The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 20, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, September 20, 1897
Page 2
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U """ "" THE DAILY CHRONICLE, K*#l«tw«l ni th« &«r*«ftlf, Mich., /Of t«irt?pnrlsfion throng^ th« niftll" TfRMS er w«»N. r feutiscnptions ro.«H*erl «t the office o' I ,iblicntion, 164 Bast State street. c. ~i. ft .IftW.Wl'f' gg* Of tire receipts -attd *xp*ndlttfreB of echoed >di*rf*ict Jfa, 1, fractional of the fotwtshipis of Mar^o and Marshall antf 'Marshall city for HIP year ending 8ept ,,,». t»«««, fat. te hSfttt „.<. Primary lniCft'«l &incl ,i.,,. ..,/. s £r»rri library..,,,. « ,... Towa Of JMT* rungo V&ted t«3f...,. . Town of Mwwo r>»HI tf«........4. 4'o»» r»T Marfthftll voted W«"...'.... ~ ' i oi Marshall Mil t«*..:...,.,, 10381 338 W 4495 1,7376? »a*so. ,.,,, ....... ....,.,,.,. Interest on T)iWjle prize ftittd ..... ,s. ion Central hniltJifig. .(.*..,. 3^03 Tottf a -K. M. To^nmnd , H, MKier B, SmitH M LotimoObBhAiwr.... Coral! Alton Mary P Hlakwfoo ...» Uarflft L. FIH< ht>r Jbnnifi «. Hue t'ODBi" «fcer,..... t . . BQltP t'. Walwtn Mttl)(*i B Slerling Minnie Mft*er. . t .... Cattif B Haldcy ....... Winnie B Miller ..... Antm i, Deftisoii ____ ;. Amslia Ilirtb /• Kmma BrooKB A. Plimell.... , ™ MOW W(MH> *«<* 325W 3.WW 3!>OlKi 385 tin 3*560 Hifil)0 S»?BO Florwjre (i. tlnriier OJivoM. Bcnnnir Siliyl Kobitixim Bur«rtofl Vcrnor .... 30000 300(Ki Total l0.9M«& Central cchooi.". .... 8 Roljl. IV ilhnnioon l«t ward ...., ..... i. J<iftn C'oa/mii t'atk acHoo ........ Anna 'Itcutd Capital Hill , ..... ,...'.... John Bc'itn eccund irar<l ; . .... . . ... '-....>';• Director'*-nalnry ... Census <'iin monwir. 'Total. . . . .49000 1 5» no rftoii 6000 50 (K) • \ 745 100 00 M M. Waclsworth I.. .B. A itmiigH >n b. to i apor.. Kr-H Iltttftoe ouli.'lo pttp«r.. St. MJ Wiwlsworrh 0. W Uardotyi .. ... ,. Hartlotai Caftrow M" M. WaiUworth JAifg fjnlih nalftry-«m librarian .$ tao w. ant* aw A (! ;$ j 10 IT IB Ml K I'l'J'l.l KB. l Fur, K<! Co Kstes * Ooii' htur &. r'cn'nerbc.rry <!pul. Seliool Supply hmim 1 Mi«w ('!«r'u HiirlUoloiati'w CmitX^ 1 '' 1011 ' Saptilj.ho«i«o. P K Ht'fidcrsoti, iirooni!!, »Uv«r Bur H ttv (StTo Mttr'lm^i .••(hotil fur f^uo^Q A Co ., . . ^ A II Andruws A Co ' . SlttrBfull School t'ur. Workn.....,, ' "W r Drutcrr-.- - -,r-...r.T..v..:.-. ti Uvr t!un}«tl» * t'" , DoLohueiV lieiinerborry... , ........ . Total .' ' ; '. t Herein* A-NH iHt-uovEiifeiin. Arcli Hrott . . $ Martial! Siliw 1 Fur Co Mnrr*hnll r'urn»r<i Off , ,,,,,,, Wiu. Dprfsirtt.. ,. ., . M»r'ii»ll School Fur Work* . s. . — /, /. . ' Wbltmore .1 H. AH)AU«h H. Illniy », II .LI. it. W. .1. i.i>wnr(.» J, B W. J i Waltz \'j*ry T \4 ». -Prior,. i 1 .. M. Wat i 34.' •-'4 50 105 4" Wl . 4.U 6(K) row 3*9 (« WO I* It 44 Ji "i* 1 Jt 7 W; 1 Jt tlW 150 US ISO &<* J. l ISO Hupulnt« ™ s I » fatal Jit 01 (;Kc Kill 1 * ^ luo 9\1m& Itiitt^tUt^f$$4.,..^.... n ...J.^...^,, .... 1*^5C reaide^ttuin*«j i... • JSrl inMd,.. —, ,..,«,,,., 4 ip«»«u tenttAj hujidlug;.,..,,..... r !l>ihbt» (inwdtitf ,, 350U , , Mid n»lt rtt«>pt, tint: www, bl{» Joint iijiitti.«. «ld Bloo4 BiHur* \it, uaturo'H true ft^Ma^*^. kiuAted iife. ai*theuowels. themes, tbo JE burned my ftaagw* v&ry "tAid)y . Tin* il bi it. . in Ww'ee . It wu* hka An eiegant.lioeof belts, iateot and lowt«t prices, at Hoietb ....-..^...•^i^rt.,.,,..^^-. ,^,, „ ,, ....... ,, Po yt>« want a good emeal walk? Cull on George Aley. f will auarautee r* ^JV dr F; r Or" jcj 1 / • r l? CASTORIA For Jfllwit» and Ohiidrta. wt jtwt eaiiore »t until cold weathet «*ttieSi but hat ft root covered wjllh asbfattis 'roofing. It fttio-hrtlf tnt^ jiticn nt Yo»m fexes.— I will ho at the office of the JHei-ndoh business hours until farther j for th^> fmfftose of waiting «ifcy which »r« now ^ue. Save th$ t «!X- Wn colWtww ffft »>y paying Wlwt A UrtA f ftn I>» With AA ORB buy 160' ftCTWi of jsfoorl innd for 11,000. Pity 1*00 down; hrtlnnoo in three psyment* due itt 3, 4, ftnd Bjenm At 7 per c"onf* Me can aleo buy 100 choice ewes for $t(JO tad 10 fthfid feO-WHTtef $S06, TfTre milk ftn^ batter J[i»n»* th» eows «llL4iajLaltlatm-. and fArnily experwe*. I'he inenemm of 9heej> and #00! wiU pay fefftho mdtJ^hire befote it Is dn«: fa five ^eatis h& Will h«»a n fftrw te hoi 1 ** hi With hie obM bfy&t t^oatlief Eonovator. illci^tne right to'ymir howfic wifch hie fditthtir renovating cnr and -cleSftft yonr f«sithc* bwle n»«i pillo^H, Work gnaraotoed. ef first tlase job work at towprft'ea dbne at DR. LOUI8 8, JOY 4 , Will «ive in addition to general ptac- lice, $pocial Rttentiou todiSoaeres of «je md car. Frttinjj of flflaeses a specially, (Specwl uiplmna on evn, eaf, nose and throat from Chicago KM Whoclmen Tak<* Riding OH tho sidewalks in Hie city is strictly" fpraidden, and hereafter tho- ordinance relating thereto will be enforced Tlip penalty for violation is a fine no PX- By order of the mayor. 1'lot.flfllf* A 'f»7 model' bicycle, will sell ch^ap for cash. Enquire at American laundry north of CJ nine's drugstore. Tie Great.; DR. HUMAN. ODMPHREY, OF CHICAGp,^WlTH HEADQUARTERS At HILLSDALE. CIHTH tli«> .\iili«-U-*l Ailrr all oth- _cc JHcthotl.s but hin hut «> FnikMl. Tlie Doctor visits jcntr city every fi'ur wiH'fcB, regularly, and will cnnUnub to do wo indeHn.itt;ly. ^l-ff See dale below, al'artial list of ditioasee treated, HeAd, iiournlfrin. niik, nervuns or t'OUKeitlve ht-ftjuchf. dull, full fi'sllnx, Itimt •('uuiniory, rite- zinc** Kofteiniiigof thi: bmlii, tumura aiij ecze- u>a o> • Nervous D6bUity ilnd nil it« attending all- »ient», both i>f youiur aud mid i la agtid meo The .awful pffoolH of »<'i;le«t«rd or imnrnrmrty treated Cas-es, prodncipK weaknaaa of • body and braJu, il'z/.iuwH, falling meouii-y, lust vitality. took of rnt'rjry Hud ooiilldeiicn, varit>oc«)o, is)i>et, paimi aud oilier ^iniresijlni; SywploniH, unfitting oito lor etudy, biielnwa or eujoyiuuut of l.lo. JSar. Ah diwaoea .of 1h» car, bf wuntcWr' nunie dr imturn; cured, H ciirablrf ai>vwh«re. QThroat. Cttianhal »iru tbfoai, acnte and ohr >itu, la and pa) and lues of vo.if«, thick pnlot tbi- t)r»t aid aecoud se*. tarittorrb«Ae«>«tKW-hriii Ic- tiroiwWtta, dry Hud hoarw eough, piuruf 111 ybtai., dlfficuUr la , bep»tuatii.u«, Heart, Bi-Mn and Nerves. K y<w b»ve tmlo . tho biu»d and pulpltmlou of th« heart, dipcutt l>n>aihIOK aud aafllcatriie ft'etinu. Iullnv»nof the tmiid, a tired, Irritable, ilUu.n routed faeliu« Mid foar jot impoudius; diiuwr, or cl«(ith, a dtt-ttd of litiiig nl(,uo, or tby to be ajgnjB, j| your » aru njiffarlnt; froru a aurloui itt»>. - "**« AC, ttruip ana Uv»rt. You luivc m> 'ime <>ll at ouee nud CMtBUlt liils Iua«miwvttoH rt ttw diauaae, dlttbutia, coagmtLan «f tbt> kid' »isa*B«» or Wtmwn. if.iou we *u«e^g !5 0 ^ l Wffi iil8 lif*? c ** i ' iii w* I1 -*' > J«w ««*t S^£^«M 5 ?H?* B ff* l »f «M l «*mk«' If ywu cauJJWrt tall wn Or. to? «u»di4iy wltethtw or not be etui treat >oU 8Q«ced8#uUy. His wurae <j/ tnjatrnefct ii* a scieotific cute, pecyiliariy km own, wJajr»»by tke •|;et!eiv«e kealto^bt aud to sviit tb# WUHS, tlmt otiior wi«i wojtd be OFFICE MTI ^ FRfE ALT,. prices aiarc*afi. A^fJo? ^owth Doftrbotft street, Chicngo, III. ' J, fytfre » fine aa&dsjtrtefct of - dtitl anS aa» them. bay , , , al, Kr»"tirid foea, hrlfriv <Jt SnMtUinge is at-C< Af (3h,cshet*s min. Ail.ftinch| of ott" grfn'diftg done. Lotft chic'kori !(»ed. ' , ______ . ,....1,.^...^.., .,,*.,-- J>. stafciontiiy at the otflce, ^_ Mtfilt%on A btgfifgfctrta, Bifttft teckhical, school. Practical tiler Cittuf M. and Ph. JD. etc,, well equipped. Fur catnloguos ad dr<w H. B. wadsworth, Ph, D., djTiscof , Hough ton "Michigan. • artt-ir-V-K----!-- - ------ ".'I HI 'I ---- -----receives daily choice freestone j ba^kCltB' Vacation I»njrs. In the lake regioftfe of VV'iaconain, Northern Michigan, MinnCBcjtn, Iowa atid South Dftkotn, Along tho lines of tlio Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul RBilway,~aro"'irnndted8 of charming localities* preciniriontly fitted for fmmmer homes, nearly alt of which ate iocntcd on or'^-jfar lakes which have not boen fished out. "Tboao roBorts range lit variety from tho "full dress for dinner" to me flnhnot shirt costume fur o^Cry meal* Atnoijg the list are names iamihnf to. tnftuy of our readers SB the perfection of northern BU oner resorts. . Nearly nil of the ' WiacottMtr points 'of interfiat are Within a short distance from Chicago or Milwaukee, aud uohe of thorn are 00 far away fro in the ''.'busy marts of civilization" that they cannot : be. reached in a few hours.of travel, by frequent trnins,over the finest road in tho aorthwcst-- the Chicago, Milwtftihoe & St. Paul Kailwtty. Send a two cent qtatnp for a,copy of "Vacation- I) tys'', giving a' description of the principal rcsort«, aud a list of stun mer hotels and boardinff houses,- and' rates . for board, to Goo. -H. Henlford, Gcnctal I'awenger Agent, Chicngo, III. c Farinors Read J. H. Disbeo haB ImBccl thw Rico Creek Mill and \& ready to do all kinds of Custom Grinding. {The aiill is in perfect repair and ia doing excellent; vyork. All patrons may cicpcnd upon honest H. BtuRTiB, Prop'r. CH VH. E. BROOKS, Mun.igor. Par in Plroiierty prei«ired tb v ii»Bure fsvrra property atone per cent for iihreo years in a •flret class company doing business der Ht'ense from the state insurance c/>«{ missioner. JPhia is hettor than tho Hu tiial 4-orapanIefl. ' BENS Kit, Agent. Xolicc. 1 I am' prepar(3d^1*^di>*)adies' and children's sluinipj<jin»4 ftt^their homes. Leave prdera at Clark'9 barter shop, or »t.'t5 east Green street. vx ^-t Mtts. y. W. Sanders and McKary will dreah making r,ootus over tho next to the abstract office, Wednesday, Sept. 15. Tliey avr« both experi<Tteed Luliea at the, buHluess and will bo ploastvd M secure the palroimye of .their friends and others who may ue«d anything in their lino. Cordette. . B. CBOWJK. . St. Mary's sthool of wuaiv will re open on Monday, Anjf. ^jfti The. bjwt and Jat (•nt method)} are uned in this department awl «; pHj n^«*nu «* tiory and art of music. For further particular** «a& at- Jttw whooi w -fiintors' re«i- detice. " • ........ i ' Carpet laying, stovus blacked a'nd set up, f wrnituro packinK etc. at W. B. K * Ed -ASP— ««<« mid woweu h*v» Wtei • liiuwlrHfc of yoMiig ««<« mi woweu wcufud M lusaful »iui pronuiWi* «Mlqcti(4tn>. of tlw bent Mqftltipwt hu»[)iotMf isulUpw i* country <M writ* to E»t.b«i«hed (§82. lnoorp<M-»tedl88« T. R. SHEPHERD, Keeps »oae but tlie RUST MEATS Goods delivered to all part* of the eity bat ao peddling done. Bye*?? thing ue»t ttftd clean. ?oo »aw*y»g«t a clean out at SHEPHERDS', O UR WN WithlOno LengthCof Stove Hpo ' '" * • ^, — ^p — We.inadt tHc patterns for this cook stove "mend it.'to the public. We^uaratitce it to : J>ake Witlt twcy sticks of^ wood. We also have" stpvc$« &n* feesa-ttioiey; Kv6ry stove cerrg our name cast fa the- hearth. BOslLE: Y XsQN S TATB Or MIOH lUAN,,Coufiiy of Cftinoun, 88 NoWoe la hereby given that by aft ora«v*- of Ihtt Prolmtn Court for tha rotitily ot Calhbun, madu on live !1th day of .Sojitprnhpr A. I). 1897, «lx mnnlh^ hwn tb<it flilte woro allowcrl for croattors to tlrt'SOut their claims ngftnift tho o»- tttta of Prank 8w9«ney, "fteeeanwl, late of »nt<l cortlity; thorcfore at) creditors ol caliitloccafi'Hl urn required to present thtlr clrtlmo t<> said Probate Court at. the prolmto nffloe in the city ot Marshall tor exam tnnttoii and nllowanoe-oh ur4u> •6rc| the., Jlth d«'y of JHnrch". next, * «nd Ibnt such olhifins will ho henrd loforp e aid court on the l*th day of Dntembet and* on tho IHIt day of MorrJi noxt, , at ton o'clock in the-forennon of each of thocb days Bated r<«>ptembM I1t,h. A. !>,, lfS7. • ttAM A. DAKK, Jtid«o of Prohato, Twenty contB a wooft for oacli notice not PS- ooflilinj? UTO lines. .No (Jhaagfi losp thau tivonty eon in. ' . U Ot/SKJ'OK8AI>K OH i».JCNT.~ Miner's sh-cift etore. at A UKNT8 WANTFD—For war In Cftba, bj Bnnor i^ucfiik'la, Cuhan rcpreeoiitntlve at Waxhluuton Kinlnrand by C'uban patriots. In tr>moii(ioii& <loiimiul A fmnuu/a (or acunta. Only 41 rxi. Bi|t book, big(ommiHdUitiii. Kvt-ry- t*6dy wanfti the only oucoreodi rcilalilo. hook. .Uiitilt*'. Iroc, OrfiiJI k.lvcn. 1'rclght paid.,. I>r.i all tfneh nr(l rnak« 8*10 n inonur, Mllth "" C'tibn AddruFs lotl«*y. THK;NATION 4b UONC'EHN, a5'J-;!50 D.imrljoru St., "" ' ITOR SALK~Kir«t <Mrt»^ upright JP now'. I'nitt )owj tortn« to nn l^OKHALE CUKAP—(iroxrliHDfCii rorafrernr J^ tho properly itmmy ajj"rhc Boiling property OB Hart Btrvet. l<or (erros »pply to I). CtmnltiK- haui thoTiuiuraiicu tnftftT ^OMHEST-H i, un Noilh M<idl>ion ctrpct, ilUS. W41. BBJrT"—Two ftory ho'u>« on vvejst -tato Etioniru of J. CAKY. TT'URr £/ E RENT-Ta»>)i'B and ohalr» fat parties Euquirt) of YauZanl, the oxprtBuman. '|7>Olt KKNT-Tabloa aud cbalre forparttei J? Enqulro of J . W. Lfater, the popular ei " IT'OH IlKUT— CMHce rooms . and an JT lodiio Imlt. lnijulr««f ^ K. HJBiTBY l*KSNER anilpxamiimllon fr.oe ai)il«tridtly HALK-Tho brick IIOII^B opixwitf the ; Marnball \Vagoo Work*. A good cba"C' for" the rtght pai ty to run a Tory profitable boarding hunse, Kuqulru of . MK» UEHRVBKN'NEU n OUSK POttRfvNT-No. -JON Bank) stwpt. Inquire first doarsontU.rB, JML-M&Nt'&. TT JIJL Mr of #I\ roomx ill denlrstbl*- UfCJitioc, to rout feept 1st. For Aarti<.'u)ar« inquir* of W. JL. butX corner Jtannioa, and Muluerry ~~ ' L AD1K! 1 ), t U'Uke big wa^«^ nt home, arid want all to haVtt thu varae opruiianlty T(m work in very ulcftifAot and will ^(i«ily i>ny SIS wwsliljr. Tl»tt( la ii'S Ue(f*pf.ton. 1 win»t nc> inomiy ana will glwlly sonil pftrtlciilurs ui nil Btimrp. ,W»8»M, A. L OST.—Thf Uttar p»« ot l»*t wcik a tiiuipy orKUKliiilirk'rturtajed. liiactc wtth >> fiw ,«nat un pfuaBt. ifiuder return U> t'hilo 11 ooft ' .—Saturday, between Worthy «tor« an4 the Waehlngtwu nottif, a ix aumof iiKiuey. A UbvrAl re \)TrANTKl>--A tow oaailo tci pU'lf < 4P U ,"?! > . < ;" > era) K. bLqulro at> fo» itau-r W AN'CttM^vA girl U lnuUly.,4 ftuuuiru »t Ho. tuittUj' Apply to HCIJ* T , East W BCV— A sow. b» tiiw aud price u> byi; W)i, Marshall . B. S. & Co,, Tho Will I«c At ' Marshall, Hotel RVyal, FRIDAIX^CT.* 1 Or-. U, K «fc Co,i ijcvolif tbeir attfntion to (!if<Mi«e« of the cyv, car, throat and lu«c» asthma and conanmptlou an<l all iUronlc, prl vatv and mirrous dim-aaas, deformities, jjranulat- ffi lldf, eroiw «y«,deafnciM, dlsbciirco of th« cars, brodtcbni«, chronic cou-g;h, «<>itr«t <blKUeclt) lever ix-irvjti and alcurD, IiiJghi> i<l|«ea»i>, rhejinittlifim, »ll dtveaoo* of kiilneyp anil bladder,- hearti Momach end nervous) dfroaaiji*. chorea ,<8t.,Vlt»» ii»DC6) goiinrnl deb|Utv. scb'rofula; tkiu, ili*ea*e». ,lji«?aJiMJH of men and women, and al dincaaet! due t<> b«<t blood. Kpilep»y. or flu, positively cured by a now ft^d unvnr Jftttti)crt;iueily. i>r». B . h. & Cu. makti a Rpeelalty o( all dim* of rfctttl JiHeaciM, jiil'B Inlcrual add >Xt«tna), itrhltig and UfctudUis, rtc»»l ulcutu, fisuruMstuU which ur« (Mi on ^afcay.-jgt^ jB«ry«Ht« and lun^ troulile, all ruret). Serowiberwc (Jure ad frirma al titloti wuhaut pajii tuwridptlon <>r deteuticm from bUHitieaa, <uit] witliaut tli« uao of kuifv, llAiutUcor Us* urn. Coiue.nnd lie oonTlucwi. TOSOUUCJ, J«DJ?l.JS AOKJQr ANI)OI4)M«J< Httflerluti frdui »iH)l-iaeU>rrh<jea. impotuocy~io»t ttiinhooU -or front vft>akBe«» broosbt vn from orrotn oH»di»eritio»» in youth pr over lutlttl , uru giveu nvrmBUt;!)* wlief. d; uuictly coutt atia qiweer* curert without <» «£«r««. Ji«w method*.. .*.• Catarrb, New homo treat meat. , . ta uuru mery caw At t)y*!»ci»«i«, buadachc, pili;*, taj»a worm mid stricture, ' to <mre )»i , U* ftwa* other nby*iclaE9 bave ifrr-Mu* fVDl^iSiic |«r tr«*M S or 3 oanci:8 or urfbe *>r a Thoou wtio %r» uiitttii»« to «#!!, «*u rf oftlwir <JuMi »c4 bjiv i. with Ml loctrucbiumi - j»»r» fauctt with a uapltnl of _ . " y«i <fi*vloj them RE VIVO RESTORES VJTAUTY. ^A «itattiio« ta* (to noiieo wurk girl. 'B . , .. , - ttouml, Po^t Offlu> Bloct,, tjittUe OtftoJt t Uttft... L " J ' "" n "^ *p«M. «**iv toDi« and low ie flr* of t»ni-!j. ft t.ut;rg«jtio wm to auj %» Ii vita bo «*m«4 in vc»t upright, itdtwtrlc «o»» Jo Mi<AiKW ne » ir», tur r«uiimi»iiile hcmws. fTBO lUid Pleasant, Safe, Reliable v DR.ANE'S THE GREAT FOR THfc Stomacl), Kidneys, Kola Compound Cures Dyspepsia and all de, rnngementi* of thu Stomach. Ko|a Compound Cures Sick Hfndache, Torpid Liver and Biliousness. Kola Compound . Cures Constipation. Is a Brain-and Nerve Tonic and Blood Purifier. Kola Compound is the peer of^all other medicines. Kola Compound Curesj Backache and KidU iu»y Troubles. Kola Compound J« natures 'remedy — potent ypt harmless. It tones arid vitalises the brain, nerves, muscles, heart ami stomach, in brief rejuvenating and building up the _eatiyo 8y.s-_._ torn, enriching the blood 1 and iinparting to the whole ' body the freshness and vigor of youth. Kola Compound Js composed of life giving, tissue building, Herbal and Vegetable Extracts, and contains nothing injurious to jtlte most delicate cousti- .tutiou. Kola Compound Is indorsed by many ^mi~ nent Phyaiciaii& and Scientists. Mar Mm KOU If you &«y derangejaent 01 Bto«iael>,, Lwr or „, Bipod or Hfrvons System, "Qf Pr. Lane's Kola oitn^ Jt will not rfi iut yoft. Price 30 <xmta Kola Compound . ut hf# offi^ in Blot-k, corjier to . one with Uteratere, regfuccUwg tbis ..... il| JM Or.gLane H*» been ^ „ active praetioeol **** *w iWw ^' 1 *!rr' ""w^ 1 — -J" 1 "" ^ oe voted l«ycgely tetbe study, fofjstmBttt &t^i cwwof 01iroxi^ ic tfa&ii&it&iit ftpd (djisw^s oil the ijwvttua systeia—i|" mule ft^4 f^fflftU'V Cow t4Qtt~'<uui itdvi^B ftt FUfcK Aiinated^i._ of c*ll» iu tpwB aad eoauty ••»•• ' a * * i . j * .

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