Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 15, 1947 · Page 14
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 14

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 15, 1947
Page 14
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He Shipment Steel Pipe Is Shipped to Arabia BEACH. Callf.-i/pi-Moro a million ton* of step] pipe x Jeavc L 0 "? Peach Harbor and Other ports this summer for Saudi Arabia in. what maritime authorities describe as the greatest single commercial shipment" in history. It Will be the first of a scries of consignments of goods and mnte- rlnl whose aggregate will be sufficient to crente a new inclustrini kingdom in Arabia, said E. C. Austin, purchasing and traffic manager of the Arabian-American Oil Co., Which holds the potrolcwn concession in King Ibn Saud's domain. Announcement of tlie shipment, which will start within n few weeks, wap made today by Port Manager E. J. Amar nfter conference in Snn Francisco with officials ol the Arabian- American Oil Co.. operated by Standard of California and the Texas Co., and of the Isthmian Steamship Co.. subsidiary of the U. S. Steel, which has contracted to move the pipe. The initial 1,000000 ton shipment will bo sufficient to lay a 40 and 31 inch oil line from the Persian Oulf, where it will bo unloaded, to the Mediterranean, said Edsel Newten, maritime editor of the Lonp. Beech < Calif.) Press-Telegram and i leader in harbor tiff airs, who acted Committee Asks Km£ To Hall Shipment of Scarciiy'Maierials DATjLAK—!.-?>-- A special committee of the Independent peiro- leum Association of America in- vcsiiRaUnst the steel ijhoitagc ns it affects the oil industry today asked Secretary of the Interior Krng ro Feek disco.illiiti- ance'of the present policy of exporting "material;; badly needed by our petroleum industry' until domestic rconirrments hive been met." The Committee in a telegram to Krug declared its survey "clearly indicates that the apparent L-hort- fif?c of oils is due to the lack of productive capacity and transportation facilities. This '.shortage, in turn, is due to the lack of necessary materials, such as tubular goods, line pipe and tank cars." B. A. Hardy of Shreveport, president of the IPAA, told the Committee, "some people In the Suite Department, who have been raising the crj of shortage of oil are the same oner: causing the exports of tubular goods. They started a year ago stressing the fact, we're running out of oil." of Interest To Oil Men PAGE 14 Pampa News, Sunday, June IS, 194? Top-Flight Program Has Been Set For Panhandle Oil Men's Meeting What has been described as one of the most outstanding programs ever presented at a meeting of the Panhandle Producers and Royalty Owners Association has been arranged for this year's annual meeting Wednesday, June 18, in the Herring Hotel ill Amarillo. Members of the organization have H'cu called to meet at 12 o'clock noon in the Herring Hotel to elect new directors. The annual membership luncheon will be at. 12 o'clock in Old Tascosa, followed by a mect- The "tin" mentioned in the Bible wns reallv a copper alloy known as early as 1600 B.C. ns contact man between the various American corporations connected with the project OXYGEN AND METYLEM AVAILABLE NOW. fcs ing of the new directors and members for election of officers and members of the executive board. .Jake Phillips, retiring president, will preside. At the noon luncheon Bany Brown of Wichita Falls, association consultant, will make a report. Speakers will bo H. J. "Jack" Porter of Houston, president of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association and member of the executive committee of the IPAA. He will discuss the ! Anglo-American oil pact and the • Risley bill. ! Open hoUKt; will be from 6 to 7 o'clock and the annual banquet at • 7 o'clock in the Crystal Ballroom. | Speakers will be Col. E. O. Thomp ;,on, chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, and Sen. Grady Hazlewood who steered the gas- carbon black to passage during the recent session of the State Legislature, E. J. Duuigon, Jr., of Pampa will P'cside at the noon luncheon. Ray Johnson of Amarillo will be toast- muster at the banquet. Reservations lor both luncheon and banquet should be made not later than Monday night. LINDE* Oxygen Cylinder Tvoe Q-80 tu.,fl. PREST-0-LITf'Aceiyiene Cylinder Type WQ-60 cu. ft. *Trodt-mari(i • We can make immediate delivery of oxygen and acetylene For welding and cutting in the convenient new sizes of cylinders. Ideal for repair shops, garages, farms, and home work shops. Complete Welding and Cutting Outfits Are Also Available From Us NOW, HART The cylinders shown above are available at our Borger and Pampa, Texas, stores. Texas Univ. Professor Receives Appointment AUSTIN—Dr. John T. Lonsdale, director of the University of Texas Bureau of 'Economic Geology, has been appointed a member of the Research Committee of the American Association of Petroleum Geol- Gfd&tS. Earlier in the year he was appointed a member of the Assoct- ution's Research Advisory group v.'hose membership also includes Dr. •Corey Croneis, Beloit College president; Ira H. Cram, Pure Oil Company; Dr. David D«lo, Army and Navy Research Board; W. C. Krum- bcin, Northwestern University; and Levorscn, Stanford University; and Chester Longwall, Yale University. The AAPG is carrying on fundamental research in sedimentology and coordinating its work with .similar research of the American Petroleum Institute. Railroad Commission Sets Hearings Dates AUSTIN—(/P)—The Railroad Com* mission today gave notice of the following healings: July 24—application of Benson and Jones for rules governing rates of production of wells completed in the upper 5400 foot sand of the La Kosa Field, Refugio County. July 24—application of G. E. Ka- clsne shallow field. Archer County. July 24—application of A. O. Morgan Oil Company for a discovery •allowable for Its N. J. Ryals well No. 7, Refugio Heard area field, Rcfugio County. July 24—application for the Texas Pacific Coal and OH Company for a discovery allowance and new field SHADOWETTES Presented By K 43ULBERSON Let's bitrry home, Dick Tracy is in. , and see what kind of a predict! ittetit Dick Tracy always comes out all right. You will, too, if you let Us take care of your Chevrolet in our modernly equipped shop, staffed with trained mechanics. Ask about our Budget Payment Plan on repairs. It may be just what you need to help you over that hard spoj. ESTABLISHED 1927 CULBERSON CHEVROLET CO. YOUR REPAIRS on the BUDGET PAY PLAN 1 212 N-rtli Ballard 366-PHONE-367 Pampa, Texas Yoit'tl Like Our Sfrr/<, Young Robert Dunlop Named New President Of Sun Oil Company PHILADELPHIA — W>)— The 1931 graduating class of the University of Pennsylvania looked over Its valedictorian nnd predicted Robert Calbraith Dunlop would be a college lege professor. Today that prognostication can be written off as schoolboy guessing. Dunlop Is the new president of the $200.000,000 Sun Oil Co. The. 37-year-old aecountnat stepped into the seven league boots of Industrialist J. Howard Pew last month—.lust 14 years from the day he joined the vast oil enterprise. But to the new Sun president there is no set formula for success. "There are certain qualities," he fays, "which, above others, contribute greatly to the success of an individual. "First of these is character, and by that I mean particularly reliability or trustworthiness." The six-foot, athletically built Dunlop sought employment in the company he now heads because of n national emergency — the 1933 bank holiday. Graduated as top man in this class at. the Wharton School of Finance nnd Commerce, he went to work for the accounting firm of Barrow, Wade, Guthrle'& Co., Philadelphia. When the government declared the bank holiday in March, 193U, Dunlop's employers asked him to take a leave of absence. "That was the luckiest, tiling that ever happened to me," Dunlop says. Dunlop's early activities with Sim Oil included a survey of producing, refining and marketing operation's in the light of the complexities of the NRA Petroleum Code. In 1941 he was appointed assist- lant comptroller and three years later was named comptroller and elected to the board of directors. .Dunlop beleives the future of the oil industry ; 'depends upon its alertness and its research." Alertness has been shown, he says, by the industry's entry into the chemicals and synthetics fields. "I belive the industry is sufficiently alert to opportunities and alert in its research to maintain itself as a supplier for these important services as far into the future as anyone can now see, regardless of whether the products it supplies are produced from crude oil, natural gas, oil shale, coal or some other raw materials," he predicts. Duniop is the third man to hold the Sun Oil presidency since the company's inception in 1886 and the first man other than a Pew to take the helm. Twenty-Six Notices of Inieni to Drill Are at Local Railroad Commission Office designation for its .Emily M. Jackson well No, 14-E, Pullerton Field, Andrews County. July 24—application of the East Texas S.aJt. Water . Disposal Company to .use for .salt, water disposal purposes two of its wells drilled for that purpose 'in the East Texas Field, Gregg and Smith Counties. Twenty-six notices of intention to drill were filed at the local oil and s division office of the Slate Railroad Commission during the past week, it was announced yesterday. There was ofte notice of intent to deepen, three wells were plugged and a gas well was completed. Cf the 28 drill intents listed 20 were for proposed tests in Hutchinson County. The following notices of intention to drill were filed this week: Hutchlnson County—Continental Oil Company. G. C. Whittenburg •A" No. 11. Heirs of Wrn. Neil Survey. 295' from S and 366' from W lines of Lot 43, Blk, 3. Carver Lands. 4 miles mv of Stinnett. Hall & Stewart Oil Company. J. R. Barnhill No. 14. O. Martinez Survey. 330' from W and S lines of Lot 36. Carver Lands, B!k. 2..9 miles NW of Stinnett. Hall & Stewart Oil Company. J. R. Barnhill No. 15. G. Martinez Survey. 330' from N and E lines Lot 36, Carver Lands, Blk. 2. 9 miles NW of Stinnett. Hall & Stewart Oil Company. J. R. Barnhill Wo. 16, O. Martinez Survey. 330' from S and W lines Lot 43. Carver Lands, Blk. 2. D miles NW of Stinnett. Hall «fe Stewart Oil Company, J. R. Barniiill No. 17, G. Martinez Survey. 330' from N and E lines Lot 46, Carver Lands, Blk. 2. 9 miles NW of Stinnett, Hall and Stewart Oil Company. J, R. Barnhill No. 18, G. Martinez Survey. 330' from N and 330' from E lines of lot 47. Carver Lands, Blk. 2. 9 miles NW of Stinnett. Hall & Stewart OH Company. J. R. Barnhill No. 19. O. Martinez Survey. 330' from W and 8 lines Lot 34. Carver Lands, Blk. 2. 9 miles NW of Stinnett, Hall & Stewart Oil Company, J. R. BarnhUl No. 20. G. Martinez Survey 330' from N and E lines of Lot 35, Carver Lands. Blk. 2. 9 miles NW of Stinnett. Hall & Stewart Oil Company, J. R. Barnhill No. 21. G. Martinez Survey. 330' from N and E lines Lot 34. Carver Lands, Blk. 2. 9 miles NW of Stinnett. Hall & Stewart Oil Company, J. R. Barnhlll No. 22. G. Martinez survey 330' from N and E lines Lot 33. Carver Lands. Blk. 2. 9 miles NW of Stinnett. Hall & Stewart Oil Company, J. R. Barnhill No. 23, G. Martinez Survey. 330' from W and 5 lines of Lot 33, Carver Lands, Blk. 2. 9 miles NW Of Stinnett. Hall Stewart Oil Company, J. R. Barn- hill No 24. G. Martinez Survej 330' from N and E lines Lot 6. Car ver Lands. Blk. 2. 9 miles NW o Stinnett. Hall it Stewart Oil Com pony.'J. R. Barnhill No. 25, Martinez Survey. 330' from W and lines Lot 6. Carver Lands, Blk 9 miles NW of Stinnett. Hall and Stewart Oil Compan j. R. Barnhill No. 26. G. Martine Survey. 330'- from N and E line Lot 12. Carver Lands. Blk 2. miles NW of Stinnett. Hall & Stew art Oil Company. J. R. Barnhill No 27. G. Martinez Survey. 330' from W and S lines of Lot 12. Carve Lands, 'Blk 2. 9 miles NW of Stin nett. Hall & Stewart Oil Company j. R. Barnhill No. 28, G. Martine Survey. 330' from W and S lines o Lot 7. Carver Lands. Blk 2. 9 mile NW of Stinnett. Hall & Stewart Oi Company, J. R. Barnhill No. 29, Mr.rtinez Survey. 330' froitt N an E lines of Lot 7. Carver Lands. Blk 2. 9 miles NW of Stinnett. J. M Huber Cororation. Riley No. F-. AB & M Survey. 660' from S an W lines of Sec. 22, Blk. M-16. miles NW of Pringle. Shamrock Oil and Gas. Logan No 1. T & NO Survey. 330' from N an 330' from W lines of Sec. 135, B1R 5-T. 5 miles NW of Pringle. Sin clair Prarie Oil Company. Maggl Wcatherly No. 29, A & B Survey 2820' from W and 1650' from lines of Sec. 23, Blk. Y. 1 mile of Borger. King County—Huriiblc Oil & Refg Co.. Bateman Trust Estate No. 3." John B. Rector Survey. 10,919' froi N and 1045' from W lines of Sec 116. Blk. A. C miles E of Guthrie Humble Oil & Refg. Co., Batemai Trust Estate No 33. John B. Recto Survey. 10,923' from N and 25' from W lines of Sec. 116. Blk. A. 6 mile E of Guthrie. Moore County—Shamrock Oil Gas Corporation. Van Order No. J H & TO Survey. 1320' from S am W lines of Sec. 285, Blk. 44. 6 mile NW of Dumas. Sherman County— Magnolia Pe trolciun Company. Baskin - John Unit No. 1. T & NO Survey. 2310 from N and E lines Sec. 414. Blk I-T 14 miles SE of Stratford. Sham rock Oil & Gas Corporation. Flore No. 5. T & NO Survey. 1320' from N and W lines of Sec. CO. Blk. 3-T 7 miles NW of Sunray. Wheeler County — Warren Oi Corporation. Rippy-Speed Unit No 1, H & ON Survey. 330' from I> RADCLIFF SUPPLY CO. OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT 112 E. BROWN PHONE mo ROCK GLYCERIN CO. A Complete and Efficient Oil Well Shooting Service 211 Combs-Worley Bid jr. Phone 670 KOHLER LIGHT PLANTS PARTS—SALES—SERVICE Magneto and Pressure Gauge Repairing Radcliff Bros. Electric Co. PAMPA with a by Dresner *• i MO 86 T»X McCarthy's <?olhg in a hnytript N*r*'t a'tingl* ptet of togyag* m^iniov^y cM^oW to tarry a cwwfett wwrfrgt* in piffat vriokte-fff* cwcf/tien.;. Unvwl packing (opacity... y*t it't light in wwy ft wrx- and 330' from W lines of SE-4 Sec. 45. Blk. 23. 6«4 miles SE of McLean. The following notices of intention to deepen was filed this week: Gray County—Phillips Petroleum Company. Pan-Simpson No. 8. I & ON Survey, Sec. 140. Blk. 3. 2 miles NW of Pampa, Propose to deepen to 3005'. The following wells haVe been plugged: King County—Stanolind Oil & Das Company, Masterson Ranch No. 2. E. L. Ribbie Survey. Sec. 1. 20 miles NE of Guthrie. Wheeler County—The Texas Company, J H. Price No. 1, JJ & ON Survey. Sec. 35. Blk. 13. 5 miles SW of Benonine, Texas. Hale County—statiolind Oil and Gas Company. Hale County State Bank No. 1. EL&BR Survey, dec. G. Blk. CIj. •*, New gas wells: Wheeler County—Warren Oil Corporation. Wingo No. C-l. H&GN B90 MC SCC ' 124 ' Blk ' 23 ' Potcntial Read The Pumpa News Want Ails A Mgff. sSSel' 'arHoofc, $4 ffiffe'l I6ng fthd 11? fe6t wiae, ti Itft&tM at Wellington, New Zealftttd. fhft dock, weighing 11,000 tons, WM built in England, and was towe4 the 13,500 miles to Wellington by two tugs, Tibetans, who can resUt ctid and hunger, drink buttered tea nt frequent intervals. Thomnson Glass & Paint Co. 110 W. Foster Phone 1071 FIRST MS* ADOPTION FOR 100 YEARS 1847 « 1947 A century of experience in the art of the silversmith comes to full flower in the unique dis-* tinction of 1847 Rogers Bros, designs. This is "the silverplato that looks like solid silver" because its clean-cut, high-raised ornamentation can be found in no other silverplate. May ,we show you these exquisite patterns? l847 Rogers Bros, prices have not increased, -53 Piece Service for 8 - $64.75 ~ No Tax. Mw-when you want it most r« precioiw d*y« to . y««r boy or girl Tow ««» w»ke thew rwlly tpecM day* with valuable gift bargain* like tbe»e tmart CKOTON WATCHES! jGood-lookiog JQK nato« ral gold color plate top/ durable steittlew back," and featwring the (fn»ow» 9»jevre! 'movement" Either one will make 1 1 A ,9* "^ L -" McCAELEY'S ftae J " * *

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