Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 18, 1937 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 18, 1937
Page 2
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THE PAMM NEWS, t*aiiiS» ¥iS*5i '-?i_,,-* f J~ r y*„r'?*";: SUNDAY MOH1WN6, i§3?< NEW LOCATIONS STAKED IN GRAY COUNTY DURING WEEK -0 First National In Pampa federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Two Kinds ol Deposits • * ; , " —may be arranged for by the customer* of this bank according to their needs. AH t>eniand Deposit, that is, a checking 4.L account, is for those desiring to utilize the economy, safety and convenience of banking facilities in their business or personal affairs. A Time Deposit, earning a moderate rate of interest, is more suitable for those WHO do not want to make active day to day use of their funds but desire to accu- riulate a* financial reserve for general or special purposes. Bolh types of deposits are safeguarded By the sound Iban and investment policies of this bank, which at the same time, utilize them to help cover the costs of banking Serviced rendered. OFFICERS Cprhbii, Chairman of the Board, D^Lea_Vicar8, President, J. R. Roby, Vice-President...... Edwin S. Vicar's, Cashier, F. A. Peek, Asst. B. D. Robison, Asst; Cashier, ,,. E. Bass Clay, Asst. Cashier C. M. Carlock, Asst. Cashier Seventeen new locations, 10 of them Ih dray county, tfere 1 filed sit' the local office of the Texas Railroad commission last week. Hutchlnson county reported three 1 , with Carson and Wheeler getting two each. Wheeler getting two each. All of the new locations were In proven territory but well divided among the various pools. Intentions to drill. Dawsori ft Tharp, J. C. Short. No. 3, 330 feet from the south and 1590 feet from the west of SW-4 of section 15, block 5, J. C. Short survey, Gray county. Gulf Oil Corp., E. Cooper No. 19. 330 feet from the south and west lines of SE-4 of section 1. block 9, I&GN survey, Carson county. . Empire OH &• Refining Co., Mag«- nolla Fee "F" No. 3, 440 feet from the north and east lines of SE-4 of section 89, block 4, I&GN, Carson' county. .. . Gulf Oil Corp., C. L. Dial et al No, 70, 1210 feet from the north and 440 feet from the west; of S-2 of sec- i tlon 2, block 1, H&GN. Hutchinsori county. . , , .Gulf Oil'Corp.; O. L; Dial et al No. 71,' 330 feet- from the north and 1098 feet from' the west of 320 acres of Warren Wimberly survey, Hut- chlnson county,. .' • Gulf Oil Corp., Hi.C. Pitcher etal No, 11, 330 feet from the north arid 990 feet from..the east of .NW-4 of. < section, 18r.,block M-21,. TC&RR survey,' HUtchinson county. ':ot •,,:,-,, Rehio Royalty Oo. arid' Herman Axelrod.;.J. B. A. Harvey No'...l,i330 feet'from the" W.est and south .lines of W-2 of SW-4 of section 87, block 13, H&QN,' Wheeler .county. Empire Oil & Refining- Co., Crow No. 4, 279 feet' north and 330 feet west from iW-2'of. NE-4-. of section 137, block-39, I&GN, Gray county. . Stanolind Oil &<Gas Co., H. H. Merten No. 4, 330 feet from the south and west lines of SW-4 of section 88, block 3, I&GN, Gray county. • Sinclair Prairie Oil Co.; Asa G. •Post No 2, 330 feet from the south and 990 feet from the east of SE-4 of section 105, block 3, I&GN, Gray county. Shell Petroleum Corp.. E. E. Gettv- Ing A-3, 990 feet from the north and 997 feet from the west of NW-4 of section 14, block A-9, I&GN, Gray county. Empire Oil & Refining Co., Wai- berg No. 3, 330 feet from the east lihe and 900 feet from the south lines Of thfe SE-4 of section 33, blbck 3, I&GN, Gray county. F. W. Dye et al, A. Holmes & Mary Holmes NO. 3, 330 feet from the north and 990 feet from the west line 1 tit section 107, block 3, I&GN, Gray county. F.;W. Dye et al, A. Holmes & Mary Holmes No. 2, 330 feet from the north and west lines of section 107, block 3, I&GN, Gray county. Warner Oil Co., A. J. Chapman No. 5, 330 feet from thp north and 990 from the west of S-2 of NE-4 of section 69, block 25, H&GN, Gray county. W. J. & Jno. J. Noran, L. Holmes No. 5, 330 feet frofn the south and west lines of 3-2 of SW-4 of section 80, block 3, I&GN, Gray county.:. Altna Oil Co., J, J, Perkins No. 4, 330 feet from the soiith and west lines Of section 46, block 24, H&GN, Wheeler county. '-" Employes of .the Kingsmill plant of the Panhandle Refining company were awarded a -silver cup for four year safety record at banquet held at Schneider hotel, Friday evening. Apn: is, . - The Panhandle Refining company of Wichita Falls, Texas, one of the pioneer oil companies of the North Plains, has -been operating the .refinery u at Kingsmill since March. 1932,i and since then with a--payroll of-16 men a total of 111,590 hours has been < completed without a lost time accident.. Earl-.St.- Clair,- safety division manager, said that this was equivalent to one man working eight hours per day for 64 years. W. F. Sims; general manager, awarded the cup arid safety flag'tg R. W. Jacobs/ local superintendent, as appreciation of the company for remarkable performance of the refinery personnel. . . ... • Q. .W. Reed; vice-president, ofc the company, and C. Borland,. head> of the 'transportation'" divisioiv, ' gave, MOSCOW, April 17 : (AP)-rSoviefc Russia's purchases of materials f6r warships ran into difficulties todftjf because, she learned, some steel mariuJaetxu-ers ar'd tab" busy ftmtttf domestic orders to bother with foreign ones. - ', . Nikolai iBOgomoloff, 1 Soviet trade delegate. to Great Britain, returned to MoscOW vVftlv the ( news that Brlt- ich firms are ''swamped", handling huge', br'ders for that nation's rearmament program. United States circles here heard that Amtorg, Russian trading corporation, was unable to renew a steel order with one company In the United State's because of heavy dcmestic deriinhds. The company was said to have offered a premium to be released from delivering a previous order. The Soviet commissariat of defense declined to comment on a state department announcement in 'Washington that two American firms had asked permission to fill Russian orders for battleship materials. o» , BLACK HEADS EXES ;: AUSTIN, April 17. (ff) — Hulon Black of Tenlple was .elected, today, to succeed nines Baker of Houston as president of the Texas Ex-Students association: Fred W. Adams, Austinf and Mrs. R: E; Hardwlcke, Fort Worth, were chosen as vice-, presidents; John McCurdy, Austin, was re-elected secretary, and C. M. Bartholomew, Austin, treasurer. short talks on the value of safety as applied to the Company as a whole and the benefits derived by each individual. Mayor W. A. Bratton, guest for the occasion, gave a r short speech complimenting the men on their record and stressing the fact that' the city of Pampa is safety-minded' and Has'attained an enviable record. The nieri on the honor roll are; R. W. Jacobs, G. C. Townsend, Joe Foster, J. Landry, R. Glidewell, J. W. State'n, M. P. Moore, W, B'. Pearce, J. W. Tate, Q; A. Prlrice-, I/. A. Moyer, J. B. Adams, Frank Klrby, C. E. Davidson, R. L. Davis, St. Elmo Bones. Music Was furnished by Sid Harris' orchestra. •••••• W E WANT your "Good Will," arid we suit your purse. Come in and prove for expect to earn it by giving you better yourself that a "Good i WiJl" 8 ^ied car is bargains than you can get anywhere else "tops" for looksj dependability and every- in town. Here are some samples—fine cars thing else. Come in and .prove by, com- every one of them...made even-better by parison that our bargain prices beat them our 2I-poirit "Good Will" reconditioning all. Come in and picjfe the best; buy in town .,. priced at clearance rates to make room from the .finest stock we have ever had, for the trade-ins on tb.'e amazingly popular Do it today — sucti cars at such prices 1937 Pontiac ,.. and offered on terms to will move out fast. THESE LOW PRICES SPEAK NOW .o SAVE A lory*, roomy, S-paiiqenjrer sedari-rrloieal; /or the funil|y nmri. Us rli'h, blflclt finish Hasn't a tcrutch on it—the velour-upholHteVea interior i« • 37S°° clesh .and «pot]«o, Motor In, in flneat mechanical '• t'GbSl Will" recondltibrilnij. u »4Z5—ipecial at CBEVIVOLETC CQACH — r«cqndifip|ied- and tilting new, pistons. Repainted! ..4 new Ores. A high class used--ca£ |or clepeiidablg sen'ice 1935 PORD DE I,UXE CO^PE— Blacjt finish; one" owner. Positively dasV: condtlibn. ., New Motor ............. ..... f .1933, SEDA^ -4 A, .r ,.,paJSfengef. seiS^H -|- ide'aj amily riiaHi As rich, rilack flnjsh 1 hasn't a scratch on it-^the velouv-ui>- interior is . cTean an* spot-. oKv{is<,in\ Hnesi a«er *. .tho Wife „, SSDAN— With, buUt- iii ..- truiikj beautif ul : >: Original' Dan^bp <l«i;k finisU;-' sptitlesk 5 m.ohair yelpur fr'lmV excellent ttfes fthB motwi Jo'W mjlc^- Written. 90^da£ ' ' giiUr'antee; special today .• 19^ FQffp fuOO^— New jni»toJrWe)v (ires' black ftni«l| 4 'ilQQks like . .clean, and bleijiJsh . ......... . . .."Good; Will'!, $AAV ...... */ 3P Special 193$ DObbE i>E^ttrXE COA'CH-rEir'iy- en only 26 ftiousaVid 1 nilles by prjytjjij" oWrte"r. New sea..t covers'. Tires nearly- new ,...... 1033. Ft^ftpIJTK.. COACH -:-i-.-] eompletely recpnditiphed. New' $j tires'; clean uphilstcring . itij;. iivi: :>iis'. ' '--•'. ^ , diiioiietj, original blue" f irt '' ' —ijiny iVigiri? W ' the fajnUy man. I^.'s rich finish J a -scratch on ;itrtrJhs ,v.e4Q«rr)iph.oM|f^ ed' iUjteripr;iSj.p}ei" —-*•-—"—•••-*•i v or".is-tn,,.if>.Re'si-»! ai^cr aftfeftrojiglj/'Qobd WWV.? re'cbnaitioning. Special at (i >if. ' ' j.-f,', ift . CTVtUf bf AUTHORIZED PONTIAC DEALERS ^•fis <^0*ti .,1,'' 365 • "•-'- — ^.^dflAitot. WASHINGTON; April n m — Harper Slbley, president of the Chamber ;of Commerce, of the United States;, vigorously Opposed, sit-down strikes in., an address .before the American society of Newspape'r 1 . . , /,'Thts right jo strike,'^ Slbley d'd- clared, "so long as , It does not endanger. $je public, ititei-est or impose upoh .1 others Intolerable _ hardships, ik . fuhd>niental. .The Bright of , ,.the riossessibri of property .by. its owners, free -ol trespassers, is equally fundamental,". ;l ., , , .I,.... .:. ..-.; -. ... Joseph P. Kennedy, discussed -his w:: duties as;- .chairman of • the maritime ••.. commission, ; emphasized the necessity .for. elevating standard o^f government' service .by ; attrtictiris brains to. government positions: He also-j asserted, 'the'- country, had 1 arrived' at a new phase in federal activities. 1.,., .-.,, I......:;...,; ,v IV .-.:..:. ,, , The>:trettd 'toward ceritr'alizatlon lh goverrimSnt • has become ( a , tide, trite: .e'x'p'laria'tibh' of whlfch is inter- wOven with the analysfs of the kind of society we have" developed," ken- ] edj*,said. The editors In their final session also elected new officer's and passed resolutions... placing, the . society on record on questions effecting the press. One resolution declared the society e'es no impropriety in organization of newspaper workers in editorial departments* but feels that It Is. not suitable for journalists to affiliate \vith trade unionists." Thei editors aisO endorsed passage of bills by state legislatures gimr- ariteeihg . newspapers tlie right to hold thelf news sources in confidence. Another resolution deprecated efforts in Congress to prevent newspapers owning and operating radio stations. New officers elected were: President, A. H. Hirchhofer, of the Buffalo (N. Y.) Evening Times; first vice president, D. J; Sterling, of the Portland (Ore.) Journal; second vice president, Tom Wallace, of the Louisville (Ky.) Times; treasurer, Dwight Marvin, of the Troy (N. Y.) Record; secretary, M. V. Atwood, Gannett Newspapers, Rbche'ster, New 1 York. HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Afirii if (AP>—The 2i yea? old widoW «f the late Congressman Marion fcioh* check of Washington Was in ttoll^* wcad today, available for a motldfi' picture career. Registered under her fnaidetl name of Rubye Nix, she sat Itt her hotel rOom and said' she had -tG- ctived six offers to enter the movies and has taken two screen tests al* ready. "I am depending on my own'fibll* ity. net on the publicity 1 have received, to gain success," she said. Cn good land an acre of soy bearis will support 15 to 20 shotes pro-, vlded they also receive a full feed of corn and a good protein supplement. LOOK OS UP! If you must raise quick cash—get it here at lowest rates. Our Auto Loans provide cash quickly, easily, with no publicity I Why reveal your nded to friend^, or seek to raise funds at a sacrifice? Just drive 1 up, fix up, drlVe off-^ all set! — by our friendly plan I Southwestern Investment Go. Combs-Worlcy Blclg. Punpa of the & Supply Co Gdnciucted by Miss IVJadeleine Kie'pipisr' Sessions Will Be Held Tuesday and Thfiirsda^y Wednesday Afternoon Prizes You' are cdrdially invited tp zee and'-Kear Miss Klepper usTe and explain the' The R?iri£<J M'at Ka^ everything! Ret'ain'ed heat that allow perfect cooking with ft minimum of gas usage—ryou actually cook with the,gas turned off! 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