The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 13, 1954 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1954
Page 8
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*AGE 8 -. THE BAYTOWN SUN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13. J954 t BIG BEN BOLT —by John CuKcn WH4T SHAMEPUL D£ED H4VE YOU 'SEEN U? TO, U!G>? SPE^K UP, dOY/ PCS I'LL NOT &E W4ITIN' I'VE BEEN v^ VV4LKINSWITH SOMEONE.. R&dDINS .' ,s|i I'LL. BS LEADING MYOWJ LIFE PJOM WOW ON, .AND I'LL THAMK YOU TO PUT YOU5SELF IM MY PUCE- AND*T1SMOT7HE CII?3T NISHT I'VE DONE E \SUT IT WILL BE THE 5 LAST TIME I SKULK THE BLACKNESS, COPSlMS VOL/xJS THOU6H IT WERE A CMRKC0MEI VMS COMMITTIN' i IT'S NOT COS THAT YOU'LL BE TH4MK1N ! LITTLE LULU —by Marge HAVE >J YES... ^— (YOU BEEN v-—^ BUT I'M feKATI NS ? >/ FINISHED? NOW/ SECRET AGENT X-9 —by Mel Graft rnmutes later, in a local doctor's office The driver of a brings hi* truck to a ; sudden slop — HE'S BEEN DEAD PQH 6ETTINS PARVI5 NOW- TWO HOURS BETTER CALL PATROLMAN DX)«fVl5! THl$ MAN WlkL HAVE TO BE JDENTlFJE'D CURUEY KAYOS —by yam t><en WH-WHAT TH'T IT'S YEHOODI MOODY; ONLY THE WORST TYPE OF CRIMINAL WOULD DO THAT, 30E/ DO YOU THINK THE BOY WAS KIDNAPED, CURLY * THAT THING SAY ABOUT YOURSELF, FELLAS I HOPE THIS T NOTHING HAS LINE i HAPPENED FOR "S» YEHOODI, REFUNDS.' '5. MOODY,' •SUPERMAN" —by. Wayne Bbrim /IF PEOPLE LEARN I'VE LOST ' MY R3WERS, IT WILL INVITE VENGEFUL ATTACKS FROM THE HM—WHY NOT GO IN, AND SEE MYSELF- AS I USED TO BE..? AT LEAST i MAY BE ABLE TO FIND SOME SMALL COMSOLAT1ON IN THAT. i SURE DO. SON. fSIQH) MORE THAN" ANYTHINS , IN -THE WHOLE WORLD.'; GOSH, MI5TER.- DON'T YOU WISH COULD BE LIKE SUPERMAN TOO ? UNDERWORLD. AND BESIDES, MAYBE MV POWERS WILL COME BACK. MAYBE... BUT MEANWHILE, I CAN AVOID EMBARRASSMENT BY NOT APPEARING PUBLICLY AS SUPERMAN). —by Wolf Keller POGO AND HIS PALS WITHOUT you -FUWVAN'UIMP SIPEP PilNNV SIT ON WITH OUK TfZlP \ POG -If AUUUS OVBK TO MY HOUSE AM' | SOT A tl V 9OMBTHIN' PACkEP IN SOME AWftlU TASTE1.6SS 68UB./ ^ AINSUW/ I CHALLEN6g l*r iii&tfm^mli U3OK9 JU6' ASUflHAS 6VBK [ B'lZ SAWYER FLYING SAUCERS! THEY FROLIC LIKE PUPPIES/ EXECUTING TURNS AND REVERSES THAT WOULD DISINTEGRATE ANY, KNOWN AIRCRAFT ANP TEAR TO PIECES ANY OCCUPANT. —by Roy Crane CTHEN SU&OENLY, AS IF THEIR VCURIOSITY WERE SATISFIECJ THEY SHOOT AWAY INTO SPACe, AT 10 TIMES THE SPEED OF OUR FASTEST JFT. ELUA CINDERS —by Charlie Plumb and Fred Pox A CAK • FOLLOWING US/I THINK;.' SO/ME UUST.WANTS TO RACE .' WELL,STEP ON IT AN7'5fl='IFH£ TKIE5 TO SM/ BEETLE BAELEY —by Willard Tt-IE Tf?OUBLE WITH ME IS, I THINK SHE IS, TOO/ THERE S THAT THE TROUBLE YOU MAY GET ME A CUP OP COCOA AGAIM IS, THINKS BEAUTIFUL! BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH —by Fred Lasswell HEY. SUT « CHALK UP ANOTHER ENTRYH -^^ , A HORNED MULE ///££\ \ NftMEO -BILGEV" THING fttN'T NO MOLE- TAKETH'VARMiNT BftCK WHftR HE COME FROM SNUFFY-TOE BOVS ON USS. KEftRSftRGE WftMT TO ENTER »8IL6EY" INTH'HOOTlM' HOLLER MULE RACE MOON MULUNS —by Mort Walker 1 GOT A HUNO) V PH006Y! LEAVE HIM PLV. HAVE TO SUE 1 TO ME- NO MAN HAS OLD PLUSHBOTTOM i EVER OOTSMAPTEO DOLLAR AWAY BACK. 1—=:—TiaidPBOMMEYEf I ALWAYS . \ -.^A KNOCK ON WCX5D. J lP^-- _-_, v ... New'54 DODGE NOWONDISPLAv at your n«arby Oodg* dealer's ROOM AND BOARD By Gene Ahern THERE'S A SUV VISITING HERE WE'RE TRYING TO SET RID ; '01r AND YOU'RE THE BRAWNY BOY TO DOTHETRICli, JUNIOR/-! DON'T MEAN YCU'LL UNPAOC .YOUR MUSCLES FOR. A' BRAWL AND. HEAVE-HQ BUT BY ANOTHER PLAN •-IT5 ACTING••• AND YOU'LL GET$I5/ lACTECOCEIN TH'MOVIES/--IT WAS A SCENE OF A FREE-FOR-ALL FIGHT IN AN OLD WESTERN BAR'/--IGOT CLOUTED WITH A PIANO ' STOOL ON TH'HEAD- ,, V IT WAS SOFT WOOD / -THE STOOL,,': L I MEAN!/. ^ &Z**y'iJ~ •' EfiSit " ^^i^ x~-^^? i 7i>\i r^^'^ )p H*". M'.v •CiOBW WILL COACH THE,EARL 3 Youths Report 'Shot In Arm'Is To Lions Club On Needed For Austin Experience For World's ON ONE OF THESE COMPLETELY REBUILT /nncrspring MATTRESSES • NEW 4-OUNCE ACA TICKING HUNDREDS OF LAYERS OF PREVIOUSLY USED REFELTED COTTON ROLLED EDGE AND FIRMLY BUTTONED THOROUGHLY STERILIZED UNDER SUPERVISION OF STATE IOARD Of HEALTH PHONE AND MAIL OR. DERS GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION ONLY PHONE 2072 Sanitary mnURESS CD - 510 | W. TEXAS ; AVENUE ;| A grateful trio of high school students, sent to the Hi-Y "Model Legislature" in Austin by, the Baytown Lions Club, returned to report to their sponsors Tuesday. John Carter. Dclmar Dyer ant' Mary Ann Yount spoke at th- Lions club luncheon meeting' F-' the Tower. ' , . . • Carter, who was a state representative in the Youth in Government program, described how a House committee works over proposed legislation before it goos to the floor. Dyer, who was a senator, told o r Senate committee work and wha happens to a bill after it rcachr the Senate floor. Miss Yount described her experiences as a reporter during th Youth .in Government sessions. W. W, Brawn, who was i" charge of the program and introduced the youngsters, said it wer an invaluable opportunity fo" teen-agers to learn the functions of state government first-hand. He also pointed 1 out that many of the ideas brought up by the youngsters each year are incorporated into legislation during the next session of the real Texas Legislature. Lion President Murray Rogers presided. Guests at the luncheon were Joe Reid and Nelson Bass. Buffalo Claims First Motorized Mail Service BUFFALO, N. Yi, Jan. 13 OP)— This city was the first to use mechanized postal service, according to local newspapers dated July 2, 1899. "The first attempt to collect mail with an autonic-bilo evur made in the United States was made in Buffalo, Sunday evening, July 2," the paper stated, "when Dr. Truman J. Martin, promoter of the Buffalo Electric Vehicle Transportation Co., took Supt. John D. Leib of the city delivery system around 1 in his carriage to collect the mail from a long; route of street letter boxes." HOUSTON, Jan. 13 —UP-Esc;-- utive director W. W. Kremmcrer of Houston's World Affair, Inc.. said Wednesday financing for the planned exposition has been slow about showing itself and he said he planned to reorganize part of Ms group to give the fund-raising work a "shot in the arm." Dr- Kremmcrer, former head of the University of Houston, said he had "inherited" a plan for. setting up the fair but believed "we've been going about the whole thing backwards, so far." "If we're to succeed in thi s fair we're going to-have to go about in a biK way," he'said.' He would not divulge the 'repr "tanization plan he had in mir. 1 but said it would be aimed a "strengthening" the executive a • visory committee, making it ; more responsible body. Dr. Kre'mmerer said despite the slowness of financial backing t' appear. Aug. 1 was still the date iet for construction to begin on an 380-acre tract near the San Jacinto monument and'he said he still believed the exposition would open in 1956, as originally planned. Real Estate Insurance Loans -none 8088 tfaytown, Texas 3201 Market It. Dividend Savings About 13 million automobiles built before World War II are still in use in the United* States. MAYTAG SERVICE EXPERT PROMPT • REASOXABI-E WHITCOMI'S Ph. 4285 Amco STEEL Fence •With.* R«piitaf ! -»Ti y 0 t Salable' NO DOWN PAYMENT Fren Estimates—No OWij:«tion W« to unywhere—See: J. B. F*athcrston, Wootter Dial 3-1551 . Jack Telford. Baytown. Dial 7847 \. C. Alford. Baytown, Dial 1-1174 O. C. Mangum, Baytown, Dial 844$ 6. M. Gocnion, flaytewn. Dial »&jj Willli Henry, Mt. Belvreu, rttont M»l

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