The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1930
Page 7
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/FRIDAY. JANUARY 2<1, 1930 (AUK.) COURIKK-NEWS CLASSIFY ADS TV.D cents a wcrd for first tn- smlon f.nd one cent a word lot each subscqutnt insertion. No advertisement taken tor less tun Me. Count trie words and send the cash. Phone 305 Announcements The Courier News lias ueen authorized to ann:unce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primary. For Sheriff W. W. SHAVER, B30 NBA Service Inc. 1'ur County CuurL Clerk MRS. JOHN LONG. For County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIl'ETEU. For County Assessor J. S. D1LLAHUNTY. DA13Y CHICKS -All varieties, from proven flocks. Custom Hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Dly- [theviltc, Ark. Ock-tt Attractive Prices -in- Good Used Cars 1028 ftJofiel Chevrolet Coach: rood lircs; motor A-l condition* Price 1820 Model Bulck Six Sedan; ' a real buy 5203 1325 Model '[ Fordor Sedan; runs good $125 1938 Model A Tudor Sedan; LAURA LOU BROOKMAN Cars on display at uur new sale rto-.H, turner Fill'A and Main I'll ONE 810-311 1'HILLll'S MOTOR CO. /iu:lioii-/t:d L'crU JJculi'L* > 1'OK i— Corn, hay, cats, ci-.r iuuu&:. 1'nunc GJ, iru iOK SALE—Hay.. In .ton or car juuct lois.-iiee .j. U. OOD03'<x ti>ou, ii.yiiiuMue KGuie Ko. 1, ui- A. uou- \\;iy, iiiycntvute. ^opKreu. i. ir.\ \\iiii AH Kit i It I Illllt K^-UH'l * r.Uy 'luiij-. mat's not true \viiy :inS:iti wouldn't — ! Vmi've nn ica ...... n the »'urld lo say sucli n :llll!^! II'F lliinsr-MH- ' "1 dlCnl \faiii lo tell yuu." mum hlfil Hie till ivitli eyes dinvucasl. "Hul I: i s ii i iti»':" Tuny iii:nle no reply to Mils. ">iuive ucyt.r uv;tri Inli in yum Kh-j.uioiiieii" HP i,ihl. ner sieini> "I! VHII ifiin!i TUN ve ^ccn aiiytimig n:';ru thilii ui'lrriary frtaiuUlllp de | tiveen Her and Andj Craig yuu'vc iiiia^iiiL'd It Siies fond nt ilio tiny iusl a? I i:in Wl:y— 1're (re.ilgd Amly a ..... LSI like a son. It's-ll's (ue|insicr(iii5." 1'h;il was pimiisll. ^ Tuny Knii;lii Jumped to her feet "Why d\A \'ou /ini'c lo man's Jonicone young ~tiwu$h to be.youi daughter? Why did uou do ifiafP" your Happiness." '• "• • «'ero cheese sandsvlelic-B. cnld Ills v.-ifc smiied riyly. . Ic'ilctcn and tomato sandwiches, T did write down :!ic nan:f nf! lliln weds*? ol apple- pie. olives and the,'binnels," she tald.- "IIeve It Is." • '-....'' Slie runmacqd In her purse, piu- duced a Lli ol .cavdlxiani and in Arlliur. Me glanced ai li. tl'.cu. I'.oi-kcted ilic card.- "\Vclj.'the cvenint certainly v:ns a pleas'irc; -Mrs. Kni^lii'." Andy CraiR tM>ke up. "May. I »ay sood FOR SALE—Hay and corn, Leo Keru, Fagus, Missouri. 21pkl FOR SALE—Hot water heater cheap. Call Ola B..Harris. 948. t "" v -.- 22ck27 KENT I' i-'OK RENT—Three- looms with bath, furnished or unfurnished, steam heated. McBride Apis 22\ik^j FOP. RENT—One five room bjn- galovv, cojrsiJlete set of-cut buildings, two or five acres, one mile south on Memphis Hy. Call 402. 22pk25 FOR RENT- Light housekeeping rooms at 622 W. Ash. 24pk29 WANTED Her "'i; ntre Mashing anil slic sL!ii:i[icil niic ruin as slie cried: "Ml r'.;!j| lor yuu. Artiini KniS'it: So I u:ingine Millies, doius." IV t)!i. yes. ] imngtnt! liipiu: And you've irr ...... I Andy IHie a BOH Well — wliy itlil yuu nave to inairy soiiieune yn':nx In y, in daiiKliter? Wliy did yuu do thai 1 ! Andy and .ludltii enyplg. oi coui-se. bin 1--1. yi)iir uuu daujjli- ler— oil! 'I tliihk yuu'rc liaieful!" - Tenr^ streaiiilns from her eyes, Hie slrl ran out ol Hie ruum. A few momenta later Uiere was HID loud slam of a duor being clo-cd unslaiis anil Artliur Knlglu -MS lefl alone ivlili tils tlioii^his. lie did nut see Ills daugliicr asain tliat evcniug. nii;hi nov; aud run old Mltlc- of tlie ahrm 'clock.In ilic t dish of naked boaiis. There was also a pol of riogrant coltee. Juditli, at tills liour?" slowly, net iiiio Hie C ;u nun nnv« away. She knew her ilio'.inliUcn UES9 »oa lo bliunc tor nil mls.TT. At 11 o'ckirk she irlqiliuiird the ulllrc »ud Arlliur Knlfilit'» rraftur- voice cmui< dark over lilt vkri Ves. h« was fcelliin hetter—inucli heller, lie umilil blur iliroiiKh Hie day at llif nrti,- 0 und rcatli uinnt xml live o'clock Judllli WH* su ciitirerncil over nui nusliaud's \\clfiue Him lor ionic liiiie s!io [nllrii io niHU-« I'ony. Auo Tony was mil lug imrilciilar pulni thai dny lo bu uullceil. Slie citmc ilviruiiHlrs alwul llrSK ii'ciock, looVtni; Blum und oci'nelon- ally «lioollng gliiilus glances In Ju dltli'i direction. JinllUi Handticd olHjut the liousc. nub) 1 with u ili»cii iniiliillli; 13ski At \l o'clock Mia. Wheeler luuud her u|isinlis in her own roiim. The L-ejiiT app.irciilly wiLS ( lniK>r Ing under KDIIIC UICLIIILI orilenl. Slie came nnlllne uu Ilio ctciis and knocked oi ihe hcJraoin djor. "Come In." called Judith, nnd when the s:nv \vliu wns walling nddcil. "Why. Mrs. Wucckr. whiit't Ilic innllrr?" "It's Ml<s Tuny—" Blie'iiaiuort. "She's ordered three iliffoicul iircaV:liisls. ma'am, und sciii overy •mo back! f.'ora'H iiHiniMluy anfl lakliiij- on iniucthliiK lcrrtl)lc ntid .Harriet's slitiu' d,iv:i iu Hie j Kliclicu ivivii] 1 her [>>rs ( dou'l knoiv whnt you're tutus in do. ma am. Vou can'i nlford lo lost u ciwk like Cora, iim'aiu." Judith was on her lect. "Nil, ot coun-e uui. Yuu watt here. .Mrs. Wheeler. I'll yo ihuvn uini gee what I can dn w-iili Misa Tuny." There v\as nolhlni; [or her io do or tay. as It linpiioucd. Judith nu-t Tony oi the fool of Ilic slnlis. Tlie younser girl broke Inlo a Urailc: "Well, It'b loo had." she crleil hotly, "itlu'ii 1 cnn't gel a decent Idle lo cai In my fallier'e own h(in?e! I'm noi ^nink; lu suud for It, I'm not. I'll show you what I'll do." OUR BOARDING HOUSl-; PAGE flVg By Aljern - 1 S;;.T nt('.:!ed her head afiii inr. lively. "It's ir.:.-.!i!ir,s. 1 l;uo\v, Imi 1 wns hungry. .AM: nothing In ilic world la so fiood 03 c-jffec a'nd [ite nt mid- high I. J UDITH walled, wpndovliig. Sho taw Tony fly d-j-.Misl.ilia ivc niliinie? later, n bis spoil i-nat thrown nronml lier and lier icail iare. A purring sound came from Tliey ....... __________ ________ lnt you hunw. (lend iilelit.' rcaillns ttioic. arrayed ilie lunrli out on iho Mr. UnlBht.- 1 Kisii you'll cone vtllU IVfMF.N Ilic young-rar.'.i had c/me Jurlilh uiuvrd over "to ivlicre her hc-slnnd itc-od hefort 1 the Uearth. ' - ' ' . ' "II was a fme-doK shaw." Elie :ald softly, "Inn I'd have' enjoyed I more'if you'd U3uu?thefc. near." Was there rrue3tlonlti£'in Arthur Kni'shl's, eyes? For an instant Judith 0 slic noted something peculiar In the rGuLTRY WANTED-We have set the pace for five years. Marilyn Hatchery. Blytheville. tick Feb. "lO WANTED — Fimikticd apartment or furnished limiEe at once. Call 350-W. 23i*28 LOST—In Biyiheville Store Thursday evening. January 23. 1930, Brown purse bordered ivith black licing cut side. The purse contained little money, green fountain pen, chifTerrbe l:ey Rnd iniKirtant pa- ]jev u \vith L. E. Tillman's name up- cn thein. Finder please return to Blytheville Store, receive reward. 24pk25 When iiidilh nnd Andy Craig came In shortly aflon 10 o'clock tiotli were loo eager iu tell uf-ihe cuddlcsnuie. svobhl; 1 pups, brlphl- eyed lerrlers. av.-ku-nrJ buil and handsome (ierman sliepheids they had seen lo notice anyililns iiniisiial about Ariliur Knight's manner. Judilh had lost her heart lo one small shagyy ScoHi terrier In particular. S'le landed Mm exlrava- Eantly. "Well, well." Knight lold tier, "why didn'i you bring iiiui linnic witli you? There doesn't SCE-III lo be any duuhl hill that we'll hove lo way her Msliand looked at her. Then' ho laughed and she wondejcd Y,-hai nunsense had [ironipU-d iliv tlllillgllt. guiltily i f-ankins jtul EC! Id <lo- vunrttig tiie feud. Tv.-cnly miniiics iaicr uothin- l>^i stray cvuiuba cuv- erotl tliu ]ikiic-:>. The folio-.vir.s mornliiB Arthur Kniglu av.'uic to fnce a tits::grc«;i- Mis Ijead uciiei!. Me had skin [rr hours a'i:d Imurs through \l:c uiEln. H v:rs that con founded ln! ina, ol cours the direction ol HID liumc- "I'll RCO the pup tomorrow." he promised. "Been thinking tt would be nico to have'some sort of a' pel about the place. Well, it's gelling late. Better be pelting up- slatrs, I gnr-rs." "Arlliur—" lie loo!;eil at her sinrply. saw lhat Judilh was smiliuK aiiscliicv- lously. She continued: "I'm famished. WLai about a raid on the ice bo*?" "Think wo iuislu llnd anything lhe]-e?" "Wail a niinulc— I'll GO look." She came Iir,c1; boforc lon^ with iray on which was piled a re fUDlTll li-ied io uilnlsler I ^ ns l;csl slic could. She foninl • .:ls difficult ier Knl^lu was In tcsiy .Miinor. 'He wanlcil as|ilrin.. Ho illd nut want a hot writer holtlc. He vetoed all passible siu'i^estions for then capilutalcd nud called for black coll'cc. When tlie coffee ^as re-r.dy lie v.-anled dry least too. lie did not want Judltli.'to stroke lis head. ^"Does ft feel any liclter at all. now. dear.'" she inn.u!red solicitously as Tic finished the ooffcc. "Hou't know. GUCHS I can make it to the office all right. Will yon tell I'ert to tiring the car aroundv Coiihiu'i slaud iliat daumcd train ilii.T inoriiliiE-" "Hut. Arthur. I dun'l lliink you should GO lo the ufiice ivlicu you're :o ill!" Judith worried still aflcr she had illntely. Judith saw Tony driving dnwn Ilic street. She''was uioto tlian surpritcil, (liert?fb'r'e. when Arlliur Knlyln^ dangliter randc overtures of Iricnd- llucss thai evening. Jmlilh drcsfiini; for dinner \vlien slic li a tap 0:1 thi> dour. "Who la it?" she called. Tony pushed ilio dnor back nnd sli[ipcd Inlo the icon) tluildiy. -"Judith." elie said uulolly. "I'm sony-ahoiil—rusiitiig off ihts uiori:. InR Hie way I did. The breakfasts ivcrc all right. 11 was LIV fault. I vonder—ti^ make u]> for II—If you'll have liincii with me tomorrow-—in Iown7" Nothing like Ihtr, hsil ever li.irt- pencil licforc] Judilh cunld hardly wllcvo her oars. "\Vliy. yes," she said. "Uf course '. vrlil.-. VII \io glad lo." "I'll have a friend with inc. You don't lulnu?" 'Not In tlie least. I'm anxious lo l;now your friends." That was all Hint wns said the luncheon cngagcnieni then. Judltli continued hrr loilct, in Hie knowledge of Tony's sulnm- HOP& Be Aste To MV I STARTED eRs -Ta IkJ T}(g LABORATORY OF I WQLH.P To see MV •ZQMQ5TVLIK » • .,:•'-•- LIGHT WAVES AMD SEVERAL. VOLUMES LING WIT SCIENTIFIC BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MKB OLD TIMKS By Martin have Ihc brule 11 he's necessary lo uiarkabio midnight lunch. Tlierc seen her husband go down tin; walk sive mood. Sl:c did not know friend" of whom Tony hnd s \ve£ Andy Clalg nor UIBI 'I'ony Inrl other pinna for this amazing eon which were yet to bo revealed. (Tn Ilc Co nil i W. TiW Wt WW.W WVL \h WtCXCO BACVt. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 24. (UP)— Fll- .uros closer! steady at an advance of two points to a decline of three points. MOM'JN POP EOT VOUT) I'KRSONAT, V7. J KKOX repairs shoes good ~Ko. 204 West h5a!n. NCTJCE is hereby Riven Hint the partnership berctcfore existing F. U. Jcplin and i Vovc lias b:en dissolved. H. L. 24pk25 •Roval C. Public Accountiinl and Audi I or Sporinlizing in Income Tax, Systcms i I'honc 52 Ingrain Bid?. Blythcvillc, Ark. Open High Lou- Close 1715 1715 1708 1709 1730 1732 1722 1725 1752 -1750 1745 17C4 17S9 1760 17C4 1768-1761 1774 1TI7 1771 51X WEEKS, COLON Ell- ROVJDY TWS BILL WWEN t VUSVE CVCRY OBUGM10W.. ft GUCST HIG UUSINKSS B YCOWAN Jan. ... Mar ... May ... July ... Oct Dec. ... S]X)tS changed. Middling 1130. Sales on spots 800. New Orleans Cotton Jan. ... Mar .. May ... July ... Oct. ... Dec. ... Spo'.s closed quiet and unchanged Middling 1693. Sales on spots 32J Splinters Ciiitcmcr: "I see you have a bijn in your store, 'We aim to plrnsc.'" Merchant: "Crrloinly. sir, that is our motto." Customer: "Well, you ought lo take a little target practice." POULTRY PAYS BUT NOT UNLESS IT IS WELL HOUSED. We will luiilcl you n Fool-E'roof poultry house 1-1x14 of tongue:! aiui -grooved material for $130.00. Monthly payments, if -desired. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. IT IS THE FIRST TIMELYOW) BiLL W^-b OVE.Q-WM Ttl\S WAY, BUT WE CRN USE THC / YOU CIXN SE5T ASSURED 1HKT :, —/ YOU'LL RC.T YOUT! MONEY, t / HfsVE ^ BiG DtAV. OU U-IVOLViNG ' A m.L\OHS.-TUM'L.UGO-THV!OUCiVt (\NY-DP\Y NOW FOR V\t WD V Cfr.N'T SEE : HOW I COULD MfcKt'fc FE.SS KfMXIKI.ES AND HIS FRIENOS PROUD OK IT! AM TO MiiS'r HAMO SIV30U. HANDS vjJiTrt THE PC&S10EHT fi' T.VJWTA SHD*1 IT TO /OJ. Tu£ WOS '

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