The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 24, 1959 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1959
Page 2
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDfTDftAIPAGE Srazosport and Mrazoria County. Thursday. September 24.1959 PAltt HAP. VET NEWS Khrushchev Has Used Us Surprising nobody, Khru- «<tev has the whole world hanging on every word bespeaks in the United States. Even the Voice of America, jammed against the Iron Curtain for 11 years, was uncorked Never'has such a propaganda platform been providedforany- body. tfe lias tied up our domestic TV networks to such an extent that It will be years before the truth ever gets "equal time to reply." Khrushchev has used us. He has some journalists and ev« some statesmen twittering over his "genius,' "his masterful poise," ."his keen brain." All of which merely says that he Is smarter than we are. That is a shameful admission, though ft probably is a fact. More accurately, history probably will show that our own -Gibraltar of patriotism bad become so eroded by the abrasive torrent of Red propaganda that he didn't have to be very smart to outsmart Khrushchev has a Red star » glide him And the Star, of Bethlehem which once guided us MS been obscured by a haze of factory smoke. . ... Russia Is climbing, feverishly. We've already scaled the heights, and It's windy on top. Now the sound of his voice trumpeted around the world from Washington. D. C M and New York City Is as the voice of a conqueror. '' "We will bury you P' he repeats In our own nation's capital Some of us don't think he will. Some of us believe that when Americans get scared enough and mad enough to get off their dead centers and get back to work, wewlHconthiuetoecllpse Soviet economic progress. We believe that men, yearning to be free, wUlgradually modify the Soviet slave state until incentive is restored and a man is a man again, and a woman a woman. We believe that once Russians begin to prosper, they too will be less inspiredio work, more inclined to laziness. Tbeirpro- gress will bog down when they too get fat and lazy. Communism has beta tried enourfi thne« tohlstory forusto know that«contafastneseedsof its own destruction. But what difference bow wrong the Soviet dictator's theories are tf be U allowed to expound them to Washington while the dictated press of the slave states report,' as Pravda did,, "SHOUTS ROLLED UP LIKE WAVES IN THE BIGGEST CELEBRATION SINCE V.E_ DAY," when actually there had been no snouts, no cheers along tin entire welcoming parade route. ' The Soviet press has conveyed to the Russian people the Impression that millions of Americans, thundering their applause of Khrushchev, would gladly surrendertocommunism right here and now. Khrushchev's dramatic proposal for a permanent baa on production of nuclear weapons is intended only for its propaganda effect. Agreement will be stymied later by subtle but relentless' Soviet objections. Meanwhile his offer has been heard 'round toe world as a magnanimous offer of peace. We have been used. . WASHINGTON SCENE... Spontaneity-*0n Schedule SAN GEORGE DKCN ANOSCO •- ft isiidl- allenge mat the visit eSdta S. Khrushchev has Achieved m» concrete results. ft U slanderous tocharacter- |w the Soviet Premier as an 01 vtod wbo is nogcod. Tnetewestacus Russian does at t aervice with nearly eve»y Hehas made American capital and labor look better to each other' He has made us all, male and female, more diet-con- Hals v** 11 * financial . wceen for the, movie x>» Can." by calling itpomograpWc and banning tt from the Soviet Union. Why-I wouldn't be surprised if he succeed! in making Senator Johnson think there are worse people in me world than Senator Morse. He has done one specifically Instructive thing far me per- sonalty, rfenasmademesec,*;. I never saw before, that totalitarianism and dictator* .live by tricks. The superb deceptionlstis just a walking bag of gimmicks and satis. rn h*t b» itasn*t Quarrel with TVTEW TOBK-Bodd Mhofeerft fcgertog a IN Jack BOM lightly •*» ****** *«• Ms triune in a corner of Marc and Kdythe Reuben's Absinth. House 1* BVoty-Bgh* Street, obviously we. a toed mi»-*e Juet had oome from a long ae«k» of reheer»tag «» **"- vUton version ot nil aw* WIw* ; * okea Sammv fi«nr-*«t be **• a paoloarone. I 'am not a man fascinated by writer* (tt'e even rough for me to took ta *e sUnwrta the morning) but Budd'e different He to. talent and modesty. They seldom go hand in head, ^tinr coin, be floaty bad tot jtomm* be dramatized? . ;! ; ' -"1 ; 1 gue« it dose ema peeuUejr. Hof long ha»itb«»ataeelwrot«ttt Nlneteeu years? ^^ wo cama 8jo<B to hwring, it : filmed or iwodwed on Broadway »«ew awe* tat »>ver were emttofied, '' : • ay, some eontroJ over I , , tt produetton, I do. I adapted tt for the etaw and lye bean working closely with director Del Mann on it" HOME, I MEAN ROME, JAMES!' •THURSDAY ON TV •> StSZ? 11 Town Early Show - Th« Nurse's Seoret," Jolts Bishop, R e K I » Toomey; murder mystery "fiiintifiy-BtlnMey A Number of Thing! .Doug Edwnrd»,J<ta*». som o ; . pretty Fr«nchslnietl«l» volved in »n unusual e* venture: repeat , B *»n "et Tonr M» •— "rt of »ew'J«e««« OrouclioMantretiirea wllh a new M««ilf ?•*••* nrf, a n»* s«», n«w mtme) animated cartoimi •«» •» same comedy-qnll ««"«•* QJ Fllght-"M«rey Gum" mando" Coach," a e fading New*, „ Face of the Enrth — "The nlvcr" 8 Life of R»ey News, Weather New*, Weather John Daly. News iew UJai do a bit in The BaciMtar Port* and said to himself, time's Sammy. Pw inclined to think ntf* right I'm a Mason- ebly wair man, but to date Tm pretty happy about Larry in the won* WBOW5 Sammy beck ewundIWd, spending • yjjr in Xaaever, N. a, where he went to school at Dartmouth, ttdthe book seem far awey to him now; did he renumber having writ- tan ttT • ' ''•'"•'. '•' " ' ' -I (tart know why, tout it'» still close to me. I eappoee-heckj J know—Tve mellowed over the years and I wppoee some of this ha» seeped through hi my television script, but rm optimis- Ue to hope that any of the changes are tat the better, rm more Mature, I hope. I should think that would have to help my writ- tea?" ' • ^vTtafS he writing nowT Another bookt "Not at th» moment. I guess Tm Itching to, a little, though. Vve got» story in Nvgyet due Out soon and I had a piece to a notnt aiawiaa S^ew about the man I thought waa the best Y^riMm novelist of our tune, but that's about all right now. rve been pretty busy with the affairs ot the film company my toother Stuart and I have." All rlght-^who is the best American noveltot or our thnat ^Tm going away out on a Umb." But I »ay V. Scott Fitzgerald. X knew him-well, of eourse, and I did write The BfsenchuHtod; I ktiew the flaw* of the man pretty welL But he waa a great writer. *fae best of my Urns, 1 think. And en unfulfilled one. He WM going to be better." Nbia Petroma Khnsbchev without plotting out in his mind beforehand and giving himself the cue for the exactmomentbe is going to blow up. I'm positive, after touring the United States- with him. that, most of his seemingly spontaneous combustions are about as «ponuncoo* M aianihWBei- ing to (he Soviet Union. I'm convinced be carries a painstakingly studied script in lus top and blows this same top ca exact schedule. ;;.. . I don't think he's strung to rage? I think he's cued to &.' But, as I said,'we should be grateful for what he is doingfor us, without inquiriugtoo closely ;into Us motives. TbemoKuls' of 20th Century Fox, in parti- 1 cular. should be convulsed with gratitude. They showed the Khrushchev family a couple of samples of what "Can Can" Will be like , wheaTompleted. ff these were typical samples, and I have a harsh suspicion that such was ..the case, they are about all of the-movie I wish to see. I do not mean by ibis that I was shocked. Even when Miss Shirley MacLalnedisplayedthat portion of her anatomy which Khrushchev said is never as attractive as a lady's face, I found my attention wandering. But even if the musical is a: innocuous as the song sample ibat Maurice Chevalier am Louis Jourdan played back fo: -the Russians it is now doorae< to flourish like "Lady Chat terley's Lover." All me makers have aot to do to sardine movie bouses Is placard them with streamers, "This is the picture that Khrushchev says is too immoral for the Russians." I can sympathize with the temptation of an American official tolecture Khrushchev about our better way of life, but whenever a mayor or civic leader succumbed to it lie played right into Mr. K's pudgy hands, be gave the old Bolshevik an opening for his righteous outrage act, 'The worst of it was that many American listeners thought Khrushchev bad a point. They suggested that the lecturers would be truly, not spuriously, outraged, if they toured Russia officially and were lectured on the superiorities of Communism by every official greeter. This Incredible road show has been beset by a singular dearth of individual thinking. Too many participants havebeen following the lead of someone else. Perhaps this will give you an idea of how we are running in a pack without giving enough thought to where we might be NATOWL REPORT Only One Side Gers By By LH-E C. WILSON United Press International WASHINGTON (OPI) - ft is a matter of individual opinion which of two games Nlkita S. Khrushchev Is playing In the United States. ft may be the shell game In which the local yokels are invited to look for the hidden pea. .Or, ^perhaps, it is the gimmlcked game of heads I • win and tails you lose. • TheshellgameaspectofKhrushchev'sperform- irice develops from what appears to be his purpose in establishing his own standard* by ..(Which, he want*, people eve»ywhere.,Uf,^afp ^Khrushchev Is having pretty good luck j^h that. The communications systems of the free and the Communist worlds have been meshed for his use. Khrushchev lias established for Communists everywhere what they must regard is a basic fact of his American journey. . ft' is that the'U. S. government isolated him •'rom -the common people of the United States, imally established as Communist gospel everywhere is something else for which Khrushchev leslres acceptance as a basic fact, ft Is that he came here as a slmplemanM eace with a plan for peace. Communists be- und the Iron Curtain must believe that, too. hey will have nothing else to believe. American or British or French Communists Iso must believe it although they will have been • Kposed to both sides of the story. . . The other side of the story t* summed up •ORE1GN NEWS best' to the idea flat Khrushche/s aim Is peace at no price. That Is, that he does, in fact, ' desire peace but not at the cost of mutual concessions which would require Us side to give as well as to take. Tai'« I win, heads y To complete the standards by which Khrushchev desires that his American journey, be judged, he lias established for Communists everywhere another basic fact. that while isolated by government design from the peace-loving American commoners, he has been surrounded, heckled, Insulted, abused by "representatives of the war - mongering. American upper classes. ' . ' This set of standards is loaded against me M United States and in favor of the Communists. * B -YOf Keport—Report on Khrd»ho!i»v'« vl»lt S Industry on Parade Eyewitness to History -.Report on Khrushchev's visit . OH Roy Rogers Q Effective Rending and _ Study ' »l«0 B Who Paya? Q December Bride—Lily wants to organize- a mother-in-law club; repent IB Zorro—Estcvan elope* with Margarita, with Cesar Komero, Patricia Medina; repeat tttt B Staccato — "The Far- ento," » couple expecting ttielr first chili have lr«O' He with e black market operator Q Decision tor Research m Y a n o y Derringer — "Ttvo Tickets to Promontory," a train passenger Is riding in a coffin; repeat • • m The 'Real McCoys — "Luke Gets a Job"; repeat' "»:e» B Bachelor Father — "Bentley and the GnlUHe Guitarist" O Survival — "A Fuel There Was" tO Zane Grey Theatre •— '"Ote Sit in Judgement," Robert Ryan; two boys try to Mil a sheriff; repeat Q) Leave It To Beaver — ••Beaver Says Goodbye"; repeat t _ •;» B 21 Beacon Street — "Close Call," a man collects money on ln»ur»nce policies following "accidental" deaths O Accounting O Playhouse 90 —"Child ot Our Time," Maximilian Schell, Robert Crawford; the poignant story 61 a • refugee boy's search.for >, • love and understanding In a troubled world; repeat ~ |B Hough Rider* -s'-Ran- ^^ Ascmvs » —• "--(i • " ~ "Ix>(t» Crabtre«, • drmne ahont the s«cc*»s sterj m an entertainer S Ncws, Weather NlghtJEdltion Newl ^ UilB CD J»ck Fnar—Pat Kirby, Kny Thompson, Alexander King, Irving Altman; Rob> < ert Benchley films 10-M O News, Weather, ftportl cn Movletlme — "Roughshod," Gloria Graham*, Robert Sterling, John Ireland, Jeff Donnell: aavef» hire with » rancher, « danco hall girl «id threi escaped convicts io:tS B MOM Theatre — "9a» • tor the Sun," BlehMa • Wldraark, TreTor Howard, Jane Greor; m reportei and ft wrlt«r flni romance and adventure. In, M»dee_ 11:00 ffl Late Show-"Find the Blackmailer," Gene Lode- hnrt, Faye Emerson • Dean ^__ 11:30 B Naaghtj Marietta FRIDAY MOBNDiq Time. Channel, Frogram. «!» B George T '«;S8 B) Good Morning Par •:M flD Morning Report tD Farm Report 7!»e 8 Today — Reports e* Khrushchev's vto»J Oaf' nelta Otts Sldnoer, Deelgsk er Tom Lee, Deeorele* Melanle Kahane- Bi Ginny Pace Show 7:80 CD Romper Room IB Morning Edition Kewf S^t Ot Morning New* IB Cartoons ^ 8!lS m Capt Kangaroo __ SiSO IB Howard Finch Show _ •:*• O Dough Be Ml • IB It's a Great Lift ^ 9:80 Q' Treasure Hunt ffl Sam Levenson' ^ 10:00 B Priw *» Mrf* pi Love Luey_ I0:» 8 Concentration ' ID Top Dollar IB Our Mls» 3rook» 1UCU Olavca au*. MI .w»w» *.. -—— — It is unhappily, likely that Khrushchev will go home with no maw in the cold war. The Communist line explanation la ready-: made by Khrushchev's adroit propaganda, creating, standards by which his American journey jtnay TlieVie. will be this: That the masters of the American people prevented Khrushchev .from getting through to common man; that these war mougering masters thus were able tovreject: peace; that this rejection was accompanied Jby. discourtesies dishonoring him and the Soviet Pe That is what Communists. American.and foreign, would, be told to believe, and they would believe it. Some other soft-headed Americans may believe it, too. ' Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- Salesman's Goal Planned i *, ByPHILNEWSCM UP1 Foreign Editor Soviet Premier Nfkita Khrushchev, to the first uUwSk of his visit, has provided theAmerican ,eople with an interesting closenp .both of hun- a. Sdl Seytavolved third nations and had no Srt in his talks in theUnlted States. . __ Similarly refused to answer questions of free- domT the press in Russia on grounds they constituted interference In Russia's internal himself as a man of peace »."k heer madness to allow a new world ^* head. . . .war must be averted And with all its impraetlcaUtlee, fc MM bcwd to fall oh some sensitive earf , ewn among Western sympathizers. . *C 'SSuwT of Frankfurt as It lay levelled S IDNEY JAMES, of Sports Illustrated; thinks football eo»che« of big university teams are about as insecure as it's pog- iible to be. He cites this story to emphasize his point. : 'After one of Bed Sanders' .UCLA elevens had enjoyed a spectacularly successful season, a horde ot students and happy alumni gathered outside of Sanders' house and hollered until he came to the* window to greet them. As he opened it, the coach whispered apprehensively to his wife, '1 wonder which one's got the rope!" • • ' An elderly millionaire had fled, and the family was gath- ' ««d for the'reading of the will. The children were phased to'leam that the entire estate was divided equally among; thtni, but,the husvr who had hooked him In marriage was outraged. "To my young fourth wife," read tho will, "who insisted that her health wa» more Important than my money—and my happiness—I leave- ray second-hand sun lamp." DAILY CROSSWORD ACKOSS H WBH3NG A PAJNFKIL- or a facile process for Budd? "1 dont know. Maybe average. I'm a morning worker, well— maybe Tm more like abuslness man. I write from 9 to 13 and 2 to 6 roughly. I us* both longhand and the typewriter. It there's any average, maybe I take a year or so to write a novel." How did Across the Ever glade*, his last movie production, go ". "Wsaw>ointingly. It's doing well In Europe but In this coun- tty/nbt »o good. I don't know. It was a strange place to make * VBven normal people are apt to go a little crazy to the Bver- fladea after five or *ix days, and God knows uliow people or Writers aren't precisely normal people. It just didn't Jeu. I thought it waa too bad it didn't." ^Getting back to Fitzgerald — did Schulberg read Sheila ' Graham's Beloved Infidel and did he think it was l»er InfUuinc* that kept Fitzgerald working hard at The Latt Tyooou before he *"I thought toe hwt part of her book, about the lelatlonshlp •with Fitzgerald, was Interesting, but I got Impatient waiting to come toit Thsre 1 * no doubt she was very, very good for Seotfc- but Fw inclnied to think h* made himself work hard on Tycoon. Ttt« wa* • writer of truth, honesty, Integrity and talent. Doa't eue* sett bin ebed^ Last Saturday night a wagburst intp the press room and called outi "How many of you want to accompany Mr. Khrushchev to church tomorrow?" A dozen hands shot up. I couldn't even get down tobus- iness when we visited the International Business Machines plant. They lent us all new electric typewriters, but I found I'm too old to adjust to them and besides they always misspell Krushev. 1 mean Kru- shchev. I mean Khrushchev. Isn't that an "H" of a name? TRY FAGS CLASSIFIED III mately would "bury'V captallsni. U not by wr TRY NCTS I CLASSIFIED!! THE BRAtospoRT FACTS MT *iui»M» Mtt -aa-sa. SsS.MSS.Wr? !^ A tt xBp* •• »»* . dance 6. Cattle farm U. Black wood 13, Roman •' ' magistrate M, River em- • hankment 14. Old German coin IB. Toward the ahtltered aide l*.DomMtlca- tor» IT. GUI (abbr.) 3$. Assam silkworm 19. Observe 26,Tryins; 34. Cattle (dial.) 36. Orient 38. Camere opening a'l.Butt 3t.Bombyoid moth* U, Elizabeth . . Begins, (abbr.) S«. Leave* off, a* a syllable M. Young girl . 40.01 tone* 41. r^— Rlc» 42. Harden 43. Over 21 . 4i.Teaa«r» 45. Galdos, Spanish riovelUt DOWN iVMammal's wool coat ). Washington Monument, 3. Ardent affection 4. Leg jobit 0. Affirmative vote, 6. King's . adherent! T.Cain'* father S.Egypt'* river (pow.) B, Clear (obg. var.) lO.Harrowllke battle formation 1«. Three (comb, form) 18. Parts of optical instrument* 31. Yes (Sp.) 23. Pre- scrip- tlon terra 28. Gun (slang) 26. Solar deity (var.) 2T. Railroad bridge 20. Goddess of dawn 80. 8ub.> stitute 31, Overturn again 32. By oneself • U1UIEKU HWiatH-4 Ywterdty't Aaiwtr 33.IAM 37. Earth • 38. Mineral deposit 88. Chief Assyrian deity (var.) •LHat

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