The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 23, 1959 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1959
Page 13
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and Bragort* Oonnty, Texaa, WeJ., Sept. 28,1959 BASWOOD" 1 FORGOT TO PUTOUT NEVER HIMO. DEAR" COME 3ACK--I REMEMBERED I PUT THEM OUT H6DIDNTWAK6 OR HE'OB6A\WFUU.V SOI .'.'-AM WANTS TO HAVE A LI TALKWIFMD JL' ABNER THE BBAZSOflfOUT FACTS Brazoria Felines Use Same Nursery Two mother cats, both owned by Mrs. Dorothy Smith of Brazoria, seemingly have worked out a plan which should makr baby sitting no problem at all. . The tv/o, Amber and Midnight, not only share each other's families without any trace of maternal jealousy but they share the same basket. Both now have their third families. Amber gave birth to her three kittens in the basket on the back porch of the Smith home, while Midnight-brought her three young Into the world outdoors, and remained very secretive about their, whereabouts for several days. Apparently Influenced by heavy and continuous rains. Midnight appeared at the back door with one of her offspring. When'she was let into the house, she stood by ob- servingly to see how the kitten would be received. When Amber began drying the kitten, Midnight affectionately washed Amber's face in appreciation, and made a second and then a third trip, to place her entire family in the basket. Both young mothers seem contented to share the basket, and ellhEr will tend and nurse all six of the kittens, who will undoubtedly have trouble deciding which to call "mama" as they get older. Millions Not Necessary To Be Best Dressed Man NAME YOUR NEED! NAME YOUR POWER! NAME YOUR SPEED THE WONDERFUL NEW JOHNSON-SEA HORSE w,u GIVE YOU MORE OF EVERYTHING FOR 1960 OVER «Wtt$ fill HOUR ON STOCK RUHAIOUTS 1 NOW ON DISPLAY AT PALMER'S 75 u P SPORTING GOODS / a n.r. U)(E JACRSOM RD> auT£ HE SAID TH'NEXT SMIF } HE CAUGHT ON HIS PROPITTV WUZ GOIN'TO <3fT SLOWED TO KINGDOM COME VE GOT NO BIZNESS TROMPIN'ACROST HIS PROPITTV ENNYHOW, WOMAN ILL GO L'ARN THAT SHIF1ESS SKONK SOME MANNERS PAW-IWUZCUTON' ACROSTTH'SULLERS' PROPITTV AN'THAT ORNERY OU WADE RUING A PINE BURR. AT ME SNUFFY SMITH A LITTLE TIRED EETLE BAILEY DONT YOU WANTA SO AUDNG WITH US A WATCH HIM EAT IT ... AN'HES GONNA BUY* CONE AT TH' DRUGSTORE WITH IT/ ..JOEY JUST FOUND STOP THIS FoouNe AtaooKo AND CQC4ZOV/ IT HAVE TO \ AfW 0000 TO RUM.'ccMT CATCH I KEOT MOOPSELF/ SAME t FIRST* HEART-TOR ME! VOU THINK y<7Ufee TUB UAWP-.THAT&JUST HOW AKB HOW Y6* HO HOC HA By WAKKKN IKJFKEE United Press Internatlon*!' WASHINGTON' fUPi) - vice 'resident iUchardlM. NUori is Iving, worldwide proof tlut you lon't have to be a millionaire o make the "ten best dressed" lists. In. fact, you don\ even have to wear tailor-mide suits - from Bond Street or wherever to achieve the select list, even In clothes-conscious British circles. If you're lucky like Nixon, with fairly regular proportions, you can order them "off the rack" with only slight alterations. The neatly-garbed vice president shrugged off his recent selection for the world's 10 best- dressed men by "Tailor and Cutter" magazine; Britain's bible of male fashions. Ho doesn't wear $250 tailor- made . .outfits, he explained. In fade,., he said, moat of them aren't "Tailor made" in the ordinary sense at all. . ' Nixon says most of Us suits are ready-made in the $75 to $125 retail range, with maybe an occasional $150 number. The Vice-President'* dimensions-six feet and about ITS pounds-have' -changed hardly at all since he took over the number two office In January, 1953. He orders from samples and the selected suits- are altered to a.' : ' :" Nixon goes mainly for simple styles. He Isn't much of a fancy, dan' in'either colors or lines. "Tailor and Cutter" said Nixon earned his place on the 'Ten Best" list because "he Finds, a neat line between the wigwam -shapes of "the U. S. drapes and the ludicriously tight togs of the U. S. Ivy leaguers." . Nixon began wearing vests a few years ago. He says they're comfortable and practical. He ignores suggestions by same critics that he donned them to make his 46-year-old appearance seem older. The vice president's tastes in colors are conservative. He leans heavily .toward blfie*. grays and browns with subdued patterns or none at all. His tles-which wife Pat has a big hand in pIcking-usuaUy blend or match. He spurns large figures. And his shirts are almost Invariably •solids-whites or light blues, tans or greys. Nixon rarely turns up at work in sports clothes. Sometimes on wintertime Saturdays he may don slacks and a grey tweed sports coat. 'But for public appearances it's always a conservative suit. The vice president supports his wardrobe on an income that wouldn't seem large to most "best dressed" celebrities. His salary as vice president is. $35,000 a year;_plus a. jax~ free expense allowance'"of $10,000. ..•.;-.. His net takehomepay, after att deductions, totals slightly more than $26.000 a year. The expense allowance goes for offi- . dal entertalnina and such. AMBER, LEFT, MIDNIGHT, RIGHT, 3XARE FAMILIES WITHOUT There'i Ho Baby Silling Problem 'or Either Of These Braioris FtUfiii- Boat House Bulletins How's your outboard refueling tecnique? A mark of the expert out- boarder, state outboard authorities, is his quick, certain, safe refueling procedure. • The best plan by far, for all boats liavingporublefuel tanks, is to take them out of the boat for filling. K is easier for the dock or service 'station attendant to add exactly the right amount of oil and to avoid overfilling when be has the tank right at his feet. It avoids messy and potentially hazardous spillage of fuel into the bilges. 1 Gasoline vapor is heavierthan j air and will collect in thelower levels of any confined space — such as inside a boat hull.- Open outboards are usually wellven- . dialed, but. in some cases floor| boards or bow lockers delay the dissipation of vapors long enough to create some fire lazard. It Is important to mix oil and gasoline thoroughly. If lubricant is poorly mixed with the jas, erratic running and poor lubrication may result. There bave been cases where erratic motor operation, suggestive of the need for carburetor adjustment, has been traced to owner carelessness in theraat- ter of maintaining 9 steady oil-gas ratio from one batch of fuel to the next. To an empty tank, add the required amount of oil and approximately the same volume of gasoline. Slosbarouudtomix thoroughly. Then add the remainder of the gas. Too little oil creates a risk of mechanical damage; too much oil leads to irregular, smoky running and premature sparkplug and carbon troubles. Also, smart.outboardersmake sure there is enough slack in the fuel line to allow the motor to tijt and turn without pulling on it, and that the heavy tank does not rest on a loop of hose and pinch it. Fuel tanks should be secured against shifting. One which comes loose-over rough water or on a sharp turn can damage the boat, bun a passenger, or fuel line loose. And needless to say, the "No Smoking" rule.- should be strictly observed during all re- fuelina operations I TRY FACTS DEEJAY CILT Disc Jock.y. Bob Pr»i- ey, U «mc««ing the leen bop •ne* at Jh» County Fair burid«r ntabi. Oct. 8. Ha < bringing with him several alent self io entertain the tanctrf. The dance will be teld in the Fair Auditorium itginning at 8i30 p.m. Ad- miuion will be 10 cent* per person at the door. Front gale f"air admission is tree ior oung people through high school age. BRAZOS PORT MEAT COMPANY SPEC/AUZ/NG /N CHOICE MEATS CUT TO SUIT YOU! WE CUT AND •*&'» WRAP FOR YOUR DEEP FREEZE ™« OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK PORK BONES L. 15{ PURE PORK PAN SAUSAGE IB 33< U.S. GOOD T-BONE OR SIRLOIN IB BULK FRANKS 39t SALT jdwit FOR SEASONING ,47< FRESH GROUND t.b. FRESH MEATY SPARE RIBS Lb. 39 MEDIUM CAGED EGGS 35 DOZ. '/ 2 GAL. CARNATION MELLORINE ICE CREAM 59 C 10 IBS POTATOES 35' PIKE PEAK ROAST 65 Lb.' FRESH DRESSED FRYERS A GRADE 60V. INSPECTED u.27* HOG MAWS U. S. GOOD VEAL CROWN ROAST »49' U.S.VEAL SHOULDER STEAK l^c •i\ 55' SMOKED SAUSAG 3 IB. CELLO BAG RUMP ROAST u> 63 £ 114 N. GULF BLVD. FREEPORT, TEX. SHEARER'S SELF - SERVICE SHOE STORE NEW STYLES WOMEN'S SHOES FOR SHOES Ladies LOOK! NEW STYLE HIGH HEELS NARROW AND MEDIUM You pay MUCH LESS for SHOES at SHEARER'S — because . low overhead — no fancy fixtures and no salesman salary to raise the cost , NEW! MEN'S SHOES .Just arrived today 906 G 1 "* BLVD.: NEXT TO •' Velasco Post Officrl NEAR T HENKE'S : STORE HOURS 9 »n> to 8 pm ALL : NEW SHOES ^ To Keep You In The Latest ~ FASHION We Have .., NEW STYLES ^ DON'T FORGET! any pair of 2.90 SHOES CHILDREKS - LADIES FLAT8-TENKI8-BALLET For the last word in COMFORT come in and try our NEW CHA-CHA BOOTS MENS »nd WOMEN'S

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