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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, May 27, 1952
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, j w With Showers C!3U»L7\vEATHER - Considerable •** - {ll Battered showers and lhu , 1( i c rsho\vers today and ij]Uoh c j, anK e in tcmper- tonight 65. Moderate, to Only THE BAYTOWN S4M felfs / The BAYTOWJ* STORY BAYTOWN, TEXAS Tuesday, May 27, 1952 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY TELEPHONE: 8302. Five Cents Per Copy . SixNcrf/'ons Merge forces For Defense army, 14, but her erstwhile mies, Germany and Italv furnish 12. The Benelu'x' ene- and will 8nd :M1 by 85,000 airmen, 12,000 naval r te^fa^^o^; ='0^. ""^ - PANMUNJOM 'May 27 (UP) an^stimated 409.000 ground troops, on teTm^S"^?, 1 ^J*^ ~ f he Communists threat- or the ene d Tuesday to unleash their million-man BEP PARIS. May 27 ,11',—Six wesl- cjr<,pean nations including Tuesday signed a unprecedented in peaee- J 3 7fo merse their armies into „," to defend .democracy iwtsi ComnjunUt aggression. pABiS, Way 27 (IP—Six Western •-r'c.pesn powers sign an unpre- "Vai, American-backed treaty j&v to merge their armed es'into a single European : v 1,250,000 strong. A-'the'same time, the U. S. will "Britain and France in a tri*' pledge to keep troops in ie" as long as necessary to 'an peace, to defend West in."and to tfike joint action if jan\- tries to pull out of the fpact. e vsst ne<A- European Army serve aloiv;s:de U.S., British .Canadian forces in the North l-nie'Pact command of Gen. ~1_ B. Eidgway, who will :eed Gen. Dwight D. Eisen- "er as supreme commander for spe later Uiis week. : jreign ministers or their depu- trom France, Germany, Italy, By J. J. MEEIIAN im. ihe Netherlands and Lux- PARIS, May 27 (IB—Gen Mat were to sign the histori- thew B. Ridgway, arriving'to a«in Uie pill and tapestried sume the Allied supreme cornel of ihe French office at mand, said Tuesday that a Russian attnck on Western Europe was treaty PS ible. At the same time, he for the first time in denied reports that he had out- a six-nation peacetime lined in Washington a plan for ? wearing a single style uni- ending the Korean war. receiving the same rates At a carefully screened press zy, aod commanded by a mix- conference at Orly Airport where i-sera!'staff. he lauded from New Cork, Ridg- tbe treaty also sets up a ruling was v/as a sked if there was a raS, an advisory chamber a Chance of a Soviet attack on West [rt of arbitration and an oper- Germany. p=! commission for what is to '"anything which has capability as the European De- ties is a possibility and there is \& Community. great capability there," he said. He ° f the ground forces on the mi European " '"" army in North Korea against the Eighth Army of the United Nations in retaliation for the "massacre" of Red prisoners on Koje Island. North Korean Gen: Nam II, senior Red delegate, delivered Em- Humble Oil's wage offers and hear the gravest threat of renewed , report by the nominating com- full-scale bloody warfare in Korea the union's mittee on candidates for the June since the truce negotiations began T — high election of officers. last July 10. Speedy approval is expected for one of two Humble pay offers. BEP President A. E. Oliphint members will CLIFFORD M. BOND ne told the UN that the masses of North Korean and Chinese soldiers massed in front of the 155- BULLETIN ByjuDDixox ; ?unv ANTONIO, May 27 MINERAL WELLS, Tex., May 27 (UP)— Texas Republi- (UP)— Loyal Democrats" cans were embroiled Tuesday in a major Struggle tb'deter- bolted for the state Demo- mine whether the state's '38 nominating votes at the par- cratic convention Tuesday ty's national convention shall go to Sen. Robert A Taft or to a previously arranged Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. ' - meeting site 10 blocks The Texas Republican executive committee appeared to away. It was the first ma- have presented Taft with the 38 delegates. ' - jor Texas bolt since 1944. But Eisenhower supporters, voted down every time they SAN ANTONIO Mav 27 -— put a contested delegate before Ihe committee, promised (UP) __ Trigger - tempered a rump conventi on Tuesday and elect 38' delegates Texas Democrats opened " tn nnnnQP ^ffo Texans Learning «•» Lesson In their state convention Tuesday, braced for the first major bolt since 1944 and split to the core over the issue of allegiance to the national party administration. Gov., Allan Shivers, angrily echoing rebellious southern states sentiment, led an offensive to oppose Taft's. If that happens, it will be up to the credentials commitr tee afc .the national conyejition to deiermine whether the- Taft or Eisenhower delegation is seated.' There was no argument that In the cases of a majority of contested delegates, the, Eisenhower candidates had been elected' by a majority. The Taft forces contend- Clifford (Sparky) Bond, well- defense line could not known Baytown realtor, will be vice chairman of the 1952 United drive in the Baytown area. By JACK GALE _„,,•„ cf . fv , »„ • • ,- „ MINERAL WELLS, Mav 27 (W— ed & at the people who elected the F?h T cre * pl ? g . * oc ^ sm Hundreds of Texans were learn- Eisenhower delegates * were really of the Truman administration. • mam _ ..«?_. •* The governor held a control of the convention aeiega- here> the ^ ^ ^ ing ^ -—. The executive committee ruled pay as a military threat. Maj. Gen. William K. Harrison, new Allied sen- second offer is for a straight la-cents an hour hike. BEF members will elect a pres- ior dele S ate > said k was ident, vice president, secretary, treasurer and three trustees as ganda." propa- ^ threat came as Allied year's campaign. The vice-chairman is traditional- regardless of who Jie might be, said the heir apparent to the job of the governor was a Dixiecrat and eneral chairman in the following prepared for an early march to La heavily favoring the noni delegations from Lubbock county , of Sen. Robert A. Taft, are winning in a walkaway. They are Villita, a civic center some 10 cm. -10 a.m. C5f. 131-article, 50-year .MACHINIST, OKAY? It WAS understood Tuesday thut members of the AF <rf L machhiist union at the Baytown Refinery look favorably at one of Humble.'s two wage offers. However, the vexing matter of craft differentials between the machinists and the electricians stiii has to be ironed out. A meeting between machinist union leaders and Humble management \vas scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. well as scores of department troops on the western front were Bond has been a resident of & ioc J5 s . from th , e air-conditioned alerted for a possible Red attack Harris county since 1927 and has Municipal Auditorium, down the classic "Uijongbu corri- lived* in Baytown since 1935 He A ^ siake were 52 presidential dor" of invasion leading to Seoul, moved to Baytown from La Porte nominating votes, sixth largest A Communist attack pummeled where he was in the newspaper bloc in "^ nation - The conven- UN outposts 50 miles north of Se- business. He continued in oul on Monday, the day before fie i d in the Baytown area, l^am n made, his threat. UN pa- Ushing the News-Tribune He trols thrusting out in search of the paper 5n 1942 to go'to work the enemy lound the Reds in un- at the Baytcnvn Refinesry . usual strength. "I strongly warn your side," doing it because they control the important votes of the state executive committee, which was voted into power in Galveston two years ago. The GOP "regulars", led by tion was certain to result in two Henry Zweifel of Fort Worth, who d«0p Jl^ j^J: 1 opposing delegations to the nation- succeeded to the-«mantle won for "ff^ JLf ^ al convention in Chicago. years by R B. Creager-of Browns"Loyalists" were ready to pledge v ^ e unt il the latter's death last The committee voted 36 to 20 to bar the Harris county Eisen- " hower deleft tion. A Taft delegation mimed at a Harris County be seated instead, the committee ruled. In two other' counties, with one -from »he executive committee) Bond entered the real Nam told Harrison at Tuesday's mort «as:e loan and 43-minute meeting, "that our bare- ance business here handed captured personnel is in the custody of your side. . votes to ^ part y n On Sn ee l_ year, look upon anyone who hasn't has- repudiated mob rule and -the period. followed the party line for 15 or forced majority tactics -of -• tfiose estate, The governor said if the national 20 years as practically newcom- supporting General Eisenhower,".! general insur- Democratic administration wanted ers and that they should be black- Henry Zweifel of Fort Worth/ Taft ^ in 1944 under Texas votes, it could pick a candi- balled from the club. leader in Texas and a Republican J- pick _ the firm name of $ee Bond Realty date and draft a platform to Texas Co. He ,is 48, married and the liking. i "Majority rule- is not alwavs na £S n - al committeeman, "said.- - T right," Zweifel said. In the -man- ^.. Thls sta ^ Republican^ execu- { 7_., a ^.frt i *ir i i- i He was n<;kfv} thon oK«,,f ur^c-v, >YV " ao • a ^" ie3 "i aepartment Your side must bear full and ^ a ^her of five children, three sons j^aiiici. j.vj.ctiu.y iviavericK, i^oyai- ner 01 a zainer cnastismg a wav- f'^-Lrnf^" 6 f^- e g " in^n reoorS^t h" ?nS thn S^nl re ^sentatives in the June elec- absolute responsibility for any new a * d two daughters.'He makes his ists" leader and fiery former May- ward son, he contends that the CO ^ C.OH-of Divisions to tne new ^e \S^ <Si,>l ?™& tion - e atrocities and acts of massacre." borne at 916 East James road. or of San Antonio, accused the'.committee should "decide what Ls a "5 Earlier Maury Maverick, "Loyal- ner of a father 'chastising a wav- tive comrait tee has rendered a -j |^-25« *„" i —i j^— f ,,_ j . , .,»... ..- courageous service to all\Texas t r r^ls-"r* Armed Services committee .definite plan" tee to its The 25-man nominating commit- Nam's choice of words recalled -Long cctive in a number or civic governorjof treating "Loyal Demoj to the best interest of the people a *° *^ e the Korean war in ca<;V th Lt:e ' ^ €adea *^i r ' Chairman k -AL 1 N. the veiled warnings made by the'.'^d fraternal organizations^'Bond crats'-.,llKe'. "peasants'""wtie'h- the'y^of Texas:" .. - " ^ truce talks faiiwi caserne Love,' is'expected to'nominate at Chinese Communists before'they'-^ a past president of the Lions were temporarily-tarred from the Marrs McLean of San Antonio ^ ^e rv, -o- u - *- «~u<_t: ujiivs lauea. , t ,., , . . . . * i xi__ .- , «i.,-_ *: t r 3 __x. __ , . m,/m™-;,-,-~, v-.i™^— ••• «M..Lo j.»i^_ijtcin ui. otiu iiiiiuiiio, gc of the Eisenhower iaction r said; ilroiniiig School "I have not seen the report e?s'-"bf thss But Jack For ,., T .. , "•— «^.« ~*** iviarrs ivici^ean or t»an Antonio, '"spectators, a^afge majoritv- of one of the oldest of tHe Old Guard ^ . " K , th e state convention persisV, is even more vehement in the ^ e , ^ e executive ^committee, in theory- that the Texas GOP is Loyal Democrat" standing in the the W.-K- spte •?7li ,-? l t= T-W , -*.x*| i_u\_ A tuvii. L j^y J.IUL •* r /-> -11 - z Baytown correct. I made no such state- tT Gllles P lc - secretary; and Jimmie -cry employe, will attend a six- rnents." • Parr, treasurer, eteeutive training course in i.Tbe Armed Services committee . OH P hirit has le t it be known he made public a heavily censored is a candid ate for re-election. «ss administration at Coluni- 1 _ ,. WM , ^^^^^ Xc-w York from transcript of Ridgv/ay"s tesUmony T ^stees are elected from seven x a to July 23. / to it. According to the transcript P° sit5ons - Position Xos. i and 2 fa?rograiBisdo.signed to teach Sen - Leverett Sakonstall, fH.- "Present the process, utilities and ' executives p-opter effi- XIass -) questioned him on whether pumping- and guaging departments -»Jin their prest-rTt jobs and to he had " a militar>- plan to end m the . main refinery and the fr^-e thpm for higher" adm-n- the fi S htin S in Korea" in case of d °c k s. Position Nos. 3 and 4 repre- p-e responsibiliries ' Allure of armistice negotiations. sen( : . tne mechanical employes; Ridgway was quoted as replying- Position No. 5. the laboratory; "I had a .very definite plan.") Position No. 6, the rubber plant; "l 11 ^ 131 war Ridgway, the first United States and Position No. 7, the offices. ^ . general to arrive in France with The outgoing trustees are R. R, ^f, J _ e the liberation armies of World War Dawson of Position No. 4. Ted II, came here from New York aft- Walker of Position No. 6 and a E. er conferring there for one, hour ifatthcws of Position No. 2. Jvlonday with Gen. Douglas Mac- Holdover trustees are J. W. carrying through their slate of delegates for T< and is now serving as leading knight of the esteemed Baytown Holiday • nr or B a ^\ town \\-in O b- Hemorial Day Friday as a >• 't Was announced today. '•} offices will be closed, fr, Tuhiio Works Dircc- Grantham .said garb- holds active ship in the Society of Residential Appraisers, the Baytown Chamber of Commerce and the Bjaytown. Country club. He is en associate member of the Baytown Junior KOJE ISLAND, Korea, May 27 Chamber of Commerce and the — The deaths of 15 more Com- Harris County Farm and Ranch '" : "* *"•"• prisoners in clashes club, turbulent belonged ior years, or TO open the bal- wno can pass the most rigid of ^ on ~. 6 ony» ~fc^^t'*s *»-T*i No one would take responsibility «.™L -,-, ' Tnr ee-fourths of the precinct ar issuing the order barring the + Republicans aren't going and county conventions voted for doors carry the state no matter who Eisenhower and we do not intend By RICHARD APPLEGATE Loyalist" rally. date ^ ihe national interest." McLean is an ardent Taft-" man. tee should decide' what is to be the best interest of Texas." were disclosed Tues- brought the over-all total prisoners' killed by or by their fellow prisoners bolt since 1944. had ordered their followers to "be in the balcony" by 8 a.m. The convention was scheduled to start atlO o'clock. start atlO o'clock. T*"i AJC i •• j C" ll~ r one"Loyaiist" supporter, stand- innity And o^6n Jacinto ooans Urqecl ing on the auditorium steps, un- i 12 Arthur, his predecessor as sup- Hayes Jr. of Position No. 1, G. W. ° nD f° je tO at least " 238 - Scry, NO. 1 deputy at SHAPE. The election will ue conducted All maior outbursts hid bP^n r*. fcoundup - Gen - ^^ M - Gruenther, chief by mail. The ballots will be count- £ortSTarlier hfsaid an-i ^ 3 w «t stajf, and French Gen. Alphonse ed by a 24-member committee of He nut the total n«m and ftam Houston Jum, central front commander. which D. A. Wight is chairman a sumnipr round- Promptly a t 8:30 p.m. v be Central Baptist Ct ° rS and one present to give fpf - . " - fcw r O*»^. ^ unit graders at these •- Physical rxai « cheek-up. ^i rs . ^^ fc ^n Jones health 'chair- DENVER, May 27 (IP—The four- 0 stjot s will be given. week-old walkout of 90.000 of the nation's oii workers was drawing to a close Tuesday as union officials reported two-thirds to three- fourth of the strikers vrere back on the job. O. A. Knight, pre^ident^of the CIO Op Workers Union, said Mon- ^jj-,. . day that only about 11 per cent - - ocauty con- o f the nation's refinery production still was shut down, compared is Post Office Bids Bids on construction of the addition to the main Post Office at Baytovm were opened at 10 a-m. Tuesday in the offices of the General Services Administration at Dallas. There was no information on which company was awarded the contract or the nmonnt of the low bid. The addition, which will be aU fuU-fledged with guard, over a period of «*£ S^nSK VSS* «£SJd?& wage increases and overtime at SP3 He put the total number of prisoners known to have been killed in fights with Allied guards 123. Another 115 were known have been "executed" by prisoners after "trials" before Communist kangaroo courts with- B*t (£3 covered a placard saying "We'll- sa ^Jf throw you out at Chicago," the site of the national Democratic cbnven- 27 (LIE)— tion in July. their stop- A few "Loyalists" breached the (See Beaten—Page Two) Harry Lundeberg T head of the at ^^ Sail ° rs V nion °t tne Pacific, to fellow announced the strike Monda night. He said union members voted for it, 3,300 to 67. WASHINGTON, May 27 Baytown interests will be fighting the battle of the bridges tomorrow". Chamber of Commerce President Robert Strickland, Floyd R. *Higginbotham and Chamber Manager Nelson McEliroy will attend a hearing" in Port Arthur tomorrow that •will have a direct bearing en the proposed Highway 73 bridge across the Trinity river. And County Judge Bob Casey plus all four of the county corn- last-traffic survey taken on the Baytown-Houston highway was from June, 194S 3 to June,' 1S49. At that time, 5,250 cars were using' the highway daily. The judge thinks that by now traffic on the road has increased 25 per cent. The hearing in Port Arthur has been called by the United States division engineer at Dallas. It will be held on the pleasure pier in Port Arthur. Representatives ere expected to missioners will appear before the appear from the American Water- The strike tied up shins manned James p - ^cGranery became at- State Highway commission in Aus- way Operators association, the " - +r»-r,oy general Tuesday with a tin tomorrow to urge immediate Association of American Railroads, the prison compounds, he said. Dv ^ e SUP at all American ports There were unconfirmed reports ^ ui its effects were felt chiefly on that some prisoners executed aft- ^ e Pacific Coast. Ships now in er the "trials" were chopped into Honolulu will be-allowed to return fot ~ rt - ^ a ,. bits, their skulls smashed and the to the mainland. ' terror ' narvest remains hauled outside the corn- Neither pounds in sewage buckets. There were other rumors of the witchhunt, and without the tumult and chaos union nor company that follow in the wake of scare- Expediting Committee and . the Judge Casey said he will ask the State Highway Commission, highway commission to give the Actually, the hearing in Port that sources could estimate the num- t .._ , . . .- , - - n_«i\Amiv.J Ul«w HI u.1^. W<m« many prisoners had been buried Ifrlil^ptSc tlaStV^" ^ char ^ and <»«*** "cusa- inside the compounds at night and sociation, against which the said Earlier, the Pacific Maritime As- tions." McGranery ^n^t,™ -gainst which the strike speech after Although bulldozers are can shiSTinl^r^an^SO^^S admlnTste?ed f th L e e oa S th Preme knocKing- crown -mud and stone would be involved. 4£" ^ .„__ e .^"l;, . headlines and in the wake .of reck- ity on its construction program. Accordng to Judge Casey, the San Jacinto river bridge top prior- Arthur was called to discuss the heighth of the proposed Surfside (See B&ytown Fights—Vage Two) buildings of some and empty com- " However. national walkout. At the same time, the Petroleum Administration for Defense an- Tn e 56- year - old Philadelphian January or February. that (See 15 More—Page Tyro) buried ^ ^Pear spends a quiet M evening at the drix^e- nounced a slight modification of its '_.- • - The Wayne Gravs or 'Sinal order controlling aviation *•*? ebon?- *v.-r_ -.-• ~! ' the union ships carrying the Far EastT House-Approved Slash Voted Down Grath fired corruption-hunter Newbold Morris. tteir Mexican gasoline sxipplies to civil flyers. iexiran Effective at 2:01 a.m. Tuesday, buyers were able for the next three weeks to purchase up to 19.5 „ r.^c? im *u-- . , , Per cent of the gasoline they ^% to Uk*i * plets bought in March. The original or'! 5vi~ .. " O0f »' df»r limitoH fhoir- tif^^Viv TMirrhascs ^? !fISh BULLETIN 1VASHINGTOX, May 27 O».>— The,Senate Tuesday' defeated a move to trim nn additional St.6 billion from the S6-9 billion foreign aid bill. The vote was 35 to 27 against the cut. \t r ' er rne their weekly purchases - mor - s and the to 16.2 per cent of the March av- ' By FRED HAR33LVN A big-name oil firm, manned at contract settlements ** top by oil men^who cut ttieir SS2J! £ll*il ed ^°- m _J?_ e P lana ^ er of other A PP^» o" in- famed Wllllst *. • ^^ " T » i ^ 4. A«I^.^^^+- fh» *nr> hv nil mf»n \vhn cut their Here are the - «o;ra • *" s su ninier ^-" e latest contract settlement •Sti-C'A 11 ™ tJl e family ept sent some 3,600 employes of the -—•— — »— —---- ' b t ^S Vf ?«ot conx^tSn Cities **™ c * ^- ^ k to work in T ^^ ™ * ** ^^ tO Pr °" Swi Resident > . ' <5 C t:l-lr,J 1--IUW1 s*,.,..^ _. , TT----.^^ -~A fillff ^llf rtlT 4H0.1I, plCilUtJlL Exchange Commission, terests. ton basin in Montana, ^ ?te?t?i al mi le miles •s^jj.' T'^nc . . . Drenzel Oklahoma, Texas'and Kansas, and duce big oil. [Ja4-' rni ^ 5lt X hapav «hoi^ Another 300 worker? back to their The firm i: feri. celebra tin? h« i?S fcfc 5 at the Tide Water Oil Co. and Gas Corp t ^T" "3J flQtl'o \r ^—tn »»T».V»« .^ TN._._«_— ^.4 /~iT.-^ i i._u:___ ib ? s S , ms ^.^ v^*. ~j ~ — ,. ^^-.J* 1 *: fir ," ls other of- The firm's prize holding is a Bowes field where nearest n-r>diir- s * on °f the measure would under- S teeth in the Goose Creek oil field, ^"jj?^ *L&£Ll?**_ . be « ?5°°-. ac F e A««« ^ Blai «e county, tion is locate! Se ISSLS^Sl ^e .Ihe defenses ol the North community, ' • Truman Monday • nJght crit- izied lawmakers who support cuts in foreign aid funds and defense Meanwhile, Sen. Bourke B. Hickenlooper told a- reporter he would ' vote to slice -anotner Si- billion from, the controversial measure. The Iowa Republican, who voted only "present" when the other 12 committee members approved the TT-,OTTV^-^^^- > „ mutual security bfll with one Si WASHINGTON, May 2? (3V-The billion across-the-board cut told a Senate went back to work Tuesday reporter he will support a pending on the S6.S billion foreign aid bill amendment to make the cut twice with a warning from President as deep. that a watered-down ver- -- ' is railed Montex Oii vice President, and Dr. a H. Lang- Canadian border. lo i^o-ll^U. ^LUllw^.'W \~J 41 e j j f ^^ » * ^ % -. _. D so--alled because it ;? rd ,< form crly of here and now of Just last wee! p., so-~ajiea uet<iuae it T>,i r .,s___\ c-,1 -ITT T «_ ~< T>-__J -ur_.,_- . says plant in Drumncht. Okl<>. ^ issr sr *, "ss« i^s^.sr'j-iansrssa ^ A1fia - ^ ^_ ^. ^ _.i: v^^j,— rr.s*v „„_ w - u - ^^x 5 * o£ Alice-ana Aioert the company's is* business foot well on the have been hit arc producing 8000 barrels a week Vice President month of 19 gravity oil - - - Lil? r^y^l Some 10 ° employes returned at to the Canadian borders with ec- Kiber" directors ^P^ol reaiK i the Johnson Oil Co. refinery at cent on Montana and Texas. lvlDSi ' direCt ° rs - Fo ° l "> good Clev^Anri Ofcla Mrmdav nieht. Ervin Flowers, who grew up or ne i s the Paul won Cleveland. Okla.. Monday night Although bargaining s progress, 475 workers r their jobs at the Utah C finery in Salt Lake City. Junior High Graduation Slated Thursday way in. . There are two other known producing sands, the Madison at 4400 and -the Devonian at 5500, main office is at Bay- ?- p te *•'••> thr n " notes and gives y data. cents bv a Board order. Wage Stabilization sale will be tmaertaken by New York brokers as soon as final ap- W. P - given by Bela L. Watson of ,^ M . a Rush . ^ e Sovaih Mft(n Q.^^ Qf Montex bw MorfcM 2000 Mo1,ti-T>^ than have strong defenses, who would rather embarrass the White heckmate the Krem- . N .-rea«l that Sun agaln--the T -part; .this paint is £un to use!"

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