Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 15, 1947 · Page 16
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 16

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 15, 1947
Page 16
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Pfttfipft News, Jufie 15, 1&47 onfest \ i —(Speciali—A beauty JWM be held here in connec- 5™* Jron the Plains AAU swimming TOUrraiment. on Thursday and Fri- .ijuiy 10 and 11. The beauties & d £ eti flt 7:3 ° o'clock July ** le winner wiil be crowned tt&ins AAU of 1047." Invitations have bee nsent to all • towtfe In the 26 counties making: up the *lalns Commission. Th> Junior Chamber of Commerce Cadillac Ambulance Service Phone 400 iDuenkel-Carmichael will be in charge of a contest who will represent this city in the contest. "Miss Shamrock" will be selected &, a program to be held alone with the swimming and diving elimination contests' on Thursday, July 3. The program will begin at 7:30 p. m. Shamrock merchants are urged to sponsor entries. Entry blanks may be obtained through the Junior Chamber of Commerce. First, second and third place trophies will be awarded in the Plains AAU Beauty Contest. To be eligible an entry must not have won a beauty contest in any celebration or {"unction of any kind during 1946 or 1947. Girls will wear swimming suits, but will not. be required to enter the pool. The reason the depth of a body of water is so deceptive to human vision is thnt water "bends" or refracts lighl. Sen. ODaniel to SeekRe-Eleclion AMARILLO—Of}—Sen. W. " I*e OT>aniel (D-Texi indicated here he tvould seek re-election and possibly open his bid with a tour of Texas this summer. The Senator, with his wife and son, Pat, stopper here briefly Friday en route by bus from Syracuse, Kns., to Fort Worth. They had been in Kansas for the funeral of W. S. Howell. husband of Mrs. O'Daniel's sister. O'Danicl Bald he would return to Texas as soon as the Congressional session adjourns to "tell Texaris v.-hat's going on in Washington" and find out "what is worrying (Xf<n.s mo.H.' NY wsmen interprted this as mean- r lie planned to start his campaign for re-election with the summer '.our. When told that Former Gov. James , Allred of Houston was con- •••idrred a certain candidate for the Senate post, O'Daniel quipped back: "He thought he was runnin<* back n 1942. Lokks like they'll have to •un out some new ones. I've defeated all the old ones. But the. more the merrier." © 8V HUTCEL HOWE rjUNtOM; By MATEEL mSTftlBUTEO »V NO. 4ERVICE, INC. * Read The Pampa Nows Want Ads • Don't wait until you are half dead before you call your family physician. His chances are better, and yours, if you call him at the first sign of illness. It will be less . expensive for you, too. Often a word of advice, a sensible precaution, will prevent serious complications. Even though you may feel perfectly well, it is good practice to see your physician regularly, at least twice a year. If he finds it necessary to prescribe medical treatment, bring your prescriptions to us. We will fill then) promptly and accurately, just as the doctor orders RICHARD DRUG 107 W. 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"I'll nevrr hnve to »ee that awful wotntttt again." * * * * xv • A NEW champion for the Tolli- vers did not arise until the summer of 1915. The Carstens wrote Mr. Stokes the lawyer, that the Tollivers had not paid their rent for many "months and that something must be done about it. Mr. Stokes did something immediately—he sold the house to a Mr. John C. Jones of New York City. Mr. Jones, it came out, had bought it as a bargain on Mr. Stokes's recommendation. On top of this, Mr. Jones amazingly sent word to Mrs. Tolliver that he would be pleased to have her live in the house, rent free, as caretaker. Tongues wagged considerably, and we speculated endlessly about the mysterious Mr. Jones, A week or so later I met Flora downtown and walked home with her. .—»'Ai*~.'.*i 'ji»«»i 4.' j ;-.•&" ,,"> SCM her rises, .--/?-*• i°? i$P$. i"9«iSj and rarfe wjnes, m farafady, jierfumes. Ofc* |6fQ's fit turne4 into convulsions. Riimors flew about the town aft thick as snowflakes m a winter storm. Sam was engaged to Flora, exactly like him, 1 thought every- ** J^l * f^^L?""^ Flora carried the baby well, and her dress was cunningly contrived to conceal her condition. She had never been so radiantly beautiful, her skin so dewy and fresh, her color so exquisite, her eyes so deeply blue. She herself brought up the subject of Mr. Jones. She laughed that the Tollivers were undeniably lucky and that never, never had any family had a better, kinder, or more generous friend thin their benefactor. "Oh, i§ Mr. Jones a friend?" I asked quickly. "Why, of course. You mean you haven't guessed? Darling, you're just being tactful." "Tact is hardly my long suit, as you know. Come clean, my sweet. Tell me who it is." "Why, Louise, think. It's so one would know right off." "If you mean Sam, youll have to prove it. Sam had always been known for holding onto his money." . Flora laughed and looked mys- terifcus. * * * CHE made up her'mind to see *-' Sam. She nijght have accomplished it in a dozen simple ways, by waylaying him on the street, by telephoning and Asking to see him, or, if she was put to it, by sitting on his ddorstep until he was forced to let her in. She chose to have a fainting fit and to clairh to believe she was dying and'had to see dear Sam just once, for a tiny minute. When Sam, summoned by Mi's, Tolliver, arrived on the run. arid out of breath, Flora was lying In bed, very white and barely able to' talk, her wistfulness undoubtedly accentuated almost unbearably.- She took Sam's hand and kissed it. Never, never could she thanlt hifrt' for what he had done for her and; hers, she whispered. She 'had known at once who had bougnt the house. No one else, in the whole wide world was so generbuB, so magnificently kind. ' It turned out that Sam actually was the mysterious Mr. Jones, actually had bought the house. Otsego went from flt .to flt. After one look at the presumably dying Flora, poor Sam fell on his knees by the bed and sobbed. Flora comforted him gently. Then Mrs. Tolliver came in and shooed him out. Sam came straight to Father. Father told him he was a fool, that Flora was not in the slightest danger of dying, and that he hod better light out of town and iftay aw&y for an indefinite time. Sam sheepishly promised to go, but he didn'J. And Flora, of course, gradually grew better. Dear Sam had given her courage. ... . Sara for n while went to see' . He didn't want to be married, but Flora had infeaiened to cut hey tfirbat—and as Father said, a man did hate the sight of a woman's Wood. The fish -was hooked, but the fish was struggling. Sam had brought it on himself by being such a fool. ,Sam was old enough to know better. And finally: "Th* least he can do is marry her. After all . . ." * * * M came again to Father. He. said he was. almost out of his mind, that he didn't know what to IU) . I _ do, that he'd like to horsewhip publicly whoever it was who had started the rumor that he had fathered Flora's child. "Then it's not your baby?" "Holy cow, no." Father said: "I've told you before and I'm telling you now that if you don't want to marry Flora, you'd better get out of town tonight. And I don't mean tomorrow." Sam groaned. He explained that it was impossible to leave his business just now. He had done nothing but show Flora a little neighborly kindness. Why should he have to leave town, leave his comfortable house? Father laughed and told him to be his age. Sam went home in a huff and hardly spoke to Father for several days. He went no more to the' Tolli- vers', sent no more flowers or wine. He told Nelson that Flora ought to have a keeper. Nelson's look was a question. "Oh, Lord, you too!" Sam exploded, making for the door. Halfway upstairs he yelled down over the banisters: "The answer is no! If you knew what I thought of women, all women, every doggone one of them ..." About ten days later Otsego had a new Tolliver tidbit to chew on. The husband and father, long absent and seldom or never mentioned, came home. iTo Be Continued) Economic Commission Meeting in Shanghai SHANGHAI— m— Sixty delegates from ten nations are gathering for the opening session June 16 of the Par Eastern Economic Commission, first of its kind to be held In the Orient. Delegates from the United States, Australia. China. France. India The Netherlands, Philippines, Siam Britain and Russia have been as signed to determine the economic needs of Asiatic countries and thr which the United Nations can offe) them to increase production and raise their standards of living. Traffic in the second only to port of Boston is New York, inthe United States, in value of imports and sea-borne passenger trade. Again wards lead the way.. aonven t Time Payment PI CANNON TOWELS Firmly-woven cotton terry bath towels for brisk rubdown after shower. White with pink, hltie, green or gold borders. 22x44". , Longwear Sheets $ 81x99, each Pillow Coses e JA Long wear, 45x36, ea, vfw KPDN 1340 on Your Dial SUNDAY fi:r.n—BIRO on. 7:00— Vounu- Peoples Churcli of (lie Air—MBS. 7:30—Shamrock Church of Christ. 8:00—Assembly of God Church. 8:30—Voice of Prophecy—MBS 9:00—Bible Institute—MBS. !):.'(0—Comic Page of the Air. 10:00—Pilgrim Hour—MBS 10:30—Lutheran Hour—MBS. 11:00—First Baptist Church. 12:00—Married for Life—MBS. 12.-.10—Bill Cunningham—MBS. 12:45—Theater Pnjrp. \1:00—Open ITouse-^-MBS 1:30—lilt of the Week. 1 tflli—Musical Memories. I'M —Memorial Hour. 2:00—House of Mystery. 2:30—True Del UC.UVP Mystery—MRS. ICftO—The Shadow—MBS. 3:30—Quick as a Flash-iMBS. 4:00—Those \Vebslers--MHS. 4:30— Nick Carter—-MBS. n:00—Mysterious Traveler—MBS. ri:30-Ojillfornla Melodies—MBfl. (i:00—A. U Alexander-MBS fi:.'!0— Voice of Strings--MB5). 7:00—KlvnloriiiR- tho Unknown—MBS. 7.'.'10—Double or Nothing—MB8. 8:00—Oftbrlrl ffMiUrT—MBS. X:.'fO—F.dmoncl HoekHdge Show—MBS. 9:00~WIIJIam Illllmnn Rer.nrLs—MBS. fl:1ii—Dance Orchestra- MBS. 9:30—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 9:r>r>~Nfiws—MBS 10:00—Old Fashioned Revival Tour. 11:00—Record Show. 11:30—Reeord Show 12:00—Sijrn Off. MONDAY fi:2!l—Sinn On. 6:30—News. t!:.15—Cipne Morton Songs. 6:fiO—1340 Ranch. 7::00—Editors Diary—MBS 7:15—The Oppi) Bible 7:45—Breakfast Rhythms. 7:Gn—News. 8:00—Arthur Oaethe—MBS. 8:15—Fallh In Our Time—MBS 8:30—Ray It With Music—MBS. 9:00—Pamna Party Line. 9:l!i—Toll Your Neighbor—MBS, 9:30—Heart's Desire—MBS. 10:00—Fashion Letter '0:05—Musical Interlude. 1.0:10—Ills Majesty the Bahy. 10:1.1—Coffee Time. 10:30—Coast fUuird on Parade—MBS. 11:00—Oeflrio Foster—MBS. 1.1:10—Stnlle Time. 11:80—J, t. Swindle News. 11:45—Checkerboard Jamboree—MBS. 12:00—Music Ala Carte. 12;15—Local News. 12:80—ninnerhell Jamboree. 12:45—People Know Rvei'ytliln. 1:00—Queen for n D<u—MBS. 1:30—Music For Monday. • 1-M— .Tackle Hill Shrtw—MBS. 2:00—F.rsklne Johnson—MBS. 2:15—The Johnson Family—MBS. 2:30—Two Ton Baker—MBS. 2:4.5—Mttlo Concert. 3:00—All Request Show. 4 -.00—All Request Show. 4:45—Adventure Parnrte—MBS SUNDAY ON NETW.ORK8 Sunday Forum: MBS-^9:30 A. M. •cvlewlner stand "Arfl" You Too Old to Learn?" NBC 11 America United •Timber Supply," OBS 11 People's Platform 'The Presidential' Veto;" MBC 11:30 A. M. ChU-aco Foundtalile, •Meaning ot the New Tax Policy." Other- NBC--13 P. M. Robert Merrill Concert,: 2 Quiz Kids and Dads; 3 VBC Symphony; 5 Jack Parr Comedy; Alec TetYiplelon; fi'30 Fred Alien, Oazle nnd TTnrrlpt: 7:30 Pamiliar HFu- 9.30 F''' 0 ' P'nijo nuarlot. t PTiR Rvninhripv: 2:30 T 11 "!! RIV.HVI; R Sl\n n"v M^'tln nifl Tt nr T.^flvo. It ' of fly ... Well, today i? Father's Day and . IMhK tt-WV6.;Yery thoughtful of whoever arranges the l \$l»ys" to puc it right stnack in the middle June, the ny>nth..p£ .brjdft% - •er has •*- --* — ioi- wedding found a job for oh rin -law.' it the priyilegp pi must be such a comfort to have paying for the 3ox of cigars that ,he family gives Urn. J aslced (Qleprge Pr»c». f he'd like another necktie for father's Day this year and he said jo, just giy,f .him uermjssiq;i to bum : tie I/pve W.W. last year. here we« yp FetftW"? B*y wfegn J vas growing up, put once a year a Jet Eapa ii,ay.e. ft Father's --B?.'9ptf4 e° wt He never seemed ..-'W 1 ** 9tHe^ DALLA FLITES DAILY VIA BRANIFF Departures from Amarlllo: 5:25 AM, 11(45 AM, 1:50 PM, 8:15 PM, 8:50 PM Non-stop <o Denver 3:35 ant. Other northbound fllles at 7:50 pm and 12:15 pm. Eastbound al 5:30 am and 1:20 pm to Memphis via Oklahoma City, Tutsa, Muskogee, Ft, Smith and Little Rock. Rule BuiWIna Phone Amarillo 2-4343 Air Passengers * Air Mail Air Freight • Air Expreii TODAY and MONDAY CROWN Features starb nvF*** 25? with t, 2. SAKAll • CARMEN CAVALLARO anil H!» Orchettra 'Pigs Is Pigs" A Cartoon PLUS "Like Father Like Son" Sportsreel TODAY, thru TUESDAY OPSN "ADM.! 35*1 THEY'RE OFF TO THE RACES. (OK MAYBE JUST OF f i) H 1L» <fe COIUMBIA PICTURES PENNY SINGLETON ARTHUR LAKE LARRY SIMMS MARIORIE KENT TOOTH OB CONSEQUENCES—(CARTOON) joy and Hjs Dog'' • TODAY thru TUESDAY 12:45 THE WIST CO I :' - ^ ,P^ Tjff. ws f^'Jf W| s .IIPI;^: AND LIVli s Spencer TRACY Katharine HEPBURN Robert WALKER DOUGLAS N

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