The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 26, 1969 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1969
Page 11
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Sunday, January 26, 1969 11 Time To Buy A New Home Is Now 47. Houses For Sol* 47. Houses For Sol* Nothing Down To Gl OH MISSOUll — Home OH canter WJSCONSI»-A«Mr1me»l IWUM keth twnlihe* . iy hKama. Far Mat-motion call . . T. W. MILKS, EDDIE COX, Realtor room. I MM, MIT LIITCD — Crottv 1«~ ~ - i •lary.i-.oareami, .__., afl electric kltcfcen, cealral to 1 Waakoadi 4M4M* EVA MAUD ^ •lift "M •""'•'« *««»•« Lore* CARTER H. MILLER AMOCIATI REALTORS, 427-714} KINMITM MCNULTY, 4U-47M EDDIE COX. REALTOR •MIT «AU«MAM IN TOWN ' •LTON, BH. TVM acre*, tare* hem* m oaa 1 llM l , ly peco* oaa 1 <TMM aeotliia, ikllM year ciitm •0011 COX, RKALTOft -Tin Mi** 0*4 Weekend! 4M-M4* SPARKY BOND Sparky Bond, Realtor 40-1 nt 4XT-IM7, EDDIE COX, REALTOR "Bolt SalOMMM In Town" 1MB W. LOBIT — AN brick, 4-bedrooM •mil In the hoot of BaylowH. MM So- PI. of Uvtae; oreat TV. baths, plenty o< closet ipaco. Real Hreplocei ever Hied wndil tot. Daei*Md tor a larae family. Wa*l»a Olstonc* to hoioltol, shepplnt center, cnorani. icfceeu. Call Eddie lor ether toformnHea, 414-7HI, 4M-MM nloM* NICE Two — (or 1) Prkod lu»l I4,w*. Bedroom nouM wit* CARTER H. MILLER ASSOCIATE REALTORS — 4Z7-7MI KBNNETM McNULTY — 471-4714 COUNTRY LIVING AT IT'S BEST!! U-n •orn, M. — (.bedroom, l-b«t>i krkk kerne. situated en 9 ocrn. Near In* MW Hfeh »ch««4. Nice born end werttnea. »1e«ry el room tor e gor<tin or hone (er eettd) CaH ter aetalli. EDDIE COX, Realtor «H-mi Nlghtl 4M-M44 AAA BUY 1 Moreimie, 1 eofhv, extra targe den. Control heat and air. Patio. Aintln ilone. C!e*e, food nele»cer>i»e4. call C*or«e WMMkor, 4a-nN or DAVID KOOERS Keolter-awlMer. 417-1771. EDDIE COX, REALTOR "BEST SALESMAN IN TOWN" S4M OAIL — Holleway Addition, 1/1 acre and beawMM tree*. Call EDDIE Tedayl O4-7TJ1 Nights C*-JM« Classified Display COUNTRY CLUB OAKS 4BII Country CM Via* NEW LOAN-MOVE IN $500 MOBILE HOME, Hkk« — DotoU, Ft., } bedroms, extellonl condlllari- 35oP. Coll for oppolntmont, S7S-11W Few bedreenot, a KIN asw oonts, root tire- EDDIE COX, Realtor *J»mi 04-JBM Happiness For Sale" *•** CARTER H. MILLER AMO ASSOCIATE HEALTOHS 4»-n4Jer KeaoeRi McKvtty, .•Bedrooms — 5-Bedroom< — S-Bodroonu EDDIE COX, REALTOR BEST SALESMAN IN TOWN" 308 Hofly Dr. Ballt H lost •§ year*. Juot listed, f-eod- reom*, all brick. IVt baltit, all draperies. lew electric kltcnen. Central atr and neat. Saacteui 1-eer oorovei ovorttaod beat sbed; beaut II ul covered oaHa wrtb BOS orlll Included lor year "roue* o«t- a«er pleauire. Sltuoled oa ball-aero MUST SELL Owner Mevlna. Owl el State PRICED SO REASONABLE IT WILL SHOCK YOU!! Call EDDIE Today! EDDIE COX, Realtor 4M-MM 204 Lakewood 3 bedrooms, t boM», ceolral o4r end boot, separate llvlne. room, dea, dlsbwather, disposal, lore* weeded lot. Ready for yoal Dean Kin* and Sen Realty Days coll 4S4-J041 or 4M-U44 Nlohti cat! 414-7M LAVISHLY LUXURIOUS SEE 1*1 CRESTWAY. II *horo I* tl* feature rhej> averlooked, pleose •nti toN n ney weneakec after ve«>e Impacted tt L444 M- N. el favJ^Twu- area. 4-t__ reomt, > boDn, all etodrle tdtchan. eirae- ertei, OM-e*red. If ye«i Ike te eufertete. ttien you'll line' tMi home hi artatnt or t«te *er formal or cowtal Ihrlna. »ig<H M H acre wmota* lot. tooim COX Roalrer, ho» Ma fu« aetoltt. CeM Hdoy lei appa4ntment le iMpect. «4-mi or BlellH 494-504*. ^^ PRICE REDUCED — Corner lot en Scenic Drive. Beovtlfiri weeded M new oddJtkm ol beovtlM Nome*. Steele McDonald & Associates m-tm Spoor 4»**T7 47-JL Rouses To Be Mored HOUSE TO BE MOVED — 2710 C* Bcvou Rd. *5DO. Phone -rH-7MQ or 424-KI7. HOUSE TO BE MOVED — 1300 Plw»e cnll 477-1910, TRI CITY BEACH RO. — 1 bedroom frcme house to be moved. Coll before e or offer a p.m. 571-1*4. Classified Dispkrf 49. Mobile R STAB. MOBILE NOMR — TUie* 1 bedroomi. central air and Sect, new condition, 427-1105 alter 1 B.nv ONTIAC TEMPEST. 1«tf — StaWoa Woaon, 4 door, radio, hooter, power leering, automatic. LIKE NEW, only 41 r 100 actual miles. Only U7.IO per monm. oil Tex, 4n-7Ht. MOBIL Cal' ,, IwatalieaV ' ' Orlva. MOBILE HOMB — IMS "Liberty", 1 aaeV room, SO x 10 Ft. J175 and Fake ev«t oan. Payments, |&5 cnontti. Inquire 1MO N. Main, Hlghlandk. SPECIAL EXTENDED REI, 4) »!• BONUS STAMP BOOKS (l«eaj •!!• oach Mokile Miml MM. 'ew BodroofM, tvt Boekt "MOMiTTB. 1 •fy AmerkM htritHwro. only 14.11* h tOt Oovo.. SU VS TODAY) Wl TAKI TRADES! Archer Mobile Homes MM N. Mate, NIoAeoo* f*. Ot-ISA 49. Automotive Senrie* WINOSNICLDS INJTALLED. auto body work, Point and Vinyl rooM- HOOPEM PAINT AND BODY SHOP, •am • S»oM MM) Tooli to Pta yow Car TED'S SUPPLY, INC. Do-n-Yoortatt 51. Gem Wontvd UR8ENT can. Top SALES, J» B.I.A.O.A. ____ _____ . TOM SLACK AUTO Mwy 14», 422-AS44, mombor WANTCOI UM4 con aoal ptdi«e>t. Mwt ae ta toed mOoalcol ceMlNea aa>d deojt WIN »OT Ma* ooNar. House Of Hardtops 4H N. Ale«e»4ar 4M-4«n CASH PO4I YOUR CA* SER NONBST JIM Jim Carter Motor Co. 4H-MM, corner Proof* on« TOMI B.IJk.OJL 52. CHEVROLET CORVAIR VAN, 1M4 Good mtchonlcally, $190. 474-4127. SEVEN TRUCKS — For sole, Tondem and Dlewl. Call 4M- . Highlands. CHEVROLET, 1H1 — OM-tooi. welding rig with 19*1 Lincoln machine, before S P.M. DODOC SCHOOL TYPE BUS, 1*U — Excellent running condition, vary iiritoble lor cnurch, club or camper, 414-3095. CHEVROLET, ml — PICkaaV -notor, oood tires, body. Coll 45A-3M7. JEEP, 1*41 — •** Per* onfteM, NSW point, 4 ply tires, top, upnolstery, hubs. Alia winch Included, 424-941. rx>DCK 1*4* — Winch truck, Colt ea-yn before 6 p-nv FORD, !t44 — 1 hree-auarter ton D*cfcup 472-1971 belore S p.m. 54, Automobile* CHEVELLC. 1M] — Block Mollbu Cewpa bucket saats. radio, fwctn-. good tires .-tuiit ietl—gone to lervlce. Call S74-2S77 Classified Displar 54. Automobile* PLYMOUTH, l*et — 0TX. *,Mt mllet, many extras, excellent condition. Pnone Tl-tfU. IYMOUTH, 'a — Read Runner. a army, 11,000 miles, new tires. Lcoded, pvrlecl condition. List now S4100.0&, tot. 5. 4K-1307 altar 'i- BUICK, 1*44 — RIVIERA, excel lent coo>. ditlon, all power and new tires, S13DO. Phone 422-1434. CNiVKLLB, 1»4« - Drai or Street Ce», Set- or trade. 427 Engine, now palnl and windshield, cor trailer, 427-2OW. PONTIAC, MM — Oro»4t PftB. AH air, je,«o mllet. Cltliens Bxiflk, 4Z7-73BI. MUSTANO. I HI — Few-speed, V4. air conditioned, 4 barrel BUICK, mi very clean, new tiros. 436-3770 or 4J4-W74. Radio, hooter, uced to tt». AatomobUM BUICK, HH4 — 4-door todw, mr» lice, new tlrei, a4l oqulpmenl. MUST SELL! 414-7*9*. Late Model and Demo Sale! IN* DATSUN Dome, t-doer. ifeT DATSUN toed nor. Modal WO*CC. 1M« DATSUN (port car, Model 14MCC, «,*** mile*, >tlll In warraitty. 1*47 OATSUN 1*47 CHEVROLET IMPALA, FULLERS DATSUN—VOLVO I»1> Market 4mm BUY FROM Dialer AueclaMan Mimbonl 54. Aatomobila* PLYMOUTH. IN* — Fwry 1-aeer Moan. stundard shift, A cylinder, factory olr. radio, heater, clean car, $1195; 19*1 FALCON, J-aoor, runt good, good tires, radio, t»i. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISE, MOO N. Main, ocron (ram O'Brlen», <27-77XL COURTESY FORD Of Baytown in W. TM« Av*. "•AYTOWN'S NO. 1 VOLUME DEALER Neal Dickens Motor Co. HWV. m—under TtM •>• sued m-4i*i "Where Quality It Alwan CWttlilmt" Ciossiftsd Display 54, AntomoeiiM VOLKSWAaCN. W47 - . . . Ish, radio. Real nice car. 11.395. MOTOR VOLKSWAGEN Texas, 4H-I11J. ketat «*• . TE XAS "•aytewa't tatt UM< Can" John Wiesner Chevrolet II I. Teiat 1964 MONZA Twe-o»or, radio. M* J.B MOTOR CO. MCMHK t.l.A.D.A. Ml] AtaUMMr Drl»e Phone 4tM1l« Clonifiejd Display 1965 FORD STATIOWWAOON, 4-DOOB and fectery oar. $1095 Lumus Baytown Dodge USED CAR LOT HWV. 144 04 E. F«yl» f Display M. '64 Chrysler Imperial «HM4e leoorM. "c»eo* M local MiMy ear Hia* yea'll M re** I* Mm. We* car wltM »Mt« vlayi a*4 re« laterler. Frfee* H HI ye»r Dan Hutchins Motors Hie*wo* M* ol T«M* 41M1U Ooaiiiiaa Display RIM) — 1**T T-alr* toMoa*. Twa door, excdknt candltlan. Call FIRST NATIONAL BANK, 4Z241O. E*l McKcnilt or Loan Wllwn. MUSTANO, Iftf — *•*> •ode. V-a, 4- •pood, ale, radio, fweottf. Leaving 'or Mr- vice. Mutt Mil before February. In good condition, but ncodi llrej. •TO, lf*4 — I immt, doto ro«o ITOM- million, M9 cu. m engine, 145 hp, 3-2 1, 4-11 roartrxi. New Mu» point, WSO. Catl odor $:3B 424-54**. USED AUTO rAHTS — IHt tfcrout* ItM niodelt, Co) I <M-»1» aftor 4 p.m. SELLIMO MY WIFE'S PERSONAL CAM — I9M Chrytlar, New Yorker, oerlect condlflon, all power, tu-ttn aftor < p.m. T-BIRO, tf*f ' John A. Phone 434-41». CORVAIR. mi — Poor door, automatic. radio, hooter. See at 1405 Clayton, corner Ward Rd.. 427-114. PLYMOUTH, It** — ReooYnwer. ll.HO miles. 4-barrci. Ml engine. 4-swed, stick. 427-513i. PONTIAC LEMANS. 1*44 — 4 aoor fcord- top. power iteerlnfl, powder brakes, factory olr, tew mlleooe, »1.S»5. TOM SLACK AUTO SALES. 2401 Hwy. 146. 472-4544. MemCer B.l.A.D.A, WEEKEND SPECIALS r*M VOLKSWAGEN, »4oor, law mlleooe, Hke MOW. INI CHEVROLET IMP A LA, }-«*or kord- loo, air and vower, low mlioooe, all aceo»orl*i. 1H7 MUSTANO. <-cvH«Ctar, 1 MMOd trout- mi»to«, rod to, and hooter. MU$TAN«, V-t, 3 weed »roa«mH- •ion, radio ood heator, yeJiew, Wacfe STOP BY AND TAKE A LOOK House Of Hardtops B N. Alexander 42*4*71 1 3E PROTECTED before you buy your new home Mk if it is built by * BONDED REGISTERED BONDED BUILDER Classified Display GET BONDED QUALITY CALL THIS NUMBER TO SEE IF YOUR BUILDER IS BONDED Greater Baytown Builders AMoelatlon 424-0814 fired Of ( 100K-ALJKf' Houses? See COACHMAN HOMES NEW KOUNTRY KLUB VILLAGE (Located on Baker Rd. AeroM From Country Club) Phone 427-M71 or 4M-581S $23,850 TO $27,950 VETERANS $100 TOTAL MOVE IN FHA AVAILABLE Wood Burning Flreplaceo Lovely Carpeting Beiutlful Walnut Paneling 3 And 4 Btdroomi All Cn Bunt-In Kitchen. Architecturally Deeigned H»m«e Ona And Two Story Gae Air Conditioning Underground Utllltlee PONTIAC, 1*47 — OTO, oil power with air, automatic, mag wheels, excellent condition, call 427-1240 otter 6 p.m. OODCS, 1*M Me«ioce, 4-door Mdon. Futlv eauliMed, low mlleooe. Will consider trode for pickup. Call 422-90M. BUICK ELBCTRA tti. l»*4 — COdVertlWe. White with red leather uoholjterv. excellent condition with every power option. Call Richard Harris, 427-42S3, otter i p.m. Bayshore Motors, Inc. "" 4 - MERCURY BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Page Dittman Motors CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTM-IMPERIAL Nwy. 14* Al Foylo Ph. 417-«3M Classified Display featuring MODERN ELECTRIC BATING.., Sbt^ S^ ^*ii'c^ ms.**^- • Gentle, uniform warmth-matchless comfort • Clean as sunlight • Low winter rate gives economical operation ^ ^ • Safe as your electric liphtfpf. • Adds total comfort to the enjoyment of total electric living \^fg^^ GfctMXR&AtOU 5 Under Con«trucl!on » Open For Inipeclton 2105 * Flamenco * The Location in Your Future! X Completed Open For Inspection Nearing completion. Both featuring clean, comfortable Electric heat. £0u / MOWinQ Completed 3-bedroom, 2 full bath all brick homes. Electric built-in kitchens, cen- nnti r\ • tral air conditioned. Electric dishwasher, etc. 2311 Drive T)fl1 Ifilnnro Last opportunity to view this unique and totally different home. OPEN THIS //Uf MiyUie WEEK END ONLY! 4 bedrooms, 2'/2 baths, utility, Sewing area, steam bath. Vacuum system, Many many more features and completely decorated and furnished by TOWN HOUSE. •///, '•%# (FURNITURE] Gantle Electric Heating Makes Your Home Springtime Fresh All Year Long. All These Homes will be open this weekend, inspect the detailed workmanship in each one then call: George Whitaker 422-9388 or David Rogers-Builder 427-1773. You may want ^ to sell your Coachman Home someday.. * 1 That's a very good reason for buying it ^* f ^ >? : 4 ,' C,. »-* r H, VA.W FOR SALE IMMFDIMf Is it silly to think about selling a home just as you're in the glow of buying it? Coachman doesn't think so. After all, people do get transferred, change jobs, retire, and the value that's built into your Coachman home makes it a fine investment... if you should ever have to leave it. Coachman has sold homes valued in excess of $200,000.00 this month. You're invited to ask any of our buyers about the value of a Coachman home. Phone 427-3471, 424-7232. 422-5812 Ten House Plans And Forty Exciting Exteriors To Choose From Architectural Control of Exteriors "for Lasting Value Customer F^ijcomrnended Homes ', Finished Double Garages Separate Utility flooms Large Breakfast Areas jeatlng Craigmont Sub-Diviwon« 3 and 4 Bedrooms .; Swimming PooJ 100% Brick Home Curbed Streets BAYTOWN'S LARGEST HOME BUILDER BONDED ..'MODERN, DEPENDABLE GAS! Homes Available in Several Locations Fully Insulated Walls and Ceilings Gas Kitchen Appliances ;; .•;" Double pressing Vanities ? ' Oversize Walk-In Closets 40 Gallon Water Heater Central Air Conditioning School Bus Service Concrete Service Walk Wall to Wall Carpet Exciting Entry Foyers/ Garage Storage Area : 2 Glamorous Baths Large Bath for Three Washer Connections faartri • a •i^'jfa';'-" V - ' :".''-•:• ng Accents Sparkling Paneling Conventional Loans Dryer Connections Factory Cabinets Near Shopping Bay Windows F. H. A. Loans Dining Rooms Near Schools Vent Hood $ V. A. Loam Disposal VETERANS $100 Moves You In $»25 Totirf Move PRICE RANGE In ,400 III

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