Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 1, 1935 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1935
Page 12
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PAGE TEN THE PAMt»A DAILY /NEWS, Pampa* f e*as FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 1, 108S FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 1, 193B THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Paittpa, TexSa PAGE ELEVEN EVERYTHING WOULD BE PROBED EXCEPT SHOE SHINES AUSTIN, Feb. 1 WP)—A proposed legislative investigation variously described as "most workable" and a "conglomeration of nothing" held the attention of the senate today. A resolution by Senator Prank Rawlings of Port Worth, calling for an unprecedented Inquiry into the conduct of members of the legislature and all high state officials, was the order of business. Introduced yesterday as a substitute for a less ambitious house resolution, it called for an investigation into almost everything in and about the legislators except the shine on their shoes and the knot in their cravats. Rawlings said the investigation was needed to determine the truth or falsity of rumors that members of the legislature nnd connections with outside interests harmful to the people. Senator Tom Deberry of Bogata said that if the senate thought the resolution would be really effective and workable "there would be the awfullest panic you ever sn\v." Under the resolution a committee of three members each of the house and the senate, appointed by the speaker and the lieutenant governor, would conduct the inquiry nnd $10,000 would be appropriated to defray the cost. Members of the legislature, elected state officials and heads of state departments would be required to disclose their outside employment if any, and all their sources of income. They would be required to tel •whether they had received passes from railroads or bus companies or picture shows, and the railroads, bus companies or shows could be forced to disclose whether they had issued such passes. There also would be an investigation into the campaign expenditures of successful candidates in the democratic primary of 1934 and the contributions to their campaign funds. Practices of officials and legislators with reference to the anti- nepotism act and the recent speak- ership contest would be further subjects of inquiry. Members were classified in the resolution under 19 heads, as to their occupations, and data to be required from each were set forth Physicians, for example would be called on to name their patients and whether they were employed by j any company or organization, and if i so, to specify the compensation. After heated debate, the senate, in committee of the whole, voted 21 to 7 for the resolution. Opponents charged the resolution wa's intended to evade the house proposal to force legislators to divulge their sources of employment. Proponents said the htouse resolution was inadequate. "It's a conglomeration of nothing/' said Deberry. "One of the most workable plans ever offered," replied Senator John Hornsby of Austin. 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CLEAN QUICK i LB. BOXES < CHARGE IS RIDICULOUS SAYS ATTORNEY FOR MEN ARMOUR'S VEGETOLE IN 8 LB. CARTONS PURE CANE CLOTH BAGS POWDERED OR BROWN IN THE ft LB. •€ & BAG IS BY CLARK G. LEE, Associated Press Foreign Staff. MEXICO, D. F., Feb. 1 (/P)— The 10 alleged insurrectionists whom the government accuses of plotting to establish Jose Vasconcelos as president of Mexico are only "lyrical revolutionaries," the attorney for one of them said today, "Some of them might dream of revolutions," said the lawyer, Rodolfo Brito Foucher, "others never even thought of one. None of them is capable of any concrete action." Two of the 18 originally arrested in connection with the alleged plot were released last night for lack of evidence. They were Arttiro Rios, a law student, and Reynaldo Monsalvo. Orders of "formal prison," equivalent to indictment, were issued against three others, Andres Pcdcro, Jesus Morales Guevara, and Francisco Garza Salazar. Thirteen others are held on charges of seditious activity and face the possibility of being tried for high treason, conviction for which might involve death penalties. In support of his assertion that the accused men were innocxious, Foucher presented his client, "Gen." Jesus Acuna, Pardo. Federal investigators name Pardo, a slight bald- headed man of middle age, as the "military genius" and organizer of the purported revolutionists. Pardo denied he knew anything about the alleged plot and said he was occupied solely with "mining and. business interests." "Recently," h,e said, "I discovered a huge mountain composed entirely of radium. Ifc is so large that the first 'thing I am going to do with the profits is to pay off the national debt of Mexico." His lawyer explained he was penniless and dependent on contributions from time to time for Ills livelihood. Foucher ridiculed the assertions of federal investigators that the alleged plotters revealed that the United States senate had "recognized" Vasconcelos, a former presidential candidate, as leader of the revolution. , General Carlos Martin del Carnpo, chief of staff for the war department, said rebellious groups arc active in more than one-third of the states of the republic, but that there was no cause for alarm. The rebels, ho said, are divided in small groups, which are being actively pursued by federal troops. Rumors of cabinet changes which would bring former President Abelardo Rodriguez back into the gov- emm'ent were circulated with increasing frequency. Rodriguez, however, i-as denied he plans to reenter the government at present. Lieutenant colonel Feliciano Sanchez Frausto, former • secretary to the government of Chihauhua, wns brought here last night and imprisoned with the others held on sedition charges. ,• A Thre^|Etey If Y^0ztote* Signal Donft let them get a strangle hold. 'Fighjr them quickly. Creomulsion confines 7 helps in one. Ppsrerful-- but harmless. PlijasaHt"'t6 take. No narcotics, „ Wur'" ofWfi/ druapst is authorized to Wind/ yourf prtftey orf the spot if'your jcoughVor COM is not reliever! by preomuftton: 1 V. (adv.) "pa Sunday Watch jjyrtlfym MEDIUM SI£E CANS WAPCO BABY LIMAS OR BROWN BEANS Dressmaking Let Miss Davis help you plaw^ytfur Spring Ward- robjCLAlL, work Guaranteed, Prjtfea Reas^naWe. .XS-lls SEWING^^filNE CO. 214 No. Phone BUTTER SUBSTITUTE SAT. & MON.. ONLY RE61' AT EASE Let us build you an innerspring mattress, upholster ana refinijjr^youy furniture, Ow Mattr N ord Work gu made new, made to •vice . PAMPA UPHOLSTERING ANY Phone 188 £• 824 W. 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