The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 17, 1961 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1961
Page 10
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10 .uesaay, January Lakewood Civic Association Will Elect New Officers officers for Lakewood Civic (Burns, Ed Hoffman, Percy La- Ajporiadon will be elected at 7:3QJFosse. Glenn Lippman. Ben Ren- p. an, Wednesday in th'> clubhouse. ! fro, Mrs. Elwood A. Rose and E. sunHwunccd John P. Strcef, presHG. Warren. dc£f I In addition to these names. Door prizes will be awarded -and j nominations will be made from < -if fee and doughnuts will be '*"* T . . ... . , , i Other business will incluae a , .„ , _ , „ ... : review of the vear's activities, fi- Jim Kniffen and Jack Smallmp ; nancjal staten ,- m rcadinR and re . ened b a, have been recommended by nominating committee for the post of president. Other suggestions arc John McClintock and Ernest Mueller, vice president; Mrs. Biron St. Clair and Mrs. Sylvia THpmas. secretary; and Robert P. K*Sley and Roland Loewen. treasurer. Suggested 1 directors are R. E. , ort on ±e possibility of a tennis • Heirport »F YOU ARE THINKING OF YOUR HAIR SEE MONTIE'S • IFAwnr SAAON Garth Rrt. JU 2-2532 ILEK j Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ilor, 229 'W. James, announce the arrival j of a son, Gerald Scott, Jan. 14 Jin Gulf Coast Hospital. He weighed 6 pounds. 7 ounces. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodwin of Needham, Mass., and I Mr. and Mrs. D. Z. Her of Mont Belvieu. Gerald has one brother, Ronald Dean. P. N. Hirsch & Co,... TRADES DAY BARGAINS CLEARANCE OF CHILDREN'S WEAR For Members Of Civic Music Association -Marina Svetlova To Dance In Baytown ! ACTORS SEKK NK\V YORK IAI'i — Four professional actors are studying for degrees at Columbia University's Teachers College. Aiming at master's degrees are Thomas llinton. Fit/ruy Davis Marina Sveilova, world - re-j where she was born. She was 10-, low Dance Festival — the first of At the same time Miss nowned ballerina, and her com-j years-old when she made her dc- many appearances there. i assumed numerous outside engage-:" Next came a season with thc.nients with her own dance civ pany will present a program for j but at Paris Opera in Massine's members of Baytown Civic Music'"Amphion." Association at 7:45 p.m. Jan. 24 j in Lee College Auditorium. She was later awarded the In- Amcrican Ballot ThealJ-e at the. Metropolitan Opera in New York 'semblc. Kadi year slie tours Norlh tor-national Championship of the:including a national tour. She \vas^ Ameri( ' a u ' ilh lu ' r OWM h '^ hly :l °'i Appearing in several numbers T ' - tVv e"n"-vimve sea- ; appointed prinui ballerina of the; claimed concert group. The rest of will be Jose Barrcra, a Spanish) sons and at 15 was invited by .Metropolitan Opera and took com-: her time is filled with appearances dancer who performed here tost i Colonel tie Basil to join the Origi- : plete charge of the Corps de Bal- :lhml , r i u)llt tno wor i ( i a ^ -guest year with the Andre Eglevskylnal Ballets Russcs de Monte Car- let including rehearsals and »-!ass-; „ .. Petite Ballet. Berrera is a Fla- lo. es. u'f" 00 - dt ? n ^ r "£° made a '^" eat After a Jong tour she left the hit with the Baytown audience then. .. ballerina. Mrs. Mike Franssen STATE RESERVE LIFE "Set Me Before You Die" B;>!V.s at Havana. Cuba, MARINA SVETLOVA, prime baiierina, will perform with her crcLp Tor Saytown Civic Music Association a* 7:45 p.m. Jan. 24 in Lee Co'lege auditorium. Her so'os wi;l irciurie Si:'"r-Sc5"s ' The Dying Swan ' and Raft $ "Autumn Leaves." and came to the U.S. to become Among the repeat numbers that j an American citizen. No sooner Berrera will perform this year i had she arrived when she was in- are "Zapateado" by Sarasate, ivited to dance at the Jacob's Pil"Viva Navarra" by Larregla and ~ ~ "Farruca" by DeFalla. Miss Svetlova's leading male dancer is Jack Beaber from Pitts burgh, Penn. His first job was the dance lead of "Annie, Get You: Gun." He then joined the American Ballet Theatre. He has been on television, starred in Radio Cit\ Music Hall shows and appeared in three broadway productions. Theodor Haig, another company member will play two numbers by Liszt, "Sonetto 104 del Petrarca" and "Etude in F Minor" and one by Chopin "Scherzo -in C Sharp Minor, Opus 39." Having divided his career between radio and the concert stage, 'Haig gave his first recital at the * * * * * * * * DRESSES SWEATERS BLOUSES SPORTSWEAR ROBES DRESS COATS JACKETS SLEEPWEAR Hat Purchasing No Problem JjAs Furniture Shopping Is i CHICAGO (API — A woman is I was an important consideration, (sure of herself when it comes toi A woman hesitates to call in out- icooking or bus-ing a hat. but furni-jside help of an interior decorator.! jture frustrates her. iShe says in so doing that she can't j L {• A sample survey of 400 house-! afford to do what she believes a jffl|| wives b« Pierre Martineau, man-i decora tor would want to do. ' ** age of seven. In radio he origi-1 1 mated the Mutual Broadcasting i System's program "Music We JLike." i He has concert tours of his own, jbut his and Miss Svetlova's mu- I tvial management tries to get them (together as often as possible. Miss Svetlova began her ballet j training with Vera Trefilova and ''studied with teachers in Paris, OFF Latest Fashions FLORENCE. Italy UP)— Itali- jager of thp research and market-j But Martineau suspects that > nr ! Cn-\ii |HQ Dm I/ 'ing bureau of the Chicago Tri-j declines this aid because she fears' j CQ I UlC I lfll\ bune. shows furnishing her home i she will be admitting hor own leaves a woman in a quandary, j failure. "The purchase of furniture is; instead she likes to dream a j continually delaying by the home-! Cinderella dream of how she j maker because she \ie\TO the fur-j would like to furnish her home — - nitare shopping situation as a pcvj by looking at homemaking mag-j an fashion designers are paintina i ten hal Threat TO her ego he said: aEines . th m of - ft Renaissance ! Martineau and his staff sought, Furniture is seen as an aes-! p ; n k j to solve the secrets of a woman's, thetic good. In order to appreciate; Marucelli and Vpnraiani were ithmkm- when she looks for fur-i lhis K0od . the houspwifp believes!the latest to us e a deluge of the :that one must P° ssess a facultyJcolor in the presentations of Itali- st. ws Dancer Breaks F oot; Becomes r.horeoaraoher "\Vhy." they asked, person or family take a trip t( .Europe, buy a car every two 01 I three years and yet their furni-: Despite this handicap H per ture is 25 years old?" icent buy furniture on their Making the selection and finding; tr jp ? n one stove. Those who shop ;a theme for furnishing her home r ,roiind and return number ?,fi per j fills her with anxiety-, the survey cent. I found. The search ends in a neighbor| As a result, furniture shopping ; hood shop for 44 per cent, " |is continually delayed. Through-] Martineau found that 58 per 'out life, people find reasons forj cen t of the women interviewed day night they poured on so much P er pink in gabardines, wools, otto- firstlmnnt; ^\\^ s anc j chiffons that the Binca of th, PtU , ' *, ^,u .,,'.' {I u" h ? «\\cd v,,th a ios,\ flush. Manicilh presented an e.\- fr-it nn «ttfaj Heas"y silk evening coats were! |purring off purchases. Three out-j sa id they didn't like the furniture ... 'of four persons give one of the ; they have. They tend to keep al-y *""~"™'"-°"" nc - i stiff upper lip when hearing"" "We can't afford it" or •'\Ve;fr i end S ~'discuss r their""furnsw n't need it" or "We'll wait until] Martineau says this attitude is Idon' jthe childrc get older.' Martineau believes these reasons are .not valid when compared. with what the "average needs and can afford. family obviously a definite pose rather than to an objective reality. She knows that furniture is the symbolic evidence of her taste, her income level and her ability , Because they are uncertain to CTeate a home rather than (about what furniture to choose,j mere house imost women tend toward the mid-i "There ' is a pathetic quality |dle of the road in their choice of : abo ut all these responses which in- NOT ALL SIZES BUT A GOOD SELECTION! P.N. HIRSCH & CO. T21 W. TEXAS U» Our Uy-A-Way or Your Charge Account Now shaped lull with bias-cut insets. the bias" means flu- ig, but these coats were puffed out, round and stiff. Naturally there was a bright pink one, along with various liqueur-colored ones. Underneath the coats were wonderful halter-necked chiffon dance dresses in contrasting colors. Bias-cut wool coats went over candy-striped silk dresses. j For eveing Manicflli had some; fun with sequins. She paved an entire black tulle, bias dress with gold sequins. On other dresses sequins ,-irf patterned into patrh- and they can feel relatively se- said" """ ' """jwork quilts, art nouveau flowers. cure that it will be accepted. "p or these women furniture i s hbsfract paintings, and cnbbag" Extremes of ultra modern or-indeed an Achilles heel, period furniture are avoided be-;— —• i furniture style. idicates just how deeply the worn- Most people buy modern be-' an j s involved in the situation cause their friends have modern, where she is helpless." Martineau ; cause they may subject her to I criticism. After making the choice, the housewife goes through a period when she is not sure she made the right choice. In time she becomes "used to' the furniture but remains somewhat indifferent to it. Newlvweds often feel that "this IPS -p A J.I UOOT lO ATT . J5 pQp Mrs. Leo R. Tag spoke on "The COTTONS Pknty Of Small, Neat Patterns For The Little Ones «-. REG. 98c .,^.,,,,,v~. 1 uiivii ,_ ............. wilMo'untTf we'get on our feet," °P e " Door to Art Appreciation" 1 0 t 4Ui-, ^ Tin^. .— -,-. C~*». .,!-. t^ 1 !.,! T~- ' jthen they will refurnish. During the first four years of at the Minerva Study Club Friday in thr Mrs. E. R. housekeeping, oniy 13 per rent of Cu "^ n ^, rl ?; 2n ; 1 . L ' I; ' h - ithe housewives considered dura-'•. Y" • v P ?rih ~ > ' >r said in part. "Art r _ is what we say it is. Appreciation jbility as a factor in furniture pur- . , I chases. During the fifth and ninth )S vvnat years 32 per cent said durability make it. TRADE'S DAY SPECIALS GROUP OF NEW SPRING 36" DRIP - DRY The a nisi h" is a leader. Art has nothing ro do with knowmir; it has to do with giving." Mrs. Tag suggested that the best way to appreciate art is to go to museums, galleries, studios and iearn about tho ariisis. "We should keep our mind open at al! times." she continued. The speaker discussed the collecting of objects of art and sait.. "If we cannot afford the originals (that please usi, we may •'icquii'p the best possible reproductions." roses. Jole Veneziani showed Impeccably cut loose coats of double- faced contrasting wools. Besides pink, thero was red with navy facing, and taupe with oyster whitsv All the coats went over wrl!-shaprr| chemise dresses. Veneziani also showed lots of smooth gabardine coats, low-belt- ; ed and natched with military pockets. They came in icy colors i of sea green, pale yellow, and' maneo orange. i Venczianj got more dramatic fn r p\-en;ng and made mad hals of face-coverinc 1 , ho-'i-frathrred brims to go with her hot-colored chiffon cocktail dresses. Heirvorf KEKNE Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Keene, ?,0fi idw.i 1 .'. anno'inre the hir'h of a son. Douglas Wayne. Jan. 6 in San Jacinto Hospital. He weighed ; 6 pounds, 12 ounces. Grandparents are Mr. .'ind Mrs. Jack Koonce of Pasadena and Mr. and Mrs. (i. \V. K'^no <>'. New Wavrrly. . !Great crandnfirents are Mrs. .7. C. ONE GROUP OF SILK PRINTS 45" SHANTUNG & CREPES '". ."nd Mrs. Cunningham siT-jKoonce c f Dallas and Mrs. E. A. ved a salad plate to club mem-j Pin/on o! Dallas. Douglas Wayne bers and a guest, Mrs. R. L.'has one brother, Richard, and one Treadway. sister. Juanita. REG. S2.9S YD. Yd. TRADES DAY ONLY SOLOMON FABPJCS H. MAJH JU 2-1307 Learn How To Dance Now! "the way teenagers dance" Don't Miss The Fun of the Spring Dances Teenage Drag and Swing And Jitterbug And Cha-Cha Special Classes For Junior High Students Tuesday Evenings, 7:30 Sixth Graders Don't Wait, Be Ready For Comsnq Dcnces . . . Call JU 2-9341 Now! NEW CLASSES IN TAP .- BALLET « JAZZ ALSO ALL LATIN AMERICAN TYPE DANCES FOR ADULTS . . . CLASS OR PRIVATE LESSONS. BRUCE MUSH SCHCOL OF DANCE —508 PARK— NEW YORK f.AP'i — Onnn '» White had to break her foot before she would think of being a choreographer. Now, .she will be the first woman choreographer to have three shows running simultaneously on Broadway. The three shows are 'Irma La Douce," "The Music Man" and "Take Me Alon;;." This pert brunette broke her foot while dancing in "Silk .Stockings" five years ago. The foot took three months to heal instead of the usual six weeks. While h o h b 1 i n g around on crutches Onna was asked to recreate the choreography in "Guys and Dolls" and "Finian's Rainbow" for the off-Broadway City! Center's musical season. \ "My big break came when 1! was offered the job of doing the; choreography for 'Music Man.'! They took a chance with me since • I had not worked on a Broadway • show- before," she says. " " | Onna believes a dance number; should be an integral part of a! show rather than something stuck; THE JEWELED flower print dress in garden colors ln on silk surah is from the " One wa - v ° r doing this is to] Larry Aldrich resort collec- i ha \ c th( T stars themselves dunce: Won, designed by Marie Me- '*" 1 " thl1 " sir '- a dwble - F ° r A set-in holt at th« ™L in . -^ ends In a soft, •treamered How. , . p , . , )lt . Baiter Pidgcon had an ' awlul time leami "g ^e soft shoe ]{or Take Me Along - hut he does - jj t beautifully now and it makes ithe show so much bolter." TRADES DAY SPECIAL Elongated "Coffee-Break" BILLFOLD PURSES Comparable To $5 and $6 Values Assorted Colors and Styles O70 Plus Tax SEE OUR FALL CLEARANCE PAGE 217 W. Texas Open 9-5:30 Max Altaian's Trades Day Values SHOP ALL DAY WEDNESDAY AND SAVE ON THIS TOP QUALITY MERCHANDISE.- A Group of Ladies' NYLON GOWNS And SHORTY PAJAMAS Come In tomorrow, don't miss these wonder- ful buys — Choose from colors of Pinlc, Blue, Red, Mellon—Sizes S-M-L—32 to 38. A real value. See them at Airman's. REGULARLY 5.98 fo 12.98 I I Ladies'-All-Wool S-T-R-E-T-C-H SHORTS TITES Now i$ the time to stock up on these top quality beauties—You can see and feel the quality an.-l time craftsmanship in these Bermudas — Choose from green, Brown or Beige—In most all sixes. In colors of red, beige, royal, blue or black—in new soft CHADOLOU — The world's smoothest Helenca Nylon! Reg. to 6.98 Trades Day Oniy Trades Day Only "The store of Personalized Service" Still Continuing Our Store- wide Clearance Sale... N

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