Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 6, 1957 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 21
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PA 2-4600 for a WANT AP Take* Cream Puffs Ideal Entree Or Dessert Cream puffs demand a special filling! Aclually they're a perfect parly pastry quite easily prepared. Try (he recipe and see for yourself . . . don't they have that authentic French appearance? Several fillings are appropriate ... for dessert fill Ihe puffs wilh a cream filling, chocolate or but- r jlerscotch pudding, ice cream or whipped cream. Perhaps you'd like to lop Ihe puffs with con- fectioners''sugar or fresh fruil. For luncheon, fill the puffs with creamed meat. a the puffs are made miniature style and filled wilh a meat mixture, they act as a conversation,piece for an hors d' oeuvre tray. Heba Staggs, home economist, comments that lard is an ideal shortening u> use in making cream puffs, or any paslry. It has high shorlening -power and produces lighl, tender and flaky fj'aked products: Differences In Meat Loaf ;-A meat loaf can be a real challenge to you . . . each one canjje different by just changing the:seasons. Chili sauce, horseradish, prepared or dry mustatd, cloves, sage, and allspice, are Just,a lew suggestions for mak- '"""" a meat loaf mixture different, i scissors. To solten figs , « i. ^ (oil the heat) for about 10 minutes, (hen dram well. Pie In The Sky, Angel Style i^ ^™^_,_ T EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD,. THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1057 By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor This Angehving Pie was designed for mere mortals, but it's heavenly eating. Prepare a pie shell of thin rich paslry for,the crust. Then follow -.., . ; our directions for making the ,_;.. When preparing figs for cook- light-as-air Bavarian-type filling, ing, smpp off the ends with the Top Ihe pie with fresh strawber KltollPn JsHscnrc Tit cnTtnn f;,... ».:.irv «„,! r:_:_v, _ -ii_ _ i- .»., -i _ _ HEAVENLY EATING^-This Angelwing pie is light and Huffy as a summer cloud. Flank Steak Main Dish In Sunday Meal 'lank Steak Mushroom Sauce 'otatoes Broiled 'i'omaloe; teparagus Vinaigrette Holls Date Nut Dessert Beverage Dale Nut Dessert Ingredients: l /t cap flour, 1 (oa poon double-acting baking pow- Jer 'A teaspoon salt, 1 cup very me graham-cracker crumbs, 1 ip thinly-sliced pilled dates, 1 ip coarsely broken walnul meats, 3 eggs, 1 cup sugar. Method: Stir the flour, baking lowder .and salt together iioroughly. Mix in Hie graham- cracker crumbs and then the dafes-and walnuts. Beat eggs in i medium-sized mixing bowl until hickened and lemon-colored; iradually beat in sugar until very hick and almost while in color, 'old in date-nut mixture. Turn nto buttered baking pan (8 by I by 2 inches). Bake in moderate 350 degrees) oven about 45 minules or until cake lesler in serted in center comes out clean Loosen dessert from sides of pan party when you want io put your cup heavy cream, 1 teaspoon va best foot forward. .This dessert should really be Cuns ' s1iccd fres h strawberries,' called All-Summer-Long Pic be- c ries and finish with a light glaze , ------ ---- „„..,. iv , ov ,, wl , ngs, m;:> uuu iiiiibu \YHII a ngnL ciazc , « i. ^ Sland in h()ilin S water Add a fluff of whipped cream and some whole berries and serve for dessert at a supper cause you can substitute other seasonal fruits for the strawberries. Fresh raspberries make a delicious topping for it; so do sliced fresh peaches. Angehving Pie Ingredients: 2 teaspoons unflS- i» pan of very hot (but not boil vored gelatin. 2 tablespoons cold >"g> water unli! melted. Put the wEler, % cup sugar, ^ cup wa ter, 2 teaspoons Jemon juice, teaspoon salt, 2 egg whites ,»^«.^ W *.„.»,, , ,vw^.,^M^ f The one mayonnaise with deluxe flavor- ... Mrs. Filbert's! So much fine flavor you actually use lets! A dab of this deluxe flavor mayonnaise does as much for your salads as a big spoonful of the ordinary kind! Mrs, Filbert's Is genuhie mayonnaise, made to taste homemade. Creamy-rich with extra eggs. Tangy with renl lemon juice, a woman's own spice blend. Guaranteed to taste as good as homemade or your money back.1 Taste thnt "homemade'' flavor M. V. Filb»rt MRS. FILBERT'S MAYONNAISE Shop CARL MclNTYRE'S Always For Fine Qualify Feeds! Leave Your Order for Large Size Bar-B-Q Chickens ^$1.59 Fresh Granfsville Grade A All \\Tiite EGGS ^43c Curtis Marshmallows SPECIAL SALE! Buy One Regular Bag at 25c And Get A 25c Bag FREE! Domino Sugar 5* °"49c Large Economy Size Jar Jlaxwell House Instant Coffee $1,29 Sunshine Krispy Saltine Crackers 1 ^ -21c Kccblcr Townhouse Crackers '= ^ 33c Kccbler N'ew PofafoSnax «. 39 C Firelabs—Instant Lighting Charcoal Briquettes > ° *°* 69c Campbells Pork 5 Beans - 3 w Hunt's f Calif. Peaches 3^. . In Heavy Syrup Mrs. Snyder's Delicious Homemade Potato Salad ^ »,. FRESH PRODUCE lorgt Co! if. Poical CELERY .... sfallc 25« txtrt, Fonev.Jerg. £] HotW.t • TOMATOES ..... |b. 43c fonty Hem* Crown ASPARAGUS With 29e SunVM' •'•••"' DEMONS ..:,,doi.3»; * . 435 Meat makes the meal . . . and when you buy your meats at Carl's you always get Ihe best.- Cut fresh any size you like it ... arid; if you call in person, phone or send a small child to our store you always get the best: Home Drest, Trimmed Ready {or Oven Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb ' 89c Our Own. Home Made Ham Salad * 83c iMade from Swift's Premium Hams Grade A Fresh Killed—2!4 lo 23J Average Frying Chickens * 43c Lean Fresh Ground Beef 2 1 73c Made Fresh Several Times A Day Armour's Star or Swift's Premium Brisket Boiling Beef 2'- 39c Cubes of Beef and Pork on ,a Skewer City Chicken 2' 39c Ground Veal and Pork on a Skewer Drum Slicks 3'« 29c Lean Lamb Ground and Wrapped In Bacon Lamb Patties 2' 39c Stokely's FROZEN FOODS Fordhook Limas DON AID 55c 6uc>r Orange Juice -- 2 «»• 27c Lady llenc Pound Cake .. 69c D.!itiou> v>ith Slrowbetriai •o s5 7i Haddock Steak 39c Ifi New, Hcol and Eol lilla, 9-incli baked pie shell, 3 :up sugar, 2 seaspoons corn- ;larcb, 6 whole ^ncapped straw- iierries. Method: Sprinkle gelatin over Ihe 2 tablespoons cold waler in a •ustard cup to soften. Place cup cup sugar, li cup water am . lemon 'juice in a small saucepan 1 —a 3-cup size is fine. Stir over 'OH' heat until sugar is dissolv ed; cook without stirring to sot ball siage (236 degrees on candy thermometer). Remove from heal. Add salt to egg whites am beat with rotary heater (ham or eleclric) until they form peak that droop over slighlly when beater is slowly withdrawn Gradually beat in hot cooked syrup and dissolved gelatin. (I gelatin has thickened place cus lard cup in a small container o simmering water and slir unli fairjy thin again.) Beat % cup of Ihe cream and fold into egi white mixture with the vanilla Turn into pie shell. Chill unti firm. About 2 hours before serv ing, mix sliced slrawberries with cup sugar; let stand at room temperature for half an hour Drain off juice anrt reserve Spread berries over top of pie If there is not li cup of slraw berry juice, add cold waler to il to make that amount. Put corn starch in a small saucepan; grad ually add strawberry juice, slir ring lo keep smoolh. Stir con stanlly over moderately low hea until boiling and clear. Coo slightly and spoon berries ovei pie. Chill unlil top is set. Bea remaining Vi cup cream (sweet cned with a litlle confectioner* sugar if desired) and garnish th pie with it and the whole un capped berries. Makes 6 to servings N'olc: A quart of strawberries should give an ample amount fo: llu's dessert. DOWN THE HATCH-A catnip is just not enougtr ;for "Dickie Boy," \vho • downs a hearty belt of milk from a baby's bottle in the best elbow- bending fashion. The acrobatic feline, owned by.Beth Margaret McGeo, ol Jiochesfcr, N. Y, downsrits milk in this manner unassisted,; scorning the usual, saucer. TWENTY-ONE Like generous helpings of vege- lables? Buy a pound of potatoes for two servings; a pound and a half of green peas tor two; a for two. of spinach or tomatoe* I'M ALL PLAYED OUT BEFORE I START/ DOMINO SUGAR GIVES YOU THE \1 quicK fNEKcy you NF.ED EVERY DAV_ ^ AND HAS ONLY 18 CALORIES PER TEASPOON ! Which is " LESS FATTENING? 54 CALORIES «7 CALORIES vitli spatula or knife; turn ou on rack and cool. Serve warn or cold with a topping of whippec cream (slightly sweetened and'! lavored wilh vanilla) if desired.! Cut remaining dessert in slrips and store in tightly covered container. Nole: Snip dales crosswise into hin slices wilh scissors dipped in hot waler; do not pack down in measuring. A 6%-outice package of pitted dates will make about IVi cups cul and measured Ibis way. Graham - cracker crumbs now come in a 13%-ounce package ready for use. Friday Fare Pantryshelf vegetable dish! Asparagus wilh Cheese Sauce Stuffed Eggs Bullcred Toast Fruit and Cookies Beverage Asparagus wilh Cheese Sauce Ingredients: 1 can (14 ',4 ounces) asparagus, milk," 2 tablespoons flour, % cup lightly-packed grated cheddar cheese, paprika. Method: Drain asparagus; add enough milk to the liquid to make 1 cup. Melt butter over low heat in 1-quart saucepan; stir in fiour. Add asparagus liquid and milk mixture. Cook and slir constantly until thickened; remove "rom heat. Add cheese; slir until melted. Meanwhile heat drained asparagus in 8-inch covered skillet over very low heat; add a teaspoon or so of water if necessary. Pour hot'cheese sauce over drained hot asparagus; sprinkle with paprika. Makes 4 servings. If youVa counting calories—no ne«d lo give up lugar. 3 tflaipooni of Domino Ptir« Can* Sue or contain fewer calorios Ihan 3 plumj . . , or many o«i«r "reducing die!" foocfi. WHILE YOU HOLD DOWN YOUR, WEIGHT, LI FT UP YOUR ENERGY... WITH OOMINO SUGAR! American Sugor RofinIn 9 Co.,Box -2S6YN«w-Yorir5, N. Y. Jerzee Milk 8 Kingnut Oleo '. 5 ib,. Armour Star Lard 5 it... Ellen Dale Catsup 6 "»> biu. Bits O' Sea Tuna 5 «•-, Beechnut Slramed Baby Food 10 i— Ce'mpbsll'l Pork and Beans 10 ?»-. «•«. A r.nour Vienna Sausage 6 •>•• Salt,, • Toilet Tissue 16 «n. f«3 Ice Cream •< «««• -*3w Jwi-a.sWuSn^ta^-^tjti^, Short Ribs 3 b, $1 pioio Boiling BeefS it». $1 Fresh . Pork Liver . 3 »». $1 Wiltonlin longhorn Cheese 2 ib». $1 Bologna 2 u... $1 Veol SKoulder Chops 2ib.. $1 _ ..... 3 A... $1.29 JOY 2 reg. 70c 1 giant Glc ilti coupon Newl Nobiito Desert Sticks Goodluck OLEO Quarters Ib, 21c Solids Ib. I9e willi eovpon I? _ Mu.Tail Cheese •• 2 n.. , 69c Breakfast fruit: Fresh orange and grapefruit sections sweetened with lioney and topped with grated orange rind. Refreshing! FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OF $5.00 OR MORE FRAN rz SUPER MARKET JUST A FEW BLOCKS FROM BALTIMORE ST. RIDGELEY, W. VA. DIAL RE 8-9S11 PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE U. S. N.. 1 New 8.d o r WHl. Potatoes • 10 u». 43c Home Giown HeoH Lettuce ... 2 >>«<i» 35c Home Grown leaf Lettuce 2 n». Freih Green Beans 2 it,. 39 C loige Florida Oranges do«r.4g c Strawberries <n 49c Frozen Food Specials Agen Fardhaofc Limas 2 p^.. 45c Agen Peas 2 ^>- 29c Donald Dyck Oranga Juice •-• 6 '•««• «">» 79c in your wash...with CLOROX CARL MCINTYRE FOOD MARKET 436 Cumberland St. Phone PA 4-3480 FREE DELIVERY OP^N DAILY 8 A.M. to 6 P>-V . f ' t f A - /* ' /-"v You get a CLEANER WASH with CLOROX%.. whiter.. . brighter. .. sanitary, too! MOftF FlAVOK ' FOR YOUR MONEY? Bottled by PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY DIAL PA 4-M70 JLES, whether you're doing a dainty print party dress. ..or a whole week's family wash... there's something so extra clean about a wash that's Clorox-clean! You'll be soproud of that fresh, clean "party-pretty" look! And remember...Clorox not only whitens.brightens and deodorizes...Clorox disinfects! Use Clorox every time you launder white and color-fast cotton and linen, and white 100% nylon, rayon, Dacron, Orion and Dynel. Keep your kilchcn "compariy-clcan" with CloroTl Millions of women tako extra pride in their homes narceU as their faumfrybecause of Clorox-orel See tho direction* on the Clorox label (or dozens of houscclcaoing uscgt Every time you use CLOROX you protect family health!

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