman of the executive com- Supreme Court Rides Against Movie Censors WASHINGTON, May 27 (U^-The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states may not ban a movie on Jack Saunders Buys Ranch Hear Banfa Jack Saunders has bought ranch near Bandera, he said todt and plans to raise white face Bert ford cattle later on. The ranch is just G'-i miles toni of Bandera on Highway '16 just til other side of the Mecienia River The sale was made by \y, Reichart, Baytown realtor/' Charles-Lovelace of Bandera. jid mal |tj!!ection far in connection with strations. mittee's credentials subcommittee . . unds it is sacrilegious. 6 - • demon- questioned each witness, he point- . i dly asked what the issue was and Ml. reversed ^e ju " " York state .courts 0 vote, the high tribu- New British Reports Denied LONDON, May 27 . (UV-Buckingham Palace circles denied Tuesday reports that the'Duke of Edinburgh intends to take flying lessons so that he can pilot Queen Elizabeth II on royal trips. Truman Crony Chosen Alternate JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., May 27 ap) — Thomas J. Gavin of Kansas whether "those who remained" at county conventions outnumbered "those who left." In every case, an instructed versus an uninstructed county delegation was the issue and anti-Administration supporters outnumbered pro-administration supporters. ••-' ••',:•••.••- ' : ' Vv " '• ,'. So, the executive committee ruled in favor of all 27 anti-adminis- . of a ban on the showing of Miracle" following criticism the film by Roman Catholics. Although various Protestant clerics disagreed, the Catholics contended that the movie mocks a sacred Christian doctrine—the divine birth of Jesus. PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT IN BAYTOWN DRUG STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINGS AS USUAL City, who started in politics with Ration delegations. The Pro-administration forces protested that "might does not make right," but they had planned a rump convention before they arrived at San Antonio. 37% 65% up 3 pts. Ambition Realized JACKSON, Miss. —drV- As a boy 85-year-old Perry W_ Berner had a burning ambition'to make violins Buy From Your Baytown Merchant struments. He* realized his dream, after retiring 10 years ago and since has fashionecl 100. of the in- Less Courtesy, But Also Less Expense SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 27 (IP) — Dougrlas Aircraft Co. saidTuesday it would save $250 a year by deleting: the word "please" from its notices. The company figured elimination of the costly cour- - tesy would save five 40-hour work weeks each year. Buy Fro m Your B ay to \vn Merch n nt DETAILS! Truman in 1916, named by the state Democratic convention here Monday as Mr. Truman's alternate delegate to the Democratic national convention in July. Addict Bleeds To Death MICHIGAN CITY, Ind., May 27 (IP) — Ernest Gillette, 63, narcotics addict since 1906, bled to death Monday in state prison after he slashed his wrists with a razor blade and doctors were .unable , to administer a blood transfusion. Officials said Gillette's veins were so punctured from narcotics shots that blood could not be given. Arrow Kills Bear SAULT STE. MAREE, Ont, May 27 (IP)—A Michigan hunter reported Tuesday that he had killed a bear with his bow and arrow, and old-timers said it was the first ^ time-that had happened since In- dia'h'days. Joseph Kenvin, Grand Rapids, said he stalked a 200- pound bear in the woods. Collision at Convenient Place ROME, May 27 (IB—Two trolley cars collided in.front of the Celio hospital in downtown Rome Monday, injuring 58..persons. Stretcher "bearers rushed from the hospital and carried the victims across the streets after the accident. Faithful To Frat LOS ANGELES, May 27 OP) — Judie : Lee Polley, 18-year-old daughter of an assistant U. S.'attorney' at New Orleans, won a divorce Monday by testifying her husband wanted to continue living at his fraternity house following their marriage. She said he had asked her to be the fraternity*.; house mother. FORT WORTH, May 27 OPi— Cattle 3,300. Market slow. Offerings grade good and better about steady. Others weak to lower. Good and choice slaughter steers and yearlings 30-34. Cutters and commercial 20-29. Beef cows 18.50-24. canners and cutters "13-19. Bulls 18-26. Stocker yearlings 25-35. Heifers 32.50 down. Stocker cows 17-23. Calves 1,100. Slow. Steady to weak. Good* and choice slaughter calves 30-34. Utilityahdcornmon 21-29, Cull 17-20. Good and choice stocker calves 31-37.50. Some extreme; light weights 30-45. Common and medium. 24-30. '^ : Hogs 1,100. Butchers 25c lower. Sows and feeder pigs steady, choice 180-260 ID., 20.50-2L Light and heavyweights 18.50-20.25. Load 312 Ib.20. Sows 16-18. Feeder pigs 15-17.50. 3 Confederate Vets To Have Last Fling JACKSON, Miss.. May 27 «T?r— Three old men who bolstered the thin gray line of the Confederacy | will hold their last fling at the j 62nd annual reunion of the United I Confederate Veterans June 3-6. | The aged trio, buffeted by more] than a century; will re-unite for } the last time not far from the j site of the bloody battle of Vicks- i burg, one of the turning points in the Civil War, Generals William ,.J. Bush. 104, Fitzgerald, Ga.» John Stalling, 107, Slant, Va.. and William D. Townsend, 106, Olla, La., are the lone members of the seven Confederate Army survivors who can leave their beds. 51 Million Given for New Church in Dallas DALLAS, May 27 (Q^—Anonymous friends have donated SI million to the Downtown First Baptist church to build an eight-story parking and recreation building and another person donated the site for the structure. Jesse L. Henderson, chairman of the church's building committee. - said the structure will be known as the First Baptist church parking and recreation building. TONIGHT AND WEDNESDAY ^n FONTAINE- Mn LUND ooa FREEMAN -ftter HANSON £ ~~ "I~~ "" '*^. f £ Darlin, / A Paramount Picture — PLUS"— TRE tONGHORH' Starring Wild Bill EUioff Hwy. 146 North 2 Min. From Town Tonight and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURTS' iOW-GUJ OF THE ROARiHS J- J. LEG£XO OF. MONEY !N THE BANK TONITE! thru SATURDAY A GUN PUT HIM IN PRISON,.. A GUN GOT HIM OUT! The TRUE stcry of o convicl *fce made a g,'fi KI priicn! It wen him freeac. 1 ?. ens natic JEAN HAGEN -WENDELL COREY Walt Disney Cartoon: TWO GUN" GOOFV NEWS TONiTE MOMEY in the BANK THRl WEDNESDAY NOW SHOWING A SNIPER'S BULLET.. .THE BRINK OF DARK DESPAIR! A GIRL'S WELCOMING ARMS... A BKJGHF WCTORK —PLUS— TECHNICOLOR PLUS— "Wonder Gloves" News of the Day ARTHUR KENNEDY PEGGY DOW 'mss BWSS Cartoon: "PUNY EXPRESS Children FREE 1360 ON YOUR AM DIAL ^92.1 MG. ON YOUR FM Box Office Opens Show Starts --••Admission. Adults Children THE RIVER GREGORY P&CK TUESDAY EVENING 6 : fi:l.V— Range s Review 6:3? — RaBCff Rlclir.j 7:00 — Harlem: At 7 7:45 — Are You Listening S:00 — Ntght Time Melodies 3:0<V— Moort Music '9:l5~-?.u» Morgan lO:fK>— NigSt Edilton Baytown Snn 10:15— T>r«*ia :OO^-SSgn Off for WEDNESDAY MORNING 6 :CO — P.*vellle Roundup 6:57— Late 7:00— TrinUy Valley Tunes 7 -AS— Lotcer trinity Valley- News Review StfiO— Morning S:I5— Watcbsnjf The : Clock S :^n— Ij*t* News S:.t2— -Watchlnj: tfc* Clock 9:00 — Xe*i 9 : 15 — Chnrches of Chrt st 9:30 — DJcJc Easbn !0:<VJ— Warrtn Kdxvrarfs * n ;<H>— Late [11:02— MM T>ay MaUnw i V^EONESOAY AFTERNOON ? 32 rftft— W& l :f*)—To;v Tunes 2;ft«'l News 2:fl5—B*«t On 4;*X>—WflTeti Ed-ward j= Ntwscmt •« ;f).v^La Vox Mexicans. '

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